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Official Profile

Age 22 Height 175 cm Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly history books), trying out food from various places
Likes New experiences, new things
Dislikes Tense atmospheres, saying goodbye
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Age 22歳 Height 175cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(歴史書)、食べ歩き
Likes 新しいこと、新しいもの
Dislikes 緊迫した空気、別れ
Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Today's your birthday, right (Captain)? Happy birthday!
Hmm... We should really get everybody together to celebrate.
You've helped out Leo, Reinhardtzar, the sovereign, Bai Ze—everybody, really.
The more people you have for a birthday party the more fun it gets, right? I bet it's the same in every skydom!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Your birthday parties are always so much fun.
Crew members keep popping in here to congratulate you on getting another year older... Abel's birthday parties used to be just like this.
I'm sure you'll turn out as great as he was someday, (Captain)—
No, actually, You might already be greater than he ever was!
I'm looking forward to see how far you go, (Captain).


Happy birthday! Glad to be spending another yearly anniversary with you.
I gotta say your birthday parties always live up to the hype!
It's all thanks to everyone in the crew pitching in, which shows how much they love you.
My brother had the same charisma, you know. You wouldn't believe how many people showed up when he sent out invites.
Just imagine the kind of party you'd have it you'd met my brother.
The whole kingdom would've turned out for the biggest, craziest party in all the skies!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
We've been celebrating together like this for a few years now, and that makes me really happy.
To me, it's a reminder of just how long we've been traveling together.
Maybe birthdays are also meant to be celebrations of how long and well you know someone.
Promise you'll continue letting me celebrate with you for many years to come, all right?
Whoops, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. First, there's this year. Happy birthday!
Let's have a great time today! The party's just getting started!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
No matter how much time passes, this never gets old. I love celebrating with you.
How long have we even known each other? We've been through so much together.
You know... Sometimes, I think "what if we never met?" Where would I be then?
What if you never came to Nalhegrande? What if we'd been born in different eras?
I mean, if a single gear in our world had been out of alignment, our paths would've never crossed.
Thinking about it like that, this journey we're on together... it's a miracle.
I hope this miracle never ends.
I don't care how many years go by or how far you travel. I want to be there by your side, celebrating your life.
So let me say it again... Happy birthday, (Captain). Thank you for being a part of this world... a part of my world.
We, uh, we'd better go. The party can't start without you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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I've gotta say, when the year flips over so does my mood!
But it's not like I want to go out of my way to make some impossible resolution.
I think it's important to continue and build upon the stuff you've already got going.
Making new goals is great, but you've got to appreciate the stuff you've already accomplished, you know?
So this year let's take things as they come and relax a little more!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Even though today's really just like any other day, it somehow feels refreshing to know that it's a new year.
Some might feel pressed into changing something about themselves, but I don't see much of a need for that.
At the very least, today's a good day to reflect on the path you've treaded up to this point.
Looking back every now and then helps you ensure that you're headed where you really want to go in life.


Good morning, (Captain). You're quite the early bird today.
Oh, and happy New Year. I hope this one treats you well.
Can you believe it's already been a year? Here's to more joy and prosperity!
Yeah, prosperity... We've come a long way from living in the shadows of the past.
When all you can think about is what happened yesterday, it really opens your eyes.
It's good to work toward the future, but we shouldn't be quick to forget about the important things in our past.
I'm sure there are things that you can't allow yourself to forget, (Captain).
It's not a bad idea to face your past, especially at milestones such as today.


Hrnnngh! Whew...
The first morning of the year sure feels nice. Wouldn't you say, (Captain)?
Hey, I was thinking... Would you like to have a spar with me?
Sorry, that was kind of sudden, wasn't it... I just thought it's about time for me to start moving forward.
It's not like everything has to change just because it's a new year.
But I believe that some things have to change in order for other things to remain the same.
But the question is, what are those things? I was hoping you could help me find the answer to that.
You'll do it?
Thanks so much, (Captain)! Then let's get started!


Morning, (Captain). And happy New Year's!
Feels like we just celebrated a New Year's... And yet here comes another one.
Hey, you remember the sparring match we had last year? It got me thinking...
There's all these things I have to change, things I wish would stay the same, and things I never want to forget...
I've been trying to wade through this torrent of feeling that's been building inside me, looking for the right path...
And in the end, I didn't find any answers but... what I did find was direction.
The thinking, the searching for what's good and right... That's what it is to live.
So I'm done with trying to rush to the finish line. Starting from today, I'm taking it one step at a time.
Here's to opening the page on a new chapter in life! And you know that whatever choices I make, I'll always be there for you, right?
We're in this together, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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A present? For me? Um...
I see...
I guess I should expect presents on a day like today, huh?
It's just, um... No, I won't ask what this is about! Not that I could anyway...
Anyway, thanks... So what's inside? Chocolate, I bet.
Aaand let's see... Haha. Hey, your cheeks didn't just turn red, did they?
Good. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.


Heya, (Captain)... What's going on?
Ah, right, today's Valentine's...
Thanks, (Captain). Chocolate from you always brightens my day.
Huh? I seem awfully tense?
Er, well... This is different from negotiations, you know? Besides, we're talking about you here...
Anyhow, can you keep my embarassment hush-hush from Leona and the others? We can make it our little secret.


What is it, (Captain)? Huh? You have something for me? Who could've guessed!
Er, chocolates? O-oh! Yeah, because it's Valentine's Day.
Haha! Whoops, totally forgot. Thanks, (Captain)! I'm going to—
Wh-what? Wait, you saw Leo giving me chocolates earlier?
Um, yes, that does imply that I pretended to forget it was Valentine's Day... Uh, the thing about that is...
Sigh... Look, don't laugh, okay? There's nothing lamer than looking a nervous wreck.
And since it's you I'm dealing with, then I gotta play it cool.


Um... Is this for me?
Haha! Thanks, (Captain)! This is great!
Phew... To tell the truth, I was kind of worried I wouldn't get anything this year.
Hey, wait! Don't laugh!
Sigh... The more you look forward to something, the more scared you are of being let down...
You don't know the first thing about how I feel...
No, I didn't say anything. Anyways, thanks for the chocolates!


All right, all right, I'm coming... (Captain)?
Did something happen? Why'd you trek all the way to my room?
Is that chocolate for me?
Oh... Oh, right! It's Valentine's!
Thanks, (Captain). You never forget.
Hey... Mind if I ask you something?
I'm, um... I'm not the only one that gets chocolates, am I?
I know you'd do this only for people you trust but...
There's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there, and... I just want you to be careful, okay?
I don't know if you're a lamb or a wolf myself.

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), today's White Day!
And, uh, because of that I've got kind of a strange thing to ask you.
Would you mind spending the day with me?
I've got places to take you, sights to show you, and food to feed you...
There are so many places I want to go with you, (Captain)!
I'll make today your perfect day! Come on, let's go!


(Captain)! Think you can spare some time alone with me?
There's things to see, food to eat, and places to go—stuff that I'd rather do with you.
Every time I think of you, (Captain), all these fun activities we can do together come to mind.
If we can't get to it all today, maybe you can tell me the next time you're free!
I promise to keep you entertained the entire way!


Good morning, (Captain)! I'm here to return the favor for Valentine's Day. Your servant-for-the-day is at your service!
Still sleepy? Hm, it is pretty early I guess...
On the other hand, if I don't take the initiative of taking you out now, someone else might snatch you away.
Sorry, (Captain), but I'm keeping you all to myself today.
I guarantee you won't regret it! We can visit exciting new places or dine at fancy restaurants...
Your wish is my command! I've also got a list of recommendations just in case!
So let's slip away from the ship without anyone noticing!


(Captain), you're not tired, are you?
You must've had a busy day. The whole crew really loves its captain!
Thank you... for agreeing to spend to spend tonight with me.
I promise you won't be disappointed! I spent forever picking out the perfect place.
The food there will blow you away, but more importantly, the atmosphere's just magical.
As soon as I stepped foot through the door, I knew our special dinner had to be there.
I'm going to make tonight unforgettable. I hope you're looking forward to your White Day's gift as much as I am.


Look, (Captain). Isn't it beautiful? You don't need to be on a ship to feel close to the stars.
This is one of my favorite spots. I've always wanted to bring you here, and now that you are... it feels like a dream.
Thanks for spending the day with me. Did I do all right?
Great. It means a lot to hear you say that.
You know, it's funny. These days, no matter where I go, I wish you were there with me.
This place is no exception. First time I looked out over this view, your face came into my mind.
Every time I find something beautiful, something exciting, something magical, I want to share it with you.
Hey, (Captain)... If you don't mind...
Do you think you could spend more time with me... even when it's not a holiday?
I know I'm being possessive, childish, whatever. But I want to be with you.
You only have to come when you feel like it. But I promise, I'll make it worth your while!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Everybody's having so much fun together! Halloween is such a great holiday!
It's also the day when dead people come back to this world...
Well, who knows if that's actually true? I sure don't.
But I've got the feeling my brother is out there somewhere enjoying the day too.


I heard about this last year, but...
Apparently the dead come back to life for Halloween.
If that's true, wouldn't it be better for us to go all out and party hard so that they can have a good time too?
Come to think of it, Abel always loved these sorts of festivities...
That's why I'm gonna celebrate in style today!
So here goes... Trick or treat!
Which will it be, (Captain)? Take your pick!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy Halloween!
You can tell from the general atmosphere of the entire town that it's Halloween season.
Snacking while on a stroll is already great, but the decorations and such really adds another layer of flavor!
Then you see the kids in costumes getting candy and everyone's smiling... Really gives you a feeling of peace, doesn't it?
There's nothing better than basking in the ambiance with a candied apple in your hand.
Well, I think I've said enough about that. So... trick or treat, (Captain)!
Let me have some of that candy you've got there! Here, I'll trade you the ones I bought from the candy cart!


Ah, there you are! Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Ahaha! That's a great costume! It really suits you!
I'm about to head out to town with Reinhardtzar. Why don't you come with us, (Captain)?
I always ask Reinhardtzar to go with me, and he never says yes.
But he finally agreed to join me this year!
To be honest, I wanted to dress him up in a costume too, but he was really resistant to that idea...
Oh well. I got to see you all dressed up, so I'm happy!


(Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Huh? What are those funny-looking things you have? Candy?
For me? Thanks! Now, let's see...
Ow! What was that?
Prank candy? Agh, you got me...
Hey, (Captain). You try these out on anyone else yet?
I mean, if you're going to fool someone, it's got to be Reinhardtzar, right?
If I go, he's bound to suspect something... Come on. It'll be funny.
Reinhardtzar lets his guard down around you. This is our chance to crack his tough-guy act!
Then what are we waiting for? Let's go, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Oh, (Captain)! Great timing!
What kinda food do you like? Anything you don't eat?
We're going to make a feast to celebrate the holidays!
You're from Phantagrande, right? From Zinkenstill, yeah?
Then you should experience a holiday feast Nalhegrande-style!
I'll make the dishes with love, so get ready for a little taste of heaven!


You know, every island I go to, I always get the same story about the holidays and Santa Claus.
And of course, Nalhegrande was no exception.
This can only mean Santa can freely traverse across all the skies.
I find it hard to believe he's able to go between skydoms so easily though... Makes me wonder if he might just be a myth.
Wha? You've actually met him in person, (Captain)?
Tell me more! C'mon, I wanna hear all about it while we munch on holiday chow down there!


Hey, (Captain)! If you're not busy, wanna go shopping with me?
What for? Haven't you checked your calendar? We have to stock up on supplies for tonight's holiday party!
Oh yeah, this is probably a good time to mention this too. A lot of food stalls have set up shop for the holidays.
So why not snack on some treats while we're out buying stuff?
We might as well buy as much as we can carry too! Then the others won't get mad at us for missing out if we bring them all something.
Great! Let's not waste anymore time hanging around here! What do you want to eat? I'm sure we'll find some interesting grub between the two of us!


Hey, (Captain)! There you are. What're you doing?
Decorating for the party? Oh yeah, today is a pretty big day, huh...
I guess you're busy then...
Hm? Oh, it's nothing important.
I was just thinking, it'd be nice if we could take a walk around town together since it's the holy night...
But that was a bit selfish of me, since everyone else is busy with preparations.
Huh? You're going into town later to grab some stuff?
Really now! Would it be all right if I tagged along? You could use some hands, right?
Let's hurry up and finish decorating then! Here, I'll help too!


Hey! It's not as crowded as rumors say. Good thing we left early, right?
I mean, the crew's really grown. We're going to have to buy more this year than any other year.
Yeah... Listen, I really am committed to throwing a great party but...
The truth is, I just wanted to spend more time with you. Alone.
I didn't drag you out early to get the best cake or whatever. I did it so I could have you to myself.
Honestly, I didn't even think you were going to go along with it. So when you said yes, you had me over the moon.
For the holidays at least, I want it to be just the two of us.
Cause, well... It's the season of love.
Today, I'm not going to let anything or anyone come between us.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Cain, Abel, and...

Cain laments his inability to take the plunge to save (Captain). When Reinhardtzar tells him not to flatter himself, Cain recalls fond memories of Abel, stirring him to action. Cain puts on formal wear and gets together with allies to quell the civil disorder in Idelva.

Eyes fixed on his clenched fists, Cain bares his frustration while standing at the periphery of an island overlooking a vast sea of clouds.
Cain: Brother... Captain...
Cain thinks back on a recent, gut-wrenching farewell.
The Golden Knight Alliah hurtles toward the depths of the skies along with the rubble of the Great Wall.
But (Captain) jumps after her and knocks her back to safe ground.
Golden Knight: ...!
Unfortunately, the laws of physics dictate that (Captain) must be pushed in the opposite direction.
Cain: Captain!
Intent on not losing (Captain), Cain gets ready to leap off the edge of Starke Island.
Cain: Agh...
Cain stops in his tracks at the very last moment.
The Grandcypher whizzes by in (Captain)'s direction.
Cain: ...
Cain: (I hesitated... I only had to take one last step in order to give myself for the captain...)
Cain: I've always been like this...
A feeling of helplessness overcomes Cain.
Cain: (Both my brother and captain left me behind...)
Cain shakes his head as if in self-denial.
Cain: No, that's not how it was...
Cain: They didn't forsake me...
Cain: It was me who couldn't follow through with the decision to follow in their footsteps...
Cain: My doubt, hesitation, and fear robbed me of everything...
Cain: Perhaps the utter hopelessness I feel is my punishment...
Cain once again turns his eyes toward the periphery of the island and the endless skies beyond.
Cain: I only had to take this one last step...
Cain: (And I'd be with Abel and everyone in the crew...)
Reinhardtzar: You still here, Cain?
The Idelva general turns around without the slightest change in disposition.
Cain: Oh... It's you.
Reinhardtzar: Heh... You've got disappointment written all over your face.
Cain: No surprise there.
Instead of responding with one of his usual quips, Cain merely continues to look downward.
Cain: Just one more step... Just one more...
Cain: But I always fail to take that final step... And that's why I lost everything.
Reinhardtzar: Everything, you say?
Reinhardtzar stands beside Cain as he mutters the words.
Reinhardtzar: If you really have lost it all, then who's this wise guy I see before me? Heck, who am I?
Reinhardtzar: The legions of people awaiting your return—what exactly are they to you?
Reinhardtzar: I'm not trying to force you to look ahead.
Reinhardtzar: Just remember to keep your pride and your wits about you.
Having said what he came to say, Reinhardtzar walks off.
Cain: ...
???: Stop flattering yourself—
Cain: (Abel too said something to that effect...)
It was but a mere mishap when Cain injured Abel during training.
Abel: Ouch...
Cain: (I couldn't stop apologizing to him at the time.)
Cain: (But then he...)
Abel: Geez... Stop flattering yourself already, Cain.
Abel: A real apology comes from the heart, when you actually feel sorry.
Abel: Flip that logic around, and it means you feel that you could have done something different to avoid the situation.
Abel: Cain, you're not as strong as you think you are. And everyone around you is a lot tougher than you give them credit for.
Abel: So I suggest you stop blaming yourself for every little thing that goes wrong.
Abel: Only reason I got hurt just now was because I wasn't careful enough. It's got nothing to do with you.
Cain: (And how did I respond again?)
Cain: (Hm... It felt like he saw right through me...)
Cain: (It was also a relief to know that someone understood me.)
Abel: It's all right, Cain.
Abel: When it feels like you're cornered and have lost sight of everything, the first thing to do is draw a deep breath.
Abel: Then take a good, hard look around yourself. You'll see that you're not alone.
Cain: ...
Reliving a memory near and dear to him, Cain follows the instructions laid out by his brother.
Cain: Phew...
The golden-brown hue of the magnificent Nalhegrande sky suddenly seems so much grander.
Cain: I've never seen the skies in such a light...
Yet the billowing smoke from Groz Island—the central island of Idelva Kingdom—signals ongoing warfare.
The sight of it stirs Cain to action.
Cain: (There are still things I need to do.)
Filled with newfound resolve, Cain makes his way back to Groz Island.
Back in Luxurios, the capital of Idelva...
Cain is found in a stately room in an estate.
Leona calls out to him from outside the room.
Leona: Are you done changing yet, Cain?
Cain: Yeah...
Cain: Who'd have thought there'd be such a thing in a secret hideout built for evacuation purposes.
Cain looks at himself, clothed in a new military uniform, in awe.
Pholia: Well, you know what they say... It's the clothes that make the man!
Leona: What Cain wore before was standard military issue.
Leona: This here is ceremonial wear... It suits you well, Cain.
Cain: Heh... Didn't know they had such a category.
Bai Ze: Did you not receive instructions on dress code for formal occasions when you first joined the military, Cain?
Cain: Huh? Erm... M-maybe I did...
Bai Ze: Sigh...
Hal: At any rate, I think it looks great on you!
Cain: Heh! Thanks, Hal.
Having slipped into more formal attire, Cain straightens his posture, ready to take on new challenges.
Reinhardtzar, who had been quietly watching the others, speaks out in a pointed tone.
Reinhardtzar: You serious about this?
Cain is firm in his response.
Cain: Absolutely. Let's do what we can for now.
Cain: Someone has to take the reins, or this situation is never going to resolve itself.
Idelva Kingdom suffered an invasion from Rhem Kingdom, which had become nothing more than a puppet for Gilbert to use as he pleased.
After Pholia confessed her sins as sovereign, the kingdom was robbed of its ruler and quickly fell into civil disorder.
Cain: Idelva is fighting amongst itself... It doesn't get any more absurd than that.
Cain: It's on us to finally put an end to this war.
Alliah: Humph. I admire your bravado. But need I remind you that circumstances are looking rather dire?
In the face of Cain's resolve, the Golden Knight Alliah does not hesitate to point out the reality of the situation.
Alliah: It's true that many, inspired by your charisma, have come to fight under you. But their numbers are still much too paltry to be considered a proper army.
Alliah: Even I am not at full strength. And let's not forget that Baragona's still—
Hal: Can't we just... let him rest a while longer?
The life of Scarlet Knight Baragona was also spared in the great battle.
Though it was only temporary, his fusion with the Great Wall placed his body under great stress.
Cain: I know all too well that he's spent his entire life fighting alone for Nalhegrande...
Cain: I'd say it's about time we picked up the slack.
A smirk creeping onto his lips, Cain turns his attention to Alliah.
Cain: Can I take your concern to mean you're willing to help us?
Alliah: Make of it what you will. Come what may, my fate is with the lot of you now.
Pholia: Sigh... She may be my sister, but that doesn't make her any less vexing...
Pholia: Sorry, Cain. She's reached that sensitive age where she'll stop at nothing to conceal her true feelings.
Pholia: You know what I mean... We all go through that stage in our lives at some point.
Alliah: S-sister! Stop talking about me like I'm some sort of child!
Cain: Ahaha...
Alliah: At any rate! I would hardly call our current situation ideal for delivering the kingdom from the chaos that ensues.
Alliah: Are you certain you wish to proceed?
Cain offers an intrepid response.
Cain: Absolutely. We're going through with this.
Cain peeks toward the skies from the window as he continues.
Cain: (Captain) may have fallen to the depths of the skies, but I have no doubt the captain will make it back safely.
Cain: Every one of them will return. I'm sure of it. That's who they are.
Cain: The Crew of Enforcers are also doing what they can to facilitate the eventual return of (Captain)'s crew.
Cain: And just the same, it's our job to make sure we can proudly welcome them with open arms the next time they visit Nalhegrande.
Cain's resolve is evident in his every word and gesture.
Cain: We must quell the flames of war in Idelva before they can spread to Rhem, where things have yet to settle down.
Cain: If we don't contain this now, we'll be seeing a second coming of the Torhid Kingdom's collapse, possibly dragging the entire skydom into another great war.
Cain: The time for us to make a difference for all that we hold dear in Nalhegrande is now.
Cain: We can't afford to lose more than we already have. Prepare yourselves.
All present readily respond with emphatic nods.
And so Cain and the others set out to eradicate the horrors of war that continue to plague the land.

For Those Who Matter

The Idelva Army has been split into cliques that now war among each other. Cain suggests that in order to fully take Idelva back from the True King, they must do it without the use of force. A debate about practicality and ideals ensues. Days later the clique captains gather before Cain and the others.

Cain and the others have gathered in an estate in Luxurios to get their facts straight on Idelva's current situation.
And now the time has come to speak with members of the Crew of Enforcers who have gathered to present their reports.
Cain: Well then, can you give us an update?
Enforcer: Yes sir!
Enforcer: Regarding the whereabouts of that crew...
Enforcer: We've made it a top priority to seek them out—even going beyond the perimeter of Nalhegrande Skydom.
Enforcer: But our efforts up to this point have proven unsuccessful.
Enforcer: Judging from the circumstances in which they were last spotted, however, it's almost certain that they've gone past the minimum altitude needed to maintain buoyancy.
Enforcer: I regret to say that we have no means of searching for them at such a low altitude...
Enforcer: Lecia has taken up the search herself, but I'm afraid we're at an impasse.
Alliah: I see... So it's possible they're...
The Golden Knight Alliah grinds her teeth at her inability to help.
Gran is the Main Character

Alliah: It's my fault... It's all my fault that he's...
Djeeta is the Main Character

Alliah: It's my fault... It's all my fault that she's...
Pholia: Alliah... I wish I could tell you not to worry yourself, but...
Pholia: I suggest you place a little more faith in them. I have every bit of confidence that they are safe.
Alliah: Sister...
Pholia's words offer Alliah peace of mind.
A short while later, Leona is organizing the reports on more domestic matters.
Leona: Idelva was a mess the whole time we were away.
Leona: Each general with a sizable force went off to form their own individual clique.
Leona: Skirmishes have been breaking out between those cliques, but not a single one has come out decisively more powerful than the rest.
Pholia: I guess it's only natural that things have come to this...
Pholia: Idelva started out as a kingdom that would openly accept anyone with strong ambition.
Pholia: Talented and ambitious outsiders, whose options in life were cut off simply due to their birthright or upbringing, came flooding to Idelva.
Pholia: A large number of them ended up in the military.
Pholia: Without a leader figure to keep them in check, they're all clawing at each other's necks like bloodthirsty wolves to rise through the ranks.
Leona: But without a majority clique in place...
Leona: Those skirmishes are only going to keep happening, resulting in nothing but destruction for the common citizenry.
Reinhardtzar grimaces at word of the wretched plight that Idelva has fallen into.
Reinhardtzar: Doesn't matter how we do it, but we need to set things straight before the kingdom collapses.
Reinhardtzar: We also have to consider that those outside our borders may try to take advantage of the situation.
Reinhardtzar: If other armies start getting involved, it won't just be Luxurious that gets burned to the ground. The entire island is at stake here.
Alliah: What do you propose then? Our numbers are fewer than any of the cliques.
Reinhardtzar: True enough, but we've more than a chance at winning a skirmish or two.
Reinhardtzar: Don't forget that we've more than a few elite skyfarers with us.
Reinhardtzar: This'll go down best if we can ambush and take down each clique individually.
Reinhardtzar: If we can increase our numbers by bringing them to our side one at a time—
Cain: No, that won't change anything.
Cain shakes his head at Reinhardtzar's proposal.
Reinhardtzar: Hm?
Cain: Idelva—or rather, Nalhegrande—has already lost too much.
Cain: You've all seen it for yourselves. We shouldn't be doing anything to pour more salt on the wound.
Reinhardtzar: What are you trying to say?
Cain: Think back to how shaken the people of this kingdom were when Gilbert exposed Pholia's past.
Cain: Even in Idelva, there are many who remember the pain of Torhid's collapse.
Cain: The civil disorder we see before us... and the Torhid incident...
Cain: Everything can be traced back to the True King's machinations.
Cain: Our mission now is to regain control of Nalhegrande from the True King once and for all.
Cain: Contributing to the skirmishes isn't going to help that.
Cain: Bringing this conflict to a close without harming anyone...
Cain: That's the only way to recover our skydom if you ask me.
Pholia: ...
Alliah: ...
Leona: ...
The others are unsure how to respond.
Reinhardtzar, however, shoots Cain a grim look.
Reinhardtzar: Now you're just preaching ideals. Anyone can do that.
Reinhardtzar: Brute force is the only way we're gonna put an end to the infighting in the military.
Cain remains undaunted in his response.
Cain: There's no army anymore. It's the people of Idelva that are fighting amongst each other.
Cain: Friends and neighbors, who may have once shared a drink together, now find themselves, sword and spear in hand, fighting against one another.
Cain: If there's one thing we need to keep in mind, it's that.
Cain's response is resolute, reaffirming his commitment.
Cain: And I'd be hard-pressed to believe that everyone is actually hoping for war.
Cain: They've only resorted to fighting because this is the sole solution they see right now. But everyone's hopes and dreams lie beyond that.
Reinhardtzar: Hopes and dreams?
Cain directs his gaze at Reinhardtzar and continues.
Cain: When it comes down to it, I believe that we're all striving toward the same goal in our own ways.
Cain: That's why I choose to trust in the people of Idelva.
Leona interjects with a question.
Leona: So... do you have something in mind?
Cain: Yeah... The odds are definitely not in our favor though.
Pholia: You know, it's often said that the safest gamble is one that yields the greatest probability.
Alliah: As Reinhardtzar has noted, your ideals are admirable, Cain.
Alliah: There would be no greater good than resolving this whole conflict without bringing harm to anyone. However...
Reinhardtzar: Humph... Tell us then. How exactly do you plan on making those ideals a reality?
Cain elaborates on his stratagem.
Cain: That's how it'll go down. Everything depends on this first step. I'm counting on you.
Idelva Soldier: Y-yes sir...
Having explained his plan to the others, Cain has the soldiers who accompanied them relay a message to the various military cliques.
Idelva Soldier: A-are you really sure about this? Would it not be safer to make preparations for battle?
Cain: It'll be fine. Our purpose isn't to fight.
Cain: Our end goal is for all of Idelva to move forward.
"The sovereign Pholia and her followers have an important message for all the proud warriors of Idelva."
Those are the words relayed to every military clique. The leaders gather around Cain's group days later.

For Those Who Matter: Scene 2

With everyone assembled, Pholia announces her resignation as sovereign. Amid the confusion, Cain expresses his desire to turn the nation into a more democratic one. One of the clique captains who was hoping to rise to power lashes out at Cain.

Bai Ze: Shall we proceed, Sovereign?
Pholia: Heh... This might be the last time you get to call me that.
Bai Ze: As long as the people continue to recognize you as sovereign, so will I.
Bai Ze: I chose to follow you upon seeing your qualities as a leader. Moreover, it has always been in my nature as a primal beast to serve my master.
Bai Ze: That is all the reason I need to call you sovereign.
Pholia: Hm... Fair enough. Then you'd better be ready to follow me to wherever this leads, Bai Ze.
Bai Ze: Always, Sovereign.
The captains of each military clique have gathered in wait of Cain and the others.
Cain, Pholia, and Bai Ze are about to greet them.
Cain: ...
Pholia: Is something the matter, Cain? You appear troubled. I suppose even you are not free from worry.
Cain: Well, that's certainly a part of it...
Cain slowly inclines his head toward Pholia and Bai Ze.
Cain: Forgive me, Pholia... For having to rely on you until the very end...
Cain: We could not have gathered the clique captains without using your name.
Cain: I've been wanting to apologize about tha—
Pholia: Gwahaha! You've said enough, Cain!
Pholia lets out a chuckle as if to admonish Cain.
Pholia: I should be the one thanking you for giving me such an opportunity.
Pholia: Now I'll be able to move forward both in name and in deed.
Pholia: I intend on doing everything within my power to atone for my sins... For Nalhegrande.
Pholia: But truth be told, exhaustion has begun to set in even for me.
Pholia: How nice it would be to go on a wayward adventure when this is all over.
Cain is somewhat relieved to hear Pholia let out a grumble.
Cain: As you wish, Pholia...
Pholia: Shall we get going then?
Pholia: Prepare to behold the final actions of the reigning sovereign of Idelva Kingdom.
Pholia, Bai Ze, and Cain make their appearance before the clique captains.
Clique Captain 1: ...
The captains have each brought their own forces with them, some going so far as to order arrows aimed at Cain and the others.
Pholia: I'd like to begin by thanking you all for heeding my call.
Pholia: As you may have already guessed, I wish to discuss the fate of our kingdom.
A sense of panic overtakes the proceedings.
Pholia: Much was left up in the air after Rhem's invasion.
Pholia: But I'd like to take this chance to clear things up.
Pholia takes a deep breath before continuing.
Pholia: I hereby renounce my position as sovereign of Idelva Kingdom.
Pholia: I give this land back to you—the people.
The announcement of the monarch's resignation signals the dawn of a new age.
Unrest stirs among the clique captains, but Cain interrupts.
Cain: So what do you all say we put an end to the fighting already?
Clique Captain 1: You can't be serious...
Cain: Every single one of us is a proud citizen of Idelva.
Cain: Why must we fight each other? Surely no one wishes for things to be this way. Is peace not what we all hope for?
Cain: If you just keep on fighting until one of your cliques is strong enough to overtake the others, imagine the damage that Idelva will suffer.
Cain: Those of us from Torhid should already have it burned into our memories what a disaster that would be.
Just as when Gilbert exposed Pholia's crimes, the soldiers' resolve begins to waver.
Those who lost much in the previous war are especially shaken.
Clique Soldier 1: We'd be seeing a repeat of that...
Clique Soldier 2: With our homes lost, we'd have to rebuild everything from the ground up...
Clique Soldier 3: Look, I get it, okay! I know what you're saying! But how can we just...
Clique Soldier 4: That's right! Our only recourse now is to fight!
Cain: Are you positive about that?
The soldiers refocus their attention on Cain.
Cain: Consider what we're fighting for in the first place.
Cain: Because the sovereign made false promises? Because of the sins she committed to found the kingdom?
Cain: Yet look at how far we've all come together.
Clique Captain 1: True enough, but things are different now. You can't compare the past to the present.
Clique Captain 1: Now that the sovereign's crimes have been laid bare, we have no choice but to forge ahead for the truth.
Cain: And do you mean to say that slaughtering friend and family will lead us to that truth?
Clique Captain 1: Rgh...
Cain: Can we at least agree on how absurd the idea is? There's no way this is the right way to go about it.
The soldiers divert their eyes from Cain as if to deny their sins.
Cain: It's true that the world is filled with deceit. But no one in their right mind would actually think that spreading the flames of war might solve the issue.
Fully confident in his beliefs, Cain resumes his spiel.
Cain: Isn't it time we took back the skies for ourselves?
The weary expressions on the soldiers' faces begin to change.
But their captains look as stern as ever.
Clique Captain 2: Humph... You've never been anything more than a con man.
Clique Captain 2: All that rhetorical flourish doesn't hide the fact that you're just trying to usurp the kingdom for yourself.
Clique Captain 2: I see right through you, Cain... Don't expect us to sit idly by while you dupe us and go on to become the next sovereign!
Cain remains surprisingly calm as he rejects the notion.
Cain: No... That won't happen.
Cain: Idelva doesn't belong to any one person. This is as much your kingdom as it is mine.
Cain: Idelva is what we all collectively make of it!
Clique Captain 2: Humph... Poppycock! Only further conflict and war can spawn from your flowery ideals!
Cain: I thought so too.
Clique Captain 2: Huh?
Cain: No two people think alike. Even if we strive for the same goal, disagreement on how to achieve it will always breed conflict.
Cain's response seems somewhat conciliatory.
Yet he continues in remonstration.
Cain: But must that lead to war? Must we take up arms every time someone disagrees with us and slaughter them?
Clique Captain 2: ...
Cain: I think we all know the answer to that.
Cain: I'm confident that we're all capable of resolving disputes without ever resorting to such means.
Cain remains composed as he speaks to the soldiers gathed before him.
Cain: I suggest we elect representatives based on majority vote. They, in turn, can help us better the kingdom by listening to the masses.
Cain: And if that doesn't work out, we'll just have to come up with something else.
Cain: We decide collectively, and we share equal responsibility when anything goes awry.
Cain: We no longer need a sovereign. It was always the people who should have led Idelva from the start.
Cain: From soldiers to merchants to farmers... Our love for the country unites us all. We will all be equal from now on.
Cain: Let us strive forward together. We will make many mistakes, we will have countless arguments—yet slowly but surely, we will better the country together.
Cain expresses his trust in everyone with a smile as they listen in awe.
Cain: We'll be okay. Our wish to better the country for all is a sentiment shared by every one of us.
Cain: The path may be treacherous, it may be distant—but it is sure to lead us in the right direction.
Cain looks about to find everyone's eyes glimmering with hope.
Clique Soldier 1: Together, eh...
Clique Soldier 2: Our country...
Cain: Or do you believe it better for Idelva to continue existing under a single entity's reign?
Cain: Is there any single person truly deserving and capable of such a feat?
All shake their heads in unison.
Clique Soldier 3: Maybe even I could change the kingdom...
Clique Soldier 4: If my rank didn't matter anymore, then I'd...
Murmurs of excitement begin to fill the air, spreading to even common civilians who happened to be passing by.
Their eyes light up at the possibility of being able to more directly contribute to the betterment of the country.
Clique Captain 3: Cain... I see what you mean now. And I'm with you.
Clique Captain 3: If everyone else will accept your suggestion, I am willing to give up my sword to try running for office.
Clique Captain 2: Humph... This doesn't mean you've earned my trust entirely, but...
Clique Captain 2: If my men can come out of this unscathed, then count me in.
One by one the captains express their approval.
Clique Captain 1: Rgh!
Clique Captain 1: (Screw you, Cain!)
Clique Captain 1: (There won't be any reason to keep my clique going if I've lost my shot at the sovereign's throne!)
Clique Captain 1: (The people will perceive those who attempt to usurp the kingdom for themselves as nothing more than despots...)
Clique Captain 1: (Damn runt didn't even have to beat us in battle. He took away our ability to fight!)
Clique Captain 1: Gah!
However, the captains are not in total agreement.
Realizing how the situation has changed, those filled with ambition quickly grow desperate.
Clique Captain 1: What are you all doing!
Clique Captain 1: That knave is a traitor to the state! Do not let him lead you and this kingdom astray with his vile chicanery!
Clique Soldier 1: B-but...
Clique Captain 1: Let loose those arrows! Finish him off! Lest you wish to see your own heads on the ground!
Clique Soldier 1: Ngh!
An arrow flies toward Cain, directly targeted at his throat.
Reinhardtzar: Tch... To think Cain actually saw this coming... You really gotta hand it to him.
Leona: Considering that us two are the only ones beside him, I'd say he cut it pretty close.
Cain: Thank you, Reinhardtzar, Leo.
The two struck down the arrow from the shadows.
Clique Captain 1: Damn you! No holding back now, everyone! After him!
The clique captain rallies the few troops by his side to battle.
Clique Captain 1: Death to the traitors! Justice is on our side!
Pholia: Justice, you say...
Pholia: A justice that plunders the lives of millions of innocents, and an evil that sheds not a single drop of blood. Is it truly so difficult to determine which is more worthwhile?
Bai Ze: That is something for future generations to decide, Sovereign.
Cain: I figured this'd be something that not everyone would be onboard with.
Cain: But it's time we stopped talking in circles.
Cain: We—no, Idelva—must move on!

For Those Who Matter: Scene 3

Soon after Cain pacifies the clique captain, Anissida and Hailak come in demanding custody of Pholia, Alliah, and Baragona. Cain prepares a masterful explanation—covering every loose end—on why Nalhegrande cannot and will not comply. A battle follows.

Cain: Haaah!
Clique Captain 1: Hngh!
Cain: Had enough yet?
Cain puts the edge of his sword against the clique captain's neck.
Clique Captain 1: You're not going to kill me?
Cain: Of course not. You're a citizen of Idelva just like the rest of us.
Clique Captain 1: ...
The captain takes his eyes off of Cain to survey his surroundings.
His men, having lost the will to fight, have all dropped their weapons.
Clique Captain 1: Fine... You've got me beat...
Cain's expression softens at the acknowledgement.
The captain mocks Cain with a sarcastic remark.
Clique Captain 1: So, Cain... Was this your plan all along? To curry favor by drawing attention to yourself?
Clique Captain 1: To play the role of the hero who saved Idelva?
Cain: Oh, not at all.
Cain: Is that what you were worried about?
Cain: Relax. That's not going to happen.
Clique Captain 1: What?
Cain: I have no intention of running for office.
Cain: I mean, I might try to help out at the start until things settle down...
Cain: But when Idelva is stable enough, I plan on leaving.
Cain: It's something I decided from the outset.
Clique Captain 1: You fool! Did you not see how moved the soldiers were at your every word?
Clique Captain 1: Even if you took no further action, everyone would be quick to promote you to a representative of the country as you are now!
Cain: I have other matters to tend to.
Memories of (Captain) come flashing through Cain's mind.
Cain: I owe everything to Nalhegrande's true hero.
Cain: And that hero's crew is in need of help.
Cain: That's why I'm going to do everything within my power to help them.
Clique Captain 1: The country's true hero? Who could that possibly be?
Clique Captain 1: Wh-what the?
Cain: Those footsteps! Could it be...
The sound of military boots and a relaxed voice reaches Cain's ears.
Anissida: Hey, hey, you have everything in order yet?
Anissida: Oh, as you were, Cain. Easier for us to chat that way.
Cain: Istavion!
Hailak: I'm glad you're working things out here.
Hailak: Your defenses are so sparse that we could have taken Idelva before sundown if we wanted.
Cain remains vigilant against the two Istavion officers who've brought along a large force.
Cain: We're still in talks as you can see. Too busy to be worrying about our defenses.
Cain: If you're not here to invade, then what are you here for?
Cain: Ah! If you're here for sightseeing, you can get a great view from the mountaintop at this time of—
Anissida: Stop playing dumb. You know what we're here for.
Cain: ...
Anissida: So you're giving us the silent treatment now? No problem. We'll do the talking.
Anissida lets out a cough before opening her mouth again.
Anissida: We have come here officially as envoys of Istavion Kingdom of the Oarlyegrande Skydom.
Anissida: By order of the True King of Istavion, we've come with three demands.
Anissida: First: The True King's daughter, Princess Pholia, is to return to Istavion.
Anissida: Second: The True King's other daughter, Princess Alliah, sister to Pholia, is also to return to Istavion.
Anissida: Third: The Scarlet Knight Baragona must return to the True King's command in Istavion.
Anissida: These royal decrees are from the True King himself.
Cain: (So they've finally come...)
Pholia: ...
Anissida: It goes without saying that you have no right to refuse us. I advise handing them over swiftly.
Anissida gauges Cain's reaction before continuing.
Anissida: We'll give you one night to prepare.
Hailak: ...!
Anissida: And we'll meet again here tomorrow. There, simple enough for you?
Anissida: In the case that you are unable to meet our demands...
Anissida: Well, I did say these are royal decrees. I guess you can figure out the rest.
Anissida casually waves goodbye before sauntering off.
Anissida: I hope I didn't interrupt anything too important. But at least now you know we're not to be trifled with.
Anissida: We'd rather not have to burn your kingdom to the ground. I trust you'll make the right decision.
Threat withstanding, the Istavion troops return to their battleship.
Cain's group return to their base of operations.
Alliah: So it's finally come to this...
Cain explains the situation to the other members at the estate.
Alliah: (I knew they'd come for me eventually...)
Hal: Baragona too? Isn't there anything we can do?
Hal: He's bound to be exploited and manipulated into doing the True King's bidding again if he goes back.
Hal: I wish we could just give him some time to rest.
Hal looks toward the room where Baragona sleeps, concern coloring his face.
A wry grin streaks across Pholia's visage as she remarks on Istavion's envoys.
Pholia: It's almost like a curse. We end up getting entangled in their schemes wherever we go.
Pholia: I knew this would catch up with me eventually, but...
Pholia utters her next words in resignation.
Pholia: In more ways than one, everything began with me. It's only fitting that I also be the one to put an end to it all.
Leona: You don't mean...
Pholia: I'll offer myself up as a bargaining chip.
Pholia: They're much more than simple half-wits. If I demonstrate compliance, I'm sure there'll be some leeway to strike a deal.
Hal: But then you would...
Pholia: Sigh... Always the worrywart, Hal...
Hal: This isn't about me!
Pholia: Bound by my bloodline, social status, and body, I've always been a prisoner.
Pholia: It'll be like returning to my little jail cell... I'll just have to learn to accept it.
Pholia: My days spent in Idelva will become but a distant dream—
Taking note of Pholia's heroic yet tragic resolve, Alliah uncrosses her arms and speaks up.
Pholia: Alliah?
Alliah: I will go.
Pholia: ...!
Alliah: You've given up too much already, Sister. Let me bear the burden this time.
Alliah: I have sinned as well. I blindly followed the True King's every whim without trying to understand what was truly at stake.
Alliah: Besides, the True King seems to wish for my return as a "princess."
Alliah: Perhaps he sees that as more valuable than the role I've played as the Golden Knight.
Alliah: Meaning I, too, will more than serve as a bargaining chip.
Pholia: Alliah! But that'd mean...
Alliah: It'll be okay, Sister. I must confront that man as you have.
Alliah: The time for me to do so has simply arrived.
Pholia: Alliah...
Cain questions her resolve.
Cain: Are you sure you're ready to face the True King?
Alliah: If I were ready, I'd have returned with him during the collapse of the Great Wall.
Alliah: Perhaps it is best to surrender to the vicissitudes of fate on this matter.
Cain: ...
Not a single person is able to change Alliah's mind.
Later that night...
Cain: Sovereign, if I may have a word with you...
Pholia: ...?
Cain calls Pholia out for a prompt discussion before she is able to retreat to her quarters.
Meanwhile Anissida and Hailak are gazing at the night sky of Groz Island from the deck of their battleship.
Hailak: Anissida. I don't recall receiving orders about waiting an entire night on them.
Anissida: Of course you don't. The decree mentions nothing about that.
Hailak: ...!
Don't you think you're going too far?
Hailak: Our mission was to retrieve those three for the True King as soon as possible!
Anissida: "As soon as possible," right? I'd say waiting a night to avoid any needless bloodshed falls within that.
Anissida: It takes a few days to get back to Istavion anyway. One night isn't going to much make of a difference.
Hailak: Sigh...
Hailak lets out a heavy sigh before following Anissida's lead, focusing his eyes on Groz Island.
Hailak: At first I thought you had your doubts about this mission.
Anissida: Hm? I wonder about that...
Anissida appears noncommittal as she turns the question to Hailak.
Anissida: What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we should do whatever it takes to at least get Alliah back?
Hailak: Our decisions matter little, just as long as we fulfill our roles.
Though sharp in his response, Hailak appears equally indecisive.
Hailak: Then again, I suppose she's in Idelva right now because she doesn't want to go home yet.
Anissida: Yeah, I kinda figured...
Anissida pouts before letting out a sigh.
Anissida: But a mission's still a mission. This is as far as we can go for her.
Anissida: (The rest is on you, young Idelva General...)
Hopeful that a satisfactory resolution will come to pass, they spend their night at ease.
The next day, Anissida and Hailak head for the meeting place agreed upon the day before.
Reinhardtzar, Leona, and Cain—ushering Alliah—are already present.
Cain: ...
Anissida: Hm, hm... Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't we missing a few people?
Cain: Right. If you'll allow me an explanation.
Cain starts by explaining that the Scarlet Knight Baragona remains unconscious and was unable to come.
Anissida: Well... I guess that's to be expected.
Anissida: Which is why we've made preparations to help Baragona recover. I'll have my troops fetch him later.
Anissida: With that out of the way, is it safe to assume there'll be no issue in handing over all requested personnel?
Alliah: That's—
Cain: An impossibility. We can't give up any of them.
Alliah: Wha...
Alliah makes no attempt to hide her surprise.
Anissida, on the other hand, is rather intrigued.
Anissida: Now this is getting interesting. Have you already forgotten our talk here yesterday?
Cain: No, I remember it well. But just to be clear, we have no intention of warring with Istavion either.
Anissida: And you expect us to just indulge you?
Cain: Hear me out. It's not that we don't wish to comply.
Hailak: We're all ears.
Cain brings up the topic of Scarlet Knight Baragona again.
Cain: In addition to his post as one of the Seven Luminary Knights, Baragona is also a descendant to the once dominant force in Nalhegrande—the royal family of Torhid Kingdom.
Cain: And let's not forget the critical role he played in the entire incident revolving around the Great Wall.
Cain: What I'm saying is Baragona hails from the purest lineage in Nalhegrande, while also being one of its greatest criminals.
Cain: Should it not be Nalhegrande that has the final say on his punishment?
Cain: Furthermore, despite the Great Wall being an artifact of our skydom, we know too little about it.
Cain: Baragona, who lay at the center of the crisis, has a responsibility to explain to us everything he knows about it.
Cain: Once all of this is over with, we will have no qualms handing him over to Istavion.
Anissida: Yet he continues to rest... You're asking that I let him go scot-free?
Cain: Nalhegrande was nearly wiped off the face of the planet.
Cain: Don't you think the people of this skydom have a right to know the truth?
Hailak: You do have a point...
Cain proceeds to the matter of Pholia next.
Pholia, too, played a major role behind the scenes in the downfall of Torhid Kingdom.
Cain proclaims that the Nalhegrande Skydom has every right to judge her before the masses.
Anissida: Heh... Don't expect the same trick to work twice.
Anissida: If Pholia hasn't been brought to trial yet, then we'll take her under our care for the time being.
Anissida: No matter the circumstances, she is Istavion royalty. It is our duty to protect her.
Cain: I'm sorry to say that everything concerning our sovereign, Pholia, is no longer an issue.
Cain: Gilbert has already apprised everyone of Pholia's crimes, and she officially resigned yesterday.
Cain: We will not interfere. Protect her as you wish.
Hailak's expression grows suspicious.
Hailak: How about you get your act together? You say you can't hand her over, yet you promise not to interfere?
Cain: Yes... We've already dealt her the punishment she so justly deserves.
Cain: We stripped her of any authority she had left and conferred upon her a permanent exile from Idelva.
Alliah: Wait, that means...
Hailak: You let Princess Pholia go!
Cain: Hey, stop trying to pin a crime on us now. I said we exiled her.
Cain keeps up the debonair bearing about himself despite Hailak's panic.
Cain: Pholia has been banished. We know nothing of what happened to her after that.
Cain: She could be at Kluger, Bestia, or even Rhem.
Cain: Or she might be traveling all over with Bai Ze.
Hailak: What a load of crap! You damn hack—
Anissida: That's enough, Hailak. Even you have to admit the severity of the punishment.
Anissida: And it's not like they're sheltering her either. All we need to do now is find her.
Cain: Right. And we won't get in the way of that.
Cain: Though I imagine she and Bai Ze won't be captured by the likes of you so easily.
Anissida: Heh... I'll pretend I didn't hear that last bit.
Anissida appears satisfied as she moves the conversation forward.
Anissida: Well, what's the deal with Alliah then?
Alliah: I...
Cain: We can give you Alliah... under one condition.
Anissida: Heh... Tell me more.
Anissida's casual manner allows Cain to remain relaxed.
Cain: It's simple enough... Wouldn't you say it's a parent's job to pick up their child?
Cain: Princess Alliah is a most important guest of Idelva.
Cain: If the True King wishes to have her back, isn't it proper for him to come pick up Alliah himself?
Alliah: ...!
Hailak: Okay, now you're pushing it! No one disrespects the True King like that...
The flabbergasted Hailak serves as a great contrast to the amused Anissida.
Anissida: You've refused all of our demands, yet you have no intention of going to war, you say?
Cain is firm in his response.
Cain: Yes... Understand that we bear no hostility toward Istavion.
Cain: As citizens of Nalhegrande, we simply want to settle things honorably.
Anissida's lips creep into a grin.
Anissida: You're good at this...
Cain: ...?
Anissida: I understand where Idelva's at now.
Anissida: But don't forget we're soldiers too. You're kidding yourself if you think we're just gonna play nice as your messengers.
Anissida: There's no way we're going back without at least trying to do something...
Anissida readies her weapon, and Hailak follows suit.
Anissida: We came here to do a job. And we're gonna need proof that we actually did put in some effort.
Cain: Sigh... I guess it's like this with armies all over.
Leona: Let's not forget you're a soldier yourself, Cain.
Reinhardtzar: Finally, I get to do something. Might as well have skipped all the bull talk if we were gonna end up fighting anyway...
Anissida: A good soldier needs a just cause to do anything.
Anissida: Why don't you play with us for a while... Though you might want be careful not to let your guard down lest you kick the bucket!

For Those Who Matter: Scene 4

Before taking off, Anissida and Hailak drop hints that they'll be delaying their report to Istavion. Aware that they must confront the True King someday, Cain and the others see through Idelva Kingdom's rebirth into a republic before setting off on a new journey.

Anissida: All righty! Let's see you take another vol—
Anissida: Whoopsie, no more rounds...
Anissida pauses for breath and surveys the situation.
Anissida: Whew... What do you say we head back, Hailak?
Hailak: What the! Don't you think you're being a little too casual about this?
Anissida: Look, I'm out of rounds, and we've done enough to say we did our job... Besides, I could really use a drink right about now.
Hailak: As if you even need to even fire that thing to fight them off...
Anissida: Hey, what's that supposed to mean! Cannon fire's my specialty, and you know it!
Hailak: ...!
Reinhardtzar: Geez... I'm losing interest fast. If you're getting outta here, then go already. You've done your fair share.
Anissida: Yep, yep. Get going, we will.
Anissida is rather easygoing as she urges Hailak to help her prepare for departure.
Hailak: Sigh... Don't blame me if this gets us into trouble later.
Anissida: Hm? They do have a point, you know...
Anissida: There's not much we can do about an exiled Princess Pholia who's gone missing.
Anissida: What's more...
Anissida turns to Alliah.
Anissida: You sure you're okay with this?
Alliah: ...
Alliah remains silent but gives a firm nod.
Anissida: See, Hailak? Everything'll be fine.
Hailak: I know what you mean. I just have trouble imagining how we're gonna report this all...
Setting aside the grumbling Hailak, Anissida speaks to Cain next.
Anissida: Before I forget... There's just one last thing I need to ask you.
Cain: Ask away, oh great Istavion Emissary.
Anissida: What would you say is the local specialty of Nalhegrande? I'd prefer something especially fresh.
Leona: Wha... Y-you're looking for souvenirs?
Cain: ...
Cain flits his eyebrows but is quick to respond.
Cain: Local produce that's in season? In that case, well...
Cain: You can catch beautiful clams from Lake Spiegel on Groz Island. They're a real treat, often used as presents.
Cain: Oh no! Problem is they're not in season anymore...
Leona: Hm? If it's clams you need, we have plenty of dried ones...
Reinhardtzar: Nah, that won't work...
Pleased with Cain's reply, Anissida is just as grandiose in her own response.
Anissida: That presents a most serious problem... Tribute made to His Highness must be of the greatest quality, or heads may fly...
Hailak: Wait... Soldiers like us have no reason to present His Highness with—
Hailak: Urgh!
Anissida very blatantly covers Hailak's mouth and continues.
Anissida: It seems we have no choice but to wait until those clams are in season before we can return to Istavion.
Anissida: Our report to the True King will have to be severely delayed, but I suppose there's no helping it.
Anissida purposely mutters loud enough for all to hear, and then leads Hailak and the rest of her soldiers away from the premises.
With everything finally settled, Cain lets out a heavy sigh.
Cain: Wheeew...
Leona: You did good, Cain.
Reinhardtzar: Heh, you always were all talk.
Alliah timidly offers her gratitude to Cain.
Alliah: Thank you... For giving me time to face everything.
Cain: I, on the other hand, have to apologize.
Cain: For tearing you away from your sister even though you'd just reunited after all these years.
Alliah: Did you... not do that for Pholia's sake? She did mention every now and then of her wishes to travel the world.
Cain: Yeah... Even Pholia herself told me not to worry, but...
Cain tries to see past the problem before them.
Cain: Ultimately, all we've done is delay the inevitable.
Cain: The time will come when you must face the True King.
Alliah shows an appreciative smile in response.
Alliah: I'm just happy to have some time to work things out. And it looks like Anissida is willing to help us with that.
Alliah: The True King is still my father at the end of the day. Even if I could run, I'd never see that as the right thing to do.
Cain: Then I can only pray that your eventual confrontation will be a peaceful one.
Cain stretches out his arms as if to psyche himself up for another big task.
Cain: Well then! We still have a ton to sort out... Both inside and outside the kingdom!
Cain: And then we'll be off to find (Captain) and everyone else!
The civil war in Idelva at long last comes to a close.
Some time after, Idelva is officially reborn as a republic.
After seeing this all come to pass, Cain and the others take to the skies in search of (Captain)'s crew.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
面倒事は、さっさと終わらせようぜ Let's hurry up and get this over with.
へぇ……こんな場所があったのか Wow... I never knew a place like this existed.
ちょっとヒラヒラが気になるな…… This outfit's a little fluttery for my tastes...
俺もレオ姉も、ようやく前に進めたんだ Leo and I were finally able to move forward.
今度一緒に出掛けないか?ラインハルザも誘ってさ Let's hang out sometime. We can ask Reinhardtzar if he wants to come along.
っと、いまは目の前に集中しなきゃな Right now we need to focus on the task at hand.
剣の稽古も、割と嫌いじゃないぜ I can't say I mind sword practice.
小さなことから一歩ずつ、な One small step at a time.
(主人公)と一緒だと安心感があるな It's reassuring having you with me, (Captain).
(主人公)怪我しないようにな Don't get yourself hurt out there, (Captain).


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