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Official Profile[edit]

Age 26
Height 185 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Horseback riding, meditation
Likes Teatime
Dislikes None
A knight from a lost kingdom, wandering ever onward in a pilgrimage of atonement. Naoise once served with great distinction in his king's military, only to see the kingdom ruined by the very monarch he swore to serve. Bereft of a path he once knew, Naoise began a pilgrimage to atone for the countless lives lost on his behalf. His encounter with you shines a ray of light into his life, prompting him to join your cause. Despite calling himself a gourmet, his unique ability to appreciate Katalina's cooking suggests that something might be wrong with his taste buds.
Source [1]





  • Naoise's name likely comes from the Naoise of Irish mythology, a handsome and talented warrior who was King Conchobar of Ulster's nephew. He fell in love with a woman, Deirdre, who his uncle wished to marry. They eloped together but he was eventually killed. The King took Deirdre as his wife and she later died from her grief.[2]
  • The name of his third skill is half German half English. Correct would be either 'Knight shield' or 'Ritterschild'.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
I've been struggling to come up with something good to do for you this year, my dear (Captain).
If you'd like, I could teach you the proper way to brew tea.


Birthday salutations, (Captain). How was this last year for you?
I'm sure you'll save many others this year just as you saved me.
But along your path, there may come a time when you need to be saved yourself.
Hardship builds greatness, but there is no need to endure that hardship alone.
That's the lesson you taught me. And that's why I hope you'll let me help you in your time of need.


A very happy birthday to you, (Captain). I, too, am glad to see this day come round.
To see those that you care about spend their days in comfort and happiness—there is no greater joy.
Tribulation is all but guaranteed to continue; I'm sure we'll encounter our fair share of them by next year.
But I'll give my all to ensure that we will see your next birthday together.


The grand feast our cooks have whipped up to celebrate (Captain)'s birthday is most marvelous.
Hm? Scathacha, it is poor form to cram your mouth with food like that. It's okay to take it slow...
Oh, I recommend a fork for that... (Captain), here's one for you as well.
Hm? (Captain), remnants of sauce cling to your mouth. Please remain still while I attempt to wipe it off.
F-forgive me. I should not treat you in the same manner as I do Scathacha...
Oh? You actually prefer it this way? Very well, I shall act in this manner for the remainder of the day.
It is your birthday after all. Please let me know if you have any other requests.
And as I haven't said it formally yet... Happy birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
The reason I'm able to celebrate this new year is you, (Captain). It's all thanks to you.
When I was facing times of desperation, you saved me. And for that I thank you.


Scathacha asked me why people celebrate New Year's.
To a true dragon, which lives eons, the passing of a year might seem no different than the passing of a single day.
When I spoke with her about that, I had to remind myself she isn't exactly human.
I guess it's a good sign that I forgot about that. She just acts so normal now!
And with both her and you around, I want to ring in as many new years as I can.


Happy New Year. I'm beyond joyous that we'll enter the new year in good health and spirits.
You never know what can happen in life. I may be young, but I know this.
It's imperative that we endure times of trouble in order for us to truly treasure those peaceful moments.
Ahem, I seem to have gotten carried away. Preaching on the first day of the new year... My apologies, (Captain).


Happy New Year, (Captain).
The first sunrise of the year is more beautiful than any other.
To be able to gaze upon it with everyone warms my heart.
Yet I do not know how many New Year's sunrises I'll be able to gaze upon in the years to come.
If it were up to me, I'd be the first and the last to fall.
Nonetheless I shall do my utmost to ensure that every member of our crew is able to enjoy this magnificent view next year.
Worry not. I have no intention of endangering my life. I merely spoke of my resolve.


May we have another prosperous New Year together, (Captain).
There is no telling what lies ahead in our journey to the end of the skies.
Rather, as long as we're alive, the road will no doubt be paved with countless hardships.
This occasion is a good reminder that I must strive to keep up both my physical and mental aptitude if I am to survive whatever trials lie in wait for us.
If and when calamity should befall us, I must be ready to serve with confidence as everyone's shield, lest I contribute to any uneasiness among the crew.
Seruel, Heles, Scathacha, Lyria, and you...
I vow to keep every single one of you safe, so that we may come together again to celebrate the next New Year's.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Captain, I'm grateful you've prepared these chocolates for me.
Not long ago I wouldn't have imagined I'd be getting chocolates from anyone.


For me? I, uh...
Oh, right! For Valentine's! It was very kind of you to think of me.
After I saw the destruction of Alster Island, I thought there would never again be days like today.
They say fortune and misfortune are intertwined. But so much has been lost...
That being said, if it has allowed us to be here like this, I'd say we've been quite fortunate.


A Valentine's Day gift... for me? I didn't think you'd remember, (Captain).
You truly are considerate to those around you. I hope to be able to repay the favor soon.
But first, I should properly care for myself before I'm able to care for others, of course.
I shan't forget to keep that in mind.


(Captain), you called?
A Valentine's gift... for me? Why, thank you!
I appreciate the sentiment each year. Thank you, (Captain).
Huh? You wonder how Valentine's was for me back in Irestill?
Come to think of it, I often received chocolate from the castle's servants and the citizenry during my patrols.
They usually offered Seruel a gift first, then gave me something too perhaps out of pity.
It worked out splendidly, allowing me to fulfill my role as a food taster.
(Captain)? Why do you sigh? My apologies if I said anything disrespectful...

White Day Cutscenes
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I've prepared something sweet for you, Captain. I hope you enjoy it.
Heheh... I've also prepared some tea. Drink up before it gets cold, now!


(Captain), would you be so kind as to accept these sweets from me?
Heles showed me how to make them, but I found that making sweets is rather difficult.
Still I thought that handmade candy would be a great way of expressing my gratitude and respect.
And to refresh your palette, I've brewed some tea. Please let me know when you have a moment and I'll prepare it for you.


It is embarrassing, but I have realized that my talents don't lie in confectioneries...
As such, I've purchased these chocolates for you as a White Day present. I chose them myself.
If you'd like, please let me know when you decide to try them.
I'll brew my special tea for you—I know some of my talents lie there, at least.


(Captain), please accept my White Day gift.
I wavered between making the chocolates myself with some help from Heles... and buying the cute ones found at confectioneries.
I chose the latter this year. But I wrapped this up myself.
My fingers? You see, I tried to carve and aesthetically pleasing accessory using a knife...
Although I consider myself proficient in all manner of sharp objects...
Perhaps I am not best suited to tasks that require a delicate touch.
My apologies. I had hoped to bring you joy today, not worry.
I will try harder next time. May it bring you greater delight.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween.
Remember, everything in moderation.
You mustn't take in excess sugar by consuming too many sweets.
Forgive me if I'm being too pushy, but I have only your best interest in mind.


Now remember, (Captain). Everything in moderation. That includes tricks as well as treats.
Going overboard and eating too much isn't going to help anyone.
Please do be carefu—
You got me...
Sigh... Well I'm glad you're having fun at least, (Captain).


(Captain), I'm afraid I've found myself in a most unpleasant situation.
Scathacha is going overboard with her trickery. It seems someone taught her about Halloween.
I am reminded of when Heles and Seruel were mere babes.
They were mischief makers themselves, which made it, well, complicated to look after them.
Perhaps it seems that I am an easy target for such hijinks.
(Captain), don't you start too.


I understand you're taking great pleasure in the Halloween festivities with Scathacha.
It pleases me greatly to see you two enjoying yourselves so much.
Won't you please reconsider the amount of destruction wrought in the wake of your tricks?
I consider myself a sturdy one, but I do not know how long I'll last if this is to occur every year...
If you'll allow me to protect us all until the ends of the skies...


What a fix I find myself in...
Oh, (Captain), it's you! My apologies if I appeared absentminded, but I was so absorbed in thought.
It's not as if you played a trick on me, so I'm sorry for acting so astonished.
Hm? You wish to know what I was thinking? Well...
It's about Scathacha.
Ever since the incident on Alster Island, she's had a tendency to keep to herself. As a way of helping her to ease her anxieties...
I gave her permission to play any trick she desired on me, but she said that'd be no fun.
Sigh... It is certainly no easy feat trying to please others, or even a true dragon...
At the very least, I should find her treats suitable to her palate. Fortunately, this area has an abundance of shops to choose from.
Well then, off I go! May you have a happy Halloween yourself, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Even in my hometown of Irestill, this time of year is known to be special.
So when I spend time with friends like this, it reminds me of the old days.
You know, Seruel always used to look forward to Heles's cake and my tea.


(Captain)? What's the matter? You should be spending this special time with someone close to you. Are you not going to be with Lyria and the others?
...! You've come to be with me? You humble me on this day.
Back on Alster Island, it was common to pray for good fortune on this night.
But I will spend this night with you. No, it would be my pleasure to spend it with you.
Nothing makes me happier than hearing that you count me as someone close to you, (Captain).


I considered offering my assistance for tonight's supper, but I fear I may just be a hindrance.
Memories of my childhood at Emmain Macha came to mind—one winter night in particular.
I roamed the halls together with Heles and Seruel, eager to help prepare supper or decorate the castle halls.
Ultimately, we ended up knocking over a pot of boiling water, and my mother scolded the three of us.
I remember trembling in utter terror at my mother at the time, but looking back now I feel nothing but warm nostalgia—life is strange like that, isn't it?


Speaking of the holy night, as a child I would always leave candy by my pillow for Santa Claus.
In Alster Island, we use wheat and honey to bake a special treat for that very purpose.
If I remember right, it was the first thing that Heles ever baked. Ah, the memories.
I do not recall how many years ago it was, but there came a time when Heles decided to make some on her own. Even her mother was shooed out of the kitchen.
I fulfilled my duty as a food taster, praising her for the confection's wonderful taste. But doing so only brought me blame.
She wondered why I did not point out her accidental use of salt in lieu of sprinkles.
From all the perspiration that a knight undergoes during training, it is only natural to find salt savory.
That is why I enjoyed her confection so.
You believe that my inimitable taste buds are the problem, not the perspiration?
(Captain), your words confound me...


Season's greetings, (Captain). Would you like some baked goods for a snack?
My mother sent them from back home. These are the treats I mentioned last year—the ones we'd present to Santa Claus each year.
It was common to enjoy the leftovers with tea on the day following the holy night. Ah, the memories.
As plain as they may be, it would bring me immense joy to see you relishing their taste, (Captain).
Hm? It appears my mother left a message on this wrapper...
"Please understand that Naoise was born with his inimitable taste buds."
"However, both Seruel and Heles have given the treats their highest rating from a young age, so you may safely rejoice in their taste."
...? Mother? What do you mean?

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Sorrowful Knight[edit]

The party is saved by Naoise, the pilgrim knight. Although injured, he refuses offers of help, but he's moved by Lyria's concern to join the crew, at least until he heals.

A group of monsters appear without warning, and (Captain) and company are forced to fight a difficult battle.
Vyrn: An ambush? Heads up, (Captain)! Behind you!
Lyria: Watch out!
Naoise: You there! Are you okay?
Vyrn: We owe you, big guy! You hurt, (Captain)?
Naoise: You seem okay to me. Now help me handle these fiends!
With the help of Naoise, a knight on a pilgrimage, (Captain) and company successfully defeat the monsters.
Vyrn: Thanks, man! You said your name was Naoise? You really saved our skins back there!
Naoise: No, I... Cough... Cough...
Lyria: We have to get you treated! Look at you, Naoise! You're hurt!
Naoise: Don't touch me!
Lyria: ...!
Naoise: I... I'm sorry... this is nothing you need concern yourself over.
Lyria: But... you wouldn't have gotten hurt if you hadn't helped us...
Naoise: A life sacrificed for the sake of others... There is nothing greater.
Naoise: Ah... to think one so tarnished as I would be worthy of such an honor...
Vyrn: What are you talking about? And, I gotta say, you sure were reckless back there.
Lyria: Yeah, why take such risks?
Naoise: It's quite simple... I have sinned.
Naoise: I am no true knight. To destroy the country and king you'd sworn to serve... it is beyond forgiveness, beyond redemption.
Vyrn: Wow, dude... I wasn't expecting such a major reason...
Naoise: And so... should I remain alive, should I involve myself with people... there's no small chance that they would meet with misfortune.
Naoise: If you understand, continue on your way. Pay no heed to my injuries.
Vyrn: What should we do? Seems like he's got his mind made up, (Captain)...
  1. Leave him be
  2. No way we're leaving him

Choose: Leave him be
Lyria: Hold on... You've got it all wrong!

Choose: No way we're leaving him
Lyria: Totally wrong! (Captain) thinks so too!
Continue 1
Naoise: Come again?
Lyria: You... We're so grateful you saved us, Naoise!
Lyria: I'm not going to stand by when you're in so much pain!
Lyria: Please... Stop fighting as if you hope to sacrifice yourself.
Naoise: It sounds like you want me to change so you don't have to suffer...
Lyria: Is that so wrong?
Vyrn: Hey now... How about we all take a nice, big chill pill? Okay?
Lyria: Hic... You heard him. It's all so sad...
Naoise: In the end all a knight has is his pride.
Vyrn: What's that supposed to mean?
Naoise: It means chivalry. It means never bringing a lady such heartache.
Naoise: (Captain)... Might I therefore accompany you at least until my wounds heal?
Lyria: Eh? So you'll... you'll...
Naoise: I doubt you'd be happy with anything less.
Naoise: But I must warn you that my regret runs deep. It's not a thing that can be tossed away with a shake of the head...
Naoise: But perhaps I can at least protect one girl's smile. For chivalry's sake.
In the end it is Lyria's smile that compels Naoise to show his own.
His expression is a mix of strong determination and lingering hope.

Happening at the Food Stall[edit]

While returning to town, the crew sees a stall. Everyone else orders, but Naoise is suspicious of the location and overuse of spices. While the crew eats, monsters attack, attracted by the aroma.

In response to a request from the townsfolk, (Captain) and company head out with Naoise to hunt monsters.
On the way back to town, fragrant smells attract them.
Lyria: I smell something nice. Sniff, sniff.
Naoise: It smells like cooking. But who would do that outside of the town?
Vyrn: Over there! Someone's up to something! Let's check it out, (Captain)!
Storeowner: Welcome! What'll it be?
Lyria: Wow! (Captain)! It's a stall!
Lyria: It looks good! Say, why don't we buy something before we return to town?
Vyrn: Yeah! I was just getting a bit hungry!
  1. Let's get some food!
  2. Let's hurry back to town.

Choose: Let's get some food!
Lyria: Yay! (Captain)! I want that one!
Vyrn: So many choices... Aha! I'll take that! What will you have, Naoise?

Choose: Let's hurry back to town.
Lyria: What? Boo... But if you say so, (Captain).
Vyrn: What's the big deal? Live a little!
Vyrn: Hey, old man! We'll take three of those fresh ones! What will you have, Naoise?
Continue 1
Naoise: Sir, tell me... Why did you open up a store here?
Storeowner: Well, if it's outside the town, I won't have any competitors!
Naoise: But there are monsters around here. This hardly seems sane...
Naoise: And what is this that you are selling?
Naoise: You use so many spices that it seems just terrible for you... Lyria, you really shouldn't eat this...
Vyrn: Whoa! Oh no! This is no time to be eating! It looks like some monsters are coming!
Lyria: Ugh... It was freshly made too... I haven't taken a bite yet...
Naoise: Monsters... They must have sniffed out the food!
Naoise: (Captain)! We can't let the townspeople get hurt! We'll fend them off here!

Happening at the Food Stall: Scene 2[edit]

The crew defeats the monsters. The strait-laced Naoise stops Vyrn from eating the unhealthy stall food and admonishes Lyria for talking with her mouth full. More monsters show up.

Naoise: You know, if you didn't open a shop in an obviously dangerous place like this, you wouldn't get attacked.
Storeowner: Ha ha... Thank you...
Vyrn: It's fine! We managed to protect the store and the owner! Let's just call it a day!
Vyrn: All right then! Now let's eat while it's hot!
Naoise: Vyrn, it might be rude to the storeowner, but I wouldn't eat that if I were you.
Vyrn: Say what? What do you not like about it?
Naoise: I can tell from how he made it. It uses far more salt and fat than a person should consume in a day.
Naoise: And looking at the color, I cannot say that it is cooked well. Eating charred food is not good for the health.
Vyrn: What do you know! The charred parts taste the best!
Naoise: Listen to me. Food of that sort should not be eaten by growing children, and...
Lyria: This is tasty. Huff... Huff...
Naoise: Lyria! Don't talk with your mouth full! Either eat or talk. Don't do both at the same time.
Lyria: Munch, munch, munch.
Vyrn: Ha ha ha! So you're gonna eat first...
Lyria: That was good!
Lyria: Say, Naoise. This was really good.
Naoise: Bah... But that's not the point. The taste isn't the problem here.
Lyria: But...
Naoise: But what?
Lyria: The man made it for us... It'd be a waste if you don't eat it while it's hot!
Naoise: A waste? That alone is simply...
Vyrn: Uh-oh! This is bad! Munch, much... More monsters are coming! We better do something... Munch, munch.
Naoise: You too, Vyrn! Don't talk while you're eating!
Naoise: Storeowner! Hurry up and move your stall to town! We'll buy you enough time for that!
Naoise: (Captain)... This will be a tricky battle... No slip-ups!

Happening at the Food Stall: Scene 3[edit]

For defeating the monsters, the storeowner lavishes Naoise with cooking. He tries just one bite to be polite and is instantly hooked.

Storeowner: You've been a big help! I don't know how to thank you...
Naoise: No need to thank us. However, in exchange you should refrain from opening up shop outside the town.
Storeowner: Yeah, you're right.
Storeowner: Now then! Will you at least eat this as a token of my thanks?
Naoise: This? I thought I said that I do not eat this sort of thing...
Lyria: But, Naoise... it'll get cold if you don't eat it soon.
Vyrn: Heh heh heh... Don't waste someone's thanks! Just try a bite!
Naoise: Ugh... Very well... I'll take a bite.
Naoise: Just one bite, mind you. I won't have any more... Mm... Munch, munch...
Naoise: ...!
T-this is... Munch, munch...
Lyria: Ha ha. Is it good?
Naoise: Well... I suppose this sort of thing isn't bad every once in a while... Munch, munch.
The strait-laced knight slowly comes out of his shell.
With small changes and baby steps, the knight on a pilgrimage will soon be released from the chains of regret.

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]


SV Naoise, Red Branch Knight.png SV Naoise, Red Branch Knight E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Until the start of your next turn, your leader cannot receive more than 3 damage at a time.

Terrifying storms will soon assail this kingdom. We knights of the Red Branch shall oppose them, standing tall forever more.


Let us pray for our kingdom's future: May the king be just. May his subjects be industrious. And may we Knights of the Red Branch remain ever diligent.

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Wonderland Dreams
SV Portal Naoise, Red Branch Knight
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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