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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Captain, happy birthday!
I'm so glad to be here with you today!
Here, I'll even teach you a special magic spell!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy to celebrate your birthday, (Captain). You're my beloved student after all!
Well then, let's get this party started.
Hehe, surprised? Everyone's been making preparations just for today!
Even Vyr—
Oh, I'm not supposed to say. Teehee, let's sing the song, everyone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Today's birthday party was a blast too!
You're always so optimistic, (Captain), but...
I'm certain the experience you've been accumulating each year has done wonders for you.
The growth everyone sees in you is what allows us to rejoice on your birthday.
Your incessant positivity and willingness to take on any challenge make us all proud to call you captain.
As your teacher, it would be my greatest joy to learn more about the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today.
Won't you tell me more?


Happy birthday, (Captain). How many times have we celebrated this day together?
Thank you for letting me be a part of your travels for so long.
Watching you and Vyrn grow and change is such a wonderful treat...
I hope we can further our pursuit of knowledge together.
And I hope that when you help someone, the time you have spent learning with me will come in handy...
Truly... Happy birthday to you, (Captain). And many more...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
You've grown quite a lot since the day we first met, I must say.
Time certainly flies. Now you're the one teaching me about a lot of things...
I need to keep learning more so I can keep up with you.
You still have a long journey ahead of you as you continue to grow and walk different paths in your life...
Hehe. I look forward to seeing what kind of person you'll grow up to be.
Once again, happy birthday. I pray that it will be a most fruitful year for you.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Vyrn, (Captain), let's make this year the best we can!
It's time for the first lesson of the year!


Happy New Year.
(Captain), don't forget to wash your hands and gargle regularly.
Studying will be so much harder if you catch a cold.
Even Vyrn is doing it, you know.
Haha. Well, that's enough lecturing for today. It's going to be another wonderful year of studying, (Captain)!


Listen to this, (Captain)!
I've finally been able to catch a glimpse of Vyrn releasing magic from a staff...
In my dreams at least. Haha... Brings me to tears though.
To make this dream a reality, we need to study hard this year too!
That goes for you too, (Captain).


Sniffle... Because of the snow machine I made that went haywire during my special class, I got sick...
Although I'm used to the cold, that was a bit too much... If I worried you, I apologize...
But... Hehe... Vyrn is taking care of me. He brings me warm tea...
Achoo! I feel kind of special...


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Vyrn!
Have the both of you decided on your goals for this year yet?
Oh, you're still thinking about it? That's unusual.
Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to take a good look at yourself.
It's important to reflect on your journey thus far, and respond to any questions or concerns you have within yourself in order to take the next step.
Well then, here's a task for you, (Captain)!
Your task is to decide on a goal for yourself for the following year.
Hehe. You have plenty of time, so don't rush and think about it carefully!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Here's some chocolate for all your hard work, (Captain)!
Now, do you know where Vyrn is? I figured he'd prefer apples over chocolate, so I have a whole crate here just for him!


Happy Valentine's!
Hehe, you and Vyrn are always studying so hard, (Captain)!
Surely all that hard work is giving you a craving for some sweets?
So here it is: my gift to you two!
The strawberry ones are for (Captain), and the apple ones are for Vyrn.
No fighting over the chocolates now!


Today's Valentine's Day!
This here's for you and Vyrn's hard work all the time, (Captain)!
Chocolate shaved ice!
Hehe, I made sure to put apple syrup in yours too, Vyrn!
I really put my heart into this, so I imagine it must taste fabulous!
I know it's rather cold today, but I can heat these up for us to enjoy in my room!


I add the chopped chocolate to some warm milk...
Spread the cinnamon and make my meringue snow man float on top! Voila!
Hehe. Since Vyrn was kind enough to make me tea when I was sick, I've made him my special hot chocolate!
There's some for you too, (Captain)! Let's drink it together.
Hehe... This puts me at ease. Who doesn't love a warm drink.


Happy Valentine's Day!
Hehe, isn't it amazing? I prepared a chocolate fondue this year!
There are marshmallows, cookies, fruit... I made sure to include apples for Vyrn, of course.
Now everyone can have fun and enjoy Valentine's Day together!
Well then, let's get started! There's plenty to go around, so don't hold back and dig in!
Hehe, I'm glad to see you so excited about it. It was definitely worth the effort!

Chocolate Shaved Ice square.jpg Chocolate Shaved Ice
4th year: Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate
5th year: Chocolate Fondue square.jpg Chocolate Fondue

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh my! These are for me, Captain? For White Day? Heheh, thank you!
Teehee, Vyrn gave me some sweets too! He was adorable, being all nervous and fidgety.


Happy White Day!
You're wondering why I'm so happy? Teehee, Vyrn gave me some chocolates!
He turned bright red as he thanked me when handing them over!
I know I can be a bit strict sometimes, but to know that Vyrn can see past it all makes me so happy!
Hm? You have chocolates for me too, (Captain)?
Haha, thanks!


Vyrn gave me chocolates this year too!
He seemed kind of bashful but was also really proud when he handed over the handmade chocolate.
The ones this year were snowman-shaped!
To see him taking on new challenges like this every year makes me proud to be his teacher!
Hm? You have chocolates for me too, (Captain)? Oh, more snowman-shaped chocolates!
What a coincidence, eh... How nice to see you two always getting along so well!


Oh! This cup is lovely! (Captain), did you make it?
And Vyrn helped? This cup connects all three of us? Wonderful...
Oh, so you got the idea from the fact that I drank so much tea while I was sick?
Hehe... You really are attentive to detail. I'll treasure this forever and ever.
Thank you, (Captain).


Wow, what a delicious-looking omelet! Did you and Vyrn make this, (Captain)?
You even drew my picture on it with ketchup! Hehe, it looks great.
I'll dig right in then. It'd be a waste if it grew cold before I could give it a taste.
Nom nom... Mmm, it's so soft and mellow. The both of you must have put a lot of effort into making this.
I'm so touched, it's hard to put it into words...
Thank you, Vyrn, (Captain). This is the best omelet I've ever had.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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There's a festival on Halloween, right?
In that case, lessons are officially canceled! Let's go have some fun!


Happy Halloween!
Okay, class is canceled today because it's a day for celebration!
Haha... You know, I've been thinking of a costume for Vyrn.
We can make cloth out of white cotton wool and then turn Vyrn into a snowman with it!
You think Vyrn might be against the idea? I'm sure it'll look great on him though!


As a teacher I can't give a free pass to mischief-making, but I'll make an exception just for today!
Just don't be a trickster to anyone who gives you treats!
I know Halloween's a day for fun, but you still need some rules in pl—
Urgh, (Captain)!
You're supposed to say "trick or treat" before playing your trick!


Hehehe... Have you seen Vyrn's costume?
He has a wig that's shaped like the Grandcypher on his head. So cute!
Vyrn says he's copying his buddies' hairstyle.
I bet the friends and memories he made at Mysteria Academy are just wonderful.
I'm so happy. When you find people you can study with, it becomes much easier.
Hehe... I'm sure Vyrn found many things to treasure during his time at the academy.


Oh, (Captain)! I see it's become quite the festival this year too... Is that whipped cream on your face?
What's that? People played tricks on you even though you gave them candy?
Oh dear, how terrible!
The rule of Halloween is, of course, trick or treat. Having both is simply against—
Hm? Trick and treat is the new rule?
W-who made that up! How dare they change the rules and make you go through this!
I will most definitely be having a talk with them. Once I've heard what they have to say...
I'll freeze them with my magic and make sure they're punished for their bad behavior!
Now bring them to me, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Surprise! Look at what Santa brought you!
It's the guide I wrote: Basic Magic Even a Troll Could Understand!


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Did you ask Santa for anything?
I asked for my students to feel happy when I get them to open up their textbooks!
I want to show them that, as Vyrn has demonstrated, studying can help you overcome so many obstacles!
Well then, let's have dinner and then get on with the gift exchange!
Of course I have a gift for you too, (Captain)!


Happy holidays! My holiday present is...
A copy of my personal reference: From Sword to Staff!
Haha... Now you and Vyrn will never have to brave the winter cold without a good study guide!
What is it, (Captain)? You want me to give you a lesson using this book right here, right now?
I'd be glad to! Glad to see you so eager to learn all the time, (Captain)!
But that'll have to come after the holiday party! We should treat ourselves to a good time first!


All right, everyone! It's time for this special night's class to begin!
As all of you know, magic has a wide variety of use cases.
For example, fire magic is used as the source of fuel for gearcycles...
Of course my ice magic has equally useful applications!
I can create a machine that releases snow like this! It's beautiful, isn't it?
Hm? Did I use too much energy? Uh-oh... I did this in such a hurry that now I can't stop it...


Happy Holidays! Here's a present from me to you on this holy night!
As she says this, Suframare holds out a beautiful, crystal-like ornament with flecks of ice dancing inside it.
It's a snow globe in which I've trapped my ice magic. Hehe, isn't it cute?
See it, touch it, feel it. Knowledge is something you accumulate through the various experiences you encounter.
Just like the snow inside this globe—see?
Hehe. With that said, we'll learn by observing this snow globe for tonight's special lesson!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Beachside Lesson[edit]

Vyrn worries that the missing Suframare has succumbed to the heat somewhere, but she has devised a magical parasol to keep herself cool. Vyrn hopes to create such things himself one day, and Suframare's magic lessons on Venera Beach begin.

Suframare not in crew

The story of how Suframare came to join the crew begins with a simple, casual remark from Vyrn.
Vyrn: I want a special skill too. Something like being able to use magic...
Suframare: Did somebody say magic? Tell me more!
Vyrn: Whoa! Where'd you come from all of a sudden?
Before the crew, the wandering tutor Suframare appears.
Her lessons are said to enable even those with no prior magical training to grasp the basics of magic in a short time.
But things don't work out quite as planned.
Vyrn: Huh? Nothing happened...
Vyrn is the only one in Suframare's class who has failed to learn magic.
Suframare: I'm left with only one choice: I'll have to accompany you and keep teaching you until you can use magic!
Vyrn: Say what?
Thus Suframare joins (Captain)'s crew as Vyrn's tutor in magic.
Time passes, and the venue for their lessons shifts.
The crew visits Venera Beach in Auguste at Sierokarte's invitation.
The crew is thrilled to be vacationing at such a high-class resort, except for Vyrn, who has a solemn expression.
Vyrn: Hmm...
Katalina: Hm? Vyrn, what's wrong?
Vyrn: Oh... It's just that Suframare has gone off somewhere.
Katalina: Now that you mention it, she hasn't been feeling well since we came to this island.
Vyrn: Yeah... She's from a pretty cold island, so I don't think she handles this heat well. I really hope she's all right.
There's suddenly a loud whistle from the beach, and it's followed by an angry yell.
Suframare: Oh, of all the!
Gruff Voice: What's your problem? You wanna fight?
It sounds like there's trouble on the beach, so the crew runs over.
Vyrn: Hey! Teach, what's going on? Why are you arguing with these fishermen?
Suframare: Well, these young fellows went into the water without limbering up first!
Local Fisherman: So what? We never bother to warm up.
Suframare: Well, I never... How awful! As an educator, I can't stand idly by and watch this!
Suframare: Listen well. If you suddenly submerge yourself in cold water, your body could go into shock!
Local Fisherman: Bah! Fine! If you'll shut up, we'll do it!
Suframare: Excellent! Let's start by stretching out our arms nice and wide.
Suframare: Oh! (Captain) and Vyrn! You two as well please! I'll be watching you all very carefully, so no slacking!
The group begins warming up.
Local Fisherman: Tsk... Is this about right, miss?
Suframare: You got it! Good job!
Local Fisherman: Sheesh... Well, if you're done complainin', we've got work to do!
The fishermen awkwardly walk off. Although they were cursing Suframare, they don't seem entirely unhappy with her praise.
Vyrn: Phew! I'm glad you're okay.
Suframare: Huh? What do you mean?
Vyrn: Well, you're not good with the heat, right? I was worried that you'd collapsed somewhere.
Suframare: Hee-hee... The heat's no problem for me now! Look!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's up with that umbrella?
Suframare: Hee-hee... Isn't it marvelous?
Suframare: Magical power courses through this parasol, giving it the ability to blast out chilled air and make snowflakes fall!
Suframare: I can stay cool no matter how hot it gets as long as I have this!
Vyrn: Huh? So did you make that yourself?
Suframare: That's right, Vyrn! If you put magic to work for you, you can create things as fantastic as this!
Vyrn: That's incredible! Do you really think I could make something like that too?
Suframare: Of course! If you truly understand magic and draw up a plan, then it's a piece of cake!
Vyrn: All right! I'm really fired up now! Can we pick up the pace of our lessons, Teach?
Vyrn: I can't use magic yet, but someday I'll be able to!
  1. Go for it, Vyrn!
  2. Maybe you should call it quits.

Choose: Go for it, Vyrn!
Suframare: Well done, (Captain)! What a good friend you are to cheer Vyrn on like that!
Suframare: Hee-hee... What a wonderful student! A gold star for you, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Grrr... I'm gonna get a gold star too! Just you watch!

Choose: Maybe you should call it quits.
Suframare: Well, I never! What a horrible thing to say, (Captain)!
Suframare: You know better! How many times have I told you never to say such things?
Suframare: Next time you say something like that, I'll set this parasol up over your bed while you're sleeping in it!
Suframare: A night under my parasol will freeze even someone as tough as you to death! You hear me? To death!
Vyrn: Woah... You're as scary as ever when you're angry.
Continue 1
Suframare: Right, let's continue then! To conquer the summer we must first conquer magic! Try to focus, Vyrn!
Vyrn: I will!
Between helping out at the beach house and taking magic lessons, the crew's days at the resort are busier than ever.
But the crew members all seem content with this. And Vyrn and Suframare's magic lessons show no sign of stopping.

The Magic Parasol[edit]

As Suframare and Vyrn practice their staff-waving, a destitute fisherman watches them enviously. He then scatters bait to attract monsters, which Suframare and Vyrn are forced to face.

The crew is enjoying a vacation on Venera Beach, but Vyrn and Suframare have other ideas.
During the breaks between helping out at the beach house, Suframare gives Vyrn lessons on applied magic.
Today's lesson is on properly waving a staff, and the two of them are once again out on the beach.
Suframare: Okay, Vyrn, you need to say the incantation and wave the staff. The key is to do everything smoothly!
Vyrn: All right! Let's do some magic!
But Vyrn's magic fizzles out as feebly as ever, and the staff remains inert.
Vyrn: Hmm... I'm starting to get the feeling that I'm just not cut out for this magic stuff.
Suframare: Don't give up! You're so close to a breakthrough! I can feel it!
Suframare: I really think this is one of those things where, if you keep trying, you'll suddenly get it one day!
Vyrn: Maybe you're right. I'll keep at it!
Suframare: Good! I knew I could count on you to be a go-getter!
Vyrn: Hey! Quit patting my head and show me a little respect!
A depressed-looking man watches the two from the shoreline.
Glum Man: Damn... Even an ugly lizard like that has a nice girl to hang out with.
Glum Man: If only my fish farming business had taken off, I could have been on easy street, having fun like them.
The man lost everything by trying to take advantage of a get-rich-quick scheme.
Vyrn: Hey, Teach!
Suframare: What is it, Vyrn?
Suframare: Eek!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! It's a water gun!
Suframare: Okay, now it's my turn!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! That's cold!
Suframare: Now that's enough! We can have fun after we're done with your lesson!
Suframare: If you don't take this seriously, I'll have to give you double the normal amount of homework!
Vyrn: What? You can't be serious!
Suframare: Hee-hee... Now are you ready to continue with your lesson?
Glum Man: I've had it! If I can't be happy, then no one will!
Suframare: Let's take a break! It's almost time for lunch... Oh?
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong?
Monster: Groar!
Suframare: A monster! What's a monster doing here? This beach is supposed to be safe!
The beachgoers frantically run away from the oncoming monsters.
Suframare: I refuse to stand by and let monsters ruin everyone's vacation!
Suframare: Monsters should pose no problem for the likes of us. Let's show them what we can do, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Okay! Leave it to me!

The Magic Parasol: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the rest of the crew join Suframare and Vyrn in the pitched battle on the beach. Suframare takes a hit that destroys her parasol, but she's determined to finish the battle before the heat overwhelms her.

Vyrn: Ugh! They just keep popping up like weeds!
Suframare: There are so many, it's almost as if someone's calling them here. But why?
Katalina: There's no end to them!
Glum Man: Ha-ha! Come! Gather, my pretties! If it's food you want, I have plenty of it!
Glum Man: Heh-heh. Who would have thought that my failed fish food would end up being so useful?
Though confused by the sudden onslaught of monsters, (Captain) and the others rush to help Suframare and Vyrn take them on.
While the monsters come in great numbers, they're no problem for the combined might of (Captain)'s crew—but perhaps that's why one slips past.
Monster: Groar!
Suframare: Eek!
Lyria: Suframare, are you all right?
Vyrn: Hey, Teach, get up!
Suframare: Owie...
Suframare: No! My parasol!
Suframare's parasol has been broken in the melee, and has thus lost its magical cooling abilities.
Katalina: Oh no! Suframare's parasol is ruined!
Vyrn: Hurry up and get in the shade! Before it's too late!
Suframare hesitates, but then she hears the cries of the tourists and runs right back into the fray.
Suframare: It's okay, Vyrn! Do you think I'll let a little sun stop me?

The Magic Parasol: Scene 3[edit]

When the heat finally causes Suframare to collapse, Vyrn uses his knowledge of magic to repair her parasol and save her. She's amazed by his accomplishment—especially because she couldn't have repaired it herself—and her parasol thus gains a new significance for her.

Suframare: Huff, huff...
The monsters continue to pour forth from the sea. Suframare has managed to continue fighting so far, but she's looking sicker by the second.
Suframare: Ugh...
Vyrn: H-hey! Are you sure you're all right?
Suframare: ...
Finally succumbing to the heat, Suframare falls to her knees.
Katalina: Suframare! We have to cool her off now!
Monster: Groar!
Suframare would probably be fine if the crew could get her into the water, but the horde of monsters makes it impossible to even get close.
Katalina: We need to get these monsters out of the way as quickly as we can!
Suframare: Huff, huff...
(Captain) and the others redouble their efforts against the monsters, spurned on by the ragged way Suframare is breathing.
Vyrn: We can't go on like this forever! Isn't there some other way?
Vyrn: ...!
I know! We can use ice magic!
Katalina: M-magic? You're absolutely right!
Vyrn: Just leave it to me! I can—
Katalina: (Captain), I'm counting on you! I'll hold the monsters back, so you cool her off with magic!
Vyrn: Hey, I can help by—
Lyria: (Captain), quick, before it's too late! Save Suframare!
Vyrn: But I...
The crew isn't actually trying to ignore Vyrn or dismiss his ability to help.
They just choose the best course of action for the situation—and that's exactly why Vyrn's feelings are hurt.
Vyrn: ...
Vyrn's face is expressionless. He did literally everything in his power to help his friends, and no one so much as noticed.
Suframare: Huff... Huff...
Vyrn: It looks like I can't do anything. Even after all your lessons. I'm sorry, Teach.
Suframare: Huff... Huff... Ugh...
Vyrn: Huh? Did you say something?
Suframare: You...
Suframare: You can do it, Vyrn... You can...
Vyrn: ...!
Vyrn: T-Teach!
Vyrn: Just hold on a bit longer! I'll save you!
Katalina: Hold on, Vyrn! We have to think about this rationally!
Vyrn: I can do this! I refuse to waste everything she taught me!
Suframare: You need to say the magic words... and wave the staff...
Vyrn: Here I go! This time I'll do it for sure!
Vyrn brandishes his staff with all his might, but there's not so much as a glimmer of magic.
Vyrn: Why isn't it working!
Suframare: D-don't give up... Try again...
Vyrn: I'll never give up!
But no matter how hard Vyrn tries, the staff refuses to respond to his will.
Vyrn: Grrr...
Glum Man: Ha-ha! That'll teach you, you lowly little lizard! Now your vacation is ruined!
Vyrn: Just shut up!
Vyrn: There must be something I can do!
Vyrn: Ah! I know!
Suframare: Ugh...
Lyria: Ah! Suframare! She's awake!
Vyrn: Hey, Teach! You okay?
Suframare: Vyrn? Was I asleep? What happened?
Vyrn: Huh? You don't remember passing out from the heat?
Suframare: Oh, I think I do... My parasol got broken.
A shadow of resignation passes over Suframare's face as she looks down at her parasol.
Suframare: What? My parasol's been fixed?
Katalina: Yes, Vyrn fixed it. He apparently figured something out that enabled him to do it in no time. It was quite a shock.
Suframare: What? You did this, Vyrn? But how?
Vyrn: Hmm... To tell you the truth, I don't know myself. I guess I picked up a thing or two in our lessons.
Vyrn: Still, I would have rather used my magic to help you.
Suframare: I don't believe it.
Vyrn: Hey, don't tell me you didn't think I could help either.
Suframare: Oh, I didn't mean it like that!
Suframare: I'm just amazed that you managed to fix my parasol!
Suframare: You see, even I don't know how the parasol works!
Vyrn: What? But didn't you make the parasol yourself?
Suframare: Yes, but I never intended to spend much time here, so I didn't bother to record how I did it.
Suframare: I just tinkered until it worked, so I'm not actually sure how it does.
Vyrn: Huh, I guess even people like you get lazy sometimes.
Suframare: That's why I think it's so incredible that you were able to fix it just by looking at it! You must be some kind of genius, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! You're making me blush!
Vyrn: I'm just glad to see you're okay.
Suframare: Thank you, Vyrn. You saved my life.
Suframare: Hee-hee... Since you fixed it, I'll treasure it always.
Vyrn and Suframare continue with their lessons the following day.
Vyrn doesn't quite manage to learn to do magic on Venera Beach, but he learns something far more important: he learns to believe in himself.