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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 166 cm
Race Primal Beast
Hobbies Studying tactics
Likes Peace
Dislikes Conflicts
Character Release
Source [1] [2]
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Age 不明
Height 166cm
Race 星晶獣
Hobbies 戦術の研究
Likes 平和
Dislikes 闘争
Character Release
Source [1] [2]





  • In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and war.
  • Minerva is the Roman equivalent goddess to Athena.
  • Finis is Latin for "end".
  • Tetradrachm is the name of an Ancient Greek coin. The tetradrachm of Athens was stamped with the head of Athena on one side and the Owl of Athena on the other.
  • The name of Athena's owl companion, Glafkos, is likely derived from "glaukós" (γλαυκός), a Greek word for gleaming.
    • It is one of the roots of the word "glaukôpis" (γλαυκῶπις), a Homeric epithet for Athena, referring to her eyes.
    • It may also have been used to describe the eyes of Athene noctua species of owl, leading to the word "glaûx" (γλαῦξ) meaning "little owl".
  • Palladium is the Latin equivalent of the Greek word "palladion" (Παλλάδιον), referring to one of many statues of Athena, believed to grant protection to a Greek and Roman city.
  • Aigis (often spelled as Aegis) is a term for a shield or breastplate, originally directly associated with Athena or Zeus, most often the shield bearing the head of the Gorgon Medusa that she would wield.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
The day you came into this world is one truly worthy of celebration.
As the wielder of the aegis and the shield, I will do all that I can to make your journey an easier one.
That being said, things will not always go so smoothly.
There will be times where you will have no choice but to fight.
But do not despair, for you have my shield. Please never hesitate to call upon my help when needed.
As long as I can wield my power, I will be there to protect you.
Not because of my obligation as a primal beast, but of my own volition.


(Captain), happy birthday.
I am most grateful for the opportunity to once again celebrate a day so important to you.
I've learned and gained so much through meeting you, (Captain).
Although some of it has been more abstract, like the joy I've derived from our many irreplaceable memories together.
I vowed to go above and beyond in keeping you safe from harm, but I fear that is not enough to repay you for all that you have given me.
Yet as battle is all that I know, please allow me to make another vow.
For as long as this journey continues, and as long as I am able, I swear to be the aegis that shields you from all harm.
And if at all possible, at least until your journey's end, I pray that the world will be at peace, without any trouble nor quarrel.
Haha. It always pleases my heart to put such thoughts into words. Strange, isn't it?


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm glad to celebrate your birthday once more.
I love how cozy it always is on the Grandcypher, but today is an especially blissful day.
I have no doubt that it's a result of all your hard work in making this a comfortable place for us all.
You still have a long way to go, you say?
Haha, your unremitting diligence never ceases to impress.
The candidness and sincerity in your eyes is incredibly inspiring.
As one who serves to protect others, and especially this crew, I wish to learn from your example.
In our journey ahead, I will continue striving to protect us from any and all threats.
So that we may celebrate in peace again when your next birthday comes.


Happy birthday, (Captain). You are now another year older.
And the crew has become stronger in conjunction with your acquired experience.
I am forever grateful you accepted me into your circle.
Seeing all the smiling faces of the other crew members today spurs me to intensify my efforts as the crew's shield.
I am already doing a perfect job, you say?
You flatter me with those words.
However, on the off chance that anything were to happen to anyone... I couldn't bear the sadness.
I only want to see smiles on everyone's faces. That is my sincerest wish.
Making that a reality is the greatest gift I can give you.


(Captain), happy birthday.
I wonder how many times we've celebrated your birthday now.
This day serves as proof that your journey continues on, year after year.
It's a good time to reflect on the path you've taken, the choices you've made... and your growth over the course of every step.
Glafkos and I are proud to have been by your side through it all.
As your journey continues, so will I in my duty to shield you from harm.
I promise to be your aegis, through thick and thin—always and forever.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah, (Captain). Good morn—er, no... That isn't right, um... Happy New Year.
Was that the proper greeting?
I must confess, I merely heard the others saying it to each other this morning.
So I was merely repeating what they said... Did I do it right?
Oh, thank goodness! I was afraid I would say it wrong.
Let me try once more then. Ahem.
I wish you a happy New Year, (Captain), and many more to come.


A happy New Year to you, (Captain).
You're up awfully early today. To hunt monsters, I presume?
No? You're off to visit the shrine? Ah yes, I had heard that it is customary to offer a prayer at the shrine for New Year's. But this early?
(Captain) explains that people from all over gather on this island for the occasion, and arriving at the shrine early would be a good way to avoid the crowds.
I see... That was something I had not considered... Is it all right if I accompany you today?
Today seems rather significant in my quest to learn more about the mortal way of life.
Haha, thank you. Let us go then.


Happy New Year, (Captain). A letter arrived for you just now.
Strangely, quite a number of letters have arrived today. Do you know why?
Hmm... I see. So there is a New Year's tradition of sending letters to friends and family members.
It's certainly a wonderful gesture that reaffirms relationships and strengthens bonds.
Perhaps I should endeavor to do the same. Allow me to write you a letter, (Captain)!
What? That's not quite the right idea?


(Captain), happy New Year.
Most of the others are gathered in the galley, since the osechi is about to be served.
Curious about my outfit? I wore it because I was helping in the kitchen.
I wanted to contribute something after all these years of only partaking in these delicious meals.
It's strange though. Some of the others reacted oddly after seeing me in this kimono and apron.
They all murmured something about feeling blessed... I don't understand.
Is it because I unlocked the true extent of my abilities? It's a blessing to be sure, considering I can protect us even better than before.
Oh. You say they were impressed by my appearance? I see. Kimonos are rather elegant.
Hehe, I thought I might not be a good fit for something this nice, but I'm glad that doesn't seem to be the case.


(Captain), happy New Year. May this one be even better than the last.
The osechi will be ready in a moment. I'm preparing it now.
Ah, by prepare, I mean I'm laying it out to be served. Osechi is cooked before the new year, not after.
It's also made out of foods that will be good for a few days, so that one can take a break from doing housework during this time.
I find it fascinatingly efficient. It allows for time to both rest and enjoy the festivities.
Though our arduous journey continues on, it's nice to at least take the New Year to relax.
Oh, you'd like to help me prepare?
That is much appreciated. Shall we?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, (Captain). I'm glad I caught you. Could I have you for a moment?
I have heard that today is a momentous day where we give chocolates to the special ones in our lives.
So I have requested Medusa's assistance in making these chocolates.
They may not be much of a sight, but the flavor has Medusa's stamp of approval. So I'm sure they'll be to your liking!
Oh, yes... They're for you. Please take them.
Next year I'll work hard and improve my confectionary skills even further. Hehe, you'll just have to wait for it.


Happy Valentine's, (Captain). Yes, I have a present for you this year as well.
Although it is the same as last year's, I believe the chocolate to be much more refined, given all the training I've done since then.
Confectionery and warfare are alike in that in order to show your progress, you must show your mastery of the basics. Please, try one.
You find it delectable? Ah, it gladdens my heart to see that smile upon you.
But of course, there are certain things I am reflecting on. Medusa called me a bore for choosing the same gift as last year.
When she suggested that I'm too slow in picking up new mortal skills, I realized how careless I can be...
My next step will be to build upon what I've learned thus far and cultivate new skills. I will not be slow about it.
Allow me to show you the fruits of my labor when this day comes upon us next year, (Captain).


Happy Valentine's, (Captain)! Please accept my gift!
It's a chocolate cake this time, with a bit of a mechanism built-in. By cutting into it with a knife...
Chocolate comes flowing out of the cake! See?
Haha, Medusa scolded me last for making little improvement...
But judging from your reaction just now, I would say my efforts these past twelve months have not gone to waste!
But of course, there is always room for improvement. I will continue to come up with even greater strategies to please you in the years to come.
There is no need to hide your joy, (Captain). Your smile brings me peace after all.


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day.
I attempted a new strategy this time around with the chocolate I made.
After much debating with Medusa, we concluded that it would be difficult to give you something better tasting than what I gave last year.
That is why I wrote you a message on this chocolate placard.
(Captain) takes the gift box from Athena and carefully opens it up.

To my dear captain: I shall always be your shield.


I hope I've done this properly, as this is my first time writing something of this nature...
Medusa assured me that the message was very befitting of me, but somehow, I still feel a little embarrassed.


Hello, (Captain), and happy Valentine's Day.
I made chocolates this year as well, and would love for nothing more than you to have them, but...
My apologies. I don't believe I can hand over these failures.
After the previous years of successful chocolate making, I decided to challenge myself by adding a hefty amount of spices to create a new flavor.
The end result is not only spicy but also leaves behind a viscous sweetness on the tongue.
The idea was to have the stimulating spiciness contrast against the soothing sweetness—a battle between offense and defense.
However, upon testing a sample for me, Medusa said the flavors were mismatched.
Upon hearing such a review, it occurred to me that I hadn't considered how the flavors would pair together.
I let my pride and arrogance cloud my judgment!
You... wish to eat it regardless?
Thank you, (Captain). Your consideration is appreciated.
Though it is slightly embarrassing, I would be glad to have you accept these chocolates. Go on, try a bite.

Chocolates square.jpg Chocolates

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

What is it, (Captain)? Do you perhaps require my assistance for something?
A White Day gift... in exchange for Valentine's Day? Ah, I see.
No, I did not mean to seem ungrateful or anything! I was just so surprised, and... at a loss for words.
A gift for a gift... I see. This could be another way of sharing a dialogue—but with sweets instead of words.
Thank you, (Captain). I humbly accept your kindness.
Such a heart of compassion is more than deserving of my aegis—not only you, but surely the entire crew as well.


(Captain), where are we headed to in the middle of the night?
You mentioned my White Day gift waiting ahead, but...
What are...
These insects dance with such a radiant glow...
Their fleeting shine in the twilight is so beautiful...
Haha... I never would have thought to come here had you not invited me. Thank you, (Captain)...
I won't forget this experience we've shared.


Ah! A White Day present?
Thank you. May I open it right now? Very well then...
Ah! It's shaped just like my shield, the Aigis! And this is Glafkos!
You made the treats in these shapes just for me?
What a wondrous sensation this is. Though I'm happy with any gift you give me.
When I think of how you went out of your way to prepare something special for my sake, my heart dances with delight.
I'll be sure to savor these, (Captain). Thank you.


Oh... A White Day gift? Time passes so quickly, I almost hadn't realized.
These sweets are wrapped very nicely... And is this a message card?
I hope you won't mind if I read this in private.
It wouldn't do for the wielder of the aegis to lose her composure in front of others.
Rest assured, I shall treasure this gift and savor every bite.


Is that perhaps... your thank-you gift for Valentine's Day?
I see. You're giving me one this year as well.
To tell the truth, I spent the past few days in anticipation, wondering if you would...
I realize it's unbecoming to expect a gesture of generosity from someone. I thought I had better control over myself.
But I can't help it. Receiving a gift from you fills me with much joy.
(Captain), thank you. I happily accept it.
Ah, forgive me for losing my composure...
I should be more attentive of my expressions. As the wielder of the aegis, I must practice vigilance at all times!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Stop that, all of you! Urgh... Why am I being attacked by children now?
(Captain), help me out, would you?
So they... aren't attacking me?
They're simply playing Halloween tricks on me... I see. So that is merely how one celebrates this holiday.
My apologies... I seem to have misunderstood. I didn't mean to put a damper on holiday festivities...
"Trick or treat," was it? What does it mean?
What! If I don't give them candy, they'll play tricks on me?
That can't be! Oh no...
If it has come to this, then it would be folly to continue taking their tricks!
We'll see just how far their tricks will work against I, the wielder of the aegis and the shield!


Ah, (Captain). I see you're quite enjoying Halloween this year as well.
Yes, I can tell just by looking at you.
I suppose I should give you a treat before you decide to play a trick on me.
Oh, and... Trick or treat, (Captain).
Haha. I've learned a lot from last year's Halloween.
You don't have any treats with you? What's that I see in your hand then...
Hm? You prefer a trick instead? But why?
Oh my... I can't think of any good tricks to play on you...
I was sure I'd be able to celebrate Halloween properly this year, but it appears I need to apply myself further.
Perhaps next year will be my chance to prove myself! I'll enlist the aid of the other crew members as well!
You can trust I'll employ every strategy and tactic within my approach to trick you into submission, (Captain)! On my aegis, I swear this!


(Captain), happy Halloween!
Haha, surprised? Since I didn't have much of a trick to show you last year, I decided to make up for it by raining candy this year!
On Halloween, a trick can serve as both defense and offense.
Which is how I came to the conclusion that playing a trick with candy would be the ideal maneuver.
As for the type of candy, I made sure to ask the crew's chefs what your favorite kind are.
After all, only when the operation brings you great joy can it be called a success.
Well, (Captain)? Was my trick as goddess of the aegis to your liking?


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
You don't know what's coming, do you? Could it be the threat of a trick? Should you safeguard your treats?
Hehe... The correct answer is...
A Glafkos flyby! Look above for the candy drop!
Haha. Did I surprise you? I am the primal beast of the aegis. I am always polishing my tactics.
Besides, Glafkos really wanted to partake in Halloween as always.
I must commend you, (Captain). Despite the surprise attack, you never lost your sense of fight for even a second.
I await your counterattack. As a guardian, I will stake my pride on defending against your prank.
Give me your best shot!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Everyone seems to be in a festive mood today. Is there a special occasion of sorts happening?
A winter celebration, you say...
I have heard the rumors, but this is my first time seeing a town bustle like this in person.
It is indeed a wonderful sight to behold... I can't seem to find a frown in sight.
A day where skydwellers celebrate in harmony, together with their loved ones...
If you wouldn't mind, (Captain), could you teach me more about this holiday?
I wish to know every detail there is to know about such a wonderful day.
Surely the knowledge will prove useful in protecting smiles across the sky.


Welcome back, (Captain).
Given how chilly it is, I suggest you make your way over here.
This? Truth be told, I was making a holiday wreath.
When I heard that these can banish evil and bring good fortune, I knew I had to try assembling one myself.
I had wanted to complete the task before the holy eve, but things did not proceed so smoothly...
Nonetheless, feast your eyes on it! The shape I've envisioned for so long has finally taken form!
Haha... I am more than just a force on the battlefield. Chances are good that we will get to see my full-fledged wreath before night's end.
Will you join me as I put the finishing touches on it, (Captain)?
May we pray together for the eternal bliss of all in our crew...


(Captain), are you aware of the man named Santa Claus?
I have heard he is a kindhearted fellow who gives presents to the children of the world.
The children, in turn, try to be on their best behavior so they are given one of his gifts. Surely these efforts should lead to peaceful skies...
It would be nice to meet such a man who inspires people to focus on matters other than war and weapons.
You say you've had the opportunity to assist him in delivering presents?
As expected of my captain! So you have also been responsible for spreading holiday cheer.
If it wouldn't be too much to ask, would I be able to assist with the deliveries this year?
Nothing would please me more than to help spread such cheer.


(Captain), I hope you are having a wonderful holiday.
This may be a little forward of me, but I've brought you a gift.
I thought you deserved something nice for the help you gave Santa Claus last year.
You're always so mature, doing the right thing.
Sometimes I forget that you should be enjoying the holy night like other youth.
As for the gift, I picked out a sweater that should keep you warm through these cold evenings.
I hope you find the owl design to your liking.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Goddess of the Shield

The crew receives a request to protect a town from a recent increase in goblin attacks. There they meet a knight named Athena, who reveals herself to be the guardian primal beast of the aegis. She travels the skies in search of another primal beast, one who can turn all she sees into stone, and asks to join (Captain)'s crew on their journey in order to find her.

To combat a recent surge in goblin attacks, a certain town has enlisted the help of (Captain)'s crew.
Never to ignore those in need, the crew wastes no time making its way to the town.
Vyrn: Hey, uh, is this the guards' chamber? We're with the crew that was hired to protect the town...
???: You... Your crew has come to help? There aren't too many fighters here, so any assistance we can get is much appreciated.
Athena: My name is Athena. I am a wandering knight who came to this town upon hearing of their crisis.
Vyrn: So you must be the reason this town's still in pretty good shape after being attacked so many times.
Athena: Yes, well... I'm doing what I can. More importantly, I have knowledge about this town's defenses we can use.
Athena: It has been a long battle, but I have continued to carry the banner regardless, in order to inspire the people.
Vyrn: Whoa. Say, now that you mention it, the people in town were pretty animated... maybe a little too animated.
Lyria: I thought the same... The people in town seemed a bit off to me.
(Captain) had also noticed the strange state of the town upon arriving.
After Athena brings the crew into town, the sight unfolds before them once again.
Burly Townsperson: Ey! Somebody, anybody! I'm gonna need another sword here soon!
Burly Townsperson: Umph!
The man, eyes bloodshot, swings down his hammer with a loud clang.
A similar scene can be seen all around town.
Vyrn: Hey, uh... What's up with that guy?
Athena: This town has no need for swords to protect it. So I instructed the people to dispose of them.
Vyrn: Wait, but won't these people need something to defend themselves with? Why are you makin' them break all of their swords?
Athena: Those who are not accustomed to bloodshed will not find it so easy to wield a blade against a goblin—they may be our enemies, but they are still living, breathing creatures.
Athena: Instead we will be employing the use of slingers, archers, and gunners for our main lines of defense.
Townsperson 2: Come on, keep 'em comin'! Bring me all yer pots and plates—everything y'all can muster to carry! I'll break 'em down fer ya here!
Lyria: What is he doing?
Athena: This is also a part of preparing for the town's defense.
(Captain) isn't quite sure what to make of the unorthodox tactics Athena has chosen to use.
Owl: ...
A large owl lands gracefully on Athena's shoulder.
Athena: Ah, Glafkos. There you are.
Glafkos: ...
As if to whisper something, the owl brings its beak to Athena's ear.
Athena: The goblins are on the move... Despite their failed attempts, it appears they're planning a last-ditch effort to invade.
Vyrn: No way! What're we standin' around here for, then? We gotta go stop 'em!
Athena: Not so fast. We must remain in town and continue preparing the defenses. Judging by the enemy's equipment, they're likely to attack after nightfall.
Just as Athena foretold, there are no signs of a goblin attack during the day.
A tense atmosphere grips the town as daylight gives way to the night.
Athena: ...
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
Vyrn: I'll bet those goblins already got the town surrounded... Is it really okay for us to just wait here like this?
Athena: Calm your fears. This city is now a nearly impenetrable fortress blanketed by the shadow of night. Breaking through our defenses will not be an easy task for them.
Lyria: We've met with all kinds of troops and battalions on our journey, but I don't think we've seen anything quite like this.
Athena: I believe in the power of the shield—the aegis. I wish to avoid bloodshed whenever possible.
Athena: I... I must. Or else...
Athena's expression darkens for a moment, just before Glafkos suddenly lets out a hoot from above.
Athena: Here they come.
Goblin: ...
Goblin: Gahaha! We're goin' in now, y'all!
Goblin: Hyaaaugh!
Athena: It's time, (Captain). Their leader should be making an appearance soon.
Vyrn: Yeah, time to... Wait, why're we going in the opposite direction, right as the goblins attack? What about the others?
Athena: Those on the front line should be able to handle it for now.
In spite of the crew's growing concern, Athena coolly begins walking away from the battle.
Goblin: Kill 'em all! Kill 'em all!
With bloodlust in their eyes, the goblins make a dash for the town's outer wall.
Goblin: Ungh!
However, they struggle to find their footing as the mud beneath them proves difficult to traverse.
Goblin: Yeeeowch! I just stepped on something!
Townsperson: Now! Slingshots out!
Goblin: Ngh... Eeeyargh!
Athena: The goblins planned their assault under the cover of nightfall. So we've gathered water from a nearby river to mudden the surrounding land.
Athena: On top of that, we've planted traps in the mud using broken cutlery and tableware. They won't be able to make it safely without a solid pair of boots.
Vyrn: So that's what those guys were doing earlier today... They were makin' some pretty gnarly shapes too.
Athena: Nothing sharp enough to cause a fatal wound, however. We've made sure of that.
Athena: In the midst of their confusion, our slingers will launch rocks their way—enough to make even the most stubborn ones want to run.
Taking extra care to avoid stepping on any traps, (Captain) heads for the outskirts of town.
Athena: Show them your bravery, warriors! Repel the enemy and obstruct their treachery!
Townspeople: Hoorah!
Confident in the morale of the townspeople, Athena begins to approach the goblin leader.
Goblin Leader: Grrr...
Athena: Do you see now, goblin? This town has been made an impenetrable fortress.
Athena: Attempt to invade it, and it shall bare its fangs upon you. If you value your safety, you would do well to leave.
Athena: We fight in the name of defense—therefore, we do not wish to take any of your lives. If you stand down now, we promise not to pursue you.
Athena: So please... Cease your plundering and recall your forces.
Goblin Leader: Grrngh... I see...
Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the town's defenses, the goblin takes a few steps back in retreat.
Goblin Leader: You no... give chase?
Athena: That's right.
Goblin Leader: Okay then...
Goblin Leader: Fiiire!
Athena: ...!
Lyria: Athena!
Upon the goblin's command, a torrent of arrows suddenly pierces the skies from above.
Vyrn: (Captain), Shield Lady! Watch out!
Without a moment of hesitation, (Captain) prepares to deflect any arrows from the oncoming wave.
However, a wall of flames, seemingly conjured from thin air, incinerates the onslaught of arrows to a cloud of embers, protecting the crew from harm's way.
Goblin Leader: Eeep!
Athena: If you are unwilling to open a peaceful dialogue with me, I suppose I cannot show you any further mercy. Truly a pity.
Lyria: Wait... This energy!
Athena: I am Athena, the goddess of the shield—the aegis of this steel fortress.
The air surrounding Athena begins to violently erupt with a familiar aura.
Lyria: Athena... You're a primal beast!
Vyrn: No way!
Athena pays the crew no attention, her eyes locked on the band of goblins before her.
Athena: You have shown your power. Now I shall show you the power of the aegis and flames.
Athena: For I am the goddess of the shield—adversaries of the peace will be stricken with great justice.
Goblin Leader: Eyaaaugh!
Destructive flames make quick work of both the goblins and surrounding shrubbery, reducing all to ash.
Athena: ...
Vyrn: What... What the heck just happened...
Lyria: Athena... You're a primal beast, aren't you?
Athena: Yes... I am the guardian primal beast of the aegis. Therefore, I cannot stand idly while innocent lives are under attack.
Vyrn: That makes sense, but why were you hiding your true power this whole time?
Athena: People fear what they cannot comprehend. My power is truly a fearsome one. Fear can lead to hate, paving the way to violence once more.
Athena: And I truly did not wish to take their lives if it could have been avoided...
Athena: But even as the wielder of the aegis and the shield, I cannot show mercy to those without compassion—those who cannot be reasoned with.
Athena: Speaking of which, are you not afraid of me? Now that I think about it, you also recognized I was a primal beast.
Vyrn: Oh, Lyria? She's got a mysterious power that lets her channel the power of primal beasts, and feel their presence.
Lyria: We've also been collecting pieces of the Sky Map from primal beasts on our journey, so I've grown used to the feeling.
Athena: I see... So you are on a journey in search of primal beasts.
Athena: ...
Athena is pensive for a moment after hearing the crew's explanation.
Athena: Would you happen to have room for another member on your crew?
Vyrn: Whoa, what's this all of a sudden?
Athena: I have also been on a journey in search of a primal beast—one that has the terrifying power to turn anyone who beholds her gaze into stone.
Lyria: She can turn people into stone?
Vyrn: Oof, that definitely sounds like a primal beast you'd wanna avoid.
Athena: Fortunately, with my shield I can protect skydwellers from such a terrible fate.
Athena: However, what makes her truly fearsome is her disregard for morals and her unrestrained will. She chooses her victims on a whim, merely for her own entertainment.
Athena: I have been in search of her for decades now. As the wielder of the aegis and the shield, I cannot allow her to continue doing as she pleases.
Athena: Since you are on a journey in search of primal beasts, I am sure you will encounter her someday. At least allow me to accompany you until then.
  1. We'd be glad to have you.
  2. You're kinda scary.

Choose: We'd be glad to have you.
Athena: ...!
I am thankful.
Vyrn: She must be one tough cookie if even you've got trouble with her—one who could give us a run for our rupies if she wanted to...
Athena: Do not fret. As long as I am with you, this shield shall protect you all from harm's way.
With a reassured smile, Athena offers (Captain) a handshake.

Choose: You're kinda scary.
(Captain) feels somewhat uneasy, having seen the gruesome fate the goblins met after crossing Athena.
Athena: I see... You are an honest one. It is not surprising that one would be afraid after witnessing my power.
Athena: I am Athena, guardian primal beast of the aegis. So yes, it is true that I cannot show any mercy to those who disrupt order and peace—even if that may turn out to be you one day.
Athena: However, it is clear that you only fight in the name of good. I don't believe you or your crew to be involved in plundering or anything of the sort.
Athena: Therefore, there is no need for you to fear my power.
(Captain) considers her powers, which would be a more than worthwhile addition to the crew moving forward.
Overlooking Athena's rigid sense of morals, (Captain) and the crew agree to let her join as long as she brings no harm their way.
Athena: Thank you, (Captain).
Continue 1
After everything has settled in town, Athena joins (Captain) and the others back on the airship.
Athena: So this is your fortress—the Grandcypher.
Athena: As long as I am on this ship, on this crew, I shall protect you from harm's way. You have my word—and my shield.
Athena, guardian primal beast of the aegis, joins (Captain) and the crew on their journey.
Her fated encounter with the primal beast she has been seeking may just be on the horizon.

Fated Reunion

(Captain)'s crew arrives at a town upon hearing rumors of its citizens being turned into stone, suspecting the primal beast that Athena has been searching for to be involved. After saving a knight whose armor was turned into stone, they learn that the culprit was a girl with a giant serpent. Lyria uses her powers to track down the primal beast into the forest.

Rumors of certain incidents have brought (Captain) and the crew to a new town.
The incidents may be connected to the primal beast that Athena has been searching for, and so they have come to confirm the rumors for themselves.
Vyrn: What... What the heck happened here?
Upon taking a closer look around town, (Captain) and the crew find the streets lined with what appear to be statues of knights.
Lyria: I can feel a primal beast's power still lingering here... That's what must've turned these knights into stone.
Athena: Dreadful... Those poor souls.
Placing her hand on a statue, Athena lets out a remorseful sigh.
Knight: Wh-who's there!
The Three: ...!


Vyrn: D-did that statue just s-speak?
Knight: My apologies! Didn't mean to scare you like that, ma'am. Just my armor was turned to stone, see. My body's still fine, I just can't get out of this armor!
Athena: She's really done it this time... Hold still—we'll free you soon enough.
The crew breaks the knights' suits of armor, freeing them from their stone prisons.
Knight: I can't thank you enough. This all happened when a girl suddenly showed up in town with a giant snake.
Athena: It must be her—only she is capable of causing such chaos.
Athena: There's no doubt in my mind after seeing the state of this town.
Athena: My greatest fears have finally been realized. I started my journey with your crew to prevent such a tragedy, but alas.
Lyria: I can still feel the primal beast nearby. I think we might be able to catch up if we start following her now.
Athena: You're right. This is no time to lament the past—she still must be stopped.
Their spirits filled with determination, (Captain) and the others follow Lyria into the woods.
Vyrn: So the primal beast headed off somewhere this way, right?
Lyria: Yes. I can feel its presence growing stronger.
Athena: Then let's find her and put a stop to this as soon as we can!
Vyrn: That's the plan—but watch out! I heard this area's chock-full of monsters!

Fated Reunion: Scene 2

The crew follows the trail into the forest and soon encounters Medusa, the primal beast Athena has been searching for. Athena attempts to reproach Medusa's actions, as she has done time and again since their first encounter many years ago, but Medusa refuses to listen. Unable to show mercy as the guardian primal beast of the aegis, Athena points her spear at Medusa.

Athena: Seeing everything here reminds me of when I first encountered her.
Athena: That was several decades ago... I've tried to reason with her many a time since.
Vyrn: Decades? Now that's what I call tenacity.
Athena: I am the guardian primal beast of the aegis. Therefore, I cannot rest while the flames of battle are ablaze.
Athena: Unless we do something about her now, a terrible fate surely awaits another town just like this one.
Athena: I must be the one to stop her.
Lyria: You may get your chance... I can feel it. A primal beast is drawing really close!
Athena: Get behind me, everyone. Only my shield is capable of protecting you from her power.
???: Sigh... Well, this island turned out to be a total bust too, huh?
???: ...
???: If you're gonna fight me at all, then come at me like you mean it!
???: Every time things start to get a little fun, everyone scatters as soon as I start turning stuff to stone. What's the big deal?
???: ...
???: What now, Medusiana?
???: I'm not upset or anything... It's not my fault those stupid townspeople blew everything out of proportion.
Athena: ...
???: It's you!
Athena: Long time no see.
Lyria: Wait... Is she the primal beast you've been looking for?
Any version of Medusa (Promo) is a crew member

Vyrn: Wait, you've been looking for Medusa this whole time?
No version of Medusa (Promo) in crew

Vyrn: This little girl here?
Athena: Medusa! It appears you are still up to no good, aren't you!
Medusa: Pfft, what's your problem! Did you come all the way out here to sound off to me?
Athena: No, please don't take this the wrong way. I would like to end this encounter peacefully.
Medusa: Geez... You're a real pest, you know! Just how many decades do you plan on chasing me for?
Athena: I am the guardian primal beast of the aegis. There's no way I could stand by idly while you wreaked havoc across the skies.
Athena: Why do you continue to be a threat to these skydwellers? Why do you continue petrifying them with your gaze!
Medusa: Wha... I haven't done anything that bad!
Medusa: I was just trying to have some fun, and those idiots called their troops on me anyways! So this was just payback!
Athena: Your very power threatens the skies, and this is why the skydwellers fear you.
Medusa: Shut up about that already! Why is it that every time I see your face, you're harping on about the same dumb thing!
Athena: As a being who can put a stop to your power, I am merely doing what I must.
Medusa: Hah. Medusiana and I really have you scared stiff, huh?
Athena: I know I can stop you. In fact, I've already done it before. And I can do it again.
Medusa: Y-you think you've seen everything we can do when we actually try? Grr... Just stop bullying us already!
Athena: I wasn't bullying you!
Medusa: We'll show you! Come, Medusiana!
Athena: Aigis!
A burst of light flashes from the great serpent's eyes, but is ultimately deflected by Athena's shield.
Athena: ...
Medusa: ...
Athena: It looks like sharing a dialogue with you is impossible this time as well.
Medusa: Humph. You think I'm just gonna stand here and take your insults?
Athena: Very well. You have shown your power. Now I shall show you the power of the flames.
Vyrn: Yikes! Athena looks pretty mad!
Vyrn: H-hey, both of you! An all-out battle between two primal beasts could put this whole island in peril!
Athena: I, Athena, the guardian primal beast of the aegis, cannot show mercy to those who cannot be reasoned with!
Medusa: Humph! We'll see about that—Medusiana! Heh, we'll fight you off again just like we do every time!
Vyrn: This doesn't look good, (Captain)! Let's get outta here!
Athena & Medusa: Hraaaugh!

Fated Reunion: Scene 3

Upon absorbing some of Athena's power, Lyria is able to quell the battle unfolding between the two primal beasts. Athena is finally able to speak openly to Medusa, who reciprocates her concerns as another primal beast. The two quickly take to each other, each having found a new companion for eternity.

Medusa: Come on! That can't be everything you've got!
Athena: I do not wish to fight you! Yet you persist!
Medusa: Yeah, right! How can you even say that after chasing me around the skies for seventy-nine years with the same prattle every time!
Athena: That's because you won't listen to me!
The sheer force of the battle erupting between two primal beasts starts to wreak havoc on the immediate surroundings.
Trees and shrubbery are reduced to ash as the flames of battle begin to rampage wildly.
Vyrn: What do we do, (Captain)! At this rate the whole island's gonna get destroyed!
Medusa: Medusiana! Come on, we're still raring to go!
Athena: Ngh...
Lyria: Athena...
Lyria begins to notice something upon seeing the pain in Athena's eyes.
Lyria: Athena... She looks really distressed.
Vyrn: That might be on the account of fighting toe to toe with a primal beast...
Lyria: No, it's not only that. Don't you think she looks a little... sad?
Taking a moment to gather her resolve, Lyria looks up at (Captain).
Lyria: (Captain)... Can you help me try something? I don't think it'll be easy, but we have to stop Athena from fighting.
Lyria turns to face Athena, her eyes aglow with determination.
Athena: Flames!
Medusa: Eeyah! Medusiana, look out!
Lyria: I know what Athena meant now when she said she didn't wish to fight.
Lyria focuses her power to interfere with Athena, no matter the cost.
Lyria: (Athena, please stop!)
Lyria struggles to hold on, barely able to control Athena's unruly power.
Athena: ...!
Athena's flames die down, finally giving way to tranquility.
Athena: ...
Medusa: ...
Athena: We... we've stopped fighting.
Medusa: What? Is that all?
Athena: ...
Athena: Ngh... Oh, thank goodness...
Medusa: Hey... What's the big idea? Aren't you gonna try to get the job done like you always do?
Lyria: Athena... While you were fighting, I absorbed a little bit of your power.
Lyria: You said it yourself. As the wielder of the shield, you cannot show mercy.
Athena: That's right.
Lyria: You weren't just saying that, I realized... As a primal beast, you actually can't stop fighting until the battle has settled.
Lyria: While you were fighting, I could feel your anguish coming from within.
Athena: ...
Medusa: Then why do you keep trying to follow me if this is what happens to you every time?
Athena: I was hoping to share a longer dialogue with you. After all... this is the longest I've actually ever known someone.
Medusa: ...
Athena: Whether in times of peace or war, skydwellers eventually meet their end after a few decades.
Athena: In my never-ending pursuit of you, I often imagined us sharing a conversation peacefully, as two primal beasts enjoying each other's company.
Athena: I have my duty to fight and maintain order. But I could never give up on the hope that one day, maybe we could...
Medusa: So basically... You were just looking to kill some time?
Athena: I suppose I was.
Medusa: ...
Medusa: Yeah, well... That's fine, I guess.
Athena: Hehe... Sniff...
Medusa: Sigh.
Medusa: Well, if that's what this was about... I guess I can stop messing with skydwellers for a while. If that's what you want, I mean.
Athena: Huh?
Medusa: D-don't get the wrong idea! I just don't wanna have to deal with your crying every time I do something!
Medusa: More importantly! I'm giving up one of my favorite pastimes here for you, so you'd better provide me with some quality entertainment!
Athena: Hm...
Medusa: Well? Got anything good?
Athena: Yes, well then... How about devising some battlefield strategies?
Medusa: No way.
Athena: Oh, hmm... Maybe coming up with traps to capture the enemy together?
Medusa: Is this all you can come up with? How about something that's fun?
Athena: As the wielder of the shield and the aegis, I must admit I don't often think about... other things.
Medusa: Despite meddling with their business all the time, you haven't really learned anything from the skydwellers, have you?
Medusa: That's okay. I'll just teach you how to have a good time, so you'd better get ready to learn!
Medusa: Heh. I mean, since you're always fighting to protect ones in trouble, I bet you don't have much of an idea what a regular peaceful town looks like, do you?
Athena: Now that you mention it...
Medusa: They celebrate the silliest things, like making chocolates for each other on Valentine's Day, and all kinds of other stuff—Skydwellers never get boring to watch!
Athena: Is that so...
Medusa: Yep! How about we start off by watching the people on this island?
Athena: All right, I'll do my best.
The two primal beasts continue making lighthearted conversation as if the nearly catastrophic battle between them had never occurred.
Vyrn: Uh, well... I guess that settles that then.
Lyria: It looks like Athena and Medusa are friends now, aren't they?
Athena: Words cannot express my gratitude to your crew, (Captain). Thanks to you, I have fulfilled my wish at long last.
Medusa: You'd better not bore me, you hear! I mean it!
Athena: I promise. But before that, um...
Athena: Medusa. I want you to promise me that you will no longer bring harm to the skydwellers of this island.
Medusa: Huh?
Athena: We can start by apologizing to the people in town. And with an earnest, heartfelt apology.
Medusa: Whaaat?
Athena: The path to conflict is forged from fear. So it is only right that we prevent the flames of war from rising once more.
Medusa: No way! Why do I have to do something so lame for them?
Athena: Did you not wish to initiate a proper dialogue with them?
Medusa: Ngh... Fine, fine! I'll do it!
Athena: Hehe. Allow me to accompany you as well.
Despite her sheepish demeanor, Medusa makes her way to town to apologize together with Athena.
Medusa and Athena are seen beaming, each having made a new companion to spend eternity with.

Then and Now

On a day like any other, (Captain) and crew stop by a town for supplies and discover a statue strongly resembling Athena. A nearby guard explains that the statue is of the war goddess that once kept the town safe and taught its residents how to effectively defend its ramparts. Realizing that this is the town she once safeguarded in the past, a confused and bitter Athena reveals that the town was supposed to have been destroyed, because she wasn't strong enough to save it.

(Captain) and crew, running low on daily necessities, make a stop to resupply.
Lyria: Wow... This town is super big...
Vyrn: You got that right... Can't believe they managed to build a huge wall around the place.
Athena: The ramparts are very well done. I imagine they'll protect the people living here for a long time.
Upon entering the town, the crew members are blown away by the walls towering over their heads.
Vyrn: I get that they wanna keep monsters out, but ain't this kinda overkill?
Athena: Judging by the arrangement of towers and crenellation, the ramparts are meant to defend against people as well as monsters.
Athena: Enemy soldiers can be kept at bay, while counterattacks can be made from the inside or at the top where enemy arrows won't reach.
Vyrn: Sounds like the higher the wall, the better.
Athena: Barring a few exceptions, that logic generally holds true.
Athena: The slope of these ramparts is designed particularly well... As is the height.
Lyria: Is there something wrong? You look kind of concerned.
Athena: It's nothing serious. I just feel as if I've seen this design before.
Athena: Though that shouldn't be possible...
Vyrn: Think we've gawked for long enough. Let's grab what we need and take a walk 'round town after.
The group agrees, then sets out to procure supplies.
Once everything is purchased and accounted for, they take a walk around.
They stop in front of a statue placed in the town's center.
Athena: Impossible...
Vyrn: You guy's seein' what I'm seein'?
Lyria: Isn't this Athena?
Athena: ...
Everyone's gazes drift back and forth between Athena and her frighteningly accurate recreation.
Guard 1: Excuse me, is everything okay here? I can give you directions if you're lost.
Lyria: Oh... We're just wondering who this statue is supposed to be.
Guard 1: I can answer that. This is a depiction of the war goddess that once protected our town.
Guard 1: She remains as a symbol that continues to watch over us.
Vyrn: Huh... When you put it that way, it kinda looks like it'll come to life any moment now.
Guard 1: The statue actually does contain a hidden power, if the legend is to be believed.
Guard 1: "When calamity strikes, the goddess of war shall wake to repel it."
Guard 1: Not that such a disaster will ever break through our impenetrable defenses.
Vyrn: No kiddin'... Your walls're thicker than the Grim Basin's clouds, and you've got guards for days. We don't usually run into security as tight as yours.
Guard 1: Everything is set up the way the goddess taught us. No more, no less.
Guard 1: You won't run into any monsters or thieves here, so please enjoy your visit with peace of mind.
The guard gives the group a brief bow, then walks away.
Athena: This town has to be...
Vyrn: Have ya been here before, Shield Lady? 'Cause this goddess of theirs sounds an awful lot like you.
Her expression perplexed, Athena hesitantly nods.
Athena: I believe this is the location of a base I once established long ago.
Athena: The positioning of troops and design of the ramparts appear to be a more developed version of what I originally taught the people.
Vyrn: Huh... I can definitely picture you in the teacher role.
Athena: But I'm not sure how any of it can still be in existence.
Athena: This town should have been destroyed... I know this because I wasn't strong enough to keep it safe.
Her mouth twists as she recalls the painful memory.
To the group's surprise, her eyes also burn with uncharacteristic hatred.

Then and Now: Scene 2

That evening, Athena takes a walk through town, reminiscing on her own. She recalls Enyo, the primal beast that once helped her defend the town by eliminating outside threats. Using half her power, Athena created a palladium that produced a barrier around town, making the place near impenetrable. But an unexpected betrayal by Enyo led to the palladium being destroyed, and none of the power inside returned to Athena, leaving her too weak to defend the town against Enyo's jubilant destruction.

The crew stands in a town that should have been destroyed long ago.
When Athena reveals this, everyone stares at her in shock.
Lyria: What do you mean this town was destroyed?
Athena: Back then, there was another primal beast aside from myself.
Athena: She was responsible for eliminating threats on the outside while I guarded our walls.
Athena: With our combined strength and the cooperation of the people, the town flourished.
Athena: At least until the day that she turned against us.
Athena: Enyo, she... She killed everyone we were supposed to keep safe.
Athena: I couldn't shield any of them. I lost to her...
Athena: And the palladium protecting the town was shattered.
Athena: Everything was reduced to rubble by the time I regained consciousness.
Athena's visage is shrouded in sorrow and remorse as she speaks.
Her friends can only listen in stunned silence.
With the evening growing late, the crew decides to stay the night.
Athena quietly slips out of their inn once everyone else is asleep.
Athena: The layout of the town is different now, but it all feels so familiar...
Athena: Its people walk and breathe, and life carries on.
Guard 1: I can answer that. This is a depiction of the war goddess that once protected our town.
Guard 1: She remains as a symbol that continues to watch over us.
Athena: I had believed everything to be completely devastated.
Athena: But the survivors restored their home...
Athena: And even erected a monument to a failure like myself.
She looks up at the stone recreation of the war goddess.
Athena: Enyo...
Her tone burdened by loathing and guilt, she closes her eyes to recall the distant past.
Guard 2: Athena, Enyo, we've got trouble! A large horde of monsters is headed our way!
Athena: Calm yourself. How many are there, and where are they now?
Guard 2: H-hundreds, if not more! They just pushed past subdivision three and are about to reach our walls!
Athena: Then we have plenty of time to act. Gather the platoon leaders and prepare for a counterattack.
Athena: We'll also need to alert and evacuate civilians. Shut the gates closest to the horde. For those still outside the walls, light a beacon over the gates that can remain open.
Guard 2: Understood!
Enyo: With the palladium's protective barrier in place, you don't need to be so cautious.
Enyo: It can even repel an attack from me, after all.
Enyo: Monsters aren't that threatening, regardless of number. Don't you think you're being a little excessive?
Athena: You can never be too careful. There's no such thing as guaranteed success.
Athena: The palladium still has its weaknesses, even though I exhausted nearly all of my strength while making it.
Enyo: Because it functions by keeping out invaders harboring hostile intent...
Enyo: It doesn't do much against any enemies who manage to slip inside, right?
Athena: Nor is it indestructible. We would be in dire straits if the palladium were to break and the both of us defeated.
Athena: That's why the people of this town must also learn how to defend themselves.
Enyo: That's a good point. Perhaps I should refrain from cleaning up all our foes from now on.
Enyo: Not to say that I'll be standing idly by.
Enyo: I would never want our people to be hurt on my watch.
Enyo: How about... I leave the general defense to our troops and jump in whenever the situation takes a turn for the worse.
Enyo: What do you think?
Athena: That might be the way to go if we're to prepare for a worst case scenario.
Enyo: Then I'll watch over our counterattacking troops while you hold down the fort.
Athena: All right. Thank you, Enyo.
Athena flashes Enyo a smile full of trust.
In return, Enyo gives Athena her own smile.
Guard 3: A scout just reported in! Th-there's a group of over a hundred monsters headed straight for town!
Unrest and uncertainty spread throughout the guards as they hear the news.
Athena: Remain calm. The palladium's barrier won't fall so easily.
Guard 4: R-right!
Athena: I will go guard our walls. Enyo—
Enyo: Will take care of extermination out there?
Athena: If you wouldn't mind.
Responding with a confident nod, Enyo grabs her spear and takes her leave.
Athena: ...
Monsters: Grrrrooaaar!
Athena: For such a number of monsters to appear at once... Is someone controlling them?
Athena: Whatever foe awaits, I won't let them harm our town.
Her conviction spoken, she watches the barrier manifest and drive away monster after monster.
Kydoimos: Grrr...
Enyo: Oh? Already done mopping things up over there? That was fast.
Enyo lovingly pats the monster on the back.
Enyo: Hehe, it's astonishing to see that the barrier won't break even against Kydoimos.
With an amused smile, she glances over at the protected town.
Enyo: The place has truly grown large and sturdy.
Enyo: It's about time I reap my harvest... Hehehe...
Her laughter dissipates in the passing wind, unheard by anyone who could have recognized it for the foreboding sign that it was.
Guard 3: Hey, did you get the news? Apparently not only did no one die, not a single person was seriously hurt either.
Guard 4: It's all thanks to Athena and Enyo for helping us out. We owe them both more than we can ever repay.
Enyo: Hehe, we appreciate the compliment.
Enyo: Don't we, Athena?
Athena: It is kind of you to say as much.
Guard 3: A-Athena? Enyo too? Wh-what can we do for you?
Athena: We're just making the rounds. Have you noticed any irregularities here?
Guard 3: Everything's been quiet, thanks to you and Enyo.
Guard 3: We hope you'll continue to keep us safe!
Athena: Of course. I'll do everything in my power to aid the town.
Enyo: Same here. I rather like this quaint place.
Guard 2: Apologies for the interruption, but an envoy from a nearby settlement is paying a visit! Could we trouble you both with an audience?
Athena: It's not any trouble at all. Show us the way.
As soon as Athena and Enyo enter the room, the envoy bows low.
Envoy: Greetings, Athena and Enyo. I greatly appreciate that you agreed to meet with me.
Athena: To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?
Envoy: Well...
The envoy, respectfully bowing again, begins to explain the state of the nearby settlement.

Then and Now: Scene 3

Staring at the statue made in her likeness, Athena recognizes that the people kept her in their hearts as they labored to rebuild, but she feels unworthy of being considered a goddess when she failed to protect the town before. She swears to prevent another tragedy from occurring again. Unbeknownst to her, a gleeful Enyo watches from above and expresses her anticipation for the coming day.

Alone in front of her statue, Athena pulls herself out of her memories.
Athena: ...
Athena: A defeat which will always haunt me. I was powerless... Unable to protect anyone.
Athena: Yet the people resurrected this town and immortalized me in it.
Athena: Building this statue and calling me a goddess when I've done nothing to deserve it...
???: Heheh...
Athena: ...!
Instantly alert, Athena glances around, but the statue is the only figure nearby.
Athena: ...
The unforgettable voice of her former ally fades into the wind as an unfamiliar feeling settles into Athena's chest.
Athena: What is wrong with me? At the very least, I should strive to be someone worthy of the respect they've shown.
Athena: Allow me to swear upon this monument—I won't let the same tragedy strike twice.
After one last look at her stone visage, Athena walks away.
Enyo: I never thought we'd meet here again, of all places.
Enyo: Heheheh, we're going to have so much fun, Athena...
A lone shadow atop the ramparts gazes over the town.
She giggles to herself, sporting a wicked smile.

Wielder of the Aegis

The next morning, the crew prepares to leave when a large group of monsters is spotted approaching town. While the guards are evacuating the citizens in an orderly fashion, a hole is blown through the ramparts, and monsters begin to enter. Recognizing the monsters, Athena rushes through the broken ramparts to the outside, leaving (Captain) and the others to follow after her in confusion.

The next morning, (Captain) and crew prepare to leave town with their newly purchased supplies.
Lyria: We didn't forget anything, did we?
Athena: Everything is accounted for. I double-checked last night as well.
Vyrn: Then let's get movin'—
The sudden tolling of a bell cuts Vyrn off.
As the sound rings, a burst of activity takes the town.
Vyrn: Th-the heck is goin' on?
Guard 5: Please remain calm and follow our directions. We'll guide everyone to safety.
The townspeople do as they're directed to, without a fuss, and begin to move.
Guard 5: You four! You need to evacuate too!
Vyrn: But what're we evacuatin' for?
Guard 5: We received a signal informing us of a large monster horde headed our way.
Vyrn: If it's monsters you're facin', then...
Lyria: We can help!
Guard 5: That won't be necessary. The guards train every day in preparation for these types of raids.
Guard 5: Leave the fighting to us and evacuate with—
A large explosion rocks the earth, deafening their ears.
Lyria: Eep!
Guard 5: Wh-what in the world...
The group looks in the direction of the explosion's source.
Where a rampart once stood now remains a large hole in the town's defenses.
Guard 5: How? The fortification shouldn't have fallen so easily! All hands on deck! Cover that gap!
Vyrn: Is this for real? What kinda monster can break through that wall!
Athena: Those are...
Monster after monster starts to slip into town through the newly opened hole.
Athena goes pale upon seeing the type of foe they are dealing with.
Athena: Kydoimos! The explosion's culprit must be...
Without a moment's hesitation, Athena dashes straight for the gap in the ramparts.
Lyria: Athena!
Vyrn: H-hey, what's the big idea!
  1. We're going after her!

Choose: We're going after her!
Vyrn: Okay!
Guard 5: Huh? Where are you going! It's too dangerous—
(Captain) and friends run as fast as they can after Athena, ignoring the concerned shouts of the guard behind them.

Wielder of the Aegis: Scene 2

When (Captain) and friends finally catch up to Athena, they find her facing down Enyo, her former partner. Enyo exclaims that, unlike Athena, she accepted her true nature as a primal beast and gave into her desires for inflicting pain and destruction. She attacks the town now seeking the same pleasure, unleashing an endless supply of her Kydoimos monsters. Refusing to let her get away with it, Athena raises her spear against Enyo.

After seeing the monsters invading town, Athena runs off without warning.
(Captain) and friends chase after her, cleaning up monsters along the way.
Lyria: These monsters...
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: It's just... I can sense the faint aura of a primal beast coming from them.
  1. We can discuss this later!
  2. So they aren't monsters?

Choose: We can discuss this later!
Lyria: R-right, we should focus on reaching Athena first!
Vyrn: That's the last of those creeps for now! Let's hightail it!

Choose: So they aren't monsters?
Lyria: I'm not sure, but they definitely don't feel like normal monsters.
Vyrn: Whatever they are, we can think about it later! We gotta catch up with Shield Lady first!
Lyria: R-right!
Continue 1
Refocusing on the task at hand, the group continues to run.
They soon make it outside the walls.
Lyria: Athena's—
Athena: Argh!
Sent flying, Athena crashes into the rampart.
The crew hurries to where she has fallen.
Lyria: Athena, are you okay?
Vyrn: What's goin' on!
Athena: Keep your eyes forward! She's coming!
  1. ...!

Choose: ...!
Aware of a malicious presence, (Captain) turns around with sword in hand.
The captain's sword clashes with a spear that had been aiming for Athena's head.
Enyo: To be able to stop me... Heheh, you're a strong one.
An eerily ecstatic smile stretches across the woman's lips.
Athena: I won't let you lay a hand on them!
Staggering to her feet with a pained grimace, Athena raises her spear and charges at the gleeful woman.
But the woman effortlessly dodges away and hops back.
Enyo: Heheh, I expected no less of you, Athena. Any run-of-the-mill primal beast would've died from an attack like that.
Athena: Tch...
Vyrn: Seriously, you okay? Wh-whoa, those injuries look real nasty!
Athena: Never mind my wounds. We need to take down Enyo!
Vyrn: Enyo? As in... the gal from your story yesterday?
Athena: The very same one who destroyed this town before.
Athena: Enyo! Was once not enough? Are you here to destroy these walls again?
Enyo: Heheh, but of course. As the Astrals created me...
Enyo: I'll trample and eradicate all who would defy their rule.
Enyo: The whole world shall fall to my might, just as they intended.
Athena: Enyo... When we worked together, it pained you to hurt others.
Athena: How could you have succumbed to the violent nature inside?
Enyo: You've got it all wrong, Athena. I was hiding my true nature the entire time.
Enyo: My urges to trample... To destroy...
Enyo: I suppressed those desires for the pleasures I knew would come in the future.
Enyo: Heheh, in other words, you were being tricked from the start.
Enyo: This is the real me. Always has been, since the day I accepted that this is who I am as a primal beast.
Athena: ...
Enyo: But judging by your statements... You haven't yet accepted the primal beast that you're meant to be.
Athena: ...
Enyo: I understand what that's like. It used to bother me too.
Enyo: Then as time went on, and I trampled and destroyed over and over again, I realized something.
Enyo: These desires are an innate part of me.
Enyo: After that, it was easy to accept who I truly was.
Enyo: Heheh, from that day forward, trampling others...
Enyo: Destroying everything before me... It brought me such unadulterated gratification.
Enyo: My heart soared whenever I heard the screams of the weak.
Enyo: And my joy knew no bounds whenever I heard the wails of the strong.
Enyo: There's nothing sweeter than the cries of those who watch their loved ones die before them.
Athena: Enyo, you...
Enyo: Heheheh, Athena, I owe you a word of thanks. You went through the painstaking effort of building a thriving town...
Enyo: Filled with an endless amount of morsels to choose from! It became the perfect nest!
Enyo: So many of the sky's strongest warriors gathered in one place for easy pickings—I savored every encounter!
Enyo: I can still feel the bliss of tearing it all down and listening to your hopeless cries...
Enyo: Hey, Athena. Won't you cry for me again?
Enyo gives Athena a smile stretching from ear to ear.
The sight sends chills down (Captain)'s spine.
Athena: No. I won't let the past repeat itself.
Athena: I'm stopping you this time.
Enyo: Even without the palladium, you think you stand a chance? How amusing.
Enyo: Come to me, Kydoimos.
The shadow beneath Enyo expands, and from it pours a large number of monsters.
Kydoimos: Grrrr...
Vyrn: Did she just spawn a whole buncha minions?
Enyo: Aren't they just the cutest? Athena has her Glafkos, and I have my Kydoimos.
Enyo: But unlike Athena, I can call as many of my pets as I like.
Athena: ...!
Enyo: Heheh, what will you do? If you don't stop Kydoimos, the town will fall. If you don't stop me, there will be an endless supply of my pets.
Enyo: Either way, the end result is the same.
Enyo: The town shall be crushed beneath my heel, alongside your pride!
With a wave of her hand, the horde of Kydoimos rushes for the settlement.
Athena: Enyo!
Enyo: So you have chosen to fight me.
Enyo: Very well. Say goodbye to your beloved town!
Kydoimos: Grooooaaar!
Athena: Taaah!
Enyo: Are you sure you want to fight me—leaving the townspeople to die on their own?
Athena: I'm confident they won't need my help.
In the blink of an eye, guards appear from the ramparts and arrange themselves into a battle formation.
Guard 1: These are the tactics the war goddess bestowed upon us! Mere monsters won't win against them!
Guard 1: There's nothing to fear when we have the goddess's protection on our side!
Guard 1: All platoons, show these small-fries what we're made of!
Guards: Yaaah!
Shouting as loud as they can, the guards meet the horde of Kydoimos head-on.
Athena: The people remember what I have taught them. They put it into practice and adapted.
Athena: They no longer need primal beasts like us, nor the palladium.
Enyo: Well isn't that nice. They still stand no chance against an endless supply of Kydoimos, or did you forget that?
Athena: Anyone would be defeated by impossible numbers.
Athena: That is why I'll defeat you before their strength dwindles!
Enyo: Heheh, do your worst! I've been looking forward to this!
Enyo: Heheh, I want to see that pretty face of yours drained of all hope!

Wielder of the Aegis: Scene 3

Athena and crew find themselves struggling against Enyo and her endless horde of Kydoimos, but after encouragement from her friends, Athena resolves to never give up—not while she has people she wishes to protect. As she expresses her determination, the townspeople who have upheld the teachings of their goddess begin to glow, and the palladium reforms. Once thought to have been lost, its power had actually remained in the town's survivors, passing from descendent to descendent until Athena returned. Athena prepares to fight Enyo once more, now with her powers at full capacity.

A fight has erupted between Enyo and the crew.
With her superior might and unending swarm of Kydoimos, Enyo starts to push the crew back.
Lyria: Gasp... Pant... Colossus!
Colossus's flames wipe out a group of Kydoimos.
But more Kydoimos immediately replace them.
Vyrn: Does she actually have an endless supply of minions?
  1. Lyria, step back if you need to.
  2. This is pretty rough...

Choose: Lyria, step back if you need to.
Lyria: I-I'm okay! I can still keep going!

Choose: This is pretty rough...
Lyria: Yeah... They just don't stop coming...
Vyrn: Won't be able to give Athena any good backup at this rate...
Continue 1
Enyo: Heheh, you lot are pretty tough. I haven't met such strong mortals in a long while.
Athena: Pant... Gasp...
Enyo: And you, Athena. You've grown a lot more powerful.
Enyo: Are these mortals the source of your strength?
Athena: Even if they are, what point are you trying to make?
Enyo: Heheh, it makes for an interesting development, that's all.
Athena: What...
Enyo: I can tell just by watching you fight. These mortals mean quite a lot to you.
Enyo: Heheh, hey, Athena. How would you react if I drained the life out of their bodies?
Enyo: Would you lose yourself to newfound levels of pain and grief?
Enyo: I want to see it. I want to watch as your face crumbles into despair.
A cold, dark smile stretching across her lips, Enyo raises her spear at (Captain) and the crew.
Enyo: I can't wait any longer. I'll crush their mortal shells beneath my feet.
As she finishes speaking, a fierce power begins to build around her spear.
Athena: No! Everyone, get behind me! Hurry!
The crew quickly scrambles to obey.
Enyo: So you'll be their shield? Heheh, what an amusing turn of events.
Enyo: I wonder what kind of expression you'll make when you die, unable to save your precious companions.
Athena: That won't happen! I won't let anyone else fall victim to you!
Athena: Aigis!
Raising her shield, Athena forms a thick barrier around herself.
Enyo: A fruitless effort... Did you forget I've pierced through your shield before?
Athena: This time I will block your blows!
Enyo: Is that right? Then let's put you to the test.
Enyo: Ruthless Tyrant!
Enyo takes aim and catapults her spear with a mighty throw.
It penetrates into the top layers of Athena's barrier.
Athena: Argh!
With an awful squeal, the spear slowly bores through Athena's defense.
Athena: I'm not... done yet!
Athena forms another barrier, but the spear penetrates the following layer too.
Lyria: Athena!
Athena: Do not... worry!
Enyo: Oh, such courage! Floundering with hope in your heart!
Enyo: It's a shame reality is cruel and unforgiving!
Only the last of Athena's barrier remains. It, too, starts to crack.
Despair starts to set in as Athena watches her crumbling defenses.
Athena: No... How...
Enyo: Heheheh, yes, that's it! That's the expression I've been craving!
Athena: I couldn't... protect any of it...
Athena: Have I truly failed again?
Enyo: That's right, Athena. For the second time, you—
Lyria: Please, Tiamat! Yggdrasil! Leviathan! Protect us!
Walls of wind, earth, and water form around Athena and crew, offering them a momentary reprieve.
Athena: Lyria?
  1. It's not over yet!

Choose: It's not over yet!
Athena: (Captain)?
Vyrn: (Captain)'s right! We're still alive and kickin'!
Vyrn: So don't give up! There's gotta be somethin' we can do!
Lyria: There's always a way! We just have to find it!
Athena: Everyone...
Athena: ...
Athena: You're right... We can still prevail. We haven't lost anyone yet!
Athena: I can't give up—not when I have people I wish to protect!
The walls of wind, water, and earth finally fall away, revealing Enyo's wicked grin on the other side.
Enyo: Time to finish this.
Athena: On the contrary, we're just getting started!
Athena stops Enyo's next attack with her own body.
But the blow proves too much for Athena to handle.
Athena: Argh... Ahhh!
  1. Athena!

Choose: Athena!
Athena: I won't let you hurt anyone else... Even if it means sacrificing myself!
Enyo: Heheh, heheheheh. Now this is what I'm talking about.
Enyo: There's nothing more amusing than watching your pathetic struggle!
Enyo: It's exactly as I thought! No other plaything compares to you, Athena!
Enyo: I'll take everything you hold dear and watch you break. It's for that very reason the Astrals created you! Heheh, heheheh...
Athena: Even if that were true, I'd die before I let myself be used for your amusement! But you're wrong...
Athena: I am the primal beast Athena, wielder of the aegis! I live to protect and fight for others!
Athena: That is why I exist!
Townsperson 1: The goddess's statue is... glowing?
Townsperson 2: Not just the statue... The whole town's lighting up.
Townsperson 1: Speaking of which, so are you...
Townsperson 1: Eek!
Pillars of light fall from the sky.
They envelop Athena, deflecting Enyo's attack back in the direction it came from.
Enyo: ...!
Reacting on instinct, Enyo barely manages to dodge the reflected energy.
Enyo: My attack... was repelled? But Athena shouldn't have that ability anymore...
When the pillars of light fade, a silver orb floats next to Athena.
Enyo: The palladium? But how? It should've been destroyed...
In the next moment, the orb floats into Athena's chest.
Vyrn: The heck?
A flash of light forces the onlookers' eyes away...
And when they look back, Athena is clad in shining silver armor.
Enyo: That's what you looked like before you made the palladium... Impossible. Did your power return to you?
Athena: It has indeed.
Athena: Remember how you were curious what would happen to the power stored inside the palladium once you destroyed it?
Athena: We both believed it to have dissipated into nothingness, but the true answer was different. My power didn't disappear.
Athena: It was released when the palladium shattered, finding its way to the survivors of the town...
Athena: Responding to my desire to protect them.
Athena: There it passed from descendent to descendent, bestowing upon them the strength and will to defend, until I finally returned.
Athena: Now, combined with the people's fervent wish to keep their home safe...
Athena: And my wish to defend what's precious to me, that power has found its way back into my possession.
Lifting her silver spear, Athena points its tip at Enyo.
Athena: Enyo... It's time we bring this conflict to its conclusion.
Enyo: Heheh, well aren't we confident. This will be fun.
Enyo: I can't wait to toss you back into the pits of despair and stain you red again!

Wielder of the Aegis: Scene 4

Enyo launches one final, ultimate attack at Athena, but Athena uses her reclaimed powers to reflect the attack back at Enyo, destroying the betrayer with her own abilities. Sympathetic to Enyo's plight and knowing she could've easily become like her, Athena seals Enyo's core away instead of destroying it. With the conflict settled and the town protected, she smiles and follows after her friends with renewed purpose.

Athena: Hraaah!
Enyo: Tch!
Lyria: Please, Tiamat, lend us your strength!
Enyo: Kydoimos!
Athena: You're wide open, Enyo!
Enyo: Heheh, as if it'd be that easy. You're so predictable—
As Enyo directs her gaze over to Athena, (Captain) swoops in with a swift swing of the blade.
Enyo: Hmph!
Enyo takes a great leap backward to avoid (Captain)'s strike.
Enyo: Heheh, you really are strong. Athena too... As well as the rest of you mortals.
Enyo: I wanted to play with you more... but I'm growing impatient.
Enyo hugs herself, her pupils dilating in ecstasy.
Enyo: I'll make you abandon hope... I'll crush you... Break you...
Enyo: My appetite grows insatiable!
Her spear starts to glow bright with energy.
Enyo: Which is why I'll finish you off with one last attack.
More and more energy coils around the weapon, ready to burst at any moment.
Faced with another formidable assault, Athena raises her silver shield.
Athena: Very well, Enyo. Our fight will be decided with the next blow.
Athena: Come.
Enyo: Say goodbye, Athena.
Enyo: Ruthless Tyrant!
Athena: Aigis Palladium!
Enyo's spear flies toward Athena and crew.
In response, Athena summons a silver barrier from her shield.
Enyo: Heheh... Who will come out on top?
Athena: ...!
The spear rams into the barrier with the force of a thousand cannonballs.
Enyo: Such meager protection is no match for me!
But Enyo's glee vanishes once she sees her reflection in the barrier's light.
Enyo: ...!
She watches as her spear pierces through her reflection...
Enyo: Gah... What... is...
And the damage done is mirrored to her own body.
Enyo: Aaaaaahhhhh!
Receiving the full force of her destructive power, Enyo screams in pain before collapsing to the ground.
Athena takes slow steps to where Enyo lies incapacitated.
Athena: A mirror which reflects damage taken back to the attacker...
Athena: This is my ultimate defense—Aigis Palladium.
Enyo: Heheh, this is the first time... you've shown me your true potential...
Enyo: But we're not done yet! I can still—
Athena: No, this is the end.
With a swift thrust, Athena sinks her spear into Enyo's chest.
Enyo: Gaha... I was born... to destroy... So why... was I destroyed... instead?
Athena: Good night, Enyo.
Enyo's body fades away.
In its place remains her core, damaged by Athena's spear. With furrowed brow, Athena seals the core away.
Vyrn: You're not gonna smash that thing into pieces?
Athena: No. I know I should, but...
Sorrow fills her eyes as she looks at the remains of her foe.
Athena: I can't forget what she said earlier.
Enyo: After that, it was easy to accept who I truly was.
Enyo: Heheh, from that day forward, trampling others...
Enyo: Destroying everything before me... It brought me such unadulterated gratification.
Athena: I could have easily become like her, broken by my true nature...
Athena: When I think of her in that manner, I can't bring myself to do it.
Pain, sorrow, bitterness... Various emotions flit across her face.
The others silently watch her in concern.
  1. All right. We understand.

Choose: All right. We understand.
Athena: I'm sorry. I'll do everything I can to make sure the seal is never broken.
Athena: I'd also like to apologize for this entire ordeal.
Athena: Because of me, you were all dragged into danger...
Athena: I understand if you can't find it in yourselves to forgive me.
Athena bows her head deeply to the group.
  1. There's only one thing we can't forgive.

Choose: There's only one thing we can't forgive.
Lyria: Yeah!
Lyria: Athena, you have to promise you won't ever sacrifice yourself like that again!
Athena: Th-there was no other choice at the time...
Lyria: We don't want to be saved if it means losing you too!
Vyrn: Yeah. We get into scraps together, we get outta scraps together.
Lyria: That's the way it is. So no more sacrificing yourself for others!
Athena: Understood. I swear I won't repeat the same mistake.
Vyrn: All righty! Now that we've wrapped things up, let's head back to town and find where we dropped our supplies!
Lyria: Before that, we should go see if the town needs any help...
With a thumbs-up, (Captain) starts leading the group back.
Vyrn: Hey, Athena, what're you standin' around for? Let's get a move on.
Athena: Right.
Athena: (I did it... I actually protected everyone this time...)
The memory of her past failure no longer weighs as heavily as it once did.
Smiling like the Athena of old, the wielder of the aegis reflects on this victory.
She follows after her friends with renewed strength in her steps.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
(主人公)、参りましょう It's safe to proceed, (Captain).
私は…争いたくはないのです If possible... I do not wish to fight.
(主人公)、油断せず進みましょう Don't let your guard down, (Captain).
勇気と無謀を履き違えてはなりませんよ Do not mistake recklessness for courage.
無用な争いは避けるべきです We should avert battle if we can.
穏やかな刻が永久に続けば良いのに… If only this moment of repose could last forever...
休息を取るのも戦略のうちですよ Proper rest is essential for proper battle.
弱者を守ることが私の使命です I must shield the weak from harm.
撤退なさい今ならまだ… Retreat now, while you still can!
これは…なんでしょう? Oh, what is this?

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut



SV Athena.png SV Athena E.png
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Fanfare: Give all other allied followers the following effect until the end of the turn - Reduce damage received to 0.

Come, brave warrior. My shield shall protect you from harm and shall ward off the specter of defeat. I shall give you the ability to overcome endless conflict!


My wisdom promises blessings greater than those of divine providence or earthly destiny! Come, you have been chosen! Fight alongside me against the forces of evil! The light of victory is set to shine upon you!

Class Neutral
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Athena
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Athena, Divine Shield

Athena, Divine Shield.png Athena, Divine Shield E.png
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Fanfare: Give all other allies the following effect - The next time this ally takes damage, reduce that damage to 0.

Time flows onward, but battle is a constant. We meet again, dauntless warrior. Once again, I shall shield you from defeat and the suffering that besieges you!



A goddess of battle and a goddess of the shield. Someday I'd like to test which is stronger—her protection or my barrier. —Godsworn Alexiel

Class Neutral
Card Pack Ultimate Colosseum
SV Portal Athena, Divine Shield
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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