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Official Profile[edit]

Age 25[1]
Height 182cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Reading; his duties (as a king);
Likes Sword practice; making schedules; cleaning
Dislikes Selfish people; rule violations; his father (the previous king)
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.




  • Heles is his older sister.
  • Seruel has character banter with HelesAny version, NaoiseAny version or Scathacha when paired in battle.
    • Seruel recites the name of the Chain Burst with them. This doesn't happen if there is anyone else with them. See Character Banter for more information.
  • In the event Hero's Return, there is a slight difference if you haven't recruited him while playing the event.
    • In Chapter 1 Episode 2, Vyrn will remember him as the Prince of Irestill. By default, Vyrn will not make a remark.
    • In Chapter 1 Episode 4, Seruel will acknowledge the crew. By default, he will not as if he doesn't know them.
    • In Chapter 2 Episode 3, Lyria will acknowledge Seruel as their friend. By default, she will not.


  • Several names and objects relating to Seruel are taken from Irish mythology, particularly the Ulster Cycle.
    • His homeland, Alster Island, is possibly a mislocalization of "Ulster Island".
    • Deirdre, Naoise, and Scathacha have their names taken from the Ulster Cycle.
    • His charge attack, Redbranch Cycle, is another name for the Ulster Cycle ("Red Branch Cycle").
    • His father, the late King Connor, is named after Conchobar (also spelled as Connor).
      • Connor passed down the sword Gorm Glas to Seruel. In some stories, Conchobar's sword was named Gorm Glas (old Irish for "Blue Green").
    • Lia Fail, mentioned in Seruel's Lvl Cap +1 fate episode, is a stone that exists in Ireland and thought to be magical. Not only was it a place of coronation for Irish Kings but when the rightful heir placed his feet on it, Lia Fail would roar.[2]

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Congratulations on your birthday.
I do wish I had been told earlier...
I'm afraid I can only offer you a place to stay and feast in your honor on Alster Island...
If that is to your liking, I'll show you to the castle. Come. Right this way!


Today's your birthday, (Captain), and I've put every effort into ensuring that it will be one to remember
I've also spoken to the helmsmen about bringing the ship to Alster Island.
Let us create unforgettable memories to match the grand deeds you've accomplished this year.


Happy birthday, (Captain). You truly are blessed.
I had originally thought to have a grand celebration on Alster Island in honor of your portentous day.
Alas it wouldn't be right for me and the people to monopolize your time.
Therefore everyone in the crew has been busy preparing a special party for you. Allow me to escort the guest of honor.


Happy birthday, (Captain). It is always a blessing to gain another year of experience. We cannot foresee what the future holds for us. As a youngster, I never imagined that Irestill Kingdom would cease to exist one day. As for you, I imagine sharing your life force with Lyria is something you never even dreamed of. Regardless, whatever comes up, we must always be ready to rise up and face the challenge. It is an inevitable truth even for those with the power of foresight. No matter what manner of misfortune may befall you from this point forward... Know that I will always be there to prop you up, so that we may overcome any ordeal together. You must think me sentimental, but I do not mind. And since today is your birthday, please consider my words a birthday gift.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I'd be spending the new year with you.
I suppose this must be... fate, perhaps? Whatever the case, let's make this a good year.
Considering how often you place yourselves in harm's way, I can't very well keep my eyes off you, now can I...


You may find yourself struggling, stopped, or at a standstill.
Be that as it may, the flow of time stops for no one.
Whatever goal you attempt to achieve, time moves ceaselessly forward.
How will you spend today? What will you leave behind for tomorrow? Your search for those answers will be arduous.
But that is what it means to live.
I will hold fast to my beliefs. For the sake of my homeland, for the sake of Naoise... I will not stop moving forward.


The new year is upon us. I have no desire to lounge about, but I tend to feel tense at the start of the year.
I'd like to pass another year without embarrassing my ancestors or the people of Alster.
And when I consider your position as the captain who represents everyone in this crew, it is in my best interests not to exhibit any impertinence toward you.
That is to say I've grown more accustomed to you recently, but honestly I can feel my blood running cold sometimes.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I relish the opportunity to once again impart these words to you.
Danger is ever-present in any skyfarer's life. Especially for those hoping to reach the ends of the skies.
What's with that face? Do you find my chatter—
Oh, you need to sneeze? It's because you dress too lightly in this cold weather.
I'll cover you with my cloak until we return indoors. It should keep you warm until then.
Quickly now. Wouldn't want you to catch a cold on the first day of the new year after all.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? These chocolates... are for me? That's so very caring of you.
Munch, munch... Yes. I think that gets passing marks.
Rudimentary as they may be, the fact that you possess an awareness of the confectionary arts is... surprising.
Your weaknesses stand out, however. I wish to guide you from square one the next chance you have.
That... and to partake in some of Naoise's tea. With you, of course.


This is for me? I see... If this is from the heart, there is simply no way I could turn you down, (Captain).
What's that? You don't want me opening it here?
I don't suppose you're willing to explain the motivation behind such a request?
Hrm... You would prefer not to be judged in front of me?
You fear me to such an extent? Very well, I suppose.
I shall honor your request, savoring every morsel within the confines of my room.
I will then record my impressions on parchment, delivered to you a few days hence.
I do so enjoy seeing you standing there in the kitchen, however. Now then. I'm off.


This is for me? Oh, I see. It's Valentine's Day. Thank you very much.
Yes, I understand that criticism of the gift in front of the giver is a grievous breach of etiquette.
I will savor these and then express my appreciation in formal writing.
I'm sure you're anticipating something even better than last year... Hm, what to do.
Heh. How exciting it will be.


Is everything well, (Captain)? You're putting on a rather brave face today.
Oh? You wish to challenge me? In what?
Hahah! Very well, I gladly accept your challenge.
So you're ready to show your hand today, I see. I'll take these for now.
I look forward to taste-testing these...
And comparing them to mine, which will be ready next month. We'll see who comes out on top then.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day.
I prepared something in return for what you got me on Valentine's Day. Won't you accept it?
You're surprised it's handmade? Ever since I was young, my elder sister taught me well. That's all.


I got you something special, (Captain). Here.
They're... handmade cookies. Are they to your liking?
A fittingly sincere gesture of thanks to someone who has done so much to help me.


Please accept these with my blessings. It's not interesting to get the same gift every year, but I hope these homemade cookies will do.
My sister used to impress me into helping her prepare various confections. The taste should be adequate.
Father thought cooking was beneath royalty; his face would always turn sour. In the end it somehow found a purpose.
Would you enlighten me on how they taste? Of course you can tell me. My ears are yours.
Let's discuss it over a cup of Naoise's tea. Is now a good time? My agenda is wide open.


Well then, (Captain). I hope you haven't forgotten the promise we made last month to compete in confection-making.
Yours was quite the delight. Enough to make me worry.
After all, I had never formally studied the culinary arts.
But I have complete confidence in my cooking. As is often said, love is the most crucial ingredient in any recipe.
Is everything okay? Your face is all red. So you've caught a cold? Well, we still have chilly weather after all.
Anyhow, please accept this. I put my heart into it.
Please let me know what you think. We can decide the victor of our little competition after that.
Oh, your cold has dulled your sense of taste, so you can't tell? Well, I suppose we can save our friendly game for another day.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat.
Oh, so I am to choose either a trick or a treat? And what if I refuse both?
Hah. A simple joke, of course. A trick would be most troublesome, so I will give you as many sweets as you like.


I see you hiding over there. Don't be shy... Come on out.
I knew it was you. Indeed you're quite crafty on the battlefield. But away from the frontlines, you clumsiness is apparent.
You stand out far too much. Your aura is to blame, I suppose.
Today is a special day, so I guess you were trying to play a trick on me unawares.
If I give you this treat will you spare me this once?
All right... But be careful what tricks you play.


Small wonder that Heles would rope me into assisting with her candy making at my age.
It's unrefined to sneak sweets before a meal, and one should refrain from doing so. That's what I would like to say...
But I shall make an exception just for today. That goes for practical jokes as well.
Would you like a piece of Heles's handmade candy, (Captain)?
(I dare say you're in for a treat, but perhaps not the type you were expecting. Occasionally I can play tricks with the best of them.)


Hm? Ah, it's you, (Captain). I had thought of spending the day with a good book.
Truth be told, I'm hiding. Scathacha seemed much too obsessed with the Halloween festivities.
And judging from the grin on my sister's face earlier, she's definitely plotting something.
Wait, (Captain)... What's with the grin on your face?
I hope you have no intentions of disclosing my location to Scathacha or my sister.
Well, if you must...
Perhaps I need to think of a few Halloween tricks myself...
But I fear any simple stratagem will have no effect on you.
Oh, your face tells me how much you're enjoying this already. All the more reason for me to think of something good.
Hahaha, I look forward to it just as much as you, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
My homeland of Irestill also gets rather lively around this time of year.
However, I haven't celebrated with friends like this since my father, the king, was in good health.
But very well. If we must celebrate, we should do it right. I don't do things halfway after all.


When my father was still alive, on a snowy night just like tonight, I walked the streets of the town with Heles and Naoise.
The holiday lights provided ample warmth on that frigid eve.
That alone made it a night I would never be able to forget...


It's quite lively aboard the Grandcypher today. That can only mean that the winter holiday has finally come.
Even so you shouldn't get too worked up tonight. You wouldn't want to doze off too early.
Heh... The children wait for Santa Claus with unbridled anticipation.
Me? Oh, I can't seem to remember how old I was when I outgrew it...


It appears many islands use fir trees to celebrate the occasion. I find it surprising.
Because we only ever used evergreen trees in Alster.
Why, you ask? We have many theories about it on the island, but...
When we prepare for winter during the autumn, we stockpile a great reserve of arrows. And to make these arrows, we use evergreen wood.
My ancestors always believed those trees to be responsible for our ability to survive the harsh winters.
Which is why we decorated the evergreen trees to show our thanks. Intriguing, don't you think?
But enough talk. Our holiday feast of the year is about to begin.
I'll escort you to the mess hall. If you'll give me your hand, (Captain).

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Ruined Prince[edit]

(Captain) tries to rescue a prince named Seruel from thugs, and he asks why anyone would do such a thing for free. (Captain)'s response reminds Seruel of the knight he's searching for, so he decides to join the crew.

???: You people... You're skyfarers, aren't you? Though you look like you've seen better days.
(Captain) and company are visiting a certain town when an unfamiliar young man calls out to them.
Vyrn: What was that, buddy? What did you just say to us?
???: Oh, pardon me... I haven't properly introduced myself.
Seruel: My name is Seruel, and I am the crown prince of Irestill Kingdom.
Seruel: Circumstances being what they are, I am presently searching for a certain man...
Vyrn: You're a prince? But why would a super important guy like you be out searching for someone?
Seruel: I am not as important as my title implies. Irestill was but a tiny kingdom at the foot of a mountain range.
Seruel: We never warred with other countries... Yes, it was a wonderful, idyllic kingdom, if you'll forgive my arrogance in saying so.
Vyrn: Hang on just a sec... Was?
Seruel: Yes... It was wiped out, and in just a single night.
Seruel: I am searching for my own countryman, the knight who caused our kingdom's destruction.
Lyria: A single man did that?
Seruel: I can see from your expressions that you haven't heard of him... You are of no help to me.
Vyrn: Hey! I heard that!
Lyria: Um... In that case, why don't you come with us?
Lyria: We travel to all sorts of different islands, so we might be able to help you find him!
Seruel: I see... That is a fine idea, but I must decline.
Lyria: What? But how come?
Seruel: I am not in the habit of traveling with strangers.
Seruel: My apologies for taking up your time. Thank you for your assistance.
With that, the young man quietly disappears from sight.
Lyria: Aw... I can't believe he shot me down like that, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah! What's his problem?
Seruel: Have you seen this man? He is a famous spear user by the name of Naoise.
Resident: Can't say that I have, though a lot of knights do come to this town...
Thug 1: Hey, you! Are you the guy who's been snooping around?
Seruel: Quite possibly, yes... What of it?
Thug 2: Dude's got 'tude! How about you buzz off? We don't take kindly to people sniffing around our territory!
Seruel: Is that so? Sniffing around your territory? You speak like an animal... but perhaps that's to be expected of one with your intellect.
Thug 1: What was that? Don't get cocky with me, pig...
Seruel: Oh? And what if I do? What will happen?
Thug 2: What?
Seruel: Oh, pardon me. I'm not accustomed to the language of your territory, you see...
Seruel: Let me try to rephrase it in a way you animals will understand.
Seruel: How about... Come at me, bro?
Thug 1: That's enough out of you!
Vyrn: Over here! The townsperson said he saw that prince guy go this way!
Lyria: Yeah! And he also said Seruel was surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: What was that about me and bad people?
Vyrn: Whoa! It's you! You're okay!
Seruel: And why wouldn't I be? What's got you all in such a panic?
Lyria: Well, one of the townspeople told us that you were surrounded by bad people...
Seruel: And? What of it? That shouldn't have anything to do with you.
Lyria: No, it has nothing to do with us, but... isn't it only natural to want to help someone in trouble?
Seruel: Perhaps... but I'm afraid you're too late. I have already taken care of those sorry malcontents.
As he speaks, Seruel points to a mountain of fallen men.
Vyrn: You... took care of them?
Seruel: Not to worry. I merely used the back of my sword... Against my better judgment.
Seruel: By the way, do you people make a habit of this kind of thing?
Seruel: Rescuing people who bear no relation to you... People who are simply in trouble?
Vyrn: Pretty much! Reason being, our (Captain) here is a big ol' softy!
Seruel: I can't imagine you people are on a journey just for the fun of it. Surely you must have a goal in mind.
Seruel: So why, pray tell, would you disregard your own interests and help others without benefit to yourselves?
  1. We simply can't abandon them!
  2. It's a skyfarer's duty to help people.

Choose: We simply can't abandon them!
Seruel: I see... So you have no reason to help people, and yet you do it anyway.

Choose: It's a skyfarer's duty to help people.
Seruel: So it is a matter of pride for those who live in the sky... Good grief. Skyfarers and knights are the most stubborn bunch I've ever known.
Continue 1
Seruel: All right, you've convinced me. I was wondering why you reminded me of him, and this explains it.
Seruel: So I've changed my mind. Would you allow me to accompany you on your journey?
Seruel: I believe you'll find I'm quite capable with a sword. At the very least, I should be more helpful to you than that lizard.
Vyrn: Grrr... Keep your rude comments to yourself, buddy!
Vyrn: Wait a sec! I thought you said you didn't want to travel with a bunch of strangers!
Seruel: You're right. And it's true that I don't know you people all that well.
Seruel: But I know an awful lot about people like you. People who are too nice for their own good...
Seruel: People who tend to disregard their own self-interest and operate purely out of a sense of chivalry and justice...
Seruel: Because the man I'm looking for is exactly that kind of person.
Thus (Captain) and company are joined by Seruel, the prince of a lost kingdom.
It won't be long before (Captain) learns the truth behind what Seruel is searching for.

Sought Out Truth[edit]

(Captain) and company battle a giant monster in a remote cave. During their fight with the so-called master of the mountain, Seruel feels that something is off.

Monster: Groargh!
Vyrn: All right! Just a little more, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company receive a request from a certain village to hunt a monster.
They end up in front of their powerful target in a remote cave.
Seruel: This is quite a mighty monster for such a peaceful little village.
Lyria: It seems to be the strongest one around here... You have to be careful, (Captain).
Seruel: I suppose we could call it the master of this mountain given its abode.
Seruel: It's definitely a difficult opponent, but something feels wrong about all this...
Vyrn: There's no time to think about it now! It's coming! Get ready, (Captain)!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 2[edit]

(Captain) and the crew defeat the powerful monster, but Seruel has a bad feeling and suggests hurrying back to the village. When they arrive there, they find a horde of monsters and are forced to fight them off.

Vyrn: Victory! Now we just need to tell the villagers.
Lyria: Phew... We won somehow, didn't we, (Captain)?
Seruel: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong, Seruel? Do you sense more monsters?
Seruel: No... After we defeated that last one, all the others went off somewhere.
Seruel: But there seems to be something wrong...
Seruel: I have a bad feeling about this. Let's get back to the village as soon as possible, (Captain).
Seruel: If I'm right, the village could be in real trouble...
With Seruel spurring them on, (Captain) and company hurry back to the village.
But they don't find any cheering villagers waiting for them there.
Monster: Groargh!
Villager 1: Somebody, help us! The monsters are closing in!
Vyrn: But this can't be! We defeated the monster as requested...
Seruel: We can figure out what's going on after we chase these monsters out of the village!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 3[edit]

Seruel learns that the villagers wanted the monster taken care of even though it never actually attacked the village. He tells them this caused the other monsters to go out of control.

Villager 1: We have no idea what happened... Monsters that never bothered us before just suddenly swarmed the village.
Seruel: And I suppose the monster you had us hunt never attacked you either? Then why send out the request?
Villager 1: Why wouldn't we? Sure, it never caused any trouble for us, but if a monster that strong ever did come to our village...
Seruel: I see... I suppose that it's only natural for you to think that way, though it's somewhat cowardly.
Villager 2: Hey! There's another horde of monsters outside the village!
Vyrn: Again? This is getting tough with just us.
Seruel: But we have no choice. I assume everyone is ready? Let's go, (Captain).
Villager 2: Is this the end of our village?
Seruel: Now is no time for grief. Besides, your request caused all of this.
Villager 2: Huh?
Seruel: Unnecessarily hunting one monster caused the others to go out of control. You need to get that through your heads.
Villager 2: No way...
Seruel: But don't worry. We're partially responsible for accepting the request, so we'll stop the monsters.
Seruel: And I refuse to let tragedy repeat itself. This time I'll protect the people!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 4[edit]

Seruel's former homeland was destroyed because a knight hunted down Deirdre, an overseer of monsters, which allowed them to go berserk. He tells the crew he's looking for the missing knight to discover the truth behind this event.

After a fierce battle, (Captain) and company manage to defeat the monsters attacking the village.
Lyria: Phew... Good job, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Yeah... But that was a close one...
Vyrn: And I sure didn't think Seruel would get so hot-blooded!
Seruel: I really didn't want to fail this time. I've experienced something similar in the past, you see.
Seruel: That time... I arrived far too late to do anything.
With that, Seruel begins telling the tale of his homeland, the Irestill Kingdom, and its demise.
Seruel: Next to the capital was a mountain where a powerful dragon named Deirdre kept the island's monsters in check.
Seruel: Deirdre and the monsters didn't threaten our nation, and for a long time, the dragon watched over the city.
But while Seruel was out hunting a primal beast, far away from his kingdom, he received some alarming news.
He heard that someone had defeated Deirdre.
And without Deirdre to control them, the monsters went and destroyed Irestill.
Seruel: And now I am looking for the man who killed Deirdre.
Seruel: Based on what the survivors said, he hunted down the dragon in the name of personal glory.
Seruel: That is what my father, the king, also said before his death.
Vyrn: So your country was destroyed because of that knight...
Seruel: I don't think so. You see, he was among the greatest of knights and served my father loyally.
Seruel: I am, therefore, quite certain that he would never endanger his people or his nation for personal gain.
Seruel: That's why I'm looking for him. To learn the truth... and to tell him about our country's current situation.
Vyrn: But I thought you said Irestill is gone...
Seruel: Ha! Do not underestimate the people of my kingdom.
Seruel: The kingdom is still small compared to its days of glory, but we've gathered the people and vassals and have already started rebuilding.
Seruel: And I need to tell him that, wherever he might be.
Lyria: Ha-ha... I hope you can tell him personally someday.
Seruel renews his resolve to learn the truth behind the destruction of his country and tell the once great knight about its restoration.

The Young Protector[edit]

After the fall of the Irestill royal family, Seruel confides in Naoise about what his purpose should be now that he's no longer a prince. He goes on to bemoan feeling unloved by his father as a child, while Scathacha listens from the shadows.

The kingdom of Irestill fell prey to monsters, a ruination wrought by King Connor's blunder.
But the island itself is undergoing a resurgence. The royal siblings, Seruel and Heles, have abolished the monarchy in favor of elected representation.
The former prince and princess left Alster Island shortly thereafter in order to allow the fledgling parliament a chance to burgeon without obstruction.
That is how they came to call (Captain)'s crew their new home.
Heles: And that's pretty much the gist of it.
Naoise: I see. Thank you, Heles.
Seruel: Is something the matter?
Naoise: Heles was just telling me about a letter she received from my mother.
Seruel: Ah, a letter from Elisheba. How is her injury from that time the castle came under siege?
Naoise: She is recuperating without any complications. You needn't concern yourself with her convalescence.
Seruel: Elisheba raised me and my sister as if we were her own. How could I not worry?
Seruel: Moreover, had she not joined the defense of the castle, we never would have heard about the situation at home while we were away.
Seruel: Nor my father's final words... I am most grateful to her.
Naoise: ...
Seruel: King Connor... Father...
Seruel: ...
Seruel: Naoise, I've been pondering day and night about who I am.
Naoise: ...
Seruel: With the formation of the parliament on Alster, I am a prince no more. It follows that I'll never get to take up the crown.
Seruel: I've made my peace with this decision. I am truly proud to do so for the people and Alster.
Seruel: And yet, it would appear that I am approaching the road's end of which I call my purpose.
Seruel: I was raised to become a king ever since I came into this world, but as it stands now, what else am I supposed to live for?
Seruel: What is the purpose of my existence... Perhaps that is the burning question that keeps me awake at night.
Naoise: Seruel...
Seruel: Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was probably already aware of the uncertain path before me.
Seruel: It's similar to the coldness I felt from my father as a child, this frightening sense of anxiety.
Naoise: That's...
Seruel: My apologies. I didn't mean to bemoan my situation.
Naoise: If you would pardon my insolence, is it wrong for a man who is no longer a prince to show a bit of weakness from time to time?
Seruel: Heh... You have a point there.
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha: Oh dear. What a silly fellow you are.

The Young Protector: Scene 2[edit]

Heles hears about Seruel's troubles from Scathacha and suggests that he consult the oracle-stone of Lia Fail. Seruel agrees, and the crew sets off for Alster Island, where the stone that had chosen the first king of Irestill still stands.

Heles: Seruel.
Seruel: What brings you here, Sister? Do you need help making tea and cakes again?
Heles: Let's save that for another time, shall we? No, I came to talk about you.
Seruel: ...?
Heles: You seem troubled about what to do with your future. Scathacha informed me about it.
Seruel: How did she... But I only spoke with Naoise...
Heles: She has incredible hearing. It would be wise to remember that.
Seruel: So she was eavesdropping on me. She's taken up quite a nasty hobby.
Heles: You always confide in Naoise when there's something troubling you.
Heles: That's fine, but why don't you come speak with your elder sister once in a while?
Seruel: And hand you the keys to all my secrets? Surely you jest.
Heles: Seruel.
Seruel: I understand. Then I presume my big sister has come up with a suitable plan for me?
Heles: No, that's not what I'm here for. But I can point you in the right direction.
Seruel: ...
Heles: Seek out the oracle-stone, Lia Fail.
Heles: All who touch it are given insight into their fate. That's how the first king of Irestill came to be.
Heles: It will no doubt show you the path to the future.
Seruel: Lia Fail... An oracle-stone that chooses kings, you say...
Heles: You've already agonized over who you are and what it is you should do.
Heles: You could brood over it for a hundred years and still have the answer elude you; sometimes it's necessary to seek help from other sources.
Seruel: I haven't been lectured by you since we were kids. It's strangely nostalgic.
Heles: Why must you always act like a petulant child?
Heles: What nerve. When did your upbringing take a turn for the worse?
Seruel: It's not like you were the one who raised me. Isn't that right? I'm the one who should feel exasperated here.
Seruel: However, I do appreciate your advice. Consulting Lia Fail is worth a try.
With his mind made up, Seruel asks (Captain) for a favor, and soon the crew is on its way to Alster Island.

The Young Protector: Scene 3[edit]

Seruel and his entourage arrive at the cave housing Lia Fail, defeating monsters as they continue deeper inside. Sensing Seruel's anxiety, Scathacha teases him the entire way, but ultimately assures him that no matter what the oracle says, Seruel is still Seruel.

Seruel, Heles, and Scathacha arrive at the cave housing Lia Fail.
Seruel: ...
Scathacha: Oh, what have we here? That's a funny face you've got there, Seruel. Nervous much?
Seruel: Sigh... It seems the true dragon has picked up a few bad habits.
Seruel: At the very least, perhaps she should look into correcting that penchant for listening in to private conversations.
Scathacha: I can't help it if your big mouth bounces from end to end aboard the airship.
Seruel: Spare me...
Scathacha: Whatever Lia Fail has to show you, remember this well.
Scathacha: You are who you are.
Seruel: Thank you. I'll take that to heart.
Scathacha: Let's head inside. We've already come this far, might as well have some fun regardless of what the prediction is.

The Young Protector: Scene 4[edit]

The oracle-stone reveals that Seruel is worthy of wielding Gorm Glas, the sword bequeathed to him by his father, King Connor. The glowing of the sword is proof of acknowledgement by its predecessor, but Seruel can't believe that his father would hold him in that regard.

Seruel and the others head into the cave and come before Lia Fail.
Heles: Seruel. Touch the stone, close your eyes, and uncloud your heart.
Seruel: Okay.
As Heles, Naoise, and Scathacha look on, Seruel extends his hand toward the stone.
Seruel: Lia Fail... Look into my future and reveal to me the path I should seek!
Naoise: What's going on? It's not just Lia Fail that's glowing, but so is Seruel's sword!
Seruel: ...
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: I'm fine. I have been granted an answer along with the light.
Heles: What did Lia Fail tell you?
Seruel: That I am worthy to be the true wielder of the sword Father passed down: Gorm Glas.
Heles: Gorm Glas is entrusted to the protector of the kingdom, a sword inherited from one royal to the next.
Heles: When you and I departed for other lands, Father placed that sword in your care.
Seruel: Yes, he did.
Seruel: Gorm Glas will only gleam in the hands of someone deemed worthy by the previous protector. That is what was revealed to me.
Naoise: The previous protector? Without question that would refer to the late King Connor.
Naoise: And Gorm Glas's blade was shining only moments ago.
Naoise: Therefore His Majesty has judged Seruel as deserving.
Heles: ...
Seruel: Father acknowledged me...
Seruel: (I do not doubt Lia Fail's veracity...)
Seruel: (But...)
Although he has received Lia Fail's wisdom, it's difficult for Seruel to readily accept.
A storm of confusion continues to rage within his breast.

Seruel, Son of Connor[edit]

Seruel and Heles reminisce about their childhoods over tea—Heles posits that their father's antipathy toward them was more complicated than simply being seen as the cause of his wife's death. Seruel glumly retorts that they'll never know what their father was actually thinking.

The oracle-stone Lia Fail has revealed that King Connor has acknowledged his son, Seruel.
But Seruel is unable to reconcile with that revelation, sinking deeper into his slump.
Heles: The tea's ready. Drink it while it's still hot.
Seruel: Heles, why are we suddenly having a tea break right now?
Heles: I wanted to talk to you. Just the two us.
Heles: There are some things we wouldn't be able to discuss freely with others around. That includes Naoise.
Seruel: You mean about Father.
Heles: And Mother as well.
Seruel: You wish to talk about Mother, even though I have no recollection of her at all?
Heles: Yes, I'm aware of that. Even so we have to have this discussion.
Heles: As you know, Mother's condition deteriorated rapidly after giving birth to me.
Seruel: But there was no crown prince during Mother's generation, and so the people cried out for one.
Seruel: She clutched at what little time she had left to bring me into this world.
Seruel: Elisheba told me Father was beside himself with grief.
Heles: From his point of view, it must have seemed like our existence was what snatched away his beloved wife.
Seruel: ...
Heles: However, I don't think Father only looked upon the two of us with scorn and loathing.
Seruel: And what exactly are you basing that conjecture off of, Sister?
Heles: If that were really true, he would have thrown us away. But he didn't.
Heles: Do you remember what happened on that one snowy night nearly twenty years ago?
Heles: You, Naoise, and I snuck out of the castle to go into town.
Seruel: It was freezing that night, but I still remember the beautiful lights of each house we passed.
Heles: And do you remember who it was that came out to look for us? Father. I'll never forget how surprised we were.
Heles: He had to have been angry with me. Of course he would, considering it was my idea to sneak out.
Heles: But then he put you on his back, took me by the hand, and led us home to the castle without saying a word.
Seruel: I remember that. I looked back to see Naoise chasing after us.
Seruel: To have the king himself leave the castle alone was unthinkable.
Heles: Hehe. That sounds like something Father would say.
Seruel: ...!
Heles: When I pestered Elisheba to teach me how to make tea and cakes, a stern look overcame Father's face.
Heles: He said, "You are a princess. Don't pretend to be something you are not."
Seruel: ...
Heles: Father intentionally treated us as children of the king first and children of Connor second.
Heles: Thus we came to view him only as a king above all else.
Heles: And now... I can't help but think about our father's duality.
Seruel: ...
Heles: This is all in my head though. Alas, there's no way to confirm his unspoken words.
Seruel: You're right about that. There's no way to ask him...
Seruel: Even if Gorm Glas glimmers...
Seruel: (Mother's life wasn't taken away by Heles. The blame lies with me.)
Seruel: (Nothing's changed at all. Father will never pardon my existence...)

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 2[edit]

Some time later Scathacha informs Seruel and the others that traces of True Dragon Skadi can still be felt around the Great Court. The crew decides to fly to Alster to investigate.

One day Scathacha informs Seruel and the others that she wishes to speak with them.
Scathacha: Looks like everyone's here.
Naoise: What's happened, Scathacha? Is Alster in some kind danger?
Scathacha: Don't get your armor in a bunch. It's nothing pressing.
Seruel: Go on then. Urgent or not, it's trouble nonetheless.
Scathacha: Skadi's presence still lingers within the Great Court.
Naoise: Skadi? But I thought we took care of that dragon.
Scathacha: It's true that you defeated Skadi, but some of its power has yet to disperse.
Scathacha: If we leave it alone, it has a good chance of dissipating on its own.
Heles: But this is a true dragon's power we're talking about. It would be dangerous to leave it to chance.
Seruel: Indeed. We'd be too late to stop it should anything happen. Let's return to the capital to ascertain the situation.
Seruel and company make way for the royal castle on Alster.

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 3[edit]

Setting foot into the castle underground, the party is suddenly accosted by the figure of King Connor, and Seruel decides that the only way to understand his father is to take the attack head-on. But Seruel's Gorm Glas emits a light that repels the attack, and he hears Connor say that a child shall not sacrifice himself for the parent.

Seruel and the others step into what used to be the royal castle of Irestill, now known as the Great Court.
Scathacha: Over here.
Seruel: It's still deeper in?
Scathacha: It conceals itself as a wounded beast would.
Naoise: I will take the lead. Seruel, Heles, Scathacha. You three follow behind me.
???: ...
Naoise: Who's there!
???: ...
Naoise: It couldn't be!
Seruel: F-Father!
Scathacha: No, it's not.
Scathacha: Skadi used the feelings of deep resentment and shame that clouded this island to fuel itself.
Scathacha: It probably consumed the memories of Connor in the course of its feast. This is a side effect of its lingering power.
Heles: Father's resentment is impressive to bring about this level of manifestation.
Seruel: So it was a phantom after all! Allow me to bring it peace.
Conner: Se... el... He... es...
Seruel: ...!
Conner: Seruel! If only you'd never been born!
Seruel: Uurgh!
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: Ngh...
(That was the full force of Father's grudge...)
Seruel: (To think that my own father hated me so...)
Naoise: The next attack is coming, Seruel! Steel yourself!
Seruel: (If I mean to resolve his feelings, I must stake my life.)
Heles: Seruel? What are you doing?
The others cry out to Seruel in desperation as he approaches the former king without readying his sword.
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: ...
Conner: Be gone! Forever!
Conner: Aah... aauuh!
Seruel: ...!
???: A parent sacrifices their life for their child, but the child shall not do the reverse.
Seruel: That was Father's voice!
Skadi: Daaamn yooou!
Scathacha: It seems to have relinquished Connor's form. Perfect. Now's the time to act!

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 4[edit]

After defeating Skadi, a projection of King Connor appears from Gorm Glas, confessing that although he does resent Seruel for the loss of his wife, the love for his son can't be replaced. And with this stunning revelation, Seruel weeps.

Skadi: Aaauuoohh!
Scathacha: That will do. It was the manifestation of my anger after all.
Seruel: What is this radiance?
Conner: ...
Heles: Father!
Conner: I despise you for taking away my wife...
Seruel: ...
Conner: Yet at the same time I love you as the gifts she bequeathed me. Nothing could replace you two.
Seruel: Father...
Conner: Why can't I separate hate from love? My foolishness knows no bounds...
Heles: Father...
Seruel: ...
The party returns to the airship with nary a word spoken.
Seruel: ...
Naoise: The tea's ready. Would you like some?
Seruel: Thank you.
Seruel: Naoise...
Naoise: Yes?
Seruel: As a prince, I cannot forgive the King's order to have Deirdre exterminated.
Seruel: It's inexcusable, no matter how conflicted his emotions may have been.
Naoise: Yes...
Seruel: But as a regular person, I can take pity on my Father.
Seruel: In the end I am Seruel, son of Connor.
Seruel: I am fortunate to have learned that resentment wasn't the only thing he felt towards me.
Naoise: ...
Naoise: Shall I pour you another cup, Seruel?
Seruel: That would be great, thank you.
Seruel: Father...
Seruel's cheeks are wet as he remembers his deceased father.
Although he is unable to speak with the dead, he has been given some insight into the patriarch's complicated state of mind.
As a protector of the kingdom...

As a son...

Seruel steps into the unknown future.

Indivisible Spirits[edit]

Seruel finds Juri on the airship deck, sighing under the weight of his problems. He worries that leaving the Empire may not have been the reasonable thing to do. Learning of his misgivings, Seruel admonishes him that all difficult decisions come with some degree of pain. Juri shows surprise at Seruel’s concern, and Seruel invites him to tea so they can get to know each other better.

As the airship glides through the sky, Juri stands on deck, gazing into the distance.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: What’s the matter? I’ve heard nothing but sighs since I stepped out on deck.
Juri: Uh, what? say? I didn’t mean any...
Seruel: Dear me... You hadn’t noticed? Might I ask you to forbear? You’re making MY heart heavy.
Juri: Oh, pardon my rudeness! I shall be careful.
Juri apologizes to Seruel, then retreats back into his thoughts.
Juri: Sigh...
Seruel: Humph. You pay me service with your lips, but I see your head does not yet understand me.
Juri: Oh, what? I was trying not to contain my sighs...
Seruel: Well? What is the problem? Standing around brooding will lead to nothing but wasted time.
Juri: Hrngh! Well... You might say... I am having second thoughts about my choices in life.
Seruel: Sigh... Explain—clearly, and concisely.
Juri: You see, before I joined this crew, I was diligently making my way through the ranks of the Imperial army.
Juri: But I found I could not justify the Empire’s methods, and so I left the army to which I had once sworn my fealty.
Juri: I did what I believed was right. And my captain not only supported my decision, but encouraged it.
Juri: But...I never repaid the men and women who made me who I am today... And I fear leaving my unit was akin to slapping them in the face.
Seruel: Rubbish. Is that all you were worried about?
Juri: Come, now! For me, it is not so trivial.
Seruel: You may have had friendship with people in the Empire, and those ties may not have been easy to cut, but sometimes pain is part of making a decision.
Seruel: You followed the path you believed to be right, and so have distanced yourself from the Empire. Why should you still feel so attached?
Juri: You make a good point. I suppose I have been clinging a little too tightly to the past.
Juri: And if I cannot abide the Erste Empire’s methods...then it is inevitable that I should be here.
Juri: I mustn’t stand here moping—it would be unfair to (Captain). (Captain) believes in me.
Seruel: I see. The problem was not reluctance to part with the past, but lack of faith in yourself.
Juri: ......!
Seruel: You’re just like Naoise. You are so eager to do right that you end up trying too hard.
Seruel: You have nothing to worry about. The future will prove that you made the right decision.
Seruel: Heh. Many problems are solved better with time than with thought. I hope you will remember that.
Juri: (Unbelievable! Seruel is even stricter than the captain! And he’s troubling himself...over me?)
Juri: ...You have my thanks. Er...
Seruel: What? Why do you have that odd look on your face?
Juri: It’s just that...well... I hadn’t thought you to be so friendly.
Seruel: Ha ha, is that so? I thank you for the compliment. ...And I am quite curious to know what you DID think of me.
Juri: Ack! I-I didn’t mean... It just slipped out... No! I mean...
Seruel: Hm... We are in the same crew, after all. Perhaps we should get better acquainted.
Seruel: Don’t you agree? Let us have a nice, long chat over a cup of tea.
Juri: (Curses! Th-that smile on his face... There’s no mistaking it–that is the face of an angry man!)
Juri: (Hrrgh... Tea would surely be awkward in these circumstances! ...I know!)
Juri: Let’s not be hasty! Since you were kind enough to suggest it, let us invite the others to...
Seruel: Oh? You mean to say you don’t want to be alone with me?
Juri: No! That’s not what I meant...
Seruel: Heh...ha ha ha! I speak in jest. You are more amusing than I had expected.
Seruel: Come. We must see if we can find out who has time on their hands.
And so they invited the rest of the crew, and enjoyed a pleasant teatime together.
Though his words were harsh, Juri felt Seruel’s concern for him.
Taking his doubts and fears into his heart one by one, Juri will move forward.

Prince Charming[edit]

Ange asks Seruel if she can ride on his white horse; he obliges, but their riding lesson is cut short by monsters. Ange gets to see all facets of Seruel's princely manners and strives to become a prince to rival even him.

(Captain) and company are making a supply run on Alster Island.
Seruel: ...
Young Lady 1: Oooh, Seruel! You've returned from your journey!
Young Lady 2: He's so gallant! Just look at him galloping in on his white horse! Eee, what a hunk!
After Alster's darkest hour, the popular Seruel continues to stand as the island's solid bedrock among the people.
Ange quips to herself as she watches the young ladies swoon from simply laying eyes on the distinguished royal.
Ange: Hmm... A prince riding atop a white horse...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Big Hat. Whatcha talkin' to yourself about?
Ange: Just thinking that someday when I finally do meet my destined princess, making an entrance on my own two feet is rather underwhelming.
Lyria: Now that I think about it, the prince in the picture book Katalina read to me was also riding a white horse.
Vyrn: If you ask me, that's probably not the only reason why Seruel's so popular.
Vyrn: Alster went through some rough times, ya know? I can only speak for myself, but it probably wasn't easy to fix up the town to how it is now.
Lyria: You're probably right, but seeing Seruel on a white horse is still pretty cool!
Ange: Yeah... Okay, I'm gonna do it!
Ange dips out of sight from the street as Seruel dismounts and engages the townspeople about the obstacles to Alster's restoration.
Seruel: I understand. Then please continue on as you have before.
Ange: ...
Seruel notices Ange staring at him through a hole in her hiding spot.
Seruel: Hmm...
Seruel leaves for the main road, and Ange silently tails him.
Seruel: Excuse me. Horses are easily scared by things approaching them from behind. Why not state your case if you have business with me?
Ange: Okay. I have a request. Would you allow me to ride upon your beloved steed?
Seruel: Why? If you wish to ride, the stable in town should be more than adequate.
Ange: It's not that simple. Horseback riding is a hobby of mine, if you can't tell. I've interacted with many horses in my time.
Ange: However, I have yet to see a noble, pure-white mount such as yours! I must grab this chance by the reins!
Seruel: You can't fool me. No experienced rider, as you claim to be, would ever make the mistake of standing directly behind a horse.
Ange: That's... true. Sorry.
Seruel: Hm. It would be in your best interest to pay a visit to the stable I mentioned and start learning from the beginning.
Ange: Now wait just a minute there! I've ridden horses before! I mean, technically I have...
Seruel: And how does that pertain to me? Let us assume what you're saying is true. Why does it have to be my horse?
Ange: Somewhere out there in the grand blue sky, my princess awaits. And every princess deserves a glorious prince.
Ange: On the day fate decides to be kind to us, should my destined princess not be greeted by her prince on a white horse?
Seruel: Heh, I find that to be quite charming. Clearly you are a devotee of fairy tales.
Seruel: I see where you're coming from, and I've drawn my conclusions.
Seruel: Unfortunately I must refuse. This horse is too important to me.
Ange: What!
Seruel: My time here is up. May I take my leave?
Ange: Wait! I didn't make my request simply because of the horse!
Ange: You came back here to oversee the difficulties facing the town's continuing restoration, correct?
Ange: Putting your excellent reinsmanship aside, you have the poise and demeanor of a true prince.
Ange: I want to learn how to achieve that comportment! If you're not the one to mentor me, then none of it matters!
Seruel listens to Ange's impassioned plea before letting out a sigh of resignation.
Seruel: My goodness... I'm a little hesitant to be lectured by a dreamer...
Ange: ...
Seruel: But it reminds me of my childhood when I went around causing trouble because of my overreaching ambitions.
Seruel: At the time I desperately wanted to learn how to ride. I wanted to become a wise, steadfast prince.
Seruel: To refuse someone who has the same aspirations as I once did would be untenable. You've really twisted my arm on this one.
Ange: You mean...
Seruel: All right. You shall have my support. Let's make you into that ideal prince you strive to be.
Ange: Hooray! I owe you so much!
Seruel leads Ange to an empty practice field. He helps her up onto his trusty steed.
Seruel: Let's begin. Sit tall in the saddle and maintain this posture all the way through. Now hold the reins firmly and try to give the horse a light nudge with your feet.
Ange: Okay...
Ange takes a deep breath. With a slight poke of her heels into the horse's sides, it starts a calm walk.
Seruel: Oho... You weren't lying when you said you'd ridden before. Do you want to try it without my guidance?
Ange: Sure! I'll give it a shot!
Seruel, who had been leading the horse from the side, releases the reins. The horse continues at a tranquil pace.
Seruel: Let's take it slow. Don't push it.
Ange: I'm on top of things! I can deal with this stride in my sleep!
Scanning her surroundings for the first time, Ange feels the gazes of some young ladies gathering by the field's fence, and she puffs out her chest.
Ange: (Amazing... I'm actually riding a white horse! Surely I must look like a splendid prince in the eyes of those ladies!)
Ange: Hehe, now I'll have nothing to be embarrassed about when I meet my fated princess—Whoa!
The horse abruptly throws back its head as if spooked.
Monsters are climbing over the fence and approaching from a corner of the field.
Monster: Grooar!
Seruel: Those are the monsters that have been attacking our livestock.
Seruel: Careful. Let's leave this area for now.
Seruel resumes control over the reins and leads Ange and the horse to the gate.
But the monsters are quick, and they surround the hapless pair in no time.
Ange: Whoa! Calm do—
Unable to see the monsters behind it, the horse panics.
Ange clings tightly to the saddle with her legs, holding on with all her strength, but she's ultimately thrown off.
Ange: Oof! Ow, ow...
Seruel: Haaah!
Monsters: Gurgh...
Ange: Ungh! My foot!
Seruel: Shh. Try to remain calm and collected when you're injured.
Ange: Okay...
Seruel's attack strikes fear into the monsters, sending them clamoring back over the fence from where they first invaded.
With the field quiet and the horse back at peace, Seruel extends a hand to Ange.
Seruel: It appears we'll have to cut today's session short. I'll see you back to the airship.
Ange: Mm, thanks. Huh?
As Ange is about to take Seruel's hand, she hears murmuring coming from onlookers by the fence.
Young Lady 1: Aww! Seruel offered his hand to her!
Young Lady 2: Teeheehee... Look at him kneel down and smile... Everything about him is just... I can't even...
Ange: ...
Seruel takes Ange's hand and gently puts her onto the horse.
Though the hearts of the women have already been stolen by Seruel, Ange is touched by his gesture as well.
Seruel: Here we go.
With Seruel behind her in the saddle, he commands his steed out of the field.
Ange: The more I think about it, the more I see that you are princely in every action you take.
Ange: And it's because of that aura that the ladies adore you so. I'd like to give off that type of aura too if I can.
Seruel: Hm, those women back there were a bit on the noisy side. That level of fawning doesn't exactly bring me joy.
Ange: What are you saying? Are you really going to trample on their feelings?
Ange: You're nothing like him, even though you were born into nobility.
Seruel: I get the feeling that there might be a slight misunderstanding here, but who's this him you're talking about?
Ange: Oh, he was this other prince that saved me from a monster when I was little.
Seruel: I see. Let me ask you this then. Did this prince save you in order to be praised?
Ange: Um, no, I don't think so...
Seruel: You see? Anyone who saves someone just for the accolades is a hypocrite.
Ange: Yeah, I think I get what you're saying.
Ange: Like you said, he saved me simply because I was in danger.
Ange: It's fair to say that he wasn't doing it for a dumb reason like expecting me to become his fan afterward.
Seruel: And yet the truth is there's no shortage of would-be saviors who abide by that line of thinking.
Ange: Humph. Then I suppose you also agree with that prince's credo?
Seruel: Heh. You can tell me about this person that I've never met before all you like, but the only answer I'd be able to give you is I don't know.
Seruel: But there is one thing I do know.
Seruel: I'm the leader of this kingdom, and it's with that responsibility that I do what I do. It's as simple as that.
Ange: Of course! Having the faith in yourself to save many people is what makes someone a fine prince!
Seruel: Haha. Well, far be it from me to judge your interpretation of a prince, but I believe your answer deserves a pass.
The townspeople call out to Seruel as he passes by in the street.
Although he doesn't wave back, the hint of a smile on his face and his resolute attitude say all that needs to be said.
Ange: (Hehe. My waiting princess would be ecstatic to see me become a prince with this grand of a reception.)
Ange: (I'll show you how princely I can be! I won't lose!)
Seruel, royal bloodline of a fallen kingdom, stands by his home as it continues to rebuild from past hardships.
In her heart Ange secretly competes with this prince, whose aspiring humility and fortitude has made a lasting impression on her.


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