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New Skyfarer Special!
News New Skyfarer Special 1.png
20:00 UTC, March 23, 201805:00 JST, March 24, 2018
16:59 JST, April 8, 2018

08:00 UTC, March 24, 201817:00 JST, March 24, 2018
16:59 JST, April 8, 2018
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Gw campaign 06.pngNews 3rd anniversary 6.png
News 3rdanniversary 9.png
Side Story Campaign
Half quest.png
  • Half off Side Story AP costs
  • Half off Side Story Treasure Trade costs
  • Campaign
    08:00 UTC, March 10, 201817:00 JST, March 10, 2018
    16:59 JST, April 17, 2018
Current Events What's New?

Xeno Corow Clash

08:00 UTC, March 18, 201817:00 JST, March 18, 2018
16:59 JST, March 24, 2018

Robomi: Generations
08:00 UTC, March 24, 201817:00 JST, March 24, 2018
20:59 JST, March 30, 2018


Icon New Content.png New Raids

BattleRaid Metatron Impossible.pngBattleRaid Avatar Impossible.png

Icon New Objects.png New Weapons

Mittron's Bow icon.jpg
Mittron's Gauntlet icon.jpg
Mittron's Treasured Blade icon.jpg
Ridill icon.jpg
Abyss Striker icon.jpg
Abyss Spine icon.jpg
Abyss Gaze icon.jpg
Lunatic Broom icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Sword icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Dagger icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Fork icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Reaper icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Staff icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Blaster icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Duke icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Bow icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Harp icon.jpg
Sephira Emerald Blade icon.jpg

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Final Uncap

Summon m 2040047000 02.jpg
Luminiera Bhuj Omega icon.jpg
Luminiera Bolt Omega icon.jpg
Luminiera Harp Omega icon.jpg
Luminiera Sword Omega icon.jpg
Summon m 2040046000 02.jpg
Celeste Claw Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Harp Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Horn Omega icon.jpg
Celeste Zaghnal Omega icon.jpg
Justice (SSR) icon.jpg
The Hanged Man (SSR) icon.jpg
Death (SSR) icon.jpg
Temperance (SSR) icon.jpg
The Devil (SSR) icon.jpg
The Tower (SSR) icon.jpg
The Star (SSR) icon.jpg
The Moon (SSR) icon.jpg
The Sun (SSR) icon.jpg
Judgement (SSR) icon.jpg

Icon New Objects.png New Classes

Glorybringer gran icon.jpgGlorybringer djeeta icon.jpg
Nekomancer gran icon.jpgNekomancer djeeta icon.jpg

ZenithSupportSkill.png New Character EMP Support Skills

Rarity SSR.png
Npc s 3040148000 01.jpgIlsa
Npc s 3040140000 01.jpgLancelot (Wind)
Npc s 3040143000 01.jpgMary (Holiday)
Npc s 3040146000 01.jpgVaseraga (Earth)
Rarity SR.png
Npc s 3030199000 01.jpgAyer (Summer)
Npc s 3030203000 01.jpgBlazing Teacher Elmott
Npc s 3030200000 01.jpgCarren (Event)
Npc s 3030192000 01.jpgCharlotta (Event)
Npc s 3030198000 01.jpgCharlotta (Summer)
Npc s 3030202000 01.jpgChloe (Summer)
Npc s 3030201000 01.jpgGhandagoza (Summer)
Npc s 3030204000 01.jpgGrea (Event)
Npc s 3030196000 01.jpgJamil (Dark)
Npc s 3030207000 01.jpgOwen
Npc s 3030190000 01.jpgPredator
Npc s 3030209000 01.jpgSarya
Npc s 3030191000 01.jpgSevastien
Npc s 3030197000 01.jpgWalder (Event)

ZenithAtk.png New Extended Mastery Skills

Chaos Ruler gran square.pngChaos Ruler
Chaos Ruler djeeta square.pngChaos Ruler
Nighthound gran square.pngNighthound
Nighthound djeeta square.pngNighthound
Apsaras gran square.pngApsaras
Apsaras djeeta square.pngApsaras
Sword Master gran square.pngSword Master
Sword Master djeeta square.pngSword Master
Gunslinger gran square.pngGunslinger
Gunslinger djeeta square.pngGunslinger
Mystic gran square.pngMystic
Mystic djeeta square.pngMystic
Assassin gran square.pngAssassin
Assassin djeeta square.pngAssassin
Drum Master gran square.pngDrum Master
Drum Master djeeta square.pngDrum Master
Dancer gran square.pngDancer
Dancer djeeta square.pngDancer
Mechanic gran square.pngMechanic
Mechanic djeeta square.pngMechanic

Draw Promotions
09:59 UTC, March 26, 201818:59 JST, March 26, 2018

Banner skin 3.png

02:59 UTC, March 31, 201811:59 JST, March 31, 2018

Upcoming Events
Detective Barawa: The Jewel Resort Incident
March 28th -

New Story Event
March 31st - April 8th

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm For Some Reasons
Late March

April 1st -

Detective Conan Collaboration
Mid April

Unite and Fight
Dark Bosses
April 22nd - 29th

Persona 5 Collaboration
Mid June

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Icon Renown Pendant.pngRenown
Icon Prestige Pendant.pngPrestige
Arcapoint square.pngArcapoint
Weekly currency reset:
20:00 UTC, March 25, 201805:00 JST, March 26, 2018

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