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Official Profile

Age 72 Height 245 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Battles of fists
Likes Meat, meat, meat, strong people
Dislikes Rational thinking

Final Uncap

Character Release

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Age 72歳 Height 245cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 真拳勝負
Likes 肉、肉、肉、強いヤツ
Dislikes 合理的な思考

Final Uncap

Character Release

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  • Ghandagoza's 5★ art resembles Akuma's signature pose from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Ghandagoza, along with Threo, is the only known Draph whose horns change color upon reaching 5★.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Many happy returns on this, the day of your birth. You are gradually getting bigger!
Train your body, train your soul, and become the person you want to be!
Once you have accomplished this... The day of your rebirth will come... Your true birthday.
I look forward to that day, but for now, happy mortal birth anniversary.


The day has arrived at last, (Captain)! Happy birthday! Bwa ha ha ha ha!
Oho? What be this now, (Captain)? Why do you pull on my beard?
Gah, you leave me no choice but to let you have your way.
You must be exhausted from your duties as captain.
Very well. Enjoy my beard to your heart's desire. It is yours for the day.
Bwahahahaha! Yet another peculiar present for you this year!


Most joyous of birthdays to you, (Captain)!
I have not much to give, but I do have something for you.
Come, come. Closer. Be not shy.
Rest upon my lap that I may massage your back and relieve you of the weariness of your daily responsibilities.
A tapping massage cures many ails, it is said.
Quickly now, you need not be shy. Simply sit on my lap.
Hmm? Why do you do this? There is nothing to fear!
What! You sense lethal intent emanating from my fists?
Bwahahahaha! My apologies, (Captain)! A bad habit of mine! I do it whenever I make a fist!


(Captain), a thousand congratulations to you!
The opportunity to celebrate with you in this way is the ultimate joy.
Compared to when we first met, your face brims with determination.
(CAptain), I will continue to exercise my power so that you may one day reach Estalucia.
On the glorious day when you do...
Begin studying the Eternal Rage Style as my disciple so that it may continue oooon!
Ah, my apologies... I got overly excited.
Today is your birthday, (Captain). Eugen and I will toast to you together.
Oh, but you are still too young for that, aren't you? We'll have to wait a bit longer.
Gahaha! The day when I can toast with you, (Captain), cannot come soon enough.


Today is the day on which our captain was born. Many happy retuuurns!
Aye... You're coming into your own, all right. Look at that jaw, which grows more set with the passing years! And that musculature, forged by hard training!
Truly! You're the spitting image of greatness, the likes of which the world has never seeeen!
Er... Sorry for going off again... It's just that when I see you growing into a grand captain, I get worked up.
Oh! I almost forgot! I'm supposed to take you to the feast.
What! Is something wrong with me accompanying you?

  • Choose: Yes, if you're going to make me train.
    Gahahaha! No worries there. I'll be sure to hold myself back today, so you can enjoy the festivitieees!
  • Choose: No, I'm ecstatic!
    Nuhahaha! Trying not to hurt the feelings of an old man, eh?

Ah! I've fogotten to say something very important.
(Captain), happy birthdaaay!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A most auspicious new year to you! If you want to become a master of the Eternal Rage Style, listen very carefully.
Think not of the start of the year as a time of rest, but as a time to start training.
Practice and hone yourself each day, and one day you might just be worthy of being my greatest disciple!


(Captain)! You realize it's not the first day of the new year you're observing, correct?
I would forgive you for thinking so...
But, no, what you're really laying eyes upon is an illustrious fighter as he begins a new journey...
A journey to keep his Ghandagozolutions!
And seeing my favored pupil so early in the new year is a sign that I will surely keep them this time.
Bwahaha! So come—let us begin our training immediately!
I don't know what I've been told,
Eternal Rage is my whole soul!
Sound off! One, two!


Captain! A prosperous New Year to you! Prosperitaaay!
Gwahahaha! A most curious greeting indeed.
I recall the days of my training; I once gave that greeting to a martial master I had met in travel.
A fascinating island it was. Every single islander was adept in the ways of the fist. One learned something new at every turn!
Ah! And another fascinating thing!
The islanders would partake of a certain soft, chewy food to celebrate the new year.
It was made from the meat of pigs or fish and wrapped in a skin of thin flour dough. They would then boil it until ready.
How delicious it was! My mouth waters at the thought...
Hmmm. What did they call it...
Go... Gyo... za...
Gwahahaha! The name escapes me.
But no matter! You hunger do you not? Then prepare it for you I shall! I call it...


(Captain), that bell's about to fall from the shelf! Out of the waaaay!
Phew... Artfully evaded, (Captain).
I'm glad you rang in the new year safely.
Hm? You think I knocked the bell down just to make that joke?
Nuhahaha! Are you able to read my mind?
If you are, then you know my next question.
You think it's whether you've made a New Year's resolution yet?
Very good, (Captain). That is precisely correct.
Let us stay true to ourselves this year as in all years. Understood?
(Captain), Ghandagoza is here beside you!
Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yappy New Year!


So. You wish me to pound this mallet into that oojamaflip called mochi... And time my strokes to your beat?
Very well, I hear you! You offer me a battle that sets my soul and fists aflame! Here's ghanda-goes-a nothiiiiiiing!
Hi! Hi! Yaaaaaah!
Hi! Hi! Yaaaaaah!
Whuaaaat? Th-there seems to be something amiss. (Captain)!
This oojamaflip called mochi... The more I beat it down, the higher it stretcheeees!
What's more... It grows stronger and more pleasingly gelantinous with every blow.
Gaaaah! Is that why it is dubbed mochi? Because it has more-chi and more power... Than me!
(Captain), it seems you have bested Ghandagoza, and the last year has only just ghand-away! Nuahahaha!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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The Day of Valentine is once again upon us! Hm? A confectionery treat? For me? Oh, don't mind if I do.
My fists require sustenance and this shall do just nicely! I shall partake this with eternal gratitude!


Hnnng... (Captain), how jovial you seem today. Did something of fortune occur?
Hrm... I see.
Valentine's Day, when the hearts of young adolescents grow restless.
I too remember those days, when I was young and my bride would bestow unto me various confections.
Gahahaha! Indeed my skin was wrought by the woes of chocolate indulgence.
Hm? Do you not wish to hear of my skin's affliction?
Gwahahaha! Fear not, (Captain)! I merely jest!


Nnnaaaargh! Too sweet! Too sweet! Toooo sweeeet!
Too sweet are you and your chocolates!
Of course chocolates are sweet you say?
Gahahaha... A point you do have.
Tis Valentine's this day. One expects the good (Captain) to be busy during this season.
Surprising indeed that you could find the time to give even an old man such as I these chocolates. How sweet of you!
The student has out-sweeted the master...
Chocolate transcendence! Chococension!
My apologies. Mayhap I've gone overboard.
However, I shall not be defeated. I shall return unto you this joy no matter the cost!
Hrraaah! Ganda-gandaaaa-go!


Nuaaah! This unexpected gift of chocolate is the epitome of happiness!
But... Are you sure you're giving it to me at the right time?
Huh? (Captain), what I mean to say is...
Nuhaaah! These are not choco-lates... They're choco-on-tiiiimes!
Phwahaha! Gahaha!
Finally you've come to understand, (Captain).
Your wish to learn from the past masters of comedy is admirable.
We must hasten to practice the way of fists and comedy together!


Hm? Why, what's this, (Captain)? Why are you setting a banana peel in the middle of the corridor?
Choose: You found me.
Gahahaha! Who do you think I am? I am the unrivaled master of the Eternal Rage Style!
Lay out as many peels and traps as you wish. I will never slip! Rather, I will seek out every oooone! Nuhaha!
Oh? Are these chocolates for me? I thank you, (Captain).
Nuhaah! It couldn't be... I found you with a peel... I found you... a peel... I found you appealing! Do you mean to say that this was all one great Valentine's pun!
Gaah! To think I did not catch on right away... Oh, how I have blundeeered!

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! You favor sugary confections, do you not? Take this then.
I've spoken of this before, but nourishment is essential if you wish to attain the fist of the almighty.
Partake of it with gratitude!


Happiest of White Days to you, (Captain)!
You have my thanks for the gift of Valentine's. Today I have come to bestow a gift in return!
With my almighty fists I have wrought forth cookies unlike any other!
For three days and nights, I crushed wheat without rest! With which I forged unrivaled fist-cookies of ultimate flavor!
Behold! Their crunch is greater than that of rock! Their shine more brilliant than a gold brick! I have toiled much in their creation!
Gwahahaha! With the power of fists, anything is possible! Cookies stand not a chance!


(Captain)! An auspicious White Day to youuu!
Gahahaha! (Captain), you would do well to prepare yourself.
In return for your Valentine's chocolates, I have created the ultimate gift!
Nuhahaha. With my own two fists I did forge it!
(Captain), are you familiar with the dessert known as Thunder?
A smooth cream placed in a choux pastry and coated in chocolate be it.
Like a bolt of lightning, the wonderful joy shall fill your mouth, and thus it was named Thunder...
Here, try. Be not shy.
Gahahaha! Tough is it?
For three days and nights I pounded the dough with my fists, thus creating a dough harder than rock!
And the cream within! No matter how hard one tries, one cannot chew through it!
It was no easy task kneading it until it was tougher than even the tendons of animals!
Nuhahaha... With fists, naught is impossible!


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
Thank you for giving me the gifts of chocolate and laughter last month.
This is the day when I pay you back, (Captain).
Here, would you take this?
It's a work of art that I produced through careful cooperation with an artisan confectioner.
It's a lollipop modeled after my fiiiist!
What! You think that this is simply an oversized lump of sugar?
(Captain), you must take a closer look.
See the blood vessels that rise when I clench my fist? The thumb folded perfectly around the neatly angled knuckles?
This is an absolute maaasterwork!
Nnnn... Your face suggests you don't understand.
Well enough. I've heard that art has often been subject to such reception throughout the ages.
May my fist carve out a new path though the world of art!


Today is the day on which we return Valentine's favors and express our deepest gratitude... That most magnificent of festivals, White Daaaaay!
Now, (Captain). I mean to talk to you about the fist-shaped lollipop I presented you last year...
I have heard that you found it to be such a novel work of art you hesitated to eat it and that, even now, it graces the walls of your room.
Your appreciation for art moves me deeply, but that is not how I intended the confection to be uuuused!
And so I thought and thought upon the problem of White Day and confections. Until I finally arrived at an answer. I must turn once more to traditioooon!
Come now, (Captain), hold out your hands! I have here heart-shaped chocolaaaates!
Nuhaah! How could I have made such a blunder!
I made certain to keep the confections on my person. But how could I not have foreseen that the heat of my body would reduce sweets to swamp!
What! You are still willing to accept my gift?
Oh, magnanimous (Captain)! I expected no less from you!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
4th year:
Punch Sucker square.jpg Punch Sucker
5th year:
White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween! Now let's get one thing straight! I'm not putting on some silly outfit!
I'll take on any challenge as my true self!
Besides, a sneak attack on a sleeping enemy is a cowardly tactic! This is not a true strategy!
Huh? Halloween is not a military subterfuge campaign? Are you certain?


It looks like that auspicious day has come again! Happy Halloween!
Hah hah hah... (Captain), I was at a complete loss last year when it came to this bizarre tradition.
But as the greatest brawler in the skies, I'm going to make this year's Halloween the best you've ever had!
It's said that since ancient times, brawlers in the eastern lands have been mimicking the movements of animals to fight effectively.
From the snake, to the turtle, to the bird! Hiss, spurtle, cheep! Rah! These animal techniques are unstoppable!
What? Do you mean to say I have it all wrong?
Argh, I'll never get this Halloween thing...


Ghandagoza: (Captain)! Come at me if you dare!
Trick or treaaat!
(Captain), in the past my unfamiliarity with this peculiar tradition has left me at a disadvantage.
But no more! For I have discovered the secret of this mysterious day. Costumes!
For the moment, however, there is but one costume I have...
Bwahahahaha! Is it not perfect!
Behold, the master albacore agrees!
Albacore: Glub, glub...
Ghandagoza: Glub, glub... Glub, glub...
Ah! A close one that was. Though I may become fish in body, forbid that I also become fish in heart.
Yes. I am Ghandagoza of the way of the fist. In whatever form I may take, I must remember that.
Hotter than the summer! Wider than the sea! Peerless master and founder of the Eternal—
Albacore: Glub, glub...
Ghandagoza: Glub. Glub, glub...
Nooo! I am not Albagozaaa!


Trick or treat!
Last Halloween I dressed as Master Albacore, but that seems to have been inappropriate.
Perhaps I should have disguised myself as a jack-o'-lantern instead.
I cannot follow in the footsteps of others. My fists must carve a new path through the world of costumery.
(Captain), there is something I must ask you.
Would you join me in wearing a costume to make the others laugh?
Would that go against the spirit of the season?
The spirit of the season. Get it?
Spirit... Ghosts... Halloween...
Gweh... I had to explain my joke, didn't I?
How greatly I have faaailed!


Hoho! I see you've got yourself yet another amusing costume. I expect no less from you, (Captain).
Hm? Why haven't I got a costume on, you ask?
Nuhahaha! Actually, I meditated on the problem of costumery for three days and three nights.
Then, all at once, the answer came to me! On Halloween, I would intentionally not wear a costume. Intentionally!
It's like that thing kids say nowadays. "Psyyyche!"
So I too will say "psyche" to the traditions of Halloween. By laying bare this booodyyy!
Come, (Captain)! Show me your most ingenuous pranks! I will meet them with my fists!
This is yet another form of training! Happyyy! Halloweeeeeeen!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Hm? What's all this?
Red socks, red hat, red suit... Surely you jest...
I... I...
I'll never switch over to Holirage Style!


The day has arrived when I, Ghandagoza, scion of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style, roar louder than any other!
Bwahahahaha! With burlap sack in hand, I will bring cheer to children everywhere!
I will become the legendary martial artist of the holiday season! I hereby dub myself...


Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eeeve-ho!
Hrm? (Captain)! What hath happened! A troubled faced thou does have!
What? Me? Playing around?
Bwahahahaha! Not so, not so! Does thou think me an infant? I am the wizened master of the fistial arts!
But it is all well. Now come, join me in training!
Charge! Brace! Punch!
Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eeeeve-ho!
Think not this is child's play ever again!


Theeere! Puuunch!
Punch! Punch! Delicious holiday puuunch!
(Captain), there is no need to look at me so skeptically.
I have no intention of hiding my feelings anymore. I... love....
The holidaaays!
See over there? I brought a tremendous cake to celebrate!
(Captain), you must call in the others.
Their presence would surely be the icing on the caaaake!


Gahahaha! Finally... It is upon us... That which we have long awaited... The holiday seasooon!
Eve-ho! Eve-ho! Eve-hoooo!
Last year, when I spoke of my feelings, I confess I felt some bashfulness...
But 'tis no longer so. Why conceal, when you can lay it all baaaare!
Come, (Captain). This is no country for old men! Let us frolick into the night like a pair of sprightly youths!
We shall feast upon gargantuan cakes and turkeys whole! We shall exchange presents with our peers, in the most amiable fashiooon!
Happy, merry...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Way of the Fist

Ghandagoza, a legendary martial artist, approaches the crew and asks (Captain) to be his student. Some thugs suddenly attack the crew, and (Captain) accidentally hits Ghandagoza in the ensuing brawl. The impressed martial artist then joins the crew.

(Captain) and company land on a small island to replenish their food stores.
They buy food and are on the way back to the Grandcypher when someone's stomach rumbles.
Eugen: Haha. Heading back now without grabbin' lunch won't do anybody any good. Who's up to try the local specialty at that restaurant?
At Eugen's suggestion, (Captain) and the crew head into the eatery.
Rackam: Hello! Got any recommendations, shopkeep?
Shopkeep: Welcome, welcome! This island is famous for its dairy products—wait... Are you guys travelers?
Rackam: Look out the window and see for yourself.
Shopkeep: The window? Hmm... Hey! That's the airship I saw moored at the cape earlier!
Rackam: Yep. That's our ship, the Grandcypher.
Shopkeep: The Grandcypher! So you're those hotshot skyfarers everyone's been talking about!
Vyrn: Hey, you're gonna make us blush!
Shopkeep: It wasn't a compliment. And we stopped serving food an hour ago. Sorry, but you need to leave.
Katalina: What! What's the meaning of this?
Shopkeep: It is what it is, ma'am. Believe me—this is not a time you want to be eating.
Lyria: But why? I want to try your food.
Shopkeep: Sorry, I guess I'm not making myself clear. I mean no offense. I'm actually trying to protect you.
Katalina: What in the skies are you talking about?
Shopkeep: He's hunting you.
Eugen: What do you mean by he? Be more clear!
Shopkeep: There's no time! Go now or he'll find you!
Thug 1: Hey, where's the grub, old man? Bring us everything you've got!
Thug 2: Out of the way! Yer in my seat!
Thug 1: Looky here! Some new faces. Who the hell are you bunch?
Rackam: See that ship out the window? That's ours. We're skyfarers.
Thug 1: An airship!
Thug 2: That's not any ol' airship! It's the Grandcypher... The one everyone's been talkin' about!
Eugen: Yep. So go ahead and keep disturbin' the peace. I dare ya.
Thug 1: (Who are these guys? There's something about them... They've obviously been through hell and back.)
Thug 2: (Especially the one in the middle. That kind-looking face isn't foolin' me. That one's got skills.)
Rackam: Why are you starin' so hard? Something on (Captain)'s face?
Thug 1: Let's get out of here.
Rackam: See that, shopkeep? Nothin' to worry about after all.
Shopkeep: Yes, there is! I wasn't talking about them! Oh no, he's here!
Shopkeep: It's over now. There's no escape...
Rackam: Huh? Did it just get darker all of a sudden?
A colossal, mountainous shadow extends over (Captain) and company.
The shopkeeper peers up and behind them, his look shifting from fear to terror. (Captain) and the crew slowly turn to around to see the source of his fright.
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck! I've heard of over the hill, but this guy is the hill!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! It is I—the unrivaled warrior, the founder of the Eternal Rage Style, the one and only Ghandagoza!
Vyrn: What? Rackam, are you gettin' any of this?
Rackam: Nope, can't say I am...
Eugen: Hold on... The Eternal Rage Style?
Katalina: Eugen, you've heard of this guy?
Eugen: Yeah. Or, well, he certainly matches a rumor I've heard about an unbeaten fighter who roams about Phantagrande.
Eugen: According to the stories, his style focuses on ending fights with a single, all-powerful strike.
Eugen: And that's not all... Other accounts say he's sent men flying into the Grim Basin with a single punch. Or that he's taken on countless chariots by himself.
Eugen: But I've even heard about someone rollin' over in bed and accidentally destroying a mountain. All a bunch of a tall tales if ya ask me.
Katalina: I'm thinking those legends have their roots in this gentleman. He must be quite a warrior.
Rackam: If these stories are even true, I bet they're more than a little exaggerated.
Ghandagoza: I walk the path that will instill my fist with the power to fell a god with a sure strike. But believe what you will.
Rackam: A god? Don't make me laugh! You definitely talk the talk, I'll give you that much. But can you walk the walk?
Eugen: Whether he can face a god or not, what's more important is what does an infamous martial artist such as yourself want with us anyway?
Ghandagoza: A brilliant question!
Ghandagoza: There's one foe that not even the strongest fighter in the skies can beat: time itself.
Ghandagoza: And after it claims bitter victory over me, the deepest secrets of the Eternal Rage Style, too, shall go to the grave.
Katalina: That would certainly be a shame.
Ghandagoza: Forgive my uninvited stares, but I saw the way you conducted yourself with those ruffians, (Captain). It was an impressive display.
Eugen: Huh? What display? (Captain) didn't even throw a punch.
Ghandagoza: True. But (Captain)'s mere presence was enough to deter those thugs. To win a victory without a single strike is a masterful thing.
Ghandagoza: (Captain), what do you say? Will you be the first disciple of the school of Eternal Rage?
Vyrn: Whoa! This big oaf's got crazy expectations for you, (Captain)! But then again, that's our captain!
Lyria: Wait.
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: (Captain), all of us... We're all headed to Estalucia. So...
Ghandagoza: Oh, is that right? Well, all that ends today.
Ghandagoza: (Captain) will be too busy with my training. We'll go at it day and night until I'm satisfied my legacy is safe.
Lyria: What! No! There's no way we'll give up now. Right, (Captain)?
Ghandagoza: This is not giving up. I've been told since the beginning to abandon my "impossible" goals.
Ghandagoza: But I achieve the impossible. Every time. With this fist! This one right here!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: Whoa... That's some intense power...
Katalina: Talk about fighting spirit...
Shopkeep: Didn't I warn you? You're stuck now.
Shopkeep: Once he's set his mind on something, not a king or his entire imperial army can stop him.
Just as Ghandagoza's display of power reaches its climax, a few unwelcome customers barge into the establishment.
Thug 1: I'm back! And I've got reinforcements!
Thug 2: Heh-heh! Not even skyfarers can stop this many of us!
Ghandagoza: Listen up, riffraff. You've interrupted a crucial conversation between me and my disciple.
Thug 2: What's that, gramps? How about we bust you up first?
Ghandagoza: Come then—prepare to savor my Eternal Rage!
As Ghandagoza's fists tear through his foes with thunderous authority, everyone there realizes that the legends may well have been true.
Terrified of getting tagged by a stray punch, the majority of the crew stays out of the fight, but (Captain) leaps right into the fray to aid the giant.
Ironically enough, (Captain) accidentally hits the lightning-quick Ghandagoza with a full-force blow.
Ghandagoza: Oof! Th-this strike...
Eugen: Hey! (Captain), get outta there!
Ghandagoza shrugs off the hit and carries on as if nothing happened.
Rackam: What? You're not gonna take (Captain) as your pupil after all?
Ghandagoza: That is correct.
Katalina: Master Ghandagoza, why the sudden change of heart?
Ghandagoza: A fist is an oracle. Take one to the gut, and it tells you everything you need to know.
Ghandagoza: (Captain)'s father... The quest that bids you venture to the furthest reaches of the sky...
Ghandagoza: My own wishes mean less than nothing to someone consumed by a passion like that.
Ghandagoza: (Captain), that was quite an impressive punch.
Eugen: Master, you...
Katalina: Hm... You read fists like a fortune-teller reads cards. Impressive.
Ghandagoza: But now what am I to do? Who's to say if I'll ever find a disciple with half the caliber of (Captain)...
Lyria: Well, why not come with us then?
Eugen: Aye, that's it! I know you're not interested in being one o' his disciples, (Captain), but we can at least be his traveling companions. How bout it?
  1. Welcome to the crew!
  2. I'm not sure...

Choose: Welcome to the crew!
Ghandagoza: Wonderful! Such glorious battles we shall have!

Choose: I'm not sure...
Ghandagoza: I do not plead lightly! Please, take me with you!
Ghandagoza chuckles to himself as he speaks.
Continue 1
Ghandagoza: Heh-heh. I may not have a disciple yet, but by traveling with you I'll be able to train (Captain). Even in defeat one can find victory!
Ghandagoza: (Captain), you'll be my successor one day. I never give up!
Eugen: Master, I don't think anyone doubts you would.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Well, let's get this journey started!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Ghandagoza—some regard his skill as the stuff of legend, yet others see it as the product of hearsay. Either way, he would soon go on to forge a new tale with (Captain) and the crew.

Bare-Handed Man

One day, Ghandagoza seems like he is trying to exchange blows with the Grandcypher itself. Ghandagoza explains to the panicked crew that he is not actually hitting the airship, he is instead repeatedly striking the ground in an attempt to take off using merely the force of his punches. A herd of monsters is attracted to the thunderous sound of his fist, and appear before the crew.

The martial artist Ghandagoza, who had joined (Captain)'s team, had more than a few bad habits it turned out.
One in particular was his need to challenge anyone or anything that seemed bigger or stronger than himself to a fight.
Katalina: Ghandagoza. Don't you think that's impossible?
Ghandagoza: Mwahaha, "impossible"? Everything that I have accomplished until now had been called such.
Ghandagoza: And yet, have I not risen to the challenge and proven that the impossible is possible every time? With one almighty fist! Gaarh!
Katalina: But, don't you think this challenge is a little extreme…
Ghandagoza: Mwahahaha! Come, let us exchange blows until our hearts lay content, Grandcypher!
Rackam: You can't really exchange blows with an inanimate object… This is a joke! Master, I implore you, give us a break!
Eugen: It is as Rackam says. Master, however sturdy the airship may be, it will still crumble under your great fist.
Ghandagoza: Who said I intend to hit the Grandcypher?
Rackam: Wait, so what are you doing then?
Ghandagoza: Of course, attacking something that cannot strike back wouldn't be a fight at all.
Eugen: Oh no, oh no, oh no, this isn't good. Master is about to start off on one of his tirades again!
Rackam: Huh? What is he doing?
Ghandagoza: Hai-yah! Hai-yah! Hai-yah!
Hai-yah! Hai-yah! Hai-yah!
Ghandagoza raised his fist up high, and repeatedly struck down toward the ground with all of his might.
However, his fist would always stop just before it hit the ground, then he would raise it back up again.
He repeated this over and over, his speed increasing with each thrust.
Until eventually, as he hit the air, it began emitting a roaring thunder sound.
Rackam: I'm telling you this is impossible. If you could hit the ground with enough force to fly, then we wouldn't need airships at all!
Eugen: Wait, Rackam.
Rackam: What is it?
Eugen: I heard a something about this…
Rackam: Heard what?
Eugen: There is an old legend about a famed fighter…
Eugen: There was an island plagued by a foul storm. One day a fighter appeared as if from nowhere, and with his fist dispelled the storm.
Eugen: All it took was a single blow. But, the force of that swing was so tremendous that, like a tornado, it blew everything away.
Rackam: You don't mean! Is Master trying to…
As the pair turned around, Ghandagoza let out a cry.
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style secret move! Thousand Palms Infinite Strike!
Ghandagoza: Haaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii…
The condensed power of Ghandagoza's strike sounded the air like a gong as it was released toward the ground.
Eugen: Oh no, oh no, this isn't happening. Something's coming!
Rackam: What has he done now…
Monster: GRAAAWL!
Eugen: A group of monsters have heard Master's strikes and are heading this way!
Rackam: For a special move, this "Thousand Palms " sure has it's drawbacks!
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! So I failed… I guess we all have off days! Gahahaha…
Eugen: Can I say just one thing, Rackam?
Rackam: I don't wanna hear it.
Eugen: It's just, I may have seen something…
Rackam: Don't say it!
Eugen: With his final move, Master, he… He rose up into the air just a little.
Rackam: Eugen, you must be mistaken!
Eugen: But, I'm sure I saw?
Rackam: I won't believe it! What garbage! I absolutely won't believe it!
Ghandagoza: Gahahahaha! Seems we have quite the crowd gathered! Come, you fiends. Let me entertain you with my fist!
Monster: Graaaaaargh!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 2

The crew had landed on an island somewhere and are heading for the town, when they realize that Ghandagoza is missing. They manage to find him, but he is preparing to punch a nearby hill. Fearful that he will deform the shape of the island under the weight of his fist, the crew attempt to stop him, but they are too late. He smashes open the hill, revealing a monster nest in its place.

(Captain)'s crew had landed on an island somewhere.
On the hurried journey from the cape where they had landed to the town, Rackam noticed something.
Rackam: Oi, what happened to Master?
Lyria: Huh? He's gone…
Eugen: Did anybody see or hear anything?
Vyrn: No, not a thing.
Katalina: This is Ghandagoza we're talking about. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
Rackam: Jeez, I guess it can't be helped. I'm gonna go back and look for him.
Eugen: OK! I'll go with you!
Katalina: I'm sorry, I'm going to leave this to you two. The rest of us can use this as an opportunity to take a break for a while.
Vyrn: Lyria, let's eat some apples!
Lyria: Apples, apples, oh so sweet!
Apples, apples, what a treat!
Eugen: Ah! Seems Master was easy to find! Look, Rackam, he's over this way!
Rackam: Huh? What the-? What's he doing over there?
Eugen: Oi! Master! Come quickly! Everyone is waiting for us!
Ghandagoza, who was hunched over as if trying to strike something, looked up at them.
Ghandagoza: Ohoho, look who it is now.
Rackam: What is it, Master? Has something happened?
Ghandagoza: No, it's just a small mountain.
Rackam and Eugen looked up to see a gently sloping grass verge.
Eugen: Hey now, don't tell me you're seriously trying to fight this hill?
Ghandagoza: It isn't a hill… It is a mountain!
Rackam: Pfft! Hahahahahah…
Eugen: Haaahahahahha…
Eugen: I apologize. It's just, even for a legendary fighter, challenging the island itself…
Rackam: Oh no, I think we said something wrong! Don't glare at us like that, Master!
Rackam: Oi… Master… Don't tell me you feel like fighting…
Ghandagoza: Hwaaaah! This mountain is in the way!
Rackam: Eh? What's this feeling in the air?
Eugen: Wait, it couldn't be…
Rackam: Eugen, do you know something?
Eugen: There is an old legend about a famed fighter…
Eugen: One day, the fighter went training at the foot of a mountain.
Eugen: A villager who happened to be passing by called out, "Aren't you supposed to train deep in the recesses of the mountain?"
Eugen: However, nobody knows what the fighter thought about this, because he turned on his side and fell asleep.
Eugen: Then, a few hours later an incident occurred.
Eugen: All of a sudden, a thunderous sound echoed from the mountain, and the panicked villagers rushed to see what had happened.
Eugen: The fighter had turned over in his sleep, accidently hitting the rock face, boring a massive hole in the side of the mountain.
Rackam: No-no way!
Eugen: I thought it was just a rumor, but looking at Master now, it seems like it could be true…
Rackam: Stop! Master! Stop! You'll deform the island!
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style secret move. Demon-Mountain Sundering Touch of Death!
Rackam: …Huh?
Nothing happened. The hill looks the same.
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… Seems like I failed. Well, we all have off days! It won't withstand my force a second time, though!
Ghandagoza leaned in, and readied himself to fight once more.
Rackam: Enough already Master, we need to get moving. Everyone is waiting for us!
Ghandagoza: …Hmmm.
Rackam: Wh-what is it?
Ghandagoza: Both of you should prepare yourselves.
Rackam: What… do you mean?
Eugen: Rackam! Look! There's a crack in the hill!
Rackam: Th-this is a joke! Don't tell me he actually did it…
Monster: Graaaaaargh!
Rackam: It's a monster nest?
Ghandagoza: People of the nearby village pass by here often. It would be dangerous to let these creatures build a nest here! Gyahahaha!
Eugen: Master, don’t tell me you had this in mind all along…
Ghandagoza: Now everyone, I must recommend you don't fall too far behind… Now, witness the power of me, the legendary fighter, Ghandagoza!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 3

One day, as the crew is travelling through the sky, the airship emits a strange noise. When the crew head to the engine room to investigate, they find Ghandagoza getting ready to face off against the engine. As he starts striking, the engine suddenly begins working again, and out creeps a monster that was the source of the airship's malfunction.

(Captain) and the crew were flying through the sky one day.
Even up in the air, Ghandagoza's training was never ending.
Ghandagoza: True strength cannot be achieved simply by facing challenges.
Ghandagoza: If one truly wishes to become powerful, one must know what it is to have a strong mind and spirit.
Rackam: …I see, Master. So… that's why you've bound yourself to the airship's mast?
Eugen: Garr, I don't get it at all. Is something like this really gonna make him stronger?
Rackam: Maybe we should just go back inside and leave him here…
Just then, a strange sound reverberated from within the Grandcypher.
Eugen: Arrr, cut me some slack… The airship is showing her age.
Rackam: Don't be crazy! In this morning's inspection it was in shipshape.
Lyria: Huh? Ghandagoza, he's… gone…
Vyrn: It's true. All that's left is the rope he used to bind himself.
Katalina: If it's Ghandagoza you're wondering about, I saw him untie himself and walk over there.
Vyrn: Over there? You mean…
Katalina: The engine room.
Eugen: Arrgh, is it just me who's got a bad feeling about this?
Rackam: Cut the chitchat, let's hurry!
Rackam: Darn, I should have known!
Ghandagoza was stood before the massive engine with his back lowered, ready to start pummeling.
Ghandagoza: Just in time to see my special move (Captain). Watch and learn!
Rackam: No, stop! What are you going to do?
Ghandagoza: Eternal Rage Style secret move!
Enlightened Goddess Fury Strike!
Rackam: I said stop! You don't know what will happen if you hit it!
Ghandagoza: Oh, really?
Ghandagoza: On an island I visited long ago, I was told that a broken engine could be fixed by slamming it like so.
Ghandagoza: Or so some old grannies were saying…
Rackam: The Grandcypher's engine is a detailed and complicated thing. We wouldn't need a mechanic if she could be fixed so easily.
Katalina: Hm? …Is it fixed?
Vyrn: It seems that the airship's flight has become more stable.
Lyria: Wow, Mr. Ghandagoza, you're so talented!
Rackam: You sure it wasn't just dumb luck…
Eugen: Hold your horses. Did anyone hear that strange sound just now?
Rackam: See! It's not fixed after all!
Eugen: No, it's not that… This sound is…
Monster: Graaawrr!
A monster crept out from behind the massive shadow of the engine, snarling painfully.
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… It seems to have worked. It must have been hit by the reverberations of my shockwave!
Eugen: Master, did you… Did you know all along that something was lurking in the engine?
Ghandagoza: I could hear sinister noises reverberating along the mast of the ship! Gyahahaha…
Rackam: Is this guy for real?
Eugen: He is the legendary fighter, Ghandagoza, after all.
Katalina: He's certainly in a different league to the rest of us.
Monster: Graaaaaargh!
Ghandagoza: Silence yourself, beast! My fist alone will make enough noise for all of us!

Bare-Handed Man: Scene 4

The crew come to understand the extent of Ghandagoza’s true abilities. Thus, Rackam, Eugen, and (Captain) wish to learn the secrets of Ghandagoza’s mysterious strength, and begin training with him. And so, just as Ghandagoza foresaw, his followers increase, and he continues to train his fist as he anticipates the arrival of his one true follower.

Now fully aware of Ghandagoza's true abilities, (Captain)'s crew reconsidered their attitude toward him.
Rackam: …I guess I was wrong… I admit it, he seems like the real deal.
Eugen: Hahar, I told you so. I, of course, knew it all along.
Katalina: You're one to talk. The pair of you have been following him around like sheep since he joined us.
Eugen: Arrr… I apologize. I guess I did get a little carried away…
Rackam: But, now we know what Master's really like, it makes me wonder about his strange behavior…
Rackam: Even something that seems like an empty gesture could actually mean something.
Katalina: Don't you think you're reading into things a little too much?
Eugen: Possibly… But I don't think it would be a bad idea if we started training the way Master does.
Rackam: Yeah… Let's all join his training! (Captain)!
Ghandagoza: Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Eugen: Hai… YAH!
Low… YAH!
Rackam: Hai… YA!
Bye… YA!
Ghandagoza: What is it (Captain)? And you two, also…
Rackam: Master?No, Grand Master! We implore you, teach us the ways of the fist!
Eugen: Our interest is finally blossoming… We beg you, Master!
Ghandagoza: Gyahahaha… I mind not! Behold my teachings and learn to your hearts' content!
Ghandagoza: Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Hai… YAH!
Katalina: If everyone on the airship joins in with this we're going to have a problem…
Katalina: I wonder if this is what Ghandagoza had in mind all along…
Lyria: Hai… Yah! Hai… Yah!
Katalina: Lyria, not you too!
And so, in admiration of Ghandagoza's exciting lifestyle, the followers of the Eternal Rage Style aboard the Grandcypher increased.
However, Ghandagoza was unsatisfied. He continued to train his fist, awaiting the day he would encounter his one true disciple.

Beyond Anger

While (Captain) and the others are delivering relief supplies to an island afflicted by meteor storms, they receive warning that a colossal meteor is about to come crashing down. The crew members evacuate the island's populace onto the ship, but shortly after departure they realize Ghandagoza is not aboard. Only after the meteor makes impact are they able to return and search for him.

Skimming through the storm of meteors that tear down from above, the Grandcypher narrowly escapes the island.
Rackam helms the airship cautiously out of deference to the many evacuees aboard.
As the Grandcypher continues its ascent, Eugen realizes that Ghandagoza is not on board.
Eugen: Ma—Master! Where in hell's name has he gone? Just a moment ago he was—
A sense of foreboding fills Eugen, and he looks down below.
It seems his intuition was correct: visible on the island is the lone form of Ghandagoza.
Eugen: Rackam! Master's still on the island!
Rackam: Huh! Why isn't he on board?
Rackam: Wasn't he on deck duking it out with the meteors a few moments ago?
Lyria: Rackam, can you take the airship back to the island?
Rackam glares at the colossal meteor and braces himself.
Rackam: What choice do we have? We'll fly back to the island full-bore...
Rackam: And then get out before the big boy drops!
Rackam: Sound good to you, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Rackam: All right... Hold on tight, everyone! We could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!
As Rackam attempts to shift the course of the ship, the voice of Ghandagoza rings out from the island.
Ghandagoza: Don't concern yourselves with meeee!
Ghandagoza: Evacuate this instant!
Rackam: Bah...
Rackam: What right does he have to say that!
The ship speeds down vertically toward the island.
But time is in short supply.
Rackam: Damn it! We're not going to make it!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
A thundering crash announces the violent impact of the colossal meteor with the island.
The resulting gales blow the ship back out into the sky.
Once the violent winds settle, (Captain) and the rest of the crew make an emergency landing on the island.
The dust stirred up by the meteor strike obscures the crew's sight.
But the crew members nonetheless rush out of the airship in search of Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Hell, I guess we should've lashed him to the Grandcypher's mast...
Eugen: Remember who you're talkin' about now. The master's bound to be alive—don't you worry.
Rackam: Heh, 'course. Never doubted him for a second.
Rackam: I mean, a warrior like that's the stuff of legends.
(Captain) and the others silently hope that Rackam is correct.
How did it come to this? It all started a while back...
(Captain) and crew are called to the Knickknack Shack by Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: As a matter of fact, on an island in the west of Phantagrande...
Sierokarte: There's been a rain of meteors. I hear that many people have suffered as a result.
Sierokarte: That's why I'd like for you to deliver some relief supplies.
Vyrn: Um... I don't get what you're saying...
Vyrn: Meteo-whatsits?
Vyrn: You mean those things messed up the island just by falling outta the sky?
Sierokarte: Ah, I'm sorry. I left out some important details.
Sierokarte: Meteors are hard, rocklike objects that fall from high, high in the sky.
Sierokarte: As they fly down toward the island, they become red hot.
Sierokarte: So it's like balls of fire raining down onto the island.
Vyrn: Balls of fire falling from the sky... That does sound like a mess.
Sierokarte: The island was seriously harmed as a result.
Lyria: (Captain), let's go help everyone who's in trouble right away!
(Captain) and company hurry to the island to deliver the relief goods from Sierokarte.

Beyond Anger: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew encounter a young man who trained with his father under Ghandagoza a decade ago. The young man reveals his wish to crush meteors with his bare fists as payback for the meteor impact that took his father's life, and in response Ghandagoza encourages the young man to continue training.

On the disaster-stricken island, the crew members notice large craters pockmarking the ground.
When they learn that each is the product of a meteor strike, the number and power of the impacts stuns the crew.
Ghandagoza: Humph... To think that stones no bigger than fists could have such destructive power...
Ghandagoza: How high they must have fallen from.
Ghandagoza looks up at the sky curiously.
As if imagining how to destroy the meteors, he pumps his fists sharply up into the air.
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: C'mon now! Don't tell me you're about to try smashing meteors.
Eugen: Wha? Enough, Rackam! You've already said—
Ignoring Eugen's attempt to stop him, Rackam continues to prod Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Just take a look around.
Rackam: You might be a master, but this is impossible for a person to handle. Don't even think about it.
Ghandagoza: Impossible?
Eugen: Great, now you've done it...
Ghandagoza: Nothing is impossible. People have told me all my life that my goals were impossible.
Ghandagoza: But I have accomplished them all the same. Every time.
Ghandagoza: With this fist!
Ghandagoza: This one right here!
Ghandagoza lets out a cry and looks up into the sky once more, rapidly pumping his fist into the air again and again.
With an irked expression on his face, Eugen shrugs and nudges Rackam.
Eugen: You just had to say that, didn't you?
Rackam: Sorry 'bout that. Guess it just slipped out... Haha!
Young Man: ...
Vyrn: What gives?
Young Man: The ship docked at port is yours, isn't it?
Lyria: Yes, it is.
Young Man: So then you're that famous crew...
Vyrn: Hehe, famous? You're gonna embarrass us!
Young Man: I was helping to rebuild the town, but then I saw your airship...
Young Man: I really wanted to talk with you, so I rushed here.
Rackam: Oh, is something wrong? We're all ears.
Young Man: Uh, no, it's just that...
Rackam: Hm?
Lyria: You're looking at Ghandagoza... aren't you?
The young man watches Ghandagoza punching and grins joyfully.
Young Man: I knew it. That's Ghandagoza!
Ghandagoza: Hm?
Young Man: It's been a while.
Young Man: I heard a rumor that you'd joined this famous crew...
Vyrn: You know each other?
Ghandagoza looks at the young man and tilts his head.
Ghandagoza: Well now. Who might you be?
Young Man: Oh...
Young Man: Ahaha! Oh, that's right. I'm a lot bigger now.
Young Man: Do you remember the father-son fighting duo who studied with you in Golonzo and Valtz?
Ghandagoza: Father-son fighting duo?
The master gazes penetratingly at the young man's face and reviews his memory.
Ghandagoza: Oh, you're the tyke from long ago! Gahaha, look how big you've grown.
Ghandagoza must be overjoyed by the reunion with the young man, for he rubs his beard and laughs heartily.
Ghandagoza: Where is that delightful father of yours? I'd love to toast with him again.
Young Man: ...
Ghandagoza: Hm...
The young man gives a deep sigh, and a forced smile appears on his face.
Young Man: My father... He died a decade ago.
Ghandagoza: To think the young master would reach the great beyond before me.
Young Man: If my father knew that you called him a master, he would've cried tears of joy.
Young Man: But nothing came of my father's wish to die like one of the greats...
Young Man: He didn't wager his life in battle. No, it was a falling meteor that took his life.
Ghandagoza: A meteor?
Young Man: Yes...
The young man raises his eyes to the night sky, and they fill with resentment.
Young Man: I hate the meteors.
Young Man: I've been training so that one day I can crush them with my bare fists.
Rackam: Aaah... Sorry for butting in, but I wouldn't try that if I were you.
Rackam: Those things pack more power than you think.
Rackam: You could end up like your old man...
Young Man: I'm prepared for that possibility.
Young Man: The other day I misread the meteor's trajectory, but not next time!
Eugen: Is every master of the martial arts like this? Ain'tcha scared at all?
Young Man: I'd be lying if I said no... But I've made up my mind.
Sensing the strength of the young man's conviction, all the crew members are left speechless.
All, that is, but Ghandagoza.
Ghandagoza: Your determination is evident.
Ghandagoza: Use the whole of your being and strike me with your fiiiist!
Young Man: Huh?
Ghandagoza: No hesitating! Have I overestimated how determined you are?
Young Man: ...
Ghandagoza: Give it all you have!
Young Man: Yes sir!
Young Man: Daaaaah!
Perceiving this as a perfect opportunity to test his strength, the young man focuses and throws a fist into Ghandagoza's abdomen.
But little happens.
Ghandagoza: That's nothing! Nothing at all! Opposing meteors at your level is laughable!
Ghandagoza: Fists such as those are unable to destroy a thing. To be strong, you must calm your heart as the greats have theirs.
Young Man: Ack...
Ghandagoza: If you allow destructive impulses to command you, only anguish awaits.
Young Man: Crap, crap! I'm... I'm weak!
Ghandagoza: All begins with knowledge of one's strength. Devote yourself, and the way may reveal itself to you.
Ghandagoza: This is not a time for recklessness. Train with renewed conviction—and surpass your very father!
Young Man: Ghandagoza...
Ghandagoza: Your father would surely want as much. Because I know I do.
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha!
(Captain) and the crew are moved by Ghandagoza's magnanimity as he counsels and encourages the young man.

Beyond Anger: Scene 3

The village elder passionately relates an old saying that a meteor storm will be followed by an impact so great as to devastate the island; immediately afterward Ghandagoza spots a gigantic meteor on a collision course with the island. While the crew prepares to evacuate the islanders, the master holds off panicked monsters.

The young man accompanies the party.
Together they carry the relief supplies from Sierokarte into town.
The damage from the meteor impacts seems to pale beside the fear it has stirred in the people's hearts.
Smiles on their faces, the crew members tend to the wounded and give people the strength to go on.
Lyria: How is that? Does it still hurt?
Villager 1: It's all better. Thank you, darling.
Villager 2: It's a relief to have you here.
Villager 2: When it's just us, we start remembering the meteors and end up in a real dark place.
Villager 1: The fields are a loss, but what matters is that we're still breathing.
Eugen: That's right! As long are you're kickin', you've always got another chance.
Villager 1: Hehe, I can keep on going yet.
Lyria: That's right!
Just as the people begin to glimpse hope, a harried voice rings out from the town center.
???: Listen, everyone! The danger's not passed. Off the island! There's no time to waste!
Eugen: Hey, what's the big commotion?
Rackam: I say we go and listen.
The crew and (Captain) head toward the overflowing town square.
A man who seems to be the village elder is gesticulating as he attempts to win over the people.
Villager 3: Elder, sir, the island has obviously suffered a lot of damage. But do we really need to leave?
Villager 3: The meteors have stopped falling. Let's get back into the mines and start plowing the fields again.
Village Elder: I understand that you don't want to leave the island you've always called home. But those meteors aren't done falling.
Villager 3: I'm sorry, but this is where I stay. Those old wives' tales aren't gonna rule my life.
Villager 3: C'mon, everyone. Let's head home.
Village Elder: Hey, would you hold up?
Unable or unwilling to heed the elder's words, the people shuffle out of the square.
The elder slumps his shoulders and begins shedding bitter tears.
Lyria: Um, about what you were saying earlier... Is it true that more meteors are going to fall?
Village Elder: Who're you folks?
Vyrn: We're a bunch of skyfarers bringing relief supplies from Sierokarte!
Village Elder: Oh my, my! Thank you very much. I don't know how to express my thanks.
Rackam: Well, what's more pressing is the issue of the meteors.
Rackam: You were really serious about trying to convince the people. So where's your proof?
Village Elder: As a matter of fact, in this land there's an old story about the meteors.
Village Elder: It's said that after the passage of some time, meteors will rain down again...
Village Elder: And following that, a meteor big enough to annihilate the land itself will fall...
Young Man: My father told me about that once before.
Village Elder: I'll bet he did. But nobody takes it seriously.
Village Elder: They've all just accepted what happened as an isolated disaster.
Eugen: This young fellow told me that the meteors also fell ten years back.
Eugen: Are things worse this time around?
Village Elder: Oh, yes... Their numbers dwarf those of the last time.
Village Elder: I don't know if you can even call this a blessing anymore.
Rackam: A blessing? Are you sure you don't mean disaster?
Village Elder: No, that's not quite how I'd put it either.
Village Elder: Long, long ago hundreds of meteors rained destruction on this land.
Village Elder: But all the same, they blasted through the sheerest mountains and changed the course of waterways.
Village Elder: They made this place fit for living like never before.
Village Elder: And the meteorites contain minerals that can't be mined elsewhere.
Village Elder: If it weren't for those meteorites, we wouldn't be famous for mining in the way we are now.
Village Elder: But this time around I'm worried sick that a giant meteor's going to come falling down like in the tale...
Rackam: That might be. But it looks to me like our little meteor shower's cleared up.
Rackam: I can see why the islanders wouldn't want to leave.
As everyone is putting their heads together, a flock of birds in the distant woods takes flight; the howls of monsters echo from the mountains.
Vyrn: Where did that come from?
Eugen: Monsters and animals have keen intuition. They might've sensed something.
Ghandagoza: Humph... You're exactly right.
At Ghandagoza's remark (Captain) and the others look up to see meteors blazing down through the sky.
The townspeople who notice it scream.
Village Elder: Aaah! I expected this wasn't over...
Young Man: Stupid meteors!
Vyrn: Hey, where are you headed?
Ghandagoza: ...
  1. Evacuate the islanders to the ship!

Choose: Evacuate the islanders to the ship!
Rackam: Yeah, that's right!
Rackam: Get everyone onto the ship. We're leaving the island!
Rackam: If it turns out there's no big one, we'll just fly on back. Right?
Lyria: Right!
Ghandagoza: But before that we must quell the monsters.
Ghandagoza stares at the waves of oncoming monsters and clenches his fists tightly.
Monster: Groooar!
Lyria: Oh no! This is all so sudden!
Eugen: These monsters knew meteors were headed their way, so they fled the woods and mountains.
Eugen: They fear for their lives, and it's drivin' 'em mad.
Rackam: Damn it! We're gonna have injured people on our hands before we even start the evacuation.
Ghandagoza: Don't panic!
Ghandagoza: I can easily handle this alone. You attend to the townsfolk!
Vyrn: Well, what about that kid? I hope he didn't get any weird ideas...
Ghandagoza: Relax! Once I kick these monsters aside, I'll catch him and hurl him onto the ship.
Vyrn: Great!
Ghandagoza: Go now—leave this to me!
Ghandagoza: Ghandagoza is on his waaay!
While (Captain) and the others oversee the evacuation, Ghandagoza heads off to vanquish the monsters alone.

Beyond Anger: Scene 4

The young man tells (Captain) and the others how Ghandagoza saved him from his own attempt to contend against meteors. The party rushes to Ghandagoza, who is beating back monsters with an eerie, preternatural force.

Monster: Grrrr...
Ghandagoza: This isn't so much as a warm-up!
A moment passes.
A meteor slams down near Ghandagoza, who is roused by the explosive winds.
Ghandagoza: Gnuuuh! Listen, meteors!
Ghandagoza: I want to settle this with you this instant.
Ghandagoza: (But first I must find that tyke. Stay in the sky until then!)
Ghandagoza scans the area in search of the young man.
The young man stares resentfully at the falling meteor.
Young Man: I knew it all along. I was an idiot to think that I could ever beat a meteor.
Young Man: Still, if I didn't do something about these feelings, I couldn't have gone on living.
A crackling roar splits the sky as the meteor bears down on him from above.
Realizing that he won't be able to flee in time, he closes his eyes and begins to prepare himself.
Young Man: (Huff, huff... I'm sorry, Ghandagoza...)
In that moment a voice cries out.
Ghandagoza: Ngwoooah! Who told you to give up!
Young Man: Ghandagoza?
The master seems to materialize out of thin air, and he hurtles toward the young man at a speed greater than the meteor.
He grabs the young man, hurries out of the meteor's trajectory, and then dives onto the ground.
The impact of the meteor-turned-meteorite booms out behind the two, and explosive winds stir up an all-enshrouding cloud of dust.
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! That was close indeed!
Young Man: Ghandagoza, I don't know what to say. I... I...
Ghandagoza: Uncertainty only narrows one's perspective. But what's important now is to survive. Nothing matters otherwise.
Young Man: Yes sir!
Ghandagoza: Now then, I must take you to the ship.
Ghandagoza: Come—follow me.
In this way Ghandagoza rushes to bring the young man back to the Grandcypher where (Captain) and the others are waiting.
The sky flashes, and a moment later a rain of meteors falls from the sky in Ghandagoza's direction.
Looking around, the master sees only rolling plains. There is no place to hide.
Ghandagoza: Humph... There seems to be no other option.
Ghandagoza: Head back to the ship while I take care of these.
Young Man: Hm? Ghandagoza, you don't mean—
Ghandagoza: That is exactly what I mean.
Young Man: What are you thinking! Meteors can... blast through mountains and change the landscape!
Young Man: No person can handle them. It's impossible!
Ghandagoza: Impossible? Nothing is impossible.
Ghandagoza: People have told me all my life that my goals were impossible.
Ghandagoza: But I have accomplished them all the same. Every time.
Ghandagoza: With this fist! This one right here!
Ghandagoza: Now go!
Young Man: B-but...
Ghandagoza: Who do you take me for? I am the master of the Eternal Rage Style!
Ghandagoza: Do you not trust me!
Young Man: No, I do! So come back afterward. Come back no matter what!
Ghandagoza: Run, and don't look back!
Ghandagoza: Hah...
After ensuring that the young man has fled, Ghandagoza gets into position to take on the first meteor.
Ghandagoza: Ooooh!
He hurls a fist toward it.
The master's vast reserve of strength is evident in the blow.
But it has no effect on the heavenly body. Ghandagoza's entire body is flung back by the impact.
Ghandagoza: G-gwaaaah!
Ghandagoza: I... won't be beaten... I am the master of the Eternal Rage Style...
The shock wave and violent blast of air take a serious toll on Ghandagoza.
But slowly, proudly he rises to his feet.
Ghandagoza: Impossible... What's "impossible"? Haven't I abjured the word?
Ghandagoza: Wasn't my life's purpose to destroy a divine creator with a single, all-powerful strike?
Ghandagoza: I will not be defeated by pebbles such as these! The name of Ghandagoza, founder of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style, would lose all meaning!
A faint whiff of vapor rises from Ghandagoza's head as he bemoans his powerlessness.
The plaintive wail rattles the air and booms across the island.
(Captain) and the others are just moments away from boarding the last passengers onto the ship.
Rackam: The meteors are falling heavier. We've got to evacuate soon or else...
Lyria: Ghandagoza and that young man aren't back yet. I'm worried...
???: Hey, everyone!
Vyrn: Huh? Oh, speak of the devil!
Young Man: Huff, huff... This is serious, everyone!
Young Man: To help me escape, Ghandagoza went up against one of the meteors...
Rackam: What!
Eugen: Hey, take us to him right away!
The party hurries to find Ghandagoza.
The young man leads them into the heart of the island, but there seems to be no trace of Ghandagoza there.
Rackam: Wait, what? This is where the master went up against the meteor, right?
Rackam: No, don't tell me he...
Eugen: Rackam, you know if anyone could do it, it's Master... Isn't that right?
Everyone gathered there quietly hopes for Ghandagoza's safety.
A stupendous blast wave rings out from the mountains.
Vyrn: What in the skies is that?
Rackam: It could be the master. Let's go, (Captain)!
The party hastens up the mountain to the blast site. There they can hardly believe their eyes.
As if possessed, Ghandagoza kicks away one attacking monster after another.
Monster 1: Graaah!
Ghandagoza: Huurng!
Monster 2: Gurrrah!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: You said the master went up against a meteor?
Young Man: Y-yes!
Rackam: Then why is he battling monsters here in the mountains?
Young Man: Why indeed...
Rackam: Well, anyway, we have to help!
Ghandagoza: Nnnnuh!
Monster: Grrrruh...
Eugen: Stand back, Rackam!
Rackam: Huh?
Rackam: Whoa! Ah, that was close!
Rackam narrowly evades one of the monsters blown back by Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Phew... That power!
Rackam: If we get too near, we're likely to end up as collateral.
Rackam: Hey, Master!
Ghandagoza: Ngraaah!
Rackam's voice doesn't seem to reach Ghandagoza.
The surroundings appear to have fallen away for the master, who continues to knock back the monsters single-mindedly.
Vyrn: So if the big old guy duked it out with a meteor...
Vyrn: Then why's he even more energetic than ever?
Lyria: Good question...
  1. A master's different from you or me!
  2. Is that... a fake?

Choose: A master's different from you or me!
Eugen: Haha! You might be right about that.
Rackam: Hey, didn't take much to convince you.
Vyrn: But... Dontcha think it makes sense in a way?
Rackam: Well, I suppose so...
Lyria: Hah... haha...
Eugen lets out a chuckle as he watches Ghandagoza continue to exercise preternatural strength.

Choose: Is that... a fake?
Eugen: There's a dreadful air about him—it's almost like he's possessed.
Eugen: But there's no mistaking the master.
Vyrn: There aren't any legends about a fake going wild, are there?
Lyria: That would be so scary.
Eugen: Don't worry. Never heard anything of the sort.
Rackam: Then how do you explain what's happening here?
Eugen: Simple enough. A master's different from you or me.
Eugen lets out a chuckle as he watches Ghandagoza continue to exercise preternatural strength.
Continue 1
Rackam: Huh? You're laughing at a time like this?
Eugen: No... I just figured that someone as ancient as him would normally be hunting for an apprentice, not training.
Eugen: But I figured wrong. He's not about to call it quits yet—he'll keep on evolving.
Ghandagoza: Gaaah!
(Captain) and the party feel a sense of relief at seeing Ghandagoza more powerful than ever.
But none of them seem to have noticed the power of the ominous shock waves emanating from Ghandagoza.

Rise, Unrivaled Master

Though (Captain) and the others are relieved to see Ghandagoza, they're simultaneously alarmed by his violent rage. Eugen posits that this fury is the result of Ghandagoza self-flagellating because he couldn't destroy the meteor, and the rest of the crew hurries to devise a solution.

Ghandagoza: Nnn-gah!
After Ghandagoza obliterates the attacking monsters, he cries out into the air.
Lyria: Oh dear! His voice is so loud. It really surprised me...
Vyrn: I thought my heart was gonna stop!
Ghandagoza: Nnnh?
Rackam: Finally notice us? You were in a world of your own there.
Rackam: We heard that you raised your fists against a meteor. Had us pretty worried.
Rackam: Eh, I've got a mountain of things I want to say.
Rackam: But we've gotta hurry back to the ship and evacuate with the islanders!
Ghandagoza: Heigh-hooo!
Rackam: Huh?
Ghandagoza lets out a battle cry and slowly begins advancing toward (Captain) and the others.
In this seemingly possessed state, he is almost unrecognizable as the typical even-tempered master.
Ghandagoza: Hooo! Hooo!
Rackam: Y'know, it feels like he's hostile toward us. Or is it just my imagination?
Eugen: He ain't just hostile—he's downright homicidal.
Rackam: Huh! Can't he tell who we are?
Rackam: Hey, Master! Snap out of it!
The party calls out to Ghandagoza a number of times, but nothing happens.
Rackam: Oh, hell! What are we supposed to do now?
Eugen: There are legends about the master...
Rackam: Huh! This is no time for that!
Eugen: In the end they never really rise above the level of rumors.
Eugen: That is to say, no one's seen any of those things happen.
Eugen: And the master himself hasn't spoken a word about whether they're true.
Eugen: But given the situation, it's hard to believe they weren't—which is why they live on as legends.
Rackam: What are you trying to say!
Eugen: Well, they say he tried to knock away the Grim Basin with the force of his bare fists and failed.
Eugen: He was enraged by his deficiencies and lost sight of himself... Then this unbelievable power came welling up.
Eugen: He used that to knock away the Grim Basin.
Eugen: Once his goal was fulfilled, he returned to normal.
Rackam: So what? You mean the master won't turn back to normal until he destroys a meteor?
Eugen: Yeah, I suppose so...
Rackam: That doesn't make a bit of sense!
(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and the young man agree that if Eugen's theory made sense for anyone, it would be Ghandagoza.
But as the master is approaching them, the more pressing problem is how to awaken him.
(Captain) and the others keep their distance as they hurriedly devise a plan.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 2

The young man attempts to encourage the frenzied Ghandagoza much as Ghandagoza once encouraged him. This returns the master to his senses.

Ghandagoza: ...
Rackam: Damn it... This is no time to be polishing our strategy. He's coming!
Eugen: Vyrn, take Lyria and the kid and hide!
Vyrn: Gotcha!
Ghandagoza: Whoooa! Urrngh!
Rackam: Agh! He's fast!
Ghandagoza: Hi-ya! Hi-yaaah!
Eugen: Graaaah!
Ghandagoza moves faster than anyone thought possible.
He pins (Captain) and the others to the ground in an instant.
Not only is the master far from awakening—he's at risk of annihilating the crew.
In this electrified atmosphere the young man emerges from the grotto in which he'd been hiding and stands in front of Ghandagoza.
Young Man: Ghandagoza...
Vyrn: Hey, you could get hurt! Come back!
Rackam: Take cover, you little fool!
Paying no attention to the warnings, the young man steels his resolve and assumes a fighting stance.
Young Man: Please... Open your eyes!
Young Man: Haaaaah!
Ghandagoza: Humph, that's nothing!
Young Man: Gwaaah!
The young man's blow is mighty, but it has no effect on Ghandagoza—in fact the young man is knocked back.
Though he has taken a beating, he hurries to his feet and stands once more in front of Ghandagoza.
Young Man: If you allow destructive impulses to command you, only anguish awaits. Didn't you say as much?
Young Man: Look at how many people here care about you, Ghandagoza.
Young Man: Forget about the meteors and hurry off the island with us!
Young Man: Aren't I right, Ghandagoza? Calm your heart!
Ghandagoza: Ooo... Ngaaah!
The young man's fervent plea stops Ghandagoza in his tracks.
And at the same time, the master begins to let out an anguished groan.
Rackam: Did he actually hear the kid?
Eugen: Master!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
Ghandagoza: (This is pathetic... What in the world am I doing?)
Ghandagoza: (The role of elders is to teach the young.)
Ghandagoza: (Though I stand here before the tyke and my future apprentice, (Captain)...)
Ghandagoza: (I'm allowing these destructive impulses to control me. How could I allow thiiis!)
Ghandagoza: How foooolish of me!
Ghandagoza: Eternal Rage, Fist of Zero... Open Palm of Equanimity!
Ghandagoza's eyes snap open, and he bellows out at length.
He clutches his head forcefully with both hands.
The shock waves that had been emanating from Ghandagoza slowly subside.
Ghandagoza: Phwaaa...
Ghandagoza: ...
Rackam: So he's back to normal then. Everything's better, right?
Vyrn: Uh, I think so?
(Captain) and the party carefully watch Ghandagoza to see whether he's returned to his normal state of consciousness.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 3

(Captain) and the rest of the crew are relieved to see Ghandagoza return to his senses, but once all are aboard the ship and preparing for takeoff, a meteor begins bearing down on the ship. Standing tall on the deck, Ghandagoza states that nothing is impossible and intercepts the projectile.

In his normal mindset once more, Ghandagoza gives a genial grin to (Captain).
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! Rest assured! You will not see me in that mortifying state again.
Rackam: Do us the favor, would you?
Lyria: Still, we're really glad that you're safe.
Eugen: There we have it! Master's back to normal, so let's get off this island!
Vyrn: Yeah! We better hurry or the meteors might start falling again...
Ghandagoza: Humph...
Ghandagoza glowers at the sky and follows the others as they hurry back to the airship.
Once they arrive the crew members ensure that the moored vessel has everyone aboard.
Rackam enters the bridge and begins to prepare for take-off.
A moment passes.
A flash illuminates the sky, and a squall of meteors begins to rain down on the ship.
Lyria: Oh no! The meteors have started to fall again!
Vyrn: Darn it! What are we supposed to do?
It seems to everyone that the airship is about to incur serious damage.
But there on the deck, Ghandagoza assumes a bold battle stance.
Ghandagoza: I can handle this...
Eugen: You might be a master, but those'll turn ya into paste!
Ghandagoza: Without decisive action the ship could sink. If I don't act now, then when am I meant to act?
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style turns the notion of the impossible upside down. I am Ghandagozaaa!
After Ghandagoza cuts off the crew's attempt at dissuasion, he goes to take on the meteors alone.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 4

As the ship is taking off, (Captain) and the others notice that the master remained on land despite the imminent meteor impact. Once the dust from the impact clears, the unscathed Ghandagoza is visible on the island, but there is no trace of any meteorite. A new legend about the master has been born.

Ghandagoza: My fists cry ooout!
The falling meteors are turned to dust by the weighty blows of Ghandagoza.
(Captain) and crew are speechless, unable to believe the spectacle before their eyes.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! This is no time to stand in disbelief. The meteors are still falling!
Eugen: That's right... Rackam, we ready yet?
Rackam: All prepped and ready to go! Hang on to something, everyone!
Rackam: Let's blow it!
No sooner do the engines begin to purr than the ship accelerates and sails off the island.
(Captain) and the others breathe easier as they see the meteors falling down through the sky at a distance.
Vyrn: Phew... We're saved.
Lyria: L-look at that!
At Lyria's suggestion the crew looks up into the sky. Within the span of a moment, it turns a blazing crimson.
Rackam: Wh-what's going on? This one's bigger than anything else we've seen yet. It's a giant ball of fire...
Vyrn: We escaped by a hair!
Eugen: I guess it's all playing out just like the elder said.
Eugen: There's no telling what will happen to the island when the big one hits.
Eugen: We've managed to save a lot of lives, though. Can't ask for much more than that. Master must feel the same way.
Eugen: Ma—Master! Where in hell's name has he gone? Just a moment ago he was—
A sense of foreboding fills Eugen, and he looks down below.
It seems his intuition was correct: visible on the island is the lone form of Ghandagoza.
Eugen: Rackam! Master's still on the island!
Rackam: Huh! Why isn't he on board?
Rackam: Wasn't he on deck duking it out with the meteors a few moments ago?
Lyria: Rackam, can you take the airship back to the island?
Rackam glares at the colossal meteor and braces himself.
Rackam: What choice do we have? We'll fly back to the island full-bore...
Rackam: And then get out before the big boy drops!
Rackam: Sound good to you, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Rackam: All right... Hold on tight, everyone! We could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!
As Rackam attempts to shift the course of the ship, the voice of Ghandagoza rings out from the island.
Ghandagoza: Don't concern yourselves with meeee!
Ghandagoza: Evacuate this instant!
Rackam: Bah...
Rackam: What right does he have to say that!
The ship speeds down vertically toward the island.
But time is in short supply.
Rackam: Damn it! We're not going to make it!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
A thundering crash announces the violent impact of the colossal meteor with the island.
The resulting gales blow the ship back out into the sky.
Once the violent winds settle, (Captain) and the rest of the crew make an emergency landing on the island.
The dust stirred up by the meteor strike obscures the crew's sight.
But the members nonetheless rush out of the airship in search of Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Hell, I guess we should've lashed him to the Grandcypher's mast...
Eugen: Remember who you're talkin' about now. The master's bound to be alive—don't you worry.
Rackam: Heh, 'course. Never doubted him for a second.
Rackam: I mean, a warrior like that's the stuff of legends.
(Captain) and the others silently hope that Rackam is correct.
As the dust settles, (Captain) and company see the outline of a dauntless figure in the center of the island.
Rackam: That wouldn't be...
Eugen: Yep, it's the master. It's you, Master!
Young Man: Ghandagoza!
Standing before the crew in the moonlight, Ghandagoza seems like a veritable god of destruction.
Ghandagoza: ...
Vyrn: Hey, the big old guy's face is twisted up like a demon. Are you sure he's okay?
Lyria: Gulp...
Seeming to sense someone's presence, Ghandagoza turns back and smiles at the party.
Ghandagoza: Relax! It is I, the master of the Eternal Rage Style, Ghandagozaaa!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha!
Rackam: Do you have any idea what we've just been through?
Rackam: The important thing is that you're okay, but...
Rackam: Why didn't you evacuate on the ship with everyone else?
Lyria: Yes! If anything happened to you...
Ghandagoza: Hmm? The idea of anything happening to me is—
Lyria: Ghandagoza! We were very worried about you. But you... you...
Ghandagoza: You're correct. I was too focused on myself.
Ghandagoza: Apologies, everyone.
Hearing Ghandagoza's words brings a smile of relief to (Captain) and the others.
One of the people present, however, furrows his brow.
Rackam: What's gotten into you?
Eugen: Nothing... There's just a little something on my mind.
Eugen's eyes dart over the scene, and he tilts his head curiously.
Eugen: That giant meteor... the ball of flame... There isn't a trace of an impact.
Rackam: Hahaha...
Rackam: Unbelievable. I refuse to believe it...
Eugen: You're thinkin' what I'm thinkin'...
Rackam: I told you I refuse to believe it!
As the islanders begin shuffling off the ship, they let out whoops of joy.
Village Elder: Wow... It's a miracle! As big as that meteor was, the village is still standing.
Villager 2: We can... still live here on the island? You mean that?
Villager 3: Darn tootin'! It's all thanks to those skyfarers.
Villager 1: Thank heaven, thank heaven!
Hearing the islanders' cheers, (Captain) and the rest of the crew are able to gather why Ghandagoza remained on the island.
Eugen: Master... Did you stay here on the island to protect the town?
Ghandagoza: For now what matters is that we help the town in whatever way we can.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha!
Ghandagoza laughs jovially but doesn't answer Eugen's question.
Since no trace of the colossal meteor remains, Ghandagoza must have destroyed it.
But there are no witnesses to confirm what actually happened.
In that sense what happened was like that of any other legends.
Rackam: Hey, Eugen! Does this mean we've got a new legend on our hands?
Eugen: You bet we do. I'll be sure to pass it on to future generations.
Eugen: I'll tell 'em tales of the old master that they'll never believe.
Eugen: Well, it'll be up to them whether they put any faith in the stories.
Rackam: Heh, I can't say that I want to, but I guess I have to believe...
Rackam: Believe in the legend of Ghandagoza, scion of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style.
In the days ahead, new legends are sure to be born...
Because Ghandagoza is not yet so old as to withdraw from the world and take on an apprentice.

Feel the Love!

Baotorda helps boys and girls working near a treacherous mountain road, but their father is furious at him for interfering with their upbringing. Baotorda is badly shaken, but Ghandagoza cheers him up, and the two of them level out the mountain road, much to the delight of the children.

(Captain) and company, who are on a mission to transport some goods, are walking down a steep mountain path.
Vyrn: Pant... Wheeze... Are we ever gonna get to that village? I'm starving.
Baotorda: Heh-heh. I know it's hard, but try to tough it out just a little longer. We're almost there.
Vyrn: Really? All right, Lyria! Let's find something to eat as soon as we get there!
Lyria: Yeah! Just hearing that makes me feel a bit better! Let's hurry!
But just as the reinvigorated crew is about to get going, the unlikely sound of wood splitting echoes from the nearby forest.
Baotorda: Huh? Let's go see what's going on.
Boy: Ugh... Hyah!
(Captain) and company head into the forest and find a boy struggling to split firewood with an axe that's too big for him.
Vyrn: Yikes! What's he thinking? He's wobbling all over the place with that thing!
Baotorda: Hold it, young man. It's dangerous to lift an axe that's too big for you. Let me take care of that.
Boy: No, thank you. This is really something I have to do myself. If I don't—
Baotorda: Heh-heh... Don't be silly, little one. Now hand me that axe.
Boy: Whoa!
Baotorda takes the axe from the boy.
Baotorda: Hyaaah!
The boy's eyes sparkle as he watches Baotorda make short work of the firewood.
Boy: Ha-ha! Thanks a lot, man!
Baotorda: No trouble at all. Do try to use an axe you can actually lift next time.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Baotorda sure looks pleased.
Vyrn: Heh-heh. Well, helping people is a hobby of his, right?
The crew resumes its journey down the steep mountain path toward the village but soon sees a girl washing clothes in the river.
Baotorda: Oh? What's a little girl doing in a monster-infested place like this?
Lyria: Whoa! There he goes.
Vyrn: Sheesh... What's the big hurry anyway? Well, Lyria, we better help out too!
Lyria: That's right!
As the crew continues down the mountain, Baotorda helps other boys and girls as well.
By the time all this work is done and the goods are finally delivered, night has fallen.
Vyrn: Oh, an apple!
Baotorda: Sorry, guys. I didn't really mean to rope you into all that and make you wait so long to eat.
Lyria: Munch, munch... Oh, it's nothing. Everyone seemed so grateful after all!
Vyrn: Munch, munch... Yeah! I mean, I was hungry and all, but there's nothing wrong with doing a good deed!
Baotorda: Heh-heh... Well, food always tastes better when you work for it. Let's take our time with dinner!
But someone interrupts (Captain) and company as they enjoy their meal.
Father: Hey! You're the ones, right? The guys who were helping kids in the mountains.
Baotorda: Indeed. Those mountains are dangerous, and those kids were having trouble.
Father: Damn... Why couldn't you just mind your own business?
Baotorda: What do you mean?
Father: Well, I'm their father, and you interfered with an important part of their upbringing.
Vyrn: Huh? What are you saying?
The father stares hard at the crew and then reveals that his wife died the other day.
He adds that he has no idea when he'll follow her, which is why he was trying to teach his children to fend for themselves.
Father: Are you guys getting this? Or do you plan to help my kids with their duties every day for the rest of their lives?
Baotorda: Forgive me. I had no idea you had anything like that in mind.
Father: Don't mention it. Everything's fine as long as you understand. I'm sorry to drag you through this even though you were just trying to be kind.
He sighs quietly and leaves the restaurant.
Meanwhile, Baotorda bites his lower lip and practically collapses into his chair.
That night Baotorda stares up at the sky alone.
Baotorda: Hmm... Forever pure, forever righteous. It seems I still have a ways to go to live up to that. A long ways.
Baotorda: Heh-heh... Mistaken kindness, huh? I'm such a meddler. Ha-ha.
Lyria: Oh dear... Baotorda looks pretty upset.
Vyrn: Hmm... We need to try to cheer him up... Huh?
A gigantic figure approaches the miserable-looking Baotorda, who's practically curled into the fetal position.
Ghandagoza: Ha-ha! What has the world come to when a Holy Knight is reduced to this? Get it together!
Baotorda: Huh? Ghandagoza?
Ghandagoza: All right, tell me what's on your mind.
Ghandagoza sits down next to Baotorda with a thud and stares at the side of the knight's face.
Baotorda: I was only trying to make those children happy. But now I have no idea what to do.
Baotorda: I feel like I can't do anything right anymore. Sigh...
Ghandagoza: Ha-ha! Are you really all the Holy Knights have to offer? You call that righteousness? How disappointing!
Baotorda: Hold it. I won't allow even you to make a mockery of the Holy Knights.
Ghandagoza: Oho? And what do you plan to do about it? You're just a little man who can't even walk his own path of justice!
Baotorda: I'm warning you. Don't make me take up my sword.
Baotorda, who was downcast until only moments ago, rises to bravely face Ghandagoza.
Baotorda: As a defender of justice, I would—
As Baotorda begins his speech, Ghandagoza claps his massive hand against the knight's back.
Baotorda: Oof!
Ghandagoza: Ha-ha! Now that's more like it! That's the hero I was lookin' for, Baotorda!
Baotorda: ...
Ghandagoza: Giving up doesn't suit you. I know your convictions run a lot deeper than that.
Ghandagoza: I've lived my entire life by my fists, but seein' you this way is almost enough to make me weep into them!
Ghandagoza: And that's why I know you should live for something you believe in! Ha-ha!
Baotorda: Heh-heh... So you say I should follow my path straight to its end. Was a truer maxim ever spoken?
Deeply impressed by Ghandagoza's words, Baotorda's eyes twinkle.
Baotorda: But how am I supposed to do that?
Baotorda's eyes continue to twinkle as he stares at Ghandagoza, waiting for the man's next words.
Ghandagoza: Ha-ha! Follow me!
Vyrn: Phew. It was touch and go for a minute there, but it looks like everything turned out all right.
Lyria: Yeah! But all that suspense made me hungry. Heh-heh.
Vyrn: Heh-heh. Me too. I say we head back to the inn and eat something!
Ghandagoza: With these fists nothing is impossible!
Baotorda: Hyaaah! Forever pure, forever righteous!
Ghandagoza: True greatness is not achieved in a day! Again!
Baotorda: Hyaaah! Forever pure, forever righteous!
Strange scraping sounds reverberate through the air for the rest of that night.
When the children head up the mountain the next morning to go about their duties, the once perilous mountain path is completely level.
Girl: The mountain path... How could this be, bro?
Boy: Ha-ha. Wow! But who in the world could have done this?
No one is there to respond to their questions, but the children find the sun smiling down at them that day.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
拳の声を聞けさすれば道は開かん Listen to your fists, and the path will be revealed.
迷えば拳をつきだせさればそこが道とならん When stuck, punch down the wall to open a path!
日々是れ修行ッ! Never skip training!
…無理はするな無理は死期を早める Stop going overboard. It'll do you in sooner or later.
まだまだ足りぬ! More, I can do more!
さあ語らおうぞ思う存分、拳でなッ! Shall we have a chat then... with our fists!
ガハハハ……なんのこれしきッ! Gahaha, you've gotta be kidding me!
どうれ、修行の成果を見せてやろうぞッ! Let's see how my training's coming along!
(主人公)、今のは良い拳だッ! Nice punch there, (Captain)!
(主人公)、見よ!これが拳というものぞ! Watch, (Captain), this is what fists are capable of.