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  • The Third Years' Charge Attack, G Senjono Cinderella, is named after the original track from the fifth DVD/Blu-Ray volume of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime's first season.
  • Ability Give Me a Hug.png Give Me a HugAll allies gain Status Dmg Cut 20.png20% DMG CutTaking 20% less DMG
    Duration: 1 turn Damage Cut reducing damage taken for all elements.
    Warning! Does not work for Plain Damage!
    (alternately, Hug shiyou?) is Kanan's catchphrase.
  • Ability Bzzt! You're Wrong!.png Bzzt! You're Wrong!Inflict Status AttackDown.png15% ATK DownATK is lowered
    Strength: 15%Base Accuracy: 90%Duration: 180 secondsStacking: Dual
    and Status DefenseDown.png15% DEF DownDEF is lowered
    Strength: 15%Base Accuracy: 90%Duration: 180 secondsStacking: Dual
    on all foes.
    (alternately, Buu buu desu wa!) is Dia's catchphrase.
  • Ability Shiny!.png Shiny!All allies gain Status Uplift.pngCharge Bar +20%Instantly boosts Charge Bar by 20%
    Strength: 20%
    is Mari's catchphrase.
  • Ability Mijuku Dreamer.png Mijuku DreamerAll allies gain Status 1003.pngVeil (1 time)Debuffs will be nullified (1 time)
    "Veil" is an unofficial name used by the wiki for this status effect. Its actual in-game name is "Immune."
    is named after the insert song and the title of Season 1, Episode 9 of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime, with the English title of the episode being called Young Dreamer.

Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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Stewshine, Coming Up!

Mari, Kanan, and Dia agree to work at a beach snack bar to earn the materials for their new friends' concert outfits. They set out to gather ingredients for food, but there are no supply shops to be found in the remote area. Mari suggests that they go fishing for seafood to make Stewshine.

Third-Years: Last time on Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!
Kanan: The nine of us found ourselves in the Sky Realm!
Mari: We experienced the most shiny of encounters with (Captain)'s crew and shared a fantastic adventure!
Dia: And after restoring the livelihood of the residents of Tenacie, whose happiness was being drained by the primal beast Nihilith, we decided to put on a concert with them.
Kanan: In order to get outfits for our friends, we sought out Sierokarte of the Knickknack Shack, but...
Sierokarte: Hmm... This is going to be a bit pricey.
Mari: Apparently the materials needed for the costumes are extremely valued in this world.
Kanan: But we didn't have that kind of money...
Sierokarte: Hmm... Okay then. We'll just have to put you all to work!
Sierokarte: If you do a good job, I'll make sure you get those costume materials in addition to your reward.
Dia: It turns out the work Siero needed us to do was at...
Aqours: A beach snack bar?
Dia: And that's how the members of Aqours ended up working at a beach snack bar for Siero.
The three members entrusted to gather ingredients for the snack bar are the third-year students: Mari Ohara, Kanan Matsuura, and Dia Kurosawa.
Unfortunately due to the snack bar's remote location, there aren't any other shops nearby—and the girls are already short on money.
Dia: So... How are we supposed to get ingredients in a place like this?
Mari: Oh, whatever will we do?
Kanan: Don't look at me... Dia, do you have any ideas of your own?
Dia: If I did, we wouldn't be in a stew like this right now.
Kanan: You're right. Hmm... What should we do?
Kanan: Oh, wait! Didn't Siero say something about this place being known for its clams and crabs?
Mari: Clams... Crabs...
Dia: Yes... I do recall her saying something like that.
Dia: Oh, and that the fish here are supposed to be huge.
Mari: Fish...
Kanan: Mari?
Mari: ...!
I've got it! Let's gather all those ingredients and make us a Stewshine!
Mari: It's bound to be a hit for sure!
Dia: Stewshine... Wasn't that the stew with the exorbitantly expensive ingredients you made before at that other snack bar?
Mari: Yes! To be honest, I'd like to have some kind of meat rather than just seafood...
Mari: But beggars can't be choosers in a place like this!
Kanan: So... How do you plan on getting these ingredients anyway?
Mari: As long as you two are here, it should be easy, right?
Kanan: Wait, you're putting this on us?
Mari: Why not? You're a skilled diver, and Dia's family is in the fishing business. So shouldn't this be easy for you guys?
Dia: Wrong! Besides, my family is on the management side of the fishing business.
Dia: It's not like we do any actual fishing!
Mari: No way! Kanan, what about you?
Kanan: I'm experienced in diving, but I've never gone diving for fish before.
Kanan: Besides, we don't even have any swimsuits to go diving in.
Mari: Ngh... I guess that's a no then. We'll have to change the plan!
Mari: Let's try conventional fishing instead!
Dia: You want to gather all the ingredients from just fishing?
Mari: Let's just give it a try! If it doesn't work, we can think of something else later!
Kanan: Yeah, you're right. Let's try this out in the meantime.
Kanan: We're only burning daylight by standing here talking.
Dia: You're absolutely right, Kanan. Let's get started.
Kanan: Um, Mari... Have you ever gone fishing?
Mari: Hmm... No, I haven't. Why?
Kanan: Huh. I wonder if they'll be okay...
Mari: Oh, why? Okay with what, Kanan?
Kanan: Oh, nothing... You'll see soon.
A wry smile begins to form on Kanan's face.
Mari simply tilts her head in confusion.

Stewshine, Coming Up!: Scene 2

The girls begin hunting for worms to use as bait, but this proves to be too much for Mari and Dia, who opt to collect shrimp and clams instead. Hearing Dia scream, Mari and Kanan rush over to find her with a crab clamped on her finger. Suddenly a monstrous crab appears, and they decide to catch it to use in their Stewshine.

The three third-year students walk along the coast as they prepare to fish for ingredients to make Stewshine.
Mari: Say, Kanan... Why are we just walking along the coast? Aren't we going fishing?
Kanan: I thought it'd be a good idea to hunt for shellfish first and pick up some bait while we're at it.
Mari: Is that so... Wait, Kanan. What kind of bait do we need for fishing?
Kanan: Small shrimp... clams... crabs... Oh, and also these.
Kanan finds a stone nearby and turns it over, grabbing a wormlike creature from underneath.
Mari: Eeek! Wh-what is that?
Dia: This is your typical fishing bait.
Mari: U-unbelievable... I didn't know.
Mari: Kanan, I'm impressed you can just... touch it like that.
Kanan: I used to fish with these all the time when I was a kid.
Kanan: Come on. You two help out too. Can't catch fish without bait, right?
Dia: Y-yeah... That's true.
Mari: U-unbelievable...
Mari and Dia reluctantly begin turning over stones to find more worms.
Mari: Eeek!
Upon touching the worm, Mari immediately retracts her hand, sending the wriggling creature flying high in the sky.
It lands neatly on Dia's neck.
Dia: Kyaaahhh! Th-there's something slimy on my neeeck!
Kanan: J-just calm down, Dia. I'll get it for you!
Dia: Hurry! Hurry up and take it off!
Kanan: Yeah, yeah... Here, I got it.
Dia: M-much obliged, Kanan.
Dia: Mari...
Mari: So sorry, Dia! It wasn't on purpose—promise! It was just so gross, and...
Dia: Keh... Heheheh...
Laughing menacingly to herself, Dia grabs a worm and begins to accost Mari.
Mari: Eeek! K-Kanan! Help meee!
Kanan: That's enough, you two! We don't have time to waste, remember?
Dia: Ngh... Y-you're right.
Mari: Th-thank you, Kanan.
Kanan: So... For bait, how about shrimp and clams? You guys should be fine touching those, right?
Mari: Yeah, those should be fine!
Dia: Yeah... That sounds much better.
Kanan: All right. Let's split up and search then. We need to gather as much as we can find.
Mari: Okay! I'll go take a look right over there.
Dia: Sounds good. I'll check out that rocky stretch over there.
Kanan: All right. See you guys later.
Mari: Phew... Okay, this much should do it... probably.
Kanan: Hmm... It might not be enough, don't you think?
Mari jumps in surprise as Kanan approaches her from behind.
Mari: K-Kanan? Sheesh, don't scare me like that!
Kanan: Sorry, sorry.
Kanan drops her bag on the ground, which appears to be completely full.
Mari: Wait, Kanan... What's in that bag?
Kanan: This? Just the crabs and stuff I've caught, of course.
Mari: U-unbelievable! Just where did you catch that many?
Kanan: Around this whole area, I guess? I ran a few laps and caught them along the way.
Mari: You ran laps... Your physical endurance is impressive as always, Kanan.
Kanan: Wait, where'd Dia go?
Mari: Dia? Haven't seen her. Wasn't she gathering ingredients over by that rocky area?
Kanan: I was just there earlier and didn't see her... I wonder where she went?
Dia's Voice: Ow, ow, ow... Ouch, I say!
Kanan: Dia!
Mari: Over there!
Immediately recognizing Dia's distressed voice, the two scramble to find the source of the call for help.
Mari: Dia, thank goodness! Um... What are you doing?
The two find Dia struggling to release her finger from the grip of a tiny crab's pincers.
Dia: Ow, ow, ow... Look and see for yourself! I mean, help me out already!
With a weary grin on her face, Kanan quickly takes the crab off Dia's finger.
Kanan: Here, I got it.
Dia: Thank you... Humph, why did this have to happen to me?
Dia: I never imagined something so small would be capable of so much power...
Dia lightly flicks the crab in Kanan's hand.
Mari: Oh! Crabs can make noise! How surprising!
Kanan: I've never heard one until now... Though I've heard stories about them.
Dia: Huh...
Kanan: D-do you think that sound was...
Dia: N-no way...
Mari: Oh, such a big crab! This is the first time I've seen one this big!
Mari: If we can catch this one, making Stewshine will be a cinch!
Mari: Dia, Kanan! Let's catch us a giant crab!
Dia: Mari, you can't be serious!
Kanan: This could work, actually... Just this one giant crab would be all we need for the snack bar.
Dia: Kanan, you too? Ngh... Fine! I guess we're actually doing this!

Stewshine, Coming Up!: Scene 3

Having successfully captured the giant crab, the trio get to fishing, but all Dia can catch is boot after boot. Refusing to give up, Dia finally feels a powerful tug on her fishing line, almost pulling her into the ocean. With Kanan and Mari's help, she manages to reel in a gigantic fish.

Through teamwork and determination, the three successfully manage to catch the giant crab.
Mari: We've got ourselves a crab!
Dia: Huff... Puff... It looks like we caught one somehow.
Kanan: Hmm... With everything we've caught so far, I think we're all set for bait.
Mari: Let's go fishing!
The girls nod in agreement and begin making their way to the fishing area.
After hooking bait on their lines, the trio are all set to start fishing.
Mari: Kanan, Dia! Let's have a contest—who can catch the biggest fish?
Kanan: You're on, Mari. There's no way I'm losing to a first-timer!
Dia: Don't count me out either!
Mari: I've got a fish!
Kanan: Me too!
Dia: Here's one!
Dia: Wait... a boot?
Mari: Oh, fantastic! Just like in manga!
Dia: Ngh... The next one! The next one will be a fish for sure...
Mari: I've caught a big one!
Kanan: This one's a fighter... It could be a big one!
Kanan: Heh-heh... Maybe even a bit bigger than yours?
Mari: Not bad, Kanan... But I won't lose here!
Dia: Don't forget about me!
Dia: Another boot?
Mari: Pfft... Ahahaha! Dia, you're incredible! A boot-fishing master!
Dia: Ngh... This time for sure... This time for sure, I'm gonna catch a big one!
Dia: ...
As Kanan and Mari continue their battle of one-upmanship, Dia still struggles to catch her first fish.
Mari: It looks like either Kanan or I are coming out on top!
Dia: N-not so fast! As long as I catch a big one...
Mari: But Dia... You haven't even caught one yet!
Dia: Ngh... That may be true, but I still have a chance!
Kanan: Hehe... Dia, you really don't like to lose, do you?
Dia: Th-that's just the way I am... Wait, here we go!
Dia's fishing line begins to twitch violently as though something has been caught on it.
Dia: Heh-heh... I can feel it... It's a big one, no doubt!
Dia: Kanan, Mari, behold!
Dia: Ngh... Nnnngh!
Mari: Come on, Dia! Hold your ground!
Dia: I don't think that'll do me any good... I-it's too strong... Rrrnnngh!
Despite her attempts to hold her ground and reel her catch in, Dia can't seem to make any progress.
Rather, whatever is on the other end of the line seems to be pulling her instead.
Mari: Dia! Be careful!
Dia: Nnngh! I have to do this... I'll show you...
Dia: Ah...
The force is just too much for Dia to handle, and she begins to fall into the water.
Kanan and Mari: Dia!
Mari: We've got you!
Dia: S-sorry, guys... Thanks.
Kanan: Don't worry about it.
Kanan: More importantly... Whatever this is... it's... really strong!
Dia: Mari, Kanan... I'm going to need your help here! I don't think I can do this alone!
Kanan: Of course!
Mari: If the three of us work together, it doesn't matter what kind of fish it is—it's as good as caught!
Dia: All right, here goes!
Dia: Heave, ho!
Mari: U-unbelievable...
Dia: N-no way... I didn't think it'd be this huge...
Kanan: This is my first time seeing one this big...
Dia: This isn't the time to be astonished! Come on, we still need to capture it!
Kanan: ...!
That's right!
Mari: Hehe... With this fish, the ingredients we need for our Stewshine will be complete!

Stewshine, Coming Up!: Scene 4

The girls manage to catch the enormous fish and spend time reflecting on their time together as school idols. The snack bar ends up being a huge success, and they happily present Lyria and company with their new outfits.

With their combined efforts, the three girls manage to capture the enormous fish.
Dia: Heh... Heh-heh... Kanan, Mari... I guess this means I've won the contest!
Kanan: Looks like it... I don't think we stand a chance against that.
Mari: And there we have it—Dia is our fishing champion!
Dia: Heh!
Kanan: Anyways, we need to head back to the snack bar soon.
Kanan: We've got a lot of seafood here to cook.
Dia: You're right. Ruby and the others are probably waiting for us.
Mari: Hehe... I'll make us all a perfect Stewshine!
Dia: Um, Mari... Are you really planning on making Stewshine?
Mari: Of course!
Kanan: I mean, that's fine, but... How much would it cost?
Mari: Hmm... About one hundred thousand yen, I suppose?
Dia: Way too expensive! And they don't use yen in this world.
Mari: You have a point...
Mari: How about at market price?
Kanan: Who would pay that?
Mari: Boo... I thought it was a good idea.
Kanan: Sigh... Rich people, honestly.
Dia: Heh-heh...
Mari: What's gotten into you, Dia? Laughing like that all of a sudden.
Dia: Oh, no, um... I was just reminiscing about something.
Dia: Back when just the three of us were school idols together, every day was like this.
Kanan: Yeah... You're right.
Kanan: Now that you mention it, it's been a while since just the three of us spent time together like this.
Mari: That's because you two are always so stubborn! I've wanted to do all sorts of things together with you two...
Kanan: Ahaha... Well it might be a little late for some of that.
Dia: Indeed...
Mari: So that's why we'll have to make up for lost time!
Mari: Not only for us, but for Chika and the others too!
Dia: Hehe... You're right.
Kanan: Yeah. Let's enjoy this together with everyone.
The girls nod in agreement to Mari's words.
Mari smiles warmly back at her two friends.
After the three third-year girls return to the snack bar, a grand time is had by all as they prepare for the bar's beachside opening.
It turns out to be a booming success, and the girls fulfill their promise to Sierokarte.
Aqours: Whoa!
Lyria: Hehe... Wh-what do you think?
Gran is the Main Character

Mari: Oh dear, look at you two! Absolute bombshells!

Djeeta is the Main Character

Mari: Ohmigod! The three of you are positively shining!
Continue 1
Io: You know... I didn't really notice until I put it on, but these cutesy outfits are kind of embarrassing...
Dia: Oh, Io! You're surprisingly more reserved than I thought!
Io: Th-that's not it!
Io: I'm just... kinda nervous.
Kanan: Hehe... It'll be fine. I promise.
Dia: Naturally!
Dia: Listen closely, Io! Your dancing and singing will soon captivate all of the skies!
Kanan: And you'll never know what you're capable of until you try it for yourself.
Lyria: Hehe. Let's get out there and give it everything we've got, Io!
Io: O-okay!
Mari: Now then... Let's get practicing! Our shiny stage awaits!
And so, having secured their costumes, the girls begin practicing for their concert in Tenacie.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
練習はしっかりしないとね Gotta be sure to practice hard.
もう、ダイヤは頭が固いんだから Aww, don't be so stubborn, Dia.
もう、鞠莉は相変わらず無茶するんだから Geez, you can be really reckless sometimes, Mari.
さぁ、練習しますわよ! Let's get practicing, everybody!
(主人公)さん、ライブどうだった? How was our concert, (Captain)?
(主人公)さん、頼りにさせてもらいますわ I'm counting on you for this one, (Captain).
シャイニーッ! Shiny!
果南さんの体力はすごいですわね Kanan's stamina truly is astonishing...
(主人公)さんも一緒に楽しむでーす! Come on, (Captain). Let's have some fun!
Aqours、サンシャイン! Aqours, Sunshine!

Other Appearances


Sagacious Core

Sagacious Core 2.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, put 2 Insights into your hand, recover 2 play points, and then banish this amulet.

"Who's ready to dance?"

Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Sagacious Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Arboreal Core

Arboreal Core.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, put 2 Fairy Wisps into your hand, then banish this amulet.

"The world cycles, life glimmers!"

Class Forestcraft
Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Arboreal Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Phantasmal Core

Phantasmal Core.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Recover 1 evolution point.
During your turn, when an allied follower evolves, gain 10 shadows, then banish this amulet.

"Will you give me all your love?"

Class Shadowcraft
Trait Machina
Card Pack Love Live! School Idol Festival Tie-in
SV Portal Phantasmal Core
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other