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Official Profile[edit]

Age 22
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies お菓子作り、調理全般
Likes 他人の世話
Dislikes 物の押し売り
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). Let me thank your parents on this occasion as well.
What do you mean why? Because you wouldn't be here without them, and we never would've been able to meet you!
So to you I wish all the best. And to your family a very special thanks.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy that we all get to celebrate your birthday together.
I'm pretty sure my brother feels the same way. I think he's coming by later to say hello.
Hehehe... He's not used to doing stuff like that, so he'll probably have a super scary look on his face.
He's always like that when he doesn't know what to do... Hehe.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
What a happy day. You get to celebrate, and I get to see your smiling face.
Aaah... What fun. I just love the warmth of everyone in celebration.
Thank you so much, (Captain). Traveling with the entire crew has been amazing. Heehee.


(Captain), happy birthday! Haha... Oh, it's nothing really. I'm just glad I get to celebrate your birthday again this year. That reminds me: is there anything in particular you'd like for tonight's dinner party? Birthdays don't come often, and I want to make this a special occasion for you. Just say the word, (Captain). I'll make anything you want.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
No, I'm okay. Oh, don't worry, it's nothing. It's just something my brother did.
He was supposed to hand out New Year's gifts to the kids in the crew, but he got the time all wrong.
Aaah, he can be so irritating. But it wouldn't be right for me to change him. I just have to toughen myself up!


Guess what? My brother gave me a New Year's letter.
But when I opened it, all it said was "have a good year".
Maybe this is his idea of a joke? On the other hand, he had such a serious look on his face when he gave it to me. I don't know.
Hehe... It's so like him to do something like this though, so I can't help but laugh.


There! All done!
Oh! Happy New Year, (Captain).
I've figured out my resolution for this year. I want to take the time to learn.
I've always talked about it, but now I'm actually going to give it a shot. I want to read as many spell books as I can so that I'll be able to use higher-level magic.
It probably won't be the same as my mother's magic.
But it'll have the same power to help anyone in need that she always had.
You're rooting for me? Why, thank you, (Captain). Teehee.


(Captain), happy New Year!
Hm? You're wondering what all these fancy meals laid out on the table are for?
They're for today's New Year's lunch. I prepared each and every one personally.
Haha. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I think these turned out great this year.
I hope you like yours.
Hm? You think I made too many?
Oh, that won't be a problem. I'll have my brother finish off any leftovers if it comes to that.
Well then, guess I'd better call everyone here.
There's nothing better than a festive meal to kick off the new year.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Here you go, (Captain). My very own Valentine's chocolate. To tell you the truth though, I'm not really sure if they turned out well.
It's not like we need candy on our journey, so I was thinking about how Mother used to make them...
You like them?
Phew... I'm so relieved!


By the way, (Captain), I made chocolates again.
I couldn't help it. Remembering your smiling face from last year was more than enough to motivate me.
I guess I can't really explain how happy that made me feel. It definitely didn't feel like I was making any old dish this time.
I even had fun picking out the ingredients! And I have you to thank for that, (Captain).


More handmade Valentine's chocolate coming your way this year, (Captain)!
It's definitely encouraging to see others enjoying the things I'm good at. You know, like using magic and cooking.
I went ahead and put in a little extra work this time though. Hehe... It turned out pretty well, didn't it?
I ended up buying a specialty knife when I was out browsing the shops.
Making something with fresh, new tools is oodles of fun.
I made some for my brother too. I'll give those to him later.


(Captain), I made some chocolates again this year. Won't you have some?
You will? Good.
Um... Here you g... Actually...
Some in the crew were saying that getting chocolates every year can get old.
They suggested playing things up with how I hand over the chocolate, so...
If you don't mind, (Captain)...
Can you open up and say "aah"?
Ah... Th-this is so embarrassing...

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh, a present! Th-thank you.
Ahaha... My face feels a little hot.
It's kind of hard to find time to give and receive presents when you're island-hopping all the time.
I'll treasure these for the rest of my life!
Wait, but they're cookies, so... Okay, I'll treasure these for the rest of today!


Thank you for the present, (Captain).
It's wonderful. Hehe, I can't stop thinking about it.
Giving presents is the perfect way to convey your feelings, don't you think?
You really have to know someone in order to give them something they'll be happy with.
Hehehe... Let's keep that in mind when we exchange gifts again next year.


Oh, (Captain). I had a feeling I'd be seeing you today.
This is another wonderful gift you've given me. Thank you.
Say, do you still remember the first time you gave me something for White Day?
I said I'd treasure your gift for my entire life, but cookies can't exactly last for a lifetime, right? So I ate them, haha.
But I know in my heart that the bonds between you and I will stay strong forever...
Um, what is it, (Captain)? Did I say something funny?


Haha, this is thanks for Valentine's? Appreciate it, (Captain).
Is it okay if I open it up?
Ahh, this apron's adorable. Thank you.
My old apron's gotten kind of worn out, so I've been wanting a new one.
Hehe, might as well put it on right now and get to making sweets!
I'll be sure to give you a few when I'm done, (Captain).
Heheh, I wonder what I should make first.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Heeheehee, I just remembered something. You're not going to believe this but my brother used to dress up when we were younger.
He was such a prankster. One time he wore a monster costume and scared my dad so badly they got into a wrestling match.
Then Mom yelled at both of them, and they just sulked in the kitchen. Ahaha!


Ah... Never mind. I just saw a kid in a goblin costume.
It makes you think, like, what if there are real goblins out there tonight?
If the goblins weren't our enemies, then all the moms would probably—
Sorry, (Captain). I don't know what I'm saying.
What do you say we dress up for the holiday? It only comes once a year!


Would you look at that, (Captain)?
Hehe... My brother is handing out candy to the kids.
It seems awkward and embarrassing for him, but he's not trying to hide it.
Lucius has changed ever since he started hanging out with your crew, (Captain).
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to cry and bring down the mood. Tonight's all about having fun! The party's waiting for us! Heehee! Let's go, (Captain)!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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The holiday's here!
Heeheehee. I think you could say there's a bit of enchantment in the air. I haven't felt this peaceful in a long time.
We have cake, a tree, and everything... If you had told me I'd be able to go on such a fun journey, I wouldn't have believed you.
If you hadn't come, (Captain), I wouldn't be here right now. Once again I owe you my thanks.


Oh, (Captain). Look, I made a cake for everyone.
Now to add flower-shaped sugar frosting... and I'm done! You think it's pretty? Hehehe. Why, thank you.
I wanted to see if I could make it. This was my mother's favorite flower, and it represents one of my most cherished memories.
Teeheehee. I hope everyone enjoys it too.


(Captain)! I-I have to ask you something!
My brother... He...
His solemn face and white beard... I mean, it's a fake beard, but... That face just popped out in front of me!
Is he playing Santa for the kids? What's gotten into him?
I've never seen him like that before. Something must've happened without me knowing!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

In the Heart of the Flames[edit]

Camped out on Midnight Island, our heroes were preparing dinner over a bonfire created by Teena’s fire magic. Teena told them she wanted to learn more advanced magic, and so our heroes invited her to join the Order. In order to fulfill her dream of traveling all over the world and becoming a powerful mage like her mother, Teena decided to join our heroes.

During their travels, our heroes joined a goblin extermination task force and disembarked on Midnight Island in pursuit of information on primal beasts.
Shrouded in the growing darkness of dusk, our heroes arrived at the task force’s meeting point and began to set up camp.
Vyrn: Damnit! I guess the wood is too damp... The fire just won’t start!
Lyria: Sigh... At this rate, we won’t have a bonfire tonight... And that means no dinner...
Teena: Hm? What's wrong?
Vyrn: We’re stuck... We can’t start this stupid fire at all...
Teena: Oh, is that all? Just leave it to me!
Teena: Stand back, you two. Take that...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Flames just shot out of her palms! She lit a fire within seconds!
Teena: There, all done... Hehe! Just leave the fire to me!
Lyria: You're amazing! Where did you learn that fire magic?
Teena: Huh?! Umm... well...
Vyrn: Come onnn... Just tell us!
Teena: O-Okay! But... it’s not a super interesting story or anything, okay?
Teena: My mom was once a mage, you see. She went on a journey with my dad, who was a swordsman, and they went around helping people in need.
Teena: I seem to remember my dad telling me that my mom was really good at using support magic to bolster his sword techniques...
Lyria: Awww! So your parents supported each other! That’s so awesome!
Teena: Well, once me and my brother were born, they stopped going out on dangerous journeys and instead focused completely on raising us...
Teena: So, yeah... As for why I know fire magic, well... My mom’s the one who taught me the basics of magic.
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s wrong, Teena? Whoa, um... Are you crying?
Teena: Huh? No, I, uh... I got smoke from the bonfire in my eyes, that’s all!
Vyrn: Oh, I see... That’s good, then.
Teena: But... my mom never taught me anything else besides the most basic magic, so...
Teena: The truth is, I want to be able to use really, REALLY advanced magic, like my mom.
Teena: And... Let’s see... I’d like to see all the islands my mom journeyed to, if I can.
Vyrn: Yeah! That’d be awesome! But... didn’t you visit all kinds of places when you were journeying with your brother?
Teena: Yeah... but we’re so busy hunting goblins using the Airship the intermediary organization lent us, so we don’t have any free time.
Lyria: Hmm... In that case...! Once we finish this job... Why don’t you take a ride on our ship?
Lyria: Besides... We visit all kinds of islands on our journey, so maybe we could help you! Right, (Captain)?
Teena: Huh?! B-But... I’ll need to ask my brother...
Vyrn: Don’t worry about that! We can ask your brother together. So, what do YOU want to do, Teena?
Teena: I want... to go with you. I want to see all the same sights as my mom, and be a strong and kind mage, just like her.
Teena: I know it’s asking the impossible, but w-would it be okay with you, (Captain)?
  1. The more, the merrier.
  2. As long as your brother says it’s fine.

Choose: The more, the merrier.
Teena: Hahaha! You’re right! A journey’s more fun with friends!

Choose: As long as your brother says it’s fine.
Teena: I-I’m not sure he will... But I’ll try asking anyway!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like your brother’s back. Just leave the sweet-talking to me!
And so... With the fierce resolve to become a mage like her mother, Teena joined our heroes on their journey.

A Flame That Transcends Time[edit]

At Teena’s insistence, the party decides to participate in a festival called the Wandering Soul Festival. The Wandering Soul Festival is a festival passed down through generations of the village. It uses the holy flame to light Soul Boats that are then drifted on the river, signifying their gratitude for the souls of their ancestors. While the party is being explained about the festival, monsters appear on the outskirts of the village.

During the journey, Teena asks that the party stops at a village to watch the Wandering Soul Festival.
While the party moves through the dark forest, they hear the sounds and music of a festival.
Teena: I think it was around here...
Vyrn: Hm? Isn’t it that village?
Lyria: Yes! They look like they’re having fun! Let’s join them!
Teena: Oh! There’s such a huge bonfire in the middle of the village... This is the place I was looking for...
Lyria: Wow! It's giving off so much warmth.
Vyrn: Hey, old man. What’s that giant bonfire?
Villager 1: Hm? That is the holy flame that has been kept for several hundreds of years ever since the village began. You didn’t know that and you came to this village?
Teena: Well... I’ve only heard about this village from my mother when I was still very young...
Villager 1: Oh! Oh, I see! Then you should know about the ceremony of souls with the holy flame, which we hold this time of year.
Teena: The ceremony of souls?
Villager 1: We take Soul Boats and light them with the holy flame and drift them on the river. It is our tradition to express gratitude for the souls of our ancestors.
Teena: Oh, really...? Souls of the ancestors...
Villager 1: Haha... I suppose you don’t believe me. The ceremony of souls is done at the end of the festival. So just think about the person you’d like to meet the most!
Villager 2: Ahhhh! There’s a monster at the edge of the village! S-Somebody help!
Teena: O-Oh, no! We need to go help, too! (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 2[edit]

The party defeated the monsters that appeared on the outskirts of the village. They now wait for the climax of the Wandering Soul Festival when they drift the Soul Boats on the river. However, the party hears about monsters gathering outside the village and they decide to head there.

Villager 2: Thanks. You saved me back there.
Villager 2: Phew... Looks like we can safely do the ceremony of souls now.
Teena: I’m glad nothing happened to the village.
Vyrn: Geez... Those monsters have such bad timing. Hey, let’s go check out the festival!
Lyria: Sure! I want to see the ceremony of souls!
Villager 1: Hey! The monsters are gathering outside the village! Can you please help us by chasing those monsters away?!
Teena: No way! Why would there be so many monsters gathering here...?
Teena: Let’s go! (Captain)!

A Flame That Transcends Time: Scene 3[edit]

Because of the monsters’ attack on the village, the holy flame was extinguished. But thanks to Teena’s magic, the fire burns again. According to a surprised villager, a mage who used a similar kind of magic has protected the holy flame before. Teena looks out to the river at the Soul Boats and reminisces of her mother.

Villager 1: Ahhh! The holy flame has been tipped over!
Villager 2: O-Oh, no! The holy flame is about to go out! Our ceremony of souls will be ruined...
Villager 1: Gah! We must defend the history of our village... The holy flame!
Villager 2: Gah... It’s no good... The kindling is going out... What should we do?!
Teena: Excuse me! If you’d like... please use my flame as kindling!
Villager 1: What’s that supposed to mean? A-Anyway, as long as we can protect the kindling, I don’t care what it is! Please help!
Teena: Here I go...!
In the next instant, the fire that is unleashed from Teena’s palm mixes with the kindling.
The flames rise up from the kindling and merge with the fire from Teena’s palm, giving off an eerie light.
Teena: What is this...? I feel a warmth in my palm...
Villager 2: Wha...?! What’s going on here?!
Villager 1: What?! Could you be... the mage that saved the festival in the past...? No, it can’t be...
Teena: A mage who saved your festival? C-Can you please tell me more about that mage?
According to the villager, there was a mage who saved the village from danger. That mage supposedly used the same magic as Teena.
Teena: Mother... Could that be Mother...?
Villager 1: I’m sorry... That mage didn’t mention their name before leaving, so I don’t know for sure.
Villager 2: I do remember that the mage was quite close to a skilled swordsman who she traveled with. This is all I can tell you...
With the help of the mage in the past and now by Teena in the present day, the holy flame has been kept safe.
Its light will never be extinguished as it is passed on to the future.
Villager 2: Thank you. I never thought that our village would rely on one family so much... I honestly don’t know how to thank you.
Villager 1: Oh, right! I know what to do! Please join us for the ceremony of souls!
Vyrn: Huh? It’s okay for us to join?
Villager 1: Hahaha! But of course! You are our savior!
And this is how (Captain) and party joined the ceremony of souls at the climax of the Wandering Soul Festival.
Teena: I never knew such a gentle and warm fire existed...
Teena: Maybe those two watched it together back then...
Lyria: Wow... I feel breathless just seeing something so beautiful...
Vyrn: Haha. Lyria is moved to tears. But I know what she means!
Teena: Mother... Have I become as strong as you?
Vyrn: What’s wrong, Teena? You’re getting all sentimental and everything. You okay?
Teena: No... I’m fine... Totally fine! Or at least... I’m okay now!
Teena: Now where should we go next, (Captain)?!
Teena is reminded of her mother’s image as she looks at the soft, flickering lights drifting on the river.
Having matured through her journey with her friends, she holds back her tears. The day when she will truly be a great mage is close.

Light of Hope[edit]

Teena has ended her quest for revenge, and our heroes have decided to go on a tour of the various islands. One day, Teena tells (Captain) and friends about something that has been bothering her. Her brother Lucius has lost his drive, and Teena wants (Captain) to give him some inspiration. Vyrn suggests they invite Lucius to some special training, and Teena asks (Captain) to fight him.

The party stops on an island, where they each enjoy a brief respite.
Then (Captain) sees Teena standing around with a sour look on her face.
She had never looked like that in all the time since she stopped goblin hunting and joined the party on their journey.
Teena: Hrrrm...
Vyrn: Hey, there! What’s wrong, Teena? You look so serious.
Teena: ............
Lyria: Are you all right? Are you feeling sick?
Teena: Huh? Oh, uh, sorry! I’m fine. It’s nothing.
Vyrn: Really? It sure doesn’t look like nothing. Is something bothering you?
Teena: Eh heh heh. Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing important.
Lyria: You don’t have to keep it to yourself. If you need to talk, we’re here for you.
Teena: ............
Teena: Thanks. ...You’re right.

Teena: It’s my brother. He’s been...kinda down lately.
Teena: When I talk to him, he hardly says anything back, and then he just goes off somewhere like he’s trying to get away from me.

Continue 1
Teena: It’s my brother. He promised to meet me on this island. I just went to see him, and...
Teena: He seemed kinda down. I gave him an update on what’s been happening, but he hardly said anything back.
Teena: We haven’t seen each other in such a long time, but he just left, like he was trying to get away from me.
Continue 2
Vyrn: I get it. You’re worried about Lucius. Did something happen?
Teena: Hmm... I think it’s because...
Teena: Actually...the same thing happened to me once.
Teena: Ever since I was a kid, my whole life was about getting revenge for Mom.
Teena: Then that was over, and for a while...it felt like there was this gaping hole in my heart.
Lyria: I see. And you think that’s what Lucius is feeling?
Teena: He was even more driven than I was. So it must be even worse for him.
Vyrn: Yeah. He was willing to give his life for the cause.
Lyria: I can see why you’re worried. Is there anything we can do to cheer him up?
Vyrn: Hmm... Good question.
Vyrn: Does he have a hobby or something? Maybe doing something he likes will make him feel better.
Lyria: Oh, good idea! That does sound like it could work!
Teena: Ha ha, yeah. But DOES he have a hobby?
Teena: Hrrrm...
Teena: I know! Swordfighting! When we were little, he would practice all day in the yard. It was like he was in his own little world.
Teena: It turned out to be good training for revenge, but he always liked improving his sword skills.
Vyrn: Well, there ya go! Let’s invite him to do some sword practice!
Teena: No. I have a better idea!
Suddenly Teena grows serious, and takes (Captain) by the hand.
Teena: (Captain)! Please! Fight my brother!
Lyria: Wait, what?!
Teena: He doesn’t respect anyone, but he respects you!
Teena: If the two of you could speak to each other through your swords...I’m sure that would snap him out of it!
Vyrn: That’s, uh... It sounds kinda dramatic.
Teena: You think so? But we have to get my brother’s fire back!
Lyria: Hahaha... This must be what they call “tough love.”
Teena: I think I saw him go toward the forest. Let’s go!

Light of Hope: Scene 2[edit]

Our heroes find Lucius in the forest, but he has lost all sense of purpose. He seems unfriendly, distant—even when talking to his sister. (Captain) challenges him to a duel, but Lucius ignores all provocation and leaves. The party hurries after him, but the way is barred—by a monster!

The party heads into the forest. They come to an old temple ruin, where they find Lucius brooding.
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Hm? Oh. It’s you. What do you want?
Lucius not in crew

Lucius: Hm? Oh. It’s you. It’s good to see you again. How did you know I was?
Teena: Do you have a minute? We need to talk to you.
Lucius: Teena...
Lucius: I’m in the middle of sword practice. Can we talk some other time?
Teena: Like when? You’re just going to keep avoiding me, aren’t you?!
Lucius: ............
Lyria: Excuse me! ...It was (Captain) who wanted to talk to you. It’s, um, very important...
Lucius: I’m sorry, but I need to concentrate. If you will not leave me...then I shall leave you.
Vyrn: Stop! You’re doing sword practice, right? That’s perfect! (Captain) wants to be your fencing partner!
Lucius: Humph. I use my own technique, which I developed to fight those fiends. Our styles are too different.
Teena: Ugh, you are so stubborn.
Teena: ...(Captain)! Make him mad! If you can get him to fight you, he’s ours!
Lucius: What...are you whispering about?
  1. What, are you scared?
  2. I'll tell everyone your secret!

Choose: What, are you scared?
Lucius: Ha! I don’t care what you think of me.

Choose: I'll tell everyone your secret!
Lucius: What...?! What do you know, knave?!
Lucius: ...Ha. You’re bluffing. I can see it in your eyes.
Continue 1
Lucius: Sigh... I don’t know what you want, but we’re not getting anywhere. It’s time I take my leave.
Teena: No! Come back! ...Come on, everyone! After him!
Monster: GRAAARR!
Lyria: Eek! It’s a m-monster!
Teena: Ugh! We don’t have time for this!

Light of Hope: Scene 3[edit]

Lucius waits for a chance to talk to the party without Teena finding out. He explains that now that he has ended his revenge against the goblins, he fears he is too tainted by hatred to help his sister start her new life, and that is why he had been keeping his distance. But Teena, who had been listening from the shadows, objects to his way of thinking. The siblings’ love for each other sparks a quarrel.

Our heroes drive the monster away. Teena is desperate to find Lucius.
Teena: Hey! Look! I see someone!
Teena: Wait! Come back!
Vyrn: Huh? Hey! Stop! ...Aww, he’s gone.
Lyria: Let’s go after him! He and (Captain) need to talk through their swords!
Lucius: Whew... I’ve finally gotten them away from her.
Vyrn: Ack! Lucius! So that’s where you’ve been hiding!
Lucius: Humph. All right then, tell me. What is this farce all about?
Lyria: Uhhh... Well, um...
Lucius: ............
Vyrn: Er, well... Hey, don’t glare at me like that. It’s just...Teena wanted our help.
(Captain) and company confess to Lucius that they had heard he was unhappy and were trying to get his spirits up.
Lucius: What...? This was Teena’s idea?
Lyria: Yes! She’s worried about you! But you’re just being so unfriendly...
Lucius: It’s...not what you think. I’m not depressed.
Lucius: Sigh... I just...wanted to put some distance between us.
Vyrn: Wha? What is that supposed to mean?
Lucius: Well... Now that we’ve defeated the fiends’ king, Teena should start down a new path.
Lucius: But if I’m with her...now that my hands are stained with blood and revenge...I’ll only get in her way.
Lucius: That’s why I’ve been avoiding her. I took her with me on my long, arduous quest... It’s time she lived her own life.
Lucius: And...I want her to be happy.
Lyria: Nngh... So that’s why. ...But Teena...
Lucius: I know. My behavior...has only gotten her more attached. I would like to ask for your assistance—
???: How could you!
Lucius: Teena.
Teena: Live my own life? You think I haven’t made any of my own decisions?
Teena: You think I can’t be happy with you? Did you really think I was miserable?
Teena: You don’t get to decide how I feel!
Vyrn: O-okay, just calm down. Lucius never said that you....
Teena: Answer me, Lucius!
Lucius: Sigh... That’s enough out of you.
Teena: What!
Lucius: I’m saying this for your own good. You can’t have a bright future like this.
Teena: You don’t know that! I’m not so weak that I need you to worry about me!
Lucius: ...I see.
Lucius: Very well. Then show me how strong you are.
Lyria: Eek! Why are you drawing your sword?
Lucius: Promise me, Teena. If I win, we never see each other again.
Teena: L-Lucius...
Vyrn: Wait a darn minute! This is just a little brother-sister quarrel! Right, Teena?
Teena: ...Okay.
Teena: I will show you how strong I am! How much I’ve grown!
Lucius: Heh. En garde!

Light of Hope: Scene 4[edit]

Lucius is surprised by how much Teena has grown. Through tears, Teena lays bare the strength of her heart, and of her desire to start a new life with her brother. Touched by her love for him, Lucius repents of his arrogant, though caring, assumptions. They had survived despair together, and now they would continue on together, hand in hand, on a journey toward hope.

Teena: Haah... Haah... Haah...
Lucius: Heheh... I had no idea you had grown this much.
Again and again, Teena blocks the sword that had defeated the great Goblin King.
Hers was a unique defense—one that could only be accomplished by the girl who had watched and respected her brother’s swordplay more than anyone else in the world.
Vyrn: Stop! That’s enough! Both of you! You could kill each other!
Lucius: ...Indeed.
Teena: Haah...
Lyria: A-are you all right?
Teena: Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired.
Teena: You were going easy on me...weren’t you?
Lucius: Maybe. In any case, you are a valuable companion. ...Even if you are my stupid little sister.
Teena: YOU’RE stupid, Lucius.
Teena: You just randomly decide that you’re getting in my way, and you think you can tell me what will make me happy...
Teena: You’re so...arrogant... We’ve lived our whole lives together!
Teena: Stupid Lucius... Stupid, stupid, stupid Lucius!
Lucius: Teena...
Lucius: ............
Lucius: I’m sorry. It seems I’ve been wrong.
Vyrn: Heh heh! That makes Teena the winner!
Lyria: It does! I hope you’re sorry for what you did, Lucius!
Lucius: Humph.
Teena: Ha ha... I’m sorry for getting you all mixed up in our family quarrel.
Vyrn: Forget about it! It was Lucius’s fault, anyway. He can be kinda extreme.
Lucius: Humph. What else could I have done? Teena’s not the type to listen to reason.
Vyrn: What’s that? No amount of reason could get Teena to leave you, huh? You sound pretty full of yourself!
Lyria: Tee hee! Maybe Lucius is the one who can’t live without Teena!
Lucius: What! Don’t be ridiculous!
Teena: Ha ha ha! Oh, Lucius...
Teena: Oh, you’re hurt. ...I did that with my magic, didn’t I? Let me see it.
Teena: Lucius... Let’s go through life together. Hand in hand.
Lucius: ...All right.
And thus Teena resolved her conflict with Lucius, and their bond grew even stronger.
Having survived despair, the siblings take their first small step toward a bright future filled with hope.

Meaning Behind the Flower[edit]

Teena and our heroes exchange puzzled looks after receiving a strange request. It came in the form of a letter from an unknown sender, and included payment before they even had a chance to accept it. The party is left with no other choice but to follow its instructions and go to the island named, where they are confronted by monsters.

Teena: Oh, I see it! It’s that island, right?
Vyrn: Hrrrm... Are we really going to do this?
Lyria: Well... We HAVE already been paid...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Humph. As usual, you’re a bunch of busybodies.
Receiving a mysterious letter, our heroes go as requested to a certain island.
The letter was a request from an anonymous sender, and included payment.
Teena: And there was no return address, so we can’t send it back... I’d feel bad if we just did nothing.
Vyrn: But it just bothers me. That letter looks like it was written by some little kid, but they paid in gold and silver!
Teena: Hmm... Do you think...it’s a trap?
Lyria: Look! There’s a monster on those rocks!
Vyrn: Well, we’ve come this far. We’ll just have to fight! Let’s go!

Meaning Behind the Flower: Scene 2[edit]

Having driven off the monster, the party is still suspicious about who sent the letter. Teena senses someone nearby, and discovers a goblin hiding in the shadow of a rock, but something’s not right. The goblin, on the other hand, gives in to his instinctive hatred of humans, and attacks!

Our heroes defeat the monster, thus fulfilling the strange request. But...
Vyrn: Whew... Well, we did it!
Teena: But what a weird request. This island looks deserted.
Lyria: Now that you mention it... All I can see are rocks. Who would need us to get rid of the monster?
Teena: Hrrrm...
Teena: ! Who’s that hiding there?
Goblin: Kee-hee? Uh-oh...!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Fiends! Even on a deserted island like this one...
Vyrn: Eep! A g-goblin? So it WAS a trap!
Goblin: Kee kee! Run, everyone!
Teena: Huh? Where did they come from?
At a signal from their leader, a bunch of little goblins appear, and take off as fast as their legs will carry them.
Lyria: I think...they’re his children!
Teena: I guess it wasn’t a trap. That letter was from...
Goblin: Kee kee... Kee! I shouldn’t have gone to humans for help. You shall not pass!
Vyrn: Calm down! We’re not... Uh-oh! Incoming!

Meaning Behind the Flower: Scene 3[edit]

Our heroes beat back the goblin and organize their information. This goblin had sent them the request to beat the monsters, and bears no malice against humans. But, unable to resist his instincts, he attacks again, and Teena is critically injured. The party wants revenge against the goblin, but Teena implores them, “Revenge will get you nothing.” Later, the goblins help Teena make a full recovery, and the chain of hatred is broken.

Goblin: Gurrrgh...
Our heroes beat back the goblin, but they merely knock him unconcious, then they unravel the mystery.
Teena: I’m not sure...but I think the goblin is the one who hired us.
Teena: He came to us humans for help, to protect those little goblins...his children...from the monster.
Vyrn: Yeah... And he must have been watching from the shadows to make sure we actually beat it.
Lyria: But then why did he attack us? We weren’t going to hurt him...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: ............
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, when we see goblins, we get ready to fight, too.
Lyria: Hrgh... That’s true, but...
Teena: Let’s go, okay?
Teena: They live on a deserted island. I think that means they don’t want to attack people.
Teena: I’d be lying if I said I could see a goblin and not have an emotional reaction...
Teena: But I wish I could.
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Humph. I’m out of the goblin-hunting business. You do what you like.
Vyrn: Yeah, we will. I’m with Teena. Let’s—
Goblin: Kee kee... Kee! Die, human!
Lyria: Huh...?
Teena: Oh, no! Lyria, watch out!
Teena: Ugh...
Lyria: Aaahhhhhh! Teena! Teena!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: ............
Lucius: Damn it! How long do I...do we...have to—!
Lucius: Grrr... Raaahhh! Cursed fiends! I will kill you all!
Vyrn: You little...! How DARE you! I knew you could never trust a goblin!
Vyrn: Lyria, take care of Teena! ...Let’s do this!
Goblin: Kee kee...! I... I was just...!
Teena: ...Wait!
Teena: Stop... Let...the goblin go...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Teena...!
Vyrn: What! But he...
Teena: I’ve had enough...of this...
Teena: You get revenge, then they want revenge... You hate them, they hate you... It never ends...
Teena: Someone has to stop...or it will just go on forever...
Teena: So...please... Let him go...
Teena: ............
Lyria: No! Teena...? Teena, wake up!
Lyria: You can’t! Wake up! Wake up!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: What!
Teena: Oh! It’s that flower again!
Mother: Isn’t it beautiful? It’s called an andalise.
Teena: Yes, it’s gorgeous!
Mother: I love this flower. And I love what it means in the language of flowers, too.
Teena: Language of flowers?
Mother: Yes, all flowers have a meaning. The andalise means...
Teena: Oh... Mutual forgiveness...
Teena survived, and already showed signs of making a full recovery.
After she lost consciousness, the party, after moments of agony, sheathed their swords. Seeing this, the goblin brought a special medicine.
The bleeding stopped immediately, and the wound had all but vanished.
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Teena... Your food is ready. Hold on to my shoulder.
Teena: Ha ha, that’s okay. I’m all better now.
Lucius: Hm? That smile...
Teena: Huh? What’s wrong?
Lucius: Oh, no... I just thought...you’re starting to look like our mother.
Teena: Uh, really? Me? Look like Mom?
Lucius: Heh heh... Maybe I was imagining it.
Teena: What! What’s that supposed to mean?
Lucius: Hahaha. Let’s go.
Teena: ...Yeah!
Teena suddenly stops and smiles up at the skies.
Lucius not in crew

Lyria: Oh, Teena! We have food for you! Today you get a very special chicken soup!
Teena: Ha ha, that’s okay. I can have what everyone else is having. I’m all better now.
Lyria: No, you are not! I am going to take good care of you! Now let’s go!
Teena: Hee hee. Yes, ma’am.
Teena suddenly stops and smiles up at the skies.
Teena: Say, Mom... Will I ever be like you?
The smile of her mother, buried for so long under thoughts of revenge, now shone brightly in Teena’s mind.

Father and Daughter Reunited[edit]

She couldn’t look away from the swordsman, a swordsman wrapped in what seemed to be a mage’s robes. It was Aletheia, the father who had left home when she was but a child. The old man couldn’t quite conceal his surprise at the unexpected reunion, either. At last, he told the story of why he had left his daughter behind. Having finally learned the truth, Teena hoped her brother Lucius would finally be able to let go of his hatred for their father. Aletheia steeled himself to face his son once more. Aletheia, having failed his family, chose the only path left for him: that of the sword. What would the future hold for him?

Early afternoon found Teena on the deck of the ship, seeing something she wasn’t quite sure what to make of.
Teena: ... hm?
There he stood upon the deck, a tricorne sitting atop hair as white as snow, his robe brushing lightly against the planks. Teena couldn’t look away.
You would think the man was a mage based on clothes alone, but the robes and hat barely concealed a frightening bulk of muscle that couldn’t have belonged to anyone but a warrior.
Teena: ...! You...
Aletheia: ...
Teena: Dad.
Aletheia: ?! That voice... I know that voice...
Aletheia: ... Teena! I’ll be damned!
Teena: Oh, gosh... dad...
Aletheia: Teena... it’s been a while. Never thought I’d see you in a place like this.
Aletheia: Heh... seems like you got your mother’s good looks. ... glad you’re doing well for yourself.
Teena: Snff... what... where have you been... what were you doing?!
Teena: Waaaah! Snff... hic...
Aletheia: I’m sorry, Teena... I really am...
Teena’s wails brought Vyrn and Lyria running, anxious to find out what was going on.
Vyrn: What’s the deal? Did something happen, Teena?
Lyria: Hm... what’s going on, Aletheia?
Aletheia: Hrm... well...
Aletheia: Never expected it to happen on the Grandcypher... I’d like you to meet Teena. My daughter...
Vyrn: Wait. What?! You’re her dad?! Teena said he ran away when she was just a kid!
Lyria: Wow?! Th-thats, um... quite the coincidence...
Teena: Waaaah! Right?! What have you been doing?! Why didn’t you come see me before?
Teena: Snff... tell me, dad... why...
Aletheia shared with her the story of his wandering. He’d chosen to fight, leaving his family behind in hope that the the people after him would leave them alone.
But the day that the goblins attacked the village... well, even the Sage of the Sword couldn’t have foreseen that.
He had failed them, and the shame of seeing their faces again was too much to bear. And so he devoted himself single-mindedly to the sword.
Teena: Lucius... he really hates you, you know.
Teena: Mother kept telling him not to blame you, but she never got through to him.
Teena: Sigh... I don’t really understand it, myself. Sounds like one of those guy things, to be honest...
Teena: I just... I hope you can talk to him one day...
Teena: It would be so nice if we could live together again, just the three of us.
Teena: You and Lucius are the only family I have in this world...
Aletheia: ... I feel the same way, Teena. Not a day goes by that I haven’t thought it.
Aletheia: I’ll talk to him one day. Count on it. And if he doesn’t want to hear me out, well, what else could I expect?
Vyrn: Hrm... sounds like it’s a whole thing. But hey, talking’s what people do!
Lyria: Exactly! Families aren’t supposed to hate each other...
Lyria: U-Um... so! Just let us know if there’s anything we can do to help, Aletheia! And you too, Teena!
Teena: Hehe. Sure. Thanks, Vyrn and Lyria!
Aletheia: Hope I can count on you two. Especially you, lizard.
Teena hoped her father and brother would be able to make amends. Though she told her father she had faith in him, her eyes were filled with an unfathomable sorrow.
A relationship fraught with misunderstanding. One can only imagine where it might lead...
Aletheia: Lucius... guess it’s about time I faced him, eh?

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage of Bahamut[edit]


Goblinbreaker Teena[edit]

SV Goblinbreaker Teena.png SV Goblinbreaker Teena E.png
Click to reveal card data

Can you buy me a little more time? Just until I finish chanting my inferno spell... If you can hold back the enemy, I'll help you turn the tables!

Evolve: Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower. Deal 5 damage instead if it's a Neutral follower.

Minions of darkness! My unrivaled flames will purge your rotten souls and restore your purity!
Class Neutral
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Goblinbreaker Teena
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Princess Teena[edit]

SV Princess Teena.png SV Princess Teena E.png
Click to reveal card data

At the end of your turn, put a random 1-play point Swordcraft follower from your deck into play.

Maybe it's because I've never worn clothes like this, but this dress makes me feel kind of self-conscious. Mmm... It is really soft though.

(Same as the unevolved form.)

I put so much pressure on myself because I was hung up on the past. I guess that's just the way I am. But maybe I can take a little holiday from being me, just for now.
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Princess Teena
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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