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Official Profile

Npc f 3030109000 01.jpg Ladiva (Holiday)
Age 34 years old
Height 202 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies All kinds of housework, knitting
Likes Love, everything that's cute–such as children
Dislikes Gloomy faces, vulgar people

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030109000 01.jpg Ladiva (Holiday)
Age 34歳
Height 202cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 家事全般、編み物
Likes 愛、子供など可愛らしいもの全般
Dislikes 暗い顔、下品なヤツ

Source [1]

Npc f 3040217000 01.jpg Ladiva (SSR)
Age 34 years old
Height 202 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies All kinds of housework (especially cooking), knitting, body training
Likes Love, everything that's cute–such as children
Dislikes Gloomy faces, vulgar people

Source [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040217000 01.jpg Ladiva (SSR)
Age 34歳
Height 202cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 家事全般(特に料理)、編み物、体を鍛えること
Likes 愛、子供など可愛らしいもの全般
Dislikes 暗い顔、下品なヤツ

Source [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday! You and I are going to take on every challenge head on this year!
Every challenge you overcome makes you stronger and more charming!


Giving up your own time for the sake of others is a wonderful, selfless act.
But even angels shouldn't push themselves too hard. You'll just end up burning out.
See, taking good care of yourself is an absolute must when it comes to love.
You've got to live for you, not anyone else. That's the first step toward love! Sometimes you have to be selfish.
With that said, happy birthday, (Captain)! Here's to another year overflowing with love!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I can't believe another year's already passed. You just keep getting more and more reliable!
And it just so happens I have a request for Captain Reliable here.
You're kind and considerate, which is why I know you're the type to take everything upon yourself.
But that's actually very harmful.
So if you ever find yourself in that kind of situation, you should toss off the shackles and ask others for help.
You might think what you're doing is selfish or devoid of love, but you'd be surprised by the good that comes out of it.
When you overwork yourself, all the love in your heart inevitably gets squeezed out.
Never forget that we are all the same and born this way. That's all I ask of you, (Captain)!


Happy Birthday, (Captain)!
We've spent yet another year together... I really am blessed.
I feel like the time since the day I met you has flown by in just the blink of an eye.
I'm sure it's because every day with you has been so full of fun!
We really should cherish these fleeting moments we have together on this journey.
I just don't want to have any regrets looking back after this journey is over.
Oh no! Sorry, I shouldn't be a wet blanket on your special day...
Come, come. Everyone on the crew's prepared a magnificent party just for you!
Let's party to our heart's content—another treasured memory for the collection!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Teehee, I'm sorry—I just get so excited, I end up saying it over and over again.
Both the birthday celebration and the after-party at Raduga were so much fun!
Thanks for tagging along with us, (Captain).
I hope you were able to enjoy yourself...
Really? That's wonderful to hear!
I always wish the fun things would never end... But if they don't end, then the new fun things won't be able to start.
So I am a little sad that the party's going to be over soon, but I guess all good things must come to an end.
Teehee. Since we're all charged up now, we can work hard again starting tomorrow and look forward to your next birthday celebration!
Working hard is a marvelous thing, but if you ever find yourself having worked a little too hard... Raduga's doors are always open for you. I'll be waiting!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh my! Happy New Year! There's a lot of delicious, healthy food to ring in the new year with, so eat up now!
As for me, I think I'll have a glass of champagne! Cheers!


Oh dear, your eyes look a bit red.
Hehe, late night? That's New Year's for you.
I've prepared a special nutritious meal to perk you right back up!
It's chock full of my special ingredient... You guessed it! Love!
Hehe. Eat well, sleep well, and have an amazing new year, okay?


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Have you already had your first dream of the season?
If it was a good one, then you'll have fun all year round!
On the other hand, a bad dream can still help prepare you to get the bad luck out of the way early on.
That's what some people who get bad fortunes at the start of the year do. They keep moving forward regardless and make their own luck.
Am I putting on too much pressure? Haha, I'm just wishing my captain to have the best year possible!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Have you decided on a resolution yet?
My resolution, you say? Well, well...
To love! To love everybody!
Before that, I need to love and take care of my own body and make sure not to catch a cold or hurt myself.
And also remember to smile more... That way I can spread joy to those around me.
I need to prepare myself this year to ensure Ladiva's love reaches lots and lots of people!


Oh! (Captain), Happy New Year. Did you get up to watch the first sunrise of the year?
Actually, I got up early for something else. I'm gathering extra blankets right now.
You see, on a certain island, there's a custom where you drink up all of the alcohol in your house before the new year arrives.
Some people don't feel so well the next day after drinking, right? Apparently finishing up everything in the house is a symbol of clearing up your debts within the year.
We've taken up the custom at Raduga, and I had everyone help finish the alcohol for me...
But now they're all fast asleep, and there aren't enough blankets to go around!
Teehee, I'm so glad to see that everyone had such an enjoyable time!
When you get older, (Captain), let's have a drink or two together. In moderation, of course!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hehe. Happy Valentine's Day! This rich hot chocolate I made for you is as hot as my love!
Let it soothe your spirits!


Ooh, you're right on time, (Captain)!
I was just putting on the finishing touches! Here you go!
Mm-hmm! It's the Ladiva Deluxe! Each piece is bursting with love!
You always give it your all, no matter the situation.
That's the (Captain) that I'll be rooting for, now and forever! Mwah!


Here you are, (Captain), Valentine's chocolate cake!
It's sweet and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it at your own pace.
Sweetness is a great pick-me-up when you're feeling sad or tired.
I can tell that you're someone who pushes on through difficult times. That's why you tend to not ask others for help...
So when it feels like you can't put a smile on, it'd make me very happy to know that this cake ended up helping.
And when you're buried under an avalanche of unhappiness, don't try to dig yourself out on your own!
You've always got a listener in me. I hope you won't forget that.


Here you are, (Captain)! Go ahead and take this cake—it is just for you.
I spruced up the decorating this year... I just hope its dazzling beauty delights you so!
Making these Valentine's Day treats every year is something I'm always excited for.
While making it, I just kept imagining your smile after taking a bite.
I hope that your smile is just the way I imagined when you actually do try it.
I really do love your smile, (Captain)... It just warms my heart every time.
No matter the task, I want to do whatever I can to keep you smiling.
Oh dear... Did I sound a little too clingy? Hee hee... It's Valentine's Day, so you'll forgive me won't you?


Here's a Valentine's Day present from me! I hope you like it!
Teehee, I'm glad to hear. I wasn't sure what kind of sweets you liked...
Everyone has different tastes, right?
What I think is delicious might seem much too sweet to you.
Of course, I'm just hoping that both this present and the love I put into it will bring you happiness...
But if I put too much thought into it and the person I give it to can't enjoy it from the bottom of their heart, then it'll all be for nothing.
If what I give you is too sweet or too rich and you don't find it to your taste...
You have to tell me, okay? I'll do my best to fix it! After all, what makes you happy makes me even happier!

Sweetheart Hot Chocolate square.jpg Sweetheart Hot Chocolate
4th year: Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day!
This is a little gift from me to you.
You're always looking out for me, so this is the least I can do for you!
Hehe, please indulge this foolish heart of mine!


Open wide! Cookies fresh from the oven going in! Aren't they delicious? It's got just the right sweetness to nourish your heart!
Take these chocolates too and pop one into your mouth when you're feeling blue.
Of course my door's always open to you. I'll hug the gloom right out of you!
I know how hard you work, (Captain), so don't forget to spoil yourself sometimes, okay?


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
I've brought sweets again this year. Will you take them?
Hehe, thanks! There's nothing better than the joy of seeing your happy face!
Your smile gives me a boost of energy.
It's better than getting any kind of return gift.
I want you to always shoot that smile my way. But I know there are times when that isn't appropriate.
Don't be afraid to show me other faces too.
If you're ever sad or worried and want someone by your side...
My love and hugging powers will be the cure you need, no prescriptions necessary.


Happy White Day! Here, this candy's just for you.
Oh! Very smooth, (Captain). Hee hee... I appreciate the compliment.
As much as I'd like to say that love was the secret ingredient... The real key is proper measurements.
Put too much sugar in and it becomes too sweet, not to mention easy to burn. It's important to get the portions juuust right.
The same could be said for love. With too much, your partner may feel overwhelmed at times.
I just can't help myself sometimes though... Would you be so kind and tell me whenever I'm being too much?


Here you go! A White Day present for you! Filled to the brim with love from yours truly.
What's the matter, (Captain)? You look worried... If you're okay with talking about it, I'm here for you.
Oh! You feel bad because you're always receiving things from me?
Oh my! Did I make you feel that way? How insensible of me!
Thank you for telling me how you feel, (Captain). It's very sweet of you to think that way.
Telling you not to worry about the presents wouldn't be very sensitive of me, would it? I wouldn't want to ignore how you feel.
So... how about this? Let's exchange presents next time! That way, we can both be on the giving side!
Through exchanging gifts, the passion in our hearts can grow infinitely... What a wonderful thing!
It's loooove!

Ladiva's Homemade Cookies square.jpg Ladiva's Homemade Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Oh dear! So many people mistake my fabulous attire for a Halloween costume.


Well, well. Everyone's ready to play their tricks I see. It's not going to be easy to clean this up.
But what's a girl to do, that's Halloween for you!
Happy Halloween, (Captain)! I wouldn't want to tricked by you now would I? Here you go!
Hehe, surprised? This little box has a trick up its sleeve.
Open it up here and look! The bottom's filled with candy! Hehe, enjoy!


Well, that does it for the treats. Now for the—
Oh, (Captain)! Hello! I'd rather not get tricked, so have some sweets instead.
It's right inside that box.
Haha! Gotcha! It's a pie filled with blue jam. I was surprised when I saw that blue goop too.
The color might be weird, but I can guarantee you it tastes good! Hehehe, this is my way of playing practical jokes.


Oh, (Captain). Happy Halloween! Did you get lots of candy?
Oh dear, your belly must be filled with candy, isn't it?
Hee hee... Then perhaps I'll make you a cup of tea for a treat.
Have a cup and relax for a while. You can go out and enjoy the festivities some more once you've recharged.
Halloween only comes around once a year, after all. Get your fill of fun while you can today!
Hmm? You want for me to come too? Oh my... Thank you kindly for the invitation.
Heh-heh... Maybe i'll play some tricks of my own? I'm getting kind of excited myself!


Oh, hello, (Captain)! Are you here to take a break after playing all those tricks and getting all that candy?
Of course! Stay as long as you like. Let me make you a nice cup of tea!
Remember how I gave you a slice of that pie with the blue jam some time ago? This year it's going to be blue tea!
Teehee, but blue's not the only color it can be! Watch carefully... Toodily-toodie-loo!
Ta-da! See, the tea's turning purple now!
Hehe, it's my very special magic... Or that's what I'd like to say, but it's really the power of lemon juice.
The sour component of the lemon juice reacts with the pigment of the herbal tea, making it change color.
Did I manage to surprise you? Guess my trick worked! Now then, enjoy your tea!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

What a splendid holiday! Did Santa bring you anything nice?
Oh? You say you're not a kid anymore?
Well, allow me to give you a more suitable present then. How 'bout a smooch? Mwuah!


When I think about Santa Claus, I realize just how lacking my own love is...
On a cold winter's night, Santa brings warmth to all the good boys and girls in the skydom...
But what can I do? Nothing big or grand. There are so many I can't reach out to.
Oh dear, how could I even think about giving up now? That wouldn't be love!
It might not be glamorous, and I still have a lot to learn, but at least I have someone close by to practice on... right? Hehe!


Happy holidays, (Captain)! What are you doing in the galley?
You came to help out, you say? Why, thank you! We're really strapped for helpers right now.
We need more and more food to feed an ever growing crew.
Yes, the eaters are many, but the chefs really get to shine and showcase their home cooking.
I know eating is such a delight, but try to hold on just a bit longer.
Sorry, but could I have you saute this without letting it burn?
And don't you sneak in tastes either. That'll only spoil the fun!


How about a gingerbread cookie, (Captain)? Fresh out of the oven!
Where I'm from during the holidays, er, end of the year, we always ate gingerbread men.
It was tradition to make the cookies into the shape of bad omens during the holiday festivities.
It might seem a bit barbaric, but it feels so good to just crunch into their little heads.
We all made cookies back at the orphanage... I'm sure they're making them again this year as well.
Perhaps I'll make an appearance at the orphanage once the holidays have settled down a little bit—with plenty of belated presents for everyone!


La-la-la... Why, if it isn't the captain! Have you finished with your holiday shopping?
Yep, I've finished with mine as well. Now I'm writing my greeting cards!
I just have so much I want to tell everyone at the orphanage and the Jewel Resort... I might not be able to squeeze it all in!
But expressing your love in words is a very precious thing. Just like how it's important to tell someone you love them.
It might be hard to remember exactly what someone said to you before, but if it's written down, then you can read it over and over again.
Even if I can't be with the people I love when they're feeling down... maybe this card can cheer them up in those times!
Hm? You want a card from me too, (Captain)?
I'm so glad to hear that! I'm going to send you the most beautiful card and fill it with love! Teehee, look forward to it!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Lady Luck

Ladiva receives a letter from Christina, who wants her to compete in a special holiday duel at the Jewel Resort. Thanks to the encouragement of (Captain) and company, she agrees and helps the casino staff prepare for the big event.

Ladiva is a champion duelist at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
But she leaves the Jewel Resort after getting into trouble with the Erste Empire to keep them away from the casino.
Ladiva is a crew member

(Captain) and company have welcomed Ladiva to their crew.

Ladiva not in crew

(Captain) and company ask Ladiva to join them, but she refuses, thinking she'd only bring them trouble.
(Captain) tells her not to worry since the Erste Empire is already after them.
Ladiva: How awful! Lyria, you poor thing! Those imperial souls clearly need more love in their lives!
Ladiva: You've touched my heart, my lovelies. What sort of girl would I be if I abandoned such embodiments of love?
Lyria: So you'll come with us?
Ladiva: I will! I'd be delighted to travel with you! I'm sure I can help.
Thus the gentle Ladiva, a woman keen on the power of love, joins the crew.
Continue 1
Ladiva: Tee-hee! Oh my, there's dust simply everywhere! I'd better start cleaning!
Ladiva is in the middle of cleaning the airship when the rest of the crew returns from the Knickknack Shack.
Vyrn: Hey, Ladiva! We're back!
Ladiva: Hi! Oh, sweeties, you must be freezing! I'll make you some tea!
Lyria: Thank you! Oh, and Ladiva, we have a letter for you.
Ladiva: A letter? For me? Who could be writing to me, I wonder? Ah! It's Christy!
Lyria: What? But didn't Christina go back to the Jewel Resort to prepare for the holidays? I wonder if something happened.
Ladiva: She says she needs us back at the Jewel Resort right now!
At Ladiva's insistence, the crew returns to the Jewel Resort.
Ladiva: Christy, honey, what ever is the matter? Your letter had me worried!
Christina: I'm sure you're aware that we here at the Jewel Resort are preparing a special holiday duel.
Christina: And your fans are clamoring for you, Ladiva.
Ladiva: Really? Oh, how precious! That's more than any duelist could hope for!
Ladiva: But I'm afraid I won't be able to fully reciprocate their love this time.
Ladiva: Just because I'm on good terms with one imperial soldier doesn't mean the Erste Empire is done chasing me.
  1. That's so unlike the Ladiva we know.
  2. We'll handle the imperial scum for you!

Choose: That's so unlike the Ladiva we know.
Christina: Ha-ha! Well said! Ladiva, you should follow your heart on this one.
Christina: Hee-hee. I told you before, didn't I? I would never let our star duelist go no matter how loud those imperial dogs bark.
Ladiva: (Captain)... Christy...
Ladiva: Tee-hee. You're right! I have to follow my heart!

Choose: We'll handle the imperial scum for you!
Vyrn: I'm with the captain on this one! They're the ones in the wrong, not you!
Vyrn: Heh-heh. These are your fans we're talkin' about! You can't let 'em down!
Ladiva: Oh, you two are just too much sometimes! But you're also right.
Ladiva: I've done nothing wrong! I can't let anyone stop me from showing my fans the love!
Continue 2
Ladiva: I'll shower them with all the love they can handle at the holiday duel!
Thanks to the support of (Captain) and everyone else, Ladiva decides to compete in the holiday duel.
They all stay on the casino liner to help prepare for the holiday extravaganza.
Ladiva: Christina, about the arena... Huh? Darling, what's wrong? You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.
Christina: It's no good. I want each duelist's entrance into the arena to pop, but something's missing.
Ladiva: Want me to help you think about it?
You know, we've reserved a whole island, so...
Ladiva: Eek! Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?
Bunny Girl: I'm sorry. I overloaded my cart and lost control of it.
Ladiva: Tee-hee. You were just a little too spirited, honey. It doesn't seem anything was broken. Here, let me help.
Ladiva: Therese! There's something I need to ask you, but—
Ladiva: What's wrong, honey? You're too cute to scowl like that. Come on, give me a little smile!
Therese: Ladiva? Oh, there's just no way I can organize this event on my own.
Ladiva: Are you sure? As good as you are at working the crowd, I would have thought this sort of thing would be right up your alley.
Ladiva: And Christy can be a bit cold at times, but she'd never give you anything she didn't think you could handle.
Ladiva: So buck up! And I'll help you when I can. You can do this!
Therese: I... I can do this! Thanks, Ladiva.
Vyrn: Ha-ha. It's like Ladiva's in ten places at once!
Ladiva: Tee-hee, I just love helping people! Don't you? I can't help but butt in.
Lyria: Hee-hee! You really love the Jewel Resort, don't you?
Ladiva: I do. We make so many people happy here.
Ladiva: And now we have the holiday event to look forward to! We're gonna give Santa a run for his money when it comes to bringing love to the people!
Ladiva is a kindhearted duelist who would push herself to any limit to spread love to others.
With her on the job, the holiday event is sure to be a success.

Holiday Gifts

Preparations for the holiday event progress smoothly. Lyria and the others want to help, so Christina asks them to go pick up some VIP clients of hers.

It is the longest winter night in the sky, the eve of the year's merriest holiday.
To celebrate, (Captain) and company have come to a certain island to help the Jewel Resort organize a special duel event.
Ladiva: Let's see... This box should go over here... Am I forgetting anything?
Ladiva: Oops! This stuff needs to go to Therese's section.
Ladiva: With large-scale events like this, it's easy to miss little things. I'd better be careful.
Ladiva, who was called to the Jewel Resort by Christina, is helping to prepare for the event.
Vyrn: Hey, Ladiva! Anything we can help you with?
Lyria: Yeah! We want to help set up too!
Lyria: Besides, at this rate, you'll be worn out way before the duel.
Ladiva: Oh, Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain)! You little sweethearts, you!
Ladiva: I'll accept any love from you three with gratitude.
Ladiva: I've just about finished up here, but maybe you could help Christy. She's got more on her plate than anyone else, you know!
Lyria: Okay! Will do! Be sure not to overwork yourself, okay, Ladiva?
Ladiva: Tee-hee. Okay, I won't. I wouldn't want to celebrate the holiday by working myself sick, that's for sure.
Ladiva: Let's buckle down and work together to get everything ready for the big event!
Christina: So Ladiva said that, huh? I see. Well then, I have a job for you. I'd like you to escort my VIPs here on your airship.
Lyria: Um... Vee eye pees?
Christina: Very important persons. They're major clients of mine, and they're really looking forward to this event.
Vyrn: Gulp... Sounds like an important job!
Christina: I'm counting on you. You see, these particular clients...
With a wicked grin, Christina whispers in (Captain)'s ear.
Christina: Now then, get going! Ladiva will handle things here. Be sure to make it back in time for the event, capeesh?
Vyrn: You got it! Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew steer the Grandcypher in the direction of the island where the VIPs are waiting.

Holiday Gifts: Scene 2

(Captain) and company collect the VIPs from their island and return to the casino. Ladiva asks how anyone could earn the title of VIP from Christina, but (Captain) and the others only smile in response as her duel approaches.

(Captain)'s crew transports the VIPs to the casino liner moored at the island, arriving just before the event is scheduled to start.
Ladiva: Welcome back! I noticed your airship was gone. Where've you been?
Vyrn: Heh-heh! The dealer asked us to give her VIPs a lift here!
Ladiva: VIPs? I wonder what they could have done to earn a title like that from Christy.
Lyria: Heh-heh... It's a secret!
Ladiva: Oh, now I really want to know! Hmm... Who could they be, I wonder?
Ladiva: Come on, Lyria! You can tell me! I promise I won't tell!
Lyria: Hee-hee! Nope! It's a secret!
Ladiva: Aw, you're so mean!
Bunny Girl: Um... Where are (Captain) and the others? Oh, there they are! You're up, guys!
Vyrn: Oh! Looks like it's time! Let's go, (Captain)! You too, Ladiva!
Ladiva: My adoring fans await! Hold on, lovelies! Your Ladiva is coming!
(Captain)'s crew heads off to the first duel of the event.

Holiday Gifts: Scene 3

Ladiva wins her duel, and Christina shows up with a present to thank her. As it turns out, the VIPs were the kids and caretaker from the orphanage where Ladiva grew up. This thoughtful gift overwhelms Ladiva with emotion.

Ladiva: Tough love administered! Did you feel it?
Bunny Girl: Ladies and gentlemen, did you see that? And with that, the legendary and oh-so lovely Ladiva is the winner of round one!
The crowd goes wild as Ladiva, (Captain), and the others clinch the victory.
Ladiva: Thank you for believing in me, everyone! I love you too!
Ladiva: But the event's not over yet! In the meantime, take this as a token of our love!
Ladiva: Mwah! Smooches!
The next duelist steps into the arena, and (Captain)'s crew retires to the casino liner to rest.
Ladiva: Good work out there, (Captain). Are you thirsty? Oh, and I bet you need a towel to wipe off all that sweat, huh?
As Ladiva fusses over (Captain) and company, Christina strolls into the room.
Christina: Hee-hee... That was a great match. The crowd loved it.
Christina: Now then, as thanks for helping make my event so spectacular, it's time to reward my star duelist!
Ladiva: Huh?
Orphanage Matron: Hey, Ladiva. Glad to see you're doing well! That was quite a duel!
Cheeky Boy: Heh-heh! You were seriously the bomb, Ladiva!
Ladiva: What the? What are you all doing here?
Ladiva is stunned to see her family from the orphanage pour into the room behind Christina.
Lyria: Heh-heh! This is Christina's holiday gift to you, Ladiva!
Christina: Ha-ha! You should see the look on your face. I knew (Captain) and the crew come through.
Ladiva: Christy... (Captain)... Everyone...
Polite Girl: Hee-hee. Aw, Ladiva! Don't cry, silly! Don't you know what tomorrow is?
Ladiva: Sniff... I know. You're right.
Ladiva: Christina, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria... Thank you so much!
Ladiva: This is such a wonderful present... I don't know how I'll ever repay you!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! I'm glad you like your gift! Now you can enjoy the holiday and event with your family!
Lyria: Yeah! I think we should excuse ourselves, (Captain).
Ladiva: Oh, don't be silly, child!
Ladiva: I've considered you guys part of my family for quite some time now! It just wouldn't be the same without you.
Ladiva pulls (Captain) and company into a tight hug.
Ladiva: Thank you... I love you so much, (Captain)!
The surprise present is a great success, and Ladiva is overjoyed.
But the time she spends with her family that night is even better.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
帰ったらパーティの準備をしましょ! Let's prepare for the party when we get back!
聖夜のごちそう、楽しみにしててね! I hope you'll enjoy tonight's feast!
手袋とマフラーを編もうかしら? Should I knit gloves and scarves too?
スマイル、スマイル!笑顔でいきましょ! Smile, smile, smile all the way into town!
愛は見返りを求めないものなの Love has to be unconditional.
楽しいことは皆で分かち合いたいわね! Spread the joy, everyone!
サンタクロースさんはアタシの尊敬する人よ I have so much respect for Santa Claus!
ラヴアンドピース! Love and peace!
(主人公)、いつでも力になるわ (Captain). I'm ready to lend a hand anytime!
(主人公)の愛、確かに受け止めたわ! Ooh, (Captain), I could definitely feel your love!