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Official Profile

Age 25 Height 169 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Fashion, searching for a cocktail to make it her favorite
Likes Flying with her special technique, excitement, thrills
Dislikes Boredom, old tradition, trouble

Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 25歳 Height 169cm Race エルーン
Hobbies おしゃれ、お気に入りのカクテル探し
Likes 飛翔術で飛ぶこと、刺激、スリル
Dislikes 退屈、古い慣習、面倒事

Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I was only able to join you on this journey because you were born into this world.
So I'm especially thankful for a wonderful day like today.
Anyway, that's enough seriousness for one day... Heehee.


Happy Birthday, (Captain). Let's give a toast to you... once you're old enough to drink, that is.
Excuse me? You're surprised I'm taking your birthday so seriously?
How about this, then? You better bust your butt for me this year, (Captain)!
Not that I'm joking. I really do want you to do your best this year.
After all, it's a blast just to be here with you, (Captain). I hope that never changes... or something like that.


Yawn... Your birthday was amazing! I drank, I ate, and I let it out all hang out!
(Captain), I need you to do me a favor and make everyday your birthday! Hahaha!
Hmm? Am I drunk? Just a tiny bit.
What? You wouldn't happen to be worried about me, would you?
Hehe... I'm a big girl and I don't need protection. I can take care of myself.
I... I was glad I got to spend another day like this with you.
This day wouldn't be the same... without you.
Nh... Yawn... I'm so sleepy.
(Captain), you're worried about me, right?
Then how about giving me a piggyback ride to my room?
If you do... I'll give you something real good...


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Is there anything special on your wish list? I'll do anything for your present.

(Captain) looks at Metera with an unassuming facial expression.

Are you trying to say it's me? (Captain), I didn't take you for someone so straightforward...
My heart, my body... Every last bit of them is yours.
Ahahaha! It's so cute to see you panicking.
I know what you meant. You're trying to say that you want to keep traveling together, right?
Don't worry, because that's just what I plan to do. The days I spend with you are the most stimulating of all.
And besides, I've got to raise you into my sort of stud.
Hehe, I think it might just take a while.


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Whooo! Let's get this party started!
So we get to celebrate together again!
Hehe. For your present this year... I'm gonna sing for you. Here we go!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear (Captain)!
Happy birthday to you!
Hehe, what do you think? Pretty nice, right?
I can't wait till you're all grown-up... Then we can have even more fun together.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh! Happy New Year! It's cold! Not even worth taking a step outside on a day like today!
Hey, wanna lounge around with me the rest of the day? C'mon, it'll be fun!


Sigh... New year rolls around, and Sutera's already gotten started on her training.
Me? Training? In this freezing weather? Don't be stupid.
Not that taking a day or two off matters for a genius like me, anyway.
That leaves you with the very important task of keeping me warm today, (Captain).
Nothing beats spending cold days like today in cozy warmth. Now get over here already...


Sure, sure, a fan-freaking-good New Year to you too.
Ugh... Everyone is just so uppity. I'm so cold it's just not happening. Nope... Not at all.
Even so, at least we were able to be together for another new year.
There's never a dull moment as long as I'm around, right? I must admit I also enjoy picking on you.
I guess what I want to say is that a year goes by like that. I guess, you're what made the time pass so quickly. You made it fun.
Don't leave me hanging, okay? I'm still waiting for you to fall in love with me.
Sigh... Suddenly I'm so sleepy. I guess I'll head to bed.
Hm? What? My bed is yours to share if you want.


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Hehe, I went ahead and made myself a cocktail with some amazake. It warmed me right up!
I bet if I wrapped myself around you, it'd feel suuuper warm.
Well? Do you like the sound of that?
Hehe, look at you squirm... Oh, you sweet, pure little baby... Yawn...
Say, could you have a seat right over there for me?
Mmph. Why, this knee is just perfectly built for resting my head! I think I'll have myself a little nap.
You'd better not do anything sketchy while I sleep... Well, maybe just a little bit.


Whoo! Happy New Year!
So, you know how everyone believes in that new year, new me crap?
But really, who can change that easily?
I mean, look at me! Snug and comfy under the kotatsu. Just like every other year.
Oh. Looks like I forgot to bring snacks. (Captain), you wanna do a girl a favor?
What? But I... Cough, cough... Don't think I can do it... Please...
Hey, if you make it back alive, I'll give you a big hug. Pat your head too, if you like. So pleaaase?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! I bet you're expecting some chocolate, huh?
A piece of cake for a culinary genius! Now then. Say aaah!


Hm? What's up, (Captain)? Why the puppy-dog eyes so full of expectation?
Pft... Hahaha! Quit sulking! I get it, I get it.
Here. Metera's special chocolates. They're all yours, okay?
Cooking them up was a piece of cake for a genius like me!
And of course... I made them just the way you like them.
Right, right. You want me to feed them to you. Hee hee... Today's special, after all.
Go ahead and open that adorable mouth of yours. Now... say aaah.


Here's some chocolate, (Captain).
What? Were you expecting more?
I was walking around and saw all the couples just flaunting their love.
Which reminded me to get you something.
What else do you want from me? Oh, you want me to feed it to you again? What if this year I fed it to you mouth-to-mouth?
Hehe. Don't get so scared. You're too cute. Still a little too young I guess.


I've made some chocolate for you again this year.
And this time I've put all of your favorite flavors.
How would I know what flavors you're into? Heh... Please. A lady has her ways.
I bet you want me to feed them to you myself... mouth-to-mouth.
Uh-oh...I didn't mean for you to take that one seriously.
Look at you, red as a cherry! Oh, I could just gobble you up.
Hmm... But maybe if you ask nicely, I may consider it just for you.


Happy... Boop-boop! Aw, I'm just playing.
Happy Valentine's, (Captain).
You know, I was thinking. Isn't it boring to repeat the same old thing every year?
So let's do without the chocolates this year, shall we?
Hm? No? You're not into it? But you're always swimming in chocolate.
Ahaha. You're so cute when you pout. Do you really want my chocolates so bad?
Look at you... Tugging at my heartstrings. Fine—here you are! Your Valentine's chocolates.
Hey, when you're tasting them... make sure you're thinking of me.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey there, (Captain)! Got anything for me?
Ah, good. I suppose I may as well deign to accept them just this once...
I'm acting all high and mighty? Heheh... I'm taking the time to raise you into a man among men, aren't I?
That's right. Not too long until you're all grown up, yes?
You're already growing into a respectable young man. Someone I can rely on.
Anyway. I'll just think of this as payment for my hard work.


Why the sudden gift?
I'm so happy! So elated! But... what exactly is this?
Oh... Right! I got it! Today's White Day, isn't it?
Although I do love a present that I can see, I would love a present I couldn't.
Do you really not know what I'm talking about? How about this: I want a present that doesn't go away. Err... Wait... I guess it could go away.
Whatever. You need work, but I'm willing to put in the hours!


Oh, look at you. Got all your chocolate prepared and everything.
Have you grown? Hehe. I think so.
I know how much effort you put into finding a present you knew I would like.
You don't have to worry too much about finding something I'll absolutely love. What matters most are the feelings behind the gift.
That you worked so hard and tried to make me happy is what I care most about.
Hm? Why the face? You're coming off a little rude, you know?
Oh well, I can't expect you to be ready for all of this just yet... Hehe...


Oh,(Captain). A present for me? Wh-what's with the enormous gift box?
You couldn't decide what to get, so you've bought everything just in case?
Bahaha! That's precious... I have to say, you're pushing all the right buttons for me now.
Hehe... I've recieved all kinds of luxurious gifts in the past, but never have I taken on so many at once.
Now what's this? It looks like you've actually put some thought into each and every gift.
Thank you...I'll be sure to savor every last one of them.


Happy White Day, (Captain).
Hehe. You've got a little something for me, right?
Come on, come on. Hand it over...
What? You don't have anything? You're kidding, right?
Gr... This is payback for Valentine's, isn't it? Oh, how cruel.
Hm? What do you mean, a prank?
So you do have my present! Yay!
Gasp! Hm-hmph. Well, aren't you something, (Captain)... twisting me around your little finger like this?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat? Well, if you do play a trick on me, you know I'll forgive you...
What? You want candy? Come on, play a trick on me! Don't be so shy!


Hm? Something wrong (Captain)? Ah! Today's Halloween?
Saying trick or treat right before you prank someone kind of misses the point, doesn't it? Why let them know what's coming?
Huh? You'd prefer candy over a trick from me? You really are a child, aren't you?
Very well. Here's your candy. Wait a little bit before eating it, okay?
You'll have to wait until you're older before enjoying some of the more... adult tricks and treats out there.


Hey, (Captain), I don't have any treats... So... what kind of trick are you going to play on me?
Sigh... Why do you always get so red... You're such a child.
It's so eeeaaasy to play a dirty trick on me! I'll actually take offense if you don't.
Huh? You want candy? So you're telling me that since last year, you've made no progress in that department!
Fine... I guess I'll have to teach you a thing or two about bad tricks.
Okay... Give me your hand. Ready? Here we go...


Trick and treat! I mean, both is more fun than just one. Right?
C'mon already... Show me what sort of tricks you can do.
Go ahead and gimme what you've got!
If you're good at that sort of thing, then well...
I'll give you a treat that's sweeter than candy...


Happy Halloween (Captain)!
I wanna change into my costume, but I cant really put it on by myself. Can you give me a hand ?
Okay, first, help me with these boots.
No no, not there! Ahhh! Hey, where do you think you're touching?
Never mind, I'll just put them on myself. Can you zip up the back then?
Hehe... Come on! What's taking you so long?
Eek! that tickles!
What? The zipper's stuck and won't zip?
Wait a second... Are you doing this on purpose, (Captain)?
Hehe, I'm just kidding! Just playing a little trick on you. Did I get your heart pounding back there ?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Huh? You want a present? How about... me?
Just kidding! That might have been a little too... stimulating for a little darling like yourself, I suppose.


Oh, hello, (Captain)! Over here, now. Why? To hang out, obviously.
Where are we going? To buy some new clothes, duh.
Shush, dear. Just follow me.
Hee hee... Behave yourself, and I might just give you a present even better than the one Santa Claus has in store...


Hm? You're still awake?
Sigh... I wanted to leave my present for you on your pillow and surprise you.
Hehe... You know... That I know, right?
You were pretending to sleep, weren't you?
Haha. Did you think I wouldn't notice?
Why are you getting so tense? You're just so adorable!
What did... you think I would do to you on this holiest night... in your room?
Hehe... Don't try to hide it. I saw your eyes open when I headed for the door.


Season's greetings, (Captain)!
Hey, listen to this, would you? I got so many invitations tonight from all kinds of guys...
Hehe... Oh, what's a girl to do? Maybe I'll have them all come over at the same time.
Bahaha! Look at your face. Oh, you're just adorable!
Well, this makes things easy... How's this? I'll just spend the night in your room instead.
Surely you'll be able to keep me entertained all night long... Right?


Ha... Ha... Happy holidays!
But, I've got to say... I'm just a tad tired of partying with everyone.
Hey, what do you say we go somewhere? Just the two of us?
Oh, I'd love to—long as you're on board.
Well, aren't you enthusiastic? Then why waste time? Let's pack and get outta here.
Hehe... Hey, let's keep this trip our dirty little secret.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Hanging With My Sis

Metera brings her sister Sutera clothes shopping and they both get new outfits. The two sisters relax at a tea shop afterwards and reminisce about their childhood.

The sisters Metera and Sutera lounge around at an inn in the middle of a bustling town.
Metera: (Sutera's been looking pretty sour for a while now...)
Metera: (I should take her out around the town for a bit...)
Metera: Oh! I'm so sick of staring at these walls!
Metera stretches languidly and then turns to Sutera.
Metera: Say, Sutera, you're not busy today, are you?
Sutera: Huh? No, not at all! Why do you ask?
Metera: Well, I've been thinking about getting some new clothes for winter.
Metera: Wouldn't you like to come along?
Sutera: I'd be more than happy to join you if you'll have me. Though I don't know if I'll make good company...
Metera: I invited you, didn't I? I'm sure you'll be fine.
Metera: All right, so it's settled! Well, there's no point in hanging around. Let's go already!
Sutera: Hey, wait for me!
The sisters make their way through the busy streets, made all the livelier by holiday festivities.
After they wander around for a while, an attractive boutique catches their eyes.
Metera: It really is nice to be in a proper town once in a while.
Metera: C'mon, Sutera! We're not leaving until we've checked out every little thing in this place!
Sutera: Okay! We'll find something for you no matter the cost!
Metera: There's really no need to be so serious. We're not exactly going into battle here.
Metera: I mean, I brought you out here to let off some steam, so just try to relax.
Sutera: Okay!
Metera enters a shop and starts trying on outfit after outfit.
Metera: Hm, I kind of like the color, but I think I already have something like this...
Metera: Not much of a point in buying it if I'm looking for something new.
Sutera is in the corner, nervously looking for anything her sister might like.
Sutera: Hm, I wonder if Metera would look good in something like this...
Metera: Sutera, come here for a minute!
Sutera: Right away!
Sutera goes running toward the changing rooms.
Metera: Come on in.
Sutera: What?
Metera: Just get in here already. I've found some outfits I like. Now I just need to know what they look like on someone else.
Metera: You and I are about the same size, wouldn't you say?
Sutera: Oh, I see! So this is how you make sure your outfits are always so fashionable!
Sutera: If this helps, then I'd be happy to do it!
Metera: You're still a little tense... But oh well. Come on, here we go!
Metera changes Sutera's clothes as though she were a store mannequin.
Metera puts outfit after outfit on Sutera, critically examining each until she finally finds the perfect one.
The younger sister then waits patiently outside the changing rooms.
Sutera: Metera? Is everything all right in there?
Metera: Ready? Ta-daaa!
Metera: What do you think? Doesn't this just scream of winter sophistication?
Sutera: Absolutely! It looks stunning on you!
Metera: I tried to do something with my hair to match the outfit, but what do you think?
Sutera: Breathtaking as always! It really completes the ensemble!
Metera: Th-thanks...
Sutera: Your genius extends even to your fashion sense! There's no way I could come up with an outfit like that!
Sutera fawns over Metera, oblivious to how awkward she's making her big sister feel.
To hide her own embarrassment, Metera pushes Sutera into the changing room.
Sutera: Wait! Metera, what are you doing?
Metera: Okay, now it's your turn!
Sutera: What?
Metera: Just shut up and try this on.
Sutera: If you say so...
Sutera changes into the outfit at her big sister's insistence.
After taking a long, satisfied look at her little sister, Metera buys the outfit for her.
Sutera had no intention of buying anything, but she finds herself with a new outfit anyway.
The two sisters leave the store in their new outfits and take a walk through the town.
Sutera: Wow... I love the outfits we got!
Metera: Sutera! Watch where you're going!
Sutera is about to walk straight into a pillar, but Metera pulls her away at the last minute.
Sutera: Huh? Oh, I'm so sorry!
Metera: Honestly, if shopping with me has gotten you this giddy, then I've been a terrible big sister.
Sutera: No, that's not it at all! It's just that I saw a side of you today that... well... I don't quite know how to say it...
Metera: It's fine! You've said enough already!
Metera steals a glance at her little sister.
Metera: You know... I'm getting a little tired. Maybe we should take a break.
Sutera: Yes, let's! I was just thinking about suggesting the same thing!
Metera: Wonderful! Let's get some tea at that shop over there.
They head into the tea shop which is just off the main road.
A waiter stands before the two sisters, who are seated by a window.
Metera: Hm... I'll have a herb tea and cake.
Sutera: I'll have the same!
After a few minutes, their tea and cakes are brought out.
Outside, snow begins to gently fall.
Metera: You know, I think it was snowing like this that day as well...
Sutera: Um... what are you talking about exactly?
Metera: You were incredibly patient even back then.
Sutera: Do you really think so? I never thought I was particularly patient...
Metera: I mean, remember that time? The day I took that stupid guardian trial?
Metera: You stuck with me, standing outside the entire time. Even with snow piling up on your head.
Sutera: Oh! I remember now!
Sutera: But I ended up getting a cold and being even more of a burden to you than I already was...
Metera: Well, you've always had a bit of a foolish side to you...
Metera: You know, I could've passed that test in my sleep. You really didn't need to stay there with me.
Sutera: I just wanted to help.
Sutera: I adore you and I'd do anything to make things easier for you.
Metera: You haven't changed a bit, have you?
Metera: You always seemed so serious when you were a child. It was annoying sometimes...
Metera: But now I think I've warmed up to it. It really suits you.
Sutera: Metera...
Metera: All right! I've had my go. Now it's your turn!
Sutera: What! Um... Okay...
Metera and Sutera continue to reminisce about their childhood.
A beautiful winter scene is unfolding right outside the window.
Their lively conversation echoes into the stillness of the night.
They eventually finish their herb tea...
And the two sisters get up to leave.
Sutera: Oh, Metera, what are we going to do about the bill?
Metera: Don't worry about that. I've already paid it.
Sutera: You didn't have to do that! First you buy me these clothes, and now you pay for the tea?
Metera: Don't be silly. It was my idea to come out today in the first place, so it's only right that I pay.
Sutera: But...
Metera: C'mon, just let me be your big sis for a day!
Metera ruffles Sutera's hair.
Sutera: Okay! I give in!
Metera: Now then, I think it's time we head back!
Sutera: We should buy some souvenirs for (Captain) and the others!
Metera: What a good idea! After all, we were out for quite a while.
Metera: They deserve a reminder that we're both beautiful and thoughtful!
Metera and Sutera head out into the town once more.
Their footsteps are clearly visible in the fresh snow, showing the trail of two sisters walking side by side.

Sisterly Love

The crew is tasked with getting rid of some snowmen at the Jewel Resort. Metera's not interested in battling, but after a push from Sutera, she reluctantly agrees.

Some time has passed since the holiday festivities. (Captain) and the crew are at the Jewel Resort for a job.
They've come to dispose of some snowmen that were magically animated for the recent celebration.
Metera: Brrr... It's freezing out here...
Metera: And that means I'm heading back to the airship! See you!
Vyrn: Hey, slacker! Who gave you permission to go off and play hooky?
Metera: But it's cold and this is such a pain... I'm sure you guys can handle a few snowmen without me!
Sutera: (Captain)! I've found the snowmen!
Sutera: Metera, I'm counting on you to lead us through this!
Metera: I don't think so. I'm going back to the airship.
Sutera: What? But why? Wait, are you feeling sick?
Sutera: Are you running a fever? Do you have a cough? Here, use my scarf!
Metera: I don't have a cold! It's just freezing out here and I don't feel like dealing with this.
Sutera: But if you're not sick, I'd really appreciate it if you could help us out.
Metera: Why? You and (Captain) should be able to handle a job like this on your own.
Sutera: I'm honored that you have so much faith in me, dear sister, but I still have a long way to go.
Sutera: In particular, I'm nowhere near your level in using my magic bow.
Sutera: So I'd really like to watch you fight to get better!
Metera: Huh? Are you really insisting on this?
Sutera: Yes! I need you, Sis!
Sutera: Pretty please?
Metera: ...
All right! I get it! I'll do it if you want it so badly!
Metera: Always with the puppy-dog eyes... You use them against me and it's not fair, you know!
Sutera: You're the best, Metera! I'll do what I can to keep up!
Metera: Sigh... What a pain...
Let's hurry and get those snowmen then!
With that, Metera leaps into the air and flies towards the snowmen.
(Captain) and the crew follow her into the fray.

Sisterly Love: Scene 2

Sutera is amazed at the masterful way Metera takes out the swarm of snowmen. Metera seems embarrassed by Sutera's offhand compliments.

Metera: Take that, Frosty!
Using her magic bow, Metera takes out the snowmen left and right.
Sutera: Wow! You're just incredible, Sis! Not a single wasted move!
Vyrn: If she'd take every fight this seriously, our lives would be so much easier!
Sutera: I'm sure she's just conserving her energy for when she really needs it.
Vyrn: You think so? Well, I guess you'd know better than I would, Sutera.
Metera: Oh, can't you go five minutes without flattering me?
Metera: And look... More snowmen! Let's get rid of them quickly, (Captain)!

Sisterly Love: Scene 3

Metera is knocked out by a monster, so Sutera protects her. Several days later, as Metera awkwardly tries to thank her sister, the airship is attacked. Metera repays the favor by saving Sutera.

Metera: Whew... Looks like that was the last of 'em.
So how was that, Sutera? Good enough for you?
Sutera: ...
Metera: Sutera?
Sutera: Just amazing! What more can I say? I've never seen a fighting style quite like yours!
Sutera: You really live up to your legend. I've learned so much just by watching you. Thank you so much!
Metera: Oh. Well... as long as you're happy, I guess.
Vyrn: You're not foolin' anyone, Metera. We can all see what a softie you are with your sister!
Vyrn: I mean, look how far you went just because she asked for your help!
Metera: Sutera's always had a knack for finding my weak spot.
Metera: No matter how many times I push her away, she comes right back. I just can't ignore her.
Lyria: You two really are close, aren't you?
Metera: Well, sure... I guess that's what you'd call it.
Snowman: ...!
Snowmen: ...!
Frostclops: Groarrr!
Metera: ...!
A gigantic icy monstrosity, the fearful result of multiple snowmen combining, unleashes a punch with terrifying speed.
The sudden attack catches Metera off guard, and she takes the full force of the blow.
Sutera: Metera? Metera!
Metera is knocked out by the blow.
But Sutera assumes a defensive position over her fallen sister and smashes Frostclops.
Metera comes to after a bit, but she can't quite manage to thank her sister then and there.
Metera: Hey, Sutera... I want to thank you for before.
Sutera: What? I don't remember doing anything worthy of that...
Metera: Back there, with the snowmen. After I got knocked out, you saved me, right?
Sutera: You don't need to thank me for that! I actually owe you an apology. My slow reaction was the reason you got knocked out...
Sutera: I'm just glad that you're all right. That's all that matters.
Metera: I... I see...
Metera: (Oh, just accept some gratitude already!)
Metera: (I bet if I offer something as thanks, she'll probably just refuse it too...)
Metera: (She can be so difficult...)
Metera secretly frets over this for several days.
Lyria: Oh no! There's a horde of monsters coming right for the airship!
Sutera: We have to take them down before they reach it!
Sutera joins (Captain) and the others in a fierce battle against the monsters.
Sutera: Take this!
Vyrn: It's no good! There are too many of them!
New monsters are arriving more quickly than the crew can take them down.
Sutera: We're not done yet!
As Sutera readies her bow, a monster comes at her from behind.
Sutera: Oh no!
Metera: Humph! These monsters really need to step up their game!
Sutera: Metera! Thank you!
Metera: You can thank me later! Let's clear out these monsters first!
Sutera: Of course! After you, Sis!

Sisterly Love: Scene 4

Sutera thanks Metera for saving her life. Metera says that they're now even, which confuses Sutera. Metera laughs in response, but her expression is gentle.

Metera: See ya!
Monster: Grrr...
Lyria: Whew! Looks like we're safe for now. Are you hurt, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Whew indeed... It's a good thing you were here, Metera. You really saved our hides.
Sutera: Yes, thank you so much for saving me from danger.
Metera: So we're all even now, right?
Sutera: Huh? We're... all even?
Sutera looks at her sister in confusion, and Metera responds with a laugh.
Metera: Honestly, sometimes I just don't get you...
But even as she rebukes her little sister, Metera's expression reflects her deep affection for Sutera.
Although Metera pretends that her little sister is a nuisance...
In truth the big sister cherishes their bond more than she would ever admit.

Love Hustle

Catherine sets out to avenge a group of conned women by stealing from the con man who wronged them. Serendipity has it that Metera is also aiming to teach the con man a lesson. The two avengers team up, with Catherine going to retrieve the swindled money from the charlatan's home, and Metera showing him what a woman can do with a bow, an arrow, and a whole lot of anger.

As evening turns to night and the sun begins to set, girl meets boy.
Metera: Why hello, hello. I've been searching all over for you, good looking.
Spotting the man, Metera tracks her prey down and proceeds to lure him in.
Metera: Hey there, suave stuff. I'm going out tonight—care to keep a girl company?
Mr. Suave: Whoa, never dreamed I'd be asked out by a knock-out like you.
The man gives a wide, sparkling smile.
Metera: Ooh! Aren't you a smooth player! I'll take that as a yes!
As Metera succeeds in picking up the man, another story unfolds at the cafe Kitten.
After closing up shop for the night, Catherine sits down in front of a mountain of letters.
Catherine: You poor things. Conned by the oldest trick in the book—money for his mother's medicine.
Catherine: Take a girl's heart, take her money, then leave her high and dry. Scum. I hate these types as much as I hate dealing with them.
Letter after letter, cries of women swindled by similar cons are divulged. Each case different, but the perpetrator always of the same description.
Catherine: Well, hope you had your fun, chum...
Catherine: Cause tonight's your unlucky night.
Transforming from a modest cafe waitress into the debonair thief Nightsmoke, she slips out into the dark streets.
Catherine: (Finding out his address should be a piece of cake.)
Catherine: (Let's see how the swindler likes being swindled for a change!)
Metera: ...
Just then Catherine spots Metera strolling by with her freshly-caught man in arm.
Catherine: Hm?
(Was that... Metera?)
Catherine: Could she be... on a date! Well, nothing new about that, though.
Catherine: What are the odds, seeing her right when I'm—
Hm? Wait. That man...
Catherine: Gasp! That's the con artist! He fits the letters' descriptions exactly!
Metera: Hunny Buns! Just look at that dress—isn't it divine! Let's go in and try it on me!
Mr. Suave: Of course. Can't say no to you, babe.
Catherine watches as the two enter the boutique.
Catherine: Hmm, I'm sure she'll be fine... It's Metera, after all. But...
With a mix of concern and curiosity, Catherine begins to follow the couple.
Metera: Oh, it's fabulous! What do you think?
Mr. Suave: ...!
Wow, I almost had a heart attack from how beautiful you are. You look amazing.
Metera: Mmm... Not quite what I wanted to hear, but I'll take it. Maybe.
Mr. Suave: Hey, it's tough pleasing someone used to getting compliments all the time.
Metera: Say. Wanna know what'll make me really happy?
Mr. Suave: You bet I do.
He takes her hand, looks into her eyes, and whispers.
Mr. Suave: I'll do anything for you, Metera. I feel like I could give you my whole life right now.
Metera: Oh? Then tell me you'll buy me this dress.
Mr. Suave: Huh?
Ah... Ahahaha! Metera, babe! Sure there isn't something else you'd like more?
Metera: Don't try to change the subject. I thought you'd do anything for me.
Metera: I'm sure we both want to have an enjoyable night, don't we?
Mr. Suave: Eep! An en-en-enjoyable... night?
Gulp goes the con man.
Con Man: Metera... I... I, uhh... D-do you really mean—
Metera: Naughty, naughty! Get your mind out of the gutter—it's still too soon for that! Thanks for the dress though!
Catherine giggles as she watches them from the shadows.
Catherine: You go, Metera. Make that con man pay.
Metera: ...
Catherine: Now where are we off to next...
Oh, look at me, I'm actually enjoying myself here.
The couple visits a general store and a jewelry store, where Metera continues to toy with the con man.
Now at a restaurant, the con man excuses himself for a moment, perhaps in an attempt to devise an escape from all this.
Catherine: (Heh-heh. She's got you wrapped around her little finger. Let's see how you get out of this one.)
Metera: I spy with my fluffy ears... a cat spying on me. Come out, Catherine.
Catherine: Huh?
Turning around to look at the hiding Catherine, Metera grins.
Catherine: Ahaha! Guess I'm out of the bag!
Metera: Felines and curiosity—you know what they say. Also, stop grinning like that when you follow people; you look like a stalker.
Catherine: Gasp! I... I was not grinning! I think...
Metera: Well, whatever your face was doing it was creepy. Is this how you spend all your free time?
Catherine: Actually, I was about to ask you the same question.
Metera: Oh come now, Kitty-Cathy, what do you take me for? I only do this when I'm teaching scum like him a lesson.
Catherine: Wait... So you—
Metera cuts Catherine off before she has a chance to ask.
Metera: Let's keep this between us, shall we?
Catherine: Why?
Metera: We don't need to bother the crew with details like this. Wouldn't you agree?
Catherine: Hehe. True. Whether we tell them or not, it doesn't change what we do.
Metera: My thoughts exactly. Y'know, we might make a good team. What do you say we both show this guy a real hustle?
Catherine: I like the way you think. But I think I'll let you handle the... physical side.
Metera: I'll leave the rest to you then.
Catherine: My pleasure.
Exchanging a high-five with her fellow conspirator, Catherine disappears into the night with a look of cunning in her eyes.
Catherine: Humph. With locks like those you might as well leave the door open. Now if I were a crooked rat, where would I keep my hoard...
Catherine infiltrates the con man's home and gets straight to searching its rooms.
Catherine: Tsk. You've scammed a lot of people to have gotten this much.
On the shelf she finds a box full of money. She stuffs the contents into a pouch on her waist.
Catherine: That does it for my end. I wonder how my partner in justice is doing on hers.
Metera: Gross! You've got some gall spitting out a line like that!
Metera: Money for your mother's medicine? A baby could come up with a better lie than that.
Con Man: Wha—
Metera: Thought you could fool me? Liar, liar, I'll set you on fire.
Con Man: Eep!
M-m-mercy! Please!
Metera: The only thing I hate more than a liar is a professional liar! This is for all the women you swindled, dirtbag!
Con Man: Aaaiiieee!
Faraway echoes of the con man's screams reach the ears of Catherine, who skips a light step despite the weight of the gold in her pouch.
Catherine: Ahahaha! The perfect end to a perfect night.
Thus it was that several days later, the con artist's victims were returned their swindled money, and they all lived happily ever after.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
はぁ…めんどくさ…さっさと終わらせるかぁ Ugh... So irritating... Can we finish up?
ふふっ…スーテラもやればできるじゃない Haha! Sutera is surely getting better!
メーテラお姉さまの新コーデだぞっ☆ This is my new outfit, guys!
あーもー鬱陶しいなー Ugh... So disturbing...
一瞬でイカせてア・ゲ・ル I'll put you out in a second!
後は任せたよー The rest is yours!
はぁ…人肌恋しいわ… Sigh... I'm kind of feeling lonely...
雑魚は黙って消えな Get outta here, worthless small fry!
(主人公)はどっちのアタシが好み? (Captain), which outfit do you like best?
(主人公)も将来有望ね~☆ Ooh, I can already tell (Captain)'s gonna go places.

Other Appearances


SV Metera, Peerless Shot.png SV Metera, Peerless Shot E.png
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Clash: Draw a card.

Everyone in this town is suuuch a bore. Maybe a little cruise through the clouds'll make me feel better.


Evolve: Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the number of cards in your hand.
Clash: Draw a card.

Well, well, aren't you a strapping young man. You look a little tired... How about we go somewhere and relax, hmm?

Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Metera, Peerless Shot
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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