Damascus Knife (Earth)

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Superlative Weapons
Damascus Knife
Can be uncapped to 4★Can be uncapped to 5★
Level 1 41 472 ??
Level 100 267 2732 ??
Level 150 560 3230 ??
Level 200 640 3728 ??
Gold Moon ×100
ID 1040106900
JP Name ダマスカスナイフ
Release Date ?
4★ Date 2018-04-17
5★ Date 2020-05-11
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The ultimate blade, forged in secret by the ancients. This indestructible knife was created using a mysterious smelting technique that was lost with the decline of their civilization.
Charge Attack
Blade of Lost Legend Massive Earth damage to a foe
Chance to deal massive bonus DMG up to 2 times
Additional effect at 4★:
2-hit, 450% bonus Earth DMG is now guaranteed (Damage cap: ~720,000 per hit).
Raise BountyItem drop rate is boosted
by 2.[1][2][3]
Weapon Skills
▶ 60 Unlocks at level 60: Unlocks at level 60:
Shady Business When main weapon: 10% boost to item drop rate
▼ 150 Upgraded at level 150 to: Upgraded at level 150 to:
Shady Business II When main weapon: 10% boost to item drop rate / Boost Bounty Hunter success rate / Increase the Bounty lvl cap to Bounty lvl 10Item drop rate is boosted
▶ 100 Unlocks at level 100: Unlocks at level 100:
Amber Arts Boost to Earth allies' skill DMG cap.
▶ 200 Unlocks at level 200: Unlocks at level 200:
Amber Hunt 10% bonus Earth DMG to Earth allies against foes with BountyItem drop rate is boosted
4★ Uncap
Rupies ×100,000
5★ Uncap
Rupies ×100,000
Weapon VersionsThis weapon has alternate versions.

Superlative Weapons

Gameplay Notes

Blade of Lost Legend

  • The BountyItem drop rate is boosted
    effect is guaranteed to land.

Shady Business II

  • 100% boost toi.e. Doubles Bounty Hunter success rate.[4]
    • This does not guarantee BountyItem drop rate is boosted
      to land.[5]
  • Bounty lvl 10 is a 70% Drop Rate Boost, while Bounty lvl 9 is 50%.[6]

Amber Arts

Skill Level Skill DMG Cap Up
1 5.5%
10 10%
15 15%
20 20%
  • Boosts skill damage cap of Earth allies' skills.
    • Stacks additively with other weapon skills that boost skill damage cap, up to a maximum of 100%.
    • Stacks additively with Skill DMG Cap UpMaximum amount of skill DMG that can be dealt per hit is boosted



  • Damascus steel was the forged steel of blades smithed in the Near East. It has a distinctive pattern, and a reputation for toughness.