Elemental Quartz

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Elemental Quartz are rare materials needed for advanced crafting. Players typically get them from reducing unneeded Rarity SR.png and Rarity SSR.png summons.


Use Amount
Uncap SSR Omega weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap SSR Omega weapons to 5★ 200
Uncap Regalia weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Showdown weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Tier 2 Summon Weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Grand Weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Superlative Weapons to 4★ 200
Uncap Silver Relics to 4★ 300 of each element
Rebuild Class Champion Weapons 50
Create an Ultima Weapon 500
Uncap Seraphic Weapons to 4★ 500
Purchase Dark Opus Weapons 500
Purchase Draconic Weapons 666
Uncap Cerberus (Summon) to 4★ Dark Quartz square.jpg Dark Quartz ×60
Uncap Fenrir to 4★ Water Quartz square.jpg Water Quartz ×60
Uncap Dragon Knights to 4★ Wind Quartz square.jpg Wind Quartz ×100
Uncap SSR Premium Draw Summons to 4★ 300
Uncap Epic Series Summons to 4★ 500
Uncap Omega Summons to 4★ 500
Uncap Arcarum Summons (SR) to 1★ 100
Create Secret Gear 2-3 in varying elements.
Trade for Omega II Anima 30


Elemental quartz are primarily obtained by reducing summon stones.

Elemental skill level increases the amount of elemental quartz obtained through reduction. Therefore, it may be worthwhile, for example, to stash extra farmed SSR summons to reduce them later, when your relevant elemental skill is 76 or higher.