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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 172 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Landscape painting
Likes Forests, woodland animals
Dislikes Crowds, big cities

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳
Height 172cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 風景画を描くこと
Likes 森林、森の動物達
Dislikes 人ごみ、大きな街

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today is your day! Let's celebrate!


Happy! Birth! Day! To you!
Heheheh! How do you like this pose? Pretty cool, huh?
It's my birthday present to you! You can strike this pose anytime you like!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! I've saved up my best lines for you on this special day!
Are you ready for this? Ahem.
A free-spirited warrior who soars above the clouds and captures the hearts of every ally ever met! A young hero with clearly no equal in any nook of the vast blue expanse!
The one! The only! Sky Ranger... (Captain)!
Huff... Huff... Phew, ran out of breath putting everything I had into that one...
It'd totally make my day if you got up on the big stage and showed off that pose I gave you last year!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Let's make this day a super-duper-awesome fun day!
And that calls for a super-duper-awesome present. Which I have right here!
Ta-da! It's a bandana. Jasmine made it for you. Vyrn did his share too of course.
Someday me, Jade, you, and Vyrn will don our bandanas and form the ultimate ranger squad!
Hahaha! Man, I just can't wait!


(Captain), happy birthday! Prepare yourself for a present like you've never seen before!
Ta-daaa! Get a load of this! I drew you a picture!
Look, there's me and you and Jade and Vyrn. We're rangers, protecting the forest! Heh heh. It's my greatest masterpiece!
Cause usually, I only draw scenery. Took me a bajillion tries before I got this one down pat!
Soon, we're gonna be great heroes, just like in this picture! Am I right, or am I right!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
There's kite flying, badminton, and pin the tail on the donkey... Your pick! I won't lose!


Happy New Year!
And many more to come!
Mmm! Feels like a fresh start!
I heard that people like to visit shrines or get new year's fortunes to celebrate.
Heheheh! I'll show you luck of a wild spirited, valiant woodland warrior and forest ranger!
Whoa! I got the luckiest fortune!
I'm the best! Did you see, (Captain)?


Happy New Year! Come on, let's go pull our fortunes for this year!
My fortune came out as super good luck last year. You think I can't pull it off again two years in a row? Hey, you know I don't play by the rules!
Heh-heh-heh! I'll show you how I roll!
Whoa! Did... did I really just get the same awesome luck twice?
I'm the man! And I'm also a little scared! What do you make of this, (Captain)?


Happy New Year! Something tells me this one's gonna be jam-packed with adventure!
Heh! It's the first day of the year, but it's already filled with excitement.
I wanted to give New Year's money to all the kids on the ship, and more than last year too. But then I realized that would totally clean me out.
But a ranger never gives up! So I decided to have a giant New Year's cash blowout.
Sigh, I wanted a new scarf for myself...


(Captain), happy New Year! You ready for an adventure? 'Cause that's our first order business!
Heh-heh-heh. 'Course, the first dream I had this year was all about adventuring. It's only natural for a great ranger like me!
Man, it was awesome. I was so wild and free—running through forests, climbing up mountains, and rafting down rivers...
Hm? Well, look at that face. You can hardly wait to set out!
All right, then! Let's turn my dream into reality! Off to the forest we go!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's Valentine's Day! Doesn't chocolate sure taste great?
So, you know, you could give me some if you'd like!


I love chocolate whether it's sweet milk chocolate or rich dark chocolate!
I'll take whatever you've got, (Captain)! So let's have it!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and glorious chocolate connoisseur! The one! The only!
Sweet-Tooth Ranger Walder!
I've been waiting for this, (Captain)! Thank you as always!
Seriously, I gave up chocolate for a whole month for this moment!
As I watched the ranks of our crew grow, I thought to myself: maybe I'll get nothing this year. The feels, you know? The feels...
Boy am I glad I trusted you all along! Time to clog my heart with chocolate!


H-huh! Chocolates for me again this year?
I never would've thought that (Captain) could think of me as more than a...
Wait... Don't get carried away. This is a place for Ranger Deep Breathing!
(First I should say thanks and make small talk to see what's really going on here...)
(But what about me? What am I even trying to do here?)
Ah...Gaaasp! Darn, I held my breath too long...


Wh-what! (Captain)! Again? For me?
C-could it be? Does (Captain) feel that way... About me?
Huh? What? It's nothing! Look! Here's my appreciation pose!
Thank you, (Captain)!
(I-it's no good! Doesn't feel as sharp as usual... Why won't my body listen to me!)
(My heart's beating fast... My face is heating up... Just what does my body think it's doing?)

White Day Cutscenes
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Today is White Day!
So here's a White Day present from your favorite forest ranger! Go on and take it!
Do you like it? Glad to hear it!


You see... I wanted this to express how much I care about you. So please take it!
We're close friends now, (Captain), but telling you that still makes my cheeks turn red!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and rememberer of important dates! The one! The only!
Gentleman Ranger Walder!
Here you go, (Captain). I ventured into the city again to buy you this White Day present.
I was in a hurry, you know? Still haven't gotten used to all the crowds and stuff, so I didn't actually look at the price tag when I grabbed it...
Um, well, what I'm trying to say is it's super nice! Don't let the cost hold you back from eating them!


(Captain), I brought you something for White Day! This year you get Ranger Sweetums!
I bake egg whites, sugar, and almond, then stick two together with cream filling. They come in all different colors.
H-huh? Macarons? You mean they're already a thing?
Heh... Then I'll rename mine Ranger Macarons! They're as tasty as it comes!


(Captain)! Hold out your hands!
Heh. You know who I am, don't you?
Yes, I am none other than he! The valiant woodland warrior... Forest ranger Walder!
This year's Ranger Sweets are really something to behold! They're bursting with goodies from the forest.
I'm talking pies chock full of fruits and nuts from trees, cookies overflowing with honey from flowers... You won't find anything tastier!
If you want, I can make you more any time! Don't be shy, okay?

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Will you give me candy? Or will you take a chance with my special forest ranger traps? The choice is yours!


Halloween Ranger Walder has finally arrived!
Come at me with all you've got! I'll defend this candy with my life!


He's a brave warrior of the forest and unholy trickster!
The one! The only! Halloween Ranger Walder!
Heh... Our airship has a lot of kids, but compared to them I'm a real monster.
Why you ask? Because I have an insatiable appetite for sweets! I want more! More! Mooore!
Let the assault on the doors of the adult's rooms commence! Rangers away, (Captain)!


Heh, nothing beats Halloween. It gives me a chance to polish my reconnaissance skills!
See, I could hide on that street corner there, lie in wait for potential victims, and then jump-scare them at the right moment—
Huh? Looks like there's already some thing standing on the corner...
Whoa! I-it just moved!
Waaaugh! A ghoulie! Somebody save meee!


(Captain)! Trick or-
Choose: Trick or treat!
What! You one-upped me!
Candy? Ha! I was born to eat candy! I don't just give it away.
I-I guess I don't have a choice. Alright, (Captain). Hit me with your best trick!
And so Walder is gallantly pranked by (Captain).
The two friends let loose peals of laughter that go ringing into the night. But the Halloween festivities are only just beginning...
You... have no intention of forgetting about that prank, do you?
Wehh... Go easy on me, pretty please!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Did you get any presents from Santa? I sure did!


The city sure is bustling with cheer this evening!
And the decorations everywhere look great!
I can't wait to show Jade one day... Oh! That's right!
Hey, (Captain). Wanna decorate my forest back home next year for the holidays?
The forest is pretty big! It'll be plenty of fun!


Hey, (Captain). Do you remember what I said last year?
I asked you to help me decorate my forest so that Jade could see a winter wonderland.
Well, things are kinda different now. I want to ask you guys again, but not until we can get Jade on the decoration team.
That'd be awesome. With Vyrn and Lyria and Jade working together... Yeah, it'd be the greatest winter celebration of all time.
Ho, ho, ho! Can't wait for fun times ahead!


(Captain), perfect timing! Would you mind helping out?
I want to give some holiday presents to the kids in the crew... But I noticed a little problem.
To do things the traditional way, you need to climb down a chimney and sneak the gifts into stockings.
But this ship doesn't have a chimney... That's why I've decided to add on a chimney to everyone's quarters! You can help me lay the bricks.
Hm? That would push the ship over the weight limit? And it's weird to sneak into people's rooms in the first place?
Waaaugh! That makes sense when you put it like that. So how should I hand over the presents?


Ha-hah! I sure love strollin' around town during the holiday season! We're all havin' so much fun! Ahahaha!
Haha... It's so shiny and sparkly... And there's a sea of people... Weeh...
I-I'm fine! A little crowd's not gonna scare me!
Why, you ask? Well!
I am an agent of the holidays, charged with the grave task of retrieving goods for the party...
Yes! I am none other than the great party ranger, Walder!
Let's head out, (Captain)! Preferably at a fast clip!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

How a Hero Is Born

(Captain), Vyrn, and Walder have a serious discussion aboard the Grandcypher to come with a catchy opening speech for Walder's homecoming. With the crew's help, he finally comes up with an entrance worthy of showing his childhood friend, Jade.

(Captain) and the crew are heading for Treetop Isle to help deal with a monstrosity that has appeared on the island.
Walder is in the middle of a serious meeting being held in one of the Grandcypher's cabins.
The other seats are occupied by Vyrn and (Captain).
Walder: All right, I like that idea. But I'm afraid it might be a little too minimalistic.
Vyrn: Ah, but that's the essence of it all. What comes after that is your chance to speak off the cuff.
Walder: You mean like appealing to the needs of the crowd depending on their demographics?
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah. You gotta read the mood, ya know? Smooth ad-libbing is the key to winning them over!
Walder: No problemo. But I'm gonna need a catchy entrance to grab their attention.
Vyrn: Hm... That's a good point too. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. I agree.
  2. Forget the ROI.
  3. I don't get it.

Choose: I agree.
Walder: Well, if (Captain) says so, then that's good enough for me.
Vyrn: Huh? Wait, who are you agreeing with? I'm just going with the flow of the conversation, you know...

Choose: Forget the ROI.
Walder: Huh? Are-oh-eye? What are you talking about, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Haha, trying to spoof Walder with fancy words, (Captain)? I was only going with the flow of the conversation. I don't get this are-oh-eye either, but it sounds cool!

Choose: I don't get it.
Walder: What did you just say?
Walder: That's it! Good idea, (Captain)! Why don't we go with that?
Vyrn: Nice! I was just going with the flow of the conversation, but I'm glad we're all somehow in agreement!
Continue 1
Lyria: Hello! Lunch is ready. What are you doing in there?
Walder: Thanks for the heads up. We're in the middle of a meeting right now.
Lyria: Oh! I didn't mean to interrupt.
Walder: Heh, no worries. Actually could we get your opinion on something? We need to ad-lib but in a minimalistic way.
Lyria: Um... What in the world were you three discussing...
Vyrn: See? She's totally confused too. Even I don't know what we're talking about anymore.
Lyria: Ah! Could it be that you're having a meeting to decide on poses?
Vyrn: Whoa! You mean you actually understood him after all?
Lyria: Teehee. Gotcha! (Captain) told me about it earlier this morning.
Walder: Hah-hah-hah! Well played! Lyria has the trappings of a ranger!
Walder: So before we land back at my home, I wanted to come up with a new intro speech for my pose.
Walder: Everyone's unsettled by this weird monstrosity thing, so I'm hoping to show them my dependability!
Vyrn: Yep, yep. Gotta calm 'em down! That's why we're here coming up with ideas.
Lyria: I see. A pose to show how much you've grown on this journey...
Walder: Yeah, and I want to show it to Jade too! Man, just talking about it gets me all pumped up!
Walder: I'm a brave warrior who postpones everyone's lunch!
Walder: I'm Forest Ranger Walder!
Walder: Heh. Nailed it. What do you think, Lyria?
Lyria: Ahahaha... Um... That was something...
Vyrn: Hmm... Not the reaction we were looking for.
Walder: This calls for a big change in direction. I need to emphasize my maturation factor.
Lyria: Um... Maturation factor?
Lyria: By the way, Walder, why did you become a forest ranger?
Walder: Why, you say?
Walder: A ranger's job is to procure food from the wild. We live with nature, protect it, and sometimes conquer it.
Walder: I'm a ranger who happened to live in a forest, so... Boom! Forest ranger!
Lyria: Okay. I get that, but you also wore a swimsuit in the summer to protect the ocean, remember?
Walder: Hmm...
Walder: Ocean Ranger Walder, at your service!
Lyria: Heehee. And then there was the time you dressed up like a tree!
Walder: Tree? Excuse me, but that was a ghillie suit.
Walder: That's right! This outfit was made for me, the Holly Ranger Walder!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, you did do all that stuff! That proves you've grown. Why not try to fit that into your intro somehow?
Walder: I think you're on to something. Indeed I've crossed sea and snow. The world submits to me.
Walder: Then maybe that's how I should finish off my intro...
Lyria: Hm? You mean the part where you announce your name?
Walder: Yes. Are you ready for this?
Walder: Brave warrior of the forest, sea, and snow! The one and only Forest and Ocean and Holly—!
Walder: Er, Ghillie Ranger Walder!
Vyrn: Yeesh. You might wanna trim it down a little...
Walder: Nooo! The fruits of my many labors have backfired on me!
Lyria: You might want to add sky in there too now that you're a skyfarer...
Walder: Aaargh! How am I supposed to get over this hurdle?
Vyrn: Well, you should keep it short to make it impactful, yeah? We all agree it can't be too long.
Walder: Vyrn? That confident gleam in your eye leads me to think you've got a plan cooked up.
Vyrn: You bet I do! Now that we know your limits, let's think of cool words that fit somewhere in the middle!
Vyrn: Words like... Oh, I don't know, dragon ranger or ranger master!
Walder: Oho! What a complete 180! You sure have a way with words, partner!
Walder: Hey, wait. What if I started with a three-paragraph style speech and gradually accelerated into...
Walder: Bingo! All right, you guys! Pay attention, because a new legend is about to be—
Lyria: Oops! Sorry, my tummy can't wait anymore.
Vyrn: Haha, almost forgot about lunch! You up for a breather, Walder?
Walder: Aww... But I wanna do my ranger thing now...
Lyria: Mmm... I can smell the curry all the way from here.
Walder: C-curry? You didn't mention it was curry day!
Walder: Yaaahooo! Whoopee!
Vyrn: Wait for us! Come on, before it's all gone!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go, (Captain)!
And so a new pose extolling Walder's newfound maturation is born.
The sprawling forest of Treetop Isle comes into view from the windows of the Grandcypher.
Walder's true growth is about to take a great leap forward in the trials to come.

Road to Recovery

When a request brings Walder and the crew to Lumacie, they decide to check out the nearby ruins of an Astral laboratory in hopes of finding clues for reviving Jade. Before they can get far, the floor of the ruins collapses, sending the crew to the bottom where they must fight their way out.

A new adventure begins for Walder who has overcome the Astrals' tribulation on Treetop Isle.
It may be possible to bring Jade back, but first the crew needs to find a working Astral laboratory and people who know how to run it.
(Captain) and company have taken a mission that may help them accomplish those tasks, which brings them to Lumacie.
Walder: And the great Walder crosses the finish line first! A new legend is born!
Vyrn: Huff... Huff... Geez, you're fast... There's no way to beat you in a forest race.
Walder: Hehe. Good run, Vyrn. You too, (Captain).
Walder: Here, Lyria, let me give you a hand. Are these ruins where we're supposed to be?
Lyria: Thank you. Yes, this is the place.
Walder: Nice! Astral research lab turned ruins. Good thing it was here in this skydom.
Lyria: Still, it's hard to imagine that the primarchs were created here. It might not be it at all.
Vyrn: Don't get ahead of yourself. Rosetta only said maybe.
Walder: Indeed. Rashness is off-limits. Let's take a gander inside.
Walder: If this place is actually operational...
Walder: We'll be taking one giant step forward!
Vyrn: Yup! Hey, let's see who can find clues the fastest!
Walder: You're on! Charge—
Walder: Whaaa!
Lyria: Eeek! The floor is crumbling!
Walder: Ow-ow-ow... Where are we?
Vyrn: Somewhere in the basement? I see nothing but black above us though.
Walder: I don't think we fell straight down either. The layout of this place is weird.
Vyrn: Sorry, everyone. I shouldn't have started that race.
Walder: The blame falls on me too. I should've tested the ground first before we moved.
Walder: Lyria? (Captain)? Are you guys okay over there?
Monster: Grrr...
Walder: Whoa... This killer intent is intense. I'll just go into a corner and think about what I
Lyria: That's a monster, Walder! We're over here!
Monster: Groooar!
Walder: Yi-yi-yipes!

Road to Recovery: Scene 2

The crew has found the exit, but Jade's core begins acting strangely, prompting Walder to search through surrounding rubble piles instead of leaving. An Astral slab is discovered in one of the piles, but monsters attack before they have a chance to fully examine it.

The crew is wandering the bottom of the Astral ruins in circles, but they keep searching despite their growing fatigue.
Walder: Huh? I swear we just came this way.
Vyrn: Sigh... Face it—we're totally lost. Everything's shabby down here; it all looks the same to me.
Lyria: We're in trouble. I don't see anything that looks like it leads back out.
Walder: Even if this were a research lab, I doubt we'd be able to get it up and running.
Walder: But then what? All the rumors point here, and we're out of clues.
Walder: ...
Vyrn: Well, there's no point in rushing things, right? We've still got a long journey ahead that needs our best!
Lyria: Vyrn's right. Once we get out, we can keep gathering information.
Walder: You guys are...
Walder: Absolutely right! It's too soon to be getting all grave!
Lyria (Event) is a crew member

Walder: Let's find that exit! Ranger Weather Vane!
Vyrn: Why'd you lick your pinky?
Walder: Heh. This way I can track the direction of any breeze blowing my way. Where there's a breeze, there's a way out!
Lyria: Teehee, that's our Walder! But why the pinky?
Walder: After extensive testing and experimentation, I've come to the conclusion that the pinky...
Is the coolest!
Vyrn: Uh-huh. So did ya catch that breeze yet?
Walder: To the east... Or is it northeast?
Walder: Good heavens. This pinky is too sensitive, and it's throwing me off! I'll use a different finger.
Vyrn: Ugh, they're all good. Just hurry it up.
Walder: Got it! It's from the northwest! That's the way we want to go!
Lyria: Ooh, I see a light up ahead! I think it's the exit!
Vyrn: Whew... Guess we're saved after all!
Walder: Yeah, just a little further—
Walder: Huh? My pouch feels unusually warm...
Walder opens his pouch and carefully takes out Jade's core.
A slight aura is emitting from it.
Walder: What is this?
Vyrn: Why's it doing that?
Lyria: Wow, it's gotten a bit warmer. It feels nice.
Walder: ...
Walder suddenly starts to dig through a nearby pile of rubble.
Vyrn: Is there something in there?
Walder: I don't know. Call it a hunch.
Walder: You don't have to wait up for me. I'll meet you later when I'm done.
Lyria: That's okay. We'll help you look. Right, (Captain)?
Walder: Are you sure? I don't even know what it is I'm looking for.
Vyrn: I don't need no proof! I trust your gut. That's how you ended up saving Treetop Isle.
Walder: Heh. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Lyria: Hm? Something's sticking out over here...
Lyria: Nnngh!
Lyria: Wowowow!
Walder: Are you okay, Lyria? What did you pull out?
Lyria: I don't know... It's a flat slab that feels different from the other piles of rubble.
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, it looks like a totally blank slate.
Walder: Nothing's written on it at all? Come to think of it, Loki's Astral research material also—
Monster: Groooar!
Walder: Urgh! Not now, you stupid monster! Ranger powers: activate!
Walder: Bison and Escargot!

Road to Recovery: Scene 3

Back on the Grandcypher, Rosetta confirms that the slab is of Astral origin, and that it alludes to more research labs elsewhere in the skies. The first steps on Jade's road to recovery have been taken, but Walder still has a long way to go.

The crew manages to escape from the ruins and returns to the airship.
Walder immediately shows Rosetta the slab they found.
Walder: We did it, (Captain)! This slab is definitely an Astral relic!
Vyrn: Sweet! It was worth all that trouble!
Lyria: So what's it say?
Walder: It's just a small chunk of something bigger, but it seems to be explaining how to get to another skydom's lab and back.
Walder: That means there are other labs out there, and they might still be in working order!
Walder: Heh. This is huge!
Vyrn: We've gotta thank Jade for the tip! She clued us in on where that slab was.
Walder: A fine point, my friend! Her core getting warmer when we passed that spot was no coincidence.
Walder: Jade is one of us. She's helping in anyway she can!
Lyria: Yes! I think so too!
Walder: Hah-hah-hah! Now on to the next clue!
Walder: Full steam ahead!
And from the snapping jaws of the great labyrinth, Walder defiantly escapes to heroically shed light on another mystery.
No one knows it yet; no one can even conceive of it. But his name will one day grace the pages of history's finest chronicles.
Vyrn: Uh... Nah, there were no jaws. We ran too hard and broke the floor.
Lyria: Ahaha! I think the only thing you'll find in the history books is how we ruined the ruins!
Walder: A-are you serious? Nooo! Say it ain't so!

Special Ranger Training

The crew arrives at Walder's village on Treetop Isle to learn that someone has been sending mass quantities of eggplant to the islanders. Walder studies points on a map that represent places the eggplants were delivered to, and realizes that drawing a line between those points would form the ranger sign for "thank you."

With Walder in the lead, the crew walks down a path lined with evergreen trees and foliage.
Vyrn: Phew, we've been out here for a while now. Hey, Walder, how much farther is it?
Walder: Hm, might be worth trying.
Vyrn: Uh... Did you even hear me?
Walder: "Swimming in a sea of cotton candy..." Sounds like it'd be a fun time.
Vyrn: Why are you mumbling about cotton candy all of a sudden? Does your notebook say something about the stuff?
Walder: A cotton candy pose would have to be soft and mellow...
Walder: Fluffy warrior of cotton candy! Fluffy Ranger Walder!
Vyrn: Whoa! Doin' your pose outta the blue? Wait, Walder—come back!
Walder: Huh? Oh, sorry. I guess I was getting all fluffy in the head...
Lyria: Were you trying to come up with a new ranger pose?
Walder: Yep, you guessed right! I need the greatest pose ever in ranger history to really wow Jade when we get him back!
Walder: I've actually been thinking about it on and off, but being back home in this forest got me all excited about reuniting with Jade!
The crew is headed for Walder's village on Treetop Isle.
They decided to come here after receiving a letter from the village elder.
Vyrn: Gee, what a great guide we've got ourselves, huh? Making funny poses and staring at his notebook the whole time... What's it say in there anyway?
Walder: Oh, this? It's basically a giant list of everything I want to do with Jade.
Walder: I jot down whatever idea comes to me in my travels. Just flipping through the pages gives me inspiranger for new poses!
Vyrn: Er... I think you mean "inspiration"...
Vyrn: Whoa! You sure didn't waste any space on these pages!
Lyria: Wow, you're right! Racing through the woodlands, playing beach flags, a snowball fight—Ah, here's the part about swimming in a sea of cotton candy!
Walder: There's no limit to what a ranger can dream!
Walder: Most important of all would be, of course... The epic reveal of my awesome new pose!
Walder: The moment Jade comes back to life, I'm gonna dab like never before!
Vyrn: I hear ya, Walder...
Walder and Jade. Skydweller and primal beast. Ever since meeting as youngsters in this forest, the two have become the best of friends.
Walder eagerly awaited the day that Jade, who slumbered in the forest altar, would finally awaken from his long rest.
When Jade finally came to, he was beset by eternalirium—a dormant condition planted by the Astrals that, once active, would force the infected primal to enter a state of irreversible frenzy.
But the power of the friendship between the two produced a miracle, ending Jade's rampage while allowing him to survive in core form.
According to information gleaned from Loki, Jade's resurrection would require a working Astral lab and the knowledge to utilize it.
They've since stumbled upon traces of what was once a laboratory in Lumacie ruins but nothing more.
Walder: ...
Jade: Faah!
Walder: ...!
Lyria: What's wrong?
Walder: It's nothing...
Walder: (When I close my eyes and take in the refreshing air, it feels like Jade's right next to me...)
Walder: (Jade... There's so much more for us to do together.)
Walder: (I want you to be proud of me when you come back... That's why I'll be living every day to the fullest, being the best forest ranger I can be!)
Walder: All righty! Time to keep the peace in the woodlands! Forest ranger, moving out!
Vyrn: The village elder seemed like he didn't want to bug us, judging from his tone in the letter. What exactly went down here?
Lyria: We only know that something's a bit unusual, so it shouldn't be too dangerous. But if they need our help, I think we should offer it.
Walder: No argument there! Now that I'm back, the forest will know peace!
(Captain) and company meet up with the elder at the village, then go off together to investigate the scene of the supposed incident.
Lyria: I think I've seen those glossy purple objects elsewhere before...
Vyrn: That's what's got the island in an uproar?
Village Elder: Yes, I understand why you may be baffled. After all, mass quantities of eggplant couldn't possibly be a bad thing.
The crew finds a large cart filled with purple vegetables placed outside a house.
Walder: Supplies of eggplants coming into various places from an unknown sender, huh...
Village Elder: My apologies if it seemed like we were in trouble. We mostly wanted to thank you with these deliciously luscious vegetables.
Vyrn: You mean you've already had some? Without even knowing who sent them?
Guildmaster: Haha... Well, it's not like we expected eggplants to do us any harm.
Vyrn: Hrm, I dunno about that... Whaddya think, Walder?
Walder: ...
Walder: (A gift to the village? No way...)
Walder: Okay! This calls for...
Walder: Ranger Insight! My watchful eyes will tell us everything we need to know!
Lyria: That's so cool! Does making a ring with your fingers and looking through it make it easier to see?
Vyrn: Nah, I'd say he does that for dramatic effect. It sure does look convincing though!
Walder: Heh, you can say that again! There are few things more beautiful than a ring made with your thumb and index finger!
Walder analyzes the cartful of eggplants through his finger ring.
Walder: Hm... Every one of these is covered in leaves, presumably to stave off desiccation and preserve freshness!
Walder: They've been carefully placed in the shade, meaning whoever put the cart here wants everyone to really enjoy them. Maybe it's just a friendly gesture from a tree spirit?
Lyria: So they're not bad eggplants after all!
Guildmaster: Come to think of it, we've had something like this happen before, haven't we?
Village Elder: Oh, the memories... You're talking about Jade, I assume?
Village Elder: He'd deliver nuts to places all over the island as a gift to us, just like what we're seeing with these eggplants...
Walder: I don't know who's responsible for this...
Walder: But we're gonna find this kind soul and show 'em just how thankful we are! Do you have any leads?
Village Elder: I don't know how much help it'll be, but I marked on this map every location the eggplants were delivered to.
Walder: Great! Let's take a look! Ranger Insight activated!
Walder: Jeepers creepers...
Walder's expression changes upon seeing how all the dots connect.
Walder: ...!
Village Elder: W-Walder?
Vyrn: Hey, wait up! Where are you running off to?
Walder: It couldn't possibly be... But the map says it all! If I draw lines to connect all the points...
Walder: The resulting symbol is something only Jade and I would know... The ranger sign for "thank you"!

Special Ranger Training: Scene 2

Walder spots Azrael tending to an eggplant field near the cave he calls his secret base. She explains that she—having been afraid to reveal herself to the locals—delivered the eggplants to locations marked on a ranger sign chart she found in the cave. This brings back memories of Jade for Walder, who resolves to help Azrael come out of her shell.

Having deciphered a ranger sign from the map, Walder runs off to a familiar place.
Walder: Jade's out and about! He's gotta be at that cave—our secret base!
Right before the slope leading to his secret base, a most unexpected sight lies before Walder.
Walder: What the...
???: Whoopsie... I've been found!
Walder stares wide-eyed at the field rich with purple produce and a figure in a pink costume working it.
Walder: An eggplant field out here? Are you—
???: I'm Az. Sorry for getting in the way...
Walder: Wait! Who told you about that sign? Was it Jade?
Azrael: Jade? Who's that? I only know that I'm Azrael.
Walder: But only me and Jade would know that sign!
As Walder leans forward, the Jade core in his bag brushes against his body.
Walder: ...!
Walder: Haha... How stupid of me to forget that I'm still carrying around Jade's core...
Azrael: Erm... Will you be okay, mister?
Walder: ...
Walder: Oh, don't mind me. Sorry for troubling you.
Walder: Cough... Pink tree spirit! Are you the one who's been delivering eggplants to the village?
Azrael: Eggplant for the win! How did you know?
Walder: Heh, my many years as a ranger have honed my instincts to a fine edge!
Vyrn: Walder, there you are! Whoa... What's with the eggplant field?
Walder: Hear me out, everyone! Thanks to my heroic efforts, I've found the culprit—or should I say, our benefactor!
Lyria: Huh? It was Az?
Azrael: Great seeing you all! It's been a really long time!
Walder: Wait, you guys know each other?
(Captain) and company realize that they'll have to take some time to get everyone on the same page.
They all move to the treehouse that Azrael has made a home out of.
Walder: So... I take it you're all friends?
Vyrn: Yeah, we've been through a lot. There was that whole shark thing at the beach too. Walder, that whole time you were—
Walder: Yep. I was putting myself through heavy-duty ranger training on a deserted island!
Walder: I definitely wasn't avoiding the resort beach because of how crowded it was! Nuh-uh, not at all!
Lyria: Hm... There should be some notes about Az somewhere in my journal...
Azrael is an archangel of instruction and also one of the original primal beasts created two millennia ago.
During a major conflict that engulfed all the heavens, she became part of a primal beast known as Avatar.
Though she miraculously regained a physical form eventually, she came back fused with her twin sister Israfel as a chimera of sorts.
With the aid of another pair of twin archangels, Halluel and Malluel, Azrael and Israfel are undergoing treatment in this island's forest.
Their pink costume is something they started wearing one summer vacation to conceal their true form.
Walder: Oh, so you're those twin archangels (Captain) told me about!
Azrael: Hal and Mal are doing their courier thing, so it's my turn to be on eggplant duty.
Vyrn: Eggplant duty? So it was you sending the veggies out everywhere? Nice to see you're doing all right, by the way.
Azrael: Yep, guilty as charged! Eggplants grow nicely in any season, and they come in all kinds!
Walder: Now that's impressive! You know, the villagers couldn't stop praising the taste of the eggplants!
Azrael: Ehehe, glad to hear it. The islanders gave me a place to live and ingredients to make my favorite bean cakes.
Azrael: I wanted to pay them back somehow. I used the piece of paper in the cave for an idea of which locations to send my maps to.
Walder: Piece of paper? Oh, you must've seen the ranger sign chart in my secret base.
Vyrn: But why not hand over the eggplants directly? Would've been more obvious that you just wanted to say thanks.
Azrael: Hrm...
Azrael: Truth is... I've never actually met the island's residents.
Azrael: I usually ask Hal and Mal to interact with them.
Azrael: I'd probably scare them away, being how I am...
Lyria: But you got along so well with everyone handing out bean cakes at the beach!
Azrael: Yeah, that was so much fun! Underneath this dolphin suit though, I'm still a scary-looking primal beast.
Azrael: Not too long ago, I followed Hal and Mal on one of their deliveries to practice my flying.
Azrael: And...
Azrael: Please have this bean cake as a token of friendship!
Town Grandma: Why, thank you. I haven't had one in so long.
Azrael: Ehehe, would the rest of you like one as well?
Azrael: Urk! My costume's—
Townsman: Gaaaah!
Townsman: Eeeep!
Azrael: Ahaha... It was my fault in the end. I flew for so long that I didn't realize the fastener on my costume was coming loose...
Vyrn: Oh, that happened, huh? Must've been tough for you...
Walder: Is that why you tried to make off when you saw me? You were afraid I'd freak out?
Azrael: I'm a creepy primal beast after all. I figured growing eggplants here away from everyone would be the best way to spend my time.
Lyria: But... I'm sure the people of the island would welcome you with open arms if they got to know you!
Vyrn: Yeah! We'll even tag along to say hello if you're worried!
Azrael: Hal and Mal tell me the same thing, but..
Azrael: It's okay. I already have my hands full just tending to the eggplants...
Azrael responds listlessly, then falls silent.
Walder: ...
Jade: Pyuui?
Young Walder: The thought scares you? If only there were something to—
Young Walder: I've got just the thing!
Walder: (It's just like back then... I think I know what to do...)
Walder: I get how it is for you. Leave it all to me, Azrael—or rather, Rose Quartz!
Azrael: Rose-what? Is that some kind of new vegetable?
Walder: That's your ranger name. It's a beautiful gemstone that shares the same color as your costume!
Vyrn: There you go again saying weird things in the spur of the moment...
Walder: As a forest resident, it's only right that she learns a thing or two about rangers!
Walder: This calls for a forest boot camp! Let's go!
Azrael: Huh?
Walder: Follow me!
After hearing of Azrael's circumstances, Walder is struck with a flash of inspiration.
He darts toward the forest, happy to bring Azrael along.

Special Ranger Training: Scene 3

Walder gives Azrael a ranger name and goes through ranger training with her, dubbing her a friend of the forest after they help out some animals together. The experience gives Azrael the courage to introduce herself to the islanders.

Walder: Hm? Was there a storm? There's a fallen tree in our path.
Walder: We'll have to work together to get it out of the way. Ruby, Sapphire, you handle that side... Can you give us a hand too, Rose Quartz?
Azrael: Um, wait a sec...
Vyrn: Az, he's talking to you when he says "Rose Quartz."
Azrael: Oh really? So... are we going to lift up the tree?
Walder: Yep. Think you're up to it?
Azrael: Okeydokey-tomato! Let's go!
Walder patrols the forest with Azrael and company in tow.
Any time they spot something that could use a bit of fixing, they stop to take care of it.
Vyrn: Leave it to our resident forest ranger to keep the woodland a nice and tidy place!
Walder: Heh heh heh... I make sure to live up to my reputation!
Azrael: Hm? So it's a ranger's job to move trees around?
Walder: That's only part of it! Basically, I become one with the forest and make sure it stays safe!
Walder: Me and my buddy have been guardians of the forest since way back.
Walder: You see the symbol on that tree? That's a ranger sign.
Azrael: Neat! Can I be a ranger too?
Walder: Sure! I'm always glad to have another join my ranks! Let's move toward the river next!
Azrael: Okeydokey-eggplant, Captain Walder!
The crew runs into a group of troubled animals by the river.
Red Panda: Squee-squee...
Walder: Looks like they dropped something in the river.
Squirrel: Chit-chit...
Azrael: Oh... I'm guessing they lost all the nuts they gathered.
Walder: Whoa! You mean you understand these animals?
Azrael: Somewhat. But then again, so do you, Captain.
Walder: Oh, what you saw just now was my gut instinct at work! All right, let's split up and get those nuts back!
They go waist-deep into the water and scramble around for the nuts on the bottom of the river.
Azrael: Whew, it's not gonna be easy picking up every last one. My costume's already soaking wet...
Walder: Heh, let me show you how a veteran ranger gets the job done.
Walder: Ranger's Super Tool No. 1 out of 7: Ranger Net!
Vyrn: Good thinking, Walder! A net can pick up a whole lotta nuts in a single swoop!
Walder: Hah hah hah, lay the praise on me! A ranger's gotta know his tools of the trade! This ought to catch all the nuts—
Lyria: Oh no, Walder! They're coming out from the bottom of the net!
Walder: Urk! My ranger mastery got the better of me...
Vyrn: Nah, I think your net's just too big...
Azrael: Squee! I can play the net game too!
Walder: Ooh, using your wings as a net? Brilliant idea, Rose Quartz!
Vyrn: Sweet! You didn't seem too sure at first, but you sure caught on fast, Az!
Walder: That's a wicked cool pair of wings you've got!
After handing the nuts to the animals, they wrap up their ranger training and return to the treehouse.
Walder: There, it's done! Feast your eyes on the ultimate ranger treat: nut pie!
Walder: The animals gave us some of their nuts as a way of saying thanks, and you can bet I put 'em to good use for this pie!
Azrael: Yay! I was getting tired from all this moving around. Let's dig in.
Walder: Hahah, hold that thought, Rose Quartz. Let's start with a ranger blessing first!
They clasp their hands together and thank the forest for this repast, then take a bite out of Walder's special pie.
Azrael: Mm, it's so good that I can feel myself becoming a nut at heart! You could be a chef, Captain!
Azrael: Thankplant, eggplant to the animals too!
Walder: Hey now, let's not forget they're the ones thanking us by sharing their nuts.
Walder: I should also mention they've come to acknowledge you as a friend of the forest, Rose Quartz.
Azrael: A friend of the forest?
Walder: All life in the forest, from the animals to the insects to the people, benefits from the spirit of mutual cooperation.
Walder: It goes without mentioning that that includes up-and-coming forest rangers like you, Rose Quartz!
Walder: And before long, you'll be a friend of all the island's residents too.
Azrael: You really think that's possible for a primal beast?
Walder: That doesn't matter in the least! My best bud is a primal beast, and he got along here just fine.
Azrael: Oh... I didn't know.
Azrael: Whew, I feel so much more at ease now.
The others affectionately watch a relieved Azrael enjoy her pie.
Azrael: Hey, I just thought of something really neat! I'm gonna make some bean cakes!
Walder: Well, what's gotten you all perked up?
Azrael: You and the animals showed me what really matters!
Azrael: I'm going to make bean cakes as a show of appreciation!
Vyrn: Hahah, keepin' that cycle of kindness goin', huh? Who knows, maybe you'll end up in an endless loop of gift-giving.
Azrael: To give and to receive is all part of the fun!
Azrael puts her heart into making scrumptious bean cakes, then heads out into the forest once more.
Animals: ...!
Azrael: Ehehe... I'm glad you like the bean cakes! You can be sure I'll be back with more sometime!
Azrael: I've decided, Captain! I'm going to go around saying hello to the island's residents!
Azrael: As a friend of the forest, I'm ready to introduce myself and say "thankplant, eggplant" to all of them!
Walder: That's the spirit, Rose Quartz!
Walder: Let me show you some cool ranger tricks to help you get started!
With a wry smile, Walder teaches her some self-introduction techniques.

Special Ranger Training: Scene 4

Azrael unveils her newly learned ranger pose to the islanders, eliciting a joyous response and quickly becoming friends with them—just as Jade once did many years ago. Later, Halluel and Malluel show up and agree to help Walder look into Jade's resurrection as thanks for helping Azrael.

The crew returns to the village with Azrael in tow.
Walder gathers everyone in the village plaza, explaining that he has something to show them.
Walder: Thanks for coming out here!
Village Elder: This should be everyone... So what is it?
Azrael: Squee-squee!
Azrael: Yoo-hoo! Toodle-oo!
Islanders: ...!
The islanders are awestruck by the sight of someone in a pink dolphin costume descending from the skies.
Azrael: ("Toodle-oo"? That's not quite right, but at least it rhymes.)
The islanders stare, mouths agape.
Walder: What in the... Just who are you?
  1. You've got us all curious!

Choose: You've got us all curious!
Emboldened after Walder and (Captain) speak up, the islanders also question the figure floating before them.
Guildmaster: Yeah! Tell us who you are!
Village Elder: I'm sure we'd all like to know!
Azrael: ...!
Azrael: Ahem! And I'll be glad to tell you!
Azrael: I love napping! I dote on my twin sister! And I can't find any tangerines!
Azrael: I'm the pink bean cake archangel! Otherwise known as rookie forest ranger Azrael!
Islanders: ...!
Azrael flails about excitedly as the islanders cheer her on.
Azrael: Yay! I nailed the ranger eggpla—I mean pose!
Village Elder: Az! I've heard about you from Hal and Mal!
Guildmaster: We finally meet! Welcome to Treetop Isle!
Walder: Here's hoping this news doesn't shock you too badly, but would you believe she's our eggplant benefactor?
Clerk's Daughter: Oh, those shiny eggplants were from you? They're so yummy as pickled veggies!
Azrael: Ehehe, I like to pickle my veggies too.
Azrael: Oh, before I forget—I brought bean cakes for everyone.
Azrael's cordial nature allows her to hit it off right away with the locals.
Azrael: Zzz... Bean cakes are forest eggfriends too...
Vyrn: That must be one funky dream she's having. She seems to be enjoying it though.
Lyria: Teehee. It's all thanks to you that Az was able to open up and become friends with everyone, Walder!
Walder: I couldn't just leave her be, you know? Her situation reminds me of Jade...
Lyria: Hm? Really?
Walder scrunches up his eyes as he waxes nostalgic.
Walder: Not long after I met Jade, I noticed that—just like Az—he preferred to avoid people.
Walder: I took him to say hello to everyone at first. But then he stopped going over to the village...
Walder: Hey, Jade. You're the one who's been sending nuts to the villagers, aren't you?
Jade: F-faaoh?
Young Walder: It's all right. You, me, the islanders, we're all friends of the forest.
Young Walder: Let's go greet the villagers again sometime and hand them nuts in person!
Jade: Pyuui?
Young Walder: The thought scares you? If only there were something to—
Young Walder: I've got just the thing!
Walder: That's when we gathered everyone in the village square and did our ranger pose.
Walder: Jade tripped and fell, but the islanders loved it nonetheless.
Vyrn: So what we saw with Az today wasn't the first time for them, huh? Explains why they were so easygoing about it.
Walder: Originally, the ranger pose was something meant to make ourselves recognizable even from far away.
Walder: But to me and Jade, it's a symbol of the deep friendship we share.
Walder: And today, the ranger pose gave birth to new friendships. I couldn't be more proud!
Walder: Oh, I'd better jot this down in my notebook!
Walder: "Perfect the welcome-home ranger pose with Jade."
Halluel: We're back, Az! How are your wings and the eggplants doi—Huh? (Captain)?
Malluel: Wow, what a surprise! What brings you here?
Lyria: Welcome back, you two! Hm, where should we start?
Azrael?: Teehee... Az is having such a peaceful sleep.
Walder: Whoa! You must be the sister, Israfel?
Israfel: Mm-hm, that's right. This might be our first time talking to each other, but I could tell how grateful Az was to you.
Israfel: Thanks to everything you've done for us, I think we'll be able to move forward that much more easily.
Walder: Heh, nothing to it. I only did what any good forest ranger would!
Israfel: Me and Az will do our best to protect the forest and its friends as you have. As rookie forest rangers...
Israfel: It sure is a nice feeling... I can nap easy knowing—
Halluel: Az is all buddy-buddy with the islanders now? Really? Mal, we need to celebrate with red beans and rice!
Malluel: Teehee. Slow down there, Hal. Let's hear them out first.
Hearing about everything that Az has been through, Hal and Mal share a joyous embrace.
Malluel: That's wonderful news!
Halluel: Thank you sooo much, Walder! You don't know how grateful we are!
Walder: Whoa-hoa! What... is happening?
Vyrn: Hahah. It's only a hug, Walder.
Walder: Er... I-I guess I was just surprised...
Halluel: Teehee... You know, I smell the scent of a primal beast on you.
Walder: Wha? You can sense Jade?
Walder tells the archangels of instruction all about his slumbering friend.
Halluel: So Jade's a core now, and you're looking for a way to revive him, I see. Can you show me the core?
Walder: Sure...
Halluel & Malluel: ...
The two strain their faces after touching the green crystal.
Walder: Do you pick up anything from it?
Malluel: Well, we are archangels after all... We got a general sense of the primal's condition.
Walder: I'll take any info I can get! Please!
Halluel: ...
Halluel: Um... I'm sorry to say this, but reviving your friend won't be easy.
Malluel: Whatever it was Jade did, he took some major damage. His regeneration is progressing, but at the current rate, it could take centuries.
Halluel: If you hope to see him again in your lifetime, you'll need the right facilities in addition to the know-how... You might even have to delve into topics currently not very well-researched—
Walder: Wait a sec! His regeneration's progressing?
Halluel: ...?
Primal beasts are indestructible as a general rule. So yes, your friend is slowly recover—
Walder: Meaning Jade's alive, and there's a chance I'll get to see him again someday!
Walder: Just knowing that is a huge step!
Walder: I always knew it wouldn't be easy, but the power of our bonds will get us past any and all obstacles! I'll see to that!
Halluel: Haha... I see you're set on this. That resolve is going to come in very handy.
Malluel: I'm starting to see why you were able to lift up Az's spirits.
Walder: Of course! There's no such thing as "impossible" in my dictionary!
Halluel: Fair enough. Although we're not officially archangels of instruction anymore, we'll do what we can to help out.
Malluel: We might find a hint or two by searching through old historical records and research manuals that are still intact...
Walder: Whoo! Boy, am I glad to have you two on board!
Halluel: We'll even treat you to dinner. Rice with beans, pickled eggplant, and—
Walder: Slowly but surely... I'm getting closer to Jade's resurrection! I, best bud of the little guy, am—
Azrael: Eggplant, eggplant, where's the eggplant!
Walder: Eggplant hero Walder—D'oh! I mean ranger hero Walder!
The wheel of fate begins to turn for Walder and Jade, due largely in part to this chance encounter with the archangels of instruction.
While helping to prepare dinner, Walder envisions the bright future that lies ahead of them.

Our Ranger Pose!

While the crew picks through old research records with Halluel and Malluel, Walder is excited to devise the ideal ranger pose to show Jade upon their eventual reunion. They find one book which hints to a primal beast research laboratory beneath the Lumacie ruins they had been to previously. This revelation calls for a return visit.

A few days have passed since the events on Treetop Isle involving Azrael and eggplants.
The archangels of instruction have begun sifting through old records in search of info that might help with Jade's resurrection.
(Captain) and company are organizing those records for them.
While taking a break from this task, they discuss an issue that has been plaguing Walder as of late.
Walder: Vyrn, you gotta see this page! What do you think?
Walder: "Gorge on a cake as big as an airship"! In other words, I'm gonna be a sweets ranger!
Vyrn: That brings to mind one funky picture... Good luck finding a cake that big though.
Lyria: Ahaha... Have you gotten any farther on that new pose you want to show Jade?
Walder: I've got the basic concept down: greatest pose in the history of poses. That's the one requirement it's gotta meet.
Vyrn: You do realize every pose idea you come up with goes in a completely different direction, right? Maybe you can pick up some ideas from your notebook...
Walder: I can't help it. There's just sooo much I want to tell Jade with my pose!
Walder: Aah! To think that all my hopes and dreams as a ranger hero would turn out to be my greatest adversary!
Lyria: Katalina once mentioned that when you're stuck, sometimes it's best to think about the problem from a fresh perspective.
Walder: Okay, I guess that makes sense...
Walder: What do you guys think makes for a cool pose?
Vyrn: Hrm... I picture a hero swooping in to save the day in the nick of time!
Walder: All right, so the surprise element's a must-have.
Lyria: Um, I hope this doesn't take you too off course, but I think something that's easy to mimic would be good.
Lyria: I mean, posing is a lot of fun. So the more of us that can get in on it, the better.
Walder: Yeah, you bring up a really good point! Simple is best, huh...
Walder: Any thoughts from you, (Captain)?
  1. Gotta have that fluttering cape.
  2. Gotta plant your feet firmly.

Choose: Gotta have that fluttering cape.
Walder: Yeah, I hear ya! Bounding in from the skies would really highlight the beautiful flourish of my cape!

Choose: Gotta plant your feet firmly.
Walder: I like that! I can imagine myself leaping in from the skies and making a beautiful landing...
Continue 1
Walder: It'd show that I've journeyed the world as a skyfarer and am totally the stuff of legends... Brilliant thinking, (Captain)!
Walder: Thing is, I'm only more confused now after hearing three completely different takes on the matter...
Azrael: Hey, the bean cakes are ready, everyone. I used the nuts from earlier!
Walder: Gee, thanks! My stomach was just starting to rumble.
The crew takes a breather while enjoying the tasty treats from Azrael.
Walder: Mm... It's so good that I can feel myself becoming a bean cake at heart.
Azrael: Hahaha... I don't call myself the "pink bean cake archangel" for nothing!
Vyrn: Hm? Oh, right, that's the ranger pose you showed off to the islanders.
Azrael: Mm-hm! Thankplant, eggplant to Captain Walder for coming up with it for me.
Lyria: Oh, so it was Walder who thought of the idea?
Vyrn: Whatever the thought process for that was, maybe you can apply it to your new pose.
Walder: That's easy to say, but...
Walder: Just darting through the forest with Rose Quartz was all the inspiranger I needed for that one...
Lyria: I see... I really like Az's pose!
Azrael: Me too! It's so wacky and lovable; I'm going to do all my self-introductions like this from now on!
Vyrn: That could come with its own problems, but whatever works for ya! There's no doubt it gets across who you are though!
Walder: That's what counts, isn't it...
Walder: (Going back to the basics, a ranger pose is supposed to function as a sort of sign, to convey something to the other party...)
After mulling over it for a bit in his head, Walder's eyes begin to sparkle as if having reached an epiphany.
Walder: (There's one thing I want to convey to Jade more than anything else, which is—)
After taking a short reprieve, the crew gets to organizing historical records.
A frown crosses Walder's face when he takes one book from the pile.
Walder: Bleh... Every page is a complete mystery to me...
Azrael: Huh? But Hal said these books are written in the same language we use...
Walder: There's too many big words to go through! Not even my ranger insight can decipher all that gobbledygook...
Lyria: Ahaha... It's almost as confusing as the text you might find on stone slabs.
Vyrn: Thankfully, we've got Hal and Mal to help us out. They just need us to separate the books by genre.
Walder: I know, but when I think of how there might be a hint to Jade's resurrection in here...
Walder: I want to do everything I can! If I can make out the individual letters, then I can definitely make out the whole book!
Lyria: Walder...
  1. I'll help.

Choose: I'll help.
Vyrn: Count me in too! Since we're pretty much done separating by genre, let's try figuring out what's written inside.
Walder: Whoo, you guys are the best! Let's crack the secrets of the world together!
(Captain) and company huddle around a book and attempt to make sense of its contents.
Walder: Whew... I can't believe it took that much time to decipher a single line...
Vyrn: Yeah, we're pretty clueless, aren't we. I get the feeling this one says something about the Lumacie ruins...
Halluel: Did someone just say Lumacie ruins? Can you show me that book?
Lyria: Oh, Hal and Mal! Here you go!
Malluel: Hmm... Bingo—this is the book we were looking for!
Malluel: Great work finding it! If I didn't hear you guys talking, who knows how long it would've taken me and Hal to realize that's the book we need...
Walder: Yeah? Now that's a crazy coincidence...
Walder: Or maybe my ranger insight activated and helped me pick the right book!
Walder: I can hardly believe it! It's like I've got fate on my side!
The twin archangels of instruction leaf through the book beside an ecstatic Walder, confident that they've found something useful.
Halluel: Well, that just confirms my suspicions.
Vyrn: Hm? What might that be?
Halluel: I think we've figured out a place where you're likely to find a substantial lead.
Malluel: There was a laboratory in Lumacie where they conducted research on primal beast resurrection.
Malluel: If we dig through the ruins, we might come across relevant documentation!
Halluel: I know we're making a lot of assumptions here, but if we're right, this could be big...
Walder: Hold on, you two! I'm super appreciative of the info, but we've already been to the Lumacie ruins!
Walder: We boldly descended into the underground space and scoured every nook and cranny, only to find a single slab of stone—
Halluel: The ruins are only there to cover up something much more important—a common trick back in the day. Especially since angels were being created there...
Walder: Holy...
Malluel: Only those who can get past the authentication system are allowed further underground. And we can get you down there!
Walder: Wow! I didn't think we'd be going back to right where we started!
Walder: (Captain), Ms. Halluel, Malluel! Is it cool if we head out right away?
  1. What are we waiting for!

Choose: What are we waiting for!
Halluel: That's what we were thinking, but why do I get a "Ms." attached to my name?
Walder: Er, well...
Vyrn: Haha, Walder's probably still trying to get over that tight hug you gave him.
Walder: B-blegh, never mind that!
Walder: Just you wait, Lumacie! They'll be talking about me in the local legends for generations to come!
Azrael: I'll stay here to take care of the eggplants. Have a safe trip, everyone!
And so the crew makes for the Lumacie Archipelago in search of clues to Jade's resurrection.

Our Ranger Pose!: Scene 2

While moving toward a secret alcove filled with research records on a lower floor of the laboratory, the crew inadvertently activates a trap that causes the ceiling to come crashing down. Walder leaps ahead anyway to grab the relevant stone slabs, only to find himself trapped by the collapsing rubble—despite (Captain) and company's best efforts.

The crew is in the Lumacie ruins once more after some time away from it.
Walder: Whoa! How deep down does this place go?
Halluel: Haha... I'm just glad the path opened up for us. Looks like the system is still working.
Malluel: Stay on your toes, everyone. For an important facility like this, I wouldn't be surprised if there are traps lying in wait for us.
Walder: All right, let's keep our eyes peeled. You guys feel free to run back up should things get dicey.
Vyrn: Course we'll be careful! Besides, for you and Jade, we can handle a bit of danger!
Lyria: That's right! Jade's a friend too, and we do what we can for friends!
(Captain), too, shows no fear and suggests they press on.
Walder: (Captain)... Guys!
Walder: Man, I really appreciate you all! Let's make this worth our while!
As the crew proceeds down the underground path, they come across traces of experimentation and what appears to be remnants of a research lab.
Upon arriving before a series of rooms, they decide to split up and resume the search.
Walder: Ms. Halluel, how 'bout this stone slab?
Halluel: Hm? This is... Oh, my!
Walder: Does it tell us anything big?
Halluel: Haha, not exactly... I find Astral records like this interesting, but it's just a list detailing who's in charge of which experiment.
Walder: Hm, thanks anyway. Seeing as how we ordinary folk can't read the stuff, it sure is great having you two here.
Halluel: No sweat. Although I have to say it saddens me to be called "Ms." It creates distance between us and doesn't exactly help with communication.
Walder: Sorry about that... I'll keep it in mind.
Malluel's Voice: Teehee, you guys need to see this! I found a treasure trove of records!
The others gather beside Malluel, only to find another set of stairs leading to an alcove filled with stone slabs.
Malluel: I managed to uncover the door, but the fact that it was hidden by a spatial distortion makes it seem really fishy.
Lyria: So they went out of their way to hide this. That scares me...
Malluel: Yeah. Whatever's in here must be very valuable.
Walder: Ooh! There's no way I'm turning back from this; I'm definitely not scared!
Vyrn: Walder, you realize your legs are shaking, right?
Walder: Well, yeah, I'm just trembling with excitement! Let's get a move on!
Walder: Huh?
The moment Walder takes a step forward, a clamorous siren sounds, and the very ground they stand on begins to shake.
Malluel: A trap in the passageway? One that affects the whole laboratory?
Halluel: This is bad! It looks like we activated a mechanism that's set to take us out along with the entire facility!
Walder: Yaaargh!
Halluel: You dummy! The whole place is coming apart! Get back here!
Lyria: Lend me your power... Yggdrasil!
Yggdrasil: ...!
Lyria: Thank you! Can you keep the ceiling up until we make it out?
Vyrn: All right, (Captain)! We'd better hop to it and keep that path open for Walder!
  1. On it!
  2. Took the words right out of my mouth!

Choose: On it!
Choose: Took the words right out of my mouth!
Halluel: That's some impressive teamwork!
Vyrn: Yeah, well, Walder's not the type to give up easily, so I half-expected him to pull something like that!
Lyria: Ahaha... I was thinking the same thing actually...
Malluel: So he's going to do what he has to do, huh? In that case, we'll help too.
Halluel: Yeah, let's hold out as long as we can!
Walder: Huff, huff...
Walder: Phew! Too close for comfort!
Walder: But I wouldn't be much of a ranger if I couldn't face a bit of danger!
Intent on seeing this through, Walder rushes down the stairs and reaches the secret alcove.
Walder: Look at all these stone slabs! Which one of these is it?
Walder: ...!
Jade's core is glowing!
Walder: It must be reacting to this set of slabs!
Walder: All right! Now to just get these out safely!
Walder looks up to find his companions calling out to him.
Vyrn: Hurry up, Walder! Before we end up stuck down here!
  1. Shake a leg!

Choose: Shake a leg!
Walder: You guys stayed for me...
Walder: A ranger must answer the call!
Carrying the load of stone slabs in his arms, Walder clambers up the stairs to his friends.
However, his surroundings suddenly turn dark.
Walder: Oh crud! The ceiling's coming down; the way back up is blocked off!
Walder: No! Open up, darn it!
He attempts to push the massive boulder aside, but to no avail.
Walder: I'm not giving up! No way is this gonna be the end of me! My life is not flashing before my eyes!
Walder: Darn it! Darn it! Daaarn it!
His efforts end in vain, as the ceiling directly above him comes crashing down in a torrent of rubble.
Walder: ...!
Just then, a green glow begins to light up his surroundings.
The warm, gentle scent of the forest fills Walder's senses.
Wrapped in this blanket of nostalgia, he slowly loses consciousness.

Our Ranger Pose!: Scene 3

In a dream, Walder sees Jade far in the distance and shows off his new ranger pose, which Jade is quick to mimic. Upon awakening, Walder finds himself back on the ground floor of the Lumacie ruins—presumably saved by Jade's power. With new info about Jade's resurrection gleaned from the newly acquired stone slabs, a hopeful Walder continues journeying with the crew.

Walder: Mng... Where am I...
Walder: The good ol' scent of the forest... Is this Treetop Isle?
Mysterious Voice: Wall... dur...
Walder: Jade! Is that you?
Walder: Isn't that...
Far on the other side of the lake is a small figure bearing a strong resemblance to Jade.
Walder: Jade... Jade! Wait for me, I'm—
Walder: Darn it! I won't be able to get to him in time...
Walder: How am I gonna get my message to him—
Walder: ...!
Young Walder: What do you think of my very first ranger pose?
Young Walder: It started off as a ranger sign but morphed into a signal that you could recognize even off in the distance.
Young Walder: Were you complimenting me? Like it was cool?
Young Walder: Y-yeah! I know, right?
Walder: A ranger pose should do the trick! He'll know!
Walder: Here goes!
Walder: It'd show that I've journeyed the world as a skyfarer and am totally the stuff of legends... Brilliant thinking, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hrm... I picture a hero swooping in to save the day in the nick of time!
Lyria: Um, I hope this doesn't take you too off course, but I think something that's easy to mimic would be good.
Walder: Cue dramatic entrance as if I've leaped in from the skies, and am wicked cool and wicked friendly...
Walder gathers his thoughts, then takes a deep breath.
Walder: Get ready for the greatest pose ever in the history of poses, Jade!
He presents his exciting new ranger pose, hoping his friend across the lake will take notice.
Jade: ...!
Walder: Jade! He tried to mimic me just now!
Walder: Whoo! My message got through!
Jade: ...!
A green light suddenly envelops Walder once more.
Walder: Mng, Jade...
Vyrn: Good, you're awake!
Walder: Hm? (Captain)... Guys...
Lyria: Um... Just as the ceiling came crashing down on us, a green light filled the surroundings. When I came to, we were all out here.
Halluel: Now that was a close call. If not for your friend's help...
Walder: So... it was Jade who saved us!
Walder: I met him too!
Walder: He was so far away, but I still got to show him my new pose! And he did it back at me...
Vyrn: Seriously? You got to see Jade? Wait, when did you finish that pose...
Walder: I took all your feedback to heart and finally came up with something.
Walder: The thing I wanted to get across to him was that you guys have been fantastic friends...
Walder: No matter how reckless my ranger antics get, you're always willing to see through it all with me!
Lyria: Wow... Walder!
Vyrn: Walder... Heheh, we consider you a best bud too!
(Captain) nods in agreement and flashes Walder a smile.
Walder: I really appreciate you guys!
Walder: So, um...
Walder: Ahem... What happened to those stone slabs?
Halluel: Mal and I finished going through them.
Malluel: Teehee, great job finding the right ones! Now we have more info on primal resurrection.
Halluel: The slabs make up a progress report of an experiment where they tried to see if the regenerative capabilities of angels could be applied to primals.
Halluel: The exact method they used is unclear, but the experiment was a success.
Walder: Meaning reviving Jade is definitely in the cards!
Malluel: Hehe, that's right! Now that we have an idea of what approach to take, I'd say we've definitely made progress in coming out here!
Walder: I owe you one... Halluel, Malluel!
Malluel: Nuh-uh... We're friends now. Besides, you helped Az first; we're just repaying the favor!
Halluel: Finally, no more "Ms." Halluel. That makes my day.
Walder: W-well, yeah, there's no need for the formality, is there.
Halluel: Ahaha, sorry for fussing over that. Anyhow, with the bond that you and Jade share, we just might be able to make a miracle happen!
Walder: Of course! Not even a miracle's impossible for a ranger!
Bursting with confidence, a wide grin crosses his face.
No matter the hardships that await, this brave ranger's unwavering conviction will get him through it all.
After saying goodbye to the archangels of instruction, the crew set sail from Lumacie and head for their next destination.
Though they've made some progress toward Jade's resurrection, Walder's short-term goal remains the same: seek records of Astral research.
Walder gazes at the clear blue skies with his best friend from the Grandcypher's deck.
Walder: Watching the beautiful sky never gets tiring...
As if responding to Walder, the green crystal in his arms reflects the sun's rays.
Walder: So, Jade. About that list of stuff I wanna do with you, showing you my new pose was on the top of the list...
Walder: But since I'm sort of half-done with that, is it cool if I show you the next item on the list?
Walder: That would be traveling with everyone. You, me, (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria, and the rest of the crew...
Walder: They're an amazing bunch! Wicked strong, cool, and just plain awesome!
Walder: Are you hearing this, Jade? I'll get you back with us someday for su—
Walder: Huh? What's this white pattern on the core's surface? I don't remember it being there.
Feeling uneasy, Walder takes a closer look at the core.
As his eyes trace the white lines, he begins to recognize the shape.
Walder: ...!
Walder: Isn't this... the ranger sign for "thank you"?
Walder: Yeah, I knew it! You do hear me after all!
The crystal shows no visible change in response.
Perhaps the ranger sign is a mere coincidence. Regardless, it definitely puts Walder in high spirits.
Walder: Now I'm getting restless! My heart and soul are itching for some action! Watch this, Jade!
He places the crystal beside him, then hypes himself up for what's to come.
Walder: Inhale... Exhale...
Walder: Touring the world from one end of the skies to the other with (Captain) and co. and etching new legends into the annals of history is...
Walder: Jade's bestest, bravest friend: Ranger Hero Walder!
And so the two now have another fond memory to look back on.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
さあ、かかって来い! Bring it ooon!
お前の相手は俺だッ! I'll be your opponent!
ジェイドは俺の、最高の親友なんだ! Jade's my best friend!
見ているか、ジェイドよ……! Are you seeing this, Jade?
ビィは勇敢で、尊敬できるヤツだ! Vyrn's a brave crewmate—a respectable fellow!
ビィとジェイドも、きっと気が合うだろう! Vyrn and Jade get along just fine!
レンジャーとは、一日にしてならず! You can't become a ranger in a day!
俺はヒーロー…レンジャーヒーローだ! I'm... a hero... A hero ranger!
(主人公)は、俺にとっての英雄だ! (Captain)'s my hero!
(主人公)には、本当に世話になるな! Thanks for everything, (Captain)!


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