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Official Profile[edit]

Age 11
Height 131 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fashion
Likes Her teacher
Dislikes Creepy old men
A young lass who loathes being treated like a child, Io encounters and eventually joins you while in search of her master, who vanished in the Valtz Duchy. Io is persistent and refuses to give up in the face of adversity, but she's a little inflexible, too. As you might guess from the way she bristles at being treated like a child, she can't wait until she's all grown up.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday!
I wish I could be grown up like you! I want to be a beautiful lady!
Just you wait, I'm gonna catch up to you before you know it!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy Birthday!
Grr. Just when I thought I was catching up to you, you've moved another year ahead.
Don't laugh! You were just born a little soon, that's all!
You just wait. I'm going to become a beautiful lady before you know it!
Hehe. We better stick together until your next birthday so you can see me grow up!


How do you feel? You're a year older now; do you feel like a grown-up?
I can't wait till I'm all grown up...
I know I'm already a lady, but I want to be a grown-up lady.
Ah! But today's not about me. You're the star today, (Captain).
Say, how much longer till we reach Estalucia, do you think?
I hope we'll always be together! You, me, the crew, and everyone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I bet your dad would be blown away by how well you've turned out!
I wonder how much farther it is to Estalucia.
I'm sure we'll be able to reunite you with your dad really soon!
Ah... Ahaha... I kinda welled up just imagining that reunion...
But it's a really great thing to have someone in your life important enough to miss.
Thinking about that really makes me wanna see Master again...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Can I get my New Year's presents now?


Ugh... I was up all night last night, so I'm really sleepy.
This happens to me every year, but I can't possibly stay in bed on New Year's Eve.
Oh, I shouldn't be complaining like this! It's not very lady-like.
So let me just say, happy New Year, (Captain)!


Wow! Is that for me? For New Year's?
Thanks, (Captain)!
Oh, wait,
I'm supposed to be a full-grown lady now...
I should be the one giving out gifts.
Wait here! I'll be right back with presents for all the little ones!
Hehe! Of course! What else would you expect from a grown-up like me!


Hey, (Captain)! How would you say I've changed since last year?
I'd say I'm becoming more of a refined lady with every passing day, wouldn't you?
Hey... Why'd you go silent? Say something!
Ah. Nope, nope. Settle down, Io. What's that thing Rosetta always says? "Anger and haste hinder good counsel"?
You've taught me something important today, (Captain). Heh heh! First day of the new year, and already I'm taking another step on the staircase of refinement!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Ch-chocolates? Why would you expect something like that? Don't be silly!
I do have some though. But I'm only giving them to you because I have to!


What do you want, (Captain)? Do you... Do you want some chocolate?
No? Are you sure?
Come on! Quit teasing me, already!
If you want chocolate that bad, then here, just take it!
I'm just trying to say thanks for everything! That's it!
Ugh! Be quiet and take your chocolate!


Here... This is for you...
Wh-what? It's just a little box of chocolates... Nothing to get excited about.
S-stop it, you're gonna make me...
No, I'm not blushing! Nngh... (Captain), you meanie...


Here ya go, (Captain). You've been waiting for this, right? I made lots of chocolate for everyone, so I might as well let you have some.
If I made enough for everyone, why'd I bother to ask you here on your own?
W-well, I... That is...
Yours is special...
I mean! Don't read anything weird into it! It's just a thank you because you always look out for me!
Now take your dumb chocolate and get out!

Io's Chocolate square.jpg Io's Chocolate

White Day Cutscenes
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What? What do you want me for all of a sudden?
You have a present for me? Oh, thank you! That's very thoughtful... But what's the occasion?
It's not even my birthday... Huh? It's for White Day?
Oh, right! It's White Day!
So then... This is a present from you for White Day...
Hehe. Thank you! I'll be sure to cherish it!


Aah! What're you doing here, (Captain)?
Huh? It's White Day, right? So what?
What is that? Are you gonna give that to me?
You're giving these to other people too, right? I'm sure they'll be happy to get them. Off you go now!
Heh heh heh. I got a present from (Captain)!


N-nothing! I just happened to be looking your way is all!
(Did (Captain) forget today's White Day?)
(Well, it wouldn't be right for me to demand a present anyway...)
(I should act like I'm not expecting anything. That's what a grown-up would do.)
Wh-what're you grinning about!
What do you want? Huh? This is for me? But I thought you forgot...
You were just teasing me? (Captain), you big bully!
Hehe. But I'll let you off this time.
You gave me such a nice present after all!


Wh-what do you want? Why'd you ask me to come see you?
(Urgh... You can't arrange a meeting then just clam up like this!)
Huh? You dropped my White Day present somewhere?
(Captain)! How could you lose something so important!
Ah... Wait, is that it over there?
Oh, thank goodness we found it! You went through all the trouble of making it, after all.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Give me some candy, or else! Huh? You don't have any? Hehe. Well then, looks like you get a trick!


Hey, (Captain)! Trick or treat!
Gimme candy or get pranked!
Hmm... You gave away too much and now you're all out of candy?
You're getting tricked for sure then! Hope you're ready for my special Halloween magic!
You can run but you can't hide! Terror tag! You're it!


Trick or treat!
Hehe, got you, (Captain)! You've got nowhere to run!
Now give up and hand over the candy. Unless... you'd prefer a trick?
Hm? I'm the one with nowhere to run? What're you laughing for?
...! I hear footsteps!
D-don't tell me this is a trap!
Aaah! Wait, wait! I'll give you all the candy you want! Just spare me!


This year, I'm not gonna run around like a kid. I'm just gonna hand out candy, 'cause I'm a lady!
Here, (Captain), hold out your hand! I've got some for you!
Huh? What're you looking at me like that for?
You wanted to celebrate Halloween together?
Ohhh, fine. Fine! Just knock it off with those puppy dog eyes!
All right. Just because you twisted my arm, I'm gonna prank it up this year too!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
Come on! Let's go get some cake!


There really are all kinds of great things to do this time of year.
You can spend time with your friends. You can eat great food. And you can even get presents from Santa Claus!
Hehe. It really is the best time of year!
I can hardly wait for it each time.
Hey, let's go over to the kitchen! I'm sure someone's making something good for dinner.
We should help them out! Then maybe we'll get to try some!


Hehe! I'll be making the cake for tonight!
And you'll be helping me, (Captain)! Let's see if we have all the ingredients ready...
Hm? Where's the apple? I could have sworn I put it here. Don't tell me...
I know who did it! We'll bake that cake later, (Captain). First we gotta catch this thief!
Hehe. Time to add some roast lizard to tonight's menu.


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! It's snowing!
Hehe. Don't you think it's romantic?
This holiday really isn't complete without a thick, white blanket of snow.
What? You wanna have a snowball fight! And you want to go round up the rest of the girls to join?
Really, (Captain)! Way to ruin the mood!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Raring to Go[edit]

The crew is looking for a missing boy. Io is eager to show off how her magic has gotten stronger, but she lets the boy out of her sight and he ends up surrounded by monsters. A passing witch displays amazing mastery of the magic arts as she blows all the monsters away with a single spell. She wishes to join the crew, but only if she can be the only magic user on board. Io, feeling defeated, discovers that she can no longer use her magic.

The crew finds itself deep within a cave on an errand.
Their task is to find a missing boy. Io however is in high spirits as she leads the way.
Io: Hellooo! Is anyone heeere? If you're here come out and tell us, 'K?
Vyrn: Heeey! Hmm… I guess there's no one in here. He must've gone somewhere else.
Lyria: Or he's even deeper into the cave? I sense there might be monsters about…
Io: Monsters? Yay! Let's press on then!
Vyrn: Hey, what's the rush? Monsters aren't anything to get excited about, y'know!
Io: Hehehe, I'm just in a good mood. Besides, this is a great chance for me to practice my magic!
Io: Thanks to our adventures I'm feeling a lot more confident with it! The more I fight, the stronger I feel?
Lyria: Io, over there! It's the boy! But…
Boy: Waaaaaah! Mommy! Daddy!
Monster: GROARGH!
Vyrn: Oh no! He's surrounded by monsters!
Io: All right, just leave this to me! Hi-yaaa!
Monster: Groargh?
Io: Heheheh! OK, who's next?
Monster: GROAR!
Lyria: Amazing, Io! You really have gotten stronger!
Vyrn: You're right! She's getting really powerful now!
Vyrn: But wait, where'd the kid go?
Boy: Waaaaaah! Somebody help me!
Monster: Groargh!
Io: Aaah! Impossible, I only had my back turned for a moment!
Lyria: Run, little boy! Oh no, he's not going to make it!
Monster: GROA?
Io: Erm… Was that… Magic?
Female Mage: Hehe. I thought I heard something. Are you all right, little boy?
Boy: Thank you missus! I thought I was a goner for sure!
Vyrn: Wow, that was sooo cool! You took out all those monsters with a single spell!
Female Mage: That was nothing. None of you are hurt, are you?
Lyria: I'm fine. Io, are you hurt?
Vyrn: Hey, Io! You listening?
Io: …I'm fine…
Female Mage: Good. Now, I'll help you with the rest of the monsters, if you'll help me collect the herbs I need. Deal?
When the crew returns with the young boy the village elder organizes a celebration, where the witch was deservedly praised.
Villager 1: We heard about what you did, miss witch! You must be a very powerful magic user!
Villager 2: We're so thankful! We're going to erect a statue in your honor!
Female Mage: Please, there's no need. Any one of you would have done the same.
Vyrn: But, it really was amazing! I've never seen magic like that before!
Female Mage: Hehe. You weren't so bad, yourselves! You all look very young, but surely you must be skyfarers. Am I right?
Lyria: Yes! We're on a quest to find the Isle of the Astrals, Estalucia!
Female Mage: The Isle of the Astrals, you say? How fascinating. You know, I like you.
Female Mage: I wonder, would you have use of a poor witch like me?
Vyrn: Of course we would! You'd be welcomed with open arms! Right, (Captain)?
Female Mage: Hehe, thank you. But, I have one condition.
Female Mage: I must be the only magic user in your employ. You must dismiss all others before I join.
Io: !
Lyria: What! Erm… You see…
Female Mage: That's my condition. You saw yourself that I'm as powerful as a hundred witches.
Vyrn: Your power's not exactly the problem.
Female Mage: …I've looked for so long, for a crew that I would risk my life for. And you surely would benefit from my magics, no?
Io: …NO!
Female Mage: Hmm? And who is this?
Io: Eh… Erm… I mean, maybe we haven't explained our situation enough. You see, we're being chased by the Empire.
Io: It's a really dangerous situation, maybe you'd be better off not joining us.
Female Mage: The Empire? Heh, I could use some practice.
Io: Ah! W-well, we also have some really lecherous old men in the crew…
Io: Rackam smells bad, and Eugen can be really rude. A-anyway, what I'm trying to say is that they stink!
Vyrn: Hey, what're you?
Io: So It's really not a place for a lady such as you!
Female Mage: Heheh, sounds like fun! A good crew needs a few salty characters.
Io: Wah! You're really not getting it, are you?
Io: Our captain's a kid, Vyrn's a weird lizard-looking thing… We're a bunch of complete misfits!
Io: You'd hate it! We're on a terrible quest with a probably non-existent goal!
Lyria: I-Io…
Female Mage: Terrible quest? If what this little girl has said is true, then you must have been through quite a lot to get here.
Io: What?Little girl?
Vyrn: Cool your jets, Io. This witch doesn't seem like a bad person.
Io: Ah! I thought you were on my side, you little lizard!
Lyria: A-aah… Io, can we talk about this later?
Io: Humph! …Humph humph humph!
Io: So what'll happen if she joins us? She's a master magic user! So I guess I should just leave?
Io: …Fine then, here I go!
Lyria: I-Io! Oh dear, she's flown off…
Female Mage: I'm sorry, I think I said something I shouldn't have.
Vyrn: Don't worry, it's not your fault. But what are we gonna do, (Captain)?
Io is sitting beneath a tree deep within a forest, cradling her knees.
Io: Sob… Sniffle… They must hate me…
Io: Fine… There's no way I'm going back to them now…
Hearing footsteps Io looks up… And sees (Captain) appear from the undergrowth.
Io: (Captain), what're you doing here?
  1. I came for you.
  2. I'm just out for a walk.

Choose: I came for you.
Io: Sob… You needn't have bothered. It's not like we're friends any more! You don't need to care about me.

Choose: I'm just out for a walk.
Io: Oh! Well, I'm not talking to you anymore, so do your walking someplace else.
Continue 1
Io: …Thank you.
Io: Eh? The others are looking for me too? I see, I've caused everyone so much trouble…
Io: Eh… erm… Did you know that it was my master who made my wand and clothes? He put lots of his magic into them.
Io: But I still couldn't save that boy… That witch is so much more powerful than me.
Io: I've brought shame to my master! I'm not worthy to hold this wand! What am I going to do…
Monster: GROARGH!
Io: Monsters! A-and it sounds like a lot of 'em!
Io: This time… This time for sure I'll beat that witch! I'll show you who's the real magic user here!
Io: Hyaaa!
Monster: GROARGH!
Io: Huh? My magic, i-it's not working!
Io: N-no worries, I'll just try again! Taaake this!
Io: Why… Why is this happening to me? Why, (Captain)!
Io: My magic… My magic's gone!
Io slumps to the ground, even as the horde of monsters approaches.
The poor duo find themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation. Monster howls surround them in the darkness.

Eat and Be Merry[edit]

Mysteriously unable to use her magic, Io is crushed. As she thinks back on her journey thus far with (Captain) and the others, she remembers that the turning point was her master telling her that "magic exists to make people smile." Just as Io regrets having forgotten the basics of magic, the wand and clothes she got from her master begin to glow, filling with magic power. Just then, Lyria and Vyrn tell her that a swarm of monsters is attacking the village, and Io hurries to the rescue.

Faced with a swarm of monsters, Io finds herself unable to use magic. She and (Captain) escape deeper into the forest.
Io: Pant… Wheeze… We… we should be safe now…
Io: Why? Why can't I use my magic?
Io: This has never happened before… I don't know what to do! What do I do?
Io: Sniff… Sob… Waaaahhhh! Master… MASTERRR!
  1. It'll be OK.
  2. Crying won't solve anything.

Choose: It'll be OK.
Io: Sniff… How? How can you be so calm?

Choose: Crying won't solve anything.
Io: Nnn… I know, but… Why are you trying to act all rational about this?
Continue 1
Io: I can tell from the look on your face that you're just as worried as me!
Io: …………
Io: But… if I can't use magic… then I guess I'd better leave the crew…
Io: I guess my journey ends here… You know, it's strange. It feels like everything back on Valtz happened so long ago…
Io: Sigh… Why did I ever agree to travel with you people?
Sierokarte: (Captain)! She's awake! Come on in! Don't be shy!
Io: N-nice to meet you… I guess I owe you one. Thanks.
Lyria: Hey, Io! What's the archduke like?
Io: Master? Well… He's crude, and spontaneous, and forgetful, and a total slob… but he's the kindest man I know.
Io: He would tell me, "Magic exists to make people smile," and he really believed that. He always walked the walk.
Vyrn: Just a little longer, guys! All that's left is that giant one!
Io: Watch me, Master… I'll make you smile. I'll use the best, most powerful magic ever, like you taught me… and you'll smile again!
Tzaka the Great: I know… Get going, Io.
Tzaka the Great: Go on and make 'em smile. Go beat the Empire into the ground, so everyone that's crying can smile again!
Io: I will! I've decided… I'm going with (Captain)!
Io: For their smiles…
Io: That's right… I decided to travel with you people so that I could use my magic to make people smile…
Io: But here I am, worrying about my talent… worrying about not being as good as my master…
Io: …………
Io: I'm sorry, Master. I don't deserve to call myself your disciple…
Just then, Io closed her eyes and began to concentrate quietly.
Io: Hah!
Io: Hehe! I did it…
Io: Oh! (Captain), you're finally smiling again! What a relief. You were so worried before…
Io: Huh? Wh- what the…
Io: Wh- whoa! My magic power is overflowing all of a sudden! Wh-what's going on?
Io: Could it be? Are Master's clothes and wand reacting to my magic?
Vyrn: Hey, we've got trouble!
…Wait, huh? What's with that getup, Io?
Io: Oh, hey, lizard… This is, uh… Oh, but first, what's this about trouble?
Lyria: Y-you see… A swarm of monsters is heading for the village!
Io: What? Th- the same ones who attacked us?
Io: We have to help them! Let's go, (Captain)!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 2[edit]

A lone female mage tries to hold off the swarm of monsters. Just as she's about to give out, the crew arrives. She doesn't seem optimistic about their chances, but Io decides to face the swarm using her smile-inducing magic.

The crew returns to find that the monsters are already swarming the village, and a single female mage is holding them off.
Female Mage: HAAAAAHHH!
Monster: GRAAGH!
Villager 1: No, Miss Mage! There's no end to them! You have to get out of here!
Female Mage: I'll buy you some time! Help the others evacuate!
Villager 2: Thank you so much… You'd better catch up to us, all right? We'll be waiting!
Female Mage: Nngh… There's just so many of them…
Female Mage: What a swarm… Looks like my time's up…
Io: HEY! Don't even think about giving up!
Female Mage: It's you… and the rest of your crew…
Vyrn: You OK, mage lady? Wait… you're hurt!
Lyria: We need to get it treated straight away!
Female Mage: I'm fine… Don't worry about me. You people need to get out of here, or else your journey ends here.
Io: No, you need to get out of here! Just leave this to me!
Female Mage: D-don't be silly! Your magic won't be enough to handle them!
Io: Like I care!
Female Mage: Now you listen here, little lady! I refuse to let a child like you sacrifice herself!
Io: Excuse me? Sacrifice myself? Yeah right!
Io: I just want to make everyone smile… and that includes you! That's what mages are here for!
Female Mage: Oh…
Io: Here we go! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 3[edit]

With her new strengthened magic, Io annihilates the nearby monsters, and the female mage is stunned by Io's marked improvement. After some encouragement from Io, the female mage agrees to help protect the village.

The party managed to drive off the monsters, and the female mage was stunned to witness Io's powerful magic.
Female Mage: That was incredible… I never knew you had such potential…
Io: Hehehe! Honestly, I kinda surprised myself!
Lyria: That's our Io! But it looks like there are monsters outside the village still…
Vyrn: Whoa! They just keep coming!
Io: Grrrr! Take a hint already!
…Hey, can you still fight?
Female Mage: Y-yeah… What's your plan?
Io: I want you to stay and protect the village. We'll go and drive the monsters away. How about it? Can you trust me with this?
Female Mage: …………
Female Mage: Hehe… Very well. I'd trust you with my life at this point. Go get 'em, girl!
Io: Will do!
Vyrn: All right, let's get going! They're coming from the plateau!
Lyria: Let's go, everyone! It's time to go on the offensive!
Io: Let's go knock 'em flat!

Eat and Be Merry: Scene 4[edit]

The crew manages to drive away the monster swarm. The female mage acknowledges Io's power and gives up on joining the crew. Io realizes how much she's grown and returns to her journey through the sky, hoping to make even more people smile.

After defeating monsters left and right, the party has finally driven the swarm away. Before they knew it, night has fallen…
Villager 1: Thank you, Io! Your magic is incredible!
Villager 2: Goodness, I'm so touched! Let me make a monument in your honor!
Io: Oh, shut up already! Just yesterday you people were ignoring me!
Female Mage: Hehe! Oh, what's the matter? You're the one who put those smiles on their faces.
Vyrn: You did a great job! I can't believe you're the same girl who was crying like a baby in the forest!
Io: You shut your lizard mouth!
Lyria: Hehehe! And the Archduke helped, too.
Io: That's true. I can't believe he laced the clothes and wand with something like that…
Female Mage: Hehe! I guess I'm no match for you.
Female Mage: I've decided to stop asking to join your crew. With you around, I don't think I'll be needed… What a pity.
Io: Are you sure? It wouldn't hurt to have another mage on board. You could still?
Female Mage: My pride would never allow it. I'll just find an even better crew! Hehe… See you around.
Io: She's gone…
Io: Oh yeah! I… I need to apologize… Umm, about yesterday… The things I said…
Vyrn: Aw, don't sweat it! We know you say stuff you don't mean when you're mad.
Lyria: Oh, it's fine! We're just glad you came back!
Io: Th-thanks… and… I'm sorry.
Vyrn: Oh? What's this? Adon't tell me you're crying?
Io: B-back off, lizard! Don't get all up in a lady's face! It's rude!
Vyrn: GAAAH! Don't hit me with the Archduke's wand!
Lyria: Hehehe! I'm so glad Io is back to normal!
Io: Hehehe… Well then, let's go back to the Grandcypher!
And so, Io overcame her hardship and grew from the experience.
Once again, she returns to the skies, following her dream of making people smile.


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