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Official Profile

Age 22 Height 160 cm Race Human
Primal Beast
(only as Npc s 3040141000 01.jpg Vira (Grand))
Hobbies Keeping a diary (about Katalina)
Likes Katalina, cute girls
Dislikes People who don't listen

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Current lord of Albion Citadel, Vira was raised in the fortress city alongside Katalina, who she considers to be her sister. She's a little obsessed with her, actually, claiming that her razor-sharp decision-making skills and swordsmanship are all ultimately to be used on Katalina's behalf. She emerged victorious against Katalina in a duel for the lord's throne 6 years ago, and has been Albion's Lord Commander ever since.

Final Uncap

Character Release


Character Release


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Age 22歳 Height 160cm Race ヒューマン
(only as Npc s 3040141000 01.jpg Vira (Grand))
Hobbies 日記(カタリナとの記録)
Likes カタリナ、可愛い女の子
Dislikes 人の話を聞かない人

Granblue Fantasy Theater


Final Uncap

Character Release


Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain.
I tried to make you a birthday cake, but...
Ah. Don't worry. It's just a trial run for Katalina's birthday next month.
But in fact, Captain... I'm beginning to think of you just as fondly as I do Katalina.
Heehee... I expect you'll only become even more wonderful in time...


The practice cake I made last year in preparation for Katalina's birthday received marvelous reviews from everyone, Katalina included.
So this year... I tried making another one.
It's a little more special this time... I baked it with all the thanks and appreciation of the past year.
Katalina is forever my favorite... But I guess you're okay too, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've made another birthday cake for you.
But this time it's not practice for another cake I'm making. This was made just for you, with no one but you in mind.
I have you to thank for making Katalina into the person she is today.
And even if not for her... you've become a very important person to me in your own right.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
This time I have made a particularly scrumptious cake. Here you are.
The more we celebrate this day, the more natural it feels to do all this.
It's... almost like having a family...
I have no other feelings for you besides appreciation, but you are an important person to me, (Captain).
May you do well with someone such as myself at your side.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've become quite accustomed to making your birthday cake. Allow me to cut and serve you a slice.
Which reminds me... Do you have anything you'd like aside from cake?
Clothes, accessories, flowers... or perhaps something you use often.
Why, you ask? It is only natural to want to know everything about someone special to you.
It's been quite a while since we first met each other, but there is still so much I have yet to know about you.
I hope you'll continue telling me more about yourself, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
May I get even closer to Katalina this year...


It's the start of a new year, (Captain).
When I lived alone in Albion, I never thought anything of it.
But now I have Katalina, these endlessly liberating skies... and you, (Captain).
The prospect of another year of happiness fills me with unfettered joy.


Hmm... What a bind.
Ah, (Captain). I thought of going to visit the local temples for the new year; it seems to be a custom in this region.
But I realized I have nothing to pray for at the temple.
I'm able to stay by Katalina's side every day in our travels, and you're here with me as well.
I'm not sure what more there is to want.
But I think if I did have to pray for something... I suppose I might ask for this happiness to never end.


(Captain), happy New Year.
What do you say to going to a temple? After inviting Katalina of course.
I've made up my mind.
No matter how happy I am, I can always be happier.
For that happiness to continue, I will need you and my Katalina...
That we can continue our journey is what I'll wish for at the temple.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Have you already made a visit to the temple and said your New Year's greetings to everyone?
If you have a little time, I would appreciate it if you could teach me the various New Year's customs.
Last year, I visited the temple with you and Katalina and wished for happiness.
In order to achieve that happiness, I believe it is important to treasure each and every season.
Perhaps learning more about New Year's customs can act as a first step in appreciating the different seasons.
I've extended an invitation to Katalina as well, of course. We can't have her waiting on us, so let's hurry.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Ah... The burning passion I feel can hardly be contained in something so brittle and small as this chocolate.
For Katalina, only the ultimate chocolate can suffice...


Hello, (Captain). I have a very important request to ask of you.
As I'm sure you realize, today is Valentine's Day.
I wanted to spend the day making chocolates with Katalina...
But I need someone to poison tes—I mean taste test the chocolates...
I'll compensate you with the chocolates we make. Hee hee... No reason to decline, is there?


(Captain)... You know how important you are to me, don't you?
I'm proud to call you my captain. No. More than a captain...
A comrade in arms. One who can never be replaced. I'm truly thankful to have you in my life.
Now then, you know what time of the year it is don't you?
Would you be so kind as to help me taste test the chocolates Katalina and I are making this year? Your time will not go unrewarded, of course.
Being the dependable comrade that you are, I'm sure you wouldn't possibly abandon me in this time of need, would you?


(Captain), what is the significance of Valentine's Day for you?
Is it a day to show love... Or appreciation... Or something more?
For me, it is something else entirely.
Yes... It is a day of wishing well for one another.
Would you help me make chocolates this year for my Katalina.
I have decided to try Katalina's chocolate. Should I not pass away...
We can hope for our continued health and prosperity, (Captain).


I can see the determination in your eyes... Yes, the time for us to join hands has come once again.
A day of battle that comes once a year—a day of happiness and trial, on which one has the chance to receive Katalina's homemade sweets...
No need to worry. Surely both you and I can overcome this day. We will survive.
Oh, but before you proceed to the kitchen, please accept this gift from me.
This is chocolate from a batch I made earlier for sampling.
It contains herbs that should aid in building up strength. I hope it can be of help to you.
Now, let's head to the kitchen. Valentine's Day starts here for us.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Something in return for Valentine's? I'm not particularly interested if it's not from Katalina, but...
I'll accept it for now, I suppose. Thank you.


Oh? Do you need me for something?
Now that you mention it... Today's White Day, yes? Allow me to express my sincere thanks.
Hee hee... You're quite the generous individual, aren't you?
I love your sincerity... as long as it's not directed at Katalina.


Hm? Ah, is this in return for Valentine's Day? Why, thank you.
You truly are fascinating, (Captain).
Every year at this time you give me a present, and every year I act indifferent.
There are so many others in the crew who would be overjoyed to receive this gift. Many others who would be so much more grateful than me...
Yet... every year... you still choose me.
And while I wouldn't say I'm touched... Perhaps... Just maybe... I might be starting to feel something like it.


Hehe... You've prepared a White Day gift for me this year as well.
Thank you. (Captain)
At first I really had no interest in you whatsoever...
But your perseverance every year is enough to fell even this thorny rose...


A present for me? I take it that this is for White Day?
Thank you, (Captain). I will enjoy it with my tea later on in the day.
Truly, you never fail to keep up the custom year after year...
No. I can see that you do it not out of obligation, but out of kind affection.
I suppose that's why it gives me such a ticklish feeling...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat.
Katalina never plays any tricks on me. I'm all ready and waiting too...


Hm? What is it, (Captain)? You seem confused.
Isn't it obvious why I'm sneaking around and hiding behind corners? No? Hehe, because it's Halloween, silly.
I must keep an eye out for any hooligans who would dare play a nefarious trick on Katalina.
Oh, would you kindly help me with my stakeout, (Captain)?
I'll reward you with candy afterward.


(Captain), would you be so kind as to say trick or treat to Katalina for me?
I have candy for you if compensation is what you want.
I assure you they're good; I made them myself.
Why don't I do it myself, you ask?
Well, I'm waiting for my chance to trick her when she runs out of candy of course.
No, nothing, nothing. Just talking to myself. Enjoy your Halloween.


A simple dress... No... Something more unusual... These stuffed animals paws do entice...
Oh, (Captain), may I have a moment of your time?
I am in need of a suitable Halloween costume...
(Captain), would you be so kind as to give me your opinion?
Oh, I see... So you think...
I should dress as a man!
J-just thinking about it does send chills down my spine...
But... I think it may attract the attention of the wrong sort of filth...


I've come to a realization... A realization of why Katalina will not play a trick on me.
It is because she knows I am unaccustomed to such tricks!
I am sure that Katalina thought of this and has refrained from playing tricks in full consideration of me.
This is all because I have only ever played tricks on Katalina, and have never been on the receiving end...
I must be careful not to make the same mistake, and approach this year with utmost preparation.
Yes... In other words, I must practice having tricks played on myself so that Katalina can play her tricks on me without the need for considerate restraint.
I trust you understand, (Captain).
I am certain that you are accustomed to both playing tricks and having tricks played on you.
Now, come... As practice, you may play all your tricks on me to your heart's content!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays.
Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? Ah, to spend such a special evening with Katalina...


Ah, there you are, (Captain). Perfect timing.
How about it? Care to spend this festive night with Katalina and me?
I considered spending it alone with Katalina, of course.
But then your face suddenly popped into my head.
Hee hee... I've become quite greedy, it seems.


(Captain), I... have something to ask you.
It's about my preparations for Katalina's gift this year.
It pains me to admit, but the Katalina I knew from our academy days is not the same as the Katalina here now.
As such, I think either you or Lyria would know her best.
You do have an advantage over me in that area; I realize that much.
So what do you say we put our heads together to find the best present for Katalina?


Oh, (Captain). I was just looking for you.
Would you have a moment for me?
I need you to help me pick the perfect present for my Katalina.
Once we've finished that, let's enjoy a cup of tea while we take in the beauty of our surroundings.
It is that special night... And I would like you to enjoy it.


Hello, (Captain). Thank you for making time for me this year as well.
Yes. Let's pick out a present for Katalina, then enjoy ourselves over a cup of tea again.
Hehe... That's strange. I wonder why I was looking forward so much to spending time with you.
Oh yes. This year, allow me to pick out a present for you as well.
In return for helping me choose Katalina's present... No, not quite.
The holy night is a night for giving something special, to someone who is special to you.
It may be different from how I feel about Katalina, but you are also someone very special to me, (Captain). That much is certain.

Fate Episodes

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Dream of a Summer's Night

Vira can't focus on her work at the beach house. That evening, she explains to (Captain) that her life has felt like a dream since leaving Albion.

Customer 1: Hey! We'd like to order over here!
Customer 2: Waiter! Are the blazing skewers we ordered ready yet?
Lyria: W-wait a moment please!
Vyrn: Jeez! I guess this is what they call being short-staffed.
One day, the crew finds itself doing part-time work at Sierokarte's beach house.
Lyria, Vyrn, Vira, and (Captain) are overwhelmed with the enormous number of customers.
Customer 3: Excuse me! Three blazing skewers, please! We'd like them to go.
Lyria: Of course! To go!
Customer 1: Hey! Can we order now?
Lyria: Ah, we'll be with you shortly! Er... Vira! Can you send the to-go order to the kitchen?
Vira: ...
Vyrn: Vira? Are you all right? You're just standing there staring off into space.
Vira: What? Oh... I'm sorry. The heat must be getting to me...
Vira: We will show you to your seats right away. How many are in your party?
Customer 3: Oh, no, like we said, we just want some blazing skewers to go.
Vira: I'm terribly sorry. We will prepare it right away.
Vyrn: What's with Vira? She isn't looking too good.
Vira: ...
Before long, the sun goes down and the crowds disappear. As night sets in, the sandy beach is enveloped in darkness.
It is on that empty beach that (Captain) sees Vira standing alone.
Vira: Oh... Hello, (Captain). What are you doing here at this hour?
Vira: You just happened to catch sight of me? Hehe. By chance, have you come here to comfort me?
Vira: I'm happy to hear that, but you don't need to worry about me. It doesn't bother me to make the kind of mistakes I did today.
Vira: It's just that in the middle of the day, I often begin to feel as if I'm in a dream.
Vira: Compared to the rest of my life, I've never been happier!
Vira: That's why, every now and then, I start to wonder if this is all a dream.
Vira: Hehe. If, by some chance, we were in A Midsummer Night's Dream...
Vira: We'd have to be careful that a troublesome fairy doesn't play a prank on us.
Vira: Do you know that play? It's one of the greatest plays of all time!
Vira: It's the story of four lovers who have been bewitched by fairies one midsummer's night.
Vira: Tee hee. Maybe if it's playing sometime, I could take Katalina to go see it.
As her words drift off, Vira smiles and looks out to the sea before her.
Vira: On days like today, I always want to go to the theater with Katalina by my side.
Vira: And there's nothing that can stop me from going.
Vira: This whole wide world, overflowing with nature, sits here before us.
Vira: You know, as a city, Albion is exceptionally large. But as an island, it's actually very small.
Vira: A world this wide and free seems just like a fleeting dream.
Vira: I had never wanted to think too much about it, but...
Vira: Even if I had never met Katalina, I would still have felt the constraints binding me to Albion.
Muttering words of criticism toward herself, Vira's expression hardens and she fixes her gaze on (Captain).
Vira: (Captain), why did you let me on your ship?
Vira: I attacked you and your crew. I was trying to destroy you.
Vira: If it were me, I wouldn't let someone like that on my ship.
  1. You've turned over a new leaf.
  2. I never thought you were a bad person.

Choose: You've turned over a new leaf.
Vira: You think I'm turning over a new leaf? Tee hee! You might be off on that one.
Vira: I wasn't trying to change Katalina's opinion of me.
Vira: Nevertheless... I've become aware of the changes happening within me.

Choose: I never thought you were a bad person.
Vira: Hehe. (Captain), it seems you have a unique way of thinking about good and evil.
Vira: Even if someone comes after you, you don't think that they're bad. That's very kind of you.
Continue 1
Vira: I've thought this for a while, but (Captain), you really are an unusual character.
Vira: That being the case, I can see why people find you so charming.
Vira: Well, I don't want to make Katalina worry.
Vira: So shall we head back to the house, (Captain)?
Vira turns her back to (Captain) and starts to walk along the moonlit beach.
Then, as they drew near to the house, Vira suddenly turns round.
Vira: Although my thoughts about Katalina will never change...
Vira: I am sincerely glad that the fairies did not gather tonight while we were together.
Vira: Because I've heard fairies only care about taking advantage of your heart.
Vira: Well, good night, (Captain). Sweet dreams.
Before (Captain) can ask her what she meant, Vira turns and heads back to her room.
The next morning, Vira returns to her usual self and goes back to working hard alongside the crew.

What You Were Searching For

Vira takes charge of the beach house. When one of the cooks informs her that they have run out of a certain flower needed for seasoning, Vira sets off to collect more.

Vira: Lyria! Could you clear up table three?
Vira: Vyrn, please take this drink over to table five... if it's not too heavy for you.
Vyrn: Sure! I'll take care of it!
Vira: Thank you. I'm going to go and help in the kitchen.
Vira leaves the dining area to Vyrn, Lyria, and the others, and goes to the kitchen to help with the cooking.
As always, it seems that Siero's beach house is bustling with customers.
Vira: Whew... It looks like the rush has died down.
Vyrn: Yeah! It's because of all your hard work!
Vira: I just want to do everything I can to help. Both the dining hall and the kitchen are short-staffed, you see.
Vyrn: Yeah, but... I didn't expect you to get so involved...
Vyrn: I mean, you were the Lord Commander of Albion. I didn't think you'd be into this kinda thing.
Vira: The course of events that led me to become Lord Commander were out of my control. It was never something that I wanted for myself.
Vira: And also, I...
Vira: No... Nevermind. I'm just being fickle.
Vyrn: Oh really? Well, we all appreciate your help.
Vira: But I... All I want is to hear Katalina say those words.
Vira: Anyway, we don't have time to sit around and chat. Not when we could be preparing for our next customer.
Vira takes a look around the dining hall. She spots a cook coming from the kitchen with a troubled look on his face.
Chef: Crud... Okay, first I should tell Sierokarte about this. Or maybe Elmott...
Vira: What seems to be the trouble? Has something gone wrong in the kitchen?
Chef: Uh, the thing is, we've ran into a little stocking issue...
Chef: Our blazing skewers attracted a lot more customers than we anticipated...
Chef: And now we're out of the flowers we use for seasoning.
Vira: We're completely out?
Chef: Yes. The flower does bloom on this island, though.
Vira: On this island? Very well, then. I will go and obtain more of these flowers!
Chef: No, you can't! There are dangerous monsters roaming where the flowers grow!
Vira: Humph. That won't stop me.
Chef: Eh?
Vira: So, could you draw me a map? Though I may not know what sort of monsters are lurking about...
Vira: Nothing on this island could ever hold me back. It's just a simple errand. I'll be finished in no time.
Map in hand, Vira heads off with (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn to where the flowers grow... and where the monsters lurk.

What You Were Searching For: Scene 2

The crew heads for the place where the seasoning flower grows. When the heat and humidity start to get to them, the crew turns to head back. Unwilling to give up, Vira presses onward into the depths of the forest.

Amid the sweltering summer heat, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and Vira make their way toward where the special flower grows.
Vira: Well.. I hadn't expected the forest to be this large.
Vira: And it's so hot and humid... I feel as though my body is melting away.
Vira: If I had known it was going to be this arduous, I would have brought some water.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain). Vira's looking kinda worn out. Maybe we should head back to the beach house and come back later.
Vira: You think we should go back?
The crew turns to go back, but Vira shows some hesitation.
Vira: We can't turn back. Not after we've come this far. If we turn back now, this will all have been a waste of time.
Vira: Let's keep going, (Captain). I will eliminate any monsters that stand in our way!
Vyrn: H-hey! Why does Vira want to do this so badly?

What You Were Searching For: Scene 3

As they approach the place where the flower grows, Vira's condition worsens. Her breathing becomes faint and her skin flares up, causing the crew to worry. Then, all of a sudden, she lets out a strange laugh and charges off into the forest.

Vira: Pant... Pant...
The scent of the seasoning flower fills the air as the crew grows nearer.
But suddenly, Vira's skin flares up and it becomes harder for her to breathe.
Vira: Pant... Just a little... further...
Lyria: Vira, are you all right?
Vira: I'm... fine...
Vira: Pfft! Haha... Hahahaha! Everything is fine!
Vira: Pant... Such weak monsters... Wheeze... I'll take them all down!
Vyrn: H-hey, wait! Oh no! We better go after her, (Captain)!

What You Were Searching For: Scene 4

Vira collapses and is carried back to the beach house. After she awakens, she admits that she may have gotten carried away with her actions. Before returning to her normal self, she reveals that (Captain) may be the one person she can call a true friend.

In a sudden frenzy, Vira begins attacking monsters left and right. But then, just as suddenly, her vision begins to blur.
Vira: Pant... Gasp... Katalina...
Vyrn: W-what is she doing? That's (Captain), not Katalina!
Vira staggers over and cuddles up next to (Captain).
Vira: Ah, Katalina... Pant... My dear Katalina...
Vira: Katalina... There's something I want to show you...
Vira: Hehe... Pant... Katalina, were you worried, too?
Vira: It's okay... Just look...
Vira: Look around me... Wheeze... Look at all these people...
Lyria: Vira!
Vyrn: This is bad! We gotta get her back to the beach house!
Vira: Urmm...
Vira: W-where am I?
Lyria: Vira! You're awake!
Vyrn: Geez. You scared us to death!
Vyrn: Collapsing like that all of a sudden. We didn't even know what was goin' on.
Vira: W-what?
Lyria: Uhh, well, the doctor said you may have sunstroke or something.
Lyria: If you rest in the shade for a while, you should be back to normal in no time.
Lyria: Oh, I almost forgot! I'm gonna go and get Katalina!
Lyria: Right now she's in the kitchen making some food for you!
Vyrn: Hold the phone! Katalina's the one cooking? We better stop her, quick!
The others go, leaving Vira and (Captain) in the room alone. Vira stares out of the window.
Vira: ...
Vira: It seems my work at the beach house is over for today.
Vira: I guess I failed after all...
Vira: I suppose you shouldn't do something if you aren't ready for it. And here I thought I learned that lesson already.
Vira chuckles to herself, and little by little, she begins to tell her story.
Vira: It's my first time, you know. Doing this kind of thing.
Vira: Working together with people of the same age as equals.
Vira: That's why I may have gotten too carried away.
Vira: I wanted to fulfill everyone's expectations, so I kept pushing myself further and further.
Vira: I know that it's not really like me, but I just...
Vira: I wanted to help out somehow, no matter what. Everyone was trying so hard, but I let them down.
Vira: Hehe. I didn't expect to collapse and be carried back, though. The shame is unbearable.
Vira: Sigh... How will I show my face to Katalina now?
After a few deep breaths, Vira's energy seems to change. She turns to (Captain).
Vira: I wonder why...
Vira: I wonder why I'm telling you all this, (Captain).
Vira: Without a doubt, the person I care about the most is Katalina and Katalina alone...
Vira: But still, there's something different about you, (Captain). Something that separates you from everyone else.
Vira: Yes... If there ever was someone I could consider to be a true friend, I guess it would be someone like you.
Vira smiles as she finishes her thought, causing (Captain) to be at a loss for words.
Lyria and Vyrn return with Katalina. From that moment forward, Vira goes back to acting like her normal self.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さっさと終わらせてしまいましょう Let's finish this already.
バカンスも悪くないものですね I could use a vacation.
剣はいかなる時も手放しません I keep my sword on hand at all times.
お姉様を狙う輩には容赦致しません I give no quarter to any who dare pursue Katalina...
お姉様…水着姿も素敵です… Katalina... You look lovely in a bikini...
身軽ではありますが防御に不安が… Swimwear lets me move swiftly, but I fear for my defenses...
お姉様を想うと身体が火照って… My body heats up just thinking about Katalina...
お姉様…褒めてくださるかしら I hope this makes Katalina proud...
(主人公)さんには一目置いてるんです I must admit you have something special, (Captain).
(主人公)さんは他とは違いますね You're different from the others, (Captain).

Other Appearances


  • Vira appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Bloodcraft class.
SV Vira, Knight Fanatic.png SV Vira, Knight Fanatic E.png
Click to reveal card data

Ahh... Katalina...
You're always so beautiful no matter the occasion... Everything I am, it's all for you...


Evolve: Give your leader the following effect until the start of your next turn - Reduce damage to your leader to 0. (This effect lasts until this follower leaves play.) Give this follower the following effect until the start of your next turn: Subtract 2 from damage received.

Katalina, everything I do is for you... Of course I'll gladly display my power if you wish. Come forth, Luminiera.

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Vira, Knight Fanatic
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria


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