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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
Are there any other musicians on board the Grandcypher? I'd like to form an orchestra.
Why? Well, because it's your birthday! I'd like to be able to perform an amazing birthday song for you!
Hehe! Just wait, I'll get it organized!


Happy Birthday! It's your special day, (Captain)!
It's already been a year since your last birthday. Time sure flies. Allow me to play a song for you in celebration.
Hm? Something's wrong with my lyre...
Ahahaha... Um... Well, how about I give you a nice book later instead?
We'll save your song for next year.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
How about this year I give you... a soothing massage?
Do I have the muscle, you say? Hehe, I'm almost offended. I am strong enough to wield a sword, you know.
Come now. Face your back to me.
Let's get rid of all those knots! Nngh!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Don't look so frightened! I know I used a bit too much pressure in last year's birthday massage...
But this year I've decided on a healing technique that doesn't require any muscle. So. On your belly, please.
Tap, tap, tap...
Gently tapping someone's back in a steady rhythm can soothe them to sleep.
Tap, tap, tap...
Hushaby... and good night...
Sleep well, (Captain). And happy birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Since you're always so busy, this year I composed a special piece for you to relax to. Will you listen to it?
Hehe, don't worry. I already tuned my lyre before coming.
So it won't be like what happened a few years before!
Well then, here goes. The title is... Hm, let's make it "A Lullaby to Celebrate Your Birth."
Oh, are you starting to feel sleepy?
You can just relax and go to sleep. I'll wake you up when it's time for the party to start.
Hehe. Sweet dreams, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
I hear that in a certain land, they celebrate the new year by playing special music using something called a... Hmm, what was it called again?
It's sort of like a harp but has a much stronger, disciplined sound...
Ah, Koto? Yes, I think that's it. Haha, I can't believe I forgot that.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Would you like to go out to town and visit a nearby temple?
Nothing feels better than immersing yourself in the serene atmosphere of a temple on a fresh New Year's day.
Well, come on then. Let's not start your new year off cooped up in bed.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hm? You want a New Year's present? All right, but you have to listen to a song first!
Hehe. How was it? It was a song about a man who gave up material wealth to seek holiness.
Oh? You don't need that present anymore? But I got it just for you...


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I hope you've been keeping warm?
Catching a cold today wouldn't be the best way to start the new year.
Huh? Me? Now that you ask, I do feel a bit cold in this outfit.
Is that your way of saying you have a coat ready for me as a present?
Haha, just kidding. But it sure would be nice to go shopping in town today though.
Care to come with me, (Captain)? Haha. C'mon, it'll be fun.


Cough, cough... Oh, (Captain). Happy New Year.
I'm sorry. I seem to have caught a cold...
I wouldn't want to pass it on to anyone, so I'll go back to my room now.
Huh? You'll look after me? A-are you sure?
Hehe, thank you. To be honest, it's nice to have someone around when you're sick.
I'm really glad you offered.
Will you stay by my side until I fall asleep, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, (Captain), I made some chocolates for you. Would you like to have them?
I put a serenade into the chocolates. How? Hehe, well...
I'll let you find that out yourself.


(Captain), I've tried to make some chocolates this year as well. I hope you like it.
Yes, I did try it, but...
It was so good I just... couldn't stop. I had to make another batch.
I barely had enough ingredients, so I couldn't taste this batch. But I'm sure it'll be all right... I hope.


Sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain)! Here are the chocolates I've made this year! Won't you enjoy them while I play you a song?
Sweet chocolate and smooth melodies go so well together, don't you think? They say it's quite like the feeling of love.
I wonder who you'll fall in love with, (Captain). Be sure to let me listen to your song of love when you do.


After melting the chocolate, you want to scoop it up like this. Slowly, softly...
It's rather similar to playing a string instrument. That's why I enjoy the act so much...
Your turn, (Captain).
Picture the face of the person you'll be giving it to, and remember to be gentle.
So do you have someone's face in mind yet? Me? I'm thinking of yours, of course. Hehe, only kidding.


I made some chocolates again this year, (Captain). I'd like you to have them.
Did you know that giving chocolates out on Valentine's can mean different things?
Some give them out as manners, and others give them to their friends, or to someone they like... There're all sorts of reasons.
Hehe. Can you guess why I'm giving you yours, (Captain)?

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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A present? Hehe, thanks! You didn't need to go out of your way.
But that's what makes you who you are, (Captain)! That you care is just proof you're made to be our captain.


A gift for White Day? Hehe, thank you. You didn't have to.
I know. As thanks I'll let you in on a secret of mine.
It's nothing big... But I'm actually better with swords than harps. Hehe, It's true!


Oh, a White Day gift for me? Why thank you.
I'll tell you another secret this time then. Actually, this lyre can be used for self defense.
You swing it like this and aim for the head or neck!
Hehe. Pretty cool, huh?


Thanks for inviting me to make White Day confectioneries with you, (Captain).
I really enjoy this kind of thing, you know. After all, I get to sneak in a few bites here and ther—
Because baking sweets is just so much fun! Haha!


I'm so happy you invited me to make something with you again this year, (Captain).
Hm? There seems to be a lot more ingredients compared to last year.
What do you mean it's in case I sneak in bites while baking...
Hey! I do not nibble like that!
But these strawberries do look delicious. Let me just try one...
C-come on, it's just a strawberry! There's plenty left. And you did say you prepared extra.
Hehe. Well then, let's get this started, shall we? I can't wait to get nibbli—I mean, baking.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Oh, it's Halloween? I might not look it, but when I was young, I loved playing pranks on people with my lyre.
I played low notes to instill fear in the townspeople while my costumed friends banged on their doors.
Hee hee! I could hear them screaming with fright. It's been a while, so maybe I'll try that one again tonight!


I'm going to play a peaceful requiem for the restless, wandering souls.
Hm? You made pumpkin pudding with leftovers from the jack-o-lantern? First come, first served?
And our requiem is complete! Please excuse me; I'll be in the mess hall.


Hmm, maybe I should join in the fun and play a few tricks of my own? Everyone looks like they're really enjoying themselves.
And I know just who to start with. Hehe. Oh, (Captain)!
Would you fancy hearing a scary song?
... Hm?
Th-that's! I see you've made pumpkin pudding this year as well...
Well... I can't play a trick on you now, can I?
Hehe. A pleasure doing business with you, (Captain).


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Do you have a costume ready? I'm sure you'd look dashing in anything.
What should I choose? Something related to one of our adventures together?
Oh, you know what might be perfect? A school uniform. What do you think? Could I pull it off?


(Captain), trick or treat!
Hehe. Let me guess—did you make pumpkin pudding again this year?
What? Not this year?
Oh... Well, then I suppose it's time for me to play a melody that strikes fear into your—
Hm? It's not pudding but pie this year?
(Captain)! You need to tell me these things sooner!
Fine, I'll say it one more time. (Captain), trick or treat!
Now give me some pumpkin pie.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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What comes to mind when you think about holiday music? I imagine it depends on the person.
Young people think of lighter songs, the older generation thinks of solemn classics. What do I think of?
Well... Why don't I play some for you?


I hope my song may please the gods on this most holy night.
Hm? You made gingerbread cookies? There might not be enough to go around?
All right, performance is over. Where were those cookies again? I see. Excuse me, I'll be right back.


Looks like it's the season again. Time for another song for the gods.
Don't worry, this year I'll follow the song all the way through. I made sure to eat before I start.
Hehe. I actually asked the cook to slip me a couple of bites just now.
What? Cheating? This is for the gods after all. Some rules have to be bent if need be!


Okay, now for the twelfth song...
Haha... I can keep going. I need to stay focused on something, or I won't be able to stand the wait.
I was so surprised coming to this town. I'd never considered such a way to enjoy the festivities.
I can already picture the juices leaking from its plump, well-done body as I sink my teeth into it...
I don't think I can bear the wait for the roasted pig much longer...


Oh, (Captain)! What are you doing still up at this time?
Me? I suddenly got the urge to play my lyre...
So I came out here to strum a few notes by myself.
If you're not busy, would you like to listen to me play something?
It'd be nice if there was somebody here to listen...
Hehe, thank you. Then this will be a special performance that's only for your ears, (Captain).
Hmm, let's see... I'll name this "A Holiday Carol Just for You." What do you think?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Musician of the Gods

The crew meets the lyre player, Arriet, whose music can captivate even monsters. Her goal is to eliminate conflict with her music, and the impressed Lyria invites her to join the crew. Arriet is at first reluctant, but she soon changes her mind.

The crew has stopped at an island to rest from their journey, when a crowd in the town square catches their attention.
As they get closer, they hear a lyre being played.
Performer: ...
Townsperson 1: Ah... What beautiful music...
Townsperson 2: They've been talking about her everywhere... They call her the lyrist of the gods.
Lyria: Wow... Her music is lovely.
Vyrn: And she's so popular! Everyone seems to love her.
Lyria: It's such a relaxing sound... Mind if we stay and listen for a while?
Vyrn: Sounds good! Let's go sit under that tree and—
Townsperson 3: Aahh! A monster! Help!
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: A monster? How'd it get into the town?
Lyria: This is bad, (Captain)! We need to do something...
Performer: Oh dear, this is simply no place for you.
The crew looks up to see the woman who was playing the lyre earlier standing before the monster.
Vyrn: Hey, watch it, missy! That thing's dangerous!
Lyria: Run away! You could get hurt!
Performer: Hee-hee... I'll be fine. Just watch.
Monster: Grrr!
Performer: Do you want to hear an encore? Let me play a relaxing sonata to calm your raging heart.
The woman starts playing a soothing melody on her lyre. The soft sounds echo around the square.
Lyria: Huh? What's going on?
Vyrn: Whoa, you can't be serious! The monster's totally mesmerized!
Monster: ...
As the melody comes to an end, the monster turns around and calmly leaves.
Performer: Hee-hee. Thank you for listening.
Performer: See? It may depend on the type of monster, but the power of music is quite moving, isn't it?
Vyrn: Yeah, that was sweet!
Lyria: Yes, it was fantastic! The whole performance was just amazing!
Lyria: When you started playing, it was like we were being showered in light!
Lyria: What was that song called? Do you think if I practiced I could learn to play it too? And about your instrument—
Performer: Now, now. Be at ease.
Lyria: Ah, I'm sorry. I...
Performer: Hee-hee. Thank you. I'm happy to have such an adorable new fan.
Performer: All right... How about a free lesson, just this once? Try plucking the strings of my lyre.
Lyria: Really? Are you sure it's okay?
Performer: Okay, now move your ring finger to the next string... There you go. You're a natural!
Lyria: Wow, I did it!
The crew spends some time relaxing and studying the lyre with the woman, who introduces herself as Arriet. She has been traveling across the skies to spread her music far and wide.
Vyrn: Not bad, Lyria. You've learned how to play an entire song!
Lyria: Yes! All thanks to your teaching!
Arriet: Not at all. Lyria, you have a natural talent for music!
Arriet: We should travel around and play together as a duo! Won't you join me?
Vyrn: Hey now! You can't do that! Lyria's traveling with us, and—
Arriet: Hee-hee... I'm only joking. Sorry, little guy!
Lyria: So do you always travel alone, Arriet?
Arriet: Indeed I do. I'm trying to improve my skills.
Arriet: To soothe the hearts of the people, to calm raging monsters... I want to put the world at peace with my music.
Arriet: I think I could even captivate primal beasts with my lyre.
Vyrn: Wow! Based on your performance in the square, I bet you could!
Lyria: Oh! If you're interested in primal beasts, why not come with us?
Arriet: Huh? With you?
Lyria: Yeah! We're actually an airship crew!
Arriet: An airship crew... I see.
Arriet: A crew, huh? Hmm...
Vyrn: What's up? You can't fly with an airship crew?
Arriet: Well... It's not exactly against the rules, but...
Vyrn: Hm? Whatcha mean by that?
Arriet: I've got a lot to deal with at the moment. Sorry.
Lyria: So.. Is that a no?
Lyria: We go to a lot of different islands, which I thought would help you...
Lyria: And I wanted to hear you perform again...
Arriet: Hee-hee. I'm honored to hear it. But I don't know...
  1. Come on, it'll be fun!
  2. What's the problem?

Choose: Come on, it'll be fun!
Arriet: You too?

Choose: What's the problem?
Arriet: I'm not sure that there is one... Though no one's done it before...
Continue 1
Arriet: Hmm...
Arriet: Well, it would help me with my work. I wonder if I could just report to the knights later...
Vyrn: Your work? Knights?
Arriet: Ah, don't worry about that. It's nothing.
Arriet: Anyway, back to the matter at hand... I think I'll accept your offer after all. Let's travel together!
Lyria: Really? Yay! I'm so glad!
Arriet: Hee-hee... It'll be fun!
Arriet: You can call me Ettie by the way. All my friends do.
Lyria: Okay! We're happy to have you with us, Ettie!
Thus Arriet the musician joins the crew.
There is something mysterious about her, but her beautiful lyre music enchants the crew as they continue their journey.

The Mysterious Musician

The crew visits a famous instrument craftsman, but discover that he has retired after the empire banned work related to the arts. After convincing him to help, they head for the mountains to collect the materials he needs.

The crew lands on a certain island at the request of Arriet.
She wants to order a new lyre from a famous craftsman who lives here, but it seems that there's a problem.
Arriet: Huh? You've stopped doing business?
Instrument Crafter: Yes, I'm afraid I don't make instruments anymore.
Lyria: Oh no! Why did you stop?
Instrument Crafter: Hic... Why do you care? I ain't got nothing left to live for.
Vyrn: You're famous for your skills, though! Isn't it a waste to just quit?
Instrument Crafter: No sense blabbin' about it now... It's all the empire's fault.
Arriet: What do you mean?
Instrument Crafter: Well...
Instrument Crafter: Those cowards attacked us a while ago. They conquered our defenseless island in a blink.
Instrument Crafter: Then they declared the arts useless... Banned us from doin' any artistic work.
Instrument Crafter: They even banned anyone from going into the mountains to gather materials for instruments as well, so I can't do my job anymore.
Lyria: What? How could they say that music is useless?
Vyrn: That's awful!
Arriet: The Erste Empire... To think they've expanded their territory this far...
Instrument Crafter: Well, it is what it is... Stopping was hard, but I had no choice.
Arriet: I see...
Arriet: But are you really okay with that?
Instrument Crafter: Huh?
Arriet: Your instruments have healed the hearts of so many people across the skies.
Arriet: Even hearts that have been hardened like yours is now.
Arriet: As an artist, I can't just watch you let your talent waste away. Your heart belongs to music, does it not?
Instrument Crafter: ...
Lyria: Ettie is right! You can't just give up because of the empire!
Vyrn: Yeah! All you need is some materials to get back to work, right?
Vyrn: We'll bring some back from the mountains for you! Right, (Captain)?
Instrument Crafter: What? You guys would do that for me?
Arriet: Hee-hee... Of course! We don't even live here, so we'll be able to avoid the empire's surveillance!
Instrument Crafter: Really? That'd mean the world to me.
Instrument Crafter: There are monsters in those mountains... You be careful while you're out there!
Lyria: Okay! When we get back, we'll be counting on you to make Ettie her new lyre!
Instrument Crafter: You got it. I may be a little rusty, but I'm a professional. You have my guarantee!
Arriet: Hee-hee... Okay, shall we get moving?
Vyrn: You bet! Imperial lackeys and monsters are nothin' to me!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 2

Arriet helps the crew choose useful materials in the mountains. They manage to find what they need, but they know doing so won't lift the ban on the arts. While they consider what to do, monsters attack.

Arriet leads the crew deep into the mountains to gather wood, iron ore, grass, and other crafting materials.
Lyria: Ettie, does this white rock here look okay?
Arriet: Hmm... It sure does. It looks like it could be used in various instruments.
Vyrn: What about that giant tree over there?
Arriet: Hmm.. I would go for the sapling next to it instead. The acoustics would probably be better.
Lyria: Heave-ho!
Lyria: Whew... We've sure gathered a lot!
Vyrn: Yeah. Our basket's totally full!
Arriet: Thank you, everyone. Surely this will be enough.
Arriet: Now the craftsman will be able to start working again!
Lyria: And you'll get your new lyre, Ettie!
Vyrn: But you know, the empire isn't going anywhere and these materials won't last forever...
Arriet: You're right... We need to think of a more permanent solution.
Lyria: Hmm... What should we do?
Arriet: Well, let's head back for today. It won't do any good to stand around here thinking about it.
Vyrn: Yeah, let's go before it gets dark.
Monster: Groar!
Lyria: ...!
Monsters are headed our way!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... Think we can avoid 'em from here?
Arriet: I think so... Everyone is tired after all.
Arriet: Oh, but... That monster's whiskers look perfect for lyre strings!
Lyria: Hmm... Now that you mention it...
Vyrn: Guess we have to fight then! Come on, (Captain)!
Arriet: Hee-hee... My apologies. I'll need your help for just a little more!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 3

The craftsman happily begins work on Arriet's new lyre using new materials received from the crew, but is interrupted by imperial soldiers. Arriet questions the soldiers regarding whether they have the authority to ban the arts.

After defeating the monsters, the crew returns to town and hands over the materials to the craftsman.
Instrument Crafter: Thank you! With this, now I'll be able to make instruments again!
Instrument Crafter: First order of business, a lyre for the young lady. I'll have it finished before you know it!
Arriet: Thank you. I'm looking forward to it!
Lyria: Hee-hee! The craftsman seems much happier now.
Vyrn: His eyes are sparkling. I guess he really missed his work!
Imperial Soldier: Hey! What are you doing?
Lyria: ...!
Imperial Soldier: Outsiders? So you're the ones we've heard about.
Imperial Soldier: You're the thieves who snuck into our territory and stole our precious resources!
Vyrn: Who are you calling a thief? These resources didn't belong to you in the first place!
Lyria: That's right! This island belongs to the residents who live here!
Imperial Soldier: Not the sharpest sword in the armory, are you? This island and everything on it belong to us!
Imperial Soldier: Looks like you've got some materials to make into musical instruments. We're confiscating them, so hand them over!
Instrument Crafter: Grrr...
Imperial Soldier: Heh-heh... You got a problem? How about I use your worthless hide to warm up a cell?
Arriet: Sigh...
Arriet: Well, this really is inexcusable. I guess I have to cause a scene after all...
Lyria: Um... Ettie?
Arriet: You men call yourselves imperial soldiers? You're hardly worthy of the name.
Imperial Soldier: What? How dare you!
Arriet: Meaningless oppression, unnecessary control... Do you even have permission from the empire to do any of this?
Imperial Soldier: ...?
Arriet: Hee-hee... Just as I thought.
Vyrn: Permission? What do you mean, Arriet?
Imperial Soldier: You swine... I don't know who you think you are, but you won't get away with this!
Lyria: Ahh! They're attacking!
Arriet: (Captain), are you ready? Let's give these buffoons a dramatic finale!

The Mysterious Musician: Scene 4

Arriet plays her new lyre and soothes the hearts of the islanders, who have not heard music in quite some time. When the crew heads back to the airship, Arriet disappears to get in touch with a mysterious knight who loosens the empire's hold on the island.

The crew defeats the imperial soldiers. Once Arriet's new lyre is finished, she decides to test it out.
As she begins her performance, a crowd immediately begins to form around her, captivated by her music.
Lyria: Wow! It's looking like a real concert!
Vyrn: Yeah! And the craftsman was thrilled too!
Arriet: This is a fantastic lyre. Thank you, everyone.
Lyria: Hee-hee.... I'm glad it was all worth it!
Vyrn: Oh yeah... What'd you mean earlier, Arriet?
Vyrn: You asked those soldiers about permission from the empire.
Arriet: Ah... Well, that was no big deal really.
Arriet: Just think about it. I know the Erste Empire is arrogant, but do they really need to suppress the arts?
Arriet: If they abuse their power like that, it will only lower the productivity of their territory and make their reign on the island pointless.
Lyria: Hmm... And that means...
Arriet: It means the soldiers here were acting on their own.
Arriet: I was actually only guessing when I brought up their authority, but it seems I was right.
Vyrn: Oh... So that's why they got so angry.
Arriet: Yes. They'd be in big trouble if the empire found out.
Arriet: But I have a feeling this island will be just fine.
Lyria: How do you know that?
Arriet: Hee-hee! How indeed?
Lyria: Huh?
Arriet: I'm just going to step out for a minute. I'll meet you back at the Grandcypher, okay?
Vyrn: Oh, sure. Where are you going?
Arriet: An errand of sorts.
Arriet walks away from the crew, smiling and with a spring in her step.
Though puzzled at Arriet's words, the crew heads back to the Grandcypher.
Arriet: Yes, the empire's control has been spreading rapidly.
Arriet: It seems that rogue regiments acting on their own are on the rise. It's just as you predicted.
Arriet: What are your orders, my lord?
Blue Knight: ...
Over the next few days, the empire's oppressive policies began to disappear from the island.
Exactly how or why they disappeared will remain a mystery to the crew for some time yet.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
こんな曲はいかが? What do you think of this song?
悪いけど、大人しくしててね? Be good now, okay?
この音色に、耳を澄ませて… Have a listen to this melody...
弦の張り替え、もうそろそろかなぁ Maybe it's time to get some new strings...
(主人公)さんも、このリラ弾いてみる? (Captain), care to try out this lyre?
あら、乱暴な子ね? Oh my, aren't you a naughty one.
この曲を聴いたら、おうちに帰りなさい? After the next song, it's time for everyone to go home, okay?
これが私の、プレリュード… This is my prelude...
そろそろ新しい曲、練習しようかしら? Maybe I should practice a new song soon.
(主人公)さんは、どんな曲が好きなの? (Captain), what kind of music do you like?

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Select an allied follower that has attacked this turn and is no longer able to attack. Fully restore its defense and the ability to attack.

With this harp granted to me by the gods, I'll play a song of blessings. I'm sure my heartwarming melodies will bring peace to you as well.


As the chosen harpist of the gods, I'll bring the melodies of paradise to those who suffer. Though the notes are still but a whisper, I believe they'll reach every corner of this world in time.

Class Neutral
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Arriet, Soothing Harpist
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other