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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030020000 01.jpg Soriz
Age About 70
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training, reading adult magazines
Likes Women
Dislikes Talentless Men
Once the owner of a weapons shop that served mercenaries and other wagers of war, Soriz is currently on a journey to transform himself into the ultimate weapon. Wherever he goes, he makes sure to demand the younger generation get into weight training. He never shirks his training, treating the art of combat with stoic firmness, even going so far as to develop his own fighting style out of the various martial arts he has studied over the years.Soriz won countless martial arts tournaments when he was younger, but he now seeks to achieve even greater heights and surpass his physical limits through constant training, day in and day out.
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030020000 01.jpg Soriz
Age 70歳ぐらい
Height 178 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鍛錬、読書(エロ本)
Likes オネエチャン
Dislikes むさい男

Npc f 3030117000 01.jpg Soriz (Event)
Age About 70
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training, reading adult magazines
Likes Women
Dislikes Talentless Men
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030117000 01.jpg Soriz (Event)
Age 70歳ぐらい
Height 178 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鍛錬、読書(エロ本)
Likes オネエチャン
Dislikes むさい男

Npc f 3040170000 01.jpg Soriz (SSR)
Age About 70
Height 178 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Training, reading adult magazines
Likes Women
Dislikes Talentless Men
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040170000 01.jpg Soriz (SSR)
Age 70歳ぐらい
Height 178 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鍛錬、読書(エロ本)
Likes オネエチャン
Dislikes むさい男

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday.
That's one more step down life's long and winding road!
You have to experience all you can while you're young, and maybe... if you're lucky... you'll turn out to be one tough customer like me!


Happy birthday! One step closer to adulthood, eh?
I'd take a hundred of my old-man days to equal just one of your youngster days!
So make sure to try lots of things while you're young, and live your life to the fullest!
You're gonna be a beast when you grow up! I guarantee it! Bet that puts your mind at ease, eh?


When you're a gray old man like me, you really start to feel how fast time flies.
They say that ten years can bring a lot of changes, but ten years starts to feel like just yesterday.
And days... they become like seconds. So, um...
I'll tell you something you've heard a thousand times—live each day to the fullest. You'll never get those days back!
Heheh. But happy birthday nonetheless! Thought I needed to end on a positive note.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
How long has it been since I met you again?
You were pretty wet behind the ears at first, but you've grown to be quite a fine captain!
Yes indeed... You've really done me proud! I've been watching over you all this time after all... Just kidding!
I've only been able to do a handful of things for you, Captain.
I guess it's not easy to actually be useful to someone.
But you know... I'm a hopeless old man, though I've enjoyed my life. When you think about that, doesn't it take a load off your mind?
I was lucky enough to meet you, so I know life can be surprisingly full of good fortune.
So don't be afraid to keep charging forward! Young people are allowed to be rash and reckless after all!


Today's your birthday, right, (Captain)? Congrats!
You might not realize it yourself, but the light in your eyes has changed a lot since we first met!
You've gotten really reliable, and you're becoming more and more of an adult! Take it from me.
But I guess growth isn't something you can see without looking back at where you came from.
And you young people don't have time for that. But that's the way it should be!
You can wait until you're an old fart to realize how far you've come and indulge in your emotions.
So enjoy yourself, (Captain)! You're only young once. It'd be a shame to waste your youth by rushing through it.
Take all the time you need to grow up. There's no need to rush!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Make sure to train as hard as you can! If you want iron muscles, you can't skimp a single day!


Yawn... Now that was a New Year's dream worth flexing to!
A gaggle of gorgeous gals were all vying for the chance to ring in the new year with some fireworks...
Wait. What if it wasn't a dream, but a vision of things to come?
All right, (Captain)! I'm gonna go grab some New Year's fireworks. Time to see if I can make this dream a reality!


Hey! Happy New Year! Who knew the first morning of the year could feel this good?
Training in this air gets me revved up!
You too, right? Yeah, thought so!
All right, then let's get to it! Drop and give me fifty! Go on! Drop!


Whew! Training's all done!
How was it, (Captain)? Isn't training while breathing in the clean air of the new year an amazing feeling?
Good health is an important asset to any skyfarer!
Whoa, what was that sound? Oh, was that your stomach growling?
After a good workout, your body craves food. That's proof that you're good and healthy.
All right, let's race to our rooms! If you win, I'll buy you any snack you want!
Hey! Get back here, (Captain)! You can't get a head start while I'm still in the middle of talking!
You'll be eating my dust in no time! Just you watch!


This is a great time of year, don't you think, (Captain)? It's New Year's, after all!
There's nothing better than the new year! It's chock-full of exciting thrills!
Huh? Eating rice cakes, flying kites, and visiting the shrine?
W-well... Sure, those things aren't bad.
But what really gets my clock tickin' are all the pretty ladies dressed to the nines!
I love sneakin' peeks at those low necklines! Really gets the blood pumping, eh?
C-come on, quit looking at me like that!
Okay, okay! My bad! I'll treat you to something sweet for a New Year's gift, so let me off the hook! Pretty please?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, today's Valentine's, is it?
Oh? You got something for me too?
Well, I know I'm not the type of guy that should expect anything, but that doesn't mean I can't get my hopes up, right?
I mean... I did always get an airship-load of chocolates in my younger days.


Oh? You're giving this to me?
These wouldn't happen to be chocolates for Valentine's Day, would they?
Gotcha... Honestly, I should be giving chocolates to you.
I'm perfectly aware of the names people call me, after all.
So thank you... Thank you so much! I'll think of you while I eat them!


Sigh... I'm a nervous wreck... Wonder if anybody'll give me chocolate this year...
Oh, ho! Cap'n! Did you need someone punched?
That's chocolate... For me?
Gulp... Whimper...
Ooh, sorry... It's just... I feel so glad I got some chocolate.
I'll get you a present back, so don't you worry! And it'll be a good one!


(All right. It's that time of year again...)
(Will I be okay? Can I do this?)
(Will I... get chocolate again this year?)
(Captain) finds Soriz in his room, deep in thought. The captain calls out to him from behind.
You scared me to death! Don't sneak up on me like that, (Captain).
Y-yeah. I was just doing a bit of thinking. Did you need something from me?
(Captain) nods and hands Soriz some chocolate.
Thank you... Thank you so much! You made all my worries disappear!
Even if it's burned or has chili powder in the middle, I'll eat every last bite!
All right, I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to tease you! It was just an example! An example! Okay?


O-oh! Hey, (Captain)! What's up? Need something?
Wh-what's that? A mission? Tomorrow? Sure, you can count on me.
Er... Say, is that all you needed from me? Wasn't there... anything else?
Actually, never mind! If that's all you wanted to say, then okay! Sorry, my mistake!
Is this... chocolate? For me?
Were you pulling a prank on me? Damn, I got all nervous and played right into your hands!
Haha! But since you gave me chocolate, I'll forgive your little practical joke.
Pranks and chocolate are both proof that we're close, after all! Thanks, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day!
Hey! Here's a little thank-you gift from me. I hope you'll accept it!
I wasn't sure what to get you, but...
Huh? Instead of a present, you'd rather I stopped meddling in everyone's business?


Oh ho! There you are, (Captain)! This is for you!
Only fair to return the favor for Valentine's Day!
Nothing strange. No tricks. Just some candy I thought you'd like.
Go on! Smile! You always look your best when you smile.


(Captain), take this! It's my way of saying thanks for the Valentine's Day chocolate!
That really meant a lot!
Next year too? I would love to get more, but that's not at all why I'm giving you these!
It's just you decided to give me a present out of the goodness of your own heart. And that lifts the spirits of an old man like me.
If I stop chasing girls, then you'll give me chocolate every year? Gahaha! Great joke, Cap'n!


Hey, Captain! I was looking for you.
Today's White Day, don't you know? Heheh. I need to thank you for Valentine's Day.
So here, these are for you! I checked out the reviews beforehand and picked out some really delicious sweets.
Judging by the smell, I think they used a bit of alcohol in the manufacturing process.
Haha! Don't worry—it was all burned out. But you can still pretend and feel all grown up for a bit!
But if you're going to act like a grown up, make sure to eat them after a proper meal and brush your teeth afterward!


Hey, (Captain)! This is for you. It's a little thank-you for Valentine's Day!
Thanks for always taking the time to give this old man chocolate. Heh... It makes my day.
Huh? Would I prefer liquor? Don't be ridiculous! I know kids can't buy that stuff!
And besides, I'm looking forward to getting drinks with you once you're old enough. So I'd like to save all that for later.
Anyway, I'm happy with trading sweets right now. I kinda like how it makes me feel young again!
Hey, why are you laughing! I was young once too, you know! Don't let my seasoned good looks fool you!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
I've been waiting for this my whole darn life!
Nothing better than getting up to mischief at a Halloween party! Let's do this thing!


I'm formulating a battle plan right now. I can't afford to break concentration.
After all today's the day to play tricks on people and get away with it!
Huh? You're telling me to hand out candy instead?
You're just trying to take all the fun for yourself, aren't you, (Captain)? But I won't give in!
Why don't you join the strategy meeting? It'll be a Halloween to remember for the ages!


Oh, what're you doing there, Captain? You're not out getting Halloween candy?
Huh! The girls came by to tell you to watch me so I don't get up to anything naughty this year?
The sheer cruelty... I've been waiting for Halloween for too long to just sit around.
Hmm... Then how about this: you escort me while you're out to get candy.
Okay, okay! I won't do nothing bad! I'll only look at women if they walk in front me! Deal?


Munch... Oh, (Captain).
Give me just a moment. Munch... Gulp.
Mm, delicious!
Hm? I helped the people in the kitchen carry a few things, and they gave me some sweets as thanks.
I don't buy sweets for myself, but I enjoy eating them from time to time.
I never would have imagined pumpkin and butter could taste so fluffy...
Haha! You look like you're about to start drooling, Captain.
Don't worry, I'll help you out!
Let's go to the kitchen together and tell the people who made these the magic words.
You know the ones... Trick or treat!


Hey, (Captain)! Enjoying your Halloween?
Me? I just got back from buying loads of candy in town.
I have a feeling I'll be hearing "trick or treat" a ton today!
I don't want to turn into some old fart who doesn't pass out treats to the young'uns, so I made sure to replenish my stock!
Here, you can have the first one, (Captain)! Go ahead, say the magic words. Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Huh? You want a present? Let me tell you about this one spot that'll give you the perfect view of paradise, then.
You know, I'm not much of a Santa fan myself, but I do fancy that fluffy red outfit...


Hm? You're looking forward to seeing Santa Claus, eh? Haha! You're still but a child, I see.
At cold times like these, I want nothing more than to get a hard drink and hop in the hot springs.
Even better if there's a nice view to look at too, of course!
Sheesh. You're having that much trouble understanding my manly ideals?
Got it! Let me treat you to a holiday cake, then!


That old man Saint Nick is a pretty sweet guy. Always thinking about how to make others happy. I admire that.
Huh? I could learn a thing or two from him? You don't hold back, do ya, Cap'n?
Huh... So, uh... How about I buy you a cake! I'll even let you pick it out.
Let's get a huge one, so that way everybody on the ship'll get a slice!


I'm back.
Oh, if it isn't (Captain). Couldn't wait to see me, eh?
I just popped into town to pick up some liquor.
The holidays are all about good food. The guys in the kitchen have that part taken care of, but a good meal just isn't complete without a good drink, am I right?
Wait, you can't even drink yet, can you, (Captain)? This is all over your head.
Haha! Come now, there's no reason to pout when you have cake to look forward to! Kids like that stuff, right?
I look forward to the day when we can share a drink together.
Make sure to grow up big and healthy, all right? Hahaha!


Hey, (Captain)! I just got back!
I was out in the shopping district, and it was packed to the brim with people doing their holiday shopping!
I gotta say, I felt a little out of place since I was only there for liquor.
So here! This is for you, (Captain).
Heh. I thought it might be nice to let myself get swept up by the mood! In other words, I decided to buy a gift of my own.
Huh? What's with those wide eyes? Are you really that surprised? It's just a plain ol' assortment of snacks, you know.
But either way, I'm glad you're happy!
Heh... I think I sort of understand how Santa Claus feels now.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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New Tricks for an Old Hound[edit]

Soriz raises a glass with his buddies after a mission. Chided by Ghandagoza for his immaturity, Soriz sets out on a grueling training regimen of self-discovery. Rule number one: No women.

No version of Soriz in crew

Not long ago (Captain) and the crew were hired by the residents of a certain village to investigate terrible, echoing crashes coming from the nearby mountains.
The source of the disturbance turned out to be Soriz, a martial artist who was pulverizing the very living rock with his fists as training.
This man, known for his extensive record of tournament victories as Rockfisted Soriz, is also a peerless pervert, preoccupied with peeping into mountain hot springs.
Unabashed in his voyeurism, Soriz decided to join the crew largely because of the female members—and the chance to pontificate to an unwitting audience on the finer points of true manliness.
Not long afterward, he accompanied the crew for a crab-catching expedition into the bitter cold of North Vast.
More recently, he and the crew participated in a martial arts tournament held in Albion.
Any version of Soriz is a crew member

Since joining the crew, Soriz has shared many adventures with them.
His long years have served to hone both his fists and his perversion.
Tonight the crew is in Auguste on an assignment.
Soriz has invited Eugen, Jin, and Ghandagoza to lift a glass with him.
Soriz: Whoo!
Soriz: Now that's good sake! Tastes great and goes down smooth!
Ghandagoza: This sashimi is also superb. The perfect texture to resist the tooth and yet melt on the tongue.
Eugen: Didn't I tell ya? You can't beat Auguste for seafood!
Jin: Ghandagoza, your cup has run dry. Allow me to refresh it.
Ghandagoza: Come now, Jin. You're so busy pouring, you've barely had the chance to drink anything.
Eugen: Hey now, drink up, drink up! You don't get to visit a tavern this good every day. It'd be rude to waste the chance!
Jin: Haha, forgive my lapse in manners. To your health.
The party is in full swing, with good friends, good food, and good sake.
Soriz: Damn, but this is a great island. I haven't had a bad meal here yet.
Soriz: And no matter the season, the beaches are brimming with swimsuited beauties. This place is a true feast for the senses.
Eugen: Geez, Soriz. With one need met, your mind goes straight back to the ladies, doesn't it? But that's you all over, I guess.
Soriz: Don't be such a spoilsport! Jin's on my side—aren't you, buddy? You like to feast your eyes on the feminine, dontcha?
Jin: Er, no, I... well...
Soriz: Well, well. For a man of many talents, this is an unexpected weak spot.
Yngwie is a crew member

Soriz: You know there's fellas like Yngwie with a woman in every port, right?
Soriz: Ghandagoza, don't you think Jin's adorable, gettin' all flustered over this?
Ghandagoza: ...
Soriz: Uh... Ghandagoza?
Ghandagoza furrows his brow, a severe expression settling on his craggy features. He turns to face Soriz squarely.
Ghandagoza: Soriz.
Soriz: Y-yeah?
Ghandagoza: It troubles me that this schoolboy banter still amuses you.
Soriz: Schoolboy banter? We're talkin' about a sophisticated adult's appreciation of the feminine form here.
Ghandagoza: ...
Soriz: Sorry.
Ghandagoza: You and I are well into our golden years. Surely you realize our time in this world is limited?
Soriz: Well, sure, but...
Ghandagoza: I often think about what I should accomplish with the time I have left.
Ghandagoza: For so long, I focused on training.
Ghandagoza: But in the end is honing my body truly meaningful?
Ghandagoza: Everyone ages and must eventually die. Both mind and body will return to dust.
Ghandagoza: And that is why we have a responsibility to leave something behind for the next generation.
Ghandagoza: When I lie dying, I hope to impart something to whoever attends me, so that they may face the future unafraid.
Ghandagoza: We who tread the path a pace or two ahead must light the way for those who follow after. Don't you agree?
Soriz: ...
Ghandagoza: That's why I began to seek a successor to my Eternal Rage Style.
Ghandagoza: Living my life according to the style's philosophy and passing that on to some young martial artist would be my legacy. I have yet to find a disciple, however.
Ghandagoza: And you, Soriz? What is your philosophy? What will you bequeath to the next generation?
Soriz: ...
Ghandagoza: It was presumptuous of me to lecture you. But I was driven to speak out of respect.
Ghandagoza: It would be a great waste for a man as personable as you not to leave something of himself behind.
Soriz: Thanks. That was tough to hear, but I think I needed it.
Soriz: My philosophy, huh? My legacy...
Soriz: ...
As Soriz mulls things over, Ghandagoza fills Jin's cup.
Ghandagoza: Come, drink up!
Ghandagoza gets the celebration back underway, urging everyone to eat and drink.
Once the four men have had their fill, they stroll along the corniche to where the Grandcypher is docked.
Ghandagoza: I like that tavern. Thank you for inviting me.
Eugen: Glad you enjoyed it! I'd be glad to have a drink with you any time you're free.
Ghandagoza: I'll take you up on that!
Soriz: ...
Jin: Is something troubling you, Soriz?
Soriz: Nah... Just thinking.
Soriz: Ghandagoza, you said we oughta be setting a good example for younger people, right?
Ghandagoza: Indeed.
Soriz: I can't come up with anything fancy. I never gave any thought to what I was leavin' behind for the next generation.
Randall (SR) is a crew member

Soriz: Sometimes I'll give a struggling young hothead a kick in the right direction, but nothing as grand as what you were talking about.
Soriz: Feels kinda lame that I didn't have a decent answer when you asked about my philosophy.
Eugen: So? Didja come up with anything?
Soriz: Not really. Don't think this is the kinda question you can answer in one night.
Soriz: I think I need to do some training before I figure it out.
Soriz: Training in the truest sense of the word!
Jin: In the truest sense? What does that mean?
Soriz: Only one thing it can mean!
Soriz: No women!
Soriz: That's the only way!
Eugen: Wha...
Eugen and Jin: Whaaat!
His companions' shocked exclamations echo across the moonlit waves.
Ghandagoza: That's the spirit, Soriz!
Ghandagoza: I look forward to your answer!
Soriz nods decisively. He turns to look out over the ocean, as vast and fathomless as the path that lies before him.
The odyssey he has set for himself will be the greatest and most grueling of his long life.

Gather Ye Rosebuds, Soriz[edit]

Spurred on by Ghandagoza's words, Soriz spends his days running through the mountains, breaking boulders, and hitting the books—all while avoiding the women of the crew. Even with help from (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn, Soriz begins to crack under the strain, causing his friends to worry whether he'll ever take a break.

Ghandagoza's words push Soriz to reflect seriously on his way of life.
He sets himself a spartan training regime in order to take a good, hard look at himself.
Soriz: One, two!
One, two!
His morning begins early with a long run followed by weight training.
Soriz: Sooryaah!
He spends his afternoons alone in the mountains, smashing rocks and chasing wild beasts.
Soriz: Well, now... The best thing for soothing tired muscles is a nice, cool soak...
In the evenings, Soriz hits the books and studies martial arts, military strategy, or medicine.
Soriz: Ah!
Soriz: Phew... That was close. If I hang around here, I'll wind up seeing women...
Most important is the self-imposed ban on female company, which extends even to his crewmates. Soriz won't allow himself to so much as lay eyes on them.
Lyria: Huh?
Soriz: Wah!
Soriz: Wh-what're you three doin' here? I thought I was about to clap eyes on a lady!
Vyrn: Uh... Why're you hiding under that desk?
Soriz: I told you before about my new training regime, didn't I?
Lyria: Oh, that's right! Is hide-and-seek good training?
Soriz: Well, sort of, now that you mention it.
Soriz explains about his resolution not to look at women.
Lyria: I see! That... must be difficult. There are a lot of women in our crew.
Soriz: Yeah... I feel like I'm always trippin' over 'em.
Vyrn: Huh... You're really taking your training seriously for once!
Soriz: Hey, I'm always serious! I seriously love women! That's why I had to deprive myself of their company.
Vyrn: Yeah... My heart bleeds for you.
Vyrn: But hey, I can tell you're trying. If you want a hand with your training, just say the word!
Lyria: Yeah! We could keep a lookout and warn you if any women around Katalina's age come by.
Soriz: Whoa, really? That'd be a big help!
Soriz: There's no one around in the mountains, anyway, so could you just be my scouts when I'm on the airship?
Lyria: Of course! You can count on us!
With the promise of (Captain) and the others' assistance, Soriz throws himself back into his training.
Soriz: Hup, two, three, four!
Soriz: Toryah! Seiyaaah!
Soriz: Hmm... I see, I see...
Lyria: Soriz, watch out! Rosetta's coming!
Soriz: Evasive maneuvers!
And so Soriz spends his days running through the mountains, breaking boulders, deepening his relationship with his library card, and running away from the women in the crew.
He sticks faithfully to his resolutions.
Soriz: Huff... puff... Huff... hack...
Soriz: Gyah!
Soriz: Ugh, what's goin' on? My eyesight's getting' blurry...
Vyrn: Heeey! Katalina sighting!
Soriz: ...
Soriz: Wh-wha? Ladies incoming? Right!
Vyrn: Are you all right? You don't look so hot.
Soriz: Gyahaha! You know how tough I am! This is nothin'!
Soriz: Now to shield my eyes from feminine beauty...
Day by day Soriz's grueling regimen takes its toll.
Vyrn: What was that noise?
Lyria: Aaahhh! Soriz collapsed!
Lyria: Soriz, are you all right?
(Captain) hurries to Soriz's side to help him up, but Soriz refuses and gets to his feet on his own.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Soriz: Nooo! No contact with women!
Soriz: Oh, it's just you, (Captain).
Soriz: Yow! Quit pinching me! That hurts!
Soriz: Sorry... Didn't wantcha to see me like this.
Lyria: Um, Soriz? Why don't you take a day off from training?
Vyrn: Yeah... You've been looking more ragged by the day. One little break won't kill ya!
Soriz: No! No can do! It feels like I've been doing nothing but slacking off for years!
Soriz: Sorry I worried you, kids. Just keep rootin' for me a while longer, okay?
And with that, Soriz drags himself off for more punishment.
Vyrn: He's overdoing it, right?
Lyria: Yeah...
(Captain) and the others watch Soriz go, worry writ large across their faces.

Gather Ye Rosebuds, Soriz: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain), Eugen, Jin, and the others worry over the changes in Soriz, who never seems to smile anymore. One night, as Soriz forces himself to study through his exhaustion, he gets into a heated argument with his inner voices—one urging him to give up, the other demanding he persevere.

Concerned for Soriz's health, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn go to find Eugen. They find him in conversation with Jin.
Eugen: Hey, you three. What's with the long faces?
Eugen: The crew'll worry if they see their captain looking so grim, (Captain). Tell me what's up.
Lyria: Um... We're worried about Soriz.
Vyrn: Training's one thing, but he's really going overboard...
Jin: Indeed. I've also been troubled by how sallow he looks of late.
Lyria: It's definitely affecting his health.
Lyria: And I feel like all the fun's been sapped out of him.
Eugen: The fun?
Lyria: He usually looks so happy when he's training or spending time with women.
Vyrn: Yeah... He's been really gloomy lately. Maybe it's 'cause he's tired.
Lyria: Soriz's smiling face always calms me down.
Lyria: Even when I'm scared, it makes me feel like everything will be all right. It's really reassuring.
Eugen: It's true. His cheerful attitude has been a real lifesaver at times.
Eugen: I don't wanna stop him training, but he's losing one of his best qualities, isn't he?
Jin: I believe that by imposing this new regimen on himself, Soriz hopes to discover a new kind of strength.
Jin: But perhaps he would be better off seeking his answer within the lifestyle he's led so far.
Jin: It may lie hidden there, as does his good cheer.
Soriz: Phew... When did it get so late? (Captain) and the others're probably asleep. Shouldn't wake 'em up.
Soriz: Well, that means all the ladies are abed, too. May as well get in my reading and then hit the hay.
Soriz: Lessee here... "When engaged in rigorous physical training, one must be sure to rehydrate..."
Soriz: "Due to elevated body temperature during exercise, one must also be vigilant against heatstroke."
Soriz: "The symptoms are difficult to treat, so great care should be taken to avoid developing them in the first place."
Well, yeah. Even I knew that.
Soriz: Yaaawn...
Soriz: Whoa, no nodding off yet. Still got thirty pages to go.
Soriz: Sigh... Thirty more pages...
???: Give it up...
???: No! Knuckle down!
Soriz: Huh? What was that?
Devil Soriz: It's me, chump! Your inner voice!
Devil Soriz: C'mon, ditch this boring homework!
Angel Soriz: No way! You said you were gonna figure out your personal philosophy!
Angel Soriz: So you're feeling a little starved for feminine company—so what? Isn't it more important to leave something behind for the next generation?
Devil Soriz: What've those brats done for me lately? I wanna see ladies!
Angel Soriz: You wanna do at least something worthwhile with the time you have left, don't you?
Devil Soriz: Hey, if we don't have much time left, let's spend that time getting at least one more eyeful of a bathing beauty!
Angel Soriz: What'd you say?
Devil Soriz: You heard me! Got a problem with that?
Angel Soriz: Yeah! You wanna piece of me?
Soriz: Shut up!
Soriz: Just listening to the two of you is wearing me out!
Soriz: And I'm tired enough from training my ass off all day!
Soriz: You're on my last nerve! Beat it!
Devil Soriz: Say that again!
Angel Soriz: Hey, chief, we're here to help you.
Soriz: I said scraaam!

Gather Ye Rosebuds, Soriz: Scene 3[edit]

After laying the smack down on his warring inner voices, Soriz realizes that he wants to do his utmost to make sure he and everyone around him can enjoy life. A few days later, he goes to challenge Ghandagoza and share his new philosophy.

Soriz: Doryaaah!
Devil Soriz: Gyaaah!
Soriz beats down his conflicting inner voices.
Soriz: Sheesh...
Eugen: What was that sound?
Lyria: Ah! Soriz!
Vyrn: You're back? Why didn't you say any... thing...
Soriz: ...
Jin: Soriz?
Soriz: I found it... My philosophy...
Vyrn: Gulp! Yeah? What is it?
Soriz: It's...
Soriz: If it feels right, do it!
Vyrn: What?
(Captain) and Lyria trade surprised looks.
Soriz: Sittin' around thinking things over isn't worth it! It's pointless and it's a bore!
Eugen: Pff... Hahahaha!
Eugen: Hahaha, you're right. That fits you just fine!
Jin: Agreed. I believe that attitude is what makes you the excellent companion you are.
Their conversation seems to be going straight over (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria's bewildered heads. Soriz reaches out and gives each of them a thorough hair-mussing.
Soriz: In the beginning, I started training to prove that a person's body could be the ultimate weapon.
Soriz: Proving that with my own physique was so much fun, I just kept right on training.
Lyria: Hehe, you always did look like you were enjoying yourself.
Soriz: I was. Training happens to be what I'm into, but it could be other things for other people.
Soriz: Whatever you like, you oughta do it! If it puts a smile on your face, you don't need a better reason.
Soriz: But that's not the most important part...
Soriz: I'd rather see people happy than down in the dumps.
Soriz: I really killed the mood on the ship by going around looking like I was at a funeral.
Soriz: Can't have that. No one was having any fun.
Lyria: We feel the same way. If you're happy, we're happy!
Soriz: Haha, thanks. I've seen the error of my ways.
Soriz: From now on, I'm not just gonna stand by and enjoy other people's good moods.
Soriz: I'm gonna do my best to make 'em happen myself.
Soriz: That's the best way for me and everyone around me to enjoy life!
Soriz: And that's my philosophy.
Eugen: I like it. That's a damn good philosophy.
Soriz: Right? Haha, I guess something good came out of all that hardship!
Soriz: But that's all in the past! Now if you'll excuse me...
Jin: Hm? Where are you going?
Soriz: Where else?
Soriz: I've got peepin' to do!
  1. Stop right there!

Choose: Stop right there!
(Captain) leaps to block the way to the women's baths.
Soriz leads the captain and the others on a merry chase as they try to prevent his bad behavior.
But Soriz, at least, appears to be having a grand old time.
Soriz: ...
Soriz: Thanks for coming, Ghandagoza.
Ghandagoza: Certainly.
Ghandagoza: You look refreshed, Soriz. Did you find your answer?
Soriz: Heh heh...
Soriz: Let me tell you... with my fists!
Ghandagoza: Ohhh, no better way!
Ghandagoza: Here I come, Soriz!
Soriz: Hyaaah!

Gather Ye Rosebuds, Soriz: Scene 4[edit]

During their fight, Ghandagoza notices a change in Soriz's style, which he attributes to Soriz's newfound philosophy. Soriz answers that he's discovered his reason for living—to make himself and everyone around him happy. Ghandagoza's approval brings a bashful smile to Soriz's face.

After a spirited battle, Ghandagoza steps away from Soriz and lowers his fists.
Soriz: What's wrong?
Ghandagoza: Your fighting style has changed, Soriz. Is that the manifestation of your newfound philosophy?
Soriz: Yeah... I think it is.
Ghandagoza: Your new style... is oriented towards fighting in a group rather than alone, is it not?
Soriz: Well... Life's just no fun without friends!
Soriz grins and relaxes out of his fighting stance.
Soriz: Y'know, Ghandagoza...
Soriz: I want to surround myself with people, and I want to see them smile.
Soriz: So I want to dedicate these fists to helping others.
Soriz: These hands can do more than punch. They can reach out and hold someone else's.
Ghandagoza: Indeed?
Soriz: So maybe that's... not my philosophy but my reason for living—to make myself and everyone around me happy.
Soriz: And if I put smiles on people's faces, they'll do the same for others.
Soriz: Even after I'm long forgotten, that happiness will keep on rippling outward. That's good enough.
Soriz: No, not good enough. Damn good.
Ghandagoza: I see...
Ghandagoza: A sentiment worth risking one's life for.
Ghandagoza: Well spoken, Soriz. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.
Soriz: Haha! You're makin' too big a deal out of it!
Soriz: But it's kind of a relief to realize I don't need such a lofty goal.
Soriz: I guess this old hound can still learn a trick or two!
Soriz laughs self-consciously and turns away to gaze into the azure distance.
The possibilities awaiting Soriz and his friends are as vast as the cloud-strewn horizon.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
年寄りの冷や水ゥ?ハハッ言いやがるぜ! Whaddya mean I'm gettin' too old for this?
キレイなモン見るのは心と体にいいンだよ! Feasting the eyes feeds the body and the soul!
何がロマンかってのは人それぞれなンだよなァ Everybody has their own ideals, y'know.
体を鍛えときゃイザッて時に助かるぜェ? Train now so you don't get caught with your pants down later.
ひとっ風呂浴びてェな!いや、覗きじゃなくてよ! Man, I could hit the bathhouse! No, I swear I'm not gonna peep!
ガンダゴウザの旦那に負けてらンねェよな! I can't let Ghandagoza outdo me!
オイゲンと呑むのは楽しいモンだぜ! Eugen's a great drinking buddy!
ジンの真面目さはよ、青臭くて嫌いじゃねェな Jin's so fresh-faced and earnest... It's a breath of fresh air.
(主人公)ともいつか酒を酌み交わしてェな! When you're older, we'll raise a glass together, (Captain)!
俺が(主人公)達に遺せるモンがあるかねェ… What am I gonna leave behind for (Captain) and the others?