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Official Profile

Npc f 3030006000 01.jpg Io
Age 11 years old
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher (Tzaka the Great)
Dislikes Creepy old men
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A young lass who loathes being treated like a child, Io encounters and eventually joins you while in search of her master, who vanished in the Valtz Duchy. Io is persistent and refuses to give up in the face of adversity, but she's a little inflexible, too. As you might guess from the way she bristles at being treated like a child, she can't wait until she's all grown up.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
バルツ公国に暮らす少女で、子供扱い厳禁の小さなレディ。忽然と姿を消した魔法使いの師匠を探している最中に,バ ルツ公国を訪れた主人公達と出会い協力関係になる。粘り強く、 物事を簡単に諦めたりはしないしっかり者だが、一度決 めたてとに対して融通の利かないー面も。年若いが大きな魔力を操る魔法使いであり、オトナの女性に憧れている。
Npc f 3030006000 03.jpg Final Uncap
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Npc f 3030006000 01.jpg Io
Age 11歳
Height 131cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ
Likes 師匠(ザカ大公
Dislikes おっさん
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
バルツ公国に暮らす少女で、子供扱い厳禁の小さなレディ。忽然と姿を消した魔法使いの師匠を探している最中に,バ ルツ公国を訪れた主人公達と出会い協力関係になる。粘り強く、 物事を簡単に諦めたりはしないしっかり者だが、一度決 めたてとに対して融通の利かないー面も。年若いが大きな魔力を操る魔法使いであり、オトナの女性に憧れている。
Npc f 3030006000 03.jpg Final Uncap
Source [1] [2]

Npc f 3040015000 01.jpg Io (Summer)
Age 11 years old
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher
Dislikes Creepy old men
80px Final Uncap
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040015000 01.jpg Io (Summer)
Age 11歳
Height 131cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ
Likes 師匠
Dislikes おっさん
80px Final Uncap
Source [3]

Npc f 3040065000 01.jpg Io (Grand)
Age 11 years old
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher (Tzaka the Great)
Dislikes Creepy old men
Character Release
Following release of her summer version, magical girl Io appears again as SSR. Dressed like a magical girl and showing face of self-satisfaction... mhm, this really is something. Base version was of Water attribute, summer was Fire, and this version, that's part of the grand series, is Light.
Final Uncap
Npc f 3040065000 03.jpg Final Uncap
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Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040065000 01.jpg Io (Grand)
Age 11歳
Height 131cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ
Likes 師匠(ザカ大公
Dislikes おっさん
Character Release
Final Uncap
Npc f 3040065000 03.jpg Final Uncap
Age {{{uncap_agejp}}}
Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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  • Grand Io was the first character to receive a full official character profile outside GBF Theater.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I wish I could be grown up like you! I want to be a beautiful lady!
Just you wait, I'm gonna catch up to you before you know it!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy Birthday!
Grr. Just when I thought I was catching up to you, you've moved another year ahead.
Don't laugh! You were just born a little soon, that's all!
You just wait. I'm going to become a beautiful lady before you know it!
Hehe. We better stick together until your next birthday so you can see me grow up!


How do you feel? You're a year older now; do you feel like a grown-up?
I can't wait till I'm all grown up...
I know I'm already a lady, but I want to be a grown-up lady.
Ah! But today's not about me. You're the star today, (Captain).
Say, how much longer till we reach Estalucia, do you think?
I hope we'll always be together! You, me, the crew, and everyone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I bet your dad would be blown away by how well you've turned out!
I wonder how much farther it is to Estalucia.
I'm sure we'll be able to reunite you with your dad really soon!
Ah... Ahaha... I kinda welled up just imagining that reunion...
But it's a really great thing to have someone in your life important enough to miss.
Thinking about that really makes me wanna see Master again...


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Wow, it's already been a year since we celebrated your last one, huh...
Feels like it went by in a flash. But I guess that's just how much we're enjoying every single day!
A whole lot of stuff goes on in the skies, but I know I'll be okay with you and the others by my side.
Now I'm looking forward to spending another year with everyone! Let's have some fun times together, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Can I get my New Year's presents now?


Ugh... I was up all night last night, so I'm really sleepy.
This happens to me every year, but I can't possibly stay in bed on New Year's Eve.
Oh, I shouldn't be complaining like this! It's not very lady-like.
So let me just say, happy New Year, (Captain)!


Wow! Is that for me? For New Year's?
Thanks, (Captain)!
Oh, wait,
I'm supposed to be a full-grown lady now...
I should be the one giving out gifts.
Wait here! I'll be right back with presents for all the little ones!
Hehe! Of course! What else would you expect from a grown-up like me!


Hey, (Captain)! How would you say I've changed since last year?
I'd say I'm becoming more of a refined lady with every passing day, wouldn't you?
Hey... Why'd you go silent? Say something!
Ah. Nope, nope. Settle down, Io. What's that thing Rosetta always says? "Anger and haste hinder good counsel"?
You've taught me something important today, (Captain). Heh heh! First day of the new year, and already I'm taking another step on the staircase of refinement!


Wow, just look at that! I'm still a little sleepy, but I'm glad I made the effort to wake up early and catch the first sunrise of the year.
Um, how's that saying go? "Decisions made on New Year's Day are the key to a successful year," or something? I should decide on my New Year's resolution soon...
Hmm, but what should it be?
What about you? Have you already decided on yours?
As for me... I guess I have something, but it's more like a life goal than a resolution.
One day I'll be an adult that everyone looks up to! Yeah, it has to be that.
It's going to be a long journey there, but I'll do my best this year too!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ch-chocolates? Why would you expect something like that? Don't be silly!
I do have some though. But I'm only giving them to you because I have to!


What do you want, (Captain)? Do you... Do you want some chocolate?
No? Are you sure?
Come on! Quit teasing me, already!
If you want chocolate that bad, then here, just take it!
I'm just trying to say thanks for everything! That's it!
Ugh! Be quiet and take your chocolate!


Here... This is for you...
Wh-what? It's just a little box of chocolates... Nothing to get excited about.
S-stop it, you're gonna make me...
No, I'm not blushing! Nngh... (Captain), you meanie...


Here ya go, (Captain). You've been waiting for this, right? I made lots of chocolate for everyone, so I might as well let you have some.
If I made enough for everyone, why'd I bother to ask you here on your own?
W-well, I... That is...
Yours is special...
I mean! Don't read anything weird into it! It's just a thank you because you always look out for me!
Now take your dumb chocolate and get out!


Now wait just a minute! Why are you holding your hands out already?
I didn't say I was going to give you anything, did I? Not that I didn't make you chocolate, but...
Come on, shouldn't you at least try to be a little more subtle during these occasions?
I-I'm not embarrassed about giving it to you! I just want you to... you know, really treasure it.
Hmph! It's a little too late to be making a face like that!
You're a real handful... But here, I went all out when I made this, so you better take your time and savor it!

Io's Chocolate square.jpg Io's Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

What? What do you want me for all of a sudden?
You have a present for me? Oh, thank you! That's very thoughtful... But what's the occasion?
It's not even my birthday... Huh? It's for White Day?
Oh, right! It's White Day!
So then... This is a present from you for White Day...
Hehe. Thank you! I'll be sure to cherish it!


Aah! What're you doing here, (Captain)?
Huh? It's White Day, right? So what?
What is that? Are you gonna give that to me?
You're giving these to other people too, right? I'm sure they'll be happy to get them. Off you go now!
Heh heh heh. I got a present from (Captain)!


N-nothing! I just happened to be looking your way is all!
(Did (Captain) forget today's White Day?)
(Well, it wouldn't be right for me to demand a present anyway...)
(I should act like I'm not expecting anything. That's what a grown-up would do.)
Wh-what're you grinning about!
What do you want? Huh? This is for me? But I thought you forgot...
You were just teasing me? (Captain), you big bully!
Hehe. But I'll let you off this time.
You gave me such a nice present after all!


Wh-what do you want? Why'd you ask me to come see you?
(Urgh... You can't arrange a meeting then just clam up like this!)
Huh? You dropped my White Day present somewhere?
(Captain)! How could you lose something so important!
Ah... Wait, is that it over there?
Oh, thank goodness we found it! You went through all the trouble of making it, after all.


Wow! What's this? Homemade sweets for me?
It looks really good! Thanks, (Captain)!
Hey, why are you grinning like that?
You're happy that I'm happy?
What? You can't just drop a line like that on me! Geez...
Y-you have to give me some warning before you say those things, or else I'm going to overheat...
Anyway, what do you say I steep us some tea, and we can eat these sweets together?
N-now's a good chance to spend a bit of time together, that's all!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Give me some candy, or else! Huh? You don't have any? Hehe. Well then, looks like you get a trick!


Hey, (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Gimme candy or get pranked!
Hmm... You gave away too much and now you're all out of candy?
You're getting tricked for sure then! Hope you're ready for my special Halloween magic!
You can run but you can't hide! Terror tag! You're it!


Trick or treat!
Hehe, got you, (Captain)! You've got nowhere to run!
Now give up and hand over the candy. Unless... you'd prefer a trick?
Hm? I'm the one with nowhere to run? What're you laughing for?
...! I hear footsteps!
D-don't tell me this is a trap!
Aaah! Wait, wait! I'll give you all the candy you want! Just spare me!


This year, I'm not gonna run around like a kid. I'm just gonna hand out candy, 'cause I'm a lady!
Here, (Captain), hold out your hand! I've got some for you!
Huh? What're you looking at me like that for?
You wanted to celebrate Halloween together?
Ohhh, fine. Fine! Just knock it off with those puppy dog eyes!
All right. Just because you twisted my arm, I'm gonna prank it up this year too!


Hey, (Captain)! Can you give me a hand?
I was getting treats ready for Halloween...
But it looks like someone came and ate some of it!
Yeah! The pumpkin-flavored cream puffs filled with delicious—
Wait a second! How'd you know what kinda treat it was!
Huh? Vyrn? You saw him happily snacking on some cream puffs just now? Hm... I see.
Oh, Vyrn! When I find him, he's gonna get a lot more than just a trick from me!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
Come on! Let's go get some cake!


There really are all kinds of great things to do this time of year.
You can spend time with your friends. You can eat great food. And you can even get presents from Santa Claus!
Hehe. It really is the best time of year!
I can hardly wait for it each time.
Hey, let's go over to the kitchen! I'm sure someone's making something good for dinner.
We should help them out! Then maybe we'll get to try some!


Hehe! I'll be making the cake for tonight!
And you'll be helping me, (Captain)! Let's see if we have all the ingredients ready...
Hm? Where's the apple? I could have sworn I put it here. Don't tell me...
I know who did it! We'll bake that cake later, (Captain). First we gotta catch this thief!
Hehe. Time to add some roast lizard to tonight's menu.


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! It's snowing!
Hehe. Don't you think it's romantic?
This holiday really isn't complete without a thick, white blanket of snow.
What? You wanna have a snowball fight! And you want to go round up the rest of the girls to join?
Really, (Captain)! Way to ruin the mood!


Hey, (Captain)! Have you seen Vyrn around anywhere?
What? He went to borrow clothes from Santa Claus?
All right, looks like he's getting ready! I better get changed too.
We're going to be giving presents out to the kids on the ship, so we've got to look the part!
That's what a good adult does during the holidays, isn't it? Hey, how about joining us too, (Captain)?

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Raring to Go

Io leads the crew as they search for a missing boy, but he ends up in trouble because of her. A passing female mage saves him and offers to join the crew, but only if all the other magic users are sent away. Io, feeling defeated, discovers that she can no longer use her magic.

The crew finds itself deep within a cave while on a mission.
They are searching for a missing boy, and Io is in high spirits as she leads the way.
Io: Hellooo? Is anyone here? Yell if you can hear me!
Vyrn: Heeey! Hmm... I guess there's no one in here. Maybe he took a different path.
Lyria: Or he's even deeper in the cave... but I sense monsters in there...
Io: Monsters? Excellent. Let's press on then!
Vyrn: Um, okay... What are you so excited about anyway? Monsters are a pain, you know.
Io: Hee-hee... A few monsters would be a great chance for me to practice my magic!
Io: I feel a lot more confident after all of our adventures! And with even more experience, my magic will be that much strong—
Lyria: Io, over there! It's the boy! But there's a problem...
Boy: Mommy! Daddy!
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Oh no! He's surrounded by monsters!
Io: I'll take care of it! Hi-ya!
Monster: Grargh...
Io: Heh-heh! Who's next?
Monster: Grargh!
Lyria: Amazing, Io! You really have gotten stronger!
Vyrn: Yeah! And so quickly too!
Vyrn: But wait... Where'd the kid go?
Boy: Aahh! Somebody help me!
Monster: Groar!
Io: Oh, come on! I only turned my back for a second!
Lyria: Run, little boy! Oh no! He's not going to make it!
Monster: Groa—
Io: Um... Was that... magic?
Female Mage: Hee-hee... I thought I heard something. Are you all right, little boy?
Boy: Thank you! I thought I was monster chow for sure!
Vyrn: That was so cool! You took out all those monsters in a blink of an eye!
Female Mage: That was nothing. None of you are hurt, are you?
Lyria: I'm fine. Io, are you hurt?
Io: ...
Vyrn: Io?
Io: I'm fine.
Female Mage: Good. Now, I'll help you with the rest of the monsters if you help me collect the herbs I need. Deal?
When the crew returns with the young boy, the village chief organizes a celebration, and the villagers shower praise on the female mage.
Villager 1: We heard about what you did! You must be very powerful!
Villager 2: We're so thankful! Let us erect a statue in your honor!
Female Mage: There's no need for all that. Any one of you would have done the same.
Io: ...
Vyrn: But it really was amazing! I've never seen magic like that before!
Female Mage: Hee-hee... You weren't so bad yourselves! You all look very young, but surely you must be skyfarers. Am I right?
Lyria: Yes! We're on a quest to find Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals!
Female Mage: Is that so? How fascinating. You know, I like you guys.
Female Mage: Do you think you might have a use for someone like me?
Vyrn: Of course we would! You'd be welcomed with open arms! Right, (Captain)?
Female Mage: Hee-hee... Thank you. But I have one condition...
Female Mage: Since I'm the only mage you'll ever need, you must dismiss all of the others before I join.
Io: ...!
Lyria: What? Um... You see—
Female Mage: That's my condition. You saw yourself that I'm as powerful as a hundred mages.
Vyrn: It's not exactly a question of power...
Female Mage: I've searched so long for a crew to entrust my life to. And you need magic like mine, right?
Io: Stop!
Female Mage: Huh? What's your problem?
Io: Um... We...
We haven't told you everything yet. We're actually being chased by the empire!
Io: It's super dangerous, okay? So maybe you should reconsider.
Female Mage: The empire? Interesting... I could use some practice.
Io: Wha? Uh, did I mention we've got some yucky geezers in our crew?
Io: Rackam reeks of sweat, Eugen reeks of that swill he drinks... Basically they all reek!
Vyrn: Hey now...
Io: What I'm saying is it's no place for a lady like you!
Female Mage: Hee-hee... Sounds like fun! A good crew needs a few salty characters.
Io: Aagh! You don't get it, do you?
Io: Our captain's a kid, Vyrn's a lizard... We're a bunch of total weirdos!
Io: You'd hate it! We're on an absolutely miserable quest!
Lyria: Io...
Female Mage: A miserable quest? Sounds like it has been pretty hard, at least for a little missy like you.
Io: What? Who're you calling little?
Vyrn: Whoa... Chill, Io. I don't think she's trying to insult you.
Io: Ugh! So you're on her side, lizard?
Lyria: Um... Io, can we talk about this later?
Io: What's there to talk about? I get it!
Io: Go ahead and let her in! She's a magic master after all! No need for me!
Io: Your loss, losers!
Lyria: Io! Oh dear... She's run off...
Female Mage: I'm sorry... I think I said something I shouldn't have.
Vyrn: It's nothing for you to worry about. But what are we going to do, (Captain)?
Io sits beneath a tree deep within a forest, cradling her knees.
Io: They must hate me...
Io: There's no way I can ever go back to them now...
Io looks up at the sound of footsteps... and sees (Captain) appear from the undergrowth.
Io: (Captain), what are you doing here?
  1. I came for you.
  2. I'm just out for a walk.

Choose: I came for you.
Io: Why bother? It's not like we're friends anymore! Please just leave me alone...

Choose: I'm just out for a walk.
Io: Oh, really? Makes sense since we're not friends anymore. Now go do your walking someplace else...
Continue 1
Io: ...
Um... Thanks for caring.
Io: Huh? Lyria and the others are looking for me too? I see... I've caused everyone so much trouble...
Io: ...
Io: Um... Did you know that my master made my staff and clothes? He used magic to do it.
Io: But I still couldn't save that boy... That other mage is way more powerful than me.
Io: As my master's apprentice and as the bearer of this staff, I should've been able to do something... Now what am I going to—
Monster: Grooar!
Io: Monsters! And it sounds like a lot of 'em!
Io: This time... This time for sure I'll show you that I'm better than her any day!
Io: Hiii-ya!
Monster: Groar!
Io: Huh? My magic... It's not working!
Io: O-okay... I'll just try again! Take this!
Io: Why... Why is this happening to me? Why, (Captain)!
Io: My magic... My magic's gone!
With the horde of monsters approaching, Io's magic fails her.
The poor duo find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. Monster howls surround them in the darkness.

Eat and Be Merry

Io remembers that her journey with the crew started when her master told her that magic exists to make people smile. Her staff and clothes begin to overflow with magical power just as monsters begin attacking the village, and she hurries to the rescue.

Faced with a swarm of monsters, Io finds herself unable to use magic. She and (Captain) escape deeper into the forest.
Io: Whew... We... We should be safe now...
Io: But why? Why can't I use my magic?
Io: This has never happened before... I don't know what to do! What should I do?
Io: Sniff... Sob... Master... Master!
  1. It'll be okay.
  2. Crying won't solve anything.

Choose: It'll be okay.
Io: How? How can you be so calm?

Choose: Crying won't solve anything.
Io: I know, but... Why are you trying to act all relaxed about it?
Continue 1
Io: I can tell from the look on your face that you're just as worried as me!
Io: ...
Io: But if I can't use magic... then I guess I really will have to leave the crew.
Io: So my journey ends here... It's weird... It feels like everything back in Valtz happened so long ago.
Io: Sigh... How did I end up traveling with you guys anyway?
Sierokarte: That mage you found has woken up, (Captain)! Right this way! No need to be scared!
Io: N-nice to meet you. It seems like you saved me. Thanks.
Lyria: Hey, Io, what kind of person is the archduke?
Io: Well... he's sloppy, slobby, and forgetful. But he has a heart of gold.
Io: He truly believes that magic exists to make people happy. And you can tell from the way he uses his abilities.
Vyrn: One more push! Just take out the giant's body and we're done!
Io: Just watch me, Master. I'm gonna use the best, strongest magic I have to bring back your smile... just the way you taught me!
Tzaka the Great: I know. Follow your heart, Io.
Tzaka the Great: The empire's brought a lot of misery to a lot of people... It's time to beat the empire to a pulp and give those victims something to smile about!
Io: Right! I've decided, (Captain)... I'm coming with you!
Io: To make people smile...
Io: That's right... I decided to travel with you guys so that I could use my magic to make people smile...
Io: But here I am, worrying about my talent... worrying about not being as good as that other mage.
Io: ...
Io: I'm sorry, Master. I don't deserve to call myself your apprentice...
Io closes her eyes and begins to concentrate quietly.
Io: Hah!
Io: Heh-heh... I did it!
Io: Oh! (Captain), you're finally smiling again! What a relief. You looked so worried before...
Io: Huh? What the...
Io: Whoa! My magic power is overflowing all of a sudden! What's going on?
Io: It almost seems like the clothes and staff my master made are reacting to my magic...
Vyrn: We've got trouble, guys! But wait... What's with that getup, Io?
Io: Hey, lizard... This is... um... First of all, what's this about trouble?
Lyria: A swarm of monsters is heading for the village!
Io: What? The same ones that attacked us?
Io: We have to help the villagers! Let's go, (Captain)!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 2

The female mage from earlier struggles against the swarm of monsters. Io and the crew show up just in time to save her, but she doubts their chances. This doesn't stop Io from squaring off against the monsters.

The crew returns to find that the monsters are already closing in on the village, and a single female mage is holding them off.
Female Mage: Take that!
Monster: Groar!
Villager 1: No, Miss Mage! There's no end to them! You have to get out of here!
Female Mage: I'll buy you some time! You guys get out of here!
Villager 2: Thank you so much... You'd better catch up to us, all right? We'll be waiting!
Female Mage: Ugh... There are just too many of them...
Monster: Groar!
Female Mage: What a swarm... Looks like my time's up...
Io: Hey! Don't even think about giving up!
Female Mage: It's you... and the rest of your crew...
Vyrn: You okay, lady? Wait... You're hurt!
Lyria: We need to get you treated right away!
Female Mage: I'm fine... Don't worry about me. You guys need to flee, or your journey will end here.
Io: You're the one who needs to flee! Just leave this to me!
Female Mage: Don't be silly! Your magic won't be enough to handle them!
Io: We'll see about that!
Female Mage: Now you listen here, little lady! I refuse to let a child like you sacrifice herself!
Io: Excuse me? Is that what you think I'm doing?
Io: I just want to make everyone smile... And that includes you! That's what mages are for!
Female Mage: ...!
Monster: Groar!
Io: Here we go! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 3

Io annihilates the encroaching monsters with her newly strengthened magic, stunning the female mage with her growth. After some encouragement from Io, the female mage agrees to help her protect the village.

The crew manages to drive off the monsters, and the female mage is stunned by Io's powerful magic.
Female Mage: That was incredible... To think you had such potential...
Io: Heh-heh! Even I'm a little surprised!
Lyria: That's our Io! But it looks like there are still monsters outside the village...
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Whoa! They just keep coming!
Io: Can't they take a hint?
Hey, can you still fight?
Female Mage: I think so... What's your plan?
Io: I want you to stay and protect the village while we go drive the monsters away. How about it? Can you trust me with this?
Female Mage: ...
Female Mage: Hehe... Very well. If I can trust anyone with my life, it's you. Go get 'em, girl!
Io: Will do!
Vyrn: Get moving then! They're coming from the plateau!
Lyria: Come on, everyone! It's time to go on the offensive!
Io: Let's flatten 'em!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 4

After the crew drives away the monsters, the female mage acknowledges Io's power and gives up on joining the crew. Confident once more, Io resumes her journey to make even more people smile.

After defeating monsters left and right, the crew finally drives the swarm away. No one has even noticed that a new day has broken.
Villager 1: Thank you, Io! Your magic is incredible!
Villager 2: Yeah! It was just breathtaking! Let me make a monument in your honor!
Io: Oh, shut up already! Just yesterday you people were ignoring me!
Female Mage: Hee-hee! Oh, don't be that way. You're the one who put those smiles on their faces.
Vyrn: You did a great job! I can't believe you're the same girl who was crying like a baby in the forest!
Io: You shut your lizard mouth!
Lyria: Hee-hee! The archduke helped too.
Io: That's true. I can't believe he laced my clothes and staff with something like that...
Female Mage: Hee-hee... I guess I'm no match for you.
Female Mage: I've decided to give up on joining your crew. With you around, I don't think I'll be needed... What a pity.
Io: Are you sure? It wouldn't hurt to have another mage on board. Why not come with—
Female Mage: My pride would never allow it. I'll just find an even better crew! Hee-hee... See you around.
Io: There she goes...
Io: Oh! I just remembered! I... I need to apologize... Um... About yesterday... The things I said...
Vyrn: Don't sweat it! We know you say stuff you don't mean when you're mad.
Lyria: Don't worry about it! We're just glad you came back!
Io: Thanks...
But still... I'm sorry.
Vyrn: Oh? What's this? More tears?
Io: Back off, lizard! It's rude to get all up in a lady's face!
Vyrn: Ouch! Don't hit me with the archduke's staff!
Lyria: Hee-hee! I'm so glad Io is back to normal!
Io: Heh-heh... Time to head back to the Grandcypher!
Thus Io overcomes her hardship and grows from the experience.
She returns to the skies, following her dream of making people smile.

The Delicate Age

Somewhere in Valtz, an evil spirit known for spreading disease escapes from the sanctuary it was sealed away in. Meanwhile, as she battles monsters with (Captain) and company on another island, Io suddenly struggles to manipulate her magic to any effect, and by the end of the fray is unable to cast anything at all. She makes it through the fight, but the experience leaves her demoralized.

Tomb Robber Terry: Nyahaha... This place is a gold mine!
A sanctuary hidden away in the Valtz Duchy has just received some unsavory visitors.
Visitors who are beside themselves with glee at the trove of magical items within.
Tomb Robber Terry: Let's go, boys! We wanna be clear of Valtz before sunrise!
Tomb Robber Tim: You got it, boss!
Just as the triumphant desecraters are about to make off with their loot...
Eerie Voice: Hee... Eeheehee...
Insinuating laughter ripples through the darkness and a strange figure emerges from the shadows.
???: Eeheehee! Heeee! Heeheeheee!
Tomb Robber Terry: Wh-what the hell is that thing!
Evil Spirit: Little sneak thieves... You've done me a big favor, breaking that lousy seal...
Tomb Robber Terry: Seal? What seal?
Evil Spirit: Look down, dipstick! You tramped right through that magic circle! Too busy drooling over treasure to watch where you were going, eh?
Tomb Robber Terry: Ah... Ahh...
Tomb Robber Terry: This thing's trouble, boys! Everybody out!
Evil Spirit: You can't leave yet! I need to give you your reward!
The cackling figure sprays the thieves with mold.
The moment they inhale the spores, the thieves are wracked with intense shooting pains. They look down at their hands only to see their fingers beginning to turn to stone.
Tomb Robber Tim: B-boss...
Tomb Robber Terry: Hrngh... This can't be... the plague that hit Valtz years ago?
Evil Spirit: Hey, you're not as dumb as you look! That's right. The plague that starts with you turning to stone and ends with you crumbling to dust!
Evil Spirit: Shouldn't you be running along to a doctor? Otherwise you'll die screaming, just like the poor saps who came before you...
Tomb Robber Terry: Gyaaah! Run! Run for your lives!
Evil Spirit: Eeheehee! That's right, run! Spread the corruption to everyone you meet! Let death fill the streets of Valtz!
Evil Spirit: Heehee... I'll show those stupid mages to seal me in here...
Evil Spirit: It's party time! Eeheeheehee!
The figure's malignant laughter echoes through the shrine as it watches the fleeing robbers.
While the thieves are reaping more than their just deserts, (Captain) and the crew are fighting an uphill battle against a horde of monsters on another island.
Io: Take that!
Monsters: Grrr...
Io: Bring it, you fang-faced doofs! I'll take you all out in one blast!
Rackam: Heh. Careful when you play with fire, kid, or you're liable to get burned!
Io: Says you! I'll show you I'm not the same "kid" I used to be!
Eugen: Io! Behind you!
Io: Huh?
Monsters: Grrgraah!
Io spins around and immediately falls backward onto her behind, startled by the monsters closing in on her.
Io: Ow! Wh-why you!
Eugen: Hyaah!
Monsters: Gruugh...
Eugen: Phew. Y'okay there?
Io: Yeah... Thanks.
Eugen: Heh, don't worry about it. You weren't in a good position to take 'em out. Gotta be more careful of where you're standing in battle.
Io: I... I was! I'm not some wet-behind-the-ears rookie, you know!
Eugen: Hey, I know you're not. You've paid more dues'n most.
Eugen: Just watch you don't get careless 'cause you think you've seen it all, huh?
Io: Ugh, shut up! You're not my dad!
As Io is facing her inadequacies, Katalina and (Captain) dash in and artfully cut the monster to ribbons.
Katalina: Haah!
Monsters: Gyaagh!
Rosetta: Haha... Even the loveliest rose has thorns, you know. Why don't you try my vines on for size?
Monsters: Grrr...
Io: I can't let them outdo me...
Io: Haaah!
Io collects herself and charges back into the fray.
Io: Ack!
Io: Darn it!
Io: Wait. Did I miss?
Monster: Graaohh!
Monster: Gyaah!
Io: Th-thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey, what's up with you, Io? You're off your game.
Io: Why does everyone keep saying that! I'm fine! Just watch me!
Io: Yaaah!
Io: Eek!
Io: Owww...
Io: Ugh, this is the worst day ever!
Io's first mistake of the day just seems to be snowballing. All of a sudden, she can't put a foot right.
Monsters: Graaarrr...
Io: Humph... This is nothing. I can handle this many in my sleep...
Io points her staff at the freshly arrived pack of monsters.
Io: Yaaahhh!
Io: Huh? M-my magic... It didn't...
Io: T-take that! Yah! Hyah!
No matter how many times she swings her staff or chants her incantations, she can't seem to activate a single spell.
Io: What's going on? What is this? Why can't I use my magic?
Monsters: Grrgraaahh!
Io: Eek!
Rosetta: Endless Rose!
Just as they are about to descend on Io, the monsters are felled by a cluster of Rosetta's thorns.
Io: Sorry... for being a burden.
Rosetta: Haha, don't be so hard on yourself. We all have days like that. Just sit back while we finish these beasts off.
Io: 'Kay...
The rest of the crew manages to put down the monsters.
But whether it's due to stress or strain, the day is just the beginning of quite a slump for Io.

The Delicate Age: Scene 2

A day after dispatching the monsters, the crew is on its way to the Valtz Duchy to deliver cargo. On the advice of Katalina and the others, Io pays a visit to Archduke Tzaka to seek his counsel. But when she sees how delighted he is with her progress, she balks and puts on a show of toughness instead. Tzaka, sensing her bluff, decides to assign her a simple errand.

The day after the monster extermination mission, the Grandcypher is sailing toward the Valtz Duchy to deliver some cargo.
Io, still unable to do magic, is training on deck.
Io: Yaah!
Io: Haaah!
Io: Ngh...
Vyrn and Lyria: ...
Nothing she tries seems to work. Io yanks on her pigtails in frustration.
Io: Argh! What is wrong with me?
Rosetta: Io, you don't have to push yourself like this. Take it slow.
Io: Nngh... But I don't wanna be a burden while I'm stuck with no magic!
Io: Sorry, Rosetta... I'm gonna train on my own for a while.
Rosetta: All right. But be gentle with yourself.
Rackam: Hey, whaddya think's wrong with Io?
Eugen: Beats me. Kids are complicated.
Rosetta: She's going through a young lady's rite of passage. All she needs from you is your support.
Rackam: Uh, sure. I'll take your word for it.
Io: It's no good... Nothing works...
Eugen: You're just going through a slump, kiddo. The best thing for that is to take it easy for a while.
Io: That works for you, Eugen? What about you, Rackam?
Rackam: Who, me? Hmm... Don't think I've ever really had a slump.
Eugen: Yeah, me neither. Sorry I don't have more detailed advice for ya.
Io: More like any advice. Sigh... There must be someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
Katalina: We're heading to Valtz anyway. Why don't you talk to the archduke about it?
Io: Master has been a mage for a really long time. I wonder if he's ever hit a slump.
Rosetta: Perhaps. And it'll be a good opportunity to let him see how well you're doing.
Io: True... Okay. Thanks, you guys!
Shortly afterward, the Grandcypher docks in the Valtz Duchy.
Io: All righty... I don't need magic to schlep boxes! What should I take first?
(Captain) pulls some forms from atop one crate and asks Io to bring them to Archduke Tzaka first.
Io: Why? Don't we need to get moving with the deliveries?
Rackam: If you get the archduke to sign off on the paperwork, it'll save us some time at customs. You're the closest to him, so you're the best one for the job.
Io: ...
Io: Okay! Leave it to me! See you soon!
Io heads off toward the archduke's residence.
Io: Master, I'm hooome!
Tzaka the Great: Well, well! It's been a while, Io! How are (Captain) and the crew doing?
Io: They're unloading cargo at port. I brought you some paperwork. Can you take a look?
Tzaka the Great: Let's see here... Yes, that seems to be in order. Haha, they gave you quite an important job, Io. I'm proud of you.
Io: All I did was hand you some papers. No big deal.
Tzaka the Great: It certainly would be a big deal if they were stolen from you in transit. Your crew members wouldn't have given you the task if they didn't trust you.
Io: ...
How 'bout that?
Tzaka the Great: Io... Have you gotten taller?
Io: Huh?
Tzaka the Great: It's not just your height. You've matured too. I can tell. Haha... That sets my mind at ease.
Io: ...
Tzaka the Great: But I suppose progress always comes with some self-doubt.
Io: Huh? Who said I was doubting myself?
Tzaka the Great: ...
Io: ...
Tzaka the Great: You can talk to me, Io.
Io: ...
Io: I'm fiiine! I'm becoming a better mage by the day!
Io: So you don't have to worry about me, 'cause I'm fine as fine can be!
Tzaka the Great: Hmm...
Tzaka the Great: Haha, all right then. I suppose I'm just an old worrywart.
Tzaka the Great: Oh, since you're here... There's a favor I'd like to ask you.
Tzaka the Great pulls a document from one of the piles on his desk and hands it to his pupil.
Io: What's this?
Tzaka the Great: Some paperwork concerning trade policy. Could you deliver it to the office near the shrine for me?
Io: Sure! I'll be back later with (Captain) and the crew!
Io waves cheerily and heads out on her errand.
Tzaka the Great: ...
Tzaka the Great: She doesn't seem ready to confide in me... Perhaps I've been putting too much pressure on her.
Tzaka watches her go, hoping that eventually, Io will feel comfortable bringing her problems to him.

The Delicate Age: Scene 3

Shortly after Io leaves on her errand, (Captain) and company make their own visit to the archduke. When they consult him about Io's slump, Tzaka assures them that her growing pains are nothing unusual for a young mage, and suggests the group watch over Io until she gets past this new obstacle.

Not long after Io leaves Tzaka's home, (Captain) and the crew finish delivering their cargo.
After their last delivery, they drop in on Archduke Tzaka.
Lyria: It's been a long time, Archduke!
Tzaka the Great: Haha, I've been expecting you! Glad to see you all looking so well!
Rosetta: Did Io happen to ask you for advice on something?
Tzaka the Great: No, although she certainly seemed to have something on her mind.
(Captain) and the others explain how Io has recently been unable to use her magic.
Tzaka the Great: Ah, so that's why you sent her ahead to see me.
Rosetta: If anyone could offer some sage advice on the subject, we were sure it would be you.
Tzaka the Great: She must have kept it to herself so as not to worry me. She should know she doesn't need to do that...
Rackam: Is losing your magic a common problem for mages?
Tzaka the Great: Certainly not uncommon, depending on how one's education is progressing. That goes for other fields besides magic too.
Tzaka the Great: The root of it all, of course, is here.
Tzaka thumps his right fist over his heart.
Tzaka the Great: I'm sure she'll overcome this hurdle. She's strong and determined. Please watch over her until she does.
Vyrn: We'd love to, but where is she?
Tzaka the Great: I thought she could use a little push to be more forthright with her feelings…
Tzaka the Great: So I took matters into my own hands. Hahaha!
Tzaka winks at the crew, then laughs heartily.

The Delicate Age: Scene 4

Io stops by a library mid-errand when she feels as though something is calling to her from among the shelves. She follows the voice to its source and finds a beautiful golden staff hanging on the library wall. As she stares, captivated, the staff falls suddenly from its place—right into her hands. The staff, possessed of its own voice, introduces itself as Gambanteinn. Io is overcome with an inexplicable nostalgia and finds deep comfort in holding Gambanteinn close to her.

Io heads to a nearby government office to deliver a document from Tzaka the Great.
On her way there...
Io: ...!
Io comes to a halt with the distinct impression that someone called her name. There seems, however, to be no one nearby.
Io: (Was that just my imagination?)
Io: Oh... The library's right through there.
Io: Maybe it's got books on how to deal with my magic problem!
Io: Even a hint would be worth something...
Io pulls grimoire after spellbook from the shelves and flips through the pages.
An hour of searching yields not even a vague mention of Io's problem. She slumps forward, knocking her head against the shelf in front of her.
Io: Sigh... I guess that would've been too easy.
Io raises her eyes to the ceiling as if asking for guidance.
???: Io...
Io: Wha? Who's there?
Io hears the faint whisper of her name and ducks around to the other side of the shelf to see who called her.
Golden Staff: ...
Io: What a beautiful staff...
Io is captivated by the sight of a golden staff hung on the wall.
Golden Staff: ...
Io: Eep! What just happened?
The hooks holding the weapon rattle and the staff falls right into Io's hands.
Io: Yeesh, don't scare me like that!
Golden Staff: ...
Io: What? Gambanteinn? Is that your name?
Gambanteinn: ...
Io: Wait, are you the one who was calling my name?
Gambanteinn flickers, seemingly in response to her voice.
Io: You should be glad I was standing here to catch you.
Gambanteinn: ...
Io: You feel really powerful... Did you belong to Master?
Io: I can't quite place it, but there's something really familiar about you...
The staff radiates a faint warmth, and holding it fills Io with a strange calm.
Gambanteinn glows softly, as if to allay Io's anxiety about her malfunctioning powers.

Magic, Lost and Found

Gambanteinn in hand, Io continues on her assignment to the government office, where she's unexpectedly reunited with Tomar, a childhood friend now working as an apprentice. After catching up, Io confides her recent magic-related worries to the boy, who does his best to encourage her. The two of them find renewed determination in their reunion and together vow never to abandon their dreams.

Io wanders into the library of a government building and finds herself holding the mysterious golden staff called Gambanteinn.
She attempts to put it back in its brackets on the wall, but isn't tall enough to reach them.
Io: Hmm... Doesn't feel right to leave it here on the floor. Guess I'll just bring it to Master when I see him.
Gambanteinn: ...
Staff in hand, Io returns to her original errand.
She heads toward the official's office to deliver the document from Archduke Tzaka.
Valtz Official: You twit!
Io: Whuh?
Startled by the sudden outburst from further down the hall, Io jumps behind a pillar. Hesitantly, she peeks around the side.
Io: ...
Io: Huh?
Valtz Official: Why can't you just do as you're told? Who asked you to figure things out on your own?
Apprentice: ...
Valtz Official: For crying out loud... Sort out those papers and then go home. You hear me?
Apprentice: Yes, sir...
Io can't repress a snort of laughter at the apprentice's sullen reaction.
Apprentice: All right, who laughed?
Apprentice: Whoa! Io?
Io: He really gave you an earful, huh, Tomar?
Tomar: Geez, I can't believe you saw that... Why'd you pick today to visit, of all days?
Io: It's been a while, Braga.
Braga: I didn't know you were back.
Io: We just happened to have business in Valtz. Glad you're still putting Tomar through his paces!
Braga: Oh, he has years of this to come.
Tomar: Urgh...
Io: Oh, by the way! Master told me to bring you this, so here you go!
Braga: Excellent, that's a big help.
All right, Tomar, you're off the hook for today. You and Io probably have some catching up to do.
Io: Thanks, Braga! C'mon, Tomar!
Tomar: Huh? Oh, yeah, okay!
Io and her old friend Tomar get themselves some tea at a nearby restaurant.
They sit down to trade news of what they've each been up to since they last met.
Io: It's a relief to see you working so hard at your job.
Tomar: Working hard at getting my ear chewed off, you mean.
Io: Pfft, I was trying to be tactful.
Tomar: Iiit's fine. I guess getting bawled out is just part of the learning process.
Io: That's what I like about you, Tomar. Always looking on the bright side.
Tomar: So? What about you, Io? You always dreamed of using magic to fly. Can you?
Io: ...
Io's sudden silence and downcast eyes tell Tomar he's touched on a sore subject.
Tomar: Well, I mean, you're halfway there, at least! Flying aboard an airship is pretty close! Haha...
Io: Sigh...
Tomar: Hey... Don't look so down. Whatever I said, I'm sorry.
Io: No, it's not you. I'm depressed about a whole 'nother thing.
Tomar: Do you wanna talk about it? We've known each other a long time, Io. You can tell me anything.
Tomar's grin brings a hesitant smile back to Io's face.
Io: Well... Yesterday when I was out hunting monsters with my crew, I suddenly couldn't use my magic anymore.
Tomar: ...
Io: And so everyone had to protect me and cover for me... I just felt like a big burden.
Tomar: You're usually so upbeat. If you're this down about something, it must be serious.
Io: I didn't become a skyfarer just to rely on other people. It's frustrating not being able to protect myself.
Io: And I'm disappointed in myself.
Io: I thought I'd grown so much on my travels, but then all of a sudden I was back to square one. It's enough to make you wanna quit altogether...
Tomar: You're really growing up on this journey, aren't you?
Io: Hey, I'm being serious here!
Tomar: So am I.
Io: ...
Tomar: If you're agonizing over it this much, I'm sure you'll grow from it too.
Io: What?
Tomar: Well, think about it. You messed up, your friends had to save you, and you felt lousy about it.
Tomar: You almost felt like giving up, but you didn't. Instead, you're looking for a solution, right?
Io: Yeah...
Tomar: You hit a wall. But I'm sure you'll find a way over it.
Tomar: Of course, I don't know the first thing about magic! Haha!
Io manages to open up to her old friend, who has no stake in whether or not she can do magic.
Even if Tomar has no real basis for his confidence in her, his encouragement comforts her.
Io: I don't know why, but that actually helped. Maybe I just needed to say it out loud.
Tomar: Speaking as someone who keeps plugging even though his boss gives him the business on the daily, I know what I'm talking about!
Io: Haha, are you sure you should be bragging about that?
Tomar: You shush. I'll be running this place one day, you'll see! So you'd better not slack off either!
Io: Okay! Don't worry—I'll be the best mage there ever was!
Smiling, the two old friends vow to continue chasing their dreams no matter what.

Magic, Lost and Found: Scene 2

A cry of distress from outside interrupts Io and Tomar. When they investigate they discover a man collapsed in the street, presenting symptoms of pain and petrifaction that resemble the fatal disease to which Io's mother succumbed. Io notifies Archduke Tzaka, who puts immediate measures in place to slow the outbreak. While visiting a clinic, however, the archduke is infected by an evil spirit that emerges from a patient. Io is enraged to learn that this spirit was also responsible for her mother's death, but the spirit only taunts her as it flees the clinic.

Io catches up with her old friend Tomar over a hot cup of tea.
But that tranquility is soon shattered.
Woman's Voice: Aaaahhh!
Io: Huh?
Tomar: What was that?
Io and Tomar run outside to see where the scream came from.
Man: ...
Young Woman: Darling, please, wake up!
Io and her friend spot a woman bent over her husband, who appears to have collapsed in the street. They run over to see what's happened.
Io: Hey, are you okay? What happened?
Young Woman: All of a sudden, he just... convulsed... and started writhing in pain...
Io frowns down at the man, a wrinkle forming between her brows as she catalogs his symptoms.
Io: ...!
Io: (Pain intense enough to lose consciousness... Petrifaction moving from the fingertips toward the elbow...)
Tomar: The same symptoms...
Io: What?
Tomar: My father and mother are suffering from the same symptoms. Cases have been popping up lately around the duchy.
Io: No way... It can't be!
Panic slowly closing its fist around her heart, Io points her staff at the fallen man.
Io: (Maybe I can ease his suffering, at least a little bit...)
Io: ...!
Io's healing spell fails entirely.
Io: Urgh...
Io brings the butt of her staff down hard against the ground and shakes off her self-pity.
Io: Listen, get this man to a doctor. Your parents, too! I'm going to go let Master know what's happening!
Tomar: Uh... Okay!
Io takes off running for Archduke Tzaka's home.
Io: Huff... Huff...
Io: (Why would that... disease be back... after all these years!)
Io: Pant, wheeze... Master! Come quick!
Tzaka the Great: What is it, Io?
Vyrn: Yeesh, you look like you just ran a marathon. Mop yourself off first.
Io: No time for that! Master, people are starting to turn to stone! It's that old disease!
Tzaka the Great: What... did you say?
Io: I saw someone collapsed in the street. Only his arm had petrified, but soon it'll spread to his whole body, and then...
Io: He'll end up just like my parents! Tomar said there've already been lots of cases!
Tzaka the Great: We have to take action immediately. You did the right thing reporting it to me, Io.
Io: Thanks...
Archduke Tzaka immediately contacts the local organizations of medical, spiritual, and magical healers in order to take measures to combat the outbreak.
Doctor: Archduke! We've transported all the patients to the clinic!
Tzaka the Great: Thank you.
(Captain), I may need your crew's help.
Katalina: What can we do?
Katalina: Of course, we'll be happy to lend whatever aid we can, but when it comes to medical treatment, I'm afraid we'd be more hindrance than help.
Tzaka the Great: It's not the treatment so much as the root cause that I'd like your help with. If it's the same scourge we dealt with before, Valtz's military alone won't be enough.
The crew exchanges a solemn look. They follow Tzaka to the clinic to see whether his misgivings are founded.
Tzaka the Great: What can you tell me about the disease's spread?
Doctor: The outbreak seems to have followed a path from somewhere on the outskirts of the city toward the port, and then other cases have fanned out from there.
Tzaka the Great: I see...
Io: Master... Is there a reason this disease is spreading again?
Tzaka the Great: I'd rather not speculate until I have more data.
As they make their way to the clinic, Tzaka consults a map to get a better idea of the current progression of the contagion. He does not look optimistic when he enters the clinic.
Tzaka the Great: I need everyone's attention, please! Has anyone visited the sanctuary on the outskirts of the city?
No sooner has Tzaka entered than his voice resounds throughout the clinic.
Tzaka the Great: Why you went there is not important! There are countless lives at stake, including your own, so speak now!
A certain group of sufferers looks guiltily toward the archduke.
Tomb Robber Terry: Ah... Urgh...
Their leader gathers himself and speaks up.
He relates how his band of thieves entered the sanctuary and were accosted by a strange creature.
When they were hit by the mold-like substance it flung at them, they immediately began presenting symptoms of the disease, and fled back to the city.
Tzaka the Great: You fools. Of all the places you could have chosen to rob...
Tomb Robber Terry: We... We didn't know...
Tzaka the Great: Punishment for that crime can wait. We have to stop that thing...
Io: So the creature in the sanctuary is the one who brought that disease to Valtz?
Io: He's the one who killed my parents?
Tzaka gently strokes Io's hair, then begins his tale.
Tzaka the Great: The evil spirit responsible for spreading this disease in the past was sealed into that sanctuary, by myself and a group of other mages.
Io: ...
Tzaka the Great: At the time, we weren't strong enough for the task, and we had to make certain sacrifices... But this time we know our enemy. This time...
???: Heee heeheehee! This time what, old man?
Io: ...!
Tzaka the Great: That voice! Where are you hiding?
???: Right here, beardy!
Tomb Robber Terry: Ah... Ngh... Blaagh!
Terry writhes in pain. Suddenly his jaw drops and black mist spews forth.
Evil Spirit: Long time no see, you moth-eaten old coot! You've got some payback coming!
Tzaka the Great: No! Everyone out!
Evil Spirit: Ah-ah-ah! Not so fast, pops!
The creature wraps itself around Tzaka and showers him in mold.
Tzaka the Great: Ungh... Cough! Hack!
Eugen: You bastard!
Eugen whips out his gun and fires at the spirit.
Evil Spirit: Whoops! Missed me, dipstick!
Io: Master!
Tzaka the Great: Hrgh... Hnk! Hhhck...
Evil Spirit: Lookin' sharp, y'old goat! Got a big ol' lungful, didn'tcha!
Evil Spirit: Should take you about three days to petrify and turn to dust, and I want you to suffer for every single second of it!
Rackam: (Captain)! We gotta stop him!
Evil Spirit: Don't move, you little turds! If I start chucking mold in a closed room like this, you're all finished!
Rackam: You son of a—
Io: What do you think you're doing!
Evil Spirit: Wait. Wait. Wait just one minute! Where'd you get that staff, you little squit! It's hers, isn't it?
Evil Spirit: Hee heee! And that hair of yours! You're her daughter, aren't you!
Io: What?
Evil Spirit: Before I was sealed away, I managed to send this old fart's magical companion to hell.
Evil Spirit: So that was your mother, huh, short stuff? Heeeheeheehee!
Io: What... You...
Evil Spirit: Oh, she suffered before she died. It did brighten my spirits a little. Hee.
Io: Why, you!
Katalina: Don't let him get to you, Io!
Io: I'll never forgive you!
Io: (This slimebag! I'll never—never—Let him get away with it!)
Io: Haahhh!
Io: Ugh...
Evil Spirit: ...
Evil Spirit: Gyaaahahaha! That woman gave her life to protect this little waste of space?
Evil Spirit: She must be spinnin' in her grave!
Io: N-no...
Evil Spirit: Oh well. Hey, old man! I'm in such a good mood right now, I think I'll give you a sporting chance.
Evil Spirit: Why don't you try and seal me away again before you kick the archducal bucket? I'll even hold off spreading any more mold until you come visit—that's how good of a sport I am!
Evil Spirit: Eeeeheeheeheeee!
Io: Get back here!
Io: I said get back here!

Magic, Lost and Found: Scene 3

Io learns that her mother was a talented mage, and that she intended the Gambanteinn staff to be passed on to her daughter. (Captain) and the crew set off for the evil spirit's sanctuary, leaving Io behind to look after Tzaka. But once there, each of them succumbs in turn to the infectious mold dispersed by the spirit. Io arrives with Gambanteinn, determined to protect her friends, and retraces the magic sealing circle originally drawn by her mother on the sanctuary floor. Now guided by her mother's voice, Io is once again able to wield magic.

Io: Master...
Tzaka the Great: That cane... Where did you...
Io: Oh... I'm sorry. I found it in the library. I was going to bring it to you.
Tzaka the Great: Ah.
Tzaka the Great: In that case, it may be time you took possession of it. I was asked to give it to you when you grew up...
Io: By my mother?
Tzaka the Great: Yes.
Io: I never knew my mother was a mage...
Tzaka the Great: I was supposed to tell you the whole story when I gave it to you. Forgive me, Io...
Io: It's okay...
Tzaka the Great: Your mother was a very talented magic user working here in Valtz.
Tzaka the Great: Your father was an engineer, and after they married, your mother decided to retire from sorcery and focus on her family.
Tzaka the Great: But when that disease threatened Valtz, she took up her staff once more. Thanks to her, we avoided the worst, but...
Io: ...
Tzaka the Great: Now, I have to get to the sanctuary.
Eugen: Okay, hold it right there, Archduke! You're in no shape to do that!
Tzaka the Great: But it's me he's—
Rosetta: Leave that evil spirit to us. You just get some rest.
Rackam: Yeah, we're not gonna let you push yourself in your condition. Io, you stay with him.
Io: ...
Io: Okay. Without my magic, I'd only get in the way anyhow.
Tzaka the Great: ...
(Captain) and the crew find the sanctuary on Fremel Island that seems to be the epicenter of the outbreak.
The humidity inside is so high it condenses against their skin as they enter. Patches of mold are splashed across the walls like green blood.
Vyrn: Wow, it stinks in here. That cackling weirdo has lousy taste in decor.
Katalina: Keep your guard up, everyone. No telling what kind of traps that thing may have set for us.
The deeper they press into the sanctuary, the less they can see of the stone walls through the dense mold. A sour stench fills their nostrils.
Rosetta: I'm not sure he needs to bother with actual traps.
Rosetta: This damp environment is a mold spore's paradise.
Eugen: Yeah, I guess the trap is coming inside at all. Good grief. I don't see this day getting better quickly.
Evil Spirit: Heeee! Heeheehee! You got that right, Patchy! You lost this fight the moment you set foot in here!
Rackam: I've had it up to here with your squawkin'. How 'bout I shut that yap for ya?
Rackam takes aim and fires off a round at the evil spirit.
But his bullet sails straight through the spirit without seeming to so much as tickle it.
Evil Spirit: Heeheehee... Now do you see why those meddlesome mages sealed me away instead of killing me?
Rackam: Tch!
Katalina: Try this on for size!
Katalina: Blades of Frost!
Evil Spirit: Heeeheehee! The old fart pinned his hopes on you, eh? He's gonna be sooo disappointed!
With a mocking glance at the dismayed skyfarers, the spirit begins to vibrate violently, spewing mold in every direction.
Evil Spirit: Order up, scumbuckets! Eat hearty!
Vyrn & Lyria: Aagh!
No sooner has the wave of mold covered them than (Captain) and the others begin to display the symptoms of the disease.This line is untranslated when playing as Djeeta.
The progression of the symptoms is lightning quick, and the crew members drop to the floor one after the next, crying out in pain.
Rosetta: ...
Even Rosetta finds her vines and thorns turning to stone, her primal beast powers sealed by the disease.
Tzaka the Great: Urgghh...
Io: Master... are you all right?
Tzaka the Great: It doesn't matter what happens to me, but...
Tzaka looks at the half-petrified citizens suffering all around him. He grits his teeth.
Tzaka the Great: I feel so powerless. How could I fail them this way?
Io: I'm sorry... Without my magic, I can't do anything either.
Tzaka the Great: ...
Tzaka the Great: Don't blame yourself. Everyone has times like this.
Io: But—
Tzaka the Great: I hate to see you so upset, Io. I really am useless.
Io: No you're not! I promised that I would use the magic you taught me to make everyone smile!
Io: I'm the one who's useless...
Tzaka the Great: Io...
Io stares at her feet, squinting to hold back her tears. Her fingers clench around her mother's staff as she grapples with her feelings of powerlessness.
The staff begins faintly to glow.
Io: Gambanteinn...
Tzaka the Great: I think it's trying to tell you that you aren't powerless.
Io: ...
Tzaka the Great: It may have found its way into your hands precisely because you are now worthy to wield it.
Io: Then you think I can help, if I follow them to the sanctuary?
Tzaka the Great: That seems to be what your mother's staff is saying.
Io: ...!
Tightly grasping Gambanteinn, Io turns and takes off running.
Tzaka the Great: Please, protect her. Protect Io and the people she holds dear.
Katalina: Rgh!
Rackam: Aagh, dammit!
Evil Spirit: Heeeheehee! Time to put you out of your misery!
Just as the gleeful spirit is about to unleash a deadly volley of mold, Io charges in, winded and panting.
Io: Hold it right there!
Evil Spirit: Hah! What do you want, you little lackwit?
Io: I'm gonna make you pay for what you did to my family! And my friends!
Evil Spirit: Heeheehee! You're just in time!
Evil Spirit: I've got a heaping helping of mold with your name on it! Open wide!
Io: ...!
The spores have no effect on Io.
Io: ...
Evil Spirit: Wait just one minute! What's goin' on here?
Gambanteinn: ...
Io: (Mom?)
Io: Your powers don't work on me, you raggedy dirtbag!
Evil Spirit: Tch! Don't get cocky, magelet! I've got more than one trick up my sleeve! Eat this!
Io looks worriedly at (Captain) and the others, who are writhing in the throes of the disease. Io slowly lifts Gambanteinn.
Io: (I'm the only one standing. It's up to me!)
Io: I'm done running away!
Io: I decided a long time ago I would use my magic to make people happy!
Gambanteinn gleams as if in sympathy with Io's resolve.
Its light seems to fuel the magic circle on the floor which the thieves had disturbed. The ghost of its original lines fades into view.
Io: ...!
Evil Spirit: What? No! Stop that! Stop shining! You were broken, you stupid circle!
Seeing how flustered the spirit is, Io casts her mind back to her magical education.
Io: (I have to believe that I can win. No, I know I can win!)
Io: (Ah, I know! I just have to redraw that magic circle!)
Io's gaze sharpens as she takes in every detail of the magic circle faintly visible on the floor. She quickly forms a repair plan.
Io: (That circle was drawn using magic. So I should be able to feed my own magic into it!)
Io: So what if I can't cast spells! Ain't nothin' to it but to do it!
Evil Spirit: H... Hah! I ain't afraid of no magic circle!
Ignoring the bluffing spirit, Io gets straight to her repairs.
Evil Spirit: Argh! You meddling little brat!
Io: Ngh! You can't take me out that easy!
Io runs around the circle, infusing it with magic even as she endures a barrage of attacks from the frightened spirit.
Io: Nnh...
Evil Spirit: Hee... Heeheee! I'll never let you finish that!
Incapacitated though they are, (Captain) and the others do their best to drag themselves between Io and the evil spirit's attacks so that she can finish her work.
Evil Spirit: Damn you all! Get out of the way!
Rackam: Heh... Not sure you understand the point of this li'l exercise, pal.
Katalina: You won't find us the easiest obstacles to remove either!
Evil Spirit: Ngyaaah!
Io struggles with her emotions as her suffering friends throw themselves into the line of fire for her.
Io: Hang on... I'm nearly done!
With their help, Io finishes her circuit of the sanctuary.
At last the magic circle is restored.
Io: (Concentrate, Io... Concentrate!)
Io closes her eyes and with every shred of her concentration, she visualizes herself once again using her magic at full capacity.
???: Water and vessel.
Io: ...!
???: You've grown, Io. You had more magic than you were quite ready to use.
Io: That voice. It's coming from... the staff?
???: Power wells up inside you like water. Your magic is the vessel waiting to receive it.
???: The stream has become a river. You need a much larger vessel to handle it. That's what I want you to visualize.
Io: Okay... Okay! I understand, Mom!
Evil Spirit: What's wrong with you dipsticks!
Eugen: Urgh... Io, you're up...
Rosetta: I know you can do it, Io...
Evil Spirit: Heeee! Heeheehee! Now that those buttinskies have gone night-night, you've had it, pigtails!
Io: ...!
Evil Spirit: Huh? No! It can't be! Did you—
Io: Phew...
Io: I believe in myself! And this is for all the people who believe in me too!
Io begins to chant a spell. The magic circle's light pulses in time with her words.
The very air rings with the power throbbing through it until a golden light envelops the entire shrine.
Evil Spirit: Glaah! Guwaaahhh!
Io: I. Don't ever.
Io: Wanna see your face again!
Evil Spirit: You... can't... kill... meee! Eeyaaagh!
Even as the magic circle begins to bind it, the evil spirit makes one last attempt to destroy Io.

Magic, Lost and Found: Scene 4

Io defeats the spirit in brilliant fashion and, with the power of the staff left behind by her dying mother, expands the magic circle until it encompasses the entire island, ridding Valtz of mold and disease and reviving all who had been afflicted. With peace restored to the duchy, Archduke Tzaka officially confers to Io the Gambanteinn staff, from which emanates a warmth now reminiscent of the young mage's loving mother.

Io: A loser like you could never take me out!
Io: Yaaahh!
Evil Spirit: Glk... Gyurgh...
Evil Spirit: Gyaaaagh!
Io: Huff... Puff...
Io slumps to the ground to catch her breath.
Io: I did it...
Lyria's Voice: Io, you saved the day!
Io: Huh?
Io turns her head to see (Captain) and the others, back on their feet and seemingly in perfect health.
Io: You guys... You're okay?
Vyrn: I don't know what happened, but when that sparkly light washed over me, I suddenly felt fine!
Io: Oh...
Vyrn: You took a pretty big dose of that mold too, but it didn't seem to even tickle you. How come?
Io: My mother gave me the power to ward it off.
Io: She risked her life to figure out how to beat it, and right at the end... she sealed it into this staff.
Io: I poured that power into the magic circle, which should have spread it around the whole island. I think everyone's gonna be okay.
Io smiles tenderly as she hugs Gambanteinn to her chest.
The dense fog of mold spores hanging over the island melts away as if it had never existed, leaving the air fresh and clean.
The people afflicted with the mold-borne disease all begin to recover.
Tzaka the Great: You've saved Valtz yet again. As the archduke and as a citizen, I can't thank you enough.
Tzaka the Great: I'd like to hold a celebration to honor all of you. What do you say?
Vyrn: Hehe. I'd say yes! Right, (Captain)?
Tzaka the Great: Haha...
Archduke Tzaka turns to Io.
Tzaka the Great: The staff guided you, didn't it?
Io: ...
Io: Not just that. It protected me. And it taught me a really important lesson...
Tzaka the Great: I see...
(Captain) and the crew cluster supportively around Io as memories of her mother bring tears to her eyes.
Tzaka the Great: This is coming earlier than I expected, but I want you to take that staff with you. I'm sure it's what your mother would want.
Io: Okay!
Io clasps her mother's staff, Gambanteinn, tightly to her chest.
When she closes her eyes, the heat emanating from its surface fills her with a warmth reminiscent of her mother's loving embrace.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ここはあたしの出番! Here's where I come in!
ほら、どいたどいた! Coming through! Outta my way!
ちょっと!通しなさいよー! Let me through!
あたしの活躍、ちゃんと見ててよね! Now you be sure to watch me!
フッフーン♪素敵な服でしょ? Tee hee! Like my outfit?
きゃっ、泥が…急いで洗濯しなきゃ! Ew! Mud! I've gotta wash this!
この魔法は、師匠のとっておき! This spell is my master's special!
師匠…あたし、成長してる? Master... Am I getting better?
(主人公)も、いい魔法を使うわよね (Captain), you use some neat magic!
(主人公)には、師匠っているの? (Captain), do you have a mentor?


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