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Official Profile

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oh, dear. It's your birthday, isn't it?
Heheh. Happy birthday. Sometimes it's good to just open up and celebrate, you know.
Go ahead. Let it all out! Ahahahahaha!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)
I've heard that on an island somewhere it's tradition to give envelopes full of money for New Year's.
Hehe. You know, I wouldn't mind getting one of those from you sometime.
What? That's only something parents give to their children? Don't be so stingy, Captain. Well, in any case, have a happy new year.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
Would you like one of my chocolates? They're quite good, you know.
You think they're good too? Of course they are! The great Naga makes only the finest of sweets!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh dear, this is in return for Valentine's? Heheh, aren't you thoughtful?
Of course it would have been even better if you'd offered up a little more to the great Naga... Aahahahaha!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hehe. It seems the children have robbed me of all my candy.
But I'm not the type to go down without a fight! Let's go steal that candy back, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain).
Hehe. Tonight is the night for giving gifts. You know, I don't entirely mind this season.
What? You think I must be cold in this outfit? Hah. Don't be silly.
I'm just showing off my style and giving the world a chance to see the greatest beauty! And I'm doing an excellent job of it, if I do say so myself!

Fate Episodes

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A Shack-Shaking Laugh

Appearing before the party with her trademark high-pitched laughter, Naga announces she has run out of funds for travel and food. Lyria feels sorry for her and proposes that the party look after her for a while, which Naga interprets as the party's request for her powers in battle, magnanimously agreeing to join.

Sierokarte: All right, gather round, everyone! I'll explain the next request for you!
In a certain town, the party listens to Sierokarte's explanation, hearing that fierce monsters have been appearing close to town.
Vyrn: OK, got it. So there are monsters with scales like iron, huh? That's pretty troublesome if swords 'n' guns don't work on 'em…
Sierokarte: Indeed! From what I hear, the scales seem to be fairly strong, so magic isn't very effective, either…
Vyrn: Hmm… Guess we better be careful about which crew members we take along with us…
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Then I, Naga the Serpent, shall resolve this problem for you!
Lyria: Huh? Naga, do you mean you know how to defeat these monsters?
Naga: Not in the slightest!
Vyrn: Hey, come on now… you just appear out of nowhere and spout that stuff again?
Naga: However! When you claim that magic is of no use against these creatures, you are doubtless referring to magic of the normal kind.
Naga: With such genius magic as mine, whether the scales are made of iron, or gigas ore, it matters not… I shall freeze it all!
Lyria: Wow! You're amazing, Naga!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! No need to stop the praise there, Lyria. Keep it coming!
Vyrn: Hmm… well, you know what they say… there's a thin line between genius and…
With her trademark high-pitched laugh and audacious costume, Naga the Serpent has once again appeared on the scene.
The woman, who the party had become acquainted with during a battle, has run into the crew in town, persisting in tagging along.
Sierokarte: By the way… who is your new companion?
Naga: Oh! Would you be referring to moi?
Vyrn: Er, well… while we're at it, Miss Modesty… just why are you with us, again?
Naga: Humph… you still have much to learn about the ways of the world, my naive little lizard!
Naga: After one's travel expenses ran out and one loses the means to pay for their own food, why, it's the obvious thing to do!
Vyrn: Hey… I don't think that's something you should be boasting about…
Lyria: Umm… You mean you'd be in trouble without us, right?
Naga: Naturally!
Naga: And on top of that, I have few connections in this area, and work is most hard to come by! Oho ho ho ho!
Vyrn: Jeez… I thought I just said it's nothing to boast about…
Lyria: Ohh… it must be really hard for you, Naga…
Lyria: Um, (Captain)… until Naga can find some work, do you think we'd be able to…
Vyrn: Hmm… you're right. I get the feeling she wouldn't cope very well be herself…
Naga: Oho, Lyria… little lizard. So you two have recognized how indespensible I am to the team?
Vyrn: Well, no, we weren't exactly saying—
Naga: OHO HO HO HO! No need to thank me just yet! Wait until the moment when I, Naga the Serpent, save you all!
Vyrn: Man… she just doesn't listen…
Naga: As payment… well, I suppose being treated to meals for a while will suffice.
  1. Done.
  2. I don't think so.

Choose: Done.
Naga: My my… you're quite understanding. I like kids like you.
Vyrn: Look… we just figured you were in trouble, so we thought we'd—
Naga: OHO HO HO HO! How can I refuse such an earnest supplication for my assistance?
Vyrn: …Here we go again…
Naga: With I, the beautiful sorceress Naga, in your crew, your fighting power increases a hundredfold… no, a thousandfold!
Naga: Be thankful! Oho ho ho ho!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)… Are you sure it's OK to bring her along?

Choose: I don't think so.
Naga: Oh my. Though I suppose that's not an entirely unnatural reaction when faced with a being of such overwhelming power as I.
Naga: But see now, (Captain). Being able to assess and include a team's necessary fighting power is an important asset of a captain!
Naga: You need to be composed, to analyze the situation calmly and make your decision…
Naga: Here, learn from me! First, you must laugh with elegance!
  1. Oho ho ho ho!

Choose: Oho ho ho ho!
Naga: Oh! You have quite the talent for it! But you're not quite there yet, (Captain)! You won't gain mastery over others that way!
Naga: Listen up! If you aspire to gain absolute conviction of your own superiority, then a laugh such as this is an essential step!
Naga: I, Naga, shall proceed to coach you in the art. "Oho ho ho ho"!
Vyrn: Umm, yeah, so… I don't really understand where this conversation's going anymore…

Naga: Hmm? Whatever's the matter, (Captain)? Come on, show me your best laugh!
Lyria: Ha ha ha… (Captain)'s kind of shy, you see…
Naga: Well, then, all the more reason for me to accompany you!
Naga: (Captain) must master the elegant art of refined laughter in public, and I shall serve as your guide toward this.
Lyria: Erm… so you're going to help cure (Captain)'s shyness? What will you do?
Naga: Hee hee hee… simple. "Appearances are everything," as they say, right?
Naga: I, Naga, shall therefore select an appropriate costume for (Captain) to complement such elegant laughter.
Vyrn: Hey… I think one of us in that thing is more than enough. Please don't make (Captain) a victim of your fashion sense, too…
Continue 1
Sierokarte: Ahem. As I was saying…
Naga: Oh! That's right, I never finished my introduction, did I?
Naga: I am the greatest rival of Lina Inverse, Naga the Serpent!
Sierokarte: Oho! If you're Lina's rival, then it looks like this crew has found another strong member!
Naga: Certainly! From now on, I suppose you had better refer to me as Naga the Serpent, the strongest sorceress of (Captain)'s crew!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho!
Naga: Very well, then… (Captain)! Let us head out for the pre-request meal!
Lyria: Yay! (Captain), I saw a restaurant just now that looked really good!
Vyrn: Jeez… so now Miss Modesty's running the show?
And so, the self-proclaimed rival of Lina Inverse, "Naga the Serpent," joins the party.
With her unusual attitude toward life, she also takes pains to thoroughly drill the crew on the significance of being "normal."

Strongest Sorceress

In a certain town, the party comes under a surprise assault from imperial soldiers. Just when they are driven into a corner and their chances look bleak, they hear a high-pitched laugh, and a hole is blown through the wall behind them. Naga has come to the party's aid, but just as she starts to boast to the enemy, she is caught up in the collapse of the wall she has damaged. Blaming the imperials, she then declares war on them, and begins to counterattack.

In the middle of the journey, the crew stops by a certain island to rest and replenish their supplies. As they walk around town
Vyrn: Huh? Is that noise an airship? Sounds like a pretty big one…
Lyria: Oh… This sound! Could this be… an imperial battleship?
Vyrn: What? Then we gotta get out of here, before they find—
Imperial Soldier: Oho! Now where might you be going… you fugitives!
Vyrn: Argh! It's a vanguard! This is bad… with the main force just up above us, we don't have time to mess with these guys!
Having spotted the giant Imperial battleship, the party hastens toward the Grandcypher to escape the empire as soon as possible.
Imperial Soldier: Heh heh heh… what's wrong? The more you try to run, the more you trap yourselves in…
Vyrn: Darn! Looks like these ones really know what they're doing!
The party becomes trapped against the town's outer wall. Hemmed in and with nowhere to run, they prepare to make a stand, when…
???: Oho ho ho ho!
Lyria: Oh… this voice!
(Captain)! Get down!
???: Dam Brass!
The wall behind (Captain) the crew shatters with a thunderous roar, and through the hole that is formed comes a familiar face…
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! These "imperial soldiers" certainly have a poor endgame. Have you forgotten I am here?
Imperial Soldier: What? Who the heck are you?
Naga: I am Naga, the strongest sorceress in this crew. You can call me Naga the Serpent!
Vyrn: Good going! You saved us there, Miss Modesty!
Naga: You imperials may have thought you had them trapped, but it is you who are now trapped! Now, face my spell and wallow in regret!
Wreathed in a pall of smoke, Naga strikes a pose, pointing her finger majestically at the enemy. But—
Vyrn: …Eh? Is it just me, or is the whole wall starting to crumble now?
Lyria: Oh no! Naga, watch out! Get away from the wall quick!
Naga: Hmm?
Naga: EEEK!
Vyrn: Gah! Why does that girl have to talk so much? Now look what's happened!
Lyria: O-oh no! We have to dig her out right away!
The crew hurries to clear away the rubble and rescue Naga from underneath.
Imperial Soldier: …………
After a moment, Naga emerges wearing a resilient expression.
Naga: Guh… Very clever, imperials!
Imperial Soldier: What? But you just did that to yours—
Naga: No time for questions! GARV FLARE!
Imperial Soldier: Gaaah!
Naga: Humph… so you withstood it. Impressive.
Naga: But know that it is foolish to challenge me! You lot have guts, I'll give you that. Now, prepare yourselves!

Strongest Sorceress: Scene 2

With her mighty magic, Naga overpowers the imperial soldiers. Soon, there are only a few left, but the remaining soldiers boldly defy them, seeming to have a plan of some sort. Although cautious, (Captain) and the crew accept the challenge.

Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Looks like you're all talk, imperials!
Imperial Soldier 1: Curses! Despite her clumsy entrance, she's actually quite tough!
Naga: I am the strongest sorceress in this crew… further, I am the one recognized as the greatest rival to Lina Inverse!
Naga: And you think the likes of you can stop me? OHO HO HO HO!
Imperial Soldier 1: What? That goddess of destruction? You're saying your on a par with the girl who took out a primal beast?
Naga: Indeed I am! You should be glad to have the honor of bring destroyed by one such as myself! MEGA BRAND!
Wielding her powerful magic, Naga takes out the imperial soldiers one after the other. Finally, only a few are left standing…
Imperial Soldier 2: Captain! At this rate, we'll…
Imperial Soldier 1: Feh! Just hold out a while longer! The flagship will touch down soon, and then we'll have reinforcements…
Vyrn: H-hey… looks like those guys are planning something. Maybe now would be a good time to scram?
Naga: O ho ho ho! My naive little lizard! You musn't underestimate Naga the Serpent, now!
Naga: I haven't the slightest idea what they're up to, but it's all the same in the end. I shall take care of them all myself!

Strongest Sorceress: Scene 3

The enemy's reinforcements turn out to be several hundred machina soldiers. The party tensely prepares itself for battle, while only Naga seems confident. Proclaiming that manipulating inorganic mater with magic is her speciality, she creates a giant stone dragon golem that obliterates the machina soldiers. However, within a few minutes, the golem has gone on a rampage, causing severe damage to the town. Reluctantly assenting to Naga's scheme to blame all the chaos on the empire, the crew puts the island behind them.

Naga: Well, I guess this is all they have.
Naga looks upon the scattered imperial soldiers with contempt.
Vyrn: Whoa… Amazing… She actually took 'em all down…
Vyrn: Uh-oh! We're in trouble! That battleship's touched down just over there.
Seeing the battleship has made its landing on the other side of the outer wall, the party begins to panic.
Imperial Soldier: Heh heh heh… that ship's loaded with hundreds of machina soldiers. Once they arrive, you lot are finished…
Naga: Machina soldiers? What on earth are they? Have you heard of them, lizard?
Vyrn: Darn it! Let's just say they're not the easiest opponent! We'd better get out of here…
Lyria: Oh no! Looks like we were too late…
Naga: Are they… golems? They certainly have a weird shape…
Vyrn: H-hey! We haven't the time to be analyzing stuff, here! Those guys are super-tough, and they're a real trouble to boot!
Naga: I haven't seen many golden golems before. It'd be interesting to see what kind of magic they move under.
Vyrn: Jeez… how can you be so easygoing all the time?
Naga: Why, you ask? Isn't it obvious? Magic that creates golems is one of my specalties, you know!
Naga: I'll show you, you imperials! You think you can best me with golem magic? Don't make me laugh!
Vyrn: Wh-what the…
As the spell activates, the very earth pulsates, presently forming a giant, gaping jaw that swallows the machina soldiers whole.
Vyrn: What in the skies!
…Or more like, what on earth!
From the ground rises a giant stone dragon, so tall it could be mistaken for the tower of a great castle.
Naga: Do you understand now? This is a true golem. OHO HO HO HO!
Lyria: Hmm? But… that dragon's shape… It's kinda… strange.
Vyrn: Hmm… the head part's pretty neat, but… its body is weirdly skinny and stuff…
Lyria: Yikes! N-now it's tilting to one side… looks like it's losing its balance…
With the skinny body unable to support its gigantic head, the stone dragon becomes unbalanced and finally collapses…
…Straight onto the imperial battleship, which had landed nearby, and takes the full impact.
Vyrn: Whoa… I don't believe it… you split their battleship in two!
Lyria: Wow… Naga… you're amazing…
Naga: O-oho…
OHO HO HO HO! Just as I calculated! Witness the power of my golem!
Vyrn: Huh? H-hey! That dragon thing's getting up again! It's on some kinda rampage…
Lyria: Oh! A-and now it's heading… toward the town!
The giant stone dragon stumbles around, flattening several of the town's buildings, before rolling off somewhere.
Naga: …………
Vyrn: Oh, man… that can't be good…
Naga: Humph! All right, (Captain), let's run!
Vyrn: Hold on! You're gonna leave things like this?
Naga: I have a good idea. Follow me!
Naga: It's terrible! Everyone, run for your lives! The Erste Empire has unleashed a golem upon us! It's running wild!
Naga: It's dangerous to remain here! Flee the town, everyone! Oho ho ho ho!
Vyrn: Hey… I'm getting the feeling this girl's just gonna blame everything on the empire…
Naga: Humph… well, it isn't a lie. The imperials did technically let loose a golden golem, remember?
Lyria: Um… Are you sure this it's OK to be doing this?
And so the party takes advantage of the chaos to escape the town.
With a fleeting glance toward the townsfolk, who have bought Naga's story about the empire's attack, they escape on their airship.
Vyrn: Man… we had a tough time of it there… and that town has it just as bad now….
Naga: As I said, it's all the empire's fault.
Vyrn: But still… they're gonna see through it sooner or later…
Naga: Even if it was a partial lie at first, as long as this situation persists, what I said will surely become the reality before long!
Vyrn: …I swear, this girl has some crazy logic…
Lyria: B-but… in any case, it's because of Naga that we're all OK now. Naga… thank you!
Naga: …………
Vyrn: Huh? What's up?
Naga: Oh, no, it's nothing.
Naga: Only, I've never been thanked so earnestly before, so I was rather surprised. Oho ho ho ho!
Vyrn: Sheesh… like I've been sayin', that's not the kind of thing you're supposed to boast about…
Naga's phenomenal magic has been the cause of some phenomenal collateral damage, but she has proved herself useful to the party.
And so, her journey continues along with (Captain)'s crew…
Naga: Oho ho ho ho!
Oho ho ho ho!
…Leaving her mark in the form of high-pitched laughter, and a high mound of rubble…

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
私の魔力に敵うものはないわ! Nothing stands against my magic!
私はナーガ、白蛇のナーガよ! I am Naga the Serpent!
今日こそ決着をつけるわよリナ! We end this today, Lina!
ふふ…お宝のニオイね Hehe... I smell treasure.
大した物が見つからないわねえ Looks like there's not much here.
ほーっほっほっほ! Aahahahaha!
私はリナ=インバース最大最後のライバル! I am Lina Inverse's greatest rival!
ま、悪くないじゃない Hmm, not bad at all.
(主人公)、あなたもまだまだ甘いわね! You're still much too naive, (Captain).
(主人公)、もっと褒めてもいいのよ? Tell me how good I am, (Captain).