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Official Profile

Age 25
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Customizing FRIED SHRIMP, reading self help books, writing
Likes FRIED SHRIMP, fried prawns, hard workers
Dislikes Sticking to old-fashioned beliefs, people who overwork themselves
Character Release
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 25歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies エビフライのカスタム、自己啓発本を読む、書く
Likes エビフライ、エヴィフライ、働き者
Dislikes 古臭い固定観念、働きすぎる者
Character Release
Source [1] [2]




  • Taking the first Japanese character from Friday (Summer)'s skills and support skills in order will form "エビフライ" which reads as "ebi fry" which translates into "fried shrimp".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Heh! You look surprised to see me touch down on your deck out of the blue.
When I heard it was your birthday, I hopped onto FRIED SHRIMP and rushed here on the double!
Happy birthday again! You've taken another step toward adulthood.
I'm afraid the older you get, the more you'll find that things don't go your way, or don't seem to make sense.
But with a little care and planning, you can keep your life rich and fulfilling.
I want to make sure that light in your eyes never dulls, (Captain).
Which is why I brought you this book for your birthday!
Friday's Quickstart Guide to a Life of Fulfillment. I know you'll put it to good use!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Here I am again this year!
Hehe, it seems you had a lovely time this past year. It's written all over your face.
It's very encouraging to see people like you living such fulfilling lives every day.
If only everyone in the world could be as energetic as you...
That's what I think to boost my motivation for promoting Premium Friday!
Oh, it seems I tattled for a bit too long. I've brought you a new book as your present this year.
It's part two of my quickstart series: "Friday's Quickstart Guide to Upgrading Your Lifestyle to Premium"! Tell me what you think after you read it, all right?


One morning, (Captain) receives a letter from Friday. The captain cautiously opens the envelope to read its content.
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
So sorry I couldn't be there in person for your birthday this year! But worry not, I've still prepared a fabulous present for you!
You might want to sit down for this one. The very letter you're holding is good for one free entry and meal voucher at Alohas Super Resort!
What a deal, am I right? You have Tiare and Lantana to thank for this one!
So what are you waiting for? Come on over to Alohas for the birthday experience of a lifetime! I'll be waiting!
After reading the letter, (Captain) considers the idea of a destination birthday celebration this year.


(Captain) wakes up bright and early, ready for a day of fun. The captain spots a letter with a shrimp-shaped wax seal that someone has slipped under the door.
"Happy birthday, (Captain)! Another year has gone by where you've grown big and strong."
"For your present this time around, I've decided to throw in an extra bonus on top of the gift certificate to Alohas."
"Special on-site coupons good for half-off of everything in the massage room!"
"Imagine getting 10,000 rupies worth of rubbing and kneading for only 5,000. What a deal."
"Your mind and body deserves a good rubdown to clear out a whole year's worth of toil and stress!"
"From all of us at Alohas, we can't wait to see your lovely face again!"
(Captain) puts down the letter and immediately begins packing, with thoughts of soothing hot springs and massages crowding out anything else.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Let's make this another banner year for Premium Friday!
I just got back from visiting all my friends to wish them a happy New Year. Here, this is for you, (Captain)!
Heh. It's a New Year's card in the shape of my FRIED SHRIMP! Isn't it the cutest?
Doesn't that fried-batter gold just make you drool? I'm pretty proud of that.
I hand painted them all, wishing everyone good fortune in the new year with each brushstroke!
Hm? Feeling peckish at the sight of your delectable-looking greeting card?
Good thing I came prepared with a mountain of real fried prawns! Here, take all you want!


Happy New Year! Let's spend this year doing our best to spread the goodness of Premium Friday to all!
Well then, why don't you try drawing your fortune from this FRIED SHRIMP-shaped box? Come on, don't be shy!
Oh, there's your fortune. Let's see...
Congratulations! It's the best one!
What extraordinary luck right from the start of the year! It's my pleasure to present you with... a complete set of the Premium Life Dice Game!
Feel free to play it during the New Year's holidays. It'll definitely help you understand more about Premium Friday!


Friday: Oh yeah! Now that's a keeper!
Ah, (Captain)! Didn't notice you there. I was just capturing the sunrise with my wisestone!
You've never heard of a wisestone before? Sure you have! You saw it when we first met!
Surprised? This board is the product of an ancient technology which allows it to preserve and display various types of images.
Hehe, now do you remember?
Lots of folks bundle up to visit shrines and festivals, but sometimes you just wanna lounge around at home or sleep off a hangover.
That's why I came up with the Celebrate-at-Home system! It allows you to enjoy picturesque shrines and sunrises without ever stepping foot out the door!
I've got the delivery process all figured out. I just strap the wisestone onto FRIED SHRIMP's head like so...
Friday: And voila! I can capture any image I want!
You can have this picture to commemorate this wonderful day. Big smiles now! A fresh new year looks forward to meeting us!


Happy New Year!
About to head out to the shrines, are we? Then this is the perfect time to give you this!
Heh! Bet you're thinking, "Meh, just another flyer for Alohas." Well, take a gander at the lower right corner!
You'll be surprised to learn that Alohas has installed a fried shrimp shrine on its premises! Doesn't that sound prawesome?
It's not huge by any means, but that doesn't make it any less holy. It was partitioned from a larger prestigious shrine and retains a portion of that divinity.
This compact shrine still provides benefits like blessing households with prosperity, answering prayers, warding off evil, and helping with marriage.
And here's the kicker! Anyone who visits the shrine now will receive a special charm that contains a piece of FRIED SHRIMP's vestments inside!
Now you have even less of a reason not to go!
Let's not waste anymore time! Hop onto the FRIED SHRIMP express line so we can hit the shrine!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, (Captain)! Just the person I wanted to see!
I'm handing out Valentine's Day chocolate to promote Premium Friday!
Heh! I've got milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate... What's your pleasure?
Ah, I thought you'd go for that one! Somehow, I just knew that flavor was you.
I know! Why don't you take some for the rest of your crew?
There's a little card in each box full of ideas for how to get the most out of your Premium Friday!
I'm sure your friends will love them! Here... It's kind of a lot to carry, but you'll make sure they get them, won't you?


Ah, (Captain)! Have you come to help support me on my quest to promote Premium Friday across the land?
Hah, thank you for always having my back. I don't know what I would do without you!
Speaking of, remember how last year we sent out special chocolate to help with the promotion?
I wonder if it worked out. Do you think more people are living the Premium Friday dream?
I see. Then it seems there's still much work to be done.
I'll never give up. Just as in love, you're only rewarded after repeating the process enough times.
Maybe that goes double for creating a new cultural cornerstone of leisure. But it's a mission worth repeating as many time as it takes!
Which reminds me... Here you go! Chocolates for everyone in the crew! Thanks in advance for helping the cause!


One homemade sweet, just for you! Looks great, doesn't it?
I made it with a special sweets-making kit I came up with!
It's got a premade tart crust, so all you have to do is fill it with melted chocolate and garnish it with whatever toppings you want!
The process is so easy, even kids and those hopeless in the kitchen can make something for their loved ones.
It's especially useful for people who are so busy, they'd rather spend their free time at home instead of shopping around for chocolate.
Here, you should give the kit a try!
That's the premium version, complete with chocolate chips shaped like FRIED SHRIMP. Let me know what you think!


Alohas is coming along quite nicely. I think we can start moving on to the next phase.
Have I piqued your interest? Okay, here's what's happening.
Shrimp-based desserts will be joining the menu!
That might sound unappetizing at first, but I think a lot of people will adopt it as comfort food.
I mean, people sell fried ice cream and chocolate-covered bugs. It'd be weird if dessert-style fried shrimp didn't exist.
Heck, I've even heard of world-class restaurants serving candied fish and sugar-coated bird livers! It's time shrimp got more spotlight!
Now, I've been tinkering with a bunch of recipes and made some just for you. Have a taste, and let me know what you think!
Hm... You don't look too thrilled.
You were hoping for chocolate, right? I know, sorry, but the chocolate fried shrimp is still in the middle of development.
On the bright side, I got you store-bought chocolate instead. Plus it comes with a gift certificate that's redeemable for one of my premium lectures!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
4th year: Truffles square.jpg Truffles

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? Is this for me?
Wow, thank you! I knew you were in my corner when it came to promoting Premium Friday!
There are still a lot of critics out there, but support from people like you keeps me going!
Heh. I hope you know how grateful I am to you too, (Captain)!
Well, enough lollygagging! Time to get out there! Here, (Captain). Hold this sign above your head and get ready to shout!
Take Premium Friday into your heart and put the leisure back in your life!
We only go around once, so say goodbye to your workaholic ways and live your life to the fullest!
Don't be shy, (Captain)! Join in! Once more, with feeling!


Friday: Sniffle, sniffle... Uhh...
FRIED SHRIMP: Fry-fryyy...
Friday stands on the side of the road, tears streaming down her face while holding FRIED SHRIMP.
Friday: Oh, (Captain)... Why am I crying you ask? Well, you see...
I was promoting Premium Friday here on this corner, when someone yelled at me to buzz off.
Am I not doing enough to communicate the bliss of this perfect holiday? Oh, the future is so grim...
Huh, White Day treats? For me? Yes, I think these will perk me up...
Oh yeah, I'm feeling better already! I can't accomplish anything when I'm in a slump—I'll just have to smile twice as hard going forward!
Now, let's start our promotion again. Hurry, (Captain), grab that placard and start shouting!


For me? You shouldn't have!
You know what? You deserve this special coupon for observing proper decorum!
Bring this to the indicated store, and you'll be able to get your hands on premium, high quality meat!
I'm helping a project that seeks to stimulate the local economy, you see.
There's been a lot of problems recently with good products not being in high demand, so prices fluctuate a lot and backstock has been building up.
A lot of hardworking people have had no choice but to close up shop—ignored by a society that prizes only its picture perfect surface.
Which is why I came up with these coupons!
People who normally can't afford nice meats can get a taste of it, and then once they're hooked, they'll keep coming back for more!
If meat's not your thing, I've also got coupons for fish! Just let me know which you want!


Aw, is this for me?
Thanks for always lending me your support. You're the wind beneath my FRIED SHRIMP!
The power of a kind word can't be overstated. For example, the gracious feedback from customer surveys have galvanized the staff at Alohas.
I know nice words aren't going to pay the bills or make you rich of course.
But a simple thank-you goes a long way toward healing the soul. It's the little things that amplify one's quality of life!
And on that note, we're running a special White Day course on how to express feelings of gratitude!
We'd be honored to have you as a guest lecturer. Won't you show everyone how it's done?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! What a wonderful costume, (Captain)! You look fantastic!
The whole town is in holiday mode, and everyone's throwing themselves body and soul into enjoying their time off! It does my heart good to see it!
My plans for the day? I'm heading into town to party it up Halloween-style, of course.
Days off are precious—gotta make the most of them!
Oh, I nearly forgot something important. I'm giving out candy prizes today to the people with the best costumes.
That's right. My custom-made FRIED SHRIMP-shaped candy.
Each one comes with a ticket to my Premium Friday lecture tomorrow. Who could turn down a deal like that?


Happy Halloween! You look wonderful in this year's costume too!
I decided to go ahead and incorporate the dress-up culture into my Premium Friday promotions this year!
And with that, here's a FRIED SHRIMP headband for you. Aren't the red ends of it just so cute?
And for a limited time, if you wear this handband and come to my lecture later, you can get a free FRIED SHRIMP cloak to go with it!
It's yellow and extremely fluffy, so you can keep out the cold and dress up like a FRIED SHRIMP. Isn't that fantastic?
I'll be waiting for you at the venue!


The fun just never ends on Halloween! I hope you're experiencing Halloween to its fullest, (Captain).
Hehe... Aloha is closed for Halloween this year, actually.
You see, (Captain), some of our employees haven't been acquainted with the festivities Halloween has to offer just yet.
And if we're to offer the best getaway the skies have to offer, experiencing new ways to have fun is a must!
It's only with a refreshed body and mind that one is able to perform at their best, wouldn't you agree? I have no doubt this experience will lead to new innovations in relaxation!
Of course, it's fully up to our employees to do as they wish on their days off, but it looks like Tiare's getting into the swing of things!
And I won't be outmatched when it comes to having a good time... It's about time I make the rounds myself!
FRIED SHRIMP, blasting off!


Happy Halloween! Glad to see you're having fun on this spooky holiday!
Happy Halloween! Glad to see you're having fun on this spooky holiday!
So the staff at Alohas were handing out flyers for a roving hula parade, which is about to start soon.
Tiare and Lantana came up with the idea. Guess taking time off last year got their creative juices flowing!
And that's why I'm here. I'm letting you borrow this hula girl costume. It goes over your clothes just like an apron!
FRIED SHRIMP and I are going to go get changed now. See you at the parade!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Friday: Oh hello, (Captain)! Hey, would you take a look at this?
I'm writing Santa Claus a letter to let him know all about the wonders of Premium Friday!
He brings such joy to the skies. We should really give some back, don't you think?
And if Santa starts celebrating Premium Friday, I'm sure every kid on his list, and their parents, will get onboard!
Ahh, this'll spread the message for sure! I'm so excited!
All right, I'm off to deliver this letter!
FRIED SHRIMP: Fry-fryyy!


This may be a bit sudden, (Captain), but do you think I could borrow the ship deck tonight?
Actually, I wanted to pass a letter to Santa last year to inform him of the benefits of Premium Friday...
But I just couldn't find him no matter where I flew with my FRIED SHRIMP. My plan ended up being a failure...
That's why, this year, I'm thinking of where he might appear ahead of time and making plans to ambush him there!
Yes. Like this very ship! Since there are so many children in your crew, Santa has to come!
You're asking if I'll be cold waiting out here? Oh dear, are you worried about me?
I'll be fine. I have my piping hot FRIED SHRIMP with me, straight out of the fryer. I don't feel cold at all!
Well then, I'll be starting my preparations, so don't mind me. Have a wonderful holy night, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain), you showed up at a fantastic time!
This town is having a special offer right now! Every guest who stays at a participating inn gets a coupon for a free meal!
See, tourism's slowed to a trickle recently thanks to monsters throwing a tantrum.
Now, you know I frown on overtime, but a society that's willing to work but can't is just plain wrong! So I'm here to fix that!
Come on, (Captain)! It's the holidays! Invite a special someone over, and have a grand old time!
Mm-hm! All the promotion details are laid out in this handy little pamphlet! I promise you're going to wanna give it a gander!


Ah, I see you've zeroed in on the razzling, bedazzling lights that ornament FRIED SHRIMP.
A village chief asked me to add those bells and whistles as part of their village's revitalization project!
The shrimpers love their work, but the village has little else to attract tourists. That kept the chief up at night.
So to spice up the place, I'm doing flybys from time to time to rain down cheerful messages.
Who can resist the enchanting costume and charming tail? No one, that's who!
Well, well! The sight of a crispy, flashing FRIED SHRIMP is bound to make anyone hungry.
Might I recommend this special edition winter holiday shrimp box to appease your growling tummy? Every morsel was caught by the shrimpers here, of course!
It also includes shrimp doria and shrimp cocktail.
Why not buy a bunch for the entire crew!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Friday's Survey

(Captain) and the crew are reunited with Friday on the beaches of Auguste and agree to answer her survey about their vacation plans. Vyrn's offhand remark inspires Friday, and she gives each crew member a fried prawn as thanks.

One fine summer day, a young woman is basking in the sun's rays as the sea waves rock her to and fro.
Friday: The blue sky... The vast ocean...
Friday: And crunchy, juicy fried prawns to satisfy my appetite...
Friday: Ahh, what a perfect day! Don't you think so, FRIED SHRIMP?
Friday is perched on a strange, golden object, which slaps the water happily with its tail when she addresses it.
Friday: Hm?
Friday spots some familiar faces on the beach and leans forward.
Friday: Those are the people I met on New Year's Eve...
Friday: I can't believe my luck, running into them here! Let's go, FRIED SHRIMP!
Lyria: Hehe, I had so much fun building that sandcastle!
Vyrn: Yeah!
Say, (Captain), it's nearly lunchtime. Wanna go grab a bite?
Friday: Hello! Long time no see!
Vyrn: Augh! I remember you, Miss Batter-for-Brains!
Vajra's Ritual Robes outfit not obtained

The crew's first encounter with Friday took place as the Canine Temple guardian was preparing to perform her year-end duties.
Friday: Even with New Year's so fast approaching, you're diligently focused on your work...
Friday: That's why I'd like to propose a groundbreaking new custom!
Friday: It's called...
Premium Friday!
Friday appeared before the crew and launched into an impassioned speech promoting a new tradition.
Everyone, she said, should leave work early at the end of the month, on the evening that a beautiful golden star gleamed in the heavens.
(Captain) and the others said they liked her idea but could think of a few obstacles to implementation. And when they pointed them out...
FRIED SHRIMP: Fffrrryyy!
Friday: This is FRIED SHRIMP: a Fantastically Radical Idea for Ending Drudgery, Saving Human Resources from Infinite Mental Pain.
FRIED SHRIMP will destroy the past that binds you to your antiquated work ethic!
Friday: Come! Abandon your workaholic ways and know the joy of work-life balance!
With the unidentified battered object she named FRIED SHRIMP, Friday unleashed a torrent of flame on the village.
Luckily, the crew and the villagers managed to quell the blaze and end FRIED SHRIMP's rampage.
Friday: Oh, I'm so flattered you remember me! So? Are you all celebrating Premium Friday?
Vyrn: Ugh, are you still yakkin' about that? Do you know what you put Vajra's village through with that flamethrowing stunt?
Friday: You're right... I received a lot of complaints about that... I've seen the error of my ways.
Vyrn: Oh... huh. I didn't expect you to agree so easily.
Friday: Even if you destroy the past that binds you, you need somewhere to live the next day.
Friday: So after the fire, we footed the bill for reconstruction and did our best to help the village get back on its feet.
Friday: My wallet's a little light now, but it takes some outlay to get people to accept new ideas.
Friday: If it'll convince people of the true beauty of Premium Friday, it's a price I'm willing to pay!
Vyrn: Well, as long as you can do it without bothering others, I've got no problem with it.
Friday: Oh! I was having so much fun catching up, I completely forgot the most important thing.
Friday hurries on, ignoring the crew's bewildered expressions.
Friday: I have a request for you. Concerning Premium Friday, of course!
Friday: How you spend your holidays affects how well you work afterward, right?
Friday: So I've been gathering data on how people spend their vacations. I'd love it if you could answer a simple survey for me too!
Vyrn: A survey? You just want us to answer some questions?
Lyria: Ah, sorry... That was my tummy...
Friday: Heh. If you're hungry, then why don't we do this over lunch? My treat!
Lyria: Really? But...
Friday: Not to worry! I can write it off as a business expense!
Friday: Come on, I know a great seaside restaurant!
Friday flashes them a fanged grin, winks, and jogs off ahead.
Vyrn: Hey, wait! We didn't agree to anything yet!
Yeesh, she really doesn't listen to anyone, does she?
Lyria: Still, it sounded like she had something serious to talk about. It can't hurt just to answer a few questions.
Vyrn: I guess you're right. Shall we go see what it's all about?
Friday: Let's get right to it, then! How long are you staying here on vacation?
Vyrn: Well... We had a job and some other stuff to handle, so it should be at least ten days altogether.
Friday: I see, I see. Around... ten... days. Got it.
Friday: Okay, next question. What recreational activities have you done so far, and what do you have planned for today?
Lyria: Well... Before we ran into you, we were making sandcastles, and we have plans to go swimming later.
Friday: Heh, I see. A dip in the ocean does feel best once it's gotten good and hot outside!
Friday: (Yes. Forgetting all about work and really throwing yourself into recreation is the only way to squeeze the most out of a short vacation.)
Friday: (I'm sure that's how workaholics like (Captain)'s crew manage to be this perky.)
Friday interviews the crew, pondering as always how best to spread the concept of Premium Friday.
Friday: That's all my questions! Thank you for your cooperation!
Friday wraps up her survey as (Captain) and the others are finishing their meal.
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad we could help!
Vyrn: Y'know, we've heard clients talking about you here and there. Is your premium whatchamacallit actually catching on?
Friday: Thank you for asking! It certainly is!
Friday: I've gotten letters from people saying Premium Friday has changed their lives, and some people have even started sending me donations.
Friday: I'm putting that money to use in an effort to expand, so even more people will have a chance at fulfillment. Isn't that wonderful?
Lyria: I see... So you want to spread Premium Friday to even more people.
Friday: But it's difficult bringing people around to a whole new way of thinking...
Friday: I've been racking my brain to figure out how best to showcase what this new tradition has to offer.
Lyria: That sounds like an uphill battle... It would be good for people to rethink their approach to work though.
Vyrn: Yeah... We don't always approve of your methods, but it's not like we don't get where you're comin' from.
Vyrn: It might not hurt if people were in the mood to hear you out.
Friday: !
Friday: Yes! That's it!
Friday leaps from her chair and clasps Vyrn's paw.
Vyrn: Whuh? What's with you all of a sudden?
Friday: The world needs a change of mood! That's just what I was thinking!
Friday: Well then! I have plans to make if I'm going to get people to accept Premium Friday into their hearts!
Friday: I need to get more businesses on board with the Premium Friday program, maybe get some airships to sport promotional paint jobs... oh, and a vacation-themed poetry contest is a must...
Friday: Heh, I can see it all now. I'm going to have everyone seeing the world through Premium Friday-tinted glasses!
Friday prattles on excitedly, awash with ideas. FRIED SHRIMP bounces beside her, as if cheering her on.
Lyria: Ahaha... Friday certainly seems to be enjoying herself.
Vyrn: Nnh... Why do I get the feeling I should've kept my mouth shut?
Friday: You're all so young, but you really have your heads on straight! I'm impressed!
Friday: I'm sure we're destined to meet again. Take these to remember me by!
Friday hands a fried prawn to each of the crew members.
Vyrn: Uhhh... Thaaanks... I... don't get why you're this happy with us though...
Vyrn: Wha... This... This is delicious!
Friday promotes her new tradition with all the vim and vigor at her disposal.
How will the trail she blazes across the sky intersect with the crew's? Only time will tell.

Premium Rage

After lunch, Friday and the crew return to the beach, where they meet a pair of fishermen lamenting the recent rash of prawn poaching. Incensed, Friday leaps onto FRIED SHRIMP, zooms after the poachers, and finds the miscreants emptying prawn traps. Two prawns escape the poachers and head straight for Friday.

Friday, (Captain), and the crew finish their lunch and return to the beach. There they find a pair of men who look deeply troubled.
Fisherman Farid: Sigh... Not again. I'm dyin' here.
Fisherman Fabian: Ugh. Same here. Yesterday was a wash too. This is really gonna hurt.
Lyria: Um... What do you suppose is bothering them?
Friday: Oh, are those prawn traps you're holding?
Fisherman Farid: Here's a surprise. Not everyday you meet someone who knows about prawn harvesting.
Friday: Heh. I'm the type who has to know everything about the things she enjoys!
Friday: But the mesh on those traps is all torn. They're no use like that.
Friday: And from the looks of them, that wasn't the work of any nibbling fish. Someone must have ruined your traps deliberately.
Fisherman Farid: Yeah, you're right. It's a serious problem...
The men explain that there's been a recent rash of prawn poaching. The thieves slash open the traps and make off with the prawns inside.
Vyrn: Those goons! What a lousy thing to do!
Lyria: Um, is there any more you can tell us? We'd like to help!
Lyria reveals that they are a skyfaring crew and often handle cases like this one.
Fisherman Farid: Mmh... But they've got a stolen ship powered by Odajumoki dogs. You'll never catch up to them in a regular ship.
Fisherman Fabian: Ugh! The Odajumoki have washed their hands of poaching and gone straight, and now these jokers show up! I'm so sick of this!
Carren (Event) not in crew

The Odajumoki was an organization, comprised mostly of Harvin members, which once held great sway in the frozen lands of North Vast.
When Guzaletha, head of the organization, was defeated, some of the remaining members turned to urkin poaching in Auguste.
They plied their trade aboard a craft known as the Battleship Jenkins, powered by North Huskies.
It had been no easy task for the crew to chase down that lightning-swift battleship. They are quite familiar with the challenge.
Vyrn: I gotcha. So even if you catch 'em in the act, they wind up giving you the slip, huh?
Lyria: Isn't there any way to stop them?
Fisherman Fabian: If only we knew where they were hiding out. This's been going on for ten days, and we're not the only ones who've lost their catches.
Fisherman Farid: Sorry. We really shouldn't be dumping our problems on tourists.
Friday: Oh, not at all! In fact, I'm happy you shared that!
Friday: I think I'll just have to catch those poachers and teach them a lesson!
Friday clenches her fists and sets her jaw, the light of determination burning brighter than ever in her eyes.
Lyria: Whoa... Friday, please calm down.
Friday: Prawns everywhere are in danger! If poachers overfish the area, they could unbalance the whole ecosystem. The prawn population would drop...
Friday: And the marketplace would be devoid of prawns!
Friday: Who could be calm at a time like this!
FRIED SHRIMP: Fffrrryyy!
Fisherman Farid: Hang on, there. Things aren't quite that bad...
Friday: Don't be naive! A calamity like this has to be nipped in the bud!
Friday: We need to go right to the source of the problem. I'm going to go talk to them!
With FRIED SHRIMP in her arms, Friday stalks down the beach toward the water's edge.
Lyria: Huuuh? Friday, are you planning to swim after the poachers?
Vyrn: Didn't you hear these guys say a regular ship can't even catch up to them?
Friday: Alley-oop!
FRIED SHRIMP splashes into the water and Friday leaps atop it. She wobbles to her feet.
Friday: FRIED SHRIMP, engage Splash Mode!
Friday steps on a button on FRIED SHRIMP's back and its tail begins to spin like a propeller.
Friday: I'm coming for you, poachers!
Friday: FRIED SHRIMP, awaaaay!
FRIED SHRIMP: F-f-f-frrryyyy!
Swimming Woman: Yikes! I can't see!
Swimming Child: Augh, what was that!
The golden-battered bot takes off across the waves, spraying water everywhere.
Vyrn: Waugh! That thing is aquatic too?
Fisherman Farid: Hm... At that speed, they might actually catch up to the poachers, but...
Lyria: Wait! Friday! It's dangerous to go alone!
Vyrn: Hey, pops! Fire up your fishing boat! We gotta follow her!
Friday: I see someone! They're the poachers, aren't they!
Well out from the coast, Friday spots the poachers gleefully pulling up traps from the seafloor.
Pete the Poacher: Gyehehe! What a haul, what a haul!
Paul the Poacher: Haha, the traps over here are all full too! And looks like there's even more down there.
Friday: So many prawns... I won't let them get away with this!
Pete the Poacher: Tch! Hey, get back here you!
Prawn: ...!
Two prawns elude the poacher's grasping hands and flee in Friday's direction.
Prawn: !
Friday: Sorry, cuties! I can't let you slow me down!

Premium Rage: Scene 2

Friday defeats the prawns and reaches the poachers. Not only will the poachers not listen to reason, but they reveal they have been working for ten days without breaks. Horrified for both prawns and poachers, Friday attacks and defeats each poacher, then squares up to their boss.

Friday fights off the agitated prawns and catches up with the poachers.
Friday: You there!
Pete the Poacher: Huh? Who're you supposed to be?
Friday: The one who's going to put an end to your poaching. For the sake of this beautiful ocean, and your own happiness!
Paul the Poacher: Whaddya mean, "our happiness"?
Pat the Poacher: What's with this one, riding up on that crazy contraption and spouting nonsense?
Pete the Poacher: Feh! You know what makes us "happy"? Pleasing Big Poppa! Get outta here!
Friday: Wait a minute. Who is this Big Poppa? Your boss?
Pete the Poacher: Shut it! Don't you go worryin' about our boss!
Paul the Poacher: We got a big prawn order to fill, so quit botherin' us! We're busy!
Friday: Busy? Don't tell me you plan to continue pulling up traps?
Paul the Poacher: Yeah, so what! You got a problem?
Friday: You already harvested so many prawns this morning, and you're still at it.
Friday: When do you plan on taking a break? Is there a second shift coming to relieve you?
Pete the Poacher: What are you on about? Why the hell would we bring on a second shift, you idiot?
Paul the Poacher: Yeah, it's just us and Big Poppa. The more of us there are, the smaller the share we get.
Friday: You're doing this with such a small crew?
Fisherman Fabian: If only we knew where they were hiding out. This's been going on for ten days, and we're not the only ones who've lost their catches.
Friday: For ten whole days... I don't believe it...
Friday begins to quiver, her face going pale.
Friday: So during the day you're sailing all over the place emptying traps, then preparing them for sale in the evenings...
Friday: Plus you have to perform boat maintenance, keep accounts, and take care of the dogs who power the ships.
Friday: Oh my Bahamut! That's inhumane! You'll work yourselves to death!
Paul the Poacher: What're you spewing, you meddling twit!
Friday: This is bigger than just prawn poaching...
Friday: I have to save the prawns! And you!
Friday crouches to open a compartment on FRIED SHRIMP's side. She pulls out a gun with a curved tail and long antennae framing the muzzle.
The SHRIMP Spreader: a gun which fires crunchy FRIED SHRIMP bullets of Friday's own design.
Pete the Poacher: That little weasel's packin' heat!
Friday: Say goodbye to your old, workaholic selves! Take this!
Friday fires a volley of piping hot FRIED SHRIMP bullets at the poachers.
Pete the Poacher: Gwah! What are these? Fried prawns?
Pete the Poacher: You burned me, you lunatic! You're fish food!
The furious poachers start their canine engines, sending a wall of water crashing over Friday.
Friday: Aaahh!
Friday finally loses her battle for balance and pitches backward into the sea.
Friday: Bwah... Pant... Pant...
Friday: Why? You can't overwork yourselves like that... Once you ruin your health, it'll be too late...
Friday: What did I do wrong? Why doesn't anyone understand?
Tears brimming in her eyes, Friday smacks her forehead into FRIED SHRIMP's crispy coating.
Paul the Poacher: Hey... D'ya think we were a little too harsh on her?
Pete the Poacher: Geez, she just fell in the water. She'll live.
Friday: No... You can't give up, Friday.
Friday: Opportunity knocks at the darkest hour! An innovator has to meet every challenge that comes!
Friday pulls herself back astride FRIED SHRIMP and smooths back her soaking wet hair.
Friday: Heh... I guess I'll just have to play my trump card!
Seemingly from out of nowhere, Friday produces a custom-made, golden FRIED SHRIMP bullet.
Paul the Poacher: Don't tell me she's planning to shoot at us with that weird bullet.
Pete the Poacher: Pssht. It's just a toy. I've never seen such a stupid looking thing.
The bullet radiates a heavenly brilliance as she loads it into the SHRIMP spreader. She aims it straight into the air and fires.
A dazzling golden light takes its place in the blue afternoon sky, shining like a star.
Pat the Poacher: Hm? Pretty piddly flare...
Friday: ...
Friday: Ahhh... The elation that comes of enjoying your Premium Friday to the fullest! I can feel it pouring into me!
The bullet Friday fired was nothing more than a small, golden flare.
But to the woman dedicated heart and soul to the promotion of Premium Friday, that golden light in the sky represents the sheer joy of fully utilizing one's time off.
Paul the Poacher: Psst. What the heck is Premium Friday? What's she talkin' about?
Pete the Poacher: How the hell would I know?
Friday: Time to strike back! Ready to show them what Premium Friday is all about?
With Friday on its back, FRIED SHRIMP scuds across the waves and leaps like a dolphin into the air.
Friday: Heh!
She sights along the barrel, aiming for the poachers' mouths, and unleashes another hail of steaming hot FRIED SHRIMP.
Pete the Poacher: Mrgh! Munch, munch!
Paul the Poacher: Gyah! Crunch, crunch!
Dancing above the waves on her trusty mount, Friday fires SHRIMP after SHRIMP, bombarding her adversaries' taste buds with flavor and burning their mouths in the process.
Friday: Don't worry! These FRIED SHRIMP bullets are perfectly edible!
Pat the Poacher: Yeeek! She's too strong! I gotta warn Big Poppa!
Friday: Hold it right there!
FRIED SHRIMP's tail begins to rotate. It roars like a speedship engine and sends up a geyser of seawater.
Pat the Poacher: Waah! Cough, cough, cough...
Water rises in FRIED SHRIMP's wake, forming a veritable tidal wave which crashes down on the poachers.
Pat the Poacher: Nooo!
The poachers shake their sodden heads and look up only to see Friday training her weapon on them.
Friday: Taaake thiiiiis!
Pat the Poacher: Yeeeek!
The SHRIMP Spreader unleashes a torrent of SHRIMP bullets. The recoil sends Friday flying cloudward.
Pat the Poacher: Whimper...
So... tasty...
Friday spirals back down and makes a landing on FRIED SHRIMP's back that any gymnast would envy. She smooths back a strand of hair, expression smug.
Friday: Heh! That oughta do it!
???: Hey! Prawn-rider! What'd you do to my boys!
Friday: Big Poppa, I presume? Well, that saves me the trouble of sniffing out your lair!
Friday: Prepare to have the past that binds you buried once and for all! Come on, FRIED SHRIMP!
FRIED SHRIMP: Fry-frrryyy!

Premium Rage: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew catch up to Friday in a fisherman's boat only to find Friday giving a lecture on work-life balance to the eagerly listening poachers. Thanks to her example, the poachers vow to give up their lawless ways, and the threat to the local prawn population is eliminated.

Vyrn: Hey, Pops, are we there yet?
Fisherman Farid: Almost! I think I see someone up ahead.
(Captain) and the others have hopped a ride with the fishermen to catch up to Friday.
Lyria: Ohhh... I hope Friday's all right...
Vyrn: Hey, guys? Do you hear something coming from over there?
(Captain) and Lyria cock their ears in the direction Vyrn indicated. Sure enough, they hear raised voices.
Friday: How do we approach work?
Pete the Poacher: Gyahaha! Everything in moderation!
Friday: And how do we improve quality of life?
Paul the Poacher: Gyehehe! By maintaining work-life balance!
Lyria: That's... Friday's voice, isn't it? I wonder what they're talking about.
Vyrn: Sounds like she's in one piece, at least. Let's go see what's up.
Friday: All right, next question! What do we do on Premium Friday?
Pete the Poacher: Gyahaha! Knock off work early and go home!
Friday: How do you use those extra hours you're not working?
Paul the Poacher: Gyehehe! For family time or personal time!
Friday: How do we treat the sea?
Pat the Poacher: Hahaha! We protect it!
Friday: And that boat you stole?
Big Poppa Poacher: Wahaha! We'll return it, and everything else we've stolen!
Friday: That's right! Very well done!
Friday applauds her new disciples, flashing them a fanged smile of approval.
Vyrn: Hey... Just what's goin' on here, Miss SHRIMP?
Friday: As you can see, I'm delivering a talk on the merits of Premium Friday.
Friday: And these four promised to give up their poaching ways, so the prawns will be safe.
Friday: Heh! I think that should just about take care of everything!
Vyrn: Uh... Sure. That's great...
Fisherman Farid: You've been a great help. We can turn these guys in to the local guard for you.
Big Poppa Poacher: Wahaha! I was pretty surprised to find out you were the one behind the huge demand for prawns around here, Friday!
Big Poppa Poacher: We earned a lotta scratch thanks to you! We owe ya one!
Friday: Heh. You're welcome, but you're not allowed to monopolize the local prawns anymore, all right?
Big Poppa Poacher: You got it! From now on, we'll be dedicated to spreading the good word of Premium Friday and fried prawns all across the skies!
Friday: How wonderful! You can each have another fried prawn as a reward!
Big Poppa Poacher: Wahaha! Thanks, Friday!
The poachers eagerly bolt down their deep-fried rewards.
The glistening flare from the FRIED SHRIMP bullet floats gently to the water's surface. Its golden light sinks beneath the waves, mission accomplished.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
プレミアムフライデー実践している? Making the most of your Premium Friday?
新しい本を書いたの今なら定価の3割引よ! I wrote a new book! Buy now and get 30% off the jacket price!
たった一度の人生を豊かなものに! We only go around once, so live life to the fullest!
明日頑張るために今日はリフレッシュよ! Play hard today so you can work hard tomorrow!
今日も素敵よ、エビフライ! It's another beautiful day, FRIED SHRIMP!
この素晴らしき慣習がもっと広まりますように! Let's spread this new tradition to the four corners of the sky!
あなたの過去を清算してあげる! I'll bury the past that binds you to your workaholic ways!
(主人公)さんはとっても働き者ね! You're such a hard worker, (Captain)!
エヴィフライならいくらでも食べられるわ! Come to the Premium Friday side! We have fried prawns!
(主人公)さんの元気の秘訣は何なのかしら? Where do you get all that energy, (Captain)? What's your secret?


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