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ZoE x Granblue Fantasy

08:00 UTC, August 24, 201817:00 JST, August 24, 2018
16:59 JST, September 25, 2018

Xeno Sagittarius Clash
08:00 UTC, September 23, 201817:00 JST, September 23, 2018
20:59 JST, September 29, 2018


Icon New Content.png New Main Quests

  • Chapters 113-114 added.


Character Balance Updates

Icon Bonus Debuff Resist.png Updated Characters
Rarity SSR.png
Npc s 3040017000 01.jpgAgielba
Npc s 3040070000 01.jpgBeatrix
Npc s 3040134000 01.jpgDorothy and Claudia
Npc s 3040061000 01.jpgFeena
Npc s 3040091000 01.jpgHeles (Summer)
Npc s 3040054000 01.jpgKatalina (Grand)
Npc s 3040011000 01.jpgMagisa
Npc s 3040107000 01.jpgMahira
Npc s 3040089000 01.jpgNarmaya (Summer)
Npc s 3040111000 01.jpgOrchid
Npc s 3040041000 01.jpgSara
Npc s 3040039000 01.jpgTien
Npc s 3040105000 01.jpgYuisis
Npc s 3040028000 01.jpgZeta
Npc s 3040056000 01.jpgZeta (Summer)
Npc s 3040150000 01.jpgZooey
Rarity SR.png
Npc s 3030231000 01.jpgZeta (Event)

ZenithAtk.png Updated Extended Mastery Skills

Bishop gran square.pngBishop
Hawkeye gran square.pngHawkeye
Bandit Tycoon gran square.pngBandit Tycoon
Superstar gran square.pngSuperstar
Valkyrie gran square.pngValkyrie
Bishop djeeta square.pngBishop
Hawkeye djeeta square.pngHawkeye
Bandit Tycoon djeeta square.pngBandit Tycoon
Superstar djeeta square.pngSuperstar
Valkyrie djeeta square.pngValkyrie


Icon New Objects.png New Characters

Npc m 3040182000 01.jpgNpc m 3030252000 01.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Arachne icon.jpg
Macho Hunter Weapon icon.jpg


Icon New Content.png New Side Story

Story L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G..png
Draw Promotions

Banner starlegend 111 1.png

09:59 UTC, September 25, 201818:59 JST, September 25, 2018
Banner 4m5i868x 4.png
09:59 UTC, September 23, 201818:59 JST, September 23, 2018

Element changes every day as follows:
Icon Element Fire.png Icon Element Water.png Icon Element Earth.png Icon Element Wind.png Icon Element Light.png Icon Element Dark.png

Upcoming Events
New Story Event
September 30th - October 8th

In September

Between Frost and Flame
In October

Futari wa Precure Collaboration
In October

Unite and Fight
Wind Bosses
November 16th - 23rd

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Extreme Trial, The Wasteland Trial, 1521921600, , , ,
Showdown, Ifrit Showdown, 1534190400, Sagittarius Showdown, 1538222340, ,
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Icon Renown Pendant.pngRenown
Icon Prestige Pendant.pngPrestige
Arcapoint square.pngArcapoint
Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, September 23, 201805:00 JST, September 24, 2018

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Content & Progression:


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