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Official Profile

Age 21 Height 164 cm Race Human
Hobbies Preparing food for her friends
Likes Taking care of her friends, singing
Dislikes Being bothered while doing things at her pace
Character Release
レヴィオン王国騎士団の元副団長であり、現在は団長代理。アルベールの在団時は、彼女が水を纏わせた剣を振るい、アルベールの雷撃で一掃する最強の連携技で知られていた。アルベールの戻りを待ちながら気丈に振る舞い、団を切り盛りしている。 元々感情豊かで素直な性格だが、責任感が強く真面目すぎるために自他に厳しくあらねばならないと思い込み、規律の鬼と化した。
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 21歳 Height 164cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 仲間に料理を振る舞うこと
Likes 仲間の面倒をみること、歌を唄うこと
Dislikes 自分のペースを乱されること
Character Release
レヴィオン王国騎士団の元副団長であり、現在は団長代理。アルベールの在団時は、彼女が水を纏わせた剣を振るい、アルベールの雷撃で一掃する最強の連携技で知られていた。アルベールの戻りを待ちながら気丈に振る舞い、団を切り盛りしている。 元々感情豊かで素直な性格だが、責任感が強く真面目すぎるために自他に厳しくあらねばならないと思い込み、規律の鬼と化した。
Source [1] [2] [3]




  • She and Albert have dialogue while together in battle.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain). I never would have guessed we'd celebrate your birthday together.
And to think, when we first met, I was looking for Albert in order to save our country from the brink of destruction. I remember it all so clearly.
Back then I was still a little jealous of how much Albert trusted you. Hehe.
But since then we've gone to so many places together, and we've helped each other out countless times.
I guess you never can tell how things will turn out. Hehe. Well, keep up the good work! I'm counting on you, (Captain)!


Mina: Happy birthday.
Today the crew has planned a special party for you.
Of course the culinarily inclined among our crew have begun prepping a fabulous dinner.
While the more humorously inclined will put on a show.
Mena: We're working really hard to make it a great party!
Mona: Come see me after the party for an energy injection. Hehe.
Mina: It is our greatest pleasure to celebrate the day in your honor, (Captain). Enjoy it as much as you can.


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Here's a present for you. I hope you like it...
Aaah, doesn't it smell nice? Mona and Mena once gave me some of this herbal tea to make me feel better.
If you drink a cup before going to bed, you'll sleep well and recover from your fatigue.
Since you're the captain, there have to be times when you push yourself a bit too hard.
I hope that this tea can help you recover when you're tired, if only a little.
But, (Captain)... I was thinking about having tea with Mona and Mena. How would you like to join us?
It's your birthday after all. What harm can there be in acting how you want to?


(Captain), are you wounded! We have to treat you!
I am the acting leader of the sky knights, so I know basic first aid. Quickly now, inside with you!
There, everything should be fine now. But you should still visit a doctor later to be sure.
Even if it was just a scrape, an injury is an injury after all. Please don't push yourself.
Albert was just like you. No matter if he was hurt or tired, he would continue stubbornly on with his mission.
We all knew he was exhausted and aching, but his strength made him blind to our worry...
Anyway, it's your birthday, isn't it, (Captain)?
Then you should understand very well just how much your friends care for you and wish to see you succeed.
Of course I am one of those people myself. That's why I speak so plainly.
What I'm trying to say is, happy birthday, (Captain).


I baked a cake for your birthday, (Captain).
It might seem like a typical thing to do, but this is my way of celebrating a milestone in your life.
I have plenty of experience in baking cakes. Having lost my parents at a young age, I had to act as a mother to my little sisters.
Of course, I was hardly fit for the task...
But I made a vow to bake cakes and have a grand feast on their birthdays every year.
I wish to do the same for you, (Captain). That's how important you are to me.
Wait, what am I saying... This is sounding like a confession of love!
Ahem! Anyhow, I'll cut the cake if you'd like to have a slice right away. I'll pour us some tea too.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
It's time for a fresh start. Have you already decided what your resolution is?
My resolution... is to make sure both the Sky Knights and this crew have a safe year ahead.
I'll give it my all. That's what I'll do.
You know, the more time I spend with you, the harder it's become to be apart from the crew.
Though I know it's my duty to lend my strength to Albert and the Sky Knights...
Lately I've wanted to help out more and more around here.
Hehe. Let's make it another great year, (Captain).


Oh, it's you, (Captain). You're up early this morning—it's still before dawn.
So am I? Well, maybe you're right—
Maybe I'm not in any position to talk.
Once the sun comes up, the town is going to come to life. I was just sitting here in silence so that I could be ready.
Aaah, the night's almost come to an end. Happy New Year, (Captain).
As long as I'm a part of your crew, I'll do everything that I can to serve you all. Take good care of my sisters again this year if you would.


Happy New Year! Please keep watching over my little sisters this year... even if they are a bit annoying sometimes.
Yes, I'm letting them sleep in.
We were out patrolling late at night, and it's not every day that they get to rest. They deserve this.
You don't need to worry about me. The brisk wind woke me up early this morning.
A walk with you, (Captain)? Ah, sure... I wouldn't mind that.
(Was (Captain) worried about whether I'm getting enough time off? That's so considerate.)
(That must be one reason that Albert trusts the captain. What a deep person.)


Happy New Year.
As the sun rises on this first day of the new year, I've been thinking about the type of person I want to be.
I have to keep improving myself, to be the best sister I can be, to be the best acting captain I can be.
Speaking of which, do you plan on refining your equipment, (Captain)?
It's just I also planned on upgrading mine as well.
You're right. If we plan together, then we can proceed more efficiently.
(How strange. I had the feeling that if I waited here, (Captain) would show up.)
(Have I suddenly grown reliant on the captain?)
(I will have to devote myself to greater training so I can repay my debts.)


Happy New Year. That was quite the party we had last night.
I saw the cheeriest smiles all around you. It reminded me of how things are when Captain Albert holds a party.
Everyone must have been so pleased to welcome in the new year with you.
It might not be so surprising a situation to you, but I'm certain it is the result of your hard work in bringing people together.
Let us not take it for granted. Having friends to share our joys in life with is something to be treasured.
Huh? You see me as a treasure for telling you this?
I'm so lucky to be a member of your crew, (Captain). May we have another splendid year together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Wh-what are you doing here, (Captain)?
Th-this? It's, uh, nothing! Not like I got it just for you or anything...
Hey, wait! Don't go running off on me!
I, uh... I wanted you to, uh... have...
Here, just take it.
Don't read too far into this! I'm just trying to say thanks for all your help. I don't mean anything else by it.
Okay, you have your gift now! Bye!


(Captain)! This is to thank you for everything you do for us day in and day out! Take it!
Ah, um... It's not what you think! It's just to show my gratitude from one leader to another!
Just as you would imagine, there's no other meaning behind this gift! I swear!
It's especially not a Valentine's Day gift...
Eh? You're happy to get it? Well...
I'm glad I got to give it to you.
And, um... If you try it and like it, I'll make more next year.


(Captain), can I have a second? There's something I want to give you.
Today's Valentine's Day, right? Well please take these.
These chocolates are meant to show how I feel for you. They're all yours.
Hm? What's that face for?
(I hope that (Captain) doesn't mind getting chocolates. Did I do something strange?)
N-no! It's not like that! There's no deep meaning!
They're just a symbol of how grateful I always am to you... and a token of apology for all the times my little sisters caused you problems!
Th-there's no deep meaning anyway! Now that I accomplished what I set out to, I'll be taking off!
Got it? There's really no deep meaning! Really!


Ah, (Captain). Headed out for a quest?
In that case I better give you your chocolate. Eat them before you leave.
H-Hey! You don't have to eat them now!
No, there's nothing strange in them. I'm just not prepared for your reaction, that's all.
Why am I shaking so much? Well, when a girl finds herself in front of a person she's always—
N-never mind!
Now that you have your chocolates, do a good job on that quest! Okay? Bye!


I have a Valentine's gift for you, (Captain).
Handmade chocolate. I did say I'd make them every year. I'm just keeping my promise.
What are you hesitating for? I'm giving you a suspiciously large number of goodies, you say?
You're reading too much into it!
Considering that I'm living on the ship for free and how noisy my sisters can be, this is only fair!
It's not like I made an entire recipe book's worth of chocolates just to figure out what your favorite kind is!
S-so that's that! See you later!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, (Captain). You called for me, right? What seems to be the trouble?
Huh? What is this? A White Day present for me?
Oh... I, uh... Thanks...
Hehe. I guess you're just trying to be diligent too. Though you did surprise me with the sudden gift.
Thank you. I'll treasure this gift for a long time to come.
Hmm... I guess I should have thought of something to give in return...
What? No, I didn't say anything...


Thank you... I appreciate this gesture.
Oh, I'm really no good with this sort of thing! If I get embarrassed, I won't be able to look you in the eye.
But, eh-heh, thank you. Is that all? Heh. Well, goodbye then!


A token of thanks for my Valentine's gift, you say? Why, thank you... I'll take it.
I'm sorry that I acted so strangely when I handed you your gift last month.
But being able to receive this in return... I'm honestly delighted.
Th-thank you for everything! I'm so grateful to you, (Captain).
I-I'll give you more chocolate in the future too. I'll make some every year!
But... why am I talking about Valentine's Day now?
I-I need to go off and see how these treats taste...
See you!


You're giving me sweets again? You really do have a strong sense of duty.
B-but this is from my favorite store! How did you know? I kept it a secret from everyone else!
Just a coincidence? If you say so.
Sorry, I got flustered. I thought you did some heavy research into my life, all in a bet to please me.
I mean, I mean—what a wonderful coincidence!
Cough! Thank you for the lovely gift! I will accept it gratefully!


This is thanks for Valentine's? Did you go to that same shop again?
I really appreciate it, but don't the lines get really long for that place?
You don't mind waiting in line if it means seeing me happy?
Wh-what do you mean by that? Y-you must think I have special feelings for you!
Oh, so you're just saying it's not a big deal compared to the time I spent making chocolates for Valentine's.
Sorry for reading things in a funny way. But part of it is your phrasing, (Captain).
Wait. I know it was a misunderstanding, but did I just say...
I just got mixed up in my thoughts is all! No need to take any of it seriously!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Uh... You better give me some candy, or I'll give you a splash!
You don't want that? I guess that makes sense... You all wear such nice clothes, and it'd be a shame if they got wet...
Well, I thought it'd be just a simple prank like whenever Mona used to zap me. But I see how it could bother people...
Hmm... It's pretty hard to play pranks on people without really bothering them, isn't it?


Mina: Oh, (Captain), so this where you were.
I'm currently patrolling the perimeter, ensuring that no one is acting up too much given the occasion.
It is imperative that both children and adults enjoy themselves—but in moderation.
Mona: Whaaat! No candy yet? Guess I'm left with no choice. I'll zap you full of energy!
Mena: Sounds like a great time to show you my strongest technique!
Mona: But don't worry, this'll make you feel all better!
Mena: Yep! So put up those dukes!
Mina: Gah! Mona, Mena... How shameful that my sisters are the ones causing trouble!
Forgive me, (Captain). I'll go reprimand them immediately. Do enjoy your holiday though.
Mona! Mena! What in the skies are you doing?


The town's come to life again this year. Yes, and the security's excellent too. The children will surely be able to take part in the celebrations safely.
Hm? You're wondering whether I'll be taking part? No, I'll be having fun out on patrol.
Just seeing all the decorations and costumes is more than enough for me.
I'm not going to dress up, even if you make that face. I've made up my mind, and I mean it.
Trick or treat, you say? There should still be some treats over here... But there aren't...
W-why! Ah, I guess I must've given it all to those children just now!
Now you're making me dress up in a costume as a trick? That's downright mean, (Captain)! You know I don't have one!
Hey, what's that garment in your hand? When'd you have time to—
Mona and Mena prepared it? I see...
I'm sorry, (Captain). It looks like some of my acquaintances got carried away.
Where are you, Mona and Mena! You have some explaining to do! You aren't going to sleep a wink tonight!


I swear, every year Mona and Mena grow more and more incorrigible.
But perhaps it's only a natural reaction, given their capacity to adapt to their surroundings.
After all, if I'm scolding them for mere frivolity, that must mean we're in peaceful times.
Wait, (Captain), what is that bag you're holding?
A pumpkin hat... Grr! What schemes have Mona and Mena put you up to this time!
I take back what I said! Mona, Mena! Get out here!
It seems I haven't scolded you both enough! Well, you haven't begun to feel my wrath!


(Captain), you're a bit unsteady on your feet. Is everything okay?
I got you good? What? This is my first time seeing you today.
After a staff-wielding version of me paralyzed you, a cheery version of me tickled you to bits?
It must be Mona and Mena... They were so excited about dressing up, but I didn't think they'd be dressing up as me!
I won't let them tarnish my reputation! The next time you spot them again, (Captain), let me know their location!
You won't be able to tell if it's really me? Fine, let's decide on a secret password.
If I say, "How's Captain Albert?" respond with, "Most splendid." Got that down?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Very good. None of the crew members are doing anything particularly irresponsible.
Hmm? Oh, it's you, (Captain). I was just going around making sure the crew is staying in line.
Enemies could attack us at any time. We have to be ready and at our best, even during times of celebration.
I suppose I think that way because it's my job to support you. People like me never have a day off.
I sure hope you'll come running if something happens, but until that time comes, relax and have a good holiday season.


Mona and Mena... This is what you had in mind the whole time, isn't it? How am I supposed to let anyone see me like—
Th-this isn't what it looks like! My sisters made me wear this!
I didn't hear that this outfit would be quite so... festive, so I...
W-well, but anyway, (Captain)!
Please take this if you would. It's a holiday present from me.
All right. Now that you've got it, well, I suddenly remembered an urgent errand.
I'm not running off because I want to change into another outfit as soon as I can, or because this one's embarrassing. Definitely not!
(Captain), see you in a bit! H-happy holidays!


Phew... We should have everything we need after that last little supply run.
I'm sorry, (Captain). You were having so much fun at the holiday party when I made you tag along with me.
Y-you're wondering why I'm not wearing a dress like last year?
My face is going to turn as red as a beet if I start thinking about that again...
You might not know, but since I only wore that dress once, Mona and Mena gave me a new one...
N-no! I returned it right away of course! Experiencing that once was more than enough!
The most important part of the holiday is that you spend it with friends and family. What you wear doesn't really matter.
As long as the people you really care for are there by your side, you don't need to dress flashy or—
W-what am I even saying now!
It seems like the holiday spirit has gotten the better of me. Just disregard that silly little comment of mine.
All right, let's head back to the ship. The whole crew's waiting for you, (Captain).


I apologize for making you come shop with me again, (Captain).
Yeah, there's something that I must buy. I plan on stopping by another two or three shops.
But walking through these illuminated streets makes my heart flutter.
Romantic, isn't it? Walking through the streets with someone important to you?
What am I saying?
I... I was just daydreaming! Don't get the wrong impression!
I didn't invite you out for shopping because I wanted to spend the holiday with you or anything!


(Captain), what's that frilly thing in your hands?
Let me guess: Mona and Mena are up to no good again. I hope you're not expecting me to wear it, because I absolutely will not!
Huh? What do you mean it's not meant to be worn? No matter how you look at it—
Wait, it's a square shape... This must be the tablecloth for the holiday party!
My gosh... (Captain), I'm so sorry for casting suspicion on you.
Hm? You have a separate package from Mona? Let's see what's inside...
Now this is a bona fide frilly dress! One made with sparkly lace at that!
Hold it, (Captain)! You're going to explain to me what this is all about!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Life of the Vice

Mina reunites with Albert and informs him of the desperate situation in their hometown of Levin. When the crew accompanies Albert on his way there, Mina becomes concerned about the reliability of the crew and asks to join them.

The Kingdom of Levin is on the brink of destruction. With the kingdom at stake, Mina, vice leader of the Sky Knights, sets out to find their leader, Albert.
After reuniting with Albert, Mina informs him of the situation in Levin and urges him to return.
And so, with the crew by his side, Albert departs for the Kingdom of Levin.
Lyria: Hey, Mina, what kind of place is Levin anyway?
Lyria: I mean, is it beautiful there? What's the weather like? I really want to know!
Mina: What? Uh, well... The city there is bustling with life.
Mina: It serves as a junction between several skydoms after all.
Mina: But there are numerous mountains surrounding Levin, and the winds can be rather harsh. These factors combined cause frequent storms and high rainfall.
Lyria: Wow! So we're going to need umbrellas!
Albert: Yes. And the fact that it's so close to the Grim Basin makes the climate rather unstable. Clouds often pass through and reach Levin brimming with lightning.
Vyrn: Huh. Sounds like living there would be kinda rough.
Albert: Hah hah hah. I guess so. It sure makes it hard to grow crops anyway...
Albert: Still, the port in Levin plays a big role in attracting thriving merchants. It's not the most pleasant place to live, but life there isn't exactly hard either.
Vyrn: Really? Now I've gotta see it! By the way, what exactly is Levin famous for?
Albert: Hmm... What is it famous for? I suppose you could say it's famous for massages and hot springs.
Lyria: Oh wow! They have hot springs? That sounds wonderful!
Vyrn: And massages too... I've never had a massage before...
Mina: ...
Mina: (Our kingdom is in danger, and yet they're all talking about it so casually.)
Thinking only of her homeland, Mina finds herself unable to sit still.
Albert: Levin harnesses the power of electricity to create the most advanced healing methods available. You should try it sometime. I'm sure you'll like it.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), after we get everything settled in Levin, can we go to a hot spring?
Vyrn: Yeah! And I wanna get a massage!
Mina: I can't believe you two! How can you talk like that when our kingdom is on the brink of destruction!
Albert: Mina, calm down. Getting upset here isn't going to change anything back home.
Mina: Albert...
Albert: If we don't keep our cool, we're not going to be able to handle whatever trials come our way.
Mina: Yes, sir...
Lyria: We're sorry, Mina. It's our first time going there, so we just got a little excited...
Mina: No, I think it's great that you're interested in going. I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to get so upset like that.
Albert: All right, then. After we take care of whatever is going on in Levin, we'll be sure to give you the tour. I know a few nice places around town.
Vyrn: Okay! It's a deal!
Mina: ...
Mina: (Why does Albert put so much faith in this crew?)
Mina lets out a sigh as she watches (Captain) and crew jabbering away.
Later that day Mina stands alone on the deck of the Grandcypher and stares up at the sky.
Mina: (I never thought we'd put the future of our kingdom in the hands of random skyfarers.)
Mina: (As the leader of our order, Albert must have left Levin for a reason. I can't help but wonder if it had something to do with me.)
Mina: (I guess I'm just not strong enough to be the vice leader.)
Mina: (But this crew... They look like children. What kind of power could they possibly have?)
Mina: (How could they possibly have earned his trust? How?)
Lyria: Oh, Mina. What are you doing out here all alone?
Mina: Nothing. I just came out here to think for a while.
Mina: ...
Mina suddenly turns and stares right at (Captain).
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? Is there something on (Captain)'s face?
Mina: Hey, (Captain). Would you let me be here with you?
Lyria: What? Why would you ask something like that?
Vyrn: Oy, oy, that's a pretty weird thing to be askin' all of a sudden!
  1. I appreciate the thought, but...
  2. Uh, sure.

Choose: I appreciate the thought, but...
Mina: What? What is it? Why are you acting so awkward all of a sudden?
Mina: I didn't mean it like that!

Choose: Uh, sure.
Mina: Thanks. Hey, wait. Why are you acting so awkward about it?
Mina: I didn't mean it like that!
Continue 1
Mina: I asked because I want to know why our leader trusts you so much!
Mina: I thought maybe if I learned more about you, then I'd understand why!
Mina: You don't have to be so weird about it!
Lyria: Oh, I get it now. You had us going there for a minute...
  1. So that's what you meant. Sounds fine to me.
  2. Sure. Whatever you want.

Choose: So that's what you meant. Sounds fine to me.
Mina: Well, yeah!
Mina: Wait... So that's a yes? Oh, thank you!

Choose: Sure. Whatever you want.
Mina: What? So it's okay? You sure calmed down quickly. You were so worked up a second ago...
Continue 2
Vyrn: Hehe. Well, if that's what you want, then welcome aboard!
Mina: I never thought you'd let me join just like that...
Vyrn: You didn't? But I'm sure (Captain) put some thought into it. Isn't that right?
Mina: (Perhaps it was just a sign of hospitality. They might not have anything in mind for me, but I'm sure there's a lot I can gain here...)
After being allowed to join the crew with ease, Mina finds herself surprised by (Captain)'s kindness.
She had originally asked to join in order to learn more about why Albert trusts the crew.
But when (Captain) allows her to join even after she blurted out her request, she can't help but take an interest in (Captain).
Mina: Gulp. Okay then.
Mina: I'm Mina, the vice leader of the Sky Knights of Levin. And I look forward to working with you all.
Mina: As repayment for allowing me to stay on the ship, I will provide support for (Captain) and the crew.
Mina: With that in mind, I offer my expertise as a team leader. It was a position I became accustomed to while Albert was absent.
Mina: I will fulfill any request you have for me. I believe my two sisters may also accompany us later. Please treat them with the same kindness you've shown me.
And with that, Mina became the vice leader of (Captain)'s crew.

Eyes for the Leader

When the crew and Mina's sisters joke around about Albert, Mina gives them a fierce tongue-lashing. As the second-in-command of the Sky Knights, Mina explains to the crew why she holds Albert in such high regard.

Mona: You'll be fine! Quit acting like such a scaredy-cat! Okay, are you ready?
  1. Yeah, I'm ready.
  2. Just do it already!

Choose: Yeah, I'm ready.
Mona: That's the spirit, (Captain)! All right, here goes...

Choose: Just do it already!
Mona: Hahaha! That's the ticket! Now just sit there and relax!
Continue 1
Mona: Zap, zap, zap! Can you feel it? That's electricity surging through your shoulders and relieving your pain! Feels good, doesn't it?
Lyria: Oh dear! Are you okay, (Captain)?
Mena: Mona! Can't you see the look on (Captain)'s face? You're obviously giving it too much juice!
Mona: You think so? But if it stings just a little, it feels good too, don'tcha think?
Mina: I agree. It's not working unless you can feel it. Getting that done every now and again makes everything better.
Vyrn: Hehe! Well, at any rate, (Captain) sure looks happy with it!
Lyria: Wow! Was it that good?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Mona: Isn't it great? Okay then! For one special energy zap, your total comes to one hundred rupies!
Mona: Thanks for stopping by! I can see you enjoyed my sparks. Come back any time you need a recharge!
Mina: All right then. Just take it easy on the crew. If you do too much, you're bound to hurt someone.
Mona: Got it! I'll tone it down next time!
Vyrn: Haha! Speakin' of electricity, I heard Lightning Boy is good with sparks too!
Mona: You mean, Albert? I bet if we started a massage parlor together, it'd be a shocking success!
Vyrn: Hehe! Good thinkin'!
Mina: Watch your mouth! I know you think you're having fun, but you've crossed the line!
Mina: Albert is not to be used like some kind of massage chair!
Mona: Mina, we were just joking...
Mina: That goes for the rest of you too! I've held my tongue this whole time, but I can't take it anymore!
Lyria: What?
Mina: Listen up! I don't know what you knew about Albert when you first met him.
Mina: But any fighter in Levin worth one's salt knows of Albert's reputation.
Mena: Great, not this again... Mona, just let it go!
Mona: What? Are you saying this is my fault somehow?
Vyrn: No, this is our fault too. We should've realized you felt that way about Lightning Boy...
Mina: Well, yeah! I have great respect for Albert!
Mina: Even the word respect can't fully describe all that I think about Albert.
Mina: I became the vice leader of the Sky Knights just to be by his side!
Mina becomes so worked up that she finds herself with tunnel vision. She then launches into the story of her past with Albert.
The story begins some time after Mina has joined the Sky Knights.
Being a wielder of water magic, Mina can't help but feel out of place among a group of lightning users.
Mina: I might not be able to char my foes to a crisp, but I'll find some way to make myself useful!
Mina: Umph! Hraaah!
Albert: Wait a sec...
Albert: Hey, isn't that girl in our order? What is she doing out here swinging a sword by herself?
Knight: She's a water user, sir. The rest of the order is afraid of getting close to her during battle since she's vulnerable to lightning attacks.
Albert: Hmm. A water user, eh?
Monster: Grrr...
Mina: A monster? Hah! What good timing! Prepare to eat water sword!

Eyes for the Leader: Scene 2

Detailing her high respect for Albert to the crew, Mina explains that Albert once chose her to accompany him on a mission. Mina was nervous about the mission and trained alone until Albert proposed they devise a combination attack together in order to better face their foe.

One day the Sky Knights receive orders to take down a monster out in the field. Albert selects Mina to accompany him on the mission.
The other members of the order speak out against his decision due to the potential danger. But Albert only scoffs at their concerns.
Mina: Stay calm, Mina. Just stay calm...
After the announcement of her appointment has been made, Mina goes to her old training spot to prepare herself for the task ahead.
Mina: ...
Mina: (That was an order from our leader. But what could he be thinking? There's no way I could...)
Mina: ...
Mina: It's no use. I can't focus like this!
Albert: Is that because it's too noisy out here?
Mina: Huh? Sir Albert! What are you doing here?
Albert: I should be asking you the same thing. Why do you always come out here to train all alone?
Mina: Sir! That's because my water magic doesn't seem to mix well with the other members of the order, sir...
Albert: I see. Indeed, it does have the potential for disaster.
Mina: Yes, sir...
Albert: But, then again... If used in combination, it could boost the power of our lightning magic, don't you think?
Mina: What? I, uh, follow your logic, but I don't think I can—
Albert: No. I know you can do it.
Mina: Sir...
Albert: The enemy we'll be facing is covered in a special type of protective material.
Albert: Even my Lord of Blitz attack is useless against it. But if we had some way of increasing its electrical conductivity, maybe we'd have something!
Albert: The increase in conductivity would give my electricity a powerful jolt, making the attack unstoppable! It's got to be worth a shot!
Mina: ...!
Albert: If you want to silence those naysayers, it would be best to speak with your sword.
Albert: And if you don't have anyone to help you hone this new skill, then I volunteer myself!
Mina and Albert quickly go to work as they train up their newfound combination attack.
Albert: Aaah!
Mina: A-Albert! I'm so sorry!
Albert: Heh. You should have said something before you did that. I managed to avoid getting shocked—but just barely.
Albert: Anyway, we're definitely making progress. Now let's pick up the pace! Again!
Mina: Yes, sir!
Though Albert finds himself soaked and charred a handful of times, he manages to draw out the great potential within Mina.
The two continue their rigorous training until the day comes when they put it into action.

Eyes for the Leader: Scene 3

Having successfully completed training and the subsequent mission, Mina gained confidence in herself and great respect for Albert. Mona argues that the revealing uniforms chosen by Albert were not a great idea, but Mina refuses to acknowledge Albert as anything but great.

With the resounding success of their training, Mina and Albert go out and dispatch their foe. This experience leads Mina to become more confident in herself.
From that day forward, Mina fights with everything she's got. She soon reaches the rank of vice leader and stands proudly by Albert's side.
Mina: For a long time I was nothing but a burden on the Sky Knights. But Albert's words gave me strength and showed me the way.
Mina: It was those very words that helped me become the person I am today. And it is those words that I will continue to follow.
Vyrn: Wow. Who knew? I guess now we get why you respect Lightning Boy so much.
Mina: Albert really is the greatest. He always knows what to say, and he always knows what to do.
Mona: I see what you mean, but... he definitely does some things that bug me.
Vyrn: Huh? Like what?
Mena: Just look! Look at these uniforms! Albert is the one that chose these things.
Lyria: Oh! I had no idea!
Mena: Though he... did say they were specially designed for battle. And the skintight material does reduce air resistance...
Mona: It might be a revolutionary design and all, but don't you think it goes too far? I bet these even make our enemies attracted to us.
Lyria: Oh dear. I guess if you put it that way, I see how that might be a problem...
Mona: Right? We can't go around dressed like this! I was so embarrassed at first that I flat out refused to wear it.
Mina: Oh, really? But there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I actually find the flexibility rather liberating.
Mina: Wearing a uniform that our leader selected firsthand makes me really proud!
Mina: And you can even show your respect to Albert by wearing it every day. Isn't it great?
Mena: What? You mean, you actually like these uniforms? You can't be serious!
Mona: Mina, just calm down for a second and take a good look at these things.
But looking at the uniforms only further affirms Mina's confidence in Albert.
Though she sees Albert through rose-colored glasses, her vision is sure to change over time with (Captain) and company.
After all, her adventures with her sisters have only just begun.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ここは私が先導する! I'll take the lead from here!
はあっ! Haaah!
雷迅卿の騎士団副団長マイムとは私の事だ! The vice leader of the Sky Knights stands before you!
ミイムの回復魔法はよく効くぞ。 Ask Mona to use her lightning cure sometime!
鍛錬の後には温泉が一番だ。 Levin hot springs are great after training!
待て!逃がさんぞ! You're not getting away from me!
アルベール団長のことは、心から尊敬している。 I owe everything to Albert. He has my deepest respect.
レヴィオンが恋しくなる時もある…… I'd be lying if I said I'm never homesick for Levin.
サポートは任せてほしい! I've got your back, (Captain)!
私とアルベール団長の連携技は強力だぞ。 When Albert and I fight together, we're a force to be reckoned with.

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Rage of Bahamut


Mina, Levin Vice Leader
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I'm Mina, vice leader of the Sky Knights! One of my duties is to give guidance to the other members. Don't be shy—Ask for a hand any time you need it!


She's a cornerstone of the Sky Knights, as reliable as they come. Though once in a while, she can be a little rigid. —Albert, Levin Champion

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