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Official Profile

Age 24 Height 173 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Mixing balms
Likes Scent of flowers, battle
Dislikes Loneliness
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 24歳 Height 173cm Race エルーン
Hobbies 香油の調合
Likes 花の匂い、戦闘
Dislikes 孤独
Character Release
Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3990528000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Erune.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Azumi Asakura
NameJP フラウ
Voice ActorJP 浅倉 杏美
ID 3990528000
Release Date
Arcarum: The World Beyond

A young woman who exudes beauty, wit, and passion but is much too charming for her own good. Accordingly, her radiance has come to attract both light and shadows around her.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain), happy birthday!
This is my present to you...
I thought a bouquet of flowers might be a little cliche, but I knew I'd be happy to get one.
I didn't know what kind of flowers you like, (Captain), so I got you my favorites instead.
Don't they smell lovely? They're so sweet and soft...
You know, that's how I feel when I'm around you, (Captain).
This gift is my way of saying thanks for everything up until now... and everything from here on out.
Heh heh, I hope you like it.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Ah, morning, (Captain)...
Eh, no, I mean happy New Year!
You're up early. Are you trying to see the first sunrise of the year?
I knew it. You've got perfect timing. Let's go watch it together.
Ah, look! It's getting brighter out!
Heh heh, (Captain), I'm so glad that we can watch the first sunrise of the year together.
This year is definitely going to be great.


Morning, (Captain)! You're looking quite chipper so early in the day!
It's best to kick off the new year in high spirits, you say?
Wow, you sound like a sage. I should be taking notes.
Last year turned out great because I watched the first sunrise of the year with you.
So if I spend the whole day with you this year, just imagine what the future will bring... I mean, if you don't mind...
You don't? Thanks!
Ah, I almost forgot!
Happy New Year, and may it be wonderful, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), here you go!
It's a Valentine's Day present—what else would it be?
Heh heh, I'm so proud of it. I can't wait for you to try it, (Captain).
Ah, that's right! You're the only one I'm giving a present to, (Captain).
So don't tell anyone else, okay?

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), what's this?
Ah, it's for White Day! I'm so delighted! Thank you!
Hm... How am I going to wait to give you a present in return for this? I'm way too happy.
But you're repaying me for my Valentine's Day gift in the first place, aren't you?
Heh heh... I suppose we don't need to worry about the complicated stuff.
Well, I'll keep finding ways to tell you how grateful I am, (Captain)... And tell you everything else I feel too!
It's going to be wonderful!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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I guess it's Halloween. As a matter of fact, this is my first time celebrating.
We didn't have the custom in my hometown or anywhere else I lived.
There's something special about how today feels. I don't mind it at all.
What I mean to say is...
(Captain), will you teach me all about Halloween?


Hehe! I'm fully prepared for this year's Halloween! Note all the candy I purchased!
As for my prank... I'm still thinking.
It's not like I have much experience devising Halloween tricks, so nothing's come to me yet.
You suggest I tap into The Devil's power? You mean like this?
Making something suddenly appear out of thin air would certainly draw a few gasps.
I think it just might work! There you go again, showing me a fun little tip.
Here's a piece of candy as thanks.
Oh, is that not how I'm supposed to hand out treats? I still have much to learn.
Well, this makes another year of (Captain) acting as my Halloween mentor.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), happy holidays!
What are you planning to do for the holy night?
Me? Well, I'm going into town while it's still festive.
Huh? You'll go with me?
Heh heh, the truth is that I'd feel lonely if I were by myself.
So that would make me incredibly happy.
Ah! This is just like a date!
A date with (Captain) on the holy night... Let's have all the fun we can!


Hi, (Captain)! Thanks for coming to see me even though its freezing outside. It's been less than five minutes since I gave you the message!
I never would've thought you'd answer my invite, to be honest.
Last year's winter date felt more like a spur of the moment type of thing.
If you're going to invite someone out, you need to do it with intention.
That doesn't mean I didn't have fun with you last time, (Captain), because I definitely did.
Teehee, we're going to have so much more fun tonight compared to last year though.
Let's go, let's go! I've got a lot of things to show you this time around!

Fate Episodes

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Invitation to Battle

After guiding a woman named Fraux around town, (Captain) finds an unusual card. A while after going to sleep that night, the captain comes to in a battlefield, which Fraux explains is the memory of a primal beast. The party battles the beast to prevent it from setting chaos upon the Sky Realm.

The crew visit an island to resupply for their journey.
Lyria: It sounds like we'll be ready to take off again tomorrow.
Vyrn: Sure does! Might as well just kick back and relax until then.
???: Hm?
A robed figure stops in her tracks as the crew passes by.
???: Them? They look like mere children, and yet...
???: Hm. Right. Understood.
Lyria: And then Katalina said—
???: Excuse me!
Vyrn: Huh? You need us for something?
(Captain) and the others aren't sure what to say following the hooded figure's sudden inquiry.
Lyria: Um...
???: Oh, I'm sorry! I should probably take this off.
Lyria: Wow, you're so pretty!
The crew is astounded at the beautiful Erune beneath the hood.
Apparently unmoved by the members' surprise, she beams a smile right back at them.
???: Hope I didn't startle you! I've got a little request, is all.
Vyrn: A request? For us?
???: I just got into town, so I have no idea where anything is.
???: Any idea where I can find good food and shelter?
Vyrn: Ask away, but we don't live here either! We know a few places, though.
???: It would really help me out if you could point me in the right direction. I get lost easily, so...
Vyrn: S-sure...
Fraux: Ah, how rude of me. My name's Fraux. Nice to meet you, and thanks for the help!
Fraux: Wow, I had a feeling you were skyfarers!
Lyria: Why?
Fraux: Call it a hunch based on the way you're dressed.
Fraux: I guess that means you're the captain of this crew, eh, (Captain)? Quite the feat considering how young you are!
Vyrn: Heh heh! Better believe it! If you're ever in a jam, (Captain) has your back!
Fraux: Hehe. Glad I can count on you if I get myself into trouble.
The crew have a lively conversation with Fraux as they walk through the town, eventually arriving in front of a local restaurant.
Lyria: Oh, here's a place to eat, Fraux!
Fraux: Thanks, Lyria. Mmm... Something sure smells good!
Vyrn: We ate here yesterday, and you better believe it got the Vyrn seal of approval!
Lyria: This place even has an inn too.
Fraux: That's great! Thanks so much!
Some grumblings from Lyria's stomach interrupt the conversation.
Lyria: Ah!
Vyrn: Whoa, Lyria...
Lyria: Sorry, I just... It smells so good I can't help it.
Fraux: I know exactly where you're coming from! I'm starved too!
Fraux: Oh, that's right! How about I treat you as thanks for showing me around town?
Lyria: Oh no, we couldn't!
Vyrn: Yeah, all we did was show you a place we went to yesterday! Don't worry about it!
Fraux: Really? Hm... How about sharing a meal with me, then? It'll be fun!
Vyrn: Sounds all right by me!
Lyria: Hooray! Let's eat!
Fraux: After you, Lyria!
Lyria: That was delicious! I'm in heaven...
After enjoying a meal with Fraux, the crew members return to the Grandcypher with contented looks on their faces.
Lyria: Fraux sure is fun to be around! There was so much I wanted to ask her about!
Vyrn: Yeah, she's a lot more easygoing than she looks!
Vyrn: Whew... And now that I've stuffed my face, I'm about ready to take a nap.
Suddenly (Captain) notices an unfamiliar object among some personal effects.
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Huh... Whatcha got there?
Vyrn gestures toward a grubby card.
Lyria: I've never seen that card before. It isn't yours, is it, (Captain)?
As if to say no, (Captain) gives a shake of the head.
Vyrn: It looks really old and—I dunno—dirty... I can't even make out the picture on it.
Lyria: There's something strange about that card... I can sense it.
Vyrn: You too, Lyria? I can feel somethin', but I can't say what.
Dark expressions fall over Lyria and Vyrn's faces. They both sense something off about the mysterious card.
Vyrn: When did this thing end up with the rest of our stuff, anyway? Talk about creepy...
Lyria: And it feels like something scary could happen if we were to throw it out.
Vyrn: Sure is... Anyway, it's late! We can figure out what to do about this thing tomorrow!
(Captain) and company decide to rest for now, deferring the matter of the mysterious card until the following day.
(Captain) dozes off... or so it seems.
Vyrn: What's going on?
The crew members are baffled, having awoken to find themselves in a place they've never seen before.
Lyria: Where are we? Is this a dream?
Vyrn: No idea! Hey, (Captain), over there!
Vyrn looks out from the plateau they're standing on. He can't believe his eyes.
Lyria: Huh? Is that... a battlefield?
Vyrn: I seriously have no idea what's happening anymore! We were on the Grandcypher one second and this battlefield the next!
Vyrn: Eep! Who's there?
Fraux: Oh, it's (Captain) and the rest of the crew!
Lyria: Fraux, is that you?
Vyrn: You're here too? I can't make heads or tails of what's going on anymore.
Fraux: Hm... Say, (Captain). Can you show me that card you're holding?
Lyria: Huh? What card?
Vyrn: You brought that creepy thing with you, (Captain)?
Despite having no memory of picking it up, (Captain) is gripping the card that eerily manifested.
Fraux: I knew it. You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you, but I need you to stay calm and listen.
Fraux: I think we're inside a primal beast's memory of the War right now.
Lyria: What does that mean?
Vyrn: Easy there, Fraux! That's some crazy territory you're stepping into!
Fraux: I know how you feel, Vyrn, but I need you to listen.
Fraux: That card (Captain) is holding is imbued with a primal beast's memories. And right now we're inside one.
Lyria: Does that mean this isn't real?
Fraux: Hmm, tough to explain, but it's safe to say where we are now isn't located in reality.
Vyrn: Now I'm even more confused!
The crew is visibly perplexed, so Fraux continues to explain.
Fraux: We're currently standing in one of the fiercest battlegrounds from the War.
Fraux: Looks like skydwellers managed to capture a few primal beasts and resist. This was a knock-down, drag-out brawl from the look of things.
Vyrn: And that's what we're in the middle of right now?
Lyria: Um, why is a memory from the past reappearing now?
Fraux: The primal beast is trying to win against the skydwellers this time.
Vyrn: Uh... Huh? And what'll happen if it does?
Fraux: This primal beast is powerful enough to simulate entire realities; there's no telling what kind of effect a victory here would have on the real world.
Fraux: It would probably result in another catastrophe like the War. Or worse.
Lyria: Oh no!
Vyrn: This is some serious stuff, (Captain)!
  1. I don't fully understand.
  2. We have to do something!

Choose: I don't fully understand.
Vyrn: Yeah, I have no idea what's going on either.
Vyrn: But if it's crazy enough to put the world in danger, we've gotta do something!
Lyria: That's right! We just have to do what we can!

Choose: We have to do something!
Vyrn: You said it! We've gotta do something before it's too late!
Continue 1
Fraux: I thought you'd say something like that.
Lyria: So what should we do?
Fraux: Good question. Your presence here should be outside the primal beast's expectations.
Lyria: So the primal beast might not be ready for us?
Fraux: Right. You should be able to mess up its plans by participating in the battle.
Vyrn: I don't really get it, but we gotta help if there's trouble going on!
Lyria: Right! Let's go!
On a wing and a prayer, (Captain) and company rush headlong into one of the War's fiercest battles.
All they know is that this strange place exists within the memory of a primal beast.
They have no way of knowing the full ramifications of the battle to come.

Ambition Revealed

Postbattle, the party returns to waking life and listens to how a group of primal beasts are collecting data to create a new world and possibly destroy this one. Fraux says that in order to obstruct the beasts' plans, she created the unusual card they found earlier. The party members continue battling the beast to obstruct its simulation.

Vyrn: Oh boy... What was that about?
Lyria: I can't believe that wasn't real. It was super hot, the ground was all shaky... and it smelled awful!
(Captain) and the crew have successfully won the battle within the primal beast's memory, but they still can't quite grasp the situation.
Vyrn: We were all there together, and we all remember it, so it wasn't a dream, right?
Lyria: Yeah, and Fraux was there, too.
Vyrn: Oh, that's right! I bet she knows what's going on! Let's go ask her!
The crew find Fraux waiting for them back at the inn they helped her find earlier.
Fraux: I thought you'd be coming.
Fraux leads the crew to her room.
Vyrn: If you were waiting for us, that means you really were back there, weren't you?
Fraux: Let me properly explain what's going on with the primal beast's memory. But first...
Fraux: Do you have the card, (Captain)?
(Captain) retrieves the card and hands it to Fraux.
Fraux: Thanks.
Fraux: As I explained earlier, a primal beast's memories reside within this card.
Vyrn: Yeah, we heard. That's where we were fighting earlier?
Fraux: Right. You were drawn into a memory thanks to the power of this card...
Fraux: Whose original owner... is me.
Vyrn: Say what? Then the whole reason this happened to us is because of you?
Fraux: Yes. It was all my doing! I'm sorry, but it was absolutely necessary, I assure you.
Lyria: But... why?
Fraux: I'd like you to help me out. The explanation might get a little long, but I'm going to properly cover everything.
Fraux places the card on a table where everyone can see it.
Fraux: I need to tell you about a certain primal beast.
Fraux: That beast trawls through the collective memory, amassing information from the time of the world's creation up to the present.
Vyrn: Trawl the... collective memory? Information? For what?
Fraux: To create a new world.
Fraux: The primal beast is attempting to create a world different from our own as we speak.
Vyrn: Create a new world? I'm not sure I can wrap my head around what's going on now. The scale's too big!
Lyria: What's going to happen if they create a new world? Something bad?
Fraux: I couldn't say. Creating a new world is too massive of an event to know what might happen afterwards.
Fraux: But if you want a worst-case scenario... it might just erase the world we live in.
Lyria: Oh no!
Vyrn: Isn't there anything we can do?
Fraux: Yes. That's why I created this.
Lyria: You made this, Fraux?
Fraux: That's right. It's infused with the residual energy of the primal beast in question.
Fraux: With this you can intervene.
Vyrn: So basically that lets us go inside the memory world we were in earlier and cause a ruckus?
Fraux: More or less.
Vyrn: This is crazy...
Fraux: I'm sorry I wasn't upfront before, but the fate of the entire world is at stake.
Lyria: You said it might get wiped out...
Fraux: That's why I needed to do everything in my power to ascertain whether you were up to the task.
Fraux: Honestly, you exceeded my expectations. So let me ask you again.
Fraux: Will you work with me to put an end to the primal beast's plans?
Vyrn: S-sure! If what you said is true, we can't just sit around and do nothing!
Vyrn: But how did you pick us out for the job in the first place? You just randomly bumped into us!
Fraux: Because I like you, (Captain). Nothing wrong with that, is there?
  1. Nothing wrong with that.
  2. Something's wrong with that.

Choose: Nothing wrong with that.
Lyria: What are you saying, (Captain)!
Fraux: Heh heh! You're not just dependable but funny too!

Choose: Something's wrong with that.
Fraux: Oh? I mean, it's not like I can't judge your qualities without knowing you for a long time.
Fraux: Your well-worn, yet carefully maintained equipment tells how experienced you are as an adventurer.
Fraux: Anyone could see that. And I had something else guiding me besides that...
Fraux touches the red stone around her neck and smiles.
Fraux: A woman's intuition, you might say.
Vyrn: This just got weird, (Captain).
Continue 1
Lyria: Well, anyway! We've got work to do.
Vyrn: Right! Whatever the case, we can't let this beast get away!
Fraux: You're going to help? Wonderful!
Lyria: That's right! We have to do something, right, (Captain)?
Fraux: Thanks so much!
Vyrn: So? What's our first order of business?
Fraux: Take this card. It will transport whoever holds it into the world of memory.
Fraux: From there, all you have to do is participate in the War.
Vyrn: So we just have to keep fighting like we did back in the last battle?
Fraux: Correct. With your skill I'm sure you'll be able to—
???: Aarrgh!
Fraux: That came from the restaurant downstairs.
Lyria: Let's take a look, (Captain)!
Boy: Aaaaah!
Robber: All right, if you value this kid's life, I want all the money in your coffers out here now!
Shopkeep: No! Take me, not my son!
Robber: Shaddup! Now hurry up and do like I said!
Vyrn: This looks bad, all right!
Fraux: Probably a robbery.
Vyrn: You're awfully calm. We have to do something to help that kid, and—
Robber: Hey, what're you idiots blabbering about over there? If you care about the kid, then... Huh?
Fraux: ...
Robber: Yeah, now we're talking... Hey, you!
Fraux: Me?
Robber: Yeah, you! If you're willing to become a hostage, I'll free the kid, no strings attached.
Fraux: Sure.
Lyria: Fraux?
Robber: That's a good girl. Now get over here!
Fraux walks calmly towards the robber, who has an expression of utter insanity on his countenance.
Lyria: W-what should we do, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We just have to hold out and wait for an opening.
Boy: I'm so scared...
Fraux: ...
Robber: Okay, good! Just a little further.
Fraux: Got it...
Robber: Argh!
Boy: Whoa!
Lyria: Huh?
Her moves are too swift for (Captain) and company to catch.
Robber: Ow! Gwaaah!
Fraux: ...
Fraux pulls the child away at an almost imperceptible speed before slamming the robber into the floor and holding him there.
Fraux: ...
Fraux's expression remains hidden beneath the cowl.
Robber: Agh! S-stop! Stop! Aaaagh!
Fraux twists the robber's arm, digging a heel into his back as he screams.
Robber: Rrgghrraaaaah!
Vyrn: H-hold on, that's overdoing it!
Lyria: Fraux!
Fraux: Hm.
Fraux: Whew...
Fraux looks up at Lyria before loosening her grip on the robber.
Robber: Ngh...
Lyria: Um...
Fraux buries her gaze in the floor and just listens to (Captain) and the others breathe a sigh of relief.
Fraux: You're all... too kind.
The robber is handed over to the local patrol, and the situation ends peacefully.
Lyria: A lot sure has happened in the past couple of hours.
Vyrn: Right? I sure am beat!
The crew leaves Fraux and begins heading back to the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Can you believe the grip on Fraux, though? What does she need our help for if she can do all that?
Lyria: We're going up against a primal beast. She probably can't handle it alone.
Vyrn: I guess you're right. And, I mean, if she says the world might get erased, we gotta do something, right?
Lyria: Right! Let's get ready for our next battle inside the primal beast's memory!
The crew prepares itself to defend the world from the sky-shattering ambitions of the primal beast.
(Captain) looks down at the card from Fraux.
Whatever lies ahead, the card—as dark and obscure as ever—betrays none of its secrets.

Red Stone and Smile

(Captain) and the others see Fraux looking down at the battlefield, saying to a figure who can't be seen that "It's all gone as predicted." As if thinking of someone far away, she then remarks, "What a strange child. Utterly pure."

Fraux looks out over the battlefield from on a plateau alone.
Fraux: Look. It's all gone as predicted, hasn't it?
The red stone hanging around Fraux's neck glows softly, almost as if it's responding to her words.
Fraux: They're really putting in overtime for us, aren't they?
Fraux: Putting them to use was definitely the right choice.
Fraux: Oh, that reminds me. How are things going on your end?
Fraux: It'll be just a little bit longer then.
There's something strangely cheery about the way Fraux is speaking to her invisible partner.
Fraux: Oh, they're fighting over there!
Fraux can't help but raise her voice as she turns her attention to a particular section of the battlefield.
Fraux: And yet...
She softly brushes the stone with a finger.
Fraux: I never sensed any fear, greed, or hostility from (Captain).
Fraux: What a strange child. Utterly pure. Not entirely unlike...
Fraux: Heh heh... Now then!
Fraux touches the red stone again.
Fraux: Yes. Seems like this one's just about over.
The battle under way below her draws to its conclusion.
Fraux: Pretty useful data from this one.
Fraux: Everything's looking good. You'll have to keep it up though. Can't have you slacking.
With her usual cheerful demeanor, Fraux leaves the battlefield with a spring in her step.

Silhouette Lost in the Light

Standing over the battlefield once again, Fraux incinerates a monster that draws too close. She thinks back to how she was once hated for her blinding brilliance, and how she only had a single voice of support. But she soon brushes that aside and smiles again.

Fraux: Yes. Things are looking good this time, too.
Fraux is once again looking out over the battlefield from a secluded plateau.
Fraux: Getting (Captain) to serve as a pawn in the simulation was a real lifesaver.
Fraux: We've amassed quite a bit of data. I wonder how many more times we have left to run though.
Fraux: But on that note...
Fraux places a finger on the red stone around her neck.
Fraux: I thought the awakening would be drawing near, but I haven't been able to hear your voice lately.
Fraux: Hm?
Monster: Groooar!
Fraux: Oh? Found your way off the battlefield, did you?
Fraux seems entirely unfazed as the monster charges at her.
Monster: Groooar!
Fraux: Heh.
An eruption of light ensues. When it dims, all that's left of the monster is charred ash.
Fraux: Sorry, but I've decided to stop holding back.
Fraux: And now... no one can challenge me.
Fraux: Not with this power...
Woman 1: What's wrong with her? She thinks she's better than us just because she's pretty?
Man 1: A lot of nerve coming from her!
Woman 2: If she wasn't here, everything would've gone over just fine!
Man 2: We have so many people here. Surely one of us can calm her down?
Man 3: Heh heh heh... Let me try to comfort her first.
Mother: I fear there's nothing we can do. She's out of control, and I'm scared...
Father: It's fine, dear... Just let her go.
Fraux was born with a light inside her, but its blinding brilliance was too much to control.
Her power was too strong, and her light too radiant. In their wake was born a black, ugly shadow.
Fraux: You don't have to understand. You don't have to love me. But still...
Fraux: I... I still love everyone so much.
Fraux: From the bottom of my heart...
???: It's okay, Fraux. Just seeing you smile makes me happy.
Fraux: Thanks. You're the only one who understands me...
Fraux: Heh heh.
Fraux: Brings back memories, doesn't it?
Fraux opens her eyes and smiles her usual smile.


The party members grow concerned about the seemingly endless nature of the battles only to learn that they unwittingly aided the beast's plan to destroy the world. When the party members announce their fresh intentions to stop the beast, Fraux—who has revealed herself as a pactbearer with the primal beast The Devil—stands before them and emits an intensely intimidating aura.

(Captain) and the crew have lost track of how many battles they've fought within the primal beast's memory.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! You okay?
Lyria: I'm fine, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Doesn't look like there are any bad guys nearby, so let's take a break!
Lyria: Sounds good.
Vyrn: I've been wondering, though. How many more times do we have to keep fighting?
Lyria: We've already fought an awful lot, I think.
While Lyria and Vyrn grow concerned, (Captain) pulls out the card.
Lyria: I'm still sensing something unpleasant from that card.
Vyrn: Makes sense. Fraux said the card is infused with the power of a primal beast.
Lyria: Yeah, but it feels like it's getting stronger and stronger. I'm starting to get scared.
The card maintains its eerie silence, which stirs further unease in the chests of the onlookers.
Vyrn: Hey, uh...
Vyrn: Is all this fighting we're doing really going to help stop the primal beast's plans?
Lyria: Fraux said it would, so...
Vyrn: Hm, let's ask her about it when we get back. And about the card, too!
(Captain) begins to put away the card. Suddenly...
???: Listen well, young skydweller...
A strange voice echoes within (Captain)'s head.
Vyrn: Hm? Something wrong, (Captain)?
  1. It's nothing.
  2. I hear a voice.

Choose: It's nothing.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? You had this weird look on your face a second ago.
Lyria: Everything all right, (Captain)? Feeling a little tired?

Choose: I hear a voice.
Vyrn: A voice? You hear anything, Lyria?
Lyria: Huh? No, I haven't heard anything out of the ordinary.
Continue 1
The voice in (Captain)'s head continues speaking.
???: Don't you wish to know the truth?
???: If so...
Fraux: I can feel power welling up within the card.
Fraux touches the red stone around her neck. It glimmers faintly.
Fraux: Any minute now...
Fraux: Why? Why did my friend leave me?
Woman 1: It must have been something you did. You chased your own friend away!
Woman 2: Maybe you weren't even friends after all!
Fraux: You're wrong! The only one who understood—
Man 1: Anyway, who cares? We're here for you, sweetie!
Man 2: You'll forget about that friend soon enough!
Fraux: Why? Why leave me? Why can't I just...
???: It's not your fault. You did nothing wrong.
Fraux: That's right. I didn't. I mean, I loved everyone. They were precious to me.
???: Yes. You're a kind soul. Whatever horrible things they said, you tried to return them with kindness.
Fraux: But the way things are now... I can't...
???: You don't have to smile. You don't have to pretend. You've been hurt.
Fraux: Then... then what should I...
???: You're strong. Nobody can hurt you any longer.
???: So go ahead. Use your light. Burn everything away.
Fraux looks back on this turning point in her life.
Fraux: It'll be over soon. All of it.
Fraux opens her eyes and smiles.
Fraux: We've got enough data now, thanks to (Captain).
Fraux: All that's left is to revive The Devil. Once I do that, a new world will be created.
Fraux: And this world will end soon thereafter.
Lyria: Fraux?
Vyrn: What's going on!
(Captain), Lyria, and the rest of the crew are shocked at what they've just heard.
Fraux: Oh?
Fraux tilts her head. She doesn't appear to be particularly upset.
Fraux: What are you doing here?
Vyrn: Why do you think we're here?
Fraux: Ah, looks like it's time for the grand finale.
Vyrn: What are you talking about? What finale?
Lyria: Fraux, please! We just want an explanation for what you were talking about earlier!
Fraux: You heard me, didn't you? It's exactly what it sounds like.
Fraux: Your fights in the past haven't slowed the primal beast's plans in the slightest.
Fraux: Just the opposite. They've helped us collect the data we need to create a new world.
Lyria: Then... you deceived us?
Vyrn: We've been helping out with a plan to end the world this whole time?
Fraux: Yep! Gotta hand it to you guys. You really did us a huge favor.
Lyria: Does that mean you're friends with the primal beast that's trying to make a new world?
Fraux: Not quite friends. I formed a pact with the primal beast contained within this card: The Devil.
Vyrn: No way! What've you done!
Lyria: What should we do? At this rate the world's going to be destroyed!
Vyrn: It's too early to give up! Right, (Captain)?
Fraux: What can you possibly do at this point?
Vyrn: Ain't it obvious? We're gonna stop you and the primal beast's plans!
Fraux: I see...
Fraux's expression darkens momentarily, but she quickly returns to her usual smile.
Fraux: It's such a shame to have to say this, but if you're going to get in my way, I have no choice.
Fraux: ...!
Lyria: ...!
Vyrn: What's going on!
A sudden, bloodcurdling aura is loosed upon the crew.
Overwhelmed by Fraux's sheer power, the crew can do nothing but stare in disbelief.
Vyrn: We always knew she had crazy powers hidden away, but this is ridiculous!
Fraux: I've been watching you fight this whole time. You're strong, but I advise you not to underestimate me.
Fraux: My power is... Well, you'll see soon enough.
And with that warning, Fraux flashes an ever-so-beautiful smile.

Devilish Claws

Fraux snatches the card away from the party, and the primal beast The Devil is revived. While still coming to grips with the idea that they must contend against Fraux and The Devil simultaneously, (Captain) and company witness The Devil suddenly claw apart Fraux. He then turns on the stunned party.

The crew has learned the horrible truth. Their battles were all in service of the primal beast's plans.
Fraux now stands before them, her overwhelming power unleashed at last.
Vyrn: This is bad, guys! What should we do?
Lyria: Do we have no choice but to fight?
Vyrn: If we don't do anything, who knows what could happen?
Fraux: Ah, that's right!
Vyrn: What's right?
Fraux: That.
Fraux points at the card in (Captain)'s hand.
Fraux: I'll be taking that back now.
Lyria: Ah!
With a playful air, Fraux bounds over and retrieves the card from (Captain), who seems frozen in place.
Fraux: I asked for your help to revive the primal beast locked in this card as well.
Lyria: Does that mean the primal beast is... is going to...
Fraux: That's right. It's time.
At the very instant Fraux's finger makes contact with the card...
Vyrn: Whoa!
Primal Beast: The moment of my revival is at hand.
Lyria: The primal beast... Is it an Arcarum?
Primal Beast: I shall fill the world with chaos and discord.
Vyrn: Dealing with Fraux seemed impossible enough, and now we have to deal with an Arcarum primal beast on top of that?
Fraux: Now, then.
Fraux: Nghh!
Fraux is battered repeatedly by the primal beast's claws. She stops moving.
Lyria: Aaah!
Vyrn: Why did that thing attack her? What's going on?
Primal Beast: I bestow upon you a destiny of annihilation!
Lyria: It's coming for us!
Vyrn: No turning back now! Looks like we'll just have to fight!

Devilish Claws: Scene 2

Though Fraux seemed to be a lost cause after being clawed apart by The Devil, she regains consciousness while the party looks on. (Captain) and the others tell Fraux that since The Devil has been defeated, there is no need to fight anymore. Fraux expresses her desire to see the world destroyed and vanishes without ever reaching an understanding with the party.

Primal Beast: You fight back against temptation?
Vyrn: Did we do it?
Lyria: Yes! I can sense its power ebbing away!
Vyrn: Whew! I was worried about how that was gonna play out!
Lyria: L-look at Fraux!
The crew rushes over to Fraux's battered body.
Vyrn: This is horrible. There's nothing we can do...
Fraux: Rgh...
Lyria: Wait! She's alive!
Fraux slowly opens her eyes.
Fraux: (Captain)? And... the rest of you are here, too? Why?
Lyria: Oh, thank goodness you're all right, Fraux!
Vyrn: That's a relief! I thought you were a goner!
Fraux: Huh... So I couldn't even die...
Vyrn: What're you saying, Fraux? We're glad you're alive!
Fraux: What's wrong with you? Why do you worry about me? You're only giving me a chance to hurt you!
Lyria: That's not true!
Vyrn: We already beat the primal beast. What reason do we have to fight?
Fraux: That's honestly how you see this?
Fraux: I was completely willing to see the world destroyed. I wanted that. That was all me.
Lyria: Wait, really? Why would you want such a thing?
Fraux: I wanted to eliminate myself along with those who had done me harm. Nothing wrong with that, is there?
Fraux: This world did nothing but wound me with hatred, neglect, hostility, jealousy, greed...
Fraux: There was nothing left in this world for me to cling to. So I answered the primal beast's call.
(Captain) grows silent listening to Fraux's flat and emotionless words.
Fraux: The demon in the card told me there'd be nothing in the new world to do me harm.
Fraux: Probably just meaningless promises to earn my trust. But I didn't care.
Fraux slowly stands up while clasping a hand over the wounds she received from the Arcarum.
Fraux: You have the power of that primal beast now, don't you, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes.
Fraux: It deceives people. Tempts them with what they want to hear.
Fraux: Fight back against that temptation.
With the same smile she always wears, Fraux turns her back to the party.
Lyria: You're leaving, Fraux?
Fraux: How can I not? We can never understand each other.
Fraux: So long.
Vyrn: H-hey!
Fraux leaves without so much as turning around. (Captain) and the crew can think of nothing to say.
Lyria: Fraux...
Driven mad by the temptation of a primal beast with promises of a new world, Fraux found her life thrown into disarray.
Her radiant light and beauty should have been a blessing but have only cursed her.
A curse that led her to a doomed pact with an Arcarum primal beast.
They sought each other's help. And now their long, strange journey has come quietly to an end.
???: The new world will be created. A new vessel will be found. Our time will come.
???: We are the Arcarum. We wait for the promised time, undaunted.

The Coming Light

The Devil takes the crew to a space where they can see Fraux again. There Fraux explains that the Arcarum were created by The World; the Devil, however, was freed from his bonds and aims to crush his creator's designs for world domination. Moved by the sincere words of Lyria and (Captain), Fraux recovers her brilliant powers and decides of her own accord to travel with the crew.

Some time has passed since the party fought The Devil and parted ways with Fraux.
Vyrn: Lyria, you okay? Is that stuff gettin' too heavy for you?
Lyria: I'm fine!
(Captain) and the others are enjoying their walk back to the ship from a supply run.
Lyria: This is a cinch!
???: Huh? You mean to say that's my destiny?
???: Precisely. Take a look at this card.
Lyria: Card...
Lyria catches sight of a fortune-teller who's reading a customer's fate in a spread of cards.
Fortune-teller: Your past can be seen in this card. It is your present. And it signals your future.
As Lyria watches, her face clouds over.
Lyria: Fraux...
Vyrn: Cards, huh... That sure reminds me of that fight.
Lyria: What could she be doing now...
Vyrn: Lyria... I wonder that too, but anyhow...
Vyrn: Maybe it's like she said, and we'll never understand each other.
  1. That's right, Vyrn.
  2. I know how you feel, Lyria.

Choose: That's right, Vyrn.
Vyrn: I know... I didn't even know what to say back to her after that.

Choose: I know how you feel, Lyria.
Lyria: You can't help but wonder either?
Vyrn: But where's wondering gonna get us?
Continue 1
Lyria: Well, uh...
Client: Huh? Is that what the card means?
As the fortune-teller and client begin speaking again, the party members stop and listen, dumbstruck.
Client: That's not what you'd imagine from the picture.
Fortune-teller: When the card is turned on its head, it means something different.
Client: Huh, really?
Fortune-teller: Yes. It means the polar opposite.
Client: Wow, who would've thought! It's the same card, just upside down!
Fortune-teller: Both meanings are true and valid.
Lyria: An upside-down card...
Lyria: I want to see Fraux again and have a real conversation with her...
Lyria brings up what the fortune-teller said earlier again after returning to the Grandcypher.
Lyria: About the fortune-teller...
Fortune-teller: When the card is turned on its head, it means something different.
Fortune-teller: Both meanings are true and valid.
Lyria: Maybe the way that Fraux feels will be turned on its head. Maybe she could feel some other way.
Vyrn: Cards are cards, and people are people. They can't flip their feelings just like that.
Lyria: I know that, but...
Lyria: When I met Fraux, and when I last said goodbye to her...
Lyria: She was always the same person, but... never quite herself.
Vyrn: Hm? What do you mean?
Lyria: I can't really explain it well... But I want to see her one more time to figure things out.
As Lyria speaks passionately, Vyrn and (Captain) look her in the face.
Vyrn: If you feel that strong, there's gotta be a reason. Something might really be going on here.
Vyrn: But we don't have any way to tell where she is now.
Lyria: Mmph... That's right...
Vyrn: And we don't know a lick about her either...
As the company stands in silence, (Captain) taps Lyria's shoulder and shares an idea.
Lyria: Huh, (Captain)?
Lyria: Oh, The Devil! That's right! If we ask about Fraux, we might be able to learn something.
Vyrn: Oh, wow! That might do it!
Vyrn: But do you think we'll be able to have a real chat?
Lyria: I think it should be fine... I'm going to call him forth now.
The Devil: ...
Vyrn: Ugh, that primal beast is just as spooky as ever...
The Devil: At long last you have summoned me, young skydwellers.
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddaya mean, "at last"?
The Devil: There is no time left...
Lyria: W-what are you talking about? We were trying to ask you about Fraux...
The Devil: The remnants of the pact... Our souls are bonded...
The Devil: Make haste. Follow my lead.
Fraux: Well now. You've all come...
The Devil takes the crew to a space that is simultaneously empty and dreary.
It is vaguely reminiscent of the battlefield that the party saw in the world of the primal beast's memories.
Lyria: Fraux...
Fraux: Heh heh... It's been a while, hasn't it?
Vyrn: We, uh...
Fraux: Huh?
Fraux smiles in the same way she previously did. But her eyes seem lifeless, as if they're not fully registering the surroundings.
This puts (Captain) and all of the others off balance.
Fraux: I don't know how you managed to find this place.
Fraux: Oh... It must have been The Devil who brought you here.
The Devil: ...
Fraux: Didn't I tell you to take care to avoid deception? Are you really going to just believe that beast?
Lyria: But... That's how we were able to find you, Fraux.
Fraux: You're all terribly kind.
Fraux: Let me explain.
Fraux turns toward (Captain) again.
Vyrn: Explain? What do you mean?
Fraux: About the truth of the Arcarum primal beasts.
Lyria: Truth?
She gives a firm nod and begins a calm exposition.
Fraux: The Devil and the other Arcarum were created by another primal beast.
Fraux: That beast was their master, The World.
Lyria: The World...
Fraux: It was none other than The World who attempted to create another cosmos for itself.
Vyrn: So that's who's behind all of this.
Fraux: Yes, I suppose you could say that.
Fraux: What's more, the Arcarum primal beasts can't oppose their creator, The World.
Vyrn: Hey, hold up! So what you're saying is this dude's—
Lyria: Still The World's ally?
Fraux: Exactly.
Lyria: But...
The Devil: That is not so.
Vyrn: Ha-Yikes!
(Captain) and the others recoil at the voice that suddenly booms out.
The Devil: The World can no longer restrain me.
The Devil: The pact we have made has ensured my freedom.
Vyrn: Is that really true?
Vyrn: Aren't you tryin' to make another world together with The World?
The Devil: In my heart there remains only hatred for that being.
Lyria: That being... You mean The World?
The Devil: My form now exists only to mete destruction upon it.
Vyrn: Are you trying to say that you'll help us beat The World?
The Devil: That is my wish.
The voice of The Devil—inscrutable as always—speaks decisively.
(Captain) and the others nod after hearing it.
Lyria: I don't think that's a lie.
Fraux: Oh... So that's why it needs me.
Lyria: Huh? What are you trying to say?
Fraux: If I weren't here, it couldn't keep on existing.
Vyrn: Couldn't keep on existing? What are you trying to say?
Fraux: The Arcarum primal beasts were created by The World.
Fraux: My understanding isn't all that deep, but it seems that they were designed in a way that's slightly special.
Fraux: They weren't the most stable things to begin with, so they need some sort of tangible form in this world—some sort of vessel.
Fraux: We Evokers are the ones who made a pact to fulfill that role.
Lyria: Fraux, you're a vessel of The Devil...
Fraux: Our pact is coming to its end.
Fraux: But since it still holds, we're connected. That's why he hasn't disappeared and how you were able to locate me.
Fraux: After this, well, it's probably just a matter of time though.
Vyrn: You're saying he's gonna disappear...
Fraux: (Captain).
Fraux: You and your friends want to stop The World's grand designs, don't you?
  1. We can't ignore it.

Choose: We can't ignore it.
Fraux: I'm sure you can't. I'm going with you.
Vyrn: Huh!
Lyria: Are you sure that's what you want?
Fraux: Yeah. It doesn't matter anyway.
Lyria: Huh? Fraux?
Fraux: I couldn't care less what happens from here on out.
(Captain) and the others are taken aback when they hear Fraux speak these hopeless words so void of emotion.
Lyria: That isn't right!
Fraux: Huh?
Lyria steps close to Fraux and holds her hand tightly.
Lyria: I'm happy we can go together, Fraux.
Lyria: Not to defeat The World or anything like that!
Lyria: But because I want to know more about you, Fraux!
Lyria: I want to be your friend!
Fraux: ...
Lyria: What you said... Is that really how you're feeling?
Lyria: I want to see the real you, Fraux.
Fraux: That's...
Fraux: (Just a bunch of feel-good silliness...)
Fraux's hand brushes up against (Captain)'s as she begins to really speak her mind.
And she squeezes Lyria's hand.
Fraux: (Captain)...
There isn't a hint of agitation in (Captain)'s eyes.
Fraux: (Ah, that's right... Those eyes are a lot like that person's.)
Fraux: ...
Fraux: Lyria, (Captain)...
Lyria: Yes?
Fraux: There's someone that I want to meet once more. But I don't know where they are...
Fraux: There's nobody who's dearer to me.
Fraux: Would you help me look for them?
Lyria: Of course!
  1. It would be my pleasure.
  2. We'll do what we can.

Choose: It would be my pleasure.
Fraux: Heh heh... You're so reliable. But it won't be that easy, you know?
Vyrn: Everything will be fine! If we just work together, we'll be able to do anything!
Fraux takes a breath and looks down.

Choose: We'll do what we can.
Fraux: Okay. That's right. Together we'll find a way.
Fraux takes a breath and looks down.
Continue 2
Fraux: The real me that you're after... probably doesn't want to give up for anything.
Fraux: That's why...
As she raises her head once again, (Captain) hears the sounds of heavy gears turning somewhere.
Fraux: I won't quit until I can meet that person again. I'll stay with you for as long as it takes!
Lyria: Fraux...
Though Fraux's smile is the same as ever, it seems more beautiful, as if its shimmer is originating from somewhere much deeper than before.
Fraux: Thank you, everyone.
In this way Fraux makes another pact with The Devil, and then goes on to accompany (Captain) and the others.
Her brightly shining fate is sure to be a light that leads the way for (Captain) and the others.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
団長達はいつもこんな旅をしてるんだね Your crew's always on an adventure like this one.
ふふ、戦いはまかせて Hehe, leave the battles to me.
仲間がいるってすごく心強いな It's sure reassuring to have friends.
団長って本当に努力家ね You're a hard worker, (Captain).
ルリアちゃんはどんな花が好き? What's your favorite flower, Lyria?
ビィ、上から何か見える? What do you see up there, Vyrn?
もう、ひとりじゃないのね…… I'm not alone anymore...
人探しは気長にいくよ……焦っても仕方ないから You have to be patient when searching for someone...
私も諦め悪いけど、団長も大概だよね I can be stubborn, but you're so reasonable, (Captain).
強いものよりも、綺麗なものはもっと好き Strength? I'll take beauty instead.


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