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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Unknown
Hobbies Nothing in particular
Likes Shinsha
Dislikes Trying to remember what Nectar once was


Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age ???歳
Height ???cm
Race ???
Hobbies これといってない
Likes シンシャ
Dislikes かつての自分を思い出そうとすること


Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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"Thank you for being born, thank you for being here right now..." Indeed, there is so much to be grateful for on a daily basis.
But having a special occasion to convey these thoughts is indeed ideal.
The children of man are wise to choose the day of one's birth as that occasion. I quite like the idea of birthday celebrations myself.
Perhaps I should get to the point. (Captain), happy birthday.
Good fortune in battle requires more than just prayer. I wish to be of aid in your journey, (Captain).
I will do what I can so that you may show your father what a fantastic person you've grown up to be.
I always make sure to pay back my debts. And you have helped me tremendously.
Please take good care of yourself, (Captain). So that we may celebrate your birthday again for many years to come.


Shinsha: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Nectar: Shinsha, I, and everyone else are very happy to be able to celebrate with you today.
Shinsha: I'm sorry, I wanted to prepare a present for you, but I'm afraid going out to buy something is still difficult for us...
Instead, I asked Lyria to teach us a song to sing in celebration of your special day! We practiced very hard.
Nectar: Do you have some time right now, (Captain)?
Thank you. Then let us begin, Shinsha.
Ugusu and Kushina take up the casanets and tambourine, and wait nervously for the signal from Shinsha.
Shinsha: Ready, and...
Happy birthday to you!
Nectar: Happy birthday to you.
Shinsha: Happy birthday, dear (Captain)!
Nectar: Happy birthday to you.
Once again, my best wishes to you, (Captain).


Shinsha: Let's see. One, two, three...
Shinsha and Ugusu are counting candles together as Nectar and Kushina put them onto a cake.
Shinsha: That should be enough to match (Captain)'s age, right?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha. The number of candles is correct.
Then I shall light the candles. (Captain), please blow them out.
Choose: Here goes!
Shinsha: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Nectar: Thank you for letting us take on the important role of preparing the candles on your cake.
Shinsha: It's so nice how the candles increase each year. Every time a candle is added, it symbolizes how much more happiness has been added to your life too.
I hope that I can witness this happiness with you from here on out, (Captain), together with Lyria, Nectar, and everyone else.
Nectar: And I will do my best so that you and (Captain) will be able to experience this happiness.
(Captain), please teach me this happiness so that I can bring it to everyone.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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It wasn't until I joined this crew that the idea of a "new" year dawned on me.
At the Sky's Sanctum, I never had reason to pay attention to what day it was. Partly because the island was covered in snow all year round.
Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu are enjoying preparations for the new year. And that warms my heart.
It's thank to you, (Captain), that we're able to spend time together like this in peace.
Though I do not know how you plan on spending the coming year...
I ask that you make full use of our powers. It is the least I can do to repay you.
I have every confidence that you will not exploit us.
You're feeling the pressure? Surely it can't be too bad.


Shinsha: Um, (Captain)... I'm sorry, but...
I just can't bring myself to eat this dish... Do you think it'd be all right if I left it?
Nectar: There is no need to force yourself to eat it immediately if it's not at a suitable temperature, or if it doesn't suit your taste.
Shinsha: That's not it. The thing is...
The mochi... looks exactly like Nectar, so I can't bear to eat it!
Nectar: ...!
Shinsha: It's so soft and squishy. Nectar is softer and colder to the touch so it's a little different, but...
Nectar: You mean to say... I'm not slime, but mochi?
Shinsha: You're not mochi or slime, Nectar! You're Nectar!
You just... look a little similar, that's all. Just a little...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), do you have any tasks suitable for me?
I happen to be free at the moment.
For some reason, Kushina told me to leave the room. And Shinsha prefers that I stay away for a while.
I waited in front of the room at first, but Ugusu said I was in the way.
I look depressed? Hm, that may be the case...
However, I have every reason to be glad if Shinsha is able to do as she wishes without my assistance.
For me to be depressed over that is most shameful. I must repent...
Huh? You don't think so? Well, I certainly hope you're right...


Shinsha: Don't worry, Nectar. I just burnt myself a little with the hot water. Kushina helped me ice it immediately.
Oh, (Captain)! Um, you see... I made a mistake and ended up hurting Nectar...
Nectar: No, Shinsha, I am not the one who's hurt.
Shinsha: I was making some Valentine's treats for you and Kushina when my hand slipped and I burnt myself slightly.
But it really isn't a big deal! See? A small burn like this should heal in no time!
(Captain) takes a look at Shinsha's finger and suggests using some healing magic for the small burn.
Nectar: Please, (Captain). Will you treat Shinsha's injury?
Shinsha: Oh, um, it really doesn't hurt at all! I want to continue making treats for all of you...
Despite Shinsha's protests, Nectar pushes Shinsha's wheelchair and follows after (Captain).
Nectar: (Shinsha suffered a burn because she was sensing her surroundings with magic in place of her eyes.)
(With the pact between us now, it may be possible for her eyesight to be artificially healed with myself as an intermediary...)
(But the reason I have not voiced this proposal is because...)


Shinsha: Hah!
While in the kitchen baking, Shinsha uses a cotton swab in an attempt to crush some nuts in a bag.
How's that? Are they crushed, (Captain)?
Choose: Nope...
I see... Hmm, I guess I'm just not strong enough. I'm sorry, Kushina—do you think I can ask you to help me?
Kushina nods and takes over the task. Nectar stands in a corner of the kitchen, watching.
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: Hmm, I guess I'll have to train up my physical strength, not just my magic.
Nectar: (Personally...)
(I know Shinsha thinks it unfortunate, but personally... I like it when she needs our help.)
(After all... whenever Shinsha needs help, it creates something for me to do... so that I'm not useless...)

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Gift from Shinsha

White Day Cutscenes
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I've heard today is the day to express thanks in the form of candy. And so I have a gift for you.
You and the crew have done so much for me, Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu.
On everyone's behalf, I present you with these treats.
Do I have some for Shinsha too, you ask?
Yes, I made sure to prepare plenty. Shinsha and Ugusu will be eating the leftovers.
Huh? These treats are a special something for a special someone?
I see... I suppose Shinsha was being modest when she decided to leave that part out.
In that case, I'll be sure to prepare a separate batch for them. Thank you for your kind instruction, (Captain).


Shinsha: Thank you very much for the White Day gift, (Captain)! I'm so happy!
Nectar: Shinsha. With the help of (Captain), I, too, have prepared something for you.
Shinsha: You have a present for me too, Nectar? Wow! Thank you!
Nectar: Indeed. Now, can you open your mouth?
Shinsha: Hm? Oh, um... Like this?
Nectar: Yes, I will be putting a treat in your mouth. Please have a taste.
Shinsha: Oh, you'll feed me? Hehe, this certainly brings back memories.
I remember when I'd only just lost my eyesight, you'd always feed me my tablets too.
Nectar: That's right. Does this bring back unpleasant memories for you?
Shinsha: Not at all. I was just thinking how you've always been so kind.
Nectar: Of course. I strive to always be the kindest existence you know, Shinsha.
Shinsha: Hehe. Thank you, Nectar. Then if you don't mind... Aaah!
Mmm! It's delicious!


In preparation for White Day, (Captain) asks Shinsha if she has any sweets she would like to eat.
Shinsha: Thank you for asking, (Captain). I'd be happy with anything you give me!
Of course, there's also the fact that I haven't had the chance to try many desserts...
But what makes me happy is the time I spend eating them with you, Lyria, Nectar, and the others.
It would be nice if you could show me what you usually like to eat, (Captain).
Nectar: (A present for Shinsha... What would make her the happiest?)
(Her body's recovery... With the contract now, perhaps even one part, or in a pseudo form...)
Shinsha: Seeing Nectar and everyone else doing well is what makes me the happiest!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Greetings, (Captain).
No, you are not seeing things. I am indeed carrying an Ugusu who's grown extra plump from overeating.
Receiving candy from so many crew members was all well and good at first, but...
Ugusu ended up eating too much out of excitement and fell to the ground. Fortunately I was there to pick him up.
Not much time has passed since Ugusu's creation. I have to watch him carefully to ensure he does not make too many faulty decisions.
But today, Kushina and I were so absorbed in Shinsha's tales of all the costumes we were seeing that we turned away from Ugusu for a while.
Meaning that as shameful as it is to admit, I have just as much to improve on as Ugusu.
But that aside, do you happen to know of a way to expedite digestion, (Captain)?


Shinsha: Ugusu, are you full already? Okay, then it's Nectar's turn next. Say "aah"!
Nectar: Thank you, Shinsha.
Shinsha: Hehe. I've prepared a lot of treats, so eat as much as you like, Nectar. Here, have another one. Open wide!
Nectar: Aah... Mm, (Captain). Good to see you on Halloween.
Shinsha: Happy Halloween, (Captain)! Would you like some treats as well?
(Captain) moves closer to Shinsha to take a treat, but is quickly stopped by Nectar.
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: Nectar? What's wrong?
Nectar: Shinsha. May I take one of these treats?
Shinsha: Of course! Here you go.
Nectar: Thank you, Shinsha.
Allow me to give the treat to the captain. Now, open wide, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Shinsha once told me a fairy tale about a Santa Claus who hands out presents.
Though it wasn't until after coming out into the world that I learned of those who imitate the jolly old man by donning a red costume during the winter holidays.
I have been thinking... If the treat-receiver puts on a costume for Halloween, and the gift-giver puts on a costume for the holy night...
Would it also not be apropos to don a costume for White Day, another occasion where material goods are given?
You do not think so? The meaning of the gift and the costume differs by holiday?
Hm, the affairs of people are quite fascinating. I'll have to ask Shinsha for her thoughts on White Day as well.


(Captain) is returning to the bedroom when the sound of Shinsha and Nectar's voices catches the captain's attention.
Shinsha: I've prepared some for Ugusu, Kushina, and Kusuki... But are you sure you don't want new stockings too, Nectar?
Nectar: I'm sure, Shinsha. I do not believe myself to be included in what Santa Claus categorizes as "children."
Not to mention, my clothes and equipment are all, in fact, a part of my body. I have no need for any additional clothing.
Choose: So you're basically naked?
(Captain) can't help but chime in, catching Shinsha off guard.
Shinsha: Naked?
Nectar: No, Shinsha. (Captain). I have clothed and equipped myself adequately so that I would not appear naked.
Shinsha: Right... When we touch, I can feel the clothes on you and you don't seem naked.
Hmm, but... you don't have any clothes on when you're in your squishy form, so... Huh? Wait...
Nectar: Shinsha. I am not naked.
Am I, (Captain)?
Shinsha: ...?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Once Upon a Time

Nectar learns from (Captain) and company about the Astrals at Estalucia who may have answers about his body, and then joins the crew at their invitation, along with his friends from Sky's Sanctum.

Once upon a time, a great battle was fought to cast the star people out of the skies.
Even after the battle ended, there were those who continued creating weapons of war, fearing a second advent of the star people.
Having lost their place among civilization, these researchers, known as Jorha, scattered to various parts of the world, one of which was the Sky's Sanctum.
Residing at the Sky's Sanctum were: Nectar, a failed primal beast; Shinsha, a girl who tapped into infinite mana reserves; and Ugusu, Kushina, and Kusuki, living weapons created by the Jorha.
Having long hoped to visit Peach Spring Valley one day, they took the plunge into the outside world when their chance came.
It was a chance given to them by (Captain). What follows is a story which takes place sometime afterward.
Kushina: ...
(The goblins are defeated, and there's no more Sky's Sanctum...)
Ugusu: All's well that ends well! Buuut...
Ugusu: Shinsha!
Shinsha: Y-yes!
Ugusu: Nectar!
Nectar: What is it, Ugusu?
Ugusu: Gah, don't pretend you don't know! Surely you two have something to tell me and Kushina!
Kushina: ...!
(Here's a hint! Kusuki already said it!)
Nectar: ...?
Shinsha: Ah...
Shinsha: Um... We're really sorry for making you worry...
Kushina: ...!
(There you go!)
Ugusu: I still can't believe you two! You really caught me with my feathers down!
Kushina: ...!
(Nectar just decides he's going to kick the bucket, and Shinsha jumps off an airship like it's nothing!)
Ugusu: You don't know how bad you hurt me and Kushina! One sorry's not enough!
Nectar: Ugusu, Kushina, forgive me. I admit I acted in haste.
Ugusu: That's still not enough! Shinsha!
Shinsha: Yes!
Ugusu: Hug us!
Shinsha: Huh? Um, okay!
Ugusu: Nectar!
Nectar: Mm-hm.
Ugusu: Head pat!
Nectar: Sure.
Ugusu: Hug us tighter!
And go softer on the patting!
Shinsha: Um... Like this?
Nectar: Softer, huh...
Ugusu: Fwee....
Ugusu: Okay, we forgive you!
Vyrn: Well, that was pretty easy.
Ugusu: Wait, Vyrn, when you'd you get here?
Vyrn: We were here the whole time! It was Nectar who called us over.
Nectar: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria. Thank you for coming.
Lyria: No worries! We happened to be free anyway... So is there something you wanted to discuss?
Nectar: I was hoping you could give us some advice on how to live our lives going forward.
Kushina: ...
(The fact that he's turning this into a discussion before moving forward shows improvement...)
Nectar: We're grateful you invited us onto your airship, but we surely cannot stay indefinitely.
Shinsha: I'm not sure if we'd ever be able to pay you back for providing all the food and shelter...
Lyria: Oh, please don't worry about it! You're welcome to stay as long as you'd like until you've decided what to do.
Lyria: Right, (Captain)?
Ugusu: You guys are sooo nice.
Ugusu: But if we take you up on the offer, we'd turn into total moochers...
Kushina: ...
(I'm surprised you remembered that word, Ugusu...)
Nectar: Though our destination may be Peach Spring Valley, finding a means of sustaining ourselves first would be ideal.
Kushina: ...
(True. Even simply figuring out where Peach Spring Valley is could take some time...)
Kushina: ...
(And we have to make a living in the meanwhile—have to pay for all the food and drink somehow.)
Vyrn: If it's a job you need, I guess you'd be pretty well-suited to being a skyfarer.
Lyria: Maybe if we introduce you to Siero, she'll have some monster-hunting jobs for you.
Vyrn: Yeah, that'd work! Especially since Nectar can make quick work of the typical monster.
Shinsha: Um, would we be asking too much for this introduction?
Vyrn: Nah, it's all good. We'd actually be more worried if you ended up taking shady jobs from any underhanded crooks.
Vyrn: As far I've heard, you guys can be even more naive than (Captain), and our captain here grew up in the boondocks.
Ugusu: Nectar's a really old person too. Some sort of beast, I think? So we aren't exactly up-to-date with the times.
Nectar: As embarrassing as it is to admit...
Lyria: Well, I think that's natural for anyone who hasn't been outside for so long!
Vyrn: If only you were going to the same place we were, joining our crew would be the safest bet...
Shinsha: Speaking of, do you have a final destination in mind?
Vyrn: Yep! We're trying to get to Estalucia! (Captain)'s dad is supposed to be there!
Nectar: Estalucia?
Lyria: Mm-hm! It's at the end of the skies, where the Astrals are supposed to live.
Nectar: ...
Kushina: ...
(Astrals... They're the ones who tried to turn Nectar into a primal beast...)
Nectar: I'm grateful to Shinsha for forming a pact with a failed primal beast like me, so I'm worried about becoming a burden to her...
Shinsha: A burden? Nuh-uh, I'm the one who wanted the pact. No matter what happens, I'll accept the consequences!
Nectar: Thank you for the kind words, Shinsha. But I would like to take precautions if possible.
Kushina: ...
(Are you worried about errors? Like the stuff that happened with other test subjects.)
Nectar: Yes. Because I do not know why my mutation into a primal beast failed to begin with, I cannot be certain that I won't start showing defects later on.
Ugusu: Gah, I don't get all this mumbo jumbo! Basically, you're worried because you were a failure, right?
Nectar: Yes.
Ugusu: Okay! Then just stop being a failure!
Nectar: ...?
Ugusu: Go ahead and become a primal beast!
Shinsha: A primal beast...
Nectar: Hm...
Kushina: ...
(Is that even possible?)
Nectar: I see what you're saying. Though whether I can become a proper primal beast is another matter...
Nectar: Presenting my pact with Shinsha and my various problems to the Astrals may be the fastest way to an answer.
Lyria: Astrals? Hm... Orchid's father has already passed away...
Vyrn: And I doubt Loki would wanna help us out...
Vyrn: Which leads us right back to Estalucia. Why don't you come with us?
Vyrn: If we get lucky, we might even bump into other Astrals along the way!
Kushina: ...
(To pinpoint Peach Spring Valley's location, we'll need to travel all over the place anyhow.)
Shinsha: So it's best if we simply join your crew after all, I see.
Shinsha: I can't thank you enough for all your help...
Vyrn: Like I was sayin', we'd be able to sleep better knowin' you're in good hands!
Lyria: Um, personally... I'd be really happy to have you travel with us too. What do you say, (Captain)?
  1. I'm gonna work you hard!
  2. No snack-raiding, okay?

Choose: I'm gonna work you hard!
Nectar: Please do, (Captain). I am ready for your orders.
Shinsha: I'll do my best too! To the extent that I can, of course.
Lyria: I'll teach you everything there is to know about the crew, Shinsha!
Shinsha: Thank you, Lyria! I'm looking forward to it!

Choose: No snack-raiding, okay?
Ugusu: Urk... I only had a small piece though...
Kushina: ...!
Ugusu: But... But Vyrn said it was okay to eat!
Vyrn: Hey, you promised to keep it a secret if I gave you a bite!
Lyria: So that's why one apple was missing. It was you all along, huh, Vyrn!
Continue 1
(Captain) remarks that it feels like we're already a part of the crew and flashes us a smile.
Since I can't see and can hardly walk, I really hope there's something I'll be able to help everyone with.
Vyrn: Say, Shinsha, you and Kushina can communicate by telepathy, right?
Shinsha: That's right!
Vyrn: Does the telepathy work with Kusuki too?
Shinsha: Sure! He might be the easiest one to communicate mentally with, even if he is the furthest away.
Shinsha: He's special in that he's the only one with the ability to siphon my mana.
Vyrn: You know, your telepathy could come in handy! Kusuki's following Lucius around to help take out goblins.
Vyrn: Whenever Kusuki notices Lucius trying to do something big on his own, he can let us know through you!
Lyria: Lucius has a tendency to try to solve everything on his own...
Ugusu: Yeah, I know the type! Just look at Kusuki and Nectar—
Nectar: Forgive me.
Ugusu: That the best apology you can muster? Maybe if you throw in a nice head pat...
Nectar: Like this, Ugusu?
Ugusu: Oh yeah! Mm, that feels nice...
Vyrn: Always goes back to that, doesn't it!
Lucius & Kusuki: Achoo!
Teena: Whew, what a surprise. You two need to take better care of yourselves.
Teena: Or could it be that someone's talking smack about you two? Anything come to mind?
Lucius: Nope.
Teena: Really?
Lucius: Yes, really!
And so by (Captain)'s good graces, Nectar and friends officially join the crew.
While (Captain) heads off to accept an assignment from Sierokarte, Nectar's group remain in their room.
Ugusu: So their end goal is Estalucia, where (Captain)'s dad is waiting...
Ugusu: How about you, Shinsha? Don't you want to meet your mommy and daddy?
Shinsha: Um...
Kushina: ...
Ugusu: Yeah?
Kushina: ...
(You left the bed a mess! Clean it up!)
Ugusu: Oopsie, forgot about that. Gimme a hand, Kushina!
Kushina: ...
(All right, all right. Don't mind him, Shinsha.)
Shinsha: I made Kushina worry...
Nectar: Shinsha.
Shinsha: It's not like I'm the only one who can't remember the past... I need to cheer up.
Nectar: I think you have every right to own your sadness, Shinsha.
Shinsha: Thanks... I think I'm just... afraid.
Shinsha: There was a time when I hated my parents because they never came to save me...
Shinsha: And besides, since I haven't seen them in such a long time, I don't even know if they'd recognize me anymore...
Shinsha: Just the thought of finding that out frightens me... That's why I ended up forgetting about them, I think. Even though they might be really worried about me...
Nectar: There's no need to renounce yourself, Shinsha.
Nectar: Know that you are so much more than just how you feel or what goes through your head.
Nectar: And as per our pact, I will always be by your side.
Shinsha: Thank you. For wanting to be with me too.
Nectar: Of course, Shinsha.
I sometimes wonder how things would have turned out if not for our pact. But I suppose there's no need to dwell on that.
Yet, I don't want to be entirely dependent on Nectar. There must be something I can do for him in return.
I just hope that me simply having these thoughts doesn't end up becoming a burden for him...

Happily Ever After?

Nectar and friends are growing accustomed to life on the Grandcypher. He heads out with (Captain) for a monster-hunting mission one day, leaving Shinsha, Ugusu, and Kushina to handle the chores on the ship.

Some time has passed since (Captain) let us join the crew.
Every day is a joy as we encounter things new and profound in the outside world.
Lyria: Let's start the day by cleaning the deck!
Shinsha: Okay! I'll work on the rails. Ugusu, if you could tell me where the dusty parts are.
Ugusu: Sure thing! You're on chair-pushing duty, Nectar!
Nectar: Of course. Lyria, we'll return to this spot when we're done.
Lyria: Okay then! You and me can get started swabbing the deck, Kushina!
Kushina: ...
(Sure, I can handle this!)
At the outset, me, Kushina, and Ugusu made lots of mistakes, but...
Lyria: Um, we're going to be peeling the skin off these potatoes... But I wonder if that might be a bit dangerous for you, Shinsha.
Shinsha: Sorry... I have a faint idea of what to do, but it's best I avoid doing anything that requires precise movements...
Ugusu: Shinsha and I can help by setting the tables and counting the spoons and forks!
Shinsha: Yeah, I think we can handle that! Kushina, do you think you can give Lyria a hand with the potatoes?
Shinsha: Kushina?
Kushina: ...
Lyria: A-are you okay, Kushina? You're shaking...
Kushina: ...
(Sorry, but sharp objects really scare me...)
Ugusu: Ah, that's right. Lyria, Kushina's not good with cutting or stabbing...
Lyria: Cutting? Stabbing? Oh... I see.
Lyria: Then can you watch the fire for me? It can be dangerous if no one's watching it!
Kushina: ...!
(Sure, I can do that! Thanks, Lyria.)
Lyria: There's no need to force yourself to do things you're afraid of.
Lyria: I'm afraid of dark places myself. I always think ghosts could pop out at any moment...
Ugusu: Ghosts? You have ghosts on the airship? I wanna see one!
Lyria: Huh? You actually want to see ghosts!
Ugusu: There, all spic-and-span! On to the next spot, Shinsha!
Shinsha: Okay!
Little by little, I'm starting to see what I can and can't help with on the ship.
Ugusu: Hm, dusty spots...
Ugusu: Ah!
Ugusu: Lyria! (Captain) and Vyrn are back!
Lyria: Oh, you're right! Maybe they'll see me if I wave.
Lyria: Hey! (Captain)! Vyrn!
Nectar: (Captain), Vyrn. Good day.
Vyrn: Heyo. We picked up the food we ordered at the Knickknack Shack and took on an assignment!
Nectar: An assignment, you say... Is it one I can help with?
Vyrn: We've gotta clear out monsters that have been ravaging some fields. You coming along would be nice, but...
Vyrn: Since we're a big crew, you guys lending a hand with the chores around here is already a big help, so there's no need to push yourself!
Nectar: Then I alone shall accompany you.
Nectar: Shinsha, Kushina, and Ugusu are not suited for battle. They can continue assisting with the chores.
Kushina: ...
(You'll be going too, right, Lyria? We'll take care of the remaining tasks here!)
Ugusu: So we're staying back here, huh? But I wanna be a butt-kicking skyfarer too!
Nectar: There'll be time for that when you grow up a bit more, Ugusu.
Ugusu: I guess you've already got Vyrn for the flying stuff. I'd just get in the way...
Vyrn: Hehe, I'll tell you about my tricks to dodging monster attacks when we get back!
Ugusu: Hooray! You're the best, Vyrn! Love you!
Kushina: ...
(How mercenary...)
Shinsha: ...
Nectar: Shinsha. I leave the rest of the chores to you.
Shinsha: Sure... Please be careful out there, everyone!
Lyria: Of course! Let's go handle this assignment, (Captain)!
Having arrived at the island, (Captain) and the others set out for the village that made the monster-extermination request.
After seeing them off, me, Ugusu, and Kushina continue working on the chores.

Happily Ever After?: Scene 2

Hoping to be of greater use to everyone, Shinsha asks Teena to teach her some magic and proceeds to practice stabilizing the light within a magical rock.

Shinsha: ...
Kushina: ...
(What's wrong, Shinsha? You're not feeling ill, are you?)
Shinsha: No, I'm fine! My body's been in great condition ever since forming a pact with Nectar.
Kushina: ...
(Something on your mind then? You can talk to me about it, you know.)
Shinsha: Um... Sorry...
Kushina: ...
(Being resilient is one of your strongest traits, but everything in moderation, you know?)
Kushina: ...
Shinsha: I feel bad about leaving all the dangerous work to Nectar.
Shinsha: I know Lyria said that skyfarer work isn't the safest, but...
Shinsha: Because I can't even walk properly, Nectar alone has to bear all the pain and fear that comes with battle...
Kushina: ...
(Yeah, I see what you mean... I'm not much of a fighter myself either.)
Kushina: ...
(But there's no need for us to feel guilty, Shinsha. Especially not you.)
Kushina: ...
(You not being able to see or move freely is because of what happened at the Sky's Sanctum. And most importantly, Nectar wants to protect you.)
Shinsha: Mm...
Shinsha: I'm just so limited in what I can do. If only there were some other way I could contribute...
Ugusu: I've got an idea! How about you practice being a skyfarer with me?
Shinsha: Haha. Skyfarer practice sounds fun.
Ugusu: I wanna look like an epic hero when I get a chance to save (Captain) and Nectar!
Ugusu: Maybe I can take a leaf out of Teena's book and try shooting flames from my beak.
Shinsha: Shooting flames like Teena... In other words, using magic.
Kushina: ...
(I dunno about Ugusu, but Shinsha might be able to pull it off.)
Kushina: ...
(I mean, just considering how much mana Shinsha is able to draw out...)
Ugusu: Yeah! Magic! That's the word! Let's try asking Teena about it!
Shinsha: Mm-hm! Let's do that!
Teena: I see. So you're interested in learning magic, Shinsha!
Shinsha: Yes. With magic, I'd be of more help to Nectar, Lyria, and (Captain)...
Teena: Haha, that's so wholesome.
Teena: It reminds me of how I practiced a ton of magic as a kid so that I could help my brother.
Ugusu: That's really neat! It's cool that you can use healing magic too.
Shinsha: Yeah, you're really amazing, Teena. I can't imagine how hard you must've had to practice!
Teena: There's a huge variety of magic out there, but I'm sure you'll find a type that's perfect for you, Shinsha!
Shinsha: Okay!
Teena: The basics of all magic are the same, so I can teach you that much. Just give me one second here...
Teena: Found it—my spare lantern! Now to remove the stone inside...
Ugusu: Huh? What do we need a light for?
Teena: It's an enchanted stone that glows when infused with mana.
Teena: But the amount of mana has to be just right or the light won't stabilize.
Teena fills the stone with mana before us.
Though I can't see the light myself, I can definitely sense the mana stabilizing.
Teena: It might be hard to confirm the stabilization when you're doing it yourself...
Kushina: ...
(I'll let you know if the light wavers or withers away, Shinsha.)
Shinsha: Thanks, Kushina! Teena, can you show me how to infuse my mana?
Teena: Of course! First, try gripping the stone. I'll hold my hand up to guide your mana flow...
Teena: So far, so good...
Shinsha: ...
Teena slowly withdraws her hand, and then...
Ugusu: It's so bright!
Shinsha: I'm so sorry, Ugusu! Teena, Kushina, I hope your eyes are okay too!
Teena: Ahaha, you have an incredible potential for magic. The brilliant flash of light alone proves that.
Teena: Once you're able to better control your mana, I'm sure you'll be able to master really high-level spells.
Ugusu: Hooray! The future's looking bright for you, Shinsha! Let's give it another go!
Shinsha: Right!
Shinsha: Okay, now to channel the magic gradually...
Teena, Kushina, and Ugusu keep me company the whole time...
It's hard—I keep making the light either too strong or too weak.
Kushina: ...
(Hm, she naturally diffuses mana to get a sense of her surroundings.)
Kushina: ...
(I suppose focusing the mana is what Shinsha finds difficult.)
Teena: It just means you're too used to using mana. But you know what they say...
Shinsha: Practice makes perfect!
Ugusu: That's right!
Teena: There's no need to rush! Once you get a handle on the basics, learning all the different applications of mana will be that much easier.
Shinsha: Thank you for teaching me, Teena. And thanks for the support, Kushina, Ugusu...
Shinsha: I'll do my best in return!

Happily Ever After?: Scene 3

Shinsha tells Nectar all about her magical training upon his return from the assignment. When passing through clouds later, the crew prepares to take on monsters that are ramming against the Grandcypher's hull.

Vyrn: Whew, first time we ever fought monsters that spew soil-ruining poison when injured...
Nectar: (Captain), Vyrn, splendid work. We've successfully completed the assignment.
Lyria: You did great too, Nectar!
Vyrn: Let's take it easy when we get to the next island... Hey, guys, we're back.
Shinsha: Welcome back, everyone! The crew's cooks have already finished making dinner.
Vyrn: Yeah? Just hearing that makes my stomach growl!
Vyrn: (Captain), let's get to the bridge to announce takeoff, then we can go eat!
Lyria: I'll come along!
Nectar: Shinsha. Have you eaten already?
Shinsha: Nope. I thought I'd eat with you... Kushina and Ugusu are waiting too.
Nectar: I apologize for having you wait. Let us head to the dining hall.
Shinsha: Ah! Wait, there's something I wanted to show you first.
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha?
Shinsha: Watch this rock carefully... Haah!
Nectar: Hm? A light powered by mana?
Shinsha: Uh-huh! Teena said keeping the light stable would be a great way for me to practice controlling my mana.
Shinsha: I wanted to show you that I've become good enough to keep this weak light on.
Nectar: I see. Impressive work, Shinsha.
Shinsha: I need to keep practicing. Once I'm really good, I can try my hand at casting spells...
Shinsha: I don't know if I'll be able to join you in battle, but there'll definitely be a lot more I can do to help out.
Shinsha: That way, I'd be less of a burden...
Nectar: ...
Shinsha: Nectar?
Ugusu: Nectar, Shinsha! (Captain) says we'll be running into clouds straight ahead!
Kushina: ...
(The ship will be speeding up to get past the clouds, so we should stay in our room...)
Shinsha: Eep!
Nectar: Shinsha!
Shinsha: Th-thanks, Nectar. What a surprise...
Vyrn: What was that shaking all about? I can't make out anything in the middle of all these clouds!
Shinsha: I'll see if I can sense anything!
Shinsha: Vyrn! I detect movement from multiple large sources below the ship.
Shinsha: Whatever they are, one of them must have collided with the bottom of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Collided? Could it be some bird or monster?
Nectar: Vyrn. Unfortunately, it is no mere bird.
Monster: Gwaaargh!
Vyrn: Gah! Looks like these ones were hiding in the clouds!
Kushina: ...
(Maybe they're monsters who've made a home out of the clouds!)
Ugusu: Hey, get your grubby mitts off the Grandcypher! No touching!
Monster: Graaagh!
Nectar: Let's fight them off. Chances are they won't follow us outside of the clouds.
Vyrn: Yeah, let's do that! C'mon, (Captain), let's teach these baddies not to mess with us!

Happily Ever After?: Scene 4

Shinsha unleashes her mana in the magical rock in the form of a brilliant flash of light, shooing away the monsters. Then she and Nectar have a heartfelt talk about how they wish they could do more for each other.

Monster: Groooargh!
Vyrn: Darn it! They fly away before we can land a hit!
Ugusu: They could just stay away... Why do they keep coming back to bully us!
Shinsha: Maybe they see us as the monster, since the airship's so big?
Nectar: (Captain)! Above you!
Vyrn: Ack! Now they're ramming their bodies against the deck!
Nectar: Captain, would it be possible for the ship to go any faster? I suggest we simply steer past them.
Vyrn: Good point! If we just go full speed ahead, then they won't be able to catch up!
Vyrn: We're gonna go off to the bridge again! You guys get back into your room so you don't knocked off!
Nectar: Understood!
Nectar carries me, while Kushina carries Ugusu; we dash toward our room.
But the monsters make another dive at us!
Shinsha: ...!
Shinsha: Nectar! Try throwing this!
Nectar: Okay, Shinsha!
Putting his full trust in me, Nectar throws the stone toward the monsters. I then gather the surrounding mana into that stone.
Shinsha: ...!
Monster: Ca-caw!
The stone explodes in an intense flash of light.
Frightened by the light, the monsters scurry off as the Grandcypher pushes past the clouds.
Kushina: ...
Ugusu: We did it! We showed those monsters who's boss!
Ugusu: That final flash of light was breathtaking! You're breathtaking, Shinsha!
Ugusu: Hey, Shinsha?
Shinsha: ...
Nectar: Shinsha.
Shinsha: Sorry... I'm just... really tired...
Nectar: Shinsha remotely poured her mana into that stone. It must've taken a lot out of her.
Kushina: ...
(Let's get you to bed, Shinsha!)
Ugusu: Yeah! Hurry it up, Nectar!
Nectar: You're right, Ugusu. Shinsha, it's going to be shaky for a bit.
Shinsha: Mm...
Kushina: ...
(I'll go pick up our food from the dining hall.)
Ugusu: I'll help! Nectar, keep your eyes glued to Shinsha! Make sure she stays rested!
Nectar: Of course, Ugusu. And thanks for getting the food, you two.
Shinsha: I'm sorry... I thought it went well, but I ended up causing you more trouble...
Nectar: You helped achieve our primary objective of fending off the monsters. You have nothing to apologize for.
Shinsha: But... I made you worry again...
Nectar: That is no cause for you to show concern, Shinsha.
Nectar: I worry about you, Kushina, and Ugusu only because I choose to.
Shinsha: Really?
Nectar: Yes, Shinsha.
Nectar: I...
Shinsha: Hm?
Nectar: I often think that you should rely on me more.
Shinsha: But I'm already relying on you so, so much.
Nectar: Not enough, Shinsha.
Nectar: You could remain as you are, or even weaker than you are now...
Nectar: Without having to learn magic.
Shinsha: You think so?
Nectar: Truth be told, Shinsha, I am ashamed of myself.
Nectar: If you did not have need of me, I...
Shinsha: I definitely need you.
Shinsha: You're irreplaceable to me. That's why I asked you to always be with me.
Shinsha: But... But I don't want it to be a one-way relationship, with you helping me all the time.
Shinsha: What you do for me, I want to do for you too. It should go both ways...
Nectar: Shinsha...
Shinsha: You're bound to run into many more hurdles ahead in this unfamiliar outside world.
Shinsha: And whenever that happens to you, or to Kushina or Ugusu, I want to be ready and able to help.
Shinsha: It'd make our journey go by that much more smoothly if I'm not just waiting to be saved all the time.
Nectar: Well... I see what you mean, Shinsha.
Shinsha: And what's more...
Shinsha: Just like you pamper me all the time, Nectar, I want to pamper you too...
Nectar: You're too good to me, Shinsha.
Nectar: Too good...
Something tells me Nectar is shedding tears. After using all that mana and talking at length, I'm exhausted.
Finding it difficult to convey my feelings to Nectar any further, I reach out to him with both hands.
His cold, gentle hands tightly grip mine in return.
For the time being, the both of us simply pray that we never let go of each other.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
成れの果てといえどそこらの魔物相手ならば… A failure I may be, but I can handle those monsters.
喪失した記憶をわざわざ取り戻そうとも思いません Recovering my lost memories is not on my list of priorities.
シンシャはネクタルが必ず守ります I swear to protect Shinsha at all costs.
クスキとルシウス殿が無事本懐を果たせると良いが… I pray that Kusuki and Lucius are able to accomplish their mission.
クシナの怪力は戦うためのものではありません Kushina's great strength is not meant to be used in battle.
ウグスは生まれたばかり落ち着きのなさはご容赦を Ugusu is technically a newborn. Please forgive his restlessness.
イスタルシア…星の民の住処の名…だったか…? Estalucia... The dwelling of the Astrals, is it?
ルリア殿、シンシャへの気遣いに感謝しています Lyria, thank you for your kindness to Shinsha.
(主人公)殿の足手まといとなる訳には… I hope that I am not being a hindrance to (Captain)...
ネクタルをお役立て下さい(主人公)殿 Please allow me to be of help, (Captain).