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Official Profile

Age 12
Height 155 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Practicing his dances, gazing at scenery in peace and quiet
Likes Fried tofu, matcha
Dislikes Coffee, big dogs
Character Release
Kou from the event "Forgiveness and Gratitude" and "Kou and the Hollow Existence", that is currently still being held, appears as playable character in Dark element!
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 12歳
Height 155cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 舞の練習、静かに景色を眺めること
Likes おあげさん、抹茶
Dislikes 珈琲、大きな犬
Character Release
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy biiirthday tooo yooou!
Happy biiirthday tooo yooou!
Happy biiirthday, dear (Captain)!
Happy biiirthday tooo yooou!
Many happy returns, (Captain).
Gah... Singing in front of people is so embarrassing.
But to show my appreciation for you, no humiliation is too great.
I hope you'll let me celebrate every birthday with you from now on.
Hehe... You promise?


Happy birthday.
Just for today, I'll do anything you ask. Cooking, cleaning—you name it. Now, what would you like me to do?
Huh? You want me to go out with you for some cake?
But it's your special day today... Are you sure it's okay for me to tag along?
But I suppose it'd be rude of me to refuse. Let's go then!
At least allow me to sing and wish you happy birthday before we eat, all right?


(Captain)! How would you like to spend your special day this year?
Since you're the star today, let's do all the things that you want to do!
Hm? You want to ruffle my tail... and hug it while you sleep?
Oh, um... Sure. Of course it's okay. This is your day, after all.
But are you sure that's all you want?
That surprised me! You should warn me before you pounce on me like th—
(Captain)? Wha... You're already asleep?
You look so relaxed sleeping like that... Hehe. Oh well.
Happy birthday, (Captain).


Somehow you manage to become even more powerful every year.
You're nothing short of incredible, Captain. You inspire me.
And, well...
(At the same time, you're always ruffling up my tail like a pillow...)
(I guess that was on me for letting you... not that I don't like it or anything, just...)
(It feels like you're treating me the way I treat You...)
Ah, actually... Never mind! Get up once you've got your fill for today—it's your birthday party, after all.
Happy birthday, (Captain).


(Hmm... My tail's being used as a pillow again this year...)
(But (Captain) looks so happy cuddling up to it. Is it really that nice?)
Ah, sorry. It's just... You seem less adult than usual today.
Usually, you look so focused, being our leader and protecting all of us.
I guess even someone like you feels like being pampered sometimes.
If it's just for today... Or any day, really. Whenever you feel like you need a moment, you can come to me.
Haha, as long as you're fine with it.
Happy birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hm? My New Year's resolutions?
Let me see... To come into my own, I suppose.
I feel like I always need help from you, Yuel, and Societte. I'd like to stand on my own two feet.
Someday I hope people will be able to rely on me the same way I do on you.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to spending another year with you.
Since today's a special day, let me present you with a dance to wish you a smooth journey this year.
Kou poses gracefully with his sacred treasure, waving his arms elegantly and stepping into a light dance.
Whew... Hehe, how did you like it?
Yes, I decided not to go with the Ebon Dance and came up with something original instead.
I don't know if something I created myself will have much influence... but I put my all into dancing it.
Let's make this year a good one.


Happy New Year.
Did you know that the fox is seen as a good omen? I hear it's a respected creature in some regions...
And it seems the fox can bring good harvest, productivity, and business, as well as safety and personal growth.
Since you always treat us so well, (Captain), I'm sure that means you'll have many good things coming your way.
Thank you for always looking out for us. I'm really glad we were able to meet.
I'm looking forward to spending another year with you, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Say, do you remember when we first spent New Year's Day together?
And, well, do you think I've come into my own yet?
I just hope that I've been staying true to what You taught me.
And that I've done right by Yuel, Societte, and you, Captain.
Ah, ahahaha.... Something tells me I shouldn't stress too much over it.
Instead, I should focus on supporting you in every way I can this year as well.
I look forward to being in your care once again, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain)... Yawn...
Oh, sorry... Hahaha, I didn't realize I was so tired.
I've been spending the new year with Yuel, Societte, You, and Sui.
It's fun being with them, but you know how can they be.
You and Sui got excited and started running from festival to festival...
And then Yuel and Societte got lost... Hahaha, they're a real handful.
Choose: You're like everyone's older brother.
Huh? Not just to You... but all of them? Haha, really?
That's nice to hear. I guess that means I've matured, at least a little.
It's probably because I've spent so much time with you, hahaha...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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What is it, (Captain)? You called me over so suddenly—is something wrong?
Huh? A Valentine's Day present? Is this for me?
Ah! Um! S-sorry! I... wasn't expecting anything like this... I'm not sure what to do...
I... Thank you so much for thinking of me today!
This is the first Valentine I've ever received... I'll treasure it.


Huh, a present for me? Really?
Oh, right! Today's Valentine's Day!
Sorry... It completely slipped my mind, as silly as that sounds.
All the same, I'm grateful for your gift. Thank you.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I've already started practicing making your White Day gift. It has to be perfect.
You better look forward to it, okay?


This is... a present for Valentine's, isn't it?
Kou takes the present and ducks his head, covering his face with his hand.
This is the third time so I should be getting used to this...
But... I don't think I am.
Oh, please don't look at me. I'm pretty sure my face is getting all red...
(Captain) crouches down and peers up at Kou's face.
A gentle shade of pink colors Kou's cheeks as he continues to look flustered. Kou and the captain's eyes meet.
You sure like to tease, don't you, (Captain)...


You give me chocolate every year for Valentine's Day, right?
I just wanted you to know that it makes me happy... beyond words.
And that I will never, ever take it for granted.
Thank you for everything, (Captain).


What? You don't... have chocolate for me this year? Can I ask why?
Choose: I heard that you can't give foxes chocolate.
Not only foxes... But all canines, since it's poisonous to them?
I am not a fox! Sure, there was that whole thing with Ninetails, but that has nothing to do with this!
Does Ninetails even count as a fox? Not that it matters! I've had chocolate before! I can eat chocolate!
Choose: Haha, did you want it that badly?
Ah! You were just teasing me, weren't you?
Don't be mean... Of course I want it. It's proof of your feelings toward me...

White Day Cutscenes
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Um... (Captain)? I'm sure you're aware that today is White Day.
And so... I have a gift for you, to thank you for your valentine.
I made these myself, with Yuel and Societte's guidance.
I'm not sure how they taste though... So there's some store-bought chocolate in there as well.
Hahaha... This is embarrassing. I'm going to practice my candy-making skills so that next year I can give you something I'm sure you'll like.


(Captain), happy White Day!
Hehe. Didn't expect me to be so enthusiastic, huh?
I was so excited to give you your present that I was twisting and turning all night long. So when I finally saw you, it just all came out.
This year I made your gift myself. Yuel helped me with the flavors, while Societte taste tested it.
I hope you like it, (Captain)!


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
This year, You helped me make these, so I'm certain they're even better than last year's!
We just finished making them, so they're deliciously fresh!
Choose: You've got cream on you.
What? Oh!
Ahaha... Actually, when You and I gave the desserts a taste, they were so good that we couldn't help but eat a few ourselves...
(Captain) wipes the cream off Kou's face with a finger, then proceeds to taste it.
H-huh? (Captain)!
If you're going to taste it, eat these ones! You're just like You!
Hnngh... I almost thought you were going to eat me... Now I feel weird.


Here, Captain. I made you some candies for White Day.
By hand, of course.
Why candy?
Hmm, I...
Hehe, who knows?
There may or may not be a specific reason for it. See if you can figure it out later.
And you know what would go great with them? Some tea—I've just happened to come across some good leaves too.
Let's enjoy them together, one at a time.


I planned to pay you back for what you did on Valentine's Day, but...
I can't do it! I don't have it in me to tease you over my feelings.
I'm sorry. It's nothing elaborate, but here...
Choose: I'm the one who's sorry.
I-it's okay! I don't... hate being teased.
Choose: Then I'll have to do it more.
Urk... J-just don't go too far, okay?

Chocolate Biscuits
4th year:
Colorful Hard Candies
5th year:
Colorful Hard Candies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

I thought it was strangely bustling around here. So it's Halloween, eh?
Well, I don't have a costume ready, so I won't be participating, but...
Wow... You seem to really be in the spirit though, (Captain).
What? Candy? I'm afraid I don't have any on me. Wait... Don't tell me...
Yeep! Yahahaha! N-no! Stop that!
N-not under my arms! I'm really ticklish there! P-please! I'm sorry I didn't have any candy for you! Mercyyy!


Today is Halloween, isn't it? You certainly seem ready for it, all dressed up in your costume.
I-I prepared a lot of candy, so no tricks this year!
Huh? Wait, why are you looking so sad? That's not fair. It's almost like I did something bad...
Ngh... Oh, fine... If you were looking forward to it that much, then you can play your tricks on me.
What the... Your expression sure changed really fast!
Hey! No, wait, that's too—
Wait! Just... take it easy on me, okay? Okay?


Happy Halloween...
Say, today's not just a day for treats and pranks... but also a day on which the spirits of the dead... can come back... right?
Oh, no, it's not that I'm scared... or anything...
I'm sorry... To be truthful, it does sound a little eerie to me... So, um...
Would it be all right if... I stayed beside you for today?


Happy Halloween, Captain. Everyone in town's all dressed up tonight.
It's strange, isn't it? Zombies and monsters... Normally I'd find them creepy.
When I'm with You, I put aside those feelings and put on a brave face.
But when I'm with you, (Captain), it's the opposite for some reason.
So, well... would you mind if I stayed by your side this year too? And could you maybe hold my hand?


Wheeze... Pant... Ah, (Captain)! You have to hide me, please!
Yuel, Societte, You, and Sui are chasing me! They're in costume, so you might not recognize them right away!
I gave them candy like they asked for, but they ate all of it on the spot and asked for more. I didn't have any, so they tried to trick me!
You and Sui just followed Yuel and Societte's lead... I can't believe they're such a bad influence on You.
(Captain) pats Kou on the head, attempting to calm him down.
The moment Kou relaxes, (Captain) grabs him tight and traps him in place.
Choose: 確保!
I can't believe this... You're on their side?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Look, (Captain), look! There was a present waiting for me by my pillow!
Is this the work of that Santa Claus everyone's been telling me about?
I didn't sense even a whisper of a presence all night... This Santa Claus must be one incredible martial artist to move so stealthily...
Hehe... Analysis aside, I really am terribly happy.
Someday I'll discover who this Santa Claus really is, so I can thank him properly.


Oh, (Captain). I'm almost done decorating for the party.
Last year was my first time going to a celebration on the holy night...
It's kind of nice sitting with everyone at the table and eating together, isn't it? Almost like we're one big family.
I decided to help out with the decorations so we can have another nice celebration this year! Take your time to look around later, okay?


(Captain), would you like to make an igloo together?
I was thinking we could change things up this year and have our winter celebration inside an igloo instead.
Yes, of course I'll invite Yuel, Societte, and You. It'll be a lively party—
Huh? You want... to try celebrating with just the two of us?
Ahaha, of course I'm not against the idea. Quite the opposite, actually... Heheh.
Let's keep this a secret from everyone, okay?


(Captain), it's snowing. Aren't you cold?
If you want, you could use my tail to keep warm.
It's not as fluffy as Yuel's or Societte's, but it should be enough to keep you comfortable.
If you want, you could use it to keep you warm while you sleep too.
Hehe, did I get you?
I-I mean, I guess it's not like it'd be the first time or anything... Ahaha...
I don't mind, (Captain). Not if it's you, at least. Hehe.
I'm already blessed enough to have spent another year together with you. Happy holidays, (Captain).


You know about Santa Claus, right?
I did a bit of sneaking around, and...
I found out that Yuel and Societte prepared presents for You, Sui, and me!
Wouldn't this mean Santa is really Yuel and Societte? But they don't look anything like how he's described...
Maybe there's multiple Santas? That would explain why we get so many presents every year.
What? You think I'm still like a child at times...
Sheesh... Try to take this seriously, won't you? Or else I won't let you stay the night with me this year.
Just kidding. I've still got questions, but I'd rather spend the holy night having fun with you.
Happy holidays, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Kou Makes a Promise

Yuel, Societte, (Captain), and the crew head to Mimaka to find a cure for the curse that has robbed Kou of the use of his legs. While Societte and Yuel go on ahead, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn stop into a teahouse with Kou, who is feeling feverish. (Captain) feeds Kou some shaved ice, much to his embarrassment. Kou promises to join their journey once he is cured.

Kou is the descendant of a long-lost royal family.
Raised to be nothing more than a vessel for the resurrection of Ninetails, Kou encountered (Captain) and the crew on an island called Akino.
The crew freed him from Ninetails's grasp, and, by combining their powers, Kou, Yuel, and Societte managed to banish the monster who had killed their ancestors.
Kou set out on a journey to correct the falsified accounts of Ninetails's benevolence which his own family, the ninth, had spread.
Some time has passed since then.
Kou: Urgh... I've hit rock bottom...
Kou is currently receiving the dubious honor of a piggyback ride.
Yuel: Easy, li'l man. I know yer rarin' to soak yer tail. You'll getcher chance soon enough.
Kou: I'm not pining for the hot springs... I'm humiliated.
Kou: Which you know full well. You're just a big bully... Stop treating me like a kid already.
Societte: Yeah, that's right, Yuel. Just for bein' such a big meanie, I'm gonna take Kou away from ya.
Kou: Societte... Please don't use that as an excuse to carry me around like a knapsack.
The three royal descendants, Yuel, Societte, and Kou, are visiting the secret island of Mimaka, whose hot springs supposedly have the power to lift curses.
Kou was hit with a curse several days earlier which robbed him of the use of his legs, and the group hopes to find the cure here.
However, they are having a devil of a time actually locating these blessed springs.
Vyrn: This is a pretty big town... Wanna just grab one of the locals and ask directions?
Kou: Nhh... I suppose so. Maybe that... would be best.
Lyria: Are you okay, Kou? You look pale.
Kou: Hm? Oh... Now that you mention it, I do feel a little feverish...
Yuel: Don't be a hero, Kou! Is the curse rampin' up?
Kou: I think I'm just tired from the trip... It's not the curse. I'm fine.
Societte: No, you should rest. Yuel and I can keep lookin' for the hot springs.
Yuel: (Captain), you take care o' Kou, 'kay? We'll be back in two shakes!
Kou: Whoa!
Yuel slides Kou off her back and plops him into (Captain)'s waiting arms. That done, she and Societte are already hurrying away.
(Captain) stands there for a moment, holding a bundle of perplexed Kou, then decides to make a pit stop at a nearby teahouse.
The captain carefully sets Kou down in a chair before grabbing the seat beside him.
Kou: I can't believe (Captain) had to carry me... I'm so embarrassed...
Vyrn: Boy, do you pick the wrong things to get hung up on. Are you feelin' all right?
Kou: I still feel a little warm... I'm sure I'll feel better once I've cooled down a bit. Please don't worry.
Lyria: Hmm... Still... There must be something we can do to help...
Searching around for inspiration, Lyria's eyes light on the menu mounted on the wall.
Lyria: "Now serving shaved ice."
Kou: Shaved ice? So they serve that on Mimaka too.
Kou: I tried some green tea-flavored shaved ice once on my travels. It was quite good.
Lyria: Green tea flavor? Coming right up! C'mon, Vyrn and (Captain)!
Kou: Huh? W-wait, I—
The trio hurry off to buy some frozen treats.
Lyria: Ta-daaah! Green tea-flavored shaved ice just for you! And look! It came with red bean and mochi ball toppings!
Kou: Ahaha... You really didn't have to go to so much trouble... But thank you.
Kou: It looks delicious. Oh, um... is there a spoon?
Kou looks around and notices one in (Captain)'s hand.
Kou: Oh, you brought one for me.
Kou reaches out.
But (Captain) pulls the spoon out of his reach and instead uses it to scoop up some shaved ice.
Kou: Huh?
Kou: Oh... Oh no...
  1. Say "ahh" for me!
  2. Mmm, delicious!

Choose: Say "ahh" for me!
Kou: I knew it! Please don't do this! I can eat on my own! Look! My hands are perfectly fine!
(Captain) ignores the flustered boy's protests and lifts the spoon to his lips.
Kou: Nngh... I see you won't take no for an answer.
Kou: Very well. I accept my fate.
Kou: You... big bully...

Choose: Mmm, delicious!
Kou: Huh?
The spoon sails toward Kou's lips... only to make a midair course correction and zoom into (Captain)'s mouth.
Kou: (I... I thought for sure (Captain) was going to hand-feed me that shaved ice.)
(Captain) can't help but laugh at Kou's confusion.
Kou realizes he's being teased simply for the pleasure of getting a rise out of him.
Kou: You... You're just a big bully, (Captain)...
(Captain) apologizes and scoops up another spoonful, offering it to Kou.
Kou: It's... it's not that I wanted you to feed it to me...
Kou: But are you really going to let me eat it this time?
Continue 1
Kou: Ah... Aahh...
Kou: Mm... That combination of bitter and sweet... The chewy mochi... It's delicious.
A pacified Kou allows (Captain) to feed him the rest of the dessert.
Kou: Phew...
Vyrn: Did that bring down your fever at all?
Kou: W-well... My face still feels hot. But that's (Captain)'s fault.
Kou: I'm breathing easier though... Yes, I think I'm fine now.
Kou: I really am just being taken care of left and right.
Kou: I feel terrible.
Lyria: You shouldn't think that way! You'd do the same for any of us!
Kou: No, I'm sorry... That's not what I meant.
Kou: It's not that I hate being taken care of.
Vyrn: Then what's the problem?
Kou: I'd been thinking that when I next caught up with all of you, I'd like to join you on your journey.
Kou: I was hoping for the opportunity to repay all your help and kindness.
Kou: But with my legs in this condition, that's not going to happen. That's what's depressing me.
  1. It'll be all right, Kou.

Choose: It'll be all right, Kou.
Kou: What?
Lyria: That's right, Kou! Don't worry! We're going to get you back on your feet!
Vyrn: Yeah, don't worry your fuzzy little face about it! Your big sisters and the three of us have got your back!
Kou: You guys...
Lyria: Once your legs are back to normal and we settle this whole mess, you have to come along on our journey! Promise me!
Kou: Haha... You're a force to be reckoned with...
Kou: Yes, of course. I give you my word.
Lyria: All right! Hehehe.
Kou locks pinkies with Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) in turn to seal the deal.
Their kindness puts a genuine smile on the young boy's face.

Step Up, Big Bro

As they work to help out the residents of Mimaka, Kou and You begin to get along like real siblings. Later, the two hatch a plan to use the skills they learned working at a hot spring inn to thank the crew for all their help.

Thanks to (Captain) and the others, the curse You laid on Kou is lifted, and Kou is once again able to walk around freely.
They manage to free You from Ninetails's control after years of the demon preying on her mind and corrupting her actions. Together, the royal descendants defeat Ninetails.
Kou and You settle their differences, and Kou supports You every step of the way as she makes amends for her actions toward the people of Mimaka.
The two work at the hot spring inn to repay You's debt to the town. Living and toiling side by side strengthens their bond until they seem like siblings.
Time slips by, and Kou and You leave the island as official members of (Captain)'s crew. One day, aboard the Grandcypher, Kou calls You to his room for a chat.
Kou: Promise me you'll keep what I'm about to say just between the two of us.
You: Gahaha! Sounds like you've got some mischief in mind. That's not like you.
Kou: Don't twist my words. You've got it backward.
You: Oh yeah?
Kou: Hahaha. How would you like to join me in repaying my debt to (Captain) and the others?
Kou: They've saved my tail in two battles with Ninetails now. I want to show my gratitude properly.
You: Debts? Gratitude? Gahaha... What're you talking about?
You: Not! I'll do it! I'm in! All the way! Pssht. As if I'd do anything else!
You: I was just wondering how I could say thanks to Sis Yuel, Sis Societte, (Captain), and the others!
Kou: Hehe, good. With you by my side, I know I can do it.
You: But... What're we gonna do?
Kou: Think about it. What skills have we recently acquired?
You: Uh... Oh! We got good at speed-eating fried tofu!
Kou: What? No! When did I do that with you?
Kou: C'mon, think! What did we both learn to do while working at the inn?
You: Oh! Hostility!
Kou: Hospitality! We learned all the techniques! Cooking! Clean-up! Drink service! Even new dances!
Kou: You knew what I was talking about, didn't you? You're just messing with me.
You: Gahahaha! Sorry, sorry. You get so hot under the collar, I can't resist.
You: But you need a lotta prep to give someone that kinda welcome.
You: We wouldn't be able to set it up on the Grandcypher without them noticing. The cat'd be outta the bag before you even closed it.
Kou: That's true... Let's talk with the innkeeper about it.
Kou: She might have a large enough room she'd let us use.
You: You're so smart! That way, we can meet up with everybody from Mimaka too! Let's go, let's go!
The two children excitedly discuss their plans to throw a party for (Captain) and the others.
Then they do their best to suggest setting a course for Mimaka, without revealing their hospitable intent.

Step Up, Big Bro: Scene 2

Kou and You ask the owner of the inn they once worked at to lend them a room, but the only one available has been sealed shut for decades. The kids venture inside and find a surprisingly luxurious room, but they are soon assailed by supernatural phenomena and find themselves unable to leave.

When the Grandcypher makes port in Mimaka, Kou and You slip away to visit the hot spring inn.
They explain their plans to the owner.
Innkeeper: How nice of you kids to want to repay your friends' kindness. I'd be happy to lend the two of you a room...
Innkeeper: If only I had one to spare.
Innkeeper: We're in the middle of peak season, and I don't have a single open room, I'm afraid.
Kou: Oh...
Innkeeper: Sorry I can't help you out, kids...
Kou: Oh no, that's all right! I'm sorry to make such an unreasonable request when you're so busy.
You: ...
Kou: Hm? What are you looking at, You?
You: That corner room over there...
You: The whole time we were working here, even when the rest of the inn was packed, that room always stayed empty, remember?
Kou: That's right, now that you mention it. But if the inn is booked solid, then I'm sure that one—
Innkeeper: It's vacant.
Kou: What? It is?
You: Then! Then! Can we borrow that one? Pretty please?
Innkeeper: Mm... I don't know...
Innkeeper: You see, no one has opened the door to that room since looong before I was even born. I don't know why.
Innkeeper: It spooks me, so I've always kept it locked up tight.
Kou: An eternally sealed room... That is spooky.
You: Is it? It's just locked. What's the big deal about a plain ol' room?
Innkeeper: Perhaps... But even so, it hasn't been cleaned for decades, so I'm sure it's filthy.
You: Hey, no problem! With me and Bro Kou on the job, we'll have it spick-and-span in a flash!
Innkeeper: Hmm... I suppose it couldn't hurt for you just to take a look. If you decide you want to use it, you're welcome to it.
Kou: Really? Thank you so much!
You: We did it! Now we can show everyone how much we appreciate them!
Kou: Hehehe, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First we have to see if the room is in usable condition.
The two children take the room key from the innkeeper.
You's ears and fluffy tails are pricked up excitedly as she trots after Kou.
But the moment the door opens, the smile slides off her face.
You: Wha...
Beyond that door is another one.
The second door is festooned with magical wards and chained shut, locked with a heavy padlock.
Kou: It's all sealed up...
As if in response to Kou's voice, the lock shatters and the chains crash to the floor.
You: Whoa!
Kou: I-it's okay. The lock must have been really old and rusty. It's just a coincidence that it happened to break right then. Must be.
You: Aha... Gahaha... Sure. That makes sense...
You: B-Bro Kou... Y'think the door opening by itself is because it's old too?
Kou: Heh... Of course. Must be. Um. Let's take a look inside.
Kou: (Well, it is dusty, but it's such an elegant room... And large too.)
The luxurious room takes Kou by surprise. Together, he and You step inside.
Careful of his companion, who is almost glued to his side, Kou inspects the room to determine its suitability for their purposes.
Kou: (Neither the floorboards nor the tabletops look rotten, and none of the windows are cracked... The furniture all seems to be in good shape too.)
Kou: After all those chains and wards, I wasn't sure what we'd find, but... it certainly looks all right.
You: Y-you think? I've been getting a nasty feeling from this place since we walked in...
Kou: Nasty? How so?
You: Well, look. That picture, for example...
With a trembling finger, You points to a painting hanging on the wall.
You: Aaaahhh!
Kou: It's okay, You! Please, calm down! This is just another c-coinci—
Kou's words die in his throat.
In the spot where the picture hung are another host of wards just like the ones stuck to the door.
Kou: Th-those...
You: Yeeek! Bro Koouu! S-something fell out of it!
Kou: H-hair... And there's so much of it... Where did it all come from?
You: Aaaggghh! Look, look, looook! Th-that d-doll just blinked!
Kou: What on earth is going on here! What is this!
Laughing Voice: Hee hee hee heeee...
You: What was that! Who's there! Show yourself!
Laughing Voice: Hee hee hee heeee...
You: What're you laughing at! No more! I can't take any more of this!
You: We gotta get outta here! Let's beat it, Bro Kou!
Kou: Y-yes... I think that's best...
Kou: ...
Kou: Ah... You? Did you close the door?
You: No! Why would I ever do that!
Kou: Oh no...
The door seems to have closed on its own. Kou reaches for the knob.
Kou: I-it won't open...

Step Up, Big Bro: Scene 3

Night falls with no hope of rescue or escape. Kou comforts the terrified You, but when she realizes he's hiding his own fears to do it, You puts on a brave face too. When Kou notices that the ghost seems to take pleasure in scaring You, he loses his temper and attacks the spirit.

Kou and You try desperately to open the door, but to no avail.
They call for help, but no matter how loud they yell, there's no response from the other side.
As they labor to find some means of escape, the sun sets, leaving them trapped in the dark in this uncanny room.
You looks to be on the verge of tears.
You: Yeek! Th-there it goes again! Did you hear that?
You: Eeeyaaah!
Hee hee hee hee!
You: Whimper...
What is it? What is it!
Kou: You...
Kou gently pats You's head.
Kou: Look at me, You.
You: Huh?
Kou: Come on. Listen to my voice and look at my face. Can you do that for me?
You: Y-yeah... Sniff... I can... do that...
Kou: Good job, You. Hehehe. You're a good girl.
You: Wh-what're you doing! Quit patting my head!
Kou: Do you want ear scritches instead? You've been handling this so well, you deserve some attention.
You: I'm fine! Knock it off! Stop acting like Sis Yuel and Sis Societte! What's your problem!
Cheeks pink, You peers angrily at Kou.
Which is when she notices how stiff his expression is, and the minute shaking of his shoulders.
You: (Is he scared too?)
You: (So why did he suddenly start saying all that nice stuff about me?)
You: (Was he just... trying to make me feel better? Even though he was scared himself?)
You: (Geez... He's busting his tail for me, and here I am jumping at every little noise...)
You: Hey... sorry. Thanks. I'm... gonna be fine!
Kou: Really? You don't have to pretend for me.
You: Yeah, I'm good! Those bumps in the night are only putting half my hair on end now!
You: All right, Bro Kou! Let's put our heads together and figure our way outta here! Just act like you don't even hear that—
A cold breeze whispers down You's back and she freezes.
She turns around stiffly.
Laughing Spirit: Hee hee hee...
You: Meep! I can see it now! Auuugh, this is even worse! Save me!
You bursts into tears once more and hides behind Kou.
Laughing Spirit: Hee hee hee hee hee!
Kou: (That's the same voice we've been hearing...)
Kou: (I swear it was only when You screamed that I heard that laughter...)
Kou: Are you enjoying scaring You like that?
Laughing Spirit: Hee hee hee hee hee!
Kou: You lousy bully! Stay away from her!

Step Up, Big Bro: Scene 4

With the ghost defeated, Kou and You are able to leave the room, which no longer seems haunted. They invite the crew there to show them some hospitality. At the end of the evening, Kou warms (Captain)'s futon, and ends up being drafted as a bed warmer for the rest of the night. The two sleep well, shielding each other from the cold.

Laughing Spirit: Yeeee!
With a gurgling, otherworldly screech, the ghost succumbs to Kou's attacks and fades from existence.
That very moment, the door opens.
Kou: You... guys!
Yuel: Kou! You!
Societte: Are y'all all right? Are you hurt...? You look okay... Oh, thank goodness!
You: Sis Yuel! Sis Societte!
Yuel: Y'all really had us worried! One minute ya were there—the next ya were gone. We waited an' waited, but ya never came back.
Kou: I'm sorry... But how did you know where to find us?
Societte: We had a hunch you might head to the inn, so we came looking.
Societte: Then the owner told us you'd gone into that room and hadn't come out...
Vyrn: Even with all of us pulling together, we couldn't get the door open. That really threw us for a loop. What the heck happened in here?
Kou: Well...
Kou relates everything that happened after they broke the seal on the long-unopened room.
Lyria: That's so awful... You must have been so scared!
You: Sniffle... Bro Kou... If you hadn't been here with me, I...
Societte: There, there... Kou took good care of you, didn't he? And you were very brave, You.
  1. I'm proud of you, Kou.

Choose: I'm proud of you, Kou.
Kou: ...!
(Captain) gently pats Kou's head.
The dam finally breaks, and tears spill down Kou's cheeks.
Kou: H-huh?
Sniff... Whimper...
Yuel: Kou... You really hung in there for your li'l sis, didn'tcha?
Kou: Sob...
I was... really scared too... I thought we'd never get out...
(Captain) folds the crying boy in a warm embrace.
Kou: Waaahhh!
Yuel: Easy, li'l man... You did real good today.
The crew lets the two children cry themselves out, then brings them back to the ship.
A few days later, Kou and You screw their courage to the sticking place and pay another visit to the sealed room.
All traces of supernatural activity seem to have vanished. The wards, the piles of hair, and the dolls are nowhere to be seen.
The children clean every inch of the room, then invite the crew over.
Shortly after (Captain) and the others settle in, they hear knocking at the door.
Kou & You: Excuse us.
Kou and You quietly push open the door and kneel in front of their guests.
Kou: Thank you for visiting our inn. We are thrilled that you accepted our invitation. My name is Kou, and it will be my pleasure to look after you during your stay.
You: And my name is You.
Kou: We hope to offer you a relaxing experience that will clear your minds and lift your spirits. Please take your ease and allow us to tend to your every need.
You: These sweets are our specialty. I hope you like them. They're freakin'... uh... they're extremely delicious.
Kou: Hehehe... If you'll excuse us, we must go prepare your meal.
Kou and You bow to the crew, then withdraw from the room without rising to their feet.
Yuel: Oh, geez, I... Lookit 'em bein' so formal... They're so cute I'm gonna cry!
Societte: They've grown... so much...
Vyrn: Yeesh, give 'em a chance to show off a little before you break down blubbering. I know you're proud big sisters, but this is ridiculous.
Kou and You pull out all the stops to take care of their guests.
The pair serves the crew food and drink and entertains them with dances in between courses.
At last, night falls. The guests climb into the futons You and Kou lay out.
Relaxed by a day of pampering, the crew falls into a deep, restful slumber.
All but (Captain), who remains wakeful, perhaps because of the unfamiliar surroundings. The captain decides to take a stroll.
When the night air has done its work, (Captain) returns to the room.
Kou: Welcome back.
Kou is waiting in the captain's futon.
Kou: It's a little cold outside, so I kept it warm for you.
Kou: Were you having trouble sleeping without a teddy bear? Need me to fill in?
Kou: Hehe... Oh, I'm only kidding. That's what you get for teasing me all the time.
Kou: Well then, it's time for me to—
Before Kou can climb out from under the blanket, (Captain) slips in alongside him.
Kou: Wha! Wait a second, (Captain)!
Kou: I was only joking! You're so pushy...
Kou: W-well, fine. I guess if you need my help getting to sleep then it's my duty. Don't tell anyone though, all right?
Kou resigns himself to his fate as (Captain)'s teddy bear.
Kou: (Captain)... Did you enjoy our hospitality today?
Kou: I hope we managed to return some fraction of the kindness you always show us.
Kou: (Captain)?
Kou: Are you asleep? Don't tell me you passed out the moment you put your head down...
Kou: W-wake up...
Wow... (Captain)'s really sawing wood... So I guess that means... we really did manage to provide some stress relief?
With a small, proud smile, Kou nestles in beside (Captain) and closes his eyes.
Secure beside someone he trusts so much, Kou, too, sleeps deeply.
A little too deeply.
His guard thoroughly lowered, Kou oversleeps, and Yuel, Societte, and You all catch him snuggling with (Captain).
Faced with a storm of jealousy, the popular young man is obliged to play teddy bear for his sisters as well.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
桜、好きなんですよ今度、お花見しませんか? I love cherry blossoms... Would you like to go see them with me?
僕ですら知らないことが王家にあるだなんて…… There was so much more to the royal families' history than even I knew...
九尾はしつこいやつですまた何かしてくるかも…… Ninetails is nothing if not tenacious. She might come back some day...
ユエルさんとソシエさんが僕の姉なら、ヨウは妹です If Yuel and Societte are my big sisters, then You must be my little sister.
黯之舞の派生……ヨウと一緒に作ろうかな Maybe You and I can come up with a new version of Ebon Dance together.
舞の練習をするにはいい日かもしれません What a perfect day for dance practice.
後でみんなを誘ってお茶でも飲もうかな…… I think I'll invite everyone to a tea party after this.
(主人公)さん……ふふ、信頼してますよ Hehe... I trust you, (Captain).
(主人公)さん、僕の舞、見ますか? (Captain)... Would you like to watch me dance?
目障りです Get out of my sight.


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