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Official Profile

Npc f 3030124000 01.jpg Shao
Age 25 years old
Height 172 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies People-watching, studying effects of different medicine dosages
Likes Board games (he's good at them)
Dislikes Strong seasonings, strong smells other than medicine (it's a hindrance when preparing medicines)
Character Release
Final Uncap
80px Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030124000 01.jpg Shao
Age 25歳
Height 172cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 人間観察、調薬・研究
Likes ボードゲーム(得意なため)
Dislikes 濃い味付け、薬以外の強い匂い(調薬の妨げになるため)
Character Release
Final Uncap
80px Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]




  • Shao is perhaps inspired by the protagonist of Mononoke, and shares a voice actor with him.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Today's your birthday, right (Captain)? Happy birthday!
Well, let's make this one to remember... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear... Hey, there's no need to be so surprised, relax and enjoy yourself!
I wanted to make sure we did our captain's birthday party right. Thanks for being our captain.


Oh? (Captain), you seem a little taller today.
Haha. Of course I know why. Happy birthday.
I am being honest about you looking taller.
Ah, seeing the young grow up is such a wonderful thing.
I'll pray for your continued health, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday.
Oho... Look at how cheery everyone is–just perfect for the occasion.
I hope you take to heart the sincere words everyone will no doubt have for you. And...
Let's take the chance to treasure the time we get to spend with loved ones.
Then again, I suppose that goes without saying for you, (Captain).


Oh? Was it your birthday today, (Captain)?
I jest. I would never forget such an important occasion.
Actually, your date of birth isn't the only thing I've memorized. There is very little I don't know about you.
You're most amusing to observe, you know. Even I was surprised by a few of your quirks.
Heh-heh, worry not. You may not believe it, but I'm quite good at keeping secrets.
What do I know? Well. I'll tell you if and when I ever leave this crew.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain)! A new year always brings good fortune.
Surprised to hear me say that? Well, I'm the type to really treasure these occassions.
I'm looking foward to our new year's feast! Let's just hope no one gets so caught up in the excitement of it all that they end up overeating.
That would mean more work for me. Besides, it's New Years, which means double the pay for me.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
My, my, it's interesting how things've worked out, isn't it? I had originally intended to stay with your crew for only a short time, after all.
But another year has already passed aboard this ship.
It seems like I'll be around for a bit longer yet.
I'm looking forward to where you take us, (Captain).


(Captain), happy New Year.
Did you get a chance to see the sunrise?
I went to take a look just as I woke up.
Hey, what's with the face? It's not exactly my job to make sure you wake up early, you know?
All right, fine. I'll be sure to give you a wake-up call next year. Promise.
That's assuming I'll still be with you guys at the time, of course.


(Captain), have you had osechi before?
It's traditional New Year's fare in some parts of the skydom. You must try it. It's a treasure trove of nutrients.
Ingredients include black beans, chestnuts, kombu, and shrimp. They're often used in medicinal cuisine, you know.
They're most beneficial for your kidneys, which are said to store the "essence" of life. That means those ingredients can slow the effects of aging.
If you continue to eat osechi, you may be able to live long and yet not grow old. Why, it's the spring of eternal youth.
Heh-heh, how interesting it would be if that were true. Let's hope for more research on the salutary effects of osechi, shall we?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Huh, you're giving this to me? Oh right, for Valentine's.
This makes me really happy, thank you. I've always been interested in chocolate, or rather, its medicinal properties.
With all the attention the curative effects of cocoa has been getting lately, I've been meaning to look into it. So this will be...
Just kidding! Aww, don't be so down. I'm going to savor it, I assure you!


Oh, well now. Is that a Valentine?
You thought to bring even me one this year. Thank you.
Isn't it taxing to pass them out to everyone in the crew?
But maybe that's the type of thing that keeps everyone charmed with you.


Oh my, (Captain)... Is this for Valentine's?
You're too kind as always.
Hahaha, sorry. I do appreciate it.
When I'm around you, I forget how to keep my distance sometimes...
Actually, never mind I said that.
I'll gladly accept the gift. Thank you, (Captain).


(Captain), there's a sweet smell wafting off you. Could it be you have a Valentine's gift for me?
Why yes, of course I can tell. You bring me something every year.
Still, I'm a bit relieved. If you'd said I was getting nothing this year, I'd have been quite humiliated, see?
Well, I didn't think you, of all people, would say such a thing. Why, I'm even looking forward to next year's gift.
Ah. That sounded like I was insisting on more gifts, didn't it? How rude of me.
The choice is yours, of course. Will you have something for me next year or will you not? Heh-heh-heh.

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). I was just looking for you. Here, this is for you.
Since today's White Day, I thought I'd use the occasion to thank you for your help all the time.
I made these myself. Let me know how you like it later. And not just the taste, but also if your body changes in any way.
Oh, no worries. There's nothing in it that would harm your body... Probably.


(Captain), can we talk for a spell?
Here. I got you a White Day gift.
Ah, there's nothing to worry about. I haven't schemed up a thing.
Although sweets are only effective at symptomatically treating stress.
In any case, I painstakingly picked out the flavor for you, so be sure to try it.


(Captain), happy White Day!
Hey, what's with the look on your face?
Is it that strange for me to be hyped?
Considering this is my third White Day since joining the crew...
I thought I'd at least show some variation in the way I present the chocolates.
Which are the standard ones I usually prepare.
After all, food isn't something to play around with.
So you can rest assured that they taste as good as ever.


(Captain), would you do me the favor of accepting these?
They're to thank you for this past Valentine's. Today is White Day, after all.
They are a bit low in sugar though. I figured that you would be buried in sweets today, as gifts from the crew start piling in.
In case you find them bland, I've included a pack of powder. Dust some on, and they'll sweeten up.
Oh? Why so suspicious? That's not very kind of you. I'm not plotting anything.
However, I can't tell you what's in the powder.
Because I concocted it just for you. I wouldn't want other people knowing the secret formula, now would I?

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat, (Captain!)
Oh actually, I don’t really need the candy. I just wanted to try saying, “trick or treat!”
No treats means a trick for me.
I’m kind of interested in seeing what kind of a trick you’d play on me, (Captain).
Well, don’t hold back now. I’m ready for it!


It seems both the city and the Grandcypher are alive with Halloween festivity.
(Captain), you should certainly have fun, but be sure not to get carried away.
After all, accepting candy from a total stranger isn't exactly praiseworthy.
The world is filled with all types, and some of them don't have the kindest things in mind.
Well. That's all I wanted to say. Go on now. Enjoy the festival.


(Captain), how do you plan on spending this Halloween?
Will you be trick-or-treating in a costume?
Huh? Me?
I think I'll pass. Although...
I do enjoy watching the rest of you having so much fun on this day.


Oh, (Captain). Are you enjoying Halloween?
Why yes, I am, thank you. I was just carving out this pumpkin. Who knew lantern-making could be so engrossing?
Well, actually, I wasn't meaning to celebrate Halloween at all. I was gathering seeds.
Did you know? Pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrients.
However, eat too much, and it's poison for your body. If had in excess, pumpkin seeds can cause all kinds of disease.
It's as they say. Everything in moderation.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Is everything ok, (Captain)? You look restless.
Ahh, Christmas is it... You can be so childish at times, which I find to be a wonderful thing.
Being able to enjoy the little things in life is a sign of good mental health.
Which directly affects your physical health, so I hope you never change, (Captain).


Hey there, (Captain). Looks like you're having fun.
Is it because of the festive season? I understand the feeling.
But don't have too much fun. It's cold outside, after all...
If you catch a cold, I'll have to whip you up some extra special, extra effective medicine.
Extra effective, extra painful medicine.


Whew... It sure is peaceful on this ship.
I can hear cheerful holiday greetings and laughter rejoicing from every direction.
By the way, (Captain), was there something you wanted to ask me?
Oh, don't mind me. You should go enjoy yourself with everyone else.
As the resident healer, it's better for me to keep watch and be ready to tend to anyone who might need it.
Haha. With that in mind, I certainly hope you don't end up being carried back to me later, (Captain).
Anyway, happy holidays. Enjoy yourself.


(Captain), I have a present for you.
Or so I say, but it's simply a remedy for stomach pain.
There is certain to be quite a banquet today. With cakes and turkeys...
And it would certainly spoil the fun if you were to overeat and feel unwell.
Still, if anything happens, I will nurse you back to health. So, please, have your fill of tonight's festivities.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Healer's Miracle

The traveling healer Shao prescribes the proper treatment for (Captain)'s mysterious fever. Shao's proclivity for jokes notwithstanding, (Captain) and company see his abilities to be genuine and invite him into the crew.

Lyria: Mmph... Hold on, (Captain)!
When (Captain) suddenly comes down with a mysterious fever, the crew stops in a town to seek treatment.
Although they have already consulted a doctor, (Captain) has been in bad shape for several days.
So, once again, they take (Captain) into town for an examination and return with medicine.
Vyrn: For now, let's hurry back to the Grandcypher so (Captain) can rest.
Lyria: Yes, let's go. Just a little farther, (Captain)—hang in there!
With the crew's encouragement, (Captain) takes slow steps forward before keeling over in a feverish haze.
Lyria: Eeep! (Captain)!
???: Oh dear, that was a close one.
A young Erune man catches (Captain).
Vyrn: Whoa, are you okay, (Captain)?
Thanks for your help.
???: It was nothing. Anyway, is your fainting friend here feeling well?
???: Your skin color is off, and that fever is very high. Shouldn't you see a doctor?
Lyria: We saw a doctor, but it's been several days, and the fever just won't go down...
???: I see. Do you mind if I take a look?
Vyrn: Huh? You a doctor or something?
???: No, I am but a humble purveyor of medicine... but I may be able to help a little.
The medicine seller checks (Captain)'s pulse and mouth. The man tilts his head in curiosity.
???: Are you travelers?
Vyrn: You could say that. We're skyfarers, and (Captain) here is our captain.
???: Ah, skyfarers? No wonder...
Lyria: Oh, did you figure out something?
???: The medicine you got won't work. If you like, I can prescribe something different.
Vyrn: What? Are you saying the doctor gave the wrong diagnosis?
???: It's not something you see on this island, so the doctor wouldn't have recognized it. Your friend must have caught it elsewhere.
The man mixes a new concoction for (Captain).
???: Drink this and rest this evening. Your fever should go down by tomorrow.
Vyrn: That's great news, thanks! Oh, how much do we owe you for this?
???: Hmm... Let me see...
The man presents the crew with an outrageous bill.
Vyrn: Are you serious? That's way too much, right, (Captain)?
  1. We'll figure something out.
  2. This is highway robbery!

Choose: We'll figure something out.
Vyrn: Hey, what are you saying? We still got a journey to take.

Choose: This is highway robbery!
???: Oh? Well, I'll just have to take that medicine back then.
Lyria: But we need it too! What are we going to do now?
Continue 1
???: Haha... I was joking.
Vyrn: Huh? Joking?
???: Well, of course it's too much. I guess you're not that ignorant of the market price.
Vyrn: What? Hey, don't you think you're being kinda rude?
???: Well, it doesn't matter. You can have it for free. A special offer for new customers.
Lyria: Really? Are you sure?
???: Of course. In return pay me a visit next time you need medicine. You can call me Shao.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Shao!
Shao: Get well.
Just as Shao said, (Captain)'s fever disappears the next day.
Vyrn: Isn't that great, (Captain)? That guy was weird, but he knew his stuff.
Vyrn: Hmm... Maybe we should've bought more medicine from him.
Lyria: Well, let's pay Shao another visit! I'd like to thank him too.
However, when they return, Shao is nowhere to be seen. The crew wanders around the marketplace.
Vyrn: Hey, look. That old guy is selling medicine. Let's ask him.
Merchant: Welcome!
Vyrn: Hey, there was an Erune selling medicine around here yesterday. Have you seen him?
Merchant: What'd you say? An Erune? Fox-like eyes, carries around a huge medicine chest?
Lyria: Yes! Do you know him? He helped us out, so we wanted to thank him—
Merchant: What? What? You're telling me you know him? Where is he!
Vyrn: Well, we were hoping you'd know—
Merchant: You'd better cough up the truth, lizard. 'Cause if you don't...
Vyrn: Whoa! What's going on?
Merchant: Hey, get them! Rough 'em up until they cough up that healer's location!
Lyria: Oh no! What do we do?
Vyrn: This doesn't look good. Let's run for it!
Confused, (Captain) and the crew flee the scene.
Vyrn: Huff... Puff... Why do we have to run?
Thug 1: Hey, get back here!
Vyrn: Geez, why're we gettin' chased? What the heck did that medicine guy do?
Lyria: Oh, look over there!
Vyrn: There he is! Heeey! Medicine Man!
Shao: Oh? Why, you're all out of breath. Is this some sort of training exercise?
Vyrn: Of course not! There are some dodgy guys looking for you!
Thug 2: All right, give it up!
Vyrn: Whoa, they caught up! Here they come!
Shao: So they're after me? Hmm... I see.
Shao bows his head and slowly steps out in front of the thugs.
Thug 1: So you're the Erune medicine seller?
Shao: That's right. It appears you have business with me, but I don't believe we've ever met.
Thug 2: Hey, we're going out of business because of you!
Thug 1: That's right. You were trash-talking us to our customers in the next town over!
Shao: Oh, that's right. You're the peddlers selling fake medicine.
Shao: I only told them the truth, that your wares aren't real medicine.
Thug 2: You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut!
Shao: You mixed a few spices in with flour. It won't hurt anyone, but it won't help anyone either.
Shao: It's such a petty thing to do, it's almost laughable.
Thug 1: Damn it... Watch what you're saying!
Vyrn: Hey, don't make them any angrier...
Shao: Anyway, I have no interest in dealing with these pathetic swindlers.
He turns to (Captain) and the crew and assesses them.
Shao: So I'll leave this one to you.
Lyria: Wh-what do you mean?
Shao turns tail and flees.
Thug 2: Hey, stop right there! All of you!
Vyrn: Aw, c'mon! Why are we gettin' caught up in this?
(Captain) and the crew take off after Shao, with the thugs once again in tow.
Shao: What the? Why are you following me?
Vyrn: Listen, buster! How could you leave us holding the bag!
As they argue, the thugs close the distance between them.
Vyrn: Shoot! Don't you know any good escape routes around here?
Shao: Hmm... Ah, there's an alley coming up on the right.
Vyrn: Okay! Right it is!
(Captain) and the crew make a quick right turn and continue down the narrow alley.
Vyrn: So where do we go next, Medicine Man?
Lyria: He's gone!
Thug 1: Hahaha, it's no use running! You better be ready for a fight!
Vyrn: Ugh, what'd we do to deserve this!
Vyrn: Sigh... What a hassle.
The crew somehow manages to escape and arrives back at the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Lyria, did you hurt yourself when you fell?
Lyria: I'm fine. It's just a scratch.
Shao: Ah, welcome back, everyone!
Vyrn: Hey, what are you doing here?
Shao: Oh, I just stopped by to thank you for taking care of those thugs for me.
Vyrn: Not like we had a choice!
Shao: Oh, is that so?
Vyrn: I mean, you were the one who told us to take that turn, and then you disappeared off somewhere...
Shao: Hm? I said there was an alley, yes, but I never told you to take it.
Vyrn: Well, I suppose you didn't...
Shao: Anyway, are you all right, miss? Would you like me to take a look at that scrape?
Lyria: Oh, thank you!
Shao: Still, all these illnesses and injuries... You certainly live dangerous lives.
Lyria: Hee hee...
Shao: It's nothing to laugh about. The world is full of con men like the ones back there, not to mention doctors who can't give a correct diagnosis.
Shao: And there's a fine line between medicine and poison. You all seem too trusting. You have to be very careful.
Lyria: Yes, we'll make sure to take care...
Shao: If I were a criminal, for example, I could've easily given you poison yesterday disguised as medicine.
Shao: I'm rather adept at making poisons, you know...
Vyrn: Wait! Don't tell me you—
Shao: Aw, I was just joking.
Vyrn: H-hey, that wasn't funny at all!
Shao: You think so? Well, I was just giving you some advice. There, I finished treating your friend.
Lyria: Thank you!
Shao: Take care! I'd better get off this island before those con men find me.
Lyria: Oh, you're not from around here, Shao?
Shao: No, I am not. I travel all over the place selling medicine.
Lyria: Wow, really? Hmm... I know! Why don't you come with us?
Vyrn: Huh? Lyria, what are you saying?
Lyria: But his medicine really works! He even cured (Captain)'s sickness.
Lyria: And all that stuff he said about medicine was a little scary.
Lyria: But if we have a great medicine maker like Shao around, then we won't have to worry as much!
Shao: Oh? I'm rather flattered. What does your captain say to this?
  1. Do you want to come with us?
  2. Of course you can come!

Choose: Do you want to come with us?
Shao: Answering a question with another question, are we? Let's see...
Shao: You're quite the amusing bunch. I'm especially intrigued by that talking lizard of yours.
Vyrn: That's dragon to you, buster!
Shao: My apologies. A dragon is much more precious than a lizard.
Vyrn: That's right!
Shao: Why, I could use every part of you to make medicine. Not a scale would go to waste.
Vyrn: Hey! Stay back!
Shao: It was just a joke.
Vyrn: How am I supposed to tell if you're joking or not? And what are you laughing at, (Captain)?
Shao: Well, I suppose I'll just have to join you then.

Choose: Of course you can come!
Shao: Such a welcoming bunch. Are you sure you want a dubious mixer of chemicals aboard your ship?
Lyria: Heehee, you cured (Captain)'s sickness, and you took care of my injury.
Lyria: So you're definitely not suspicious!
Shao: Is that so?
Shao: Well, I suppose I'll just have to join you then.
Continue 2
Shao: An airship is certainly a more convenient place to be.
Vyrn: Hm? What'd you say?
Shao: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. I look forward to traveling with you all.
And so Shao the healer joins the crew.
However, the crew has no idea what lurks beneath his smile.

Line between Good and Evil

The crew helps an old woman who is being hounded by debt collectors due to her expensive medical bills. Shao says her medicine is ineffective and too expensive. The crew gathers ingredients for Shao so he can make medicine for her that actually works.

Shao: There you go. Please take these before you go to sleep, preferably with a drink of hot water if you can.
Townswoman: Thank you.
Shao: And what can I do for you, good sir?
Elderly Citizen: My left arm has become very stiff. I can barely move it.
Shao: Let me take a look.
The crew has dropped anchor on a certain island, and Shao wastes no time setting up shop in town as he often does.
Shao: These herbs should do the trick. And try to keep that arm warm.
Elderly Citizen: I see, thank you so much.
Shao: Yes, take care now.
Vyrn: Hey there, Shao!
Shao: Hm? What seems to be the matter?
Vyrn: "What's the matter," he says. We've been lookin' for you.
Shao: Ah, well, I do beg your pardon then. What can I do for you?
Lyria: Oh, we're not on an errand or anything. We just didn't know where you'd gone to.
Vyrn: What are you doing selling stuff in a back-alley like this? The main street is way busier.
Shao: I'm a wandering peddler, and I'm still a newcomer to this town. The main street is just a little too—
???: Why you! Get out, this instant!
An angry shout rings out from a short distance away.
Vyrn: Whoa! What was that?
Lyria: Uh-oh! Sounds like trouble... We should go look!
Shao: Here we go again... I can't decide whether you guys are busybodies or simply too goody-goody.
Shaking his head, Shao follows after the crew.
???: Look here, is this all you've got for us today? This won't do at all. You got that, crone!
Old Woman: Please! Forgive me.
Two men are bullying an old woman outside a tiny house.
Lyria: Oh! Those men are taking money from that woman!
Shao: Judging from the tenor of their conversation, I'd say those two are debt collectors.
Debt Collector 1: Hey, how long are you planning on making us wait for our money? Huh?
Old Woman: I'll definitely have it ready next time...
Vyrn: Um, shouldn't we stop them or something?
Shao: Meddling in the affairs of people you don't even know is most certainly a symptom of being a busybody.
Lyria: B-but we can't ignore an elderly lady being spoken to like that!
Vyrn: Yeah, what she said! Time to take out the trash.
Vyrn: Hey, you two! Is that any way to speak to your elders?
Debt Collector 2: Huh? What's it to you! This ain't got nothin' to do with you, so butt out!
Old Woman: Wait! Let's all calm down. I'll have the money ready next time, so please leave it at that.
Debt Collector 2: Humph. Fine, we'll come back tomorrow to check! Don't go takin' off anywhere!
Pushing past the old woman, the two debt collectors skulk off.
Old Woman: Sigh... That was close.
Cough, cough...
Lyria: Are you feeling okay? Hang in there!
The old woman falls to her knees in a coughing fit, and Lyria rushes to her side.
Old Woman: Huff... Huff... Cough... I'm used to it...
Vyrn: Hey, don't push yourself! (Captain), let's carry her back inside her house!
Old Woman: I'm so sorry to cause so much trouble for you...
Vyrn: Don't mention it! But who were those guys?
Old Woman: Well...
The old woman explains that she has been suffering from her illness for a long time and has to constantly take medicine.
Her medical bills piled up and she has to borrow money to pay them.
Vyrn: I see... So that's why those debt collectors were barging in on you.
Shao: Say, madam. That medicine you're using—who are you getting it from?
Old Woman: Those men are handling the arrangements.
Shao: ...
Lyria: Oh? Are they apothecaries?
Old Woman: Well, they... I mean, it's very important medicine that isn't available anywhere else, so...
Shao: Can I see that medicine?
Old Woman: Sure, here it is.
Shao examines the medicine while analyzing the old woman's condition.
Shao: ...
Vyrn: What's up? Something wrong with her medicine?
Shao: Mm-hm. You could take this medicine for months and never get any better.
Lyria: Gosh! Isn't there something we can do?
Shao: I can prescribe a different medicine. It will be a whole lot cheaper than this one too.
Old Woman: Are you a healer? If you could do that for me, I'd be so grateful.
Shao: I'll see to it. I need to gather ingredients for the medicine, so relax until I return.
By Shao's instructions, the crew arrives at a forest near the town.
Vyrn: So we should take out the monsters around here, right?
Shao: Please do. I'll need those ingredients to make the medicine.
Lyria: Look, over there! Are those the monsters you mean?
Shao: Ah, there they are. Okay, (Captain), do your thing.

Line between Good and Evil: Scene 2

When the crew pay a visit to the old woman the next day, her neighbor informs them that she passed away peacefully from the final medicine Shao had given her. Before the crew can ask Shao what he did, the debt collectors show up again.

Vyrn: All right! That's all of them!
Lyria: Good. We should get back to that woman's house right away.
Shao: Just a moment. Could you guys return to the Grandcypher first for me?
Vyrn: Huh? How come?
Shao: The old woman is sick. It's not good to have so many people intruding on her home.
Lyria: Oh, okay. That makes sense.
Shao: Furthermore, formula mixing requires my full attention, and the chatter would only be a distraction.
Vyrn: Bah! So that's your game!
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn. Let's go back to the Grandcypher with (Captain).
(Captain) and company head back to the Grandcypher, while Shao heads to the old woman's home alone.
The following day...
Lyria: Hello! Miss? Are you in?
(Captain) and the crew have come to check on the woman's recovery.
Vyrn: Hm? There's no answer. Did she go out?
Shao: ...
A man pokes his head out from the window of the neighboring house.
Neighbor: Hm? Are you friends of the woman next door?
Lyria: Yes! We came to see how her recovery was coming along!
Neighbor: Ah, well, I'm sorry to tell you this but... she passed away yesterday evening.
Vyrn: What!
Lyria: Oh, how sad! Yesterday she seemed so chatty...
Neighbor: If it's any solace, she passed away peacefully. She'd faced nothing but hardships as of late, so I guess she finally found release.
Lyria: Sniff... That's so sad. I really thought Shao's medicine would help...
Neighbor: Oh, are you the medicine man? She wanted to thank you.
Shao: Did she now...
Neighbor: You were the one who gave her the final dosage, weren't you?
Vyrn: Final dosage? What does he mean?
Shao: Actually it's not exactly something I want to get in to...
Vyrn: Why not? Just explain it and it'll be fine!
The crew tries to press Shao for answers but is interrupted.
Debt Collector 1: Hey, you old bag! Open up!
The debt collectors from yesterday have returned.
Debt Collector 2: You got our money ready for us?
Vyrn: C-cut it out, would ya? She passed away last night.
Debt Collector 2: Huh? She kicked the bucket? That's the oldest trick in the book!
Debt Collector 1: I bet that moocher's just hiding in there! Come on, we're going in!
Neighbor: No! Stop that at once! Stop that, I say!
Shao: Sigh... (Captain), let's quiet things down, shall we? You know what I mean.

Line between Good and Evil: Scene 3

Realizing that the old woman's illness is incurable, Shao gives her medicine meant to bring an end to her suffering. He asks to be banished from the crew if they disagree with his actions; the crew insists that he keep traveling with them so that they have more time to reach an answer.

Debt Collector 2: Curses... We'll be back, you'll see! You haven't seen the last of us!
Lyria: Whew. I think we showed them.
Vyrn: We sure did! Now where were we, Medicine Man?
Vyrn: Is it possible the medicine you made for her caused her to...
Shao: You've got the right idea. My medicine was only meant to ease her pain.
Lyria: So you knew...
Shao: Her illness had already advanced to the end-stage. All I could give her was something to temporarily ease her pain.
Shao: The medicine she had been taking was actually poisonous. Keeping her ill was a way for those men to extort money from her.
Lyria: That's so horrible...
Shao: Quite right. She suffered from needless debt and illness for the longest time.
Vyrn: But still you could've... There had to be a way...
Shao: I'm a healer, not an omnipotent god with the power to cure everything.
Shao: Given her options, I came up with the best prescription I could think of.
Shao: Or are you saying she should've continued living in suffering?
Shao: "I know you're not getting better, and your debts keep piling up, but try to do your best." Is that it?
Shao's voice sounds unusually cold, and the crew falls silent.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Amid the brooding silence, Shao's expression suddenly loosens, and his usual smile returns.
Shao: I suppose it's not about which opinion is right and which is wrong.
Shao: I've seen a fair share of death in my time, and I believe this was the best course of action.
Shao: Everyone has their own opinions of course. I'm not trying to persuade you to accept mine.
Shao: If you consider me a murderer and want me out of the crew, I won't protest.
Vyrn: Hold on a minute! No one's accusing you of that!
Shao: Then can you accept what I did?
Vyrn: Er, I mean...
Lyria: Um... Before we go any further, can we see the old woman one last time?
Neighbor: Yes, of course. You're welcome to pay your respects.
The crew enters the house and approaches the bed where the woman lies.
Lyria can't take her eyes off the woman's face, which seems so peaceful one could mistake her for simply being asleep.
Lyria: Sniff... It's always sad to see someone go, whatever the reason.
Lyria: But her last words were "thank you"?
Neighbor: Yes. She was really grateful for what you did for her.
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Um, Shao?
Lyria lifts her head and fixes Shao with an intense gaze.
Lyria: I don't have an answer for you yet. So can I make it my homework assignment?
Shao: Homework?
Lyria: Yep! Keep traveling with us. That way I can think some more about what you said.
Vyrn: That's not a bad idea. I'm sure (Captain) agrees.
Shao: Sigh... What a bunch of softies...
Shao: Very well then. Let us journey together a while longer.
Shao has presented the crew with something difficult to ponder.
By the time they arrive at an answer, they may finally discover the truth hidden behind Shao's smile.

That Was in the Past

Shao dreams of an incident that occurred five years ago, in which he returns home after an extended absence to find that his ailing sister has become an invalid after consuming a highly addictive substance. After exhausting all options looking for a cure without success, he feels he has no choice but to perform euthanasia.

The following is a story that takes place about five years ago.
Shao: Sister! I'm home!
Shao has returned after being away for a few weeks selling medicine. He lives with his older sister, who is ill.
Shao: Sorry it took me so long to get home. How are you feeling?
A soft voice should have greeted him by now, but all is quiet in the house.
Shao: Sister?
Shao: Probably sleeping...
Shao's Sister: ...
Shao peeks into his sister's room. She's lying perfectly still in bed, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.
Shao: Oh, are you up? What's the ma—
Shao's Sister: ...
Shao: Sister?
No semblance of awareness is reflected in her wide-open eyes. Dread immediately grips Shao.
Shao: Sister!
Shao's Sister: Aaauu...
Sickly groans trickle out of his sister's mouth as he tries to rouse her. Her dilated pupils reveal nothing.
Shao: What happened to you, Sister?
Shao looks around in a panic and spots something next to his sister's pillow. It's a medicine vial that he's never seen before.
Shao: What's this?
Determined to understand his sister's condition, Shao launches an investigation into the strange medicine.
He then checks with neighbors who might have noticed anything while he was gone.
Shao: They mentioned a man coming and going...
Shao: He must've given her this stuff.
Digging even further, he discovers that their savings are gone.
Shao: Damn it! If only I'd come home sooner!
But lament as he might, he can't turn back the hands of time.
Shao returns home. His sister's gaze remains fixed on the ceiling. He walks to her side and reaches out a hand to touch her face.
Shao: I'm home.
Shao's Sister: Gyaaaah!
Shao: ...!
His sister suddenly erupts in earsplitting shrieks, flailing her arms wildly.
Shao: Sister! Sister, calm down!
Shao's Sister: Uungh...
Shao: It's me, remember? Shao!
Struggling to hold back his tears, he administers a sedative to his sister.
Shao: I'm sorry I had to do that. Everything's okay, so just relax.
Calm at one point, stormy the next. This hellish scenario repeats itself ad infinitum.
Her seizures periodically flare up, a symptom of withdrawal from whatever it was she'd taken.
When she isn't in a state of torment, her vacant eyes fail to recognize her beloved brother.
Shao's Sister: ...
Shao: The effects of the sedatives are becoming detrimental...
He bites his lip in frustration, barely holding on to his sanity.
He desperately tries to find a cure for his sister, who at this point is his only clue to unraveling the mystery.
But the results he so desires never come back positive.
Shao: The addiction is irreversible. Even if I could find a cure, it's advanced so far that she'll never be the same again...
Continuous trips to hell take a toll on the younger brother's psyche.
Shao: Sister...
Warm rays of the midday sun filter in through the window. It's peaceful.
Shao's Sister: ...
Shao gently brushes his sister's cheek with the back of his hand.
Her dried-out skin and sunken eyes belie the vivacity that was once visible in her face.
Shao: Sister...
Shao: I'm sorry I wasn't here with you when you needed me the most. This is all my fault.
Shao: But I want you to know...
Shao: That I can still hear your voice welcoming me home every time I step through that door.
Shao: It was music to my ears.
A tear leaks from his eye. And then another. And then another.
Shao's Sister: ...
Shao puts a phial to her lips and carefully tilts it.
Shao: Good night, Sister. Sweet dreams.
Shao: ...!
Shao is trying to recover from the nightmare that shook him awake. The first light of dawn starts to seep into his room.
Shao: Huff... Puff...
Shao: Perspiration... Heart palpitations... Shortness of breath...
Shao: The same symptoms as always.
Shao rattles off his diagnosis with disinterest, then fumbles under his pillow for the medicine he always keeps on hand and quickly gulps it down.
Shao: Sigh... No improvement even after five years.
Shao: Just my luck. I guess these symptoms might really be incurable.

That Was in the Past: Scene 2

A day after putting an incurable elderly patient out of her suffering per her request, scathing blame from the patient's son seems to gnaw away at Shao. Lyria begins reexamining the morality of Shao's methods, but a man suddenly arrives at the Grandcypher with a request.

Lyria: Yawn...
Shao: My, my, that was a mighty big yawn.
Lyria: Oh, good morning, Shao.
Shao: And a good morning to you.
Vyrn: Hmm...
Allowing only a brief greeting for his crewmates, Shao is already walking away. (Captain) and company exchange glances.
Vyrn: Just like always, eh?
Lyria: Doesn't he look a little pale though? Do you think he's still thinking about what happened?
Vyrn: Who knows? That guy's harder to read than a book in the dark.
Lyria is referring to an incident that took place the day before.
Old Woman: I'm sorry for taking up your time.
Shao: Oh, stop that. You needn't concern yourself about me.
The old woman suffers from a debilitating illness that has no cure. Shao has come to administer her final dosage.
Shao: You fought valiantly. You've earned your rest.
Old Woman: Aaah... Thank you. Thank you so much...
Shao: Those words should be saved for your son.
Shao releases the patient's hand, and the old woman's son takes his place beside her.
Son: Mother... Mother!
Old Woman: Thank you, love. Please, whatever you do, don't cry. Don't... cry...
Son: Please, no...
As her final breath leaves her lips, her son can no longer keep it together and crumbles into wailing sobs.
Son: Sob... Mother... Why...
Shao: ...
Son: Damn it all. Why'd you do it... Why'd you kill my mother!
Lyria: Eh?
Vyrn: Well, I mean... She told us this is what she wanted, and you asked us too...
Lyria: Um, killed is kind of... a bit harsh, I think.
Son: I know that! But was there really nothing else that could be done?
Son: Answer me! Was my mother's sickness absolutely incurable?
Shao: At best, her pain could have been alleviated, though at the cost of becoming heavily addicted to the medication.
Shao: But once off the treatment, the suffering from withdrawal would have been far worse.
Shao repeats the same explanation he has given many times before.
Son: I know, damn it!
Clinging to the fading warmth of his mother's hand, the son cries out in vain.
Son: You don't get it. You don't understand what it's like for someone who's forced to say goodbye!
Shao: ...
Vyrn: Sigh... That was a big oof.
Lyria: Yes. I know how devastated the son must have felt at his mother's passing, but saying that to Shao...
  1. It's hard to know with Shao.
  2. He's feeling it too, I bet.

Choose: It's hard to know with Shao.
Vyrn: Hmm... You can't really tell what he's thinking.
Lyria: Well, Shao definitely likes to keep to himself, but he's a kind person.

Choose: He's feeling it too, I bet.
Lyria: Mm... Yeah...
Lyria: Well, Shao definitely likes to keep to himself, but he's a kind person.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Yep. His medicine has helped cure a lot of people.
Lyria: Mm-hm. And he usually doesn't charge people who can't afford it.
Vyrn: Can't say the same for people with deep pockets though. He basically overcharges them.
Lyria: Ahahaha, that happens too. We've seen a lot of interesting cases.
Lyria: Remember this one?
Vyrn: Is it possible the medicine you made for her caused her to...
Shao: You've got the right idea. My medicine was only meant to make her comfortable.
Shao: Her illness had already advanced to the end-stage. All I could give her was something to temporarily ease her pain.
Shao: The medicine she had been taking was actually poisonous. Keeping her ill was a way for those men to extort money from her.
Lyria: That's so horrible...
Shao: Quite right. She suffered from needless debt and illness for the longest time.
Shao: I'm a healer, not an omnipotent god with the power to cure everything.
Shao: Given her options, I came up with the best prescription I could think of.
Shao: Or are you saying she should've continued living in suffering?
Shao: "I know you're not getting better, and your debts keep piling up, but try to do your best." Is that it?
Shao's voice sounds unusually cold, and the crew falls silent.
Lyria: I don't have an answer for you yet. So can I make it my homework assignment?
Shao: Homework?
Lyria: Yep! Keep traveling with us. That way I can think some more about what you said.
Vyrn: Yeah, I remember that.
Lyria: I don't know if we'll ever find the answer to that assignment, but...
Lyria: What happened yesterday got me thinking again.
Vyrn: Did you figure out anything?
Lyria: No, not yet.
Lyria: I think we need more information, and it should come from Shao himself.
Vyrn: Easier said than done... I can't picture him willingly opening up to us.
While the crew is in the middle of discussing Shao, a guest arrives on the Grandcypher.
Dubious Man: Pardon me. Are you (Captain), the skyfarer?
(Captain) walks up to the intimidating man and nods.
Dubious Man: Good. I have a job for you. You'll be fairly compensated at the end of course.
Lyria: Um, what kind of job is it?
Dubious Man: Sorry, I can't tell you out here. I was told to keep it private. You'll learn more if you come with me.
Vyrn: Like that's gonna convince us...
Uncertainty surrounds this proposition. (Captain) and company are unable to drop their suspicions.
Dubious Man: Yeah, I know this isn't a good look, but I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't an emergency.
However, after seeing the man's desperation, the crew finally gives in.
Dubious Man: Thanks. But before we go, I'd like to request one of your crew members in particular to join us.

That Was in the Past: Scene 3

The crew follows the man to a mafia base where many mafia members have become hooked on a mysterious substance. Shao requests a sample of the substance and time to work; afterward he visits a patient and decides that seeing the smiles of patients and their families is what brings him the most joy.

Lyria: Wow! Look at the size of this mansion!
Vyrn: It really is huge, but I wouldn't get too excited if I were you.
Shao and the crew walk into a base belonging to the island's controlling mafia.
But Shao is wary for a different reason.
Shao: I'm guessing the reason you asked for me personally is because your people are sick?
Mafia Messenger: Yeah. From this point on, only the healer is allowed in. I'll have to ask the rest of you to wait here.
Lyria: Huh? But...
Shao: ...
Shao: These skyfarers are more trustworthy than I am. I can vouch for them.
Vyrn: Uh, how can he trust you if you're less trustworthy than we are?
Shao: Hmm...
Mafia Messenger: Sigh. All right, whatever. This way.
Lyria: Gasp! They're all...
They are led to a room sheltering many men.
Mafia Member 1: ...
Some lie in bed, while others are curled up on the floor.
Mafia Member 2: Uur... Ugh...
Mafia Member 3: Hehehe... Hahaha...
The crew stand aghast at the eerie sight of people who are clearly not in their right minds.
Shao: Hmm...
Shao approaches a bed to examine one of the men.
Shao: ...
Shao: Care to fill me in on the situation?
Mafia Messenger: It happened pretty recently, but someone introduced this substance and its use spread among the family.
Shao: A substance, huh...
Mafia Messenger: Yeah, one that's particularly strong and easy to get hooked on.
Shao: And these are the users that got hit hard.
Mafia Messenger: Yep. I'm not a doc. I have no idea how to help them.
Mafia Messenger: With nothing else to lose, I figured I'd go to you since I've heard the rumors about what you do.
Shao: I'm... honored, I guess.
Mafia Messenger: So, uh, can you help us?
Shao: Well, let me first take a closer look at that substance.
Mafia Messenger: Be my guest.
The man hands over a vial.
Shao: Hmm...
Shao: Where's this stuff being distributed from?
Mafia Messenger: ...
Shao: Is there no established supply line yet?
Mafia Messenger: Um, is this medically related?
Shao: I won't know until I hear it, but the more info I have, the better.
Mafia Messenger: Sigh... We don't know how it's being distributed.
Shao: I see. Only those in your family took it then? It hasn't leaked into town?
Mafia Messenger: Right. It should be self-contained among us.
Shao: Understood.
Mafia Messenger: So you've figured it out?
Shao: No, it's still too early to draw a conclusion. I need more time.
Shao: Do you mind if I hang on to this?
Shao holds up the substance, and the man gloomily nods.
Lyria: Shao, do you think the mafia's request is going to work out?
Shao: It's hard to say at this point.
Vyrn: If you say so...
Something about Shao's expression makes the crew feel uneasy. They struggle to find something to say.
Shao: Ah, that reminds me. Can I stop by somewhere real quick?
(Captain) nods, and Shao leads the way.
Elderly Man: Who do we have here? Back again today, Shao?
Shao: How are you feeling?
Elderly Man: I'm doing just fine. My knee doesn't hurt at all.
Shao: Happy to hear it. Looks like you're taking your medicine as instructed.
Young Woman: Yes. Father's all like, "Shao said this" and "Shao said that."
Young Woman: Teehee, he's finally taking things seriously.
Elderly Man: That's because Shao's medicine works wonders on me.
Shao: Hahaha. Medicine can only do so much. Your desire to get better is just as potent.
Shao: When you feel up to it, I'd like you to get up and carefully give your body a good stretch. Being stationary isn't good for you.
Elderly Man: You don't say! So I'll be healthy enough to go outside again?
Shao: Of course. It won't be long now, so stick to the plan.
Lyria: I think you made his day! He looked so happy.
Shao: He has a caring family, which creates a worry-free environment.
Shao: I can't tell you how happy I am when a patient and their family members can laugh in good spirits.
Vyrn: Oh?
The crew exchange glances, then look at Shao.
Shao: What is it? Is there something on my face?
Vyrn: No, it's just not something we hear you saying every day.
Shao: Aw, but I'm a happy-go-lucky healer! I'm always like this.
Shao chuckles, a hint of melancholy in his voice.

A Future from the Mire

Shao examines the mafia substance and discovers it's the same as the one that afflicted symptoms on his sister. Meanwhile (Captain) and company run into a suspicious man selling medicine in town; Shao tells the crew to prepare to leave the island while he goes to confront the man.

Shao: Okay...
Shao is alone in his room, digging around in the bottom of his medicine chest.
Shao: Here it is.
He pulls out a small vial from a hidden compartment.
Shao: The substance from the mafia... It's a perfect match with this sample.
Holding the two bottles side by side, he gives a half-hearted sigh.
Shao: Finally...
Shao: I'm finally on the trail, so why isn't my heart into it?
His voice is full of self-derision. A knock at the door forces him to hastily stash the vial back in the medicine chest.
Shao: Come in.
Lyria: Hi, Shao...
Shao: What can I do for you?
Vyrn: We were doing some shopping in town, when...
Young Woman: Oh, it's the skyfarers!
Lyria: Hm? We saw you at the elderly man's house.
The woman who hails the crew is the same one they saw earlier at the elderly patient's house.
Young Woman: Heehee, thank you for your services yesterday.
Lyria: You're welcome. Is your grandfather doing well?
Young Woman: Yes. He gets some swelling in the morning on account of the chill, but he's just fine by the time the sun is high and bright.
As the conversation continues, a man's voice cuts in.
Suspicious Man: Psst. You there. Wanna hear something good?
Lyria: Eh?
Suspicious Man: Overheard ya talking about your gramps. I got some good meds if you want them.
Vyrn: Where'd you come from...
Suspicious Man: Look, check this out.
The suspicious man forces a glass bottle into the woman's hands.
Young Woman: Um, what's this?
Suspicious Man: I'll have you know it's my last one! That's some really valuable medicine.
Young Woman: Th-thank you... This is all I can afford to pay you though...
Suspicious Man: Tch... That's it? Oh well, I'll give you the discount!
The man practically spits the words out as he counts the money, then nervously scurries off.
Lyria: Something felt really wrong about that, so we kept the medicine for her.
Shao: I see.
Shao takes the bottle from (Captain) and studies its contents carefully.
Shao: ...
Shao: I'll handle this.
Vyrn: That's really dangerous stuff, isn't it?
Shao: Definitely. It's a good thing you brought it to me. You made the right call.
Without elaborating further, Shao stores the bottle, straps on his medicine chest, and heads for the door.
Lyria: O-oh, are you going somewhere?
Shao: Yes, just for a little while.
Vyrn: Wait, are you feeling okay? You're not gonna do anything rash, are you?
Shao: ...
Shao: Nah, everything's fine on my end.
Shao: But something sinister is stirring in this town, and it'd be a good idea to get ready to leave.
  1. Got it.
  2. Why?

Choose: Got it.
Shao: Thanks for catching my drift, (Captain).

Choose: Why?
Shao: Because the mafia from yesterday are involved. It's best not to overstay our welcome.
Vyrn: Yeah, I got a bad feeling about this.
Continue 1
Lyria: What are you going to do, Shao?
Shao: I'm going to go take care of some unfinished business.
Vyrn: Okay! While you're doing your stuff, we'll get the ship ready to leave!
Shao: ...
Lyria: Be careful out there!
Shao: Thanks.
Suspicious Man: Huff, huff... It's already getting dark.
Shao: Excuse me. This might seem out of the blue, but...
Suspicious Man: What is it?
Shao: You wouldn't happen to know anything about this, would you?
Shao waves the bottle he got from (Captain) in front of the bewildered man.
Suspicious Man: What the! Why do you—
Shao: So it was you.
Suspicious Man: Damn! You a bounty hunter or something? Well, you ain't takin' me in!

A Future from the Mire: Scene 2

The man selling medicine in town turns out to be the culprit who gave Shao's sister the fatal substance. Shao gives the man a taste of his own medicine, subjecting him to the same pain felt by his sister, and then ends the man's life. Although Shao is reluctant to continue flying with the crew, Lyria believes that his brand of medicine saves people physically and spiritually. With a smile of mixed emotions, Shao finally boards the airship again.

Suspicious Man: What is... The hell'ja do to me!
Shao: Just a little something to keep you from moving. Don't worry, it's nontoxic.
Shao: I can't risk having you run off in the middle of our talk. Call it insurance.
Suspicious Man: Are you with the family?
Shao: Goodness, no. I work alone.
Suspicious Man: What! Then what problem do you got with me?
Shao: ...
Shao: When I spoke with the mafia guy earlier, I felt something was off.
Shao: He insisted on avoiding the topic of where the substance came from—even to a good, upstanding citizen like me.
Shao: That's no smoking gun, of course, but it points to internal strife, doesn't it?
Suspicious Man: ...
Shao: After some internal conflict, you hooked your family on illegal substances. Then you got away without facing the consequences. I can't think of anything more shameful for a crime syndicate.
Shao: Although I for one couldn't care less about your squabbles.
Suspicious Man: Tch. Then why'd you stick your nose in this?
Shao: I'm getting to that. Settle down and let me finish.
Suspicious Man: You piece of...
Shao: When I took a closer look at the afflicted, I found their symptoms had become too advanced to treat.
Shao: Isn't that right?
Suspicious Man: Hell if I know.
Suspicious Man: All I care about is how long it takes for them to bite the dust and how to exploit it.
Shao: Phew... I was hoping you'd say that.
Suspicious Man: Huh?
Shao: I never intended to take this job seriously from the beginning.
Shao: I'm not unsympathetic toward them, but those addicts basically brought it on themselves.
Suspicious Man: Then what's the problem? If you got nothing to do with it, mind your own business!
Shao: Except I've been looking for you for a long time.
Shao produces a different vial.
Suspicious Man: Wh-what's that?
Shao: I don't owe an explanation to you, especially not one that's personal.
Suspicious Man: Wait!
Shao: Feels bad, doesn't it? Not being able to move no matter how hard you struggle?
Suspicious Man: Stop!
Shao draws some of the contents from the vial and administers it to the man.
Suspicious Man: No...
Shao: I believe this dose should be enough to take immediate effect.
Shao coldly stares down at the stricken man lying helpless on the ground.
Suspicious Man: Aaagh... Aauu...
Shao: How is it? Honestly I'm not too knowledgeable about the effects, but...
Shao: Do you feel anything in your limbs? How's your hearing? Your sense of touch?
Shao: Does your body feel hot or cold?
Shao: Or perhaps it feels as if your entire body is crawling with insects?
Suspicious Man: Aaaiee! Gaah!
Shao: Hello? Can you hear me?
Shao: I'm barely whispering, yet it must feel like someone pounding on your eardrums.
In between violent convulsions and belabored breaths, the man struggles to glare at Shao.
Suspicious Man: This... This is about revenge, isn't it?
Shao: ...
Shao: Still holding onto your sanity, huh? It must hurt. That's bad luck for you.
Suspicious Man: Wheeze... You can tell yourself what you want to hear... You and I are the same... We're both villains.
Shao: I'm way ahead of you.
Shao: I've been this way ever since that day.
Shao: Good night, Sister. Sweet dreams.
Shao: I know for a fact just how far away I am from being a decent person.
Suspicious Man: Ngh... I-I...
Shao: Can you still hear me? Then I'll say one last thing.
Shao kneels down next to the man, posing as if to offer a repenting prayer.
Shao: At first I had intended to cast off my obsession for revenge.
Shao: That doesn't mean I planned on forgiving you though. That would just be absurd.
Shao: Ironically the drive for revenge allowed me to discover that the world is brimming with beauty.
Shao: However...
Shao: Leaving you alone would only spawn more tragedy, and that would be irresponsible of me.
Shao: I don't pretend to be a friend of justice. I don't care if I'm a criminal.
Shao: But I wouldn't want these five years of pain to go to waste.
Suspicious Man: ...
Shao puts a phial up to the man's lips and carefully tilts it.
Shao: That about sums it up. Farewell.
Vyrn: All right! We are ready to roll on outta here!
Lyria: Yeah! Just as soon as Shao gets back.
Shao: ...
Lyria: Ah! Shao!
Vyrn: You're just in time! We're ready for takeoff!
Shao: You're still here.
Vyrn: That's no way to say hello. Of course we waited for you.
Shao: Yeah. Because that's just the kind of people you are.
  1. Welcome home, Shao.

Choose: Welcome home, Shao.
Shao: ...
Shao's Sister: Heehee. Welcome home, Shao.
Shao: ...
Lyria: Um, Shao?
Shao seems to be at a loss. He makes no attempt to come aboard.
Lyria: Um...
(Captain) extends a hand toward Shao.
Shao: You guys are really something...
(Captain)'s hand goes unshaken.
Lyria: Shao!
Lyria senses that something is wrong and attempts to appeal to the healer.
Lyria: I still haven't turned in that homework assignment I got from you.
Shao: Oh yeah. It's overdue.
Lyria: You once said that there's a thin line between poison and medicine.
Lyria: When you cure people of their sickness, you use medicine.
Lyria: But when you end someone's life because they can't be cured, it's poison. But I don't see it that way.
Lyria: When I thought about it, I realized there are two types of medicine—the kind that heals illness, but also the kind that saves the soul.
Lyria: Those are the two ways that I think you help people.
Shao: Then you agree with me taking the lives of those that can't be cured?
Lyria: Well... I still don't have an answer for that. It's sad whenever anyone dies...
Vyrn: Yeah, just like a few days ago...
Son: Sob... Mother... Why...
Shao: ...
Son: Answer me! Was my mother's sickness absolutely incurable?
Son: You don't get it. You don't understand what it's like for someone who's forced to say goodbye!
Lyria: Yes. It's hard to forget what he said.
Lyria: But there are other people, like the elderly woman you treated, who are able to smile because their minds are at ease.
Vyrn: Yep, I agree with Lyria.
Shao: You think I'm saving their souls?
Shao: (You have no idea what I've done...)
Shao: (I wasn't thinking about saving his soul at all.)
Shao: Well—
Once again (Captain) thrusts a hand out to Shao.
Shao: (Captain)?
But this time (Captain) takes initiative and grabs Shao's hand.
Shao: My, my.
Shao: ...
After being pulled up onto the deck by (Captain), Shao reconsiders what has been said.
Shao: Medicine that can soothe the soul.
Lyria: I don't think I answered the homework question perfectly, but...
Shao: Nah. To tell you the truth, I don't know what the correct answer is either.
Shao: The important thing is to keep searching for a suitable one.
Lyria: Hehe, that's true! Let's all put our heads together!
Vyrn: Okay! All aboard! I'll go let Rackam know what's up!
Shao: Sheesh, I've never met a pushier bunch.
A quick laugh later, and Shao's usual carefree expression returns.
However, (Captain) senses something different in Shao this time around, something like a dull pain.
Although Shao's history remains unknown to the crew, they have caught a glimpse of the healer's true self.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あんまり気負うと怪我しますよ? Don't hurt yourself getting all worked up!
手加減するのって面倒なんですよねぇ I find it hard to hold back...
僕の薬は、別に万能ではないんですよ Don't go thinking I've got a cure-all remedy.
手ごたえがなくて退屈ですねぇ It's much more fun when beasts bite back!
この新しい薬、実験していいですか? Mind if I test a new remedy?
さあ、さっさと終わらせましょう Now, let's end this already.
ただの薬師に負けて恥ずかしくないんですか? Don't you feel silly losing to a simple healer?
(主人公)さん達でも薬代はいただきますよ? You've a fine crew, but I'll still bill you, (Captain).
(主人公)さん、怪我してませんか? (Captain), are you hurt?
(主人公)さんは無茶ばかりで困ります It troubles me you're so reckless, (Captain).