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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 165 cm
Race Unknown
Hobbies Nothing in particular
Likes All kinds of meat, dancing, alcohol
Dislikes Unappetizing crabs and fishes

Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。

Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!


Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不詳
Height 165cm
Race 不明
Hobbies 特になし
Likes 肉全般、ダンス、お酒
Dislikes まずいカニと魚

Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
大空を行く主人公達の騎空挺のさらに上空から、突然降ってきた謎多き少女。母を探してヘルヘイムという場所を目指しているそうだが、それ以上のことは全くわかっていない。うっかり騎空挺から落下してしまった後、徐々に性格にも変化が表れているようだが……? 常人よりも食欲があるのか、よく腹を空かせている。

Character Release
先日開催されたイベント「熱闘! 真夏のフードファイト!」にて、「コルル」と「レッドラック」と共にフードファイトの激戦に挑んだ放浪娘「アーミラ」が水着バージョンとして登場!


Source [1] [2] [3]


Amira is a young woman who is said to have fallen from the sky. She possesses the God Key inside her, which grants her the ability to transform into a demon. She joins the player's crew in hopes of finding her mother, who resides in an unknown land called Helheim. However, it seems no one knows where Helheim is.

She is hinted to be connected to Bahamut in some way.


Amira is determined to find her mother, no matter the cost. Despite the fact that nearly everyone has never heard of Helheim before, she remains steadfast in her journey. As a result, she can be naive and believes anyone who says they can take her to Helheim.
She is somewhat innocent, as evidenced by the fact she still believes in Santa each year. Her devotion to finding her mother is still the same, since she hopes Santa will grant her wish of finding her mother.
Amira also has an enormous appetite and spends a lot of her time eating. She can be rather childish when she's hungry.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Your... birthday?
Congratulations! Is there anything you want? How about that fish over there?
Y-you wouldn't happen to know when my birthday is, would you?
All I want for my birthday is to meet my mother again.


Happy birthday. (Captain), today's the day your mother brought you into this world.
What was your mother like?
You... don't know? You've never met her... Just like me.
You'll meet your mother again one day, (Captain). I'll look for her.
You said you would help me find Helheim.
So I'll help you look for your mother, (Captain).
I owe you.


Happy birthday. Here's your cake.
I heard that people give presents to those who are important to them. So here, eat this.
I also heard that the best presents to give are things you want to receive. So I got you this... tasty... tasty looking cake.
Cake... Mmm...
Huh? You want share it with me! Hehe! Yippie!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I bought you another cake.
A big, beautiful, sugary, delicious cake.
I know you'll share it with me, so I figured the bigger the better.
Oh, whoops!
Katalina told me we were ready to roll, so I should come get you.
So get the lead out! It's not just cake—there's a whole birthday feast waiting!
Let's stuff ourselves and party it up!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Here, take a look at your birthday present! It's a big bird I hunted up for you!
I love food, and you love food. So I thought we could roast up this bird for your party!
Then we'll both be happy!
I'll go hand it off to Katalina now.
Earlier she said she would handle the cooking!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Mmm! This tastes great! I love the new year!
Rackam! Katalina! I want more food! Gimme more meat!


I won't be drinking this year. Last year I got an earful for making too much noise.
So I'll be nice and quiet this year. You keep it down too, (Captain).
Food? I guess I'll have some... quietly.


Hap... Happy New Year.
We're only supposed to eat the new year food after wishing everyone a good year. So I came to wish you well.
Katalina! I wished everyone a good year! Can I eat now?
She said to bring you along! Hurry! I'm hungry!


Mmm, these New Year's dishes look so good. There's all kinds of different bites to try.
But each portion is tiny... I can't get full on just these.
Huh? I can have all of yours, (Captain)?
Yaay, thanks! This is awesome! So awesome!
Oh yeah, let's go for a walk in town after this, (Captain).
There'll be lots of food stands since it's New Year's.
I'll show you the yummy hot spots as thanks for your food. So keep giving me more when you can.


Hey, (Captain). Care if I get started eating this New Year's soup?
Thanks. Let's dig in!
Nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom, nom... More!
Nom, nom... Ngh!
Cough! Cough, cough! Ack, I had mochi stuck in my throat.
I shouldn't eat it too quickly?
Got it! Next time I'll pace myself.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Here, take this. A woman from the chapel gave it to me.
She told me not to eat it myself, but to give it to someone special instead. So take it. Make sure to leave some for Mother though.
It looks so good...
I'll have some too!


Hehe! The woman at the chapel gave me chocolates again!
Here, you can have half!
I love Valentine's Day! I can't wait till White Day!


(Captain)! I got chocolate again this year!
This is your half, and this is mine.
The woman at the chapel said she'd give them to me if I shared it. So you have to share this with me.
Hehe! Valentine's is fun!


(Captain)! Thanks for waiting!
I brought chocolates again this year! Come on, let's starting eating!
Hm? Your chocolates and my chocolates are different?
I want to eat your chocolates too, (Captain).
Okay, so I'll take yours, and I'll give you the ones I got.
That way we both have sweets to eat.
They taste way more delicious when we're together!


I made you chocolate this year, (Captain)! You better eat it.
Yes, it is handmade!
Last time a woman from the chapel gave me the chocolate, but this time I wanted to make it with her.
How is it? Good?
Yay! If you're happy, then I'm happy!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is in return for Valentine's?
Yum! Hehehe, I'll be giving you something for next Valentine's Day too!


Oh, this is in return for Valentine's? Wow, it looks delicious!
Hehe, I love White Day! Thanks!
I hope I can always have Valentine's Day and White Day with you!
What're you going to give me for next year's White Day, (Captain)?


This is in return for Valentine's? Thanks!
It looks yummy! Eat it with me, (Captain)!
We shared the Valentine's chocolates, so we'll share this too!
The woman at the chapel told me that if I shared it with you, I'll get even more next year!


Yaaay! So many return gifts from Valentine's Day!
It's like a mountain of chocolate. I can give you some, (Captain).
It's okay for me to eat everything myself?
Well... I'd be very happy to stuff my tummy.
But I'd be even happier if I get to eat with you.
I'd still have a lot left over anyway. So let's both stuff our tummies!


Thanks for the present, (Captain)!
Let's eat it together!
It's always more fun eating with you than eating alone!
I learned that last year!
Let's try to eat together as much as possible from here on out!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
We need to get to town! They're giving away candy!
Everyone's in strange clothes too! Why're they doing that?


Trick or treat. Give me lots of candy!
Oh, this? The villagers told me I should disguise myself for treats.
What do you mean? Is something wrong with my disguise?


Trick or treat! Give me lots of candy, (Captain)!
Where'd I get this candy? All the nice people from town gave it to me!
Don't worry. I didn't change form this time. Just like you told me.
I'll be good this year and won't scare anyone. So give me lots of candy!


Trick or treat!
C'mon, (Captain), let's hit the town! Gotta get that candy!
I missed out on a lot of candy last year because I could only carry so much...
If you come with me, I can haul twice the loot!
No time to lose! The early ghoul gets the gummy worm!


(Captain), trick or treat!
No treats? I have to play a trick on you?
Ungh, I don't care about pranks though! I want candy!
Go get some already!
When you get back, let's start from the top!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Santa Claus? What's that?
Do you think he knows a shortcut to Helheim?
I know! Let's catch him! He can get us into Helheim and I can meet my mother!


I couldn't find him this year either... You know, the old man who grants wishes.
So I asked the woman at the chapel to give him a message for me. She promised me she'd tell him.
And would you believe it, I got his reply today! He said that if I was a good little girl, I'll meet Mother again for sure!
So that's just what I'm going to be! Hehe!


(Captain). Have you met the grandpa? The wish granting one.
I heard that he grants good little boys and girls their wishes.
Rackam said if I wanted to become a good little girl, I should follow your example.
So I'm gonna watch you real close and do what you do. Stay close to me until I become a good little girl, okay?


Does the gift-grandpa really fly around the world in a sleigh?
If he does, and I catch him, I'll get the sleigh too.
I bet he knows a shortcut to Helheim...
And his sleigh can go around the world in one night...
With both him and the sleigh, I can go to where Mother is!
So help me capture the gift-grandpa, (Captain)!


This year will be the year I finally capture the gift-grandpa!
How do I plan to go about that? It's obvious, isn't it? With raw strength!
It'll be fine! I'm going to pull out all the stops this year!
Why are you trying to stop me, (Captain)? Huh? If I injure him he won't give us gifts?
Ah, I didn't think about that! Do you have a better plan?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

NOTE: The following fate episode is missing scenes that differ when Amira (SR) is in the crew.

Encounters in... #2

A young girl named Amira has fallen from the sky. She and the crew are searching for a place called Helheim, when one day she falls overboard. She lands on an island, and being the ever-hungry Amira, she heads to the nearest tavern for some food. There she encounters a soldier, looking for (Captain) and the crew. The soldier tries to persuade Amira that the crew's promise to take her to Helheim was a lie. Once reunited, (Captain) reassures her that they are indeed helping her find Helheim, and they all continue on their journey.

It was a warm and sunny day aboard the Grandcypher, and the crew were lazily drifting through the sky.
Lyria: Miss Amira! Don't you just love it when the sun is shining?
Lyria: Look! Even the birds seem to be enjoying themselves in the good weather!
Amira: Wow, yeah. They look so happy!
Amira (Promo) not in crew

Amira, the girl who had fallen from the sky and joined the crew, muttered to herself joyfully.
A girl who called herself Amira fell from the sky one day, right onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Hey! Something fell onto the deck over there!
The crew stood there with mouths agape as the figure of a woman appeared out of the billowing smoke and crashing lightning.
Amira: Hey, you. D'you know where Helheim is?
Lyria: What? Hello…high…moo? What's that?
Amira: Yeah, Helheim. I wanna go there. So…
Amira: Oof!
Vyrn: Hey, you all right? Why'd you fall like that?
Amira: Owie…
Lyria: Oh no! Did you hurt yourself?
Amira: My tummy's…rumbly…so…hungry…
Amira: Nom nom nom…munch munch munch…
Lyria: If you don't mind me asking, Miss Amira, why are you looking for this Helheim?
Amira: I've been told if I get to Helheim, I can find my mom.
Amira: I have no memories of my mom. None.
Amira: But when I hold this pendant in my hand, something stirs in my memory, and I can almost see her.
This is how the crew started collecting information about the "Helheim" that Amira was looking for.
Unfortunately, pertinent information was scarce, and Amira was no closer to her goal.
Amira: Hmm… Just a little more…
Lyria: Miss Amira, look out!
Amira reached out, trying to catch one of the birds that were flying alongside the airship.
Lyria: If you're not careful, you might fall out of the ship!
Amira: I'll be fine… Just…a little…further…
Amira: Aahhh!
Lyria: AAAAGH!
Vyrn: Lyria, what's wrong? Is it monsters? Or…
Lyria: M-miss Amira… She…she… She fell overboard!
Vyrn: What! How did it happen?
Lyria: She was trying to catch one of the birds … I tried to stop her, I really did, but…
Vyrn: Too late for that, now! We need to get down to the island and look for her!
Vyrn: Good thing we're over an island right now. If she'd fallen into the sky…
Thug 1: Damn, what're we gonna do? We can't go back empty-handed.
Thug 2: If we bring the boss a prisoner to ransom, maybe he won't get too mad at us.
Thug 3: The soldier's have really upped their game lately. How's a thug meant to make a livin' like this?
Thug 1: What was that? Thought I heard somethin'!
Amira: Oh, I'm all dirty now…
From out of a great cloud of smoke, a young woman slowly rose to her feet.
Thug 1: Oi, lady! Who the hell're you? An' where'd you come from?
Thug 2: Did… did you just fall from the sky?
Thug 3: Don't be stupid! There ain't no way a girl can fall from the sky and live to talk 'bout it!
Thug 2: Don’t call me stupid, stupid!
Thug 1: Oi, missus, are ya listenin'?
Amira: Lyria's gonna be so mad that I got my clothes dirty…
Thug 1: Huh? What did you say?
Thug 3: Whatever! Let's take her to the boss!
Thug 2: Yeah! But maybe we should make sure she's really not hurt…
Amira: You guys aren't as useless as you look.
Thug 2: Oof…ugh… What are you? Are you a monster?
Thug 1: Cough…cough… I told ya, a normal girl can't just fall outta the sky like that…
Thug 3: Shut up! Whatever, we need to stop her!
Amira: You…
Thug 3: Y-yes?
Amira: I need your clothes. Erm… I'll give 'em back, I promise.
Thug 3: K-keep 'em. Just, leave us alone and never come back!
Amira: Oh, well, thank you.
With a satisfied little laugh, Amira slowly got to her feet.
Amira: I should get back to the ship, they must all be so worried about me…
Amira: Ah, but I should probably clean my clothes first.
Amira: But then before that, I need to get something to eat.
Amira: Nom nom nom… Munch munch munch…
Shopkeep: Madam, I have to say, that's quite an appetite you have!
Amira: Nom nom… Thank you! But you know, I've only just started. More!
Shopkeep: More? OK! We'll just keep the food comin'!
The whole restaurant enjoyed the show being put on by the restaurant owner and the young woman.
When, with the sound of clanking armor, a solitary soldier appeared.
Imperial Soldier: Apologies for the interruption. Have any of you seen the skyfarers from this wanted poster?
Tavern Regular 1:
Tavern Regular 2:
Imperial Soldier: Humph, when are you going to learn to show us the proper level of respect?
Imperial Soldier: Don't you realize that we could destroy a tiny shop like this without even breaking into a sweat?
Shopkeep: There ain't no one like them skyfarers here! Looks like no one remembers seein' 'em either, so you can be about yer way!
Imperial Soldier: Is that so. Still, that's no reason to leave.
Shopkeep: What's that supposed to mean?
Imperial Soldier: You, miss, I don't think I've seen you before. You're not from around here, are you?
Amira: Nom nom nom…
Imperial Soldier: Excuse me, miss? I'm talking to you.
Amira: Nom nom nom…
Imperial Soldier: Don't ignore me! You don't want to know what I do to people who ignore me!
Amira: Nom…nom? Huh?
Imperial Soldier: I was asking, have you seen these skyfarers before?
Amira: Sure. That's (Captain) and Lyria. And then the, what's-his-name, the tasty-looking lizard.
Imperial Soldier: Hoho, well this is quite the turn of events. I don't suppose you know where these miscreants are?
Amira: Why'd you want to know?
Imperial Soldier: Isn't it obvious? I am to find them and present them to his excellency, the prime minister. Then I might get a reward.
Amira: Oh dear. I don't think they're gonna like that.
Imperial Soldier: What? Just what are you trying to say?
Amira: (Captain) promised me. They're gonna take me to Helheim.
Amira: That's why they're not gonna like it. How can they take me to Helheim if you take them to the "prime rib-ster"?
Imperial Soldier: Helheim? What a stupid name. I'm sure they were just lying to make you happy.
Amira: …………
Imperial Soldier: Yes, these criminals obviously just lied to you so that you would trust them.
Imperial Soldier: These are the people who have stolen the Empire's secrets. Do you really think they're worth protecting?
Amira: You're wrong. (Captain) wouldn't lie to me. I think you're the one who's lying.
Imperial Soldier: Wha?? Fine. I'm done with the "good cop" routine…
With a wave of his hand, the Imperial Soldier was soon joined by a number of his comrades.
Imperial Soldier: Men! Arrest this woman!
A belt of light came forth from the soldiers, wrapping itself around Amira.
Amira: What! This feels, weird…
Imperial Soldier: You're not talking now, but let's see how cooperative you'll be after a bit of "persuasion"!
Amira: (Captain) said… They'd take me to Helheim… They promised…
Amira: I believe (Captain)… (Captain) would never lie!
Vyrn: Hey! Amira!
Lyria: Miss Amira!
Vyrn: Humph… It's weird, Amira should be somewhere on this island…
Lyria: She's not here. I was sure that she'd make her way to the town.
Amira: …………
Vyrn: Ah! Hey, over there! Isn't that Amira?
Lyria: You're right! Thank goodness! Miss Amira! Over here!
Amira: (Captain)… Lyria…
As soon as Amira saw (Captain) she immediately ran toward them.
However, she did not look happy.
Amira: (Captain), do you mind if I ask you a question?
Amira (Promo) not in crew

Amira: You wouldn't lie to me, would you?
  1. Of course not!
  2. What do you think?

Choose: Of course not!
Amira: Oh, well that's a relief.
Lyria: What happened to you?
Amira: Nothing… As long as you're telling the truth I'll be fine.

Choose: What do you think?
Amira: I don't think you are. I trust you, Captain (Captain).
Amira: What's that? You want to know why I asked you?
Amira: Maybe later…
Continue 1
After talking with (Captain), Amira had an expression of extreme relief.
And, as if on cue, her stomach decided this was the time to speak up.
Amira: Owie…
Amira: I know! (Captain), let's go to that tavern over there! Their food is the best!
Amira: You must all be hungry, too, right? Let's go!
Lyria: Heehee. That's the Miss Amira we know!
Vyrn: Yeah! I was worried when you told me she fell off the ship…
Vyrn: But she seems none the worse for wear! Don't you think, (Captain)?
And so, dragged along by Amira, the crew made their way to the tavern.
Vyrn: Amira, I just have to ask… What's with those clothes?
Amira: What, these things? I met a kindly old man who gave them to me. Do you like them?
Lyria: I love them! That look really suits you!
Amira: Heehee!
An ecstatic Amira decided that she was going to keep the clothes she was given, and put them prominently in her closet.

The Bounty Hunter

The crew continue to search for any information on Helheim, a place where Amira hopes to find her mother, however they are have little luck. That is, until a tavern owner tells them of a rich young man who had been in his establishment just the night before. He tells them that the man might be at a ruined church outside of town, and so the crew make their way there.

Amira: Hey, do you know where Helheim is?
Tavern Owner: Hel…heim? I'm sorry, I've never heard of it.
Amira: Oh…
(Captain) and the crew had joined Amira in her hunt for information on Helheim, which had led them to a nearby town.
It seems that no one had even heard of "Helheim," much less have any clue about where it might be.
Vyrn: Hmm… I guess if no one in this town has even heard of Helheim, then it can't be anywhere around here.
Lyria: Don't give up! I'm sure someone in the next town will have?
Tavern Owner: Wait a sec… Helheim, I think it does ring a bell. Yes, someone was in here yesterday talking about it.
Amira: Really? Tell me more!
Tavern Owner: Yesterday, there was a young man who was throwing cash around like it was seed in a field.
Tavern Owner: He had mentioned that he'd been to Helheim, or something like that.
Tavern Owner: He might well have simply been rich and eccentric however...
Amira: Where is this man now? Tell me!
Tavern Owner: I'm not sure. He left sometime last night for his hotel.
Amira: Humph! So where's this hotel then!
Tavern Owner: W-well, there are a lot of hotels around here…
Amira: Argh…
Tavern Owner: All I can tell you is that he's here because the mayor hired him to deal with our monster problem.
Tavern Owner: You see, a huge monster seems to have moved into the ruined church outside of town.
Tavern Owner: So, there's a chance he'll be there today dealing with it.
Amira: A ruined church… (Captain)! We have to go and find this place right now!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 2

The crew find the ruined church that the mysterious man is supposed to be clearing. Once there, Amira senses that someone is watching them. As they are discussing who it might be, a monster appears from nowhere. Who could be watching the crew? And for what reason?

The crew arrived at the ruined church where they had been told a powerful monster had taken up residence.
However, the young man they had been told about was nowhere to be found.
Lyria: I wonder if the man is still on his way?
Vyrn: Either that, or he's dealt with the monster in the church and has already left.
Vyrn: If that's the case, he must be quite the warrior.
Amira: Shush…
Vyrn: What? Why are you shushing me?
Amira: I thought… I think someone's watching us.
Lyria: Do you think it could be… the man we're looking for?
Amira: I can't say. But there's definitely someone else here.
Vyrn: Why would they hide? They must know that we've found them out by now. They should just?
Vyrn: Wah! What's that! Amira! I don't suppose this is what you sensed?
Amira: No, it wasn't a monster I was feeling…
Amira: There's still someone watching us. Why won't they come out?
Lyria: Amira…
Vyrn: Well, whether somebody's there or not, we need to deal with this monster first. Come on, (Captain), let's do this!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 3

(Captain) and crew are having trouble defeating the monster from the church. Amira however can think of nothing but finding the man who supposedly knows about the location of Helheim. Just as things seem to be taking a turn for the worse, a mysterious figure appears and fills the ruins with smoke, giving the crew a chance to take down the monster.

Monster: Grrrrrrr…
(Captain) and crew faced off against the monster, but were unable to defeat it.
Vyrn: Man, this thing is tougher than it looks!
The situation wasn't helped by the fact that Amira was ignoring the monster, and just calling out into the church.
Amira: Come on! I know you know about Helheim! Why won't you come out and we can talk!
Lyria: A-Amira… Just calm down.
Amira: But I’m so close! Sooo close to finding Helheim…
Amira: So close to finding my mother! I can't stop now! I won't stop now!
Amira: Where are you! Come on out moneybags!
Vyrn: I think you're more likely to scare him off than get him to come out, going on like that.
Lyria: Amira, look out!
Amira: Huh!
The monster lunged viciously, but missed its mark.
Then, from out of nowhere, came the noise of somebody tutting, and the ruins filled with smoke.
Amira: Are you helping us?
Vyrn: I don't know what's happening, but this our chance!
Vyrn: Amira, let's take out this monster, then we can look for the man, OK?
Amira: …OK.
Amira: Nothing and no one is going to get in my way!

The Bounty Hunter: Scene 4

The crew hurry to the mayor to collect the bounty for the monster they had just defeated. Once there, the mayor reveals that the man they were looking for has already collected the reward. The crew are no closer to finding him or the location of Helheim. Amira tries to visualize this man who has been to Helheim as the crew continue on their quest to find her mother.

Monster: Grrrrrrr…
The crew had successfully dealt with the monster in the church ruins.
However, the man they were looking for never showed himself, and even the presence Amira had felt had disappeared.
Vyrn: The monster didn't eat him, did it?
Amira: I don't think so. The presence I felt was too strong to be taken out so easily.
Lyria: Aha! I have an idea, we should go to the mayor!
Lyria: He might tell us more about this man he hired!
Amira: You think? Then what're we waiting for? Let's go!
Vyrn: And while we're there, we can pick up the bounty for this monster!
Vyrn: After all, we were the ones who finished the job, we deserve the reward!
The crew headed back to the town, and found the mayor. However…
Town Mayor: What? You're saying that you took down the monster in the church?
Vyrn: That's right! And it wasn't easy, let me tell you!
Town Mayor: Really… Well this does put me in a bit of a bind...
Town Mayor: You see, the man that I hired for the job has just been here tell me he had done it.
Amira: He was here? Where did he go! Tell me!
Town Mayor: Well, he didn't say much, just that he'd got the monster.
Town Mayor: After I gave him the bounty he left without saying a word.
Amira: What!
Amira dashed out to the front of the mayor's house, but there was nobody there.
Town Mayor: I'm sorry if he's taken credit for your work…
Town Mayor: But he seemed to know so much about what had happened. He even asked for me to pay for his smoke bomb.
Town Mayor: So it really seemed as though it was him who had taken out the monster.
Lyria: So that smoke was the doing of man we were looking for…
Amira: The smoke was… the man?
Vyrn: Heheh, so it seems this man that we're looking for is no ordinary guy.
(Captain) wondered who this man was who could hide themselves so well.
Amira looked off into the distance as she tried to imagine the kind of man who could disappear in a puff of smoke.

A Fateful Encounter

Amira, (Captain), and the crew are searching for information about Helheim in a village deep in the mountains. They draw a complete blank, but just as they were about to give up, a lone knight strikes up a conversation with them. He explains that his name is Kaisar, and that he is searching for "a girl who dropped out of the sky." Realizing that this refers to Amira, the crew flees into the forest surrounding the village at great haste.

Amira: Hey… do you know anything about Helheim?
Tavern Regular 1: Nah… never `eard of it. What the heck is it anyhow. This "Helheim" thing.
Amira: It's a faraway place… My mother is there. I want to go and meet her.
Tavern Regular 1: I see… Well I don't think I'd be much help, but good luck anyway!
Amira: I'll need it…
Midway through their travels, (Captain) and the crew had stopped at a village deep in the mountains.
Amira had again resumed her search for anyone who knew of "Helheim" in this village, but the search turned up nothing.
Tavern Regular 2: Helheim… Helheim…. Yeah… I don't know no Helheim…
Amira: I see…
Vyrn: For goodness sake… Isn't there anyone in this village who's heard of Helheim?
Lyria: Well, maybe not. I mean it doesn't seem like it's that big a village.
Amira: Right, next! Quick, (Captain), let's move on to the next village.
Vyrn: Hey, what's the rush! Can't we at least have a meal before we move on? I'm famished!
Amira: Food! Let's eat!
Tavern Owner: Ah! Good Skyfarers! If it's food you need, then as it happens, this village's specialty is?
???: Excuse me… Did you just say skyfarers?
Walking toward (Captain) and the crew was the young man who had reacted to the word "skyfarer."
???: Looking at you, you seem a little young… Are you really skyfarers?
Lyria: Yes! We travel aboard an airship called the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: That's quite some bouffant that guy has. I've seen a hairdo like that before somewhere.
Amira: Let's eat already… what did you say this village's specialty was?
???: You all seem well traveled for your age… I'm impressed.
???: Seeing as you are indeed full-fledged skyfarers, do you mind if I ask you something?
Lyria: Sure, what is it?
???: This is going to sound really stupid but… Have you ever heard a rumor about a girl who dropped down out of the sky?
Lyria: What! Well, as it happens…
???: Huh? You've heard about this?
Vyrn: Hey (Captain)! This girl who dropped from the sky, I bet it's?
Tavern Owner: Your food is ready! The casserole that this village is famed for! My apologies for keeping you waiting.
Amira: Wow! That looks delicious!
Lyria: Oh, yes, so about your?
???: Mmm? I just realized that I haven't even introduced myself. How rude of me.
Kaisar: My name is Kaisar Lidfard. At present I'm affiliated with a certain order of knights…
Kaisar: I wish I could say I was a knight, but my affiliation with the Order is still provisional.
Lyria: You're… a knight?
Kaisar: Yes… The line of knights stretches back many generations in the House of Lidfard.
Kaisar: However, a scandal befell the glorious House of Lidfard, and our knighthoods were revoked…
Kaisar: We lost everything… And I pledged a vow to my dearly departed mother and father, that I would restore the House of Lidfard…
Kaisar: But the road ahead has many twists. After many tribulations, my lineage lies in tatters. Provisionally I'm a lieutenant in?
Kaisar: Huh? Those skyfarers who were here just now, where'd they go?
Tavern Owner: Oh them? For some reason they ran outside in a great rush…
Kaisar: What!
Caught up in his monologue, Kaisar failed to notice (Captain) and the others run out into the forest that encircled the village.
Amira: That casserole… We'd hardly eaten any of it… I'm still starving…
Vyrn: Are you serious? That "girl who dropped out of the sky" must be about you Amira, right?
Vyrn: Why would a knight from some order or other be searching for you?
Lyria: Er… Amira… Do you have any idea about why someone might be searching for you?
Amira: No idea. But more to the point, when are we going to eat?
Monster: Groooooorgh!
Vyrn: Argh! We were in such a hurry to get away from that knight, we didn't think there might be monsters in the forest!
Amira: I'm absolutely starving, so I'm not going to go easy on these monsters!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 2

In the middle of the forest, (Captain) and the others consider what to do about the knights. Although the crew ran away from the tavern on impulse, they don't know the reason why Amira is being chased, and Lyria wonders aloud whether in fact the knights just want to tell Amira how to get to Helheim. As soon as Lyria says this, Amira runs straight toward the knights, and when they try to seize her, a battle breaks out.

Knight 1: Those shifty skyfarers fled into the forest! Leave no stone unturned!
Kaisar: …………
Deep in the forest, (Captain) and the others considered what to do about the knights who were searching for Amira.
Vyrn: Woah… things suddenly got serious back there…
Vyrn: Amira, are you sure you don't remember anything about being hunted by someone?
Amira: I don't know anything about that. I just want to get to Helheim.
Lyria: What if they're searching for you with good intentions and they mean you no harm?
Amira: Good intentions? What would those be?
Lyria: Like, for example… they want to tell you how to get to Helheim, or something like that!
Amira: Helheim? Really?
Vyrn: She just meant that as an example…
Hey! Amira! Where're you going?
Knight 2: Hmmm… there's no trace of them around here…
Amira: You guys know the way to Helheim? Tell me!
Knight 2: Huh? Who's this girl?
Knight 3: Hey, wait! That girl's one of the skyfarers who were in the bar just now!
Amira: You don't know where Helheim is?
Knight 2: There she goes with that Helheim stuff again… what's she talking about?
Knight 3: No matter! Seize her!
Amira: You won't capture me… If I'm taken, I won't be able to meet my mother!
Vyrn: Didn't we tell you that you were being hunted! (Captain) and the crew to the rescue!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew fight against the knights, but are eventually driven back owing to the knights' greater numbers. The crew let down their guard for a moment, and one of the knights takes Vyrn hostage. The injustice of this drives Amira into a rage, which transforms their surroundings, and the crew and the knights find themselves sucked into an alternate dimension. In the midst of this maelstrom, a giant dragon suddenly appears and assails the crew.

(Captain) and the crew fought against the knights, but eventually found themselves in trouble due to the knights' numbers.
Amira: You mean you guys aren't going to tell me about Helheim?
Amira: Tell me! And why are you guys trying to capture me?
Knight 1: You don't need to know that!
Knight 1: Call Lieutenant Kaisar. This is definitely the crew that took the girl who bears the Key of the Gods.
Knight 2: Yessir!
Vyrn: Darn it… As we expected, there's loads of these knights, and they seem like a tough battalion…
Amira: Don't sweat it… I'll make short work of these guys…
Vyrn: Waargh!
Lyria: Vyrn!
One of the knights grabbed Vyrn from behind and yelled out in triumph.
Knight 3: No use fighting, lizard.
Hey, you lot! If you value this pet of yours, then you'll do as we say and put down your weapons!
Vyrn: Why you…! I'm not a pet!
Knight 3: Silence, lizard! Listen up, you're all coming with us…
Amira: Get your hands off him!
Knight 3: Or what!
Amira: That lizard belongs to me!
Amira: (Captain) and the crew promised to take me to Helheim! So don't touch any of them!
Amira: I have to meet my mother! So I have to get to Helheim, together with (Captain) and the others!
Knight 3: …?
Knight 3: What's happening! What is this?
Vyrn: Woah woah woah, what is this! What's happening to us!
Lyria: I can… I can feel a tremendous energy here…
Amira: It's coming!
Lyria: …?
What is that?
???: ………
Knight 3: Aaaargh! What is that beast!
Lyria: What is that?
Is it… no…
Vyrn: Hey! I don't know what that thing is, but it's coming this way!
Amira: It is of no concern… I am going to meet my mother. And nothing will stand in my way!

A Fateful Encounter: Scene 4

Having overcome the giant dragon, (Captain) and the crew are returned to their own world. The knights are shocked to find that the "Key of the Gods" has awoken, and flee. Having temporarily escaped danger, the crew head for the town in the foothills. Meanwhile Kaisar, the Lieutenant of the battalion, receives a report from his subordinate. He scolds his subordinate, not for allowing Amira and the others to escape, but for taking a small creature hostage, in breach of the chivalric code.

In the alternate dimension, (Captain) and the crew managed to overcome the giant dragon.
No sooner had they done this than once again everything turned white, and the crew found themselves back in the forest.
Knight 3: Wha… darn it!
Make no mistake… the Key of the Gods is awoken!
Knight 3: We must report this at once! If a dragon like that were to… cross over into this world…
Vyrn: We're all back… So just what is this Key of the Gods?
Lyria: And that dragon just now… It was similar to Bahamut, but something was different…
Amira: Who cares… We've got a bigger fish to fry, (Captain).
Vyrn: What? Those knights are coming for us again!
Amira: I'm still starving… I'm at my limit…
Knight 1: …But after hostilities concluded, I'm afraid they got away from us, sir…
Kaisar: That's not what concerns me!
Kaisar: To think that a knight of all people would take a small creature hostage and use that to try to compel people to surrender!
Knight 2: Er, well, a knight should… a knight is…
Kaisar: No matter…
You say that the Key of the Gods has finally awoken…
Knight 3: Yes… Of that there can be no doubt, sir.
Kaisar: I see…
With a severe expression, the young lieutenant gazed at the sky beyond the forest.
(Captain) and the crew meanwhile, in search of a meal, headed back through the forest, to the town they had just left.

His Chivalry

In the village deep in the mountains, (Captain) and the crew encounter an order of knights who are chasing Amira. Giving them the slip, the crew eventually reach a town in the foothills, where they stop to eat. Amira is ordering everything on the menu that catches her eye when, once again, the knights who are chasing her burst in.

In the village deep in the mountains, (Captain) and the crew encounter an order of knights who are chasing Amira.
Although getting caught up in a strange phenomena, the crew manage to get through the forest to a town in the foothills.
Amira: That was delicious… So was that! This one was good, too…
Vyrn: Bless my apples… You wouldn't think that up until a moment ago we were being chased. That feeling of suspense has completely gone…
Lyria: Well… it's good to slow down and enjoy your food, isn't it?
Amira: Hey (Captain), let's order this one! More food! Foooood!
Vyrn: Oh! Has something on the menu caught you eye, Amira?
Knight: Ha, I've caught you! Not so quick at escaping now, huh!
Lyria: Those knights from before?
Vyrn: Not again… Looks like we'll have to postpone our meal a little while longer…
Amira: (Grrrr)… Who dares interrupt my meal! You won't like me when I'm hungry!
Knight: By the gods, I've had enough tomfoolery from you brats… You're surrounded!

His Chivalry: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew are fighting the order of knights, when their leader Kaisar appears. The chivalrous Kaisar explains how dangerous the "Key of the Gods" that dwells within Amira is, but she refuses to be taken into custody, and Kaisar agonizes over the best course of action. Just then however, one of Kaisar's subordinates appears together with some Imperial Soldiers, and battle commences.

Knight: Drat! How come this rag-tag band are so good at fighting!
Amira: (Grrrr)…
Kaisar: Halt! What are you doing! Men, sheath your weapons!
Lyria: Oh, isn't that what's-his-name, Kaisar?
Knight: That’s Lieutenant Kaisar to you, girl!
Kaisar: Such insubordinance… I told you to go and find them, not go and fight them!
Kaisar: (Whispers… And besides, we musn't over-stimulate the Key of the Gods, now that it is reawakening. Have you got that?)
Knight: (Sir yessir!)
The young Lieutenant whispers in his subordinate's ear, and then turns to face (Captain) and the others.
Kaisar: Please forgive my mens' transgressions… We simply have a request of the girl who is said to have dropped from the sky.
Vyrn: A request?
Kaisar: Yes that's right. Once we're all calm and composed, will you talk with us?
On saying that, Kaisar indicates to a tavern in one corner of the square.
Amira: Nom nom nom nom…
Lyria: Munch munch munch munch…
Kaisar: So you're the captain of this crew, (Captain)? You're young, but you're really quite something.
Kaisar: I've heard it said that the life of a skyfarer is a proud one.
Kaisar: It's something I'm very curious about, but I couldn't take to the skies and leave my trusty steed Barina Chall Lidfard behind.
Vyrn: Cut to the chase: why were you guys searching for Amira?
Kaisar: Oh yes… the girl who is said to have dropped from the sky, who is known as Miss Amira?
Amira: That'd be me.
Kaisar: Huh?
Amira: Huh?
Kaisar: Wha- what do you mean?
Vyrn: Hey, Kaisar, cat got your tongue?
Kaisar: Wha-? No, no, it's just that… I see, so you are…
Kaisar: You see, it's just that… and you might think that this is unbelievable but…
Kaisar: An enormously dangerous power dwells within Miss Amira.
The noble knight Kaisar explains that this power is contained within the "Key of the Gods."
The "Key of the Gods" is spoken of in the myths handed down in Kaisar's world.
Kaisar: It is said that when the key awakens, a terrible cataclysm will be unleashed.
Lyria: A terrible cataclysm…
Kaisar: We don't want to do you any harm…
Kaisar: But in order to safeguard this world, we ask you to give us custody of Miss Amira.
Amira: You can forget it. I'm going to Helheim.
Lyria: ………
Vyrn: We have to answer right away?
Kaisar: Let's see… If, somehow, you could…
Whilst Kaisar agonizes over what to do, a great commotion suddenly occurs at the entrance to the tavern.
Gathered at the entrance is Kaisar's subordinate, and a regiment of the Erste Imperial Soldiers.
Insubordinate Knight: This ain't your problem no more, Lieutenant. You're coming with us, whether you want to or not!
Kaisar: Why you! What do you think you're doing!
Vyrn: Hey! How come he's brought Imperial Soldiers with him?
Insubordinate Knight: Enough! Sieze that girl!

His Chivalry: Scene 3

Kaisar is enraged that one of his knights disregarded his orders and summoned Erste Imperial Soldiers. The insubordinate knight wants to make money by selling Amira to the Erste Empire, and scorns Kaisar's chivalry. Amira makes it clear that she "won't allow anyone to obstruct my journey to meet my mother". Kaisar, deeply struck by her heartfelt love for her mother, pledges to help her, and leads the attack against the Imperial Soldiers and the insubordinate knight.

Even while he is bewildered at the sudden shift in the situation, Kaisar questions his underling.
Kaisar: Just what is the meaning of this! I told you that we musn't provoke the Key of the… we musn't provoke Amira!
Insubordinate Knight: It's time you got off your high horse…
Kaisar: How dare you!
Insubordinate Knight: We just have to show them that we mean business, and our problems will all be solved.
Insubordinate Knight: Besides, I've never been able to stomach all your sanctimonious standing-on-ceremony.
Insubordinate Knight: The Erste Empire will pay a very handsome price for the "Key of the Gods"… Why not give them what they want, Lieutenant?
Kaisar: Traitor to the Order! Scum like you bring disgrace on all who call themselves knights!
Insubordinate Knight: That's rich, coming from someone who isn't a full-fledged knight yet! You're still a provisional, ain't cha?
Kaisar: Why you!
Vyrn: Cool your jets you two… None of us are looking for trouble…
Amira: ………
Kaisar: Miss Amira! Flee this place! If they get ahold of you…
Amira: No-one is laying a finger on me. I'm going to meet my mother.
Kaisar: Your mother?
Amira: I'm going to Helheim. I'm going to Helheim to meet my mother.
Amira: Don't even think about trying to stop me!
Amira: Imperial soldiers…? Or knights?
S'pose it doesn't really matter which group I dispatch first.
Kaisar: Miss Amira… What I spoke to you of earlier…
Vyrn: This Amira dude really sticks to her guns, I'll give her that.
Lyria: But I think we all understand that feeling of just wanting to see your mother…
Kaisar: To want to see your mother, the one who bore you into this world, is indeed an entirely noble sentiment…
Kaisar: No-one would endure anyone blocking their path on that journey!
Amira: …?
Kaisar: Miss Amira! Just now I made a harsh demand of you, knowing nothing of your circumstances…
Kaisar: Now, permit me to make ammends for this imposition, by reinforcing your blades with my own!
Amira: Not really sure what you're talking about, but…
OK, whatever dude.
Insubordinate Knight: So after all that, you're joining forces with these low-lifes. Some knight you are!
Kaisar: What is your point? Anyone would understand the desire to be reunited with their mother!
Kaisar: To get close to and protect a yearning as pure as that is precisely what a knight should do!
Kaisar: En garde! Steel yourselves, for your opponent is I, Kaisar Lidfarde!
Lyria: Wow! I guess this is our fight too, right (Captain)!

His Chivalry: Scene 4

Fighting alongside Kaisar, (Captain) and the crew take care of the Imperial Soldiers and the traitorous knight. As Amira and the crew are about to leave the town, Kaisar offers them some kind words. Afterwards, one of the loyal knights raises doubts about letting Amira and the "Key of the Gods" slip away, but Kaisar maintains they did the honorable thing. He would always see the cheerful faces of his friends whenever he raised his eyes to the sky.

Fighting alongside Kaisar, the crew manage to capture the Imperial Soldiers and the traitorous knight.
Entrusting their opponents to the remaining loyal knights, the crew get on with their preparations to leave the town.
Vyrn: Thanks for that, Kaisar! You were a real boon to us back there!
Lyria: Yes! You're so tough Kaisar!
Kaisar: Haha…
It was the least I could do.
Kaisar: Miss Amira, the sooner you find your mother, the better.
Amira: Yes… thank you.
With a few brief words of parting, (Captain) and the crew leave the town.
One of the remaining knights whispers in Kaisar's ear.
Knight: (Pssst… What will happen now that we've let the Key of the Gods slip through our fingers? We could be dismissed from our order.)
Kaisar: Mmmm… you could be right. But I would rather be able to face my departed mother and father with pride.
Kaisar: Well, if I do lose my job again, then once more I shall don the guise of a bounty hunter…
Kaisar: Not so very different from those skyfarers after all…
Come hell or high water, blue skies shall always remind the proud knight of the faces of his newfound friends.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
おいしそう… Looks delicious...
肉が…食べたい… I want... meat...
お母さん… Mother...
ヘルヘイムについて知ってるか? Do you know about Helheim?
おなかすいた… I'm getting hungry...
邪魔はさせない… I won't let you get in our way...
絶対に行くんだ…ヘルヘイムに I'll make it to Helheim for sure...
私がやる任せろ…! I'm on it! Leave it to me!
(主人公)…私は君を信じるよ (Captain)... I believe in you!
(主人公)とならきっとヘルヘイムに… With (Captain), I'll get to Helheim!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


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