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Official Profile

Age 32 (as of Aglovale)
33 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Improving his swordplay, inspecting the castle town incognito
Likes His family, small animals
Dislikes Filth, insolence, disloyalty
Character Release
Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 32歳 (as of Aglovale)
33歳 (as of Aglovale and Tor As of The Strength to Wield)
Height 182cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 剣術の修業、お忍びで城下町の様子をうかがうこと
Likes 家族、小動物
Dislikes 穢ないもの、不遜な輩、不忠な行為
Character Release
Character Release
続いては、覇業の道を征く氷皇「アグロヴァル」が凛々しい姿で光属性のSSレアとして登場です! フェイトエピソードでは、チョコレート不足に陥った我が国「ウェールズ」を救おうと奔走する、民想いのアグロヴァルを見ることができます。平和が訪れた国で繰り広げられる、この寒い冬でも心温まるエピソードをぜひお楽しみください。
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]





  • The names of Aglovale's skills and charge attack are German.
    • "Zerreissen", or Zerreißen, means "ripping" or "to rip".
    • "Eiszapfen" means "icicle".
    • "Schneetreiben" means "drifting snow".
    • "Silberne Welt" means "silver world".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

I've heard that today is your birthday, (Captain).
How old are you now?
Haha, I see.
Continue to advance just as you have until now.
If you do, (Captain), a glorious future will surely await.


Happy Birthday, (Captain).
It is an honor to be able to celebrate your birthday again this year.
Time is equal to all.
And each is free to spend it in any way—to make good use of it, or to whittle it away.
It is clear to me that you have spent your time both productively and wisely.
Perhaps this is due to your strong determination and the clear goal you have set for yourself.
I pray that the children of Wales may also grow in your likeness, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday.
Are people innately good or evil? I've always believed it to be the latter, and lived my life refusing to trust in the goodwill of others.
But referring to someone like you as "evil" doesn't seem quite right.
When I lost my mother as a young boy, I was consumed by anger and despair so intense I had to believe others evil to endure it...
If I had met you then, I sometimes wonder if I would have walked a different path.
People change based on their encounters and experiences. And I pray those sparkling, hopeful eyes of yours will remain unclouded by despair.
With that, let us raise our glasses and toast to your continued success. Cheers.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I certainly didn't expect to encounter you at my conference site today. Imagine my surprise when I spotted the Grandcypher.
After all you've done for me, I couldn't very well leave without extending my congratulations on this auspicious day. Thus here I am.
However I'm afraid I have no gift to give you. Forgive me.
Hm? I'm welcome to attend your birthday celebration on the ship in place of a gift?
Well, your crew does house a number of prominent figures. I suppose it would be an ideal opportunity to forge connections.
And as luck would have it, I happen to be available until nightfall. Therefore I shall take you up on your offer.
In order to make the power of Wales known, I vow to go above and beyond for your sake. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


If you listen carefully, you can hear the joyful voices of the many people celebrating the day of your birth.
You may not rule a nation, but there is no shortage of people who care for you.
Your integrity is a precious thing. It possesses a brilliance that not just anyone can maintain. Take care not to let it be sullied by something trivial.
I suppose that's enough preamble. Now I have a gift for you.
It's a ring. Place it on your dominant hand. It will enhance your magical power.
This red gem is a rare stone found in our country. Normally only members of the House of Wales are allowed to wear it.
But you are an outsider, and the gem is smaller than any worn in our family. Therefore, no one should find fault with it.
It's a special gift to express my utmost gratitude. I hope you will put it to good use.
Happy birthday, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), what makes the first dawn of the year so beautiful as this?
(Captain), your measureless journey will continue after this, will it not?
Please share with me any anecdotes about the lands through which you pass.
I will be sure to greet you with a tremendous feast when you do, (Captain).


To seek an audience with me so early in the new year... 'Tis a commendable act of loyalty.
Tell me, what is this gift that you bring, (Captain)?
This bouncy white substance... It is my first time seeing such a thing.
Hm? Yes, this bouncy white...
What are you laughing about? I am asking you for the name of this bouncy white substance.
What did you say! This is called... mochi?
Hahaha! I must say, I did not anticipate such a delectable name!
I like it. I shall buy up all of this delicacy you call mochi. Now, take me to where the mochi are.


Do you recall the gift you gave me last year? The "mochi..."
I have developed quite a taste for it. I even toured the land from whence it came and studied how it may be served.
It is at times steeped in broth and sprinkled over with a powder made of crushed beans. At other times, it is mixed into a sweet red bean stew.
Little thought went into its naming, but I was pleased to learn the same cannot be said for its preparation.
Hm? Have you another gift for me this year?
How courteous of you. Bring it forth.
Is this an ornament? But it is merely two mochi, one stacked atop the other. How quaint!
Hah-hah-hah! I quite like it! I shall display it in my room and so celebrate the coming of the new year.


A year has gone by, and another is upon us. Tell me, (Captain)—what did you gain this past year, and what did you lose?
They say partings exist to usher in new encounters, but I beg to differ.
Loss is loss, no matter how you choose to interpret it. The new may be comforting, but it does not qualify as a resolution.
You appear to be perplexed by my somber tone on such an auspicious day.
My intent was not to lecture you.
I merely wanted you to keep this bit of wisdom in mind. That all you possess now may no longer be with you come next year.
You only get one chance at life. If you believe your feelings, friends, home, and family to be precious, you should cherish them.
Doing so may not eliminate your sorrow, but it will lessen your regret. Be mindful not to take your days for granted—live them well.
I look forward to the coming year, (Captain).


Yet another year has passed.
Time flows indifferently onward. It slips ever by, causing our emotions to fade, be they joy or sorrow.
Today is the start of a brand-new year. You should take this opportunity to reflect on your own deeds.
If you wish to continue moving forward, it is best not to dwell on yesterday...
But only a fool would choose to forget about the past in its entirety.
You are young. There is no way of knowing whether you will grasp a bright future or be plunged into bottomless despair.
Be sure to keep walking wisely, so that you do not stray from the path.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), what's possessed you all of a sudden?
Is this a gift for me? A memento from one of your travels perhaps?
Valentine's chocolates... I see...
I hardly expected to receive such things from you, (Captain).
Heh heh... Bahahahaha! This sort of gesture isn't necessary.
Kindness can leave one vulnerable at times after all. Caution is paramount.
But you came to deliver me these chocolates all the same. I will accept them with gratitude.


You mean to say you came all the way to Wales to present these chocolates to me?
To make such a long and hard journey for my sake... You have my respect.
Could it be that... you wish to become my vassal?
Hahaha! No, I suppose it wouldn't be much like you to even consider such a thing.
(Captain), I humbly accept this gift. You have my gratitude.
As a matter of fact, I was feeling quite fatigued just now from formulating new measures for Wales.
As I hear sugar assists in alleviating exhaustion, I look forward to enjoying these chocolates.


As head of the House of Wales, I often receive gifts and offerings.
Their "givers" mean to curry favor with me, hungering for some benefit in return. The greed in their hearts is so apparent, it raises the bile.
(Captain). This is now the third time you have brought me chocolates.
Do you not also desire something from me? If I find that you too have some hidden design, then—
If I say any more, I will not get any chocolates?
I see... My standing means nothing to you, does it?
Hah-hah-hah! You pass the test. I see now why Percival has taken such a liking to you.
Yes, I only wished to test your heart. For I find you to be a singular person.
I apologize for any offense I have caused. Should you still wish to give me the gift, I will be sure to treasure it.
Thank you, (Captain).


I see you have come bearing chocolates again this year. I gladly accept your gracious gift.
Now, I must ask—how much time and effort did you put into making these?
I see. You had to procure the ingredients, prepare the chocolates, box and wrap them, and finally deliver them to me...
No, no. There is no problem.
In order to transform Wales into a mighty kingdom, I must understand the public, including the effort and emotion behind their gifts.
But if I were to probe them directly, I feel they would fail to be truthful with me. Thus I have asked you instead.
Heh... Having heard your answer, I am certain these sweets will taste all the more delightful. I look forward to enjoying them later.


This is the fifth time I've received a gift from you. You certainly are a curious one.
I used to think there was nothing more dubious than a gift without a reason...
However, it seems there are many things in this world that cannot be explained by logic.
Looking at you, I can understand why my mother loved people so much. If it were you, perhaps I, too...
Why do you avert your gaze? There was no special meaning behind my words.
Well, you are welcome to your own interpretation. To put it simply, I am grateful. I shall enjoy this gift as I did the previous ones.

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), thank you for visiting.
I called you here for a reason: I wish to give you chocolates for White Day.
Haha, the market was overflowing with ware sellers. I procured a variety of goods from all lands.
(Captain), you provided me with the perfect opportunity to conduct a market investigation.
Here, please take this.
Accept my custom selection of White Day presents.


Thank you for accepting my invitation, (Captain). Judging from the time of year, you may have already guessed...
Hahaha! I like the gleam of anticipation in your eyes.
Yes, today is White Day. And I must offer you something in return for your Valentine's gift.
Upon discussing with my vassals, I have prepared something that I am certain will appeal to your tastes.
Come, (Captain). No need to be so demure.
Now, open wide. I shall deliver this enticing sweetness to you myself.


I believe this is the first time I have shown you the castle terrace.
I thought it would make for a nice change of pace. It would be dull, wouldn't it, if I brought you to the same place every White Day?
From here, you can see almost all of Wales... A spectacular sight, isn't it?
Do I seem that much more light-hearted than usual? I had not noticed it myself, but...
Perhaps you are right... We are sitting in the very spot where my mother and I used to have tea when I was young.
You wish to hear more of my mother? Hah... Let us save that for another time, shall we?
It is time I gave you your gift.
It is an item of rarest quality, one that I deemed worthy of you. Take it as a token of my gratitude.


Pardon the intrusion, (Captain).
Heh. Are you surprised to see me here?
I happened to hear your ship was docked nearby, so I decided to pay a visit. I have something to give you, you see.
Here—a White Day gift. I had my chef take care of the finishing touches, but I measured the ingredients and filled the molds myself.
In order to understand the hearts and minds of the public, I decided to pattern my own behavior after theirs.
However, there are those who may not take kindly to me showing preferential treatment to another citizen.
Therefore I have chosen to dedicate this token to someone I owe a great debt—you, (Captain).
Now then, open wide. I am quite proud of how they turned out, so take care to savor every bite.


Thank you for accepting my invitation.
Well, surely you've already surmised why I called you here. I see no reason to keep you waiting.
This is a gift in return for the chocolates you gave me previously. I hope you will accept it.
It's the finest that Wales has to offer, created using the combined knowledge of various regions.
I believe it was fate that brought you and Percival together.
If he had not discovered you, then you and I would have never met. And this day would have never come.
The debt of gratitude that I owe to you will never fade. Thus I wish to continue developing a favorable relationship with you.
I trust that you will not disappoint me. Forge ahead in the pursuit of your own ideals.

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Who would have thought that children enjoyed this holiday so much?
I must create a festival as lively as this one in my dear Wales.
I implore you, (Captain), to refrain from playing any tricks on me though.
Bahahahaha! There's no need to look at me so seriously.
I simply wish to be the tricker rather than the tricked.


Hahaha! So Halloween has come once again.
It was unfortunate that I could not prepare anything last time, as I was still unfamiliar with the festival.
However, I have come fully prepared this year. After all, I cannot introduce this festival to Wales if I do not experience the true essence of it first.
Haaah! Trick or treat!
What's this? Where is the treat that you should be obliged to offer me? Heh, so that's how it is...
It appears that you wish to test the level at which I can perform my tricks.
I'd expect no less from the crew captain. Your resolve is commendable.
Very well. Prepare yourself!


Say, (Captain). I heard that Percival once donned ears and a tail and frolicked about with the children. Is that true?
Bahaha! I imagine that was truly a sight to behold!
It seems even that spoilsport has managed to develop a sense of humor thanks to you.
But I must say, it's unfortunate. If only I had been present to witness such a proud moment for my dear brother.
Hmm. Now that it's come to this...
I have a rather mischievous proposal. If you are able to coerce Percival to wear a costume again this year, I ask that you contact me.
He wouldn't have the slightest expectation that I'd be visiting.
Heheh. Let us revel in the sight of Percival flailing in shock and panic together!


Heheh... Percival in that costume was a true work of art. Merely picturing him in my mind's eye sends me into a violent fit of laughter.
Allow me to express my gratitude once again for your assistance with my little prank, (Captain).
Oh? Are those fake ears? Surely you're not suggesting that I don the same ones as Percival.
Humph, I don't believe I've ever been so insulted. Did you truly think I would be willing to wear them simply because my brother did?
Bahaha! There's no need to look so disheartened. I was merely jesting, of course.
In fact, Lamorak involved me in this sort of mischief quite often in my younger days. There's no reason for me to hesitate now.
You brought a tail and claws as well? I must say, you certainly came prepared.
Heh, tonight is a night for informality. As an apology for my earlier stunt, I'm willing to clad myself in the full ensemble.


Halloween culture is gradually taking root in Wales. It has been embraced by adults and children alike.
However, I will not be participating. This sort of revelry tends to create issues as it proliferates. I'd like to keep abreast of the situation.
But the more I observe the festivities, the more this holiday seems like something Lamorak would enjoy.
If I had his assistance, I'm sure he would be able to think of some magnificent ideas to make the celebration even more exciting...
Humph. But what point is there in lamenting what you don't have?
If time permits, I hope you will join in and enliven this Halloween even further. That should be simple enough for you, yes?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

This night is sacred, and many of the people of Wales are spending it with their kin.
What have you and your crewmates planned?
I see... A banquet to which all members are invited.
Any night spent with one's intimates is sure to be outstanding.
Well then, please accept this present from me.
This wine is the pride of my dear Wales.
Take it back to your vessel and share it with the others.


I have only one matter to discuss with you today, (Captain).
Regarding the holiday feast you hold with your crew every year...
I would like to offer the Wales cathedral as a venue for your celebration this year.
Of course, our best chefs will prepare a scrumptious dinner and various local specialties for your enjoyment.
There is no need to hesitate. I am simply curious...
I'd very much like to know how a captain such as yourself rewards the crew's members for their hard work...
As I will also be in attendance, there is no need for constraint. You are most welcome.


I had never seen the Wales Cathedral so lively as last year, when you held your holiday banquet there.
You travel with sundry folk, (Captain). I recall meeting knights and mercenaries, wide-eyed children and grim-faced lords.
Yet, regardless of age or station, all took part in the merrymaking as equals.
It was a rare sight to behold—and while it surprised me, it also roused a desire to learn more about your crew.
Hold this year's feast at the castle, if you will. I would be glad to have such laughter and good cheer grace our halls.
I have prepared many ornaments to adorn this night. There are wreaths, festoons, and a tree.
You may decorate the place as you wish. And should you need help, I myself shall lend a hand.


I learned from a foreign merchant that on snow-laden islands they craft all manner of sculptures out of snow and ice.
So this year I have taken the liberty of decorating the castle with ice wreaths and trees of my own creation.
Heh. After all, if I am to lend my halls for your banquet, as the Lord of Frost I must spare no effort.
If you wish, I can even transform the cathedral into a winter wonderland for you.
But never fear—your guests will not feel the cold. My ice is not so fragile as to melt when the room is warmed.
Oho? Has my proposal intrigued you? Then stand behind me.


I came upon this book while searching for something in the library earlier.
It is a simple children's book. Mother used to read it to me on this very eve when I was a child.
I recall Lamorak and Percival pestering her to read it to them once more. Soon after, I scolded them quite harshly.
For a moment, Mother's face seemed somewhat sad. Almost as if she had hoped I would ask her to spoil me as well.
I was in a hurry to become an adult at that time, but Mother wanted me to savor the fleeting moments of my youth more.
I am sorry to have bothered you with dull reminiscences. I should have recalled something more suitable for the holiday mood.
(Captain)... Do not forget to treasure the ones you hold dear today.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Path of Conquest

One day while on assignment, (Captain), Percival, and the rest of the crew visit Percival's native land of Wales. There they find Aglovale has implemented policies that enliven the public square and bring joy to the people. Though Aglovale later tells the party this new statesmanship is only a means to fortify Wales, the crew can sense a hidden devotion to the populace in his words.

(Captain) and crew are delivering a shipment to Wales, the home of Percival.
The town surrounding the castle is lively, its streets positively bustling compared to before.
Vyrn: Whoa, what's going on here? Anywhere you look, it's packed with people.
Lyria: Do you think it could be a festival, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Huh, a festival...
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Let's hurry up and deliver the load so we can look around town!
Vyrn: There might be some stalls selling tasty bites!
Lyria: Yummy... food stalls...
Lyria: (Captain), let's deliver our load quickly!
Vyrn and Lyria tug at (Captain)'s sleeve as playful encouragement to hurry the shipment to its destination.
At the sight of (Captain) and the others' interactions, Percival cracks a smile.
Percival: There's no need to rush, vassals. Today's no festival.
Vyrn: Huh, are you serious? Then why are there so many people here?
Percival: That is likely the fruit of my brother's statesmanship.
Percival: Take a close look at the town. Don't you think the marketplace has expanded?
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, I guess so!
Percival: The shops' stock now includes food and clothing that have never been seen before in Wales.
Percival: And merchants from lands near and far can be seen trading in every corner of the marketplace.
Percival: Shipping and supply businesses are thriving compared to days past.
Percival: The number of merchants has increased, and they're more active than before.
Percival: More travelers seem to be visiting the region as well. Hm... It's truly fascinating.
Percival: (Captain), deliver your shipment at once. I'd like to inquire about the region's policies with the merchants.
Vyrn: Hey!
Vyrn: And off he goes!
Wasn't he the one who said not to rush?
Lyria: Hehe, Percival seemed really happy.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Well, this is Sir Burnsalot's home!
Vyrn: All right then! Let's follow after him!
Their cart full of packages in tow, (Captain) and the others give chase.
Once the members catch up with Percival, they efficiently convey their shipment to its final destination.
Percival then asks a merchant why the marketplace is so lively.
Shoptender: Easy as pie! As a matter of fact...
Shoptender: Oh now? If it isn't Sir Percival himself! My, oh my!
Percival: I understand that you may not feel too comfortable speaking with me. But would you mind discussing my brother's policies?
Shoptender: No, I couldn't feel more comfortable!
Shoptender: I've got nothing but gratitude for the new policies that Sir Aglovale's established.
Percival: Hmm, they must be quite something...
Shoptender: Yes, as a matter of fact, he swept away all the old ware sellers who had monopoly rights and tax exemptions.
Shoptender: These days it's about your skills. A real meritocracy! You can't help but work hard!
Shoptender: And the tariffs are toast too. Wales is a free market if there ever was one.
Shoptender: Merchants are visiting from near and far, which is part of why the streets are humming. Sir Aglovale's done wonders!
Percival is moved at hearing about Aglovale's policies.
Percival: (Hm... So his attempt to enliven the economy succeeded.)
Percival: (And this strengthened the state... His decision-making skills are remarkable—never did brute force come into play.)
Percival: (My brother gave form to the country and paid respect to the public, the wellspring of its power.)
Percival: (The public is the foundation of the state after all... I'm of the opinion that this statecraft is succeeding.)
Lyria: Hehe, you really seem happy, Percival.
Percival: Yes, to make the public smile is one of the jobs of a statesman.
Percival: And I've seen my brother do just that. I couldn't be happier.
The party thanks the shopkeeper and passes through the vibrant streets to the castle town's central square.
It brims with music makers, buskers, and cheering passersby.
Percival: Well now...
Percival: (Those performers are wearing the traditional garb of other lands, and the timbre of their instruments is unheard in Wales.)
Percival: (They've likely come from the surrounding territories.)
Lyria: Wow, this looks so fun!
Vyrn: There's no festival going on, but it's still poppin'!
Percival: Yes, this is surely one of the boons from my brother's new policies.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Percival: You're witnessing his effort to make for more cultural exchange between this and other lands.
Percival: It's dazzling, enthralling. It's brought the town to life.
Vyrn: Oh, I see! So that's why so many people are here!
Percival: (This contact with other cultures will make the populace more diverse and more flexible in thought.)
Percival: (No, but more than that, the smiles of the citizenry are the greatest bounty.)
Percival: Haha, this statesmanship is wonderful in all forms.
Percival gazes at the faces of the people in the square, marveling at the policies of Aglovale.
A swell of voices becomes audible in the direction of the city gate.
Vyrn: What's that?
Lyria: Maybe some sort of incredible show is about to begin!
Their curiosity piqued, (Captain) and company hurry toward the noise.
They rush down alleyways and through the gate. What they see on the other side leaves them awestruck.
The voices are not part of any show but rather a procession of returning soldiers.
Commoner 1: Welcome home!
Commoner 2: Wow, you're so cool... I'm gonna join an order of knights when I grow up.
Vyrn: Heh, they seem really popular!
Lyria: It's the whole Order of the White Dragons from Feendrache!
That's when he appeared.
Their liege, Aglovale, arrives with his attendants to commend the returning troops.
Aglovale: ...
Percival: Brother!
Aglovale: Congratulations on your safe return, soldiers.
Aglovale: It is no exaggeration to say that your efforts are the reason that the public of Wales lives in peace.
Aglovale: I look forward to the next display of bravery you will surely make for the country.
Knights: Yes sir!
Aglovale: But for the remainder of the day, you need not attend to your positions.
Knight Captain: Huh? B-but...
Knights: ...
Aglovale: Why do you seem so bewildered?
Aglovale: Bahahaha, you must rest and recover at your family's side!
Commoners: Wow!
Knights: Yes sir! Please allow us to express our thanks, King Aglovale!
Commoner 1: Leave it to King Aglovale!
Commoner 3: The goodly king!
Commoner 2: He's so cool!
Percival: ...
Vyrn: Hehe, even our chests are swelling with pride!
Together with the common people, (Captain) and the crew sing Aglovale's praises.
It's then that the crew catches the royal's eye.
Aglovale: When I noticed a group of people standing out, I didn't think it would be Percival and his vassals.
Percival: Too long has passed since we last met, Brother.
Lyria: I was happy that you care about your retainers so much, Aglovale!
Aglovale: Bahahaha! That's a pleasure to hear.
Aglovale: Hm... We're in public view. Let us return to the castle and speak there.
Aglovale: Follow me, all.
Percival: Yes, Brother.
(Captain) and the party move to the throne room of Wales Castle for an audience with Aglovale.
Percival and the others touch on what they heard and saw in town, mentioning how it surprised and moved them.
Percival: These policies that prioritize the public's needs... They're all wonderful.
Vyrn: We couldn't believe our eyes—this didn't seem like the same country we saw before.
Aglovale: I'm satisfied to see that the reforms have had such effects.
Aglovale: However...
Aglovale's expression shifts from gentle to stern as he turns toward the party.
Aglovale: Percival, mention of the public is never far from your lips. That sentimentality seems to be a constant with you.
Aglovale: But my policies are no more than a means of strengthening Wales.
Percival: Brother, if I may speak frankly, I find such speech unpleasant.
Percival: Do you still believe it—that human nature is evil?
Aglovale: Haha, and if I do, what of it?
Aglovale casts an icy eye on (Captain) and laughs dryly.
Aglovale: A powerful state can't be created with affection for the public alone.
Aglovale: The heart of statesmanship lies in securing the public's obedience to the ruler's ideals.
Aglovale: Understand? Vested commercial interests do nothing but weaken the state.
Aglovale: Their abolition is of the essence.
Aglovale: I've given all merchants opportunities that competition might arise.
Aglovale: This has invigorated the market, boosting my dear Wales's exports and thereby my tax revenue.
Aglovale: The new arts and cultural forms have the capacity to relieve the public's frustration.
Aglovale: And if those expand our knowledge, there's an exponentially greater chance that useful information will reach me.
Aglovale: Then there are the orders of knights who wish to display their benevolence.
Aglovale: If their hearts and minds are healthy, they can act bravely to ensure order.
Aglovale: The young people who see them will aim to emulate them and learn chivalry.
Aglovale: Chivalry, of course, demands an oath of loyalty to one's lord.
Aglovale: This allegiance will encourage them to grow, and in the future, they'll serve as knights.
Aglovale: All will serve my ends and Wales's ends.
Percival: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Huh?
Aglovale's speech seems to have gone over the heads of (Captain) and company.
They allow what he's said to settle for a second.
Vyrn: But isn't it really all for the people of Wales in the end?
Lyria: That's what it feels like to me.
Aglovale: What are you talking about? You're entirely wrong.
Lyria: Is that true?
Aglovale: Naturally.
Vyrn: But still...
Aglovale: That's enough!
Aglovale: You are free to believe as you wish. It may be true that there's room for interpretation.
Percival: (The public of Wales is sure to know how sincere he is despite his posturing.)
Aglovale: Percival... What's so amusing?
Percival: It's that you seem to be the perfect fit as the ruler of Wales, Brother.
Aglovale: Humph, you will not mock your brother.
The atmosphere between the pair grows tense.
A soldier rushes up to Aglovale.
Knight: I beg your pardon! Your Grace, this is an urgent matter.
Aglovale: What is it?
Knight: Sir! Moments ago we received information that flames were sighted on a ridge near the borderlands.
Knight: What would you have us do?
Aglovale: In the wrong weather, the damage from mountain fires could expand.
Aglovale: Form a group and head out to extinguish the flames. I'll have meteorological specialists accompany you.
Knight: Yes! As you wish, sir!
Percival: Does Wales have such specialists in it?
Aglovale: Yes.
Aglovale: Wales is overflowing with people skilled in a wide range of vocations.
Aglovale: There are now many experts unaffiliated with the state.
Aglovale: What choice is there but to make use of their power?
Aglovale: In these latter days, a state's destiny is determined by more than military force and subterfuge.
Aglovale: One who would act for the future must turn his eyes to internal affairs.
Aglovale: All that I do, I do to ensure my reign.
Vyrn: He might say a lot of mean-sounding stuff, but he's a good king in the end!
Lyria: Yes, I think so too.
Percival: It seems that I have to learn from my brother's statesmanship and continue on my fact-finding mission.
Aglovale has instituted a host of reforms intended to strengthen Wales.
He vaunts that those are not for the public of Wales but rather for its ruler, Aglovale, himself.
But the members of (Captain)'s party smile gently as they sense the true intentions beneath the steely exterior.

Blade and Mind of Steel

In the depths of night, a shadowy figure suddenly manifests in the keep of Wales Castle and attacks a regent, taking control of his body. The following day the regent encourages Aglovale to excavate the caved-in facility wherein the underground chamber and related phenomena were researched, and then join forces with the Otherworld once more. Aglovale consents.

???: Gweh-heh-heh...
On one darkling night, obsidian clouds shroud the moon.
A shady figure suddenly appears in the ward of Wales Castle and creeps along as if hunting prey.
Regent: Sigh...
???: ...
The figure turns into a black fog and lashes out at the person who passes it.
Regent's Voice: Gwaaah!
???: Your body looks like it'll do...
Regent's Voice: Guh! Who's...
The fog swallows up the person and turns him into its marionette.
Regent: ...
???: Gweh-heh-heh...
The following day dawns.
The regent steps ahead and bows his head reverentially to Aglovale, who has just finished with an assembly of the round table.
Regent: There's a matter that I must raise with you, King Aglovale.
Aglovale: Then why did you not speak up during the assembly?
Regent: The issue being what it is, I'd first like to share it with Your—
Aglovale: Speak.
Regent: It's concerning the past attempt to open the gate of the Otherworld.
Aglovale: Only a small handful of people are aware of that...
Regent: To me, such information is no scarce commodity.
Regent: Was that not why you enlisted me into the state?
Aglovale: Humph, you speak the truth. Continue.
Regent: The large underground chamber which caved in, and the research facility that served to investigate the Otherworld...
Regent: What if you were to excavate them?
Regent: Your reforms, Aglovale, have transformed Wales into a veritable rising star.
Regent: Is this not, then, the time to found an empire that will span the world?
Aglovale: ...
Aglovale scrutinizes the regent's subtle movements in an attempt uncover his true intentions.
Not picking up on this, the regent continues to gesticulate through his impassioned attempt to convince the king to unearth the sites.
Regent: True, they might have been destroyed by some of the Feendrache orderlies...
Regent: But the dragon nodes' location is a known.
Regent: And a recent investigation showed that a fraction of the power still flows through the nodes.
Regent: What good will hesitation do? The time for excavation is—
Aglovale: You're suggesting, then, that we join forces with the Otherworld once again.
Regent: Indeed, my lord.
Aglovale: Hm...
The regent continues his fiery speech to Aglovale, who sits wordlessly upon his throne.
Regent: The old days are past, and now our registers are filled with eminent scholars.
Regent: If we join forces with them, we could make use of the Otherworld's dreadful powers—they would assist in the path of domination!
Aglovale: (Humph, this is the most audacious thing I've heard in a while.)
Aglovale: Let us excavate the underground chamber and research lab as you say.
Aglovale: We will talk more after that.
Regent: Yes sir! As you wish, King Aglovale!
The regent begins enlisting skilled diggers into state positions.
Leading the crew of diggers, he prepares to excavate the collapsed underground chamber.

Blade and Mind of Steel: Scene 2

Returning to Wales for an assignment several days later, the crew is walking though the bustling town when Percival catches the scent of gunpowder wafting in from the west of Wales Castle. He races toward the source and finds laborers who have almost finished excavating the caved-in underground chamber where the battle with the Otherworld Key took place. The crew hurries into the chamber.

Several days pass.
(Captain) and the others have come to Wales to deliver a shipment.
As during their previous visit, crowds of people fill the market.
Vyrn: Whoa... This place is still popping.
Percival: Hm... It seems that a host of crews are carrying shipments here just as we are.
Percival: Who would've thought my brother's policies would have us so busy?
Vyrn: Hehe, not me!
Lyria: Don't you think we should deliver the load and get lunch?
Hearing Lyria's stomach rumble, (Captain) and the others let out a good-natured laugh.
Lyria: Hehe...
Vyrn: All right! Let's wrap up this delivery for Lyria and everyone else.
As (Captain) and party members are unloading the packages, they notice an unexpected odor.
It seems to be drifting in on the wind from the west of Wales Castle.
Percival: (Is that... the scent of gunpowder?)
Vyrn: Huh? What gives, Sir Burnsalot?
Percival: There's something I'd like to look into. My apologies, but please see the load to its destination.
Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you going?
Lyria: I wonder what's happening. What should we do, (Captain)?
  1. Let's follow him!
  2. Maybe he had a snack attack.

Choose: Let's follow him!
Vyrn: That's right. It's Sir Burnsalot we're talking about—there's gotta be something going down!

Choose: Maybe he had a snack attack.
Lyria: Do you think he smelled a tasty restaurant?
Vyrn: Hey, hey, what are you saying?
Vyrn: He made a serious face and ran off all of a sudden! There's gotta be something going down.
Continue 1
(Captain) and associates entrust a nearby shop with their haul and follow in Percival's wake.
Percival: ...
Guided by the scent of the gunpowder on the wind, Percival arrives near the western wall of Wales Castle.
There seems to be no trace of anything unusual on the surrounding grassy plains.
Percival: (I hope it was only my imagination...)
Percival: Hm?
While inspecting the vicinity in detail, Percival notices a large pit.
It's wide enough that an adult could easily enter. A ladder leads into the depths.
Percival: (The scent of gunpowder is emanating from within. But what is this hole in the first place?)
When Percival is about to enter the hole, a voice sounds out from behind.
Lyria: Percival!
Percival: Ah, my vassals...
Vyrn: Is something going on? You had me worried when you ran off...
Percival: My apologies. Something just caught my attention.
(Captain) and the others peek into the pit that Percival stands before.
Lyria: Um... Does that hole go somewhere?
Percival: I'm not sure. But I smelled gunpowder coming from it...
Vyrn: Did you catch a whiff from way back there? You've sure got a nose on you!
Vyrn: For as many times as you called Blondie a mutt, you're the one who—
Percival: ...
Vyrn: Hahaha, never mind!
  1. Let's go in.

Choose: Let's go in.
Percival: Right. You can follow behind me.
(Captain) and the others climb down the ladder into the hole.
Reaching the bottom of the hole, they notice torchlight flickering in a tunnel off to one side.
Lyria: The lights are on, but nobody's here...
Vyrn: Whaddaya think this place is?
Percival: Well... I don't know why a tunnel would be dug in a place like this.
Percival: But an answer's sure to present itself if we continue onward.
A few moments after hearing the reverberations of two raucous voices, a pair of soil-sodden men appear.
Laborer 1: Whoa!
Vyrn: Whoooa!
Laborer 1: Who're you supposed to be?
Vyrn: You took the words from my mouth. Don't go scarin' us like that...
Percival: We're a band of skyfarers who just happened to find a big hole near the castle. Yes, coincidentally...
Percival: What is it that you're doing here?
Laborer 1: Ah, yeah, that's, uh...
Vyrn: Hey, no need to hide nothin' from us.
Vyrn: We're all friends here!
Laborer 1: All friends?
Laborer 2: Ah! You're... You wouldn't be Percival, would you?
Laborer 1: Huh? Perci-who?
Laborer 2: Ah, I'm sorry! He's still a newbie here!
Percival: Don't concern yourself. Now what are you doing here?
Laborer 2: Truth to tell, we're digging out the collapsed underground chamber. Using gunpowder, boring down...
Percival: You're digging out the underground chamber?
Lyria: Percival, could it be...
Percival: Yes... It's likely where the battle against the Otherworld Key took place.
Vyrn: Hey, so how far down did you dig to get to the underground chamber?
Laborer 2: This morning we blew up a big ol' rock that was in our path. All that's left now is to tidy up.
Percival: ...
Percival: I can't believe that my brother would repeat the same mistake. What purpose would that serve?
  1. Now is no time for questions!

Choose: Now is no time for questions!
Percival: (Captain)... You speak the truth. Onward, my vassals!
Lyria: Yeah!
Vyrn: Yeeeah!
Pushed on by (Captain), Percival takes the lead and advances deep into the tunnel.

Blade and Mind of Steel: Scene 3

In the underground chamber, Aglovale defeats the Otherworld fiend who had possessed the regent; though Aglovale pretended to be deceived by the possessor, he was actually deceiving it. (Captain) and the others enter the chamber just in time to see Aglovale use a magic circle to summon the Otherworld fiend with whom he'd formerly made a pact. He then raises his blade to contend against it without others' help.

Aglovale steps into the underground chamber that the regent encouraged him to excavate.
The earth and rubble that once filled it have been cleared out. It's almost as if there was never any cave-in to begin with.
Aglovale: (Humph... Who would've thought those loathsome magic circles would still be in place?)
Regent: King Aglovale, the documents that were present in the lab have been retrieved without incident.
Aglovale: Bahaha! I had no intention of unearthing this place...
Aglovale: But you have served me well. Have a word of praise.
Regent: Oh my! May I some day be worthy of it...
Aglovale takes some of the documents from the lab in hand and begins to review them.
Aglovale: (I should like to encounter that fiend a second time, for if I do, then surely...)
Regent: Now then, King Aglovale! Let us commence summoning with this magic circle...
Regent: And forget not the pact! The Otherworld Key will be ours, and once it is, opening the gate to the Otherworld will be no great task.
When the regent speaks, Aglovale's hand stops paging though the documents.
Aglovale: You're talking about renewing the pact with that otherworldly being?
Regent: Yes, the magical circles that your father was researching exist for the purpose of summoning.
Regent: Indeed, this time the power of the dragon nodes is...
Aglovale: Heh heh...
Aglovale: Bahaha!
Regent: King Aglovale... Is there some issue?
Aglovale: Why, no... It seems that I'd jumped to conclusions.
Aglovale shoots the regent a contemptuous glance.
Aglovale: We're through here.
Regent: Hm?
Aglovale: I was under the mistaken impression that making a pact with you was needed to summon that being.
Aglovale: But now, realizing that my father's research and a magic circle is all that's necessary...
Aglovale: I have no time to continue playing along with your wretched farce.
Regent: ...
Aglovale: Show yourself, worthless knave. On your own you are powerless.
Regent: What!
Aglovale: Is something wrong? Are you trembling there inside my regent?
Realizing that Aglovale was in command all along, the regent flies into a rage.
Regent: You blathering—
Aglovale: Oh? Howling now, are you? Very well—then step forward where I can see you!
Regent: You think you're clever, don't you, mortal?
???: You won't get away with this! You won't!
The regent's body begins convulsing, and a moment later black smoke pours from his mouth and assumes the form of an otherworldly being.
Aglovale: ...
???: Gweh-heh-heh...
???: You will regret calling me powerless—
Aglovale: Haaaah!
It takes only a moment.
Aglovale slices off the lancer's head with a single sweep of his sword.
???: Ghlrrrgg...
Aglovale: How foolish of you... attempting to manipulate me.
Just as the otherworldly being disappears, the regent regains consciousness.
Regent: Mmm... What happened to me?
Aglovale: Heh...
Aglovale extends a hand and helps the regent to his feet.
Regent: I...
Aglovale: There's no need to think. Return to your quarters and rest.
Regent: But...
Aglovale: If you overextend yourself, your performance in tomorrow's assembly will surely be affected. Recuperate for your homeland's sake.
Regent: If that is your command, King Aglovale, I will gladly oblige.
Aglovale looks on kindly as the regent heads toward the exit.
Aglovale: (He seems to have been suffering from fatigue. The otherworld beings shouldn't have been able to manipulate him otherwise.)
Aglovale: (Caring for my retainers' health is among my duties. I must take more care in the future.)
Percival: Brother!
Aglovale: Well now...
Aglovale grins at the party, who rushes in as if to replace the regent.
Aglovale: Have you come to deliver a shipment to Wales?
Percival: Yes, but now I...
Aglovale: Bahaha! You've certainly done well to find this place, Brother.
Vyrn: Sir Burnsalot sniffed out the gunpowder coming from the pit.
Aglovale: Did he now...
Percival: Brother, what were you trying to do in this pit?
Aglovale: Did you think that I'd repeat the same mistake?
Percival: No, surely not, but... Concern got the better of me.
Aglovale: There is a reason that I've come down here for a second time.
Aglovale: And, as such, only one thing remains to be done.
With his late father's research materials in one hand, Aglovale draws magic circles on the four walls.
Percival: What are you...
Aglovale: Watch and see...
He begins chanting a spell from the documents, and the walls begin to glow.
Turning back to the magic circle in the center of the chamber, he then calls out to the Otherworld.
Space in the chamber begins to warp and is at last covered in a murky ebon darkness which obstructs the party's sight.
Lyria: Eeek!
Vyrn: Whoa!
When the darkness clears, the otherworldly being that had once attempted to manipulate Aglovale in a past incident manifests in the center of the magic circle.
???: ...
Aglovale: How long has passed... You worried me, leaving without a parting word.
???: What of it? What do you want now—you who are commanded by human passions?
Aglovale: Do not condescend to me.
???: Gweheheh... You are laughable.
???: You say that you would quell rival states, and I intended to lend my power.
???: But your purpose is not what I believed. We are through here.
Aglovale: No, we are not. I cannot allow you to redeem your sullied name.
Percival: Brother, I'll assist.
Aglovale: No... This is simple enough for me to handle alone. Watch from where you are.
Inhaling deeply, Aglovale glowers at the being and slowly reaches toward his blade.
Aglovale: ...
???: For the sake of pride, you wager your life. Pheh heh heh... Well enough. You will turn to dust.
Aglovale: Haaah!
The noble then draws up his blade and slashes at the sneering being.

Blade and Mind of Steel: Scene 4

In the underground chamber, Aglovale defeats the Otherworld fiend who had possessed the regent; though Aglovale pretended to be deceived by the possessor, he was actually deceiving it. (Captain) and the others enter the chamber just in time to see Aglovale use a magic circle to summon the Otherworld fiend with whom he'd formerly made a pact. He then raises his blade to contend against it without others' help.

???: Gwrgnhh... I underestimated you...
The artful swordsmanship of Aglovale takes a heavy toll on the otherworldly being.
Sensing the danger, the being warps space in a moment's time and attempts to flee.
Aware that its power is contained by the surrounding barrier, Aglovale does not so much as flinch.
???: What!
Aglovale: It seems that my father's research served a purpose after all.
Vyrn: When did you—
Percival: Just a bit ago, before reaching out to the Otherworld.
Percival: To think he'd know to prepare a barrier in anticipation of this...
Lyria: He's just as skilled as his little brother!
???: Gnnnph...
Aglovale: I've had my fill of this game. Let us end this.
???: Gwahahaha! Do not grow conceited! One day this world is certain to be ours, and—
Aglovale: Silence.
???: Gaaaah!
Aglovale refuses to lend his ears to the otherworldly being; instead he simply cleaves it in half.
Its body vanishes as if swallowed up by the darkness.
Aglovale: Mouthy little creature...
Percival: ...
Aglovale: Is something amusing? You're smiling enough, I think.
Percival: No, it's simply that I'm relieved.
Aglovale: Under my rule, Wales will be a mighty land—there is no need for me to borrow the power of those malformed creatures. That would be unconscionable.
Aglovale: And how could I show my face to you and Lamorak if I did?
Percival: No, that's—
Aglovale: Well, this is the end.
Aglovale: What do you say we return to the castle and feast?
Aglovale: You come too, vassals. Share with me your stories of travel.
Aglovale: The knowledge I gain could lead to new reforms.
Lyria: Yes sir!
At that very moment, Lyria's stomach rumbles loudly.
Lyria: Ooooh...
Vyrn: You said it... We're starving...
Aglovale: Bahahaha! Let's return to the castle now, all.
Aglovale: ...
Aglovale stops in his tracks as if suddenly recalling something.
He extends his father's research materials away from his body...
And holds them squarely above a burning torch.
Aglovale: ...
Aglovale: (I will become a man worthy to preside over the House of Wales...)
Flame consumes the documents and turns them to ash.
As he gazes at the rising smoke, Aglovale vows to fortify Wales on his own.
He hopes that the day will come in which he and his two brothers can converse at length in peace.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
強大なる国を築かん! To build a mighty state!
文化交流こそ、新たな価値を生みだすのだ Cultural exchange will produce new forms of value.
パーシヴァルよ、お前の覚悟を見せてみよ Percival, display to me your inner strength.
当主として、恥じぬ行いをせねばな My actions must befit a ruler.
苺か……郷愁に駆られるではないか Strawberries... How homesick they make me.
在野から有能な人材を発掘するのだ We must unearth talented experts from the public.
理想を突きつめねばならん We must see our ideals through.
ふふっ、全ては我の為……ウェールズの為に! Heh heh... All is for my sake... for Wales's sake!
現実を知ることから、全てが始まるというものだ All must begin with an undistorted view of reality.
我の後に続け! After me!