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Official Profile

Age Unknown (he himself forgot it)
Height 218 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training, meditating
Likes Devoted studies
Dislikes Laziness
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 不明(本人も忘れている)
Height 218cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 鍛錬、瞑想
Likes 研鑽
Dislikes 怠惰
Source [1] [2]




  • Eahta's name in Japanese can be "Okto" or "Octo," which is Greek and Latin for "eight" respectively.
  • Narmaya is his distant relative, and she looked up to him from the moment they met when she was a young child. However, he would not come to realize how she felt about him until they met again much later.
  • His true name is Zanba, and it is said that when he went by that name he was a terrifying demon who sought power above all else. However, this past life is now a mystery to him, and he can no longer recall any details of the man he once was.
  • Anre is an old friend of Eahta's, having known him when he was still known as the demon Zanba.
  • He views and treats Fif as though she were his daughter, having practically raised her by himself after her parents entrusted her to his care.
  • Though he is a kind person at heart, his own reservedness and the aura of power he emanates often unintentionally intimidate those around him, to include some of his fellow Eternals.
  • According to some he may be the most powerful of the Eternals, though he is modest in his view of his own strength.
  • Jin was rescued from monsters by Eahta as a young child, later inspiring him to walk the path of the Samurai so that he could emulate his savior and similarly help others.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

I heard it's your birthday. A joyous occasion.
But don't spend what little time you have frivolously. It's up to you to decide on your goals and follow the path that leads to what you seek.


Another notch on the belt? Allow me to congratulate you.
However simply letting time pass by accomplishes nothing.
What you must consider is what you've accomplished and what remains to be done.
Find a path to walk that suits you. But walking a path undesired holds merit as well.
Do not forget. Whatever path you choose to follow is your choice and yours alone.
Take heart. Live your life as you wish. And be ruled not by regret.


It seems you have gained yet another year. So how were its peaks and valleys?
I trust you didn't spend your time aimlessly. After all, it is how we spend our time that determines what we gain and what we lose.
Hard times will come. And whether you fall or survive when those times come will depend on what you've done up until that point.
Whether we want it or not, we may only walk through life once.
Am I content with where I am heading in life—this is what you must never forget to ask yourself.


Is it your birthday, child? I consider it a joy of the utmost magnitude to see you safely mature another year.
A baby is born into the world immaculate. But the impurities accumulate over time.
People age—that is an irreversible fact of our being. Spend that time idly drifting around, and your life will pass you by.
Take heed, child! Do not give in to the empty temptations of your heart, and live your life to the fullest. Learn all that you can while your existence burns bright.
Only you can save yourself from a lifetime spent in indolence. Others may speak ill of your life choices, but I implore you to never lose sight of yourself, (Captain).
Whether you become like that of a renowned katana, a simple knife, or a hairdresser's razor, find your true calling in life and hold on to it.


One becomes strong through discipline. At the same time, one grows weaker and decays with age as time goes by.
You are constantly pursued by decay. Thus, you must not lose to the overwhelming fear and master the means of facing it instead.
Constantly running forward to your best efforts does not mean you will attain strength. There are those who simply collapse and perish there.
Running while gasping for breath is certainly a privilege available to the young.
However, you must remember.
To prepare for a crisis is vital if you wish to survive, to overcome your trials, and to attain your dream.
Survive another year so that you may celebrate this day once more, (Captain).
I look forward to seeing what you are to become in the future.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year. Have you decided on a resolution for the new year?
The start of a new year is as fine a point as any to mark a new beginning.


The dawn of a new year is upon us. The novelty of such an event has long since passed, but we all require points of demarcation.
Lose these guiding moments, and you will grow aimless, time passing without meaning. People are such weak creatures.
If you too have a path to seek, pledge to follow it in the new year.


A splendid new year to you. I've lived long enough to forget my age, but even still, a new year represents a turning point for even me.
A person's spirit warps throughout their daily life. This is not a bad thing.
However, if this warping is not corrected, ambition becomes easy to lose. And that is surely worse than death.
One must regulate him or herself, and return the soul to its original elasticity. The beginning of the year is a perfect day to begin this process.


Happy New Year. Though the clouds continue to drift along, the beautiful morning sunlight gives us pause.
Whether such beauty is necessary for one who treads the path of the mighty warrior is a question that has many answers.
At the very least, a katana must be stiff as well as soft.
It is a matter of proportions. But that, too, can come in an endless number of forms.
Intriguing, is it not? This world we live in is a most glorious kaleidoscope.
Bask in the joy that the world offers, child. Even the greatest hardships can provide utter bliss if you let them!


The new year is but a concept created by civilization as a reference for themselves.
However, the longer one lives, the more one's life becomes an endless routine. It is necessary to have junctures within the everyday.
Reflecting on oneself at such junctures is an etiquette for living.
Those who fail to show themselves courtesy will fail to show others courtesy.
Those who look down on themselves will look down on others.
One cannot expect to live their lives without effort in this world.
Live earnestly, and enjoy your life earnestly. For this, I offer my well wishes to you for the new year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Valentine's... Valentine's? These fashionable little fad holidays seem to be breeding, as of late.
But one must be open to the ebb and flow of time. Very well. I shall partake in these sweet treats of yours.


Hrm... You are bestowing this gift upon me? You have my thanks.
To be young is to feel an aversion to giving.
Look at your surroundings. Learn from them. Those are the lessons that stay with you.
And if you learn that there are some things you cannot achieve on your own, so much the better.
Now then. Shall I pour some tea for us to drink?


Hm. Is this the chocolate associated with Valentine's Day? I accept. Thank you.
I never would've expected to be caught up in such a festivity. This world is truly full of mysterious things.
The scope of what one can learn on their own is quite small.
After all, people do not learn anything about the ways of the universe without associating with their fellows.


Is it that time of the year again? I graciously accept the gift, child.
You wish to know how I spent the day in my youth? I've long forgotten.
Did Valentine's even exist as a holiday yet, you ask?
No, it did not. Not to me at least, but perhaps that's because I simply held no interest in it.
Your state of mind determines everything. Dwell on the mundane, and your life shall also be mundane.
Shall I pour some tea? Enjoy the treats with me before you go, won't you?


Hm, I assume this is chocolate for what is referred to as Valentine's Day. I graciously accept your gift, (Captain).
There was a time when I, too, was a child. Back then, I was happy with anything that had a sweet taste to it...
I no longer have such cravings, though I do not find sweet flavors to be particularly unpleasant either. One simply changes naturally as the years pass.
Someday, you, too, will change. But, in comparison, I suppose change is more frequent for those who are young.
That is why you would do well to savor the present. To enjoy it is the key to living.
Very well, I shall savor this chocolate you have given me. To have something sweet for the first time in a while... This is yet another form of pleasure.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

The Day of White, yes? Not a celebration I have much familiarity with.
But I see nothing wrong with expressing one's everyday feelings of gratitude. I purchased some sweets myself, in fact.
Care to partake in them?


A young one such as yourself surely enjoys sweets, yes? Enjoy this sugary concoction. It's thanks for everything you've done.


Here, something sweet for you. This is to thank you for last month's gift.
But do not forget that saccharinity is but a simple pleasure.
It is easy for people to lose themselves in such basic joy. Once they've fallen into the mire of indulgence, it is a near impossible task to pull them out.
Everything in moderation. Do not betray your mind and body with excess.


I have candy for you. Here, take it.
Children like you, Fif, and Narmaya are so pure in your delight. I hope you enjoy the treat.
Eat when you're hungry. Rest when you're sleepy. Smile when you're happy. And rejoice when you're in high spirits.
Be one in whatever you do. Sloth will never overcome you as long as you keep this in mind.


Take this. Something sweet for what they call White Day to express my gratitude.
It is important to indulge from time to time. Sweets not only contribute to the nutrition in the body, but also to the happiness in one's heart.
While one may fall from too much indulgence, one may also lose control from too much anguish.
This simply means that one must find a suitable amount for everything. Equilibrium must always be kept.
Just how will you fare in that aspect... I look forward to witnessing it myself.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
2nd year:
Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
So it appears Halloween has arrived.
I imagine Fif will be along shortly asking for sweets. A ploy to play a trick on someone, no doubt...


That Fif is probably planning to spring a trick on me. I wonder what it could be.
It could be something trivial, or it could serve as training in some way. Well... I doubt it has any relation to training.
Assuming that's the case, that leaves me with nothing but questions. Sometimes I'm at a loss even after something happens.
That's why one must always face everything head on with guts.


Hm. I can sense your presence, (Captain).
Your technique is still unpolished. It was all too simple to spot you. Continue your training.
To children, everything is a lesson. Whether it be tricks or training, you must endeavor to learn more.
Now. Have a treat. Take it and eat well, play well, and learn well.


Fif's tenacity is unmatched when it comes to tricks. How about you, (Captain)? Will it be trick? Or will it be treat?
I have treats aplenty from Narmaya. If you so wish, please take a few.
Oh? You believe it against the rules for me to make such an inquiry?
Why don't you ask me: trick... or treat.
I suppose I'll choose the trick. Come at me, child! I'm ready for whatever silly ploy you may have in mind!


The state of the heart determines the shape of the vessel.
And in turn, the shape of the vessel determines the state of the heart. One affects the other, and vice versa.
Certainly this must also apply to costumes. When one dons a guise different than the usual, something must resonate within the heart.
Unfortunately the enjoyment in this is beyond my comprehension, but it would be arrogant of me to believe that one is capable of comprehending everything.
If it is enjoyable to you, to Fif, and to Narmaya, then all is well.
This memory you create from donning a different guise and joining the festivity... Perhaps someday it will serve as a form of support for you.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm. Has the holiday evening come upon us already? I advise you head to bed soon, child.
Oh? You claim you are a child no longer? My, what an amusing thing to say...


Since time immemorial, it is customary for children to sleep early on holiday eves such as this. You would be well served to follow.
You ask about my childhood? Hrm... I find it difficult to remember such things.
To forget requires time commensurate to one's experience. A span difficult to express in words.
If the passage of time is what makes someone who they are, what does it mean to forget...
Even now... there is much I do not understand.


Mm? What's this... You're still awake? You know what night it is. Children should go to sleep early on this night.
For children to grow, they should eat well and sleep well. You can play well and study well afterward.
Compared to the growth of adults, children develop exceptionally quickly. Do not neglect creating a basis for your own growth.
There are things that you can only accomplish when you are young. But you won't know this at the time.
What? You're no longer a child? Gahaha! Just what a child would say!


The night is upon us. And our stomachs are filled. May I suggest you return to your quarters to rest up, child?
Santa Claus may very well come by and leave you a fair helping of rupies after gazing upon your resting countenance.
Why Santa, you ask? That's a mystery for the ages.
Perhaps he means to be jolly. Or perhaps he has a deeper conviction.
Or perhaps he simply wishes to frolic with you. The truth is known only to the big red man himself.
But his endeavors over the years define who he is.
The beliefs in one's heart gives way to action. Which in turn further develops a sound mind and body. Everything goes hand in hand.
Which is why I ask you to turn in early, child. Getting a good night's rest regularly leads to strength of character.


A gift for the holy night. Take this, (Captain).
There are countless things one cannot recover, and countless things one must let go of in the journey through life.
There are also things one realizes the importance of only after they are lost.
They are all things that can only be understood when one looks back on them.
That is why it is wise to gain as many experiences as you can when the opportunity presents itself.
This peace and quiet is not something that can be easily attained. You would do well to appreciate it while it lasts.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain) and companions meet the unusually stern Eahta at the Knickknack Shack. After he leaves, the crew receives valuable advice from Sierokarte on awakening the Eight-Life Katana.

The crew successfully unlocks even more of the Eight-Life Katana's hidden power.
They stop by the Knickknack Shack for Sierokarte's advice on the next step to awakening the weapon.
Vyrn: Hey, Siero! We're coming in... Whoa!
???: ...
Vyrn: (He's huge! And intimidating! Hugely intimidating!)
Lyria: (I can't move! And he's not even looking at me!)
???: Thank you, shopkeep. I will return.
Sierokarte: Looking forward to it! Thanks for your continued support, Eahta!
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Whew... Who was that huge old guy?
Lyria: He didn't even seem angry or anything, but something about him just made me freeze up...
Sierokarte: Eahta has that effect on people. He doesn't realize it though.
Sierokarte: He's incredibly skilled with the katana, so he has a certain kind of aura about him...
Lyria: Wow... So he's a samurai?
Sierokarte: Hmm... Who knows what he is exactly. He's even forgotten his name, you see.
Vyrn: He's forgotten his own name? How does that even happen?
Sierokarte: According to him... it wasn't important to mastering the katana, so he forgot it.
Lyria: Wow... That's incredible.
Sierokarte: He's not a bad person. As a matter of fact, he even looks after a little orphaned girl!
Vyrn: How about that! You'd never know it just lookin' at the big lug.
Sierokarte: Right? Apparently people call him the Inquisitor...
Sierokarte: Ah, sorry! I'm getting off-topic. What can I do for you, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Oh right! We wanted to ask you about the Eight-Life Katana.
(Captain) hands the Eight-Life Katana over to Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: Hehehe... Looks like you're going to have to be patient and keep at it!
Sierokarte: To awaken the weapon, you'll need to increase both the resilience of the weapon itself and the depth of the hidden power within.
Lyria: I see... It's not going to be easy.
Lyria: I can only cheer you on, but... hang in there, (Captain)!

Encountering the Eternals II

Vyrn is indignant at Eahta for speaking of the Eight-Life Katana like a mere toy. Sierokarte explains that Eahta acts the way he does for a reason and is actually a member of the Eternals.

With Sierokarte's help, (Captain) draws ever closer to awakening the Eight-Life Katana.
(Captain) and the party head back to the Knickknack Shack to ask Sierokarte for more advice.
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: Whoa! I didn't even notice you were there, big guy!
Eahta: ...
Eahta ignores Vyrn and continues silently staring at the shop's shelves.
Lyria: Um... Are you looking for something?
Eahta: Perhaps a girl would have some insight...
Lyria: ...?
Eahta: You there. I have a request.
Lyria: Y-yes? What is it?
Lyria: (Just talking to him directly is tough... He's so intense!)
Eahta: I'm looking for a hand mirror to give to my young daughter.
Lyria: ...
Eahta: ...
Lyria: Um... As a present?
Eahta: Correct. Mirrors reflect the self. I believe it wise to observe oneself on occasion... and question whether we follow the correct path.
Eahta: However, I do not know what is fashionable.
Lyria: Um... A fashionable hand mirror? I'm sure that would make any girl happy!
Eahta: Indeed. I'll leave it to you.
Lyria: Understood! (Captain), hold on a second, okay?
Lyria notices a hand mirror on one of the shelves.
While Lyria fetches the mirror, Eahta's gaze falls upon (Captain).
Eahta: Hm... You have a revenant weapon, do you?
Vyrn: Revenant weapon? What's that?
Eahta: It's the type of weapon your Eight-Life Katana is. Not that it deserves to be called such a thing. It has yet to be awakened.
Eahta: Its blade is blunt. No better than a child's plaything in its current state.
Vyrn: I wouldn't let any kid touch that massive sword, personally!
Lyria: What do you think of this mirror, Eahta? Wait... Is something wrong, Vyrn? You look upset.
Vyrn: The old guy here called the Eight-Life Katana a kid's toy...
Lyria: A toy? But it's so sharp...
Eahta takes the mirror Lyria fetched for him and murmurs something to (Captain) on the way to the counter.
Eahta: As it is now, you couldn't so much as graze me with that blade.
Eahta pays for the hand mirror and lumbers out of the shop.
Vyrn: What was that about? Talk about arrogant! He just doesn't realize how tough you are, (Captain)!
Sierokarte: Hmm... Eahta acts that way for a reason...
Vyrn: Are you saying that old geezer is stronger than (Captain)?
Sierokarte: Eahta is a member of the Eternals, you know.
Lyria: The Eternals?
Sierokarte: Yes. An airship crew of living legends: ten warriors, all experts of their particular weapons. The most powerful in all the sky!
Sierokarte: Each one of them is rumored to be as powerful as the Seven Luminary Knights.
Sierokarte: A legendary crew of fighters feared by even the bravest of warriors.
Vyrn: Gulp... I-I see... Now that you mention it, that old guy kinda bowled me over just standing there...
Vyrn: Uhh... But I'm sure (Captain) would win anyway!
Sierokarte: From the sound of things, the Eternals have been particularly active in this skydom as of late.
Lyria: Really? Then we'll probably see Eahta again soon.
Eahta... Master katana wielder of the legendary crew known as the Eternals.
What does (Captain)'s encounter with him portend?

Encountering the Eternals III

The crew is surprised by Eahta's remark that the Eight-Life Katana can pierce the stars. He then declares to (Captain) that they will duel during their next encounter.

(Captain) and the crew visit the Knickknack Shack, bringing the nearly-awakened Eight-Life Katana with them.
(Captain) draws the Eight-Life Katana from its sheath to Sierokarte's cries of admiration.
Sierokarte: Oh my! How beautiful... and fascinating...
Lyria: It glows with such a pure light, but I sense something slightly... dangerous from it.
Vyrn: I wonder what it'll be like when it's complete?
Eahta: Fools.
Vyrn: What the? Where'd you spring out from?
Eahta: The Eight-Life Katana is one of the revenant weapons... Their power was feared across the skies. And that is precisely why they were sealed.
Eahta: With its seal broken and its powers awakened, a revenant weapon has the power to cleave the heavens and divide the stars.
Lyria: The revenant weapons are that powerful?
Eahta: Indeed.
Eahta: You seek its power, do you not? Power beyond your ken.
Eahta: With power of its magnitude, you risk not only destroying yourself... but the entire world.
Eahta: If you wish to master that blade, you must master yourself first.
Sierokarte: Now, now, Eahta. You don't need to lecture them.
Sierokarte: (Captain) isn't the kind of person to just wave a revenant weapon around all willy-nilly.
Eahta: Shopkeep. Are you the one who told them how to awaken revenant weapons?
Eahta: Power should not be given to those without the ability to control it.
Vyrn: Come on, gramps! You really think (Captain) doesn't have what it takes?
Eahta: That is precisely what I am saying.
Vyrn: Grrr... You're really ticking me off, old man! I dare you to say that to (Captain)'s face!
Lyria: H-hold on, Vyrn! He's just warning us to be careful! Probably!
Vyrn: Yeah right! I mean, sure, it sounds like this is one crazy powerful weapon, but still...
Lyria: So, um... even for someone as powerful as (Captain), using a revenant weapon is dangerous?
Eahta: Indeed.
Lyria: If that's the case... who's powerful enough to use it?
Eahta: ...
Lyria: Is something wrong, Eahta?
Eahta: If you wish to wield power supreme, a long road awaits. And to close the distance... you must surpass me.
Vyrn: So in other words... Only a katana master is allowed to use that thing?
Eahta: When the time is right, I will return.
Eahta: This has been a most interesting diversion. I look forward to the day we meet again.
Vyrn: Huh? W-were we just challenged to a duel?
Lyria: He said we have to surpass him... Will we ever be able to do that?
Vyrn and Lyria seem concerned, but (Captain) simply watches Eahta as he vanishes into the sunset.

The God of the Blade

Soon after the crew awakens the Eight-Life Katana, Eahta shows up to duel (Captain) as promised.

(Captain) finally succeeds in awakening the Eight-Life Katana.
To celebrate the occasion, Vyrn and Lyria invite Siero to the Grandcypher.
Sierokarte: It's truly incredible that you managed to fully awaken the Eight-Life Katana, (Captain)!
Vyrn: It sounds like you thought (Captain) would fail from the start!
Sierokarte: That's exactly what makes this so amazing!
Lyria: We couldn't have done it without you, Siero! You deserve a day off for everything you've done!
Sierokarte: Thanks for saying as much!
Lyria: The Eight-Life Katana is a beautiful sword... but there's something kind of scary about it.
Vyrn: That's a revenant weapon for ya. The sword gives off the same kind of vibe I get from that huge samurai dude...
Sierokarte: Ah... I think I know what you're referring to...
The lively celebration suddenly falls silent. Eahta has made a sudden and unexpected appearance.
Eahta: I see you've succeeded in awakening your revenant weapon. I suspected as much.
Lyria: Huh? How did you know we awakened it, Eahta?
Eahta: There's no hiding the pulse of a revenant weapon at the height of its power.
Eahta: Oh? You've improved since we last met, (Captain). Your eyes possess a newfound sharpness.
Eahta: We need a better location for this. Follow me.
(Captain) heads after Eahta, but Vyrn flies in the way.
Vyrn: H-hey, (Captain)... isn't this a little... dangerous?
Eahta: If you still fear me, the Eight-Life Katana will lead you to your demise soon enough.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up! Aaand he's gone...
Lyria: (Captain)... are you going after him? If you are, then I'm coming too!
Lyria: I don't know what I can do to help, but I can at least be there for you!
Vyrn: I'm right there with you, buddy! No way I'm lettin' you down now!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn follow after Eahta.
When Eahta reaches an open space, he turns to face (Captain).
Eahta: We have spoken enough of the revenant weapons' power.
Eahta: The time has come to test your ability to wield one!

The God of the Blade: Scene 2

After besting Eahta in combat, (Captain) and the crew return to the Grandcypher only to find Eahta waiting for them. There he makes clear his intention of joining the group.

Eahta: Magnificent!
Lyria: (Captain)! Are you all right? You're not badly hurt, are you?
Lyria: Whew... Good. Looks like everything's fine...
Vyrn: Sigh... I'm exhausted just watchin' you guys...
Eahta: ...
Eahta: You are but a small pebble in a vast ocean.
Lyria: Huh?
Eahta: But even the smallest pebble creates ripples... and those ripples can become waves.
Lyria: What do you mean, Eahta?
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: Um... Does that mean he's cool with (Captain) using the Eight-Life Katana?
Lyria: Oh no! You're hurt over here, (Captain)! Let's get back to the airship and get you some first aid!
After saying goodbye to Eahta, (Captain) and company return to the Grandcypher.
Sierokarte: Ah, welcome back, (Captain)!
Sierokarte: You were running a little late, so I was starting to worry... Right, Eahta?
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: What the? Why's Katana Grandpa here?
Eahta: I realize now. This is where the path of combat I so desire lies.
Lyria: Path of combat? I guess we do end up in fights when we take requests, but...
Eahta: I will not impede the paths you follow. I have simply decided to accompany you.
Vyrn: Looks like he's already settled in. Guess he's here to stay.
  1. We're fighting the Empire too.
  2. Don't hurt yourself out there, gramps.

Choose: We're fighting the Empire too.
Eahta: That will not be an issue. I merely wish to continue following the path of the sword.
Eahta: Our paths happen to intersect at this precise moment. Nothing more.

Choose: Don't hurt yourself out there, gramps.
Eahta: Hahaha! That straightforward manner of speaking reminds me of Fif, one of the Eternals. A trait worth celebrating.
Eahta: My one true wish is to follow the way of the sword until the day I die. I fear the deterioration of my abilities far more than I fear death.
Continue 1
Eahta: Wherever you go, I will not stand in your way.
Vyrn: Hmm... Seems like he's not gonna leave the ship anytime soon.
Lyria: Having someone as strong as you around sure is reassuring, Eahta.
Lyria: (Captain) seems to be okay with it, so feel free to stay on the Grandcypher as long as you like!
And so Eahta of the Eternals remains on the ship, giving (Captain)'s crew a strange new traveling companion.
What will Eahta discover on his journey, as he relentlessly continues to pursue the way of the sword? Only time will tell...

Readiness is Half the Battle

Eahta announces he will be out for a while and leaves for the outskirts of town. The party grows curious and decides to trail him.

(Captain) and company have been completing requests from the Knickknack Shack in rapid succession as of late.
With all of their pending missions completed, the crew decides to take the following day off.
(Captain) and company get a good night's rest at an inn and enjoy a late breakfast.
Lyria: Did you sleep well last night, (Captain)? Oh, that's good to hear!
Vyrn: Whew, it's been a while since we got to take our time and enjoy a meal like that. Looks like the others are doing their own thing too!
Lyria: Huh? Now that you mention it... We haven't seen Eahta all day, have we?
Vyrn: Hey, you're right. Maybe he's still asleep?
Vyrn: Eahta's been a big help in more ways than one, but he's also old. I hope he gets some rest today.
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: Ack! That was cheap! Quit hiding your presence around us!
Lyria: Good morning, Eahta! Did you just return from a trip outside?
Eahta: Indeed. Outside of town.
Eahta: I'll be away from town a short while, so I came here to let you know.
Eahta: I will return by the end of the day. Farewell.
Vyrn: Hey, guys... What do you think he does on his days off?
Lyria: Huh? Hmm... It's hard to imagine...
Lyria: Oh, wait! Maybe he's buying something for the daughter he gave that mirror to?
Vyrn: I'm really curious now... Let's go see what he's up to!
Lyria: Wouldn't that be an invasion of his privacy? I'm not sure we should...
Vyrn: But we barely know anything about the guy, don'tcha think?
Vyrn: As his crewmates... shouldn't we take the chance to learn more about him?
Lyria: Hmm... Hmmm... I guess so?
Vyrn: Got that right! Let's get goin' before we lose sight of him!
Lyria: Vyrn, wait for me!
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: There he is! Not that you could miss him. He's huge!
Lyria: Hmm... Should we really be doing this? Oh no, he's leaving town!
Vyrn: Huh? Where'd he go?
Eahta: Explain yourselves.
Vyrn: Whoa! Katana Grandpa?
Eahta: You were following me in town. Why?
Lyria: Oh my gosh... You noticed us in that huge crowd?
Eahta: I didn't realize you intended to conceal yourselves.
Eahta: Hm... Perhaps I should have pretended not to notice.
Eahta: Much like with Fif, I find it difficult to understand the diversions of children.
Vyrn: Hey! Don't treat us like little kids!
Eahta: Am I wrong?
Vyrn: Yeah! We were just wondering what you do on your days off. That's all.
Vyrn: We've been journeying together for a while, but we barely know anything about you.
Eahta: I see. If that is the case, follow me.
Vyrn: Ah! Wait for us! Looks like there are monsters around. Keep your eyes peeled, (Captain)!

Readiness is Half the Battle: Scene 2

When Eahta remarks that he has but a single hobby, the party follows him to find out what it could possibly be.

Vyrn: Hey, Eahta.
Eahta: What is it?
Vyrn: Where are you going? You've been fighting monsters here for ages now.
Eahta: Nowhere in particular. My purpose is to train.
Lyria: But today's a day off! Don't you get tired from fighting all the time?
Eahta: I live as if on the battlefield. Without constant care even the sharpest blade will find itself dull and rusty with wear.
Vyrn: You don't have any other hobbies?
Eahta: Just one.
Vyrn: Oh, for real? What is it?
Eahta: Follow me.
Lyria: W-wait! (Captain), we have to keep up!

Readiness is Half the Battle: Scene 3

(Captain) and company watch Eahta meditate and ponder the merits of doing so. The meditation session comes to an end when imperial soldiers suddenly show up.

Eahta leads (Captain) and company through the forest into an open area.
Eahta: ...
Without uttering a word, Eahta sits cross-legged on the ground and begins to meditate.
Vyrn: Wait a sec... Don't tell me this is your hobby!
Lyria: Eahta? He's not answering, Vyrn. Think he's asleep?
Vyrn: No. I think he's meditating...
Lyria: Oh, I get it... I'll try it too! Maybe it'll help me understand him better.
Lyria imitates Eahta, sitting cross-legged on the ground.
Lyria: Mm... Hmm? The sun is nice and warm, but...
Lyria: Is this fun to him?
Although slightly perplexed at first, (Captain) and company sit in a circle around Eahta and enjoy a lively conversation.
Some time passes. Hurried footsteps can be heard from within the forest.
Imperial Soldier 1: There they are!
Vyrn: Imperial soldiers? On our day off?
Imperial Soldier 2: So the rumor I heard during my patrol was true...
Imperial Soldier 1: Traitor! You're coming with us!
Before they can react, the imperial soldiers surround (Captain) and company.
Lyria: W-what should we do, (Captain)?
Imperial Soldier 2: Arrest the blue-haired girl! We can deal with the rest later!
Imperial Soldier 1: Get them!
(Captain) tries to protect Lyria from the soldiers, but is gradually worn down by their sheer numbers.
Lyria: Ahh! Behind you, (Captain)!
Imperial Soldier 2: You're finished!
The soldier catches (Captain) off guard and begins winding up a strike from behind... but Eahta interrupts.
Eahta: Silence.
Imperial Soldier 1: Agh!
Imperial Soldier 2: Are you okay? Argh... It's all this geezer's fault!
Eahta: I will hear no more.
Vyrn: Now's our chance! Let's work with Eahta to take 'em down, (Captain)!

Readiness is Half the Battle: Scene 4

Back on the Grandcypher, Eahta begins meditating once more. When the crew engages in a delightful conversation about his mannerisms, he simply comments on the fine weather.

(Captain)'s party drives the imperial soldiers away and flees the scene.
After reuniting with the other crew members in town, they quickly return to the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Whew... We should be safe all the way down here... right?
Eahta: I don't sense them coming after us. If we continue on our present course, I foresee no problems.
Vyrn: Whew, that was close... Thanks for helping us, gramps!
Eahta: Make nothing of it. I trust you are all unharmed?
Lyria: Yes, we're all okay!
Eahta: I dislike leaving unfinished business. I shall pick up where I left off before.
With that, Eahta sits cross-legged on the deck and begins to meditate.
Vyrn: Back to meditating again?
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: Sigh... I have no idea what makes this geezer tick!
Lyria: Whatever the case... I'm sure he thinks of us as his friends.
Vyrn: You think so?
Lyria: Yes! We were talking during his meditation earlier, but he didn't get mad.
Lyria: I bet Eahta can meditate through anything, no matter how noisy.
Lyria: See? I'm talking right in front of him, but he's not moving a muscle...
Vyrn: Hey, you're right.
Lyria: So when he fought the imperial soldiers earlier, he didn't get mad because they were loud...
Lyria: He got mad because we were in danger.
  1. I think so too.
  2. Maybe his ears are bad.

Choose: I think so too.
Lyria: You agree with me, right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hmm... He does seem like a pretty easygoing guy. Didn't get mad at us when we tailed him either.
Lyria: Hehe... Thanks for everything, Eahta!

Choose: Maybe his ears are bad.
Vyrn: Well, he is pretty old...
Lyria: I don't think that's the case!
Lyria: He talks with us all the time! His ears seem fine!
Continue 1
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: Anyway. I bet he's pretty cold meditating in a windy place like this.
Lyria: Let's go pour him some hot tea, (Captain)!
Eahta: ...
Eahta: Beautiful weather... Lovely.
Eahta can be difficult to read at times.
Although often misunderstood, he appears to possess his own distinct sense of kindness.

Returning to the Fray

Vyrn and Lyria watch as (Captain) trains in the katana when Eahta appears. Intrigued by (Captain)'s request to duel, he draws his katanas in high spirits.

On a day off, (Captain) decides to engage in some sword training.
Vyrn and Lyria watch as (Captain) strikes a training dummy made of wood and straw.
Vyrn: (Captain), I appreciate how serious you are about this, but you should really think about taking a day off sometime.
Eahta: Oh? In the middle of training, are you?
Eahta stands in front of the dummy and enters an unarmed combat pose.
Eahta: Attack me when ready. Far more valuable experience than simply striking a mass of wood and straw.
Lyria: W-wait, Eahta! (Captain)'s not holding back! You have to be careful!
(Captain) holds the flustered Lyria at bay.
Lyria: Huh? B-but I...
Eahta: Pay it no mind. Danger is precisely what makes this enjoyable.
Eahta: Let us begin!
As instructed, (Captain) makes a one-handed sword strike at Eahta.
Eahta: Hrm...
But the valiant effort goes unrewarded. Eahta all too easily dodges the attack, striking (Captain)'s back with the back of his hand.
Vyrn: That's your idea of a counterattack?
Eahta: More interesting this way, is it not?
(Captain) asks the unfazed Eahta for a favor.
Eahta: Oh? You want me to use a sword? Very well!
Eahta: Whenever you're ready... Let us put your spirit and skill to the test!

Returning to the Fray: Scene 2

(Captain) sends Eahta's blades flying, showing true growth. Eahta relates a story about silver relics, which supposedly hold the key to unlocking even greater power from revenant weapons.

Eahta: Oh ho...
Vyrn: Wowie, wow, wowie... (Captain) managed to disarm Eahta?
Eahta: Most impressive. Your skills have improved considerably, (Captain).
Eahta: (The time when we will once again cross swords in earnest draws near...)
Eahta: (Captain). Have you heard of the so-called silver relics?
Eahta: You may have successfully awakened your revenant weapon, but unlocking its true power remains a distant dream.
Eahta: Crossing into that realm requires the use of silver relics.
Lyria: Silver relics? I've never heard of them before... Where can we find them?
Eahta: According to rumor... they can be found near the site of ancient battlegrounds where the souls of warriors from ages past congregate.
Vyrn: Hmm... You don't know either, gramps?
Vyrn: Sounds like it's worth looking into though, don'tcha think, (Captain)?
Eahta: Seek power. Or flee from it. So long as you follow your heart, you cannot fail.
After uttering these words, Eahta leaves (Captain) and exits the training room.
(Captain) can sense something from Eahta's actions, however. The time of their next duel is fast approaching.

The Ultimate Katana

It's the middle of the night, and Eahta is meditating silently on the deck of the ship when a mysterious voice calls out to him. Its owner is none other than a radiant figure calling itself the Eight-Life Katana, which demands Eahta prove his strength.

In the aching silence of the night, Eahta meditates alone on the deck of the ship.
Eahta: ...
Eahta: Where is that voice coming from? Its incessant droning grates on me...
Eahta ends his meditation to search for the source of the strange voice he's hearing.
Eahta: It's coming from here.
Eahta: Who's in there? Show yourself!
A faintly glowing figure manifests itself in front of Eahta.
???: Did you call upon me, Blade God?
Eahta: This aura... What manner of abomination are you? Could you be... the Eight-Life Katana?
Eight-Life Katana: Indeed. Calling me an abomination is a bit much, however.
Eight-Life Katana: I wear the mantle of supreme power that you thirst after so readily.
Eahta: You make bold claims for a mere sword.
Eahta: I suggest you demonstrate your power before speaking further.
Eight-Life Katana: Very well. Show me just how powerful you are!

The Ultimate Katana: Scene 2

Defeated, the spectral figure asks Eahta to wield the Eight-Life Katana and understand true strength before promptly vanishing. Taking the Eight-Life Katana in hand, Eahta ponders the nature of true strength.

Eight-Life Katana: Heh... Ha ha ha!
Eahta: Why do you laugh? Have you gone mad?
Eight-Life Katana: Good... Very good! I see you wear the title of Blade God for a reason!
Eight-Life Katana: Take me in hand, and I suspect you too will understand the meaning of the words supreme power.
Eahta: More bold claims. But hearing you say that... gives me no choice but to test the veracity of your words firsthand.
Eahta reaches his hand out toward the figure, but finds that it's vanished. In its place lies the Eight-Life Katana.
Eahta: The longer you live, the more oddities you encounter.
Eahta: Now then. How should I do this... I've walked a winding road to reach where I am now. I see no reason to stop.
Eahta thinks things over for a moment, Eight-Life Katana in hand.
The next steps for this seeker of supreme power are concealed within the dead of night.

In Pursuit of Answers

Eahta visits the leader of the Eternals, Seofon, who thinks he's finally about to be recognized as the leader of the Eternals. Eahta isn't interested in Seofon's delusions of grandeur, however, and requests Seofon unleash his true strength.

With the Eight-Life Katana in hand, Eahta pays a visit to the swordsman Seofon, leader of the Eternals.
Seofon: Heheh... What's up, Eahta? I can barely even remember the last time you paid me a visit!
Seofon: Lemme guess... You want me to give you some tips for macking on the ladies?
Eahta: ...
Seofon: S-sorry, sorry! That was a joke, I swear! And could you say something? You're seriously scary when you get silent!
Eahta: Hrm. I came here to make a request.
Seofon: Right, right, of course. You've got a request for me... Wait, time out!
Seofon: Why now? You've never asked me to do something before!
Eahta: Your reaction puzzles me.
Seofon: Is this a serious request? Are you finally starting to recognize my abilities as leader?
Eahta: I believe I told you this quite some time ago. If you wish to call yourself leader, by all means go ahead.
Eahta: My request is simple. Show me the full extent of your power.
Seofon: Huh?
Eahta: Let us begin!
Seofon: H-hold on! This makes no sense!

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 2

Eahta praises Seofon's sword skills and asks him about the nature of supreme power, which Seofon brushes aside as something he hasn't really given a lot of thought to. Eahta is unsurprised to hear this from him and leaves.

Seofon: Yeeouch...
Seofon: Sigh... First time I get to see you in forever, and this is what happens. You're a real troublemaker, Eahta!
Eahta: You fought well. The title of leader suits you.
Seofon: Awesome. Make me fight for my life, and then tell me I'm cool like nothing even happened.
Seofon: So what's the deal? Why'd you want a fight all of a sudden?
Eahta: Reason one: I wanted a warm-up. Reason two: I wanted to ask you what it means to have supreme power.
Seofon: Supreme power? I mean... I figure I'll get there if I keep collecting spirit swords.
Seofon: It'd be a real honor to be called the strongest for sure, but I'm not really looking for attention on that front.
Eahta: An unsurprising response from someone as flighty as yourself. Your attitude remains unchanged.
Eahta: That, too, is a kind of strength for surviving the turbulent waves of life. Forgive my intrusion.
Seofon: Right, right, thanks for the visit. Let's have a little more fun next time, okay?
Seofon: Oh! If you wanna invite me out for drinks sometime, I'm game!
Eahta leaves the ebullient Seofon and sets off for his next destination.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 3

In pursuit of the true meaning of strength, Eahta visits Tien in Stardust Town and requests a duel. Tien accepts the challenge.

Eahta continues his fight against the Eternals to ascertain the nature of ultimate strength.
This time he pays a visit to Tien, who lives in Stardust Town.
Tien: Hm? I think this might be the first time you've ever visited me, Eahta. I think?
Eahta: You may be right. Are you free at the moment?
Tien: Yes.
Eahta: Allow me to test you in battle. I await your arrival outside of town.
Tien: He wants to fight? This is all rather sudden, but I suppose it fits, coming from Eahta...

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 4

Their duel complete, Eahta asks Tien what she believes supreme power to be, and she responds with a laundry list of her greatest weaknesses. Eahta remarks that he believes her strength comes from recognizing her own limitations.

Tien: Mm. You're so strong, Eahta. I still have a ways to go.
Eahta: You do a disservice to yourself with such modesty.
Tien: Mm... Sorry.
Eahta: You needn't apologize. Now then. I have one more reason for visiting you. What would you consider supreme power?
Tien: Mm? Supreme power, huh. That's a tough question.
Tien: Power itself takes many forms.
Tien: Maybe you're a good fighter, or have a lot of money, or clout, or status...
Tien: But to have supreme power... I guess that would mean you had all of the above?
Tien: Mm... But even if you did, that wouldn't really be supreme power. Nobody has everything after all.
Eahta: The world considers you to be a gunner without peer.
Tien: Mm... As a protector of the town, I'm grateful to those who think so.
Tien: That said... I don't think of myself as being without equal. I worry easily and have all sorts of fears.
Eahta: Your strength comes from recognizing your own limitations.
Tien: Mm... I hope you're right.
After seeing Tien back to Stardust Town, Eahta continues his journey.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 5

Eahta pays a visit to Tien's brother, Feower, who explains that to be supreme is to have power enough to protect Stardust Town. He admits that he's still thinking the question over, and Eahta suggests facing him in a duel to possibly clarify the situation.

To reascertain the meaning of supreme power, Eahta pays a visit to each of the Eternals.
Tien's twin brother, Feower, appears before him this time.
Feower: I hear you asked my sister about the nature of supreme power.
Eahta: Hm, yes. And I pose the same question to you.
Feower: Those who lack strength die. Conversely one can say that those who live are strong.
Feower: And then there are those who are lucky. To live is to have luck on your side.
Eahta: It is as you say.
Feower: Meaningful strength—at least to me—is to be strong enough to defend Stardust Town.
Feower: If you asked me when I was younger, I would have told you that all one needs is power and force.
Eahta: What of the present moment? It sounds as if you've had a change of heart.
Feower: Yes. For better or worse. In fact... I'm mulling over the meaning of strength as we speak.
Eahta: And yet everyone seeks it, be they young or old... Most interesting.
Eahta: We cannot answer this through conversation. But there may be a clue or two in the heart of battle.
Feower: Geez... Well, we are Eternals, I suppose.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 6

Feower loses to Eahta but believes he may have found a hint of what he's lacking along the way. Satisfied with the result, Eahta thanks Feower and leaves Stardust Town.

Feower: Tch... You're a monster, old man!
Eahta: Such words only make you appear weak.
Feower: Sigh... Now you're gonna give me a sermon?
Eahta: I'm in no position to preach. I've simply lived longer than most.
Feower: Humph... Plenty of people have lived as long as you. But they're not strong.
Feower: Still... That fight gave me an idea of what I'm lacking.
After saying his thanks and goodbyes to Eahta, Feower begins the journey back to Stardust Town.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 7

Next on Eahta's list of Eternal challengers is Tweyen, who suggests that a heart strong enough to withstand isolation and loneliness is necessary to be called supreme. Eahta understands this sentiment all too well and readies himself for a duel against the Eternal archer.

Eahta continues his somewhat capricious battle against the Eternals, this time paying a visit to Tweyen.
Eahta: I ask you. What is the nature of supreme power?
Tweyen: Supreme power? I imagine it must be to become something like a monster beyond even the scope of the Eternals... It certainly doesn't sound very fun.
Tweyen: Like a tiger thrown into a pack of kitty cats, there's hardly any enjoyment to be had in reigning unopposed.
Eahta: To be strong is to fear isolation and loneliness. But only someone already standing at the peak such as yourself can understand that.
Tweyen: O-oh? Cats and tigers, monsters and people... They might as well exist in different worlds. Why even make comparisons between them?
Tweyen: If you're really looking to be the strongest, you'd have to be mentally strong enough to survive the isolation that follows.
Eahta: Perhaps true fear lurks within our distance from others...
Eahta: An understandable fear, considering that the self and the other are all that exist in this world.
Tweyen: An interesting thought, coming from you. You never seemed to pay others much attention.
Eahta: Being the strongest only has meaning when there are others to recognize you as such.
Tweyen: Heheh, I suppose you're right. By the way, I hear you've been going around challenging the other Eternals...
Eahta: Yes. And now it's your turn.
Tweyen: Of course. I've been waiting for this, you know. How often do we have a chance to square off against each other?
Tweyen: Here I come.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 8

Eahta tells Tweyen that she cannot be called supreme without conquering the fear within, prompting Tweyen to wonder what Eahta fears. Eahta wonders to himself for a moment before departing.

Tweyen: Ngh... Impressive, Eahta. You closed the distance faster than I could fly around you.
Eahta: Tweyen.
Tweyen: You're using my name? That's unexpected.
Eahta: A fear of isolation consumes you.
Tweyen: That... may very well be.
Eahta: One cannot be called supreme without conquering the fear within. An inescapable fact.
Tweyen: Heheh... And what is it you fear, Eahta? I can barely even imagine.
Eahta: What indeed?
If there is something Eahta fears, he isn't revealing it. Not now. His journey continues.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 9

Scared of a confrontation with Eahta, Niyon attempts to hide her presence but is quickly discovered and asked for her opinion on supreme strength. Niyon isn't entirely sure but believes someone with a steadfast heart would qualify for the title before being requested by Eahta for a duel.

Niyon flees from Eahta, but eventually stops. A look of resignation falls across her face.
Niyon: How did you know where I was? I hid as soon as I heard you were fighting the others.
Eahta: Hiding is a poor choice for someone with an aura as loud as yours.
Eahta: But this certainly saves us some time. Tell me... What is supreme power?
Niyon: I don't know. But someone who stands harmoniously steadfast and stays attuned... would be a sound example of true strength.
Niyon: I can achieve such a state when playing the harp, but to remain there forever and always is impossible for me. My heart breaks so quickly.
Eahta: Tweyen is no different. You seek the impossible within yourselves.
Niyon: Yes.
Niyon: To become stronger perhaps. To slowly but surely fill the gaps within.
Eahta: Ah, I see now. A process of refinement, of whittling away the unnecessary... Not unlike training.
Niyon: If you're convinced, I'll head home now.
Eahta: Do not rush things. You may leave after facing me in battle.
Niyon: If you insist... Though I could do with less hostility. You're scaring me, and I don't like it.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 10

Niyon is surprised that Eahta's melody is unchanged following their fight. Eahta responds by saying that he's simply lost that which is unnecessary in his pursuit of true strength or perhaps simply never had it to begin with. Whatever the case may be, Niyon finds his strength of heart most impressive.

Niyon: I'm exhausted.
Niyon: The melody that flows around you remains unchanged from before we fought. What an oddity you are.
Eahta: I may have simply sheared away those other melodies in my pursuit of strength.
Eahta: Or perhaps I simply lacked them from birth. It matters little either way.
Niyon: I wonder... Those sound considerably different to me.
Niyon: But that strength of mind you have to ignore the small things... I suppose I'm a little jealous of it.
Niyon shrugs her shoulders, and Eahta leaves to confront the next Eternal.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 11

Threo arrives to challenge Eahta herself. When Eahta asks her about the nature of supreme power, she responds that she and (Captain) are the toughest duo in the universe.

Threo hears about Eahta's quest to fight the Eternals and pays him a visit herself.
Threo: Hiya, Eahta! I hear you're rumbling with the other Eternals. You should've hit me up first!
Eahta: What is supreme power to you?
Threo: Me!
Threo: I mean... me and (Captain)! We're the strongest!
Threo: You wanna be the guy too, right, Eahta? I mean... the strongest guy. Heheh... So let's fight.
Threo: No way I'm gonna lose. Me and (Captain) are the toughest duo in the universe after all.
Eahta: Then let us begin. En garde!
Threo: Ooh! Sounds good! I'm gonna win though! Now bring it on!

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 12

Defeated and thoroughly upset, Threo begrudgingly listens to Eahta's lecture on life before requesting another fight.

Threo: Dammit, why can't I win?
Eahta: A tidal wave washes inevitably over all things. But it cannot relentlessly focus on a single point. And like you its movements are easily predicted, its openings numerous.
Eahta: Even with power supreme, one must live, overcome weaknesses, strain against limits, and occasionally experience fear.
Eahta: What you require is study in the ways of life, young one.
Threo: ...
Threo: S-so um... basically...
Threo: Wait, this is a lecture, isn't it? La la la, I can't hear you!
Eahta: Hrm... A not entirely incorrect choice. Ignorance, too, is bliss.
Threo: Gotcha! You sound a lot like Anre sometimes, you know that?
Threo: Anyway, let's go one more round! Sound good? That sounds good to you, right?
Threo's innocent request hits home, and Eahta draws his blades once more.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 13

In pursuit of supreme power's true meaning, Eahta visits Anre, who suggests that supreme power is strength enough to deter unnecessary conflicts, strength to protect that which is precious. Eahta requests Anre to show him this power firsthand.

Eahta visits Anre, one of the Eternals, to ask about the nature of supreme power.
Anre: What is supreme power, you ask? To me it is the possibility of having strength enough to deter unnecessary conflicts.
Eahta: To prevent war with the very same means one uses to wage it.
Anre: Conflict must be quelled before it can grow into something larger. Only after a conflict occurs can the strong and the weak be determined.
Anre: But by then the distinction is meaningless. To escape from harm at the start of a conflict is impossible.
Anre: To have overwhelming power such that one could prevent said conflict from occurring in the first place? That is what it means to reign supreme.
Anre: Of course one must always be cognizant of the danger inherent in such power.
Eahta: All things fade in time. You've seen that firsthand countless times, I'm sure.
Anre: Indeed. I have seen much in my time here. The horrific and beautiful alike.
Eahta: The world is chaos. An infinite mingling of the horrific and beautiful, with no way to distinguish between the two.
Anre: Precisely. Be that as it may, there are still things worth protecting. The beautiful. The precious.
Eahta: Then you will have to protect them yourself... Show me the strength you will use to make it so.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 14

After finishing his duel, Anre comments on what a strange and confident individual Eahta is. Eahta notes that to be confident is natural, and that to doubt oneself is itself a sign of weakness. Anre muses to himself that he may be just such a person.

Anre: I knew I placed my faith in you for a reason. You fought splendidly.
Anre: Your might does not make right... but it does not make wrong either. You are a most curious individual, Eahta.
Eahta: Curious, you say? I am filled with curiosity, in a sense.
Eahta: To believe onself to be correct is natural. One cannot live otherwise. Those who doubt themselves are weak.
Anre: Indeed... I may fit such a description myself.
Eahta turns and leaves, a fierce scowl lingering on his face.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 15

In answer to Eahta's question on the nature of strength, Seox stresses the futility of such a pursuit and states that strength comes in many forms. Realizing he's spoken too much, Seox bares his claws and prepares to fight.

Seox mulls over Eahta's question about the nature of strength.
Seox: What is supreme power... What is strength in the first place?
Seox: You say you seek the zenith of strength itself, but I believe such a pursuit to be meaningless.
Seox: No matter how strong you become, you cannot erase suffering. You cannot ease the pain of solitude.
Eahta: Oh? You too believe strength and solitude to be inextricably linked?
Seox: No, not quite. Strength may come in many forms. To be swallowed by darkness bestows one kind of strength...
Seox: While another comes from seeking light and making its radiance your own. Like him... and like (Captain).
Seox: I've said too much. You wanted a fight, correct?
Eahta: Ah, yes. Let us begin.
Seox: Haaah!

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 16

Seox's mask is sent flying during the fight, causing him to lose his composure. Eahta reflects on the obsessive path he's followed thus far and suggests Seox take advantage of his youth to try many things.

In the middle of their fierce struggle, Eahta lands a blow that sends Seox's mask flying.
Seox: ...!
Seox desperately looks for the mask, which has landed at Eahta's feet. Eahta rests a sword arm to pick it up.
Eahta: This is important to you?
Seox: Guh... G-gimme that!
Eahta: Here. It's yours.
Eahta throws the mask back to Seox.
Seox: Ngh...
Eahta: Having an easily shaken heart calls defeat just as readily.
Seox: It's not like I want to have supreme power.
Eahta: I wonder what Anre and Seofon would say if asked the same question... Most interesting.
Seox: Are we done here? I'm leaving.
Eahta: Indeed. Seeing you like this almost reminds me of someone... but I've long since forgotten. Pay it no mind.
Seox: You're so obsessed with the idea of being supreme that you forgot your own name in the process...
Eahta: I wonder. That obsession is part of who I am now. I can no longer rid myself of it.
Eahta: After coming this far, to give up and change course would be unthinkable.
Eahta: But you are young. Change your path if it so pleases you. That is one of the great joys in life.
Seox: I won't change. I can't change. Not when I consider the sins I labor under, etched indelibly upon my being.
Eahta looks upon Seox with the faintest glimmer of kindness in his eyes before heading out to confront the last remaining Eternal.

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 17

Eahta visits the girl he practically raised himself, Fif, who is confident in her own incredible strength and finds Eahta's constant questioning annoying. To question oneself is good, Eahta explains, before beginning the duel.

Last on Eahta's Eternal world tour is Fif, the young mage, who Eahta practically raised himself.
Fif: What's it mean to be the strongest? Hmm... I think that's me.
Eahta: And why do you think that?
Fif: If any bad guys show up, I make 'em go all kablooie! And if anyone's hurt, I go shoom! And make 'em better!
Eahta: You strike down evil and save the weak. Why is that?
Fif: Bwuh? Um... Because it's the right thing to do!
Eahta: And why is that?
Fif: Huh? Well, um... It's good to do good, so... Um...
Eahta: That sense of confusion is valuable. Think my question over. To stop thinking is to stop growing.
Fif: Rggh... You're just trying to... to diffuse the issue!
Eahta: Very well. Let us add some black and white to a very grey question.
Fif: Okie-doke! Give me your best shot, Grampa Eahta!

In Pursuit of Answers: Scene 18

Frustrated by her loss, Fif nonetheless has to admit that she was forced to think during the fight and realizes she has to change things up, depending on the situation. Eahta agrees with her assessment and explains that the world is like an ever-changing kaleidoscope before heading off to face (Captain) once and for all.

Fif: Aw, phooey! I lost?
Fif: It's all because you asked me those confusing questions! I can't think straight!
Eahta: Asking you those questions in advance may have been a bad move.
Fif: It sure was! I'm gonna win next time!
Fif: But actually... I was thinking during that fight.
Fif: Like... I lost against you, right? Just now.
Eahta: Indeed you did.
Fif: But! But! If I teamed up with Seofon, I bet I could beat you!
Eahta: That may well be. Or it may not.
Fif: There's all sorts of stuff to think about when fighting someone... What's that word... S-sitchee-ayshun?
Eahta: Correct.
Fif: So depending on that, what it means to be super strong probably changes.
Eahta: Entirely probable. How very interesting.
Fif: Huh? What is?
Eahta: You'll likely realize it yourself when the time comes. This world is a kaleidoscope.
Fif: A collide-o-scope! Those are super pretty and I love them!
Eahta: The world must seem to you a most enjoyable place indeed. Lovely.
Eahta laughs, and Fif—though whether she understands why is anyone's guess—begins laughing along too.
All of the Eternals have been defeated. Eahta returns to cross swords with (Captain) once more.

Kaleidoscopic World

With all of the Eternals defeated, Eahta sends a letter of challenge to (Captain), who quickly accepts. Joined by Vyrn and Lyria, (Captain) heads off to face Eahta, who asks one final time: what is supreme power? What is strength?

Eahta has defeated the Eternals, and things have settled down.
One day, however, (Captain) receives a mysterious letter.
Vyrn: A request to duel? And it's from Katana Grandpa? What's going on here...
Lyria: (Captain)... You're going, aren't you?
Lyria: I see. I'll come with you.
Lyria: I don't want you two to fight, but if you've both decided to go through with it, then...
Lyria: I'll just have to watch over you! Let's go!
Vyrn: Same here! I'm your best buddy, so there's no way I'm missing out on this!
(Captain) travels with Vyrn and Lyria to the location specified by Eahta in the letter.
Eahta: So you've arrived.
Eahta: There is no longer any doubt in my mind that you deserve to wield a revenant weapon.
Eahta: But do you have strength enough to overcome the power of the stars?
Eahta: You wield a blade capable of cleaving the heavens and dividing the stars. If you can defeat me, the Blade God... you deserve the title of supreme.
Eahta: I ask you. What is supreme power? What is strength?
Eahta: You need not use words. Your blade will tell me everything I need to know!

Kaleidoscopic World: Scene 2

Eahta and the captain match blades, with Eahta explaining that to defend that which you care about requires power supreme. Lyria and Vyrn vow to do their best to protect (Captain) as well, and Eahta explains that the nature of strength varies depending on the path one follows.

Eahta: ...!
Lyria: (Captain)!
Eahta manages to knock (Captain) away, but succumbs to the shock himself and falls to his knees.
Vyrn: Hang in there, (Captain)!
Vyrn and Lyria rush over to their injured captain.
Lyria: Are you okay, (Captain)? What about you, Eahta?
(Captain) attempts to shield Vyrn and Lyria and prepares to fight once more.
Eahta: Is that the path you've chosen to follow?
Slowly but surely (Captain) nods.
Eahta: To protect those close to you, you will demand supreme power. Now more than ever.
Lyria: I don't agree!
Lyria: Even if you're not supreme, you can still work with others and do your best!
Lyria: (Captain) protected us. And in just the same way, I want to protect (Captain).
Vyrn: Got that right! Whatever happens going forward, we're never gonna stop working by (Captain)'s side!
Eahta: ...
Eahta: Bwahaha! Lovely.
Eahta: As paths diverge, so too does the meaning of strength.
Eahta: I never walked your path. To watch you follow it is a pleasure in itself.
Eahta: It is truly a pleasure to know that even at my age, this world possesses sights unseen.
The jubilant Eahta quietly sheathes his blades.
Eahta: I am quite interested in seeing your destiny play out. For the time being... I shall observe from a distance.
By the time (Captain) begins to respond, Eahta has already turned and begun walking back to the airship.
Lyria: Um... So is your fight... over?
Vyrn: Probably. I never understand what's running through that geezer's head...
Lyria and Vyrn breathe a sigh of relief as they see Eahta back to the ship.
Having crossed blades and mingled words on more than one occasion, (Captain) now keenly understands the purity in Eahta's frame of mind.

Lifetime Learner

Eahta, (Captain), and the others are invited to a get-together at Fif's family home. There, Fif's parents express their gratitude for Eahta's help raising Fif from when she was a newborn and unable to control her magical powers. Later that night, Eahta visits (Captain) and company, who are having trouble falling sleep, and tells them of the Eye of the Heavens, a place where supposedly anything from the past or future can be obtained.

It's been days since Eahta dueled (Captain) and the other Eternals in an attempt to understand the nature of supreme power.
Fif is a crew member

(Captain) and the others have received an invitation to visit Fif at her hometown along with Eahta.
Fif not in crew

Eahta invites (Captain) and company to visit Fif, a young harvin girl that he once watched over years ago.
Eahta: Is this a good place for the table?
Fif's Father: That's perfect, Grampy! What a fantastic day for a tea party.
Lyria: Oh, I'll get the tablecloth ready!
Fif's Mother: Fiiif? Would you be a dear and bring out these plates for the custard pie?
Fif: Yep! I'll get it done in a jiffy!
Fif: Boof! Mama's special custard pie! Eat up, everybody!
Vyrn: Whoa... it's ginormous!
Fif: Heh-heh... And Grampy was worried our portions wouldn't be enough for him. Mama always makes it big!
Fif's Mother: He's a samurai, after all. He'll need all the energy he can get—isn't that right?
Eahta: Thank you for being so thoughtful. Regardless, I'm glad to see you're still doing well.
Fif's Mother: I could say the same for the both of you!
Fif's Father: And I've just been dying to meet you, (Captain)! I hope our humble village has been to your liking so far.
Lyria: It's our pleasure! Everything here's been absolutely lovely!
Lyria: But is it really okay for us to intrude on a family occasion like this?
Eahta: The mister and missus insisted on having you over.
Fif's Mother: Of course! We've heard so much about you from these two. This is the least we could do after everything you've done for them.
Fif's Father: We wanted to pay y'all a visit sooner, but these fields don't tend to themselves, see... I'm sorry it took us this long to finally meet!
Vyrn: You don't gotta apologize about that! We were in the area to finish a delivery to a nearby island anyway!
Vyrn: But even still...
Vyrn takes a sip from his Harvin-sized cup and takes a look at Eahta.
Vyrn: You sure tower over everyone else here, don'tcha, Katana Grandpa?
Eahta: Is that so?
Fif: Ahaha! Everyone in our village is a Harvin, so he sticks out like a sore thumb!
Fif's Father: Grandpa Eahta came to our village when Fif here was just a baby.
Fif's Father: He wasn't able to fit into any of our doorways, let alone our beds or furniture. It couldn't have been easy for him.
Eahta: It was no hardship compared to raising a child.
Fif's Mother: I honestly don't know what we would've done without you! We'd given up on the idea of keeping this house in one piece.
Lyria: In one... piece?
Fif: When I was a baby, I didn't have any control over my magical power... It caused a whole bunch of problems for my parents and the other villagers too.
Eahta: Each time she'd cry, storm clouds would gather. I'd never seen anything like it before.
Vyrn: Whoa... That couldn't have been easy to deal with. Your magic really is off the charts, huh?
Fif's Mother: Whenever she'd lose control of her magic, Grandpa Eahta would dispel it.
Fif: That's why mama and papa always had to keep an eye on me at all times.
Fif: If it wasn't for Grampy, I don't know what they would've done!
Eahta: Think nothing of it. All I did was tend to the cries of an innocent child.
Eahta: You owe your thanks to your parents, and their sacrifice to soothe your cries, feed you, and nurture you for so many years.
Vyrn: Yeah... You gotta keep your eyes on 'em when they're young, right?
Fif's Mother: They grow so fast... Take your eyes off them for a second and you'll miss it.
Eahta: One day they're crawling, and the next thing you know, they're standing. Walking. Running. All in the blink of an eye.
Eahta: The world through the eyes of a baby are pure and unstained.
Eahta: Compared to this crumbling body, at least. No matter how strong I supposedly become, I am limited to one lifetime here.
Eahta: True strength is what you transfer onto the next generation, living beyond your mortal body for years to come.
Fif's Mother: Oh? But you as a samurai if you didn't train, what would've happened to our family?
Fif's Father: That's right! Even if you don't have children of your own, you have enough of a legacy already through Fif.
Eahta: So you mean to say that a life cannot exist in solitude—all of our lives exist and live on through each other. A most fascinating viewpoint.
Fif's Mother: There are all kinds of people taking different walks of life around the world, all sharing their perspectives and experiences.
Fif's mother continues stroking her daughter's head as she continues her conversation with Eahta.
Fif's Mother: And that's why mama and papa want you to see as much of the world as you can.
Fif's Mother: You have a great power that has the potential to bring great joy to others. It is a power that can be used for good.
Fif: Uh-huh! I've already seen and learned all sorts of things! And I'm even more powerful than ever too!
(Captain) takes notice of Fif's mother, listening to her daughter's words with affection.
Fif's Father: However, she's still young and has much to learn. We're so thankful for everything you two have done for her.
Fif's Father: So please, I humbly ask of you to continue watching over her for in the meantime.
Lyria: Oh, no! There's no need for you to bow like that!
Lyria: Fif's magic has helped us more times than we can count! Well, sometimes it might go wrong, but—
Lyria: Either way, we're friends! And friends help each other! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) quickly nods in agreement and reassures Fif's parents.
As the tea party winds down, (Captain) and the others decide to spend the night in the village.
Vyrn: (Captain)? I can't sleep.
Lyria: You too, Vyrn? Mmm... Me too...
Lyria: Even in this warm, fluffy blanket... This pain in my chest won't go away.
Vyrn: Yeah... Fif's parents were so nice to us too.
Lyria: I think I felt a little jealous... of her kind and loving parents.
Lyria: It's not like I'd want to take Fif's parents or anything like that, but...
Upon seeing Lyria's melancholic smile, (Captain) vaguely recalls a memory of a father figure.
Eahta: I thought it was a little too noisy here... You children should be asleep.
Lyria: Oh, Eahta...
Eahta: Something seems to be troubling you. What's the matter?
Curious, Eahta listens to what (Captain) and the others have to say with concern.
Eahta: Your parents? Yes, of course... I suppose that does make sense.
Eahta: Whether or not I had siblings, I've long since forgotten. Such a desire is not something I can sympathize with.
Vyrn: I mean... forgetting a whole bunch of stuff to become the strongest is one thing, but your whole family? That's too much, man.
Eahta: I suppose... But listening to your story did remind me of something.
Eahta: There is a place at the ends of the sky where the past, present, and future overlap—a place known as the Eye of the Heavens.
Eahta: Whoever finds it is able to obtain anything from any time. From what I heard, that is.
Vyrn: Any time... So you mean (Captain) could go to a time when the old man was still around or something?
Lyria: That means you could travel back in time... right?
Eahta: Supposedly. Every version of yourself—as a baby, as an adult, as an elder. All can be seen...
Eahta: However, the convolutions may cause for what you wished for upon arrival to not exist in the first place upon obtaining it.
Vyrn: Huh? So in the end, what you really wished for ends up... Oof, my head's startin' to hurt here.
Eahta: In that case, you best get to bed. Children should not be up at this hour anyway.
Vyrn: Heh... I dunno if you're tryin' to cheer us up, but I'm gettin' kinda sleepy just trying to wrap my head around this...
Thanks to Eahta's story, (Captain)'s negative thoughts have gone and made way for somnolence as a yawn escapes.
Under the old samurai's watch, (Captain) and the others slowly drift off to sleep under the warmth of their soft covers.
???: ...
However, a gentle slumber would not be awaiting the captain tonight.

The Blade God's Deceit

(Captain) has a vivid nightmare of a village under attack. The next morning, Eahta notices that (Captain) is unable to focus and suggests meditation, during which the captain falls asleep. Upon seeing the Eight-Life Katana again, he suspects that the source of (Captain)'s nightmare is none other than the sword itself, and threatens to destroy it.

The sky burns with crimson. Black smoke suffocates the air.
Unfortunate Child: Waaah! Waaah!
Only the sound of cries and screams can be heard among the bloodied bodies as flames consume one home after another.
Tragedy-struck Lady: No, anything but that! I don't care what you do to me, but have mercy!
Tragedy-struck Lady: Aaahhh!
(Captain) cannot move nor speak, forced to witness the gruesome scene in all its depravity.
???: ...!
Lyria: (Captain)! Oh, thank goodness... You looked like you were having an awful nightmare.
Vyrn: You're totally covered in sweat and your face is white as a sheet! Is everything okay?
Lyria and Vyrn look at (Captain) with concern, who tries to reassure them that everything is fine. However, the nightmarish images are still vivid in the captain's mind.
Vyrn: You dreamt that a village was being destroyed? It wasn't the time Zinkenstill was attacked, right?
Vyrn: We've seen our fair share of destruction on our travels so far, so maybe it's startin' to have an effect on you...
Lyria: Oh, maybe you'll feel better after a hot cup of tea! That always helps me get to sleep.
Thanks to Vyrn and Lyria's help, (Captain) was eventually able to return to sleep. However, it was anything but a good night's rest.
Eahta: You'll have to do better than that if you want to sharpen your skills!
Even in the heat of training against Eahta, (Captain) isn't able to completely forget the images from the nightmare.
Eahta: If your mind and spirit are not fully present, wielding a blade is pointless. I do not know what is troubling you, but it seems we will need to resharpen your blade.
Eahta: Perhaps some meditation is in order to expel any distractions on your mind.
Taking Eahta's advice, (Captain) finds a secluded area on the Grandcypher deck and begins to meditate.
Lyria: (Captain), Eahta! It's almost time for dinner!
Vyrn: Huh? Is he sleepin'?
Eahta: Hmm.
Lyria: I guess (Captain)'s still sleepy after having that bad dream last night...
Vyrn: It'd be a shame to wake up someone lookin' so comfy, sleepin on Grandpa Katana's shoulders like that...
Eahta: In that case, allow me to bring (Captain) in.
Eahta picks the captain up with ease and heads into the bedroom with Lyria and Vyrn.
Vyrn: Still out like a light, huh? It must've been a rough night.
Lyria: Hehe... But I'm glad (Captain)'s finally getting some much-needed rest.
Vyrn: That's right! Thanks for taking care of the heavy lifting, Katana Grandpa!
Eahta: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong?
Eahta: This sword...
Eahta picks up the Eight-Life Katana, tucked away in the corner of the room.
Eahta: It looks like it hasn't been maintained in quite some time. Would it be all right for me to borrow it?
Vyrn: Yeah, sorry... We've got so many new weapons lately, you know?
Vyrn: It'd be a huge help if you could take care of this one!
Eahta: Very well. Let us leave this room in order not to disturb (Captain)'s rest.
Lyria: Oh, I completely forgot! Everyone is waiting for us to start dinner.
Lyria: We should set a plate aside for (Captain) too... Come on, Vyrn!
Lyria: Where'd Eahta go?
Vyrn: Already gone, huh? Something tells me we'll need to set aside a plate for him too...
Vyrn and Lyria check (Captain)'s resting face once more before heading for the Grandcypher canteen.
Eahta: Now then.
Eahta has taken the Eight-Life Katana to a secluded room, staring daggers at the sword.
Eahta: You have my attention now—that is what you wanted all along, is it not? Or shall I break you right here and now?
Eight-Life Katana: I'd like to see you try, you coward!
Eahta: Hmph. I do not care for the opinion of an old piece of scrap metal. Especially one who would arouse nightmares in others.
Eight-Life Katana: Ha! You think I'm afraid of you? You're a coward who wants to become the strongest, but you don't have the gall to do what it takes!
Eight-Life Katana: If you're looking for an old piece of scrap, just look into a mirror! You don't deserve to hold me, you old gink!
Eahta: It appears your desires still remain unchanged. You wish to be wielded by the strongest warrior, but why is that so?
Eight-Life Katana: Isn't it obvious? A revenant weapon's function is to destroy every threat to the sky, to sunder every last enemy and reign supreme!
Eahta: Now I ask you this, Eight-Life Katana. Whose words were those?
Eight-Life Katana: ...
Eahta: Your desire to seek the strongest—I know not who forged you with this purpose.
Eahta: But you know not the reason for your purpose, only that it must be fulfilled. It is a meaningless ambition.
Eight-Life Katana: How dare you!
Eight-Life Katana: The Revenant Weapons were forged to become the strongest! Otherwise, who will step up to snuff out inevitable evil? The skies shall fall, and doom will prevail!
Eahta: Calm down.
Eahta: You merely speak for yourself. You speak not for me, nor (Captain).
Eight-Life Katana: Why, you...
Eahta: I can break you right here and now. And your selfish ideals of strength shall remain unfulfilled for eternity.
Eight-Life Katana: Grgh...
Eight-Life Katana: You... bastard... Absolutely despicable!
Despite the its undying resentment, the sword resigns in silence as Eahta returns it to its shelf.
Lyria: Oh, there you are, Eahta!
Eahta: How can I help you?
Vyrn: (Captain) finally woke up! We've saved some leftovers from dinner for the both of ya!
Eahta: Is that so? I'll gladly take you up on that offer.
Lyria: Great! I'll go heat it up right now! You're gonna love what we had today!
The intensity of the earlier conversation seems to have vanished into thin air upon Lyria and Vyrn's interruption, to Eahta's relief.
In his pursuit to become the strongest, the samurai had once sacrificed his connection to the world. However, he doesn't intend to make that decision again.

Beauty of a Divergent World

Eahta reveals to (Captain) that the Eight-Life Katana was the cause of the nightmares, having manifested them from its desire to prevent all disaster by becoming the strongest weapon in the skies. He tells Fif and the captain that he too once sought to become the strongest as the sword did. However, since meeting them, he realized that true strength isn't quite what he originally thought it to be.

One fine day on the Grandcypher deck, Eahta comes across (Captain) and the others.
Eahta calls out to (Captain), but to no response.
Eahta: It appears that something is still on your mind, captain.
Vyrn: Yeah... I guess the dream from the other night's still got (Captain) a bit rattled.
Lyria: Apparently the dream from the other night felt extremely real—one where something was terrorizing a village and its people.
The captain just can't seem to shake off the feeling that there was some significance or meaning to the dream. However, Eahta suggests a new approach.
Eahta: In that case, you would do well to seek out the source of the dream.
Lyria: (Captain) cannot move nor speak, forced to witness the gruesome scene in all its depravity.
Eahta: Wait here for a moment.
Vyrn: Hey, where are you—
Vyrn: Oof, there he goes again.
(Captain) and company wonder what Eahta could possibly mean, when the samurai returns with a single blade in hand.
Lyria: Oh, the Eight-Life Katana! Now that you mention it, you said you'd take care of it the other day...
Eight-Life Katana: ...
Eahta: You're awfully quiet for someone who enjoys prattling endlessly.
Eight-Life Katana: Hmph! If I'm not mistaken, you're the one who told me to keep quiet earlier.
Vyrn: Whoa! Th-the thing actually talks!
Eahta: I did not expect you to heed my words for once, sword.
Lyria: Um... Eahta? Is the "source" you were talking about supposed to be the Eight-Life Katana?
Eahta: Indeed.
Vyrn: Huh? Since when is this supposed to be some kind of cursed sword that gives nightmares to people!
Eight-Life Katana: If you have the gall to call yourself my owner, then understand your duty to become the strongest!
Eight-Life Katana: Nightmare? Bah! That was no nightmare, but a memory from the past! And it could be the future!
Eahta looks indignantly at the blade when (Captain) asks the Eight-Life Katana of its intentions.
Eight-Life Katana: Open your eyes! You never know when disaster can strike! A disaster not unlike the one you saw can very well happen again!
Eight-Life Katana: Your hometown could be next to succumb to destruction. But you can ensure that it will never happen...
Eight-Life Katana: How, you ask? By becoming the strongest! Cut down every last foe and protect everything you treasure without hesitation!
Once again, a nightmarish scene comes to life in (Captain)'s mind.
An unrelentingly vivid scene of despair creeps into (Captain)'s mind as visions of his hometown and loved ones succumb to violence.
Eahta: Hmph!
Eahta: You speak brazenly of vagueries with no substantiation. Your words are worth no more than rubbish.
Eight-Life Katana: Why, you...
Eahta: (Captain). You must remain true to yourself—do not let the fear of the unknown dictate your life.
Eahta: Forge your own path, and do not be led astray by those who do not have your best interests at heart.
Heeding Eahta's words, (Captain) stops reaching for the Eight-Life Katana and notices Vyrn and Lyria's worried faces.
Lyria: (Captain)? Are you okay?
Vyrn: It almost looked like the Eight-Life Katana possessed you for a second there or something.
Eahta: To protect those who you treasure, you must stay true to your heart.
Eahta: And you will, without a doubt in my mind, become the strongest you can be. Engrave this truth into your heart.
Eight-Life Katana: Spineless!
Eahta: Spineless or not, neither you nor I have the right to speak on (Captain)'s behalf. The captain's choice is not our decision.
Eahta: But if such a foe were to arise, it may very well threaten our way of life as we know it.
Eight-Life Katana: Exactly! That's why...
Eahta: An enemy that would steep this kaleidoscopic world in darkness...
Eahta: Haha, how fitting that would be... finally, an enemy worth wagering my life for!
Eight-Life Katana: ...! You mean to say that you would wield me against those who would threaten this world?
Eight-Life Katana: Unbelievable... Is this what it takes... to be the strongest?
Eight-Life Katana: (It's almost as if I should not be taking the form of this blade, but...)
Vyrn: If such a baddie were to show up, he'd challenge it himself, huh? Grandpa Katana's really something else...
Lyria: We should set a plate aside for (Captain) too... Come on, Vyrn!
Lyria: (Captain)... It doesn't matter how scary or evil they are. If such a foe ever showed up, I'll be right there with you.
Lyria: And I'll fight until the very end for your sake!
Vyrn: Yeah! And don't forget about me too!
Vyrn: You're not alone, so don't feel the need to bear everything yourself, buddy!
(Captain) smiles reassuredly upon hearing their kind words.
Eahta: ...
After his dialogue with the Eight-Life Katana, Eahta returns to his room when Fif shows up.
Fif: A threat to the sky, huh? You can bet I'll be there to blow 'em to bits with my magic, so don't worry!
Eahta: Gaha! It seems that I have nothing to fear then.
Eahta: I suppose all we can do is cut down any threats to the sky as they arise.
Eahta: Fif.
Fif: What is it?
Eahta: What would you do if I forgot who you were?
Fif: What kinda question is that? Your memory really does stink, doesn't it, Grampy?
Fif: I mean, you even forgot your name before, so I guess it could happen, huh?
Fif: Well, if you ever forget, I'll be there to tell you all you need to know all over again!
Fif: And not just me either! You have (Captain) and Narmaya too!
Eahta: I suppose you're right. Thank you.
Fif: Grampy's always gonna be Grampy no matter what!
Eahta: Allow me to thank you in advance then. Let's see... I think I had some sweets on the shelf for you...
The swordsman had once cut off everything from his life for the sake of becoming the strongest warrior.
However, in his old age, his understanding of true strength has changed significantly from his younger years.
Even in the winter of his life, his dedication to his goal remains resolute.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
遠からん者は目にも見よ! Let my name echo in your ears!
本当の名など忘れてしもうたわ I have long forgotten my real name.
雉も鳴かずば斬られまいに The rooster that never squawks lives another day...
ハイカラとは難しきものだな Dressing fashionably is no easy task.
我が刀の道、未だ至らず… The way of the katana is a never-ending one...
つまらぬ物を斬ったようだ Another worthless opponent...
最強とは何か…答は未だ出ん What does it mean to possess supreme power?
フュンフの奴め、腹を出して寝るなと言うに Well, I did tell Fif to stop sleeping with her stomach out.
(主人公)、お主は渦を生む小石… (Captain), you are the pebble creating ripples...
あたら心を乱すな、(主人公)よ Never lose faith, (Captain).


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