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Official Profile

Age 27
Height 179 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Collecting weapons, studying tactics
Likes Training
Dislikes Cleaning his room
Final Uncap
After saving his country from a crisis, Lancelot traveled through various kingdoms before returning to his homeland, only to find himself imprisoned. Overcoming many trials and tribulations, Lancelot surpasses his own limitations. For rescuing the country during "Four Knights of a Fallen Land", King Carl commends his deeds with a ceremony and a new set of armor.
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 27歳
Height 179cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 武器の収集、兵法の勉強
Likes 鍛錬
Dislikes 部屋の片づけ
Final Uncap
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Age 25
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Cleaning and doing the laundry, all kinds of domestic chores
Likes Meat dishes
Dislikes Logic-based disputes
Character Release
Final Uncap
Character Release
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 25歳
Height 182cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 掃除洗濯、家事全般
Likes 肉料理
Dislikes 論理だてた議論
Character Release
Final Uncap
Character Release
Source [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]





  • The names of their skills and charge attack are German.
    • Weiss Drachen's correct spelling is "Weiße Drachen", meaning "White Dragons".
    • Heis Turbulenz's correct spelling is "Heiße Turbulenz", which translates to Hot Turbulence.
    • Uberuption is a combination of "über", which means "Over", and Eruption.
    • Zwei Fluegel, or "Zwei Flügel", means "Two Wings".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Lancelot & Vane: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Lancelot: Here's our gift to you! A cheese cake!
Vane: But wait! There's more, (Captain)! Don't start eating just yet!
Lancelot: I'm on it, Chef Vane!
Lancelot takes both blades in hand and a cold wind capable of turning a liquid to ice emanates from them.
Vane: Now for the moment you've been waiting for! My special strawberry ice sauce!
Vane: Using Lancey's swords, I can apply this sauce which will turn to ice just as it touches the cake.
Vane: Here we go! All done! Dig in!
Lancelot: I didn't understand the idea when I heard it, but frozen sauce does have a certain appeal.
Vane: Right? It's all cold and crisp and tasty!
Lancelot: Vane you really outdid yourself.
Lancelot: Heh-heh. (Captain), you like it? Look at that face... I'm glad you did!


Lancelot: (Captain)!
Vane: Happy...
Lancelot & Vane: Birthday!
Lancelot: Ready, and...
Lancelot & Vane: Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear (Captain)!
Happy Birthday to you!
Lancelot: Just for today, we'll grant you one wish! Ask us anything!
Vane: Do you have anything you wanna eat? Just name it!
Lancelot: The three of us could go out too. We could go to the park, or a nice restaurant... wherever you want!
(Captain) thinks about it for a while before answering.
Lancelot: Okay! That's what you want?
Vane, let's get on it!
Vane: Way ahead of you, Lancey!
I'll go get it ready, so just wait right here, okay?


Lancelot & Vane: Happy birthday!
Lancelot: In celebration of your growth this past year, I've prepared an invitation to a special training course just for you.
It includes a bit of running through Feendrache and one lap around the lake in a rowboat. That way you can train while enjoying the scenery!
Vane: And I've got an invitation to Vane's Cafe with your name on it!
This year I made some sweets featuring your favorite fruits, so get excited!
Lancelot: So... Which invitation would you like?

  • Choose: The special training course!
Vane: Okay! Then I'll cook you a meaty dish to perk you up after your training session!
  • Choose: Vane's Cafe!
Lancelot: All right! In that case, I'll pour all my efforts into helping out Vane as your waiter!
  • Choose: Both
Vane: Ahaha! You're a greedy one, aren't you? That's the best answer for both of us though!
Lancelot: Haha, indeed. It was worth laying out such careful plans, it seems.

Lancelot: Give us some time to make our preparations. We'll meet you at the spot designated on this invitation!


Vane: (Captain), happy birthday!
Lancelot: Thanks for coming all this way to Feendrache.
Lancelot: The king expressed his wish to celebrate the growth of our kingdom's savior.
Vane: We get to use the entire audience chamber for today's celebration! It's a first for us too!
Lancelot: His Majesty will be present as well. As you know, he prefers to keep things casual, so don't be too concerned with standing on ceremony.
Vane: Mm-hm, he said himself that we're all equals today. It's gonna be a blast!
Lancelot: Ahem... Well then, (Captain), I'll take you to your seat.
Vane: Here comes the main guest! Let's get this party started!


Lancelot: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Vane: Congrats! Lancey and I wrote you a letter to commemorate the occasion.
Lancelot: We were debating about what kind of present to get you and decided that something that communicated our feelings would be best.
As we were writing the letter, we realized it's been a long time since first we met.
Those were the days that I doubted Siegfried. I was a fool back then.
Vane: I wasn't vice captain yet, and now that I think about it, we hadn't even met Arthur and the others.
Lancelot: Though I'm not sure we've grown as much as you, we've certainly changed a lot.
Vane: But don't you worry! We've still got a lot of improving to do! We won't let ya down!
Heh, look at us drone on. Anyway, I baked this cake for you. How about we slice it together?
Lancelot: And afterwards let's do some training. I've prepared quite the special session for your big day!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Lancelot: Haaa!
Vane: Whoa!
Ergh! I just can't beat you, Lancey!
Lancelot: But that last blow was really good. I can see the results our training are starting to show.
(Captain), happy New Year. Did you see us sparring?
Vane: Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't see you over there.
Lancelot: You're surprised we're already training when the year has just begun? We actually had this day planned out in advance.
Vane: We're the captain and vice-captain, right? So whenever we go head-to-head people make a fuss.
Lancelot: I've got an idea! Would you like to join us, (Captain)?
Vane: That sounds like a great idea! (Captain), let's spar till we drop!


Vane: And the New Year's feast is ready to be served! Dig in!
Lancelot: Whoa, that looks amazing! Thanks, Vane!
Vane: You too, (Captain). Don't be shy!
Lancelot: This one right here is scrumptious, and this fish as well! You also need to try the beans, and the eggs, and—
Vane: Whoa there, Lancey. I'm glad you like my cooking so much...
But if you put that much on (Captain)'s plate, it's gonna topple over!
Lancelot: Oops, sorry about that. But anything Vane cooks really is delicious, so...
Vane: The feast won't eat itself, so just relax and enjoy the food!
All right, I'm gonna chow down too! Let's see, what should I start with...


Lancelot & Vane: Happy New Year!
Lancelot: You look surprised. Is it our attire? It's the first day of the new year. We thought we'd try dressing for the occasion.
Vane: I actually kind of like formal clothing. Wearing it fills you with this sense of purpose!
Lancelot: Ahem... I shall now proclaim my New Year's resolution!
As captain of the White Dragons, I will strive to be an exemplar to my fellow knights—and do all in my power so that our country of Feendrache may flourish!
Vane: As vice-captain of the White Dragons, I will aid our Captain Lancelot in his duty—and make sure that our knights are never short of good food!
Lancelot: Have you already decided on a resolution, (Captain)?
Vane: That face says you have! Come on, let's hear it!


Lancelot: Hraaagh!
Vane: Oryaaah!
Lancelot: Rgh! The wind blew it away from me!
Vane: Whoo! I win this round!
Oh, (Captain), were you watching the whole time? And before I forget—happy New Year!
Lancelot: You were surprised how intense the match got? Well, we tried not to make too much noise at first...
Vane: I guess we got caught up in the heat of the moment. After all, Lancey's speed is really something else.
Lancelot: Nuh-uh, it's your hard-hitting strikes that deserve all the praise, Vane. I could never hit the shuttlecock back from that far away.
Choose: You're both awesome!
Vane: Oh yeah? Haha, I guess I'm not half bad myself!
Lancelot: Vane, now that (Captain)'s here, why don't we play with the three of us?
Vane: All right. We'll take turns passing the shuttlecock to each other, and whoever drops it first loses. Let's go!


Lancelot & Vane: Happy New Year!
Vane: Phew, who else is outta breath after those stairs? You still with us, (Captain)?
Lancelot: Hah, it seems (Captain) is more fit than either of us. Good show.
I admit, waking up at the crack of dawn to climb a mountain was somewhat arduous, but look... This view is marvelous!
Vane: Whoa, no kidding! I knew the first sunrise of the year would be gorgeous, but I didn't expect the sky to look like a painting!
Hehe, good thing we actually woke up, huh, (Captain)?
Lancelot: Ah, forgive me. Now that we've completed our quest, it seems my stomach demands attention...
Vane: I knew that might happen!
Ta-da! Vanewiches! Made special for the new year!
Lancelot: Impressive! Haha, I can think of nothing better than eating your cuisine atop this peak!
Vane: Good thing I rememberd to pack 'em last night! You eat your fill, okay, (Captain)?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Vane: Hm? Chocolate for Valentine's Day? Thanks!
Lancey! (Captain) brought you chocolate for Valentine's Day!
Lancelot: Look closer, Vane. (Captain) has two boxes.
Vane: What! Does that mean I get some chocolate too?
Sob... I'm the luckiest guy ever to get such a heartfelt gift!
Lancelot: Seriously? If you keep crying like that, you're going to worry people.
You do a good job around here, so take a reward when it's given to you. Have confidence in your abilities.
Vane: Lancey... Even you have nothing but nice things to say... Now I'm really gonna wail!
Lancelot: Heh heh... Silly Vane...
Thanks, (Captain). We're both really grateful.


Lancelot: This box...
Don't tell me you came all the way here to bring me a box of chocolates?
Vane: And this box has "To Vane" written on it! Does that mean it's for me?
Wooow! Thanks so much, (Captain)!
Lancelot: Thanks! Can I open it now?
Were you the one who drew my twin swords on this chocolate plaque?
Vane: Whoa, my weapon's on mine too! You're so good at this!
Lancelot: I've never received chocolate like this before. It'd be such a waste to eat!
Vane: Hahahaha! But (Captain) spent this much effort making it, so I'll be sure to savor it!
Lancelot: Yeah! I'm looking forward to it!


Vane: Hey, Lancey... I don't know how I should act around (Captain) today...
Lancelot: Why not? Are the two of you having some sort of disagreement?
Vane: No, it's not that... I mean, it's Valentine's Day.
If I act like I'm expecting chocolates, I might come off as full of myself... But if I pretend I'm not, it'll feel kind of cold, you know?
Lancelot: Oh, I see... I don't really know what to tell you...
Vane: Wait! (Captain)? Huh? Wait, no, uh, w-what do I do?
Lancelot: Vane! Calm down!
Oh, er, don't worry about it. So, what can we do for you, (Captain)?
You made chocolates for us again? That makes me so hap—
Vane: Wahhh! I thought I might get some, but I didn't really think so! I'm so happy!
Lancelot: Vane, you aren't making any sense. I think you're too excited.
But, really, (Captain), thank you. We'll be sure to savor every bite.


Lancelot: Happy to see you've come with your yearly gift, (Captain)!
Vane: You got something for me this time too? Appreciate it? Aw, aren't you such a sweetheart!
Lancelot: Vane. Keep petting away like that, and our captain's going to end up with a bad hair day.
Vane: Sorry, I got carried away!
Lancelot: By the way, (Captain), do you happen to be free after this?
Vane: We were talking about how nice it'd be to enjoy some treats with you.
We've got bucketloads of snacks and tea at the ready! Let's make this a tea party!
Lancelot: Haha, I guess it's a yes, then.
All right, Vane! Let's get this party started!
Vane: You got it, Lancey! I'll prep the tea while you guys pick out the snacks!


Lancelot: (Captain)! Why, you've come yet again to offer gifts to Vane and myself!
Vane: Hahaha! Thanks a ton! Presents from the captain are the best!
Lancelot: I agree! It's certainly become something of a tradition, hasn't it?
And I, for one, absolutely cherish this tradition we've made!
Vane: Yep! I mean, it goes without saying that (Captain)'s confections are stellar.
But the fact you want to make us happy is what really tickles our respective fancies!
We love ya, (Captain)!
Lancelot: Hear! Hear!
Ah, yes! We were planning on doing another tea party this year. Would you like to join us?
Vane: Hah, like you could refuse! Let's get going!

White Day Cutscenes
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Lancelot: (Captain), could I have a little of your time?
Vane: We wanted to say thanks for the chocolate you gave us on Valentine's Day! So here's our gift to you!
Lancelot: You made our chocolate from scratch, right? It was really good!
Vane: Not that we stole your idea or anything, but we made something of our own. Hope you like it...
Lancelot: Since Vane made it, you know it'll taste great.
Vane: I didn't make it by myself. Lancey here mixed some of the ingredients and did other stuff too!
Lancelot: But it's not like I could have done any of that without your help. This was all thanks to you.
Vane: (Captain), why are you smiling like that?
Lancelot: Oh...
That's true... We do always seem to banter like this, don't we?
Vane: Well anyways... Here are our emotions in a box. Take a bite when your tummy starts grumbling!


Lancelot & Vane: Happy White Day!
Lancelot: Thank you for the chocolates last month. It was very thoughtful of you!
Vane: And now it's payback time! Go on, take a peek!
(Captain) opens the box and finds a cute picture of Vyrn and Lyria drawn on a chocolate plaque.
Lancelot: Vane drew it, of course. Isn't it amazing?
Vane: But it was originally Lancey's idea, you know?
Lancelot: Well, we were only able to make it thanks to your skills.
Hm? Why are you laughing, (Captain)?
Vane: Are you that happy about the chocolate?
Heh heh. Seeing your smile makes it worth all the effort!


Vane: (Captain), here. It's a thank-you gift for Valentine's. Go on, take it!
Lancelot: Hehe. Your smile... It's infectious!
Vane: You're so nice, (Captain)... You always look super happy, whether you're the one giving the gift or receiving it.
Lancelot: So do we?
Well, Vane was really overjoyed on Valentine's. I guess it'd have been a challenge, trying not to smile around that.
Vane: You're one to talk, Lancey! You also had a huge grin on your face—didn't he, (Captain)?
Heh. But now I see... I didn't have to do all that worrying—you know, about whether or not to act like I'm expecting a present.
Why hide it when you're happy, right? It's important to let people know how you feel!
Lancelot: Agreed! That's a weight lifted off our shoulders. Thank you, (Captain)!


Lancelot: (Captain), happy White Day!
Vane: Thanks for joining our tea party the other day! Loved your chocolate too!
Lancelot: We have something to give you back in return.
Huh? Sniff... Vane is it just me or does something smell really good?
Vane: Sniff... You're right! Is that tea I smell?
With a smile, (Captain) welcomes them into the captain's quarters.
Choose: Who's up for another tea party!
Lancelot: Wow... You prepared all this just for us?
Vane: Whoo! This is too awesome! I love surprises like this!
Choose: You'll join me then?
Lancelot: Mm-hm! Of course we will!
Vane: Bring on the snacks!


Vane: (Captain)! H-here you go!
Lancelot: Haha... Oh, Vane. Why are you so nervous?
Vane: Sorry! I don't know why, but I always get so tense every time we do this.
Lancelot: I understand. You want the captain to be happy with our gift, especially now that we've grown even closer.
Vane: Exactly. We must have considered a thousand different recipes and a hundred different wrappings, all to find the perfect gift...
But if it makes you smile, (Captain), then it will all have been worth it!
Lancelot: You are a cherished companion to Vane and I. And we wish to be friends forevermore.
We hope you will enjoy this White Day present as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.
Vane: Hah, that looks like a smile to me! We did it, Lancey!
Lancelot: Indeed! Nothing brings me more elation!
Vane: You can say that again! The sweets this year turned out better than ever, so eat up!

Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Vane: Hey, Lancey... I dunno about that. I'd hold off...
Lancelot: Really? But it's Halloween. Something with a bang would be more fun!
Hm? (Captain). What a coincidence seeing you in town.
Vane: Us? We're out buying things for the party our order is throwing.
Lancelot: The whole point of the party is for people to socialize, so we thought we might give people something to talk about.
Ooh! How about this scary mask! This might be just the thing!
Vane: Wait up, Lancey.
Sigh... When you get excited about something, you stop listening to me...
I like the idea of dressing up for Halloween and all...
But when you try to be scary you give me nightmares. I might even start crying...
Hey, (Captain)! Why don't you come to the party! Whaddya say?


Vane: Hey, (Captain). Have you seen Lancey?
No? Hmm, that's weird... Where could he be?
???: Heh heh heh... Vaaane...
Vane: Ahhhh! A s-skeleton?
S-skeleton hand... on my s-s-shoulder... Eeeeek!
Lancelot: Hahaha! Fooled you! It's just me.
This skeleton hand looks pretty real, doesn't it? I bought it just over there!
Vane: Laaanceeey... I thought I was gonna have a heart attack!
Lancelot: Oh come on, don't cry! Here, I'll give you some candy.
Just as Vane takes the candy from Lancelot's hand...
Vane: Bleeearggh!
Lancelot: Hahahaha! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Okay, here's some real candy this time.
Vane: Th-that scared me... Lancey, you know I'm only putting up with this 'cause it's you!
Wow, this is good.
Lancelot: Sorry, (Captain). That must have been startling for you.
Oh! Do you want some candy too?
Hm? What's with that look? It's not suspicious at all, see?


Vane: Happy Halloween! Here, (Captain)—have a treat as a gift from me to you!
Lancelot: These are actually the sweets we're going to pass out at the order's party later.
Vane and the members of Team Chickadee made them by hand! Isn't that incredible?
Vane: See these weird-looking ones? They're Arthur's handiwork. And Mordred was responsible for the oversized ones.
The perfectly shaped ones were made by Cruz, and the small ones by Tornelio!
Lancelot: You can tell who made which treats? Your eye for food is as impressive as ever.
Vane: Heh-heh! People's personalities really shine through in stuff like this. It's pretty entertaining.
Okay, don't be shy, (Captain). Pick out whichever one you'd like!


Vane: Gwaaaah! (Captain)!
Lancey said there's a bunch of girls soaking wet behind me! I'm afraid to turn around!
Tell me it's not true, (Captain)! There's no one behind me, is there?

  • Choose: No one's there.
    Vane: Y-yeah, I figured! Whew, what a relief...
    Lancelot: Vane! There you are; I looked all over for you.
    Vane: What was that about girls behind me, Lancey! There's no one there!
  • Choose: ...
    Vane: Why the grim look all of a sudden, (Captain)! Please tell me I'm right!
    Lancelot: Hahahah! You're not too bad of a trickster yourself, (Captain)!
    Vane: Out with it already, Lancey! What's the deal?

Lancelot: There really were girls playing behind you in the water earlier.
Vane: Oh, that's what you meant? I thought you were talking about ghosts...
Especially with that spooky voice you were using.
Lancelot: Well... Hehe.
Look, Vane! Behind you—
Vane: La-la-la! I can't hear you! I can't hear anythiiing!
Lancelot: I was just going to say you dropped some treats behind you...


Vane: Dang, (Captain), your costume is perfect! Now it really feels like Halloween!
By the by, have you seen Lancey? We were gonna meet the kids here, but...
Gah, I'm hit! Wait... Is this a foam bullet?
Lancelot: Look there, troops! It's our targets: the evil werewolf and his brazen ally!
Assault formations! Ready your arms! And fire at will!
Vane: Hey! Hahaha! What gives, Lancey! You started without me?
Looks like you're a target too, (Captain). Well, we can't let them take us down!
C'mon, Captain! Into the fraaaay!
Lancelot: Gasp! They're launching a counterattack! To the front lines!
Vane: Awoooo!
As the ferocious Halloween battle comes to a head, cheerful laughter echoes across the night sky.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Vane: Lancey, could you help me out? If you could get that food over there and put it on a plate that would be great.
Lancelot: On it. There isn't much space here, so I'm going to move the food over there.
This looks amazing... Maybe I'll take one small sample...
(Captain)! You caught me red-handed!
What? I could bribe you with one of these? All right...
Vane: Hey! Stop that, (Captain)! You know the rules!
Lancey! Don't tell me you're an accomplice! I can tell you ate some too!
Lancelot: Sorry, Vane! They just looked so good...
Vane: I'm glad you like the way they look, but you need to wait! You know I made other stuff too, right?
Lancelot: Right... (Captain), could you go wait somewhere far away from the food?


Vane: Seeing kids waiting excitedly for Santa Claus sure brings back memories!
Lancelot: We were like that once... Remember that time I stayed over at your place?
Vane: Yeah! We dumped all this candy on our bed and ate them while waiting for Santa.
Lancelot: What's that, (Captain)? Did we get to see Santa?
Well, Vane's grandmother came and told us to hurry up and go to bed. Then she tucked us in...
Vane: And the bed was so warm that both Lancey and I fell right asleep. We were so upset the next morning!
Lancelot: Yeah, we were both so sleepy, we couldn't help it... Guess we really were just kids back then.
Vane: Hey, do you have any holiday memories to share, (Captain)?
Lancelot: Oh, I want to hear them too! Do tell!


Vane: Whoa... It was coming down pretty hard last night, but I wasn't expecting this!
(Captain), we better clear out this snow before the party—
Whoap! It's freezing!
Lancelot: Heh. Your back was wide open, Vane.
Vane: Oh, Lancey... We're not here for a snowball fight.
Lancelot: Sorry. But the snow looked so white and soft, I couldn't resist. I'll start shoveling—
Ah! That one was you, wasn't it, (Captain)?
Vane: (Captain), where'd you get an armful of snowballs? I didn't even see you make one!
Lancelot: Haha. It looks like our captain means business. What do you say to a free-for-all?
Vane: All right, fine. But just for a little. And afterwards, we're shoveling up this snow!


Lancelot: That covers everything on the shopping list. (Captain), Vane, shall we return to the party venue?
Vane: Walking the streets on a night like this sure gets me hyped up! I mean, just look at all the shiny lights everywhere!
Whoa! Get a load of that shop! It's as bright as the chandelier in the castle!
Lancelot: No kidding! The decorations are getting fancier every year.
Vane: Heheh, I've got an idea! Can you guys drop by the kitchen later?
Lancelot: Sure, what do you have in mind?
Vane: Let's not spoil the surprise just yet!
A bit of oil mixed with coagulant poured into the cup, with a candle wick in place... All that's left is to wait till it hardens!
Lancelot: You're making candles from leftover cooking oil? This will certainly liven up the venue tonight!
Vane: We had some leftover food containers from all the sweets we bought. Thought we might as well make use of 'em!
We've got plenty more oil and paint too!
Let's fill the venue with these candles like we're filling the skies with stars! It'll be our holiday present to everyone!
Lancelot: Oh yeah, sounds good to me! Let's do it, (Captain)!


Lancelot: Seasons greetings, (Captain).
I was checking our outfits for the party later tonight. We have two Santa costumes, which Vane and I shall don.
Vane: Reminds me of the time we both dressed up as Santa, way back when we were tikes!
Lancelot: Oh yes! For the local festival, right?
Vane: That's the one! I ruined my costume, so I ended up borrowing yours...
Lancelot: I almost forgot about that. Haha, we were quite young, weren't we?
Vane: It still makes me feel guilty. Man, I've been taking advantage of you for our entire friendship, haven't I?
Lancelot: Is that what you think? All I remember is my best friend Vane giving me the strength to get through the darkest of times.
Vane: Really! I'll take that!
Haha, even if it is you just being nice.
Lancelot: Haha, you think too kindly of me.
It's been nice taking a trip down memory lane. Shall we make more happy memories tonight?
Vane: I'm so there! C'mon, (Captain)! Let's head to the party!

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Life of a Knight

While Vane leads the training for the knights, Lancelot finds himself busy with paperwork. That night Lancelot visits Vane's room and the two enjoy sweets together while discussing how far they've come and where they are going.

One day in the royal capital Feendrache, the Order of the White Dragons spar.
The skies are clear, and many a knight are practicing their swordsmanship on the training grounds.
Arthur: Ay! Ya! Tah!
Mordred: Fa! Ha! Yaaa!
Vane: Good job, you two! You guys are full of energy this morning!
Vane is the vice-captain of the order, and today he's helping two of his companions hone their skills.
Tornelio: Get 'im! Right there, Arthur!
Cruz: Come on, Mordred.
Tornelio and Cruz are watching the sparring match of Arthur and Mordred versus Vane.
Vane: Use your body! A sword requires more than arm strength! Throw your weight into your blows.
Arthur: Yes, sir!
Vane: Good response, Arthur!
Mordred: You're open! Haa!
Vane: But when you use your weight, you open yourself up to a new set of weaknesses...
Vane: Have a nice trip!
Mordred: Agh!
Vane puts a bit of force into his sweep of Mordred's leg and knocks Mordred completely off balance.
Vane: How are you supposed to counter like that?
Mordred: Damn it! You got me...
Vane: Sorry about that. I needed you to experience what I was talking about. Helps you learn faster.
Arthur: That's all right! Keep on hitting us hard!
Mordred: Yeah! Don't go easy on us at all!
Vane: Well, well... Looks like you guys are ready for the big leagues! Here, Mordred, I'll lend you a hand!
Mordred: I'm fine! I'm not a kid who needs help standing up!
Ignoring Vane's outstretched hand, Mordred stands up by himself slightly embarrassed.
Arthur: You're so strong, Vane.
Mordred: I feel like you could handle a three-on-one too.
Vane: Ahaha! You think? You guys are making me blush!
Tornelio: I bet you were gifted even as a child to be this tough...
Appearing somewhat taken aback, Vane turns toward the knights with a serious expression on his face.
Vane: Actually, I wasn't.
Vane: Until just recently I fought just as well as you all do now.
Arthur: Really?
Vane: Yup! Why would I lie?
Vane: I got better thanks to everyone around me—my mentor, my friends, and my comrades.
Vane: And I think my goal also had something to do with where I am today.
Mordred: Goal? You mean being like Captain Lancelot?
Vane: Exactly! I want to be someone Lancey can depend on.
Vane: I think every one of you should have a goal in mind!
Arthur: Okay! I'll make my goal the same! To be like Captain Lancelot!
Mordred: Hear, hear! Watch me become the better captain! I'm not losing to you either, Arthur!
Vane: That's the spirit, you two! Then let's all work together with the same goal in mind!
Cruz: Is the captain not coming today?
Vane: No... His schedule can't really allow it today.
Vane: But no worries! I'm here to help you all!
Cruz: Understood.
Vane: Next up are Cruz and Tornelio!
Tornelio: O-okay! Here I come!
Cruz: Let's get 'im, Tornelio.
Vane: Once we're done here, we'll all grab a bite to eat!
Around the same time, Captain Lancelot is in his office, muttering under his breath, listing all the things that need to be done.
Lancelot: Hmm... I'll need to submit these time sheets... And then figure out what to do about the night shifts and days off...
Lancelot: Mmh... And we do have that ceremony next month, so this should be fine.
Lancelot: Hold on! Didn't he get married recently?
Lancelot: Ugh... This will have to be a one-man project then...
Lancelot: In that case... this might work...
Lancelot: I hope I can smooth things over with a delicious meal.
Lancelot: What's next... The bill for that statue we're using...
Lancelot: Whoa... This is expensive. I know we want the best, but did he even check other places?
Lancelot: I guess since we're in a hurry, this'll have to do. I'll need to tell him to give me a heads-up next time.
Lancelot: Easier said than done I suppose... I'm always so busy, he must not want to bother me with things like this.
Lancelot: I guess I should have checked in on him to make sure he had it all under control.
Lancelot: And this would be... the schedule for the ceremony?
Lancelot: Hmm... After everyone makes their entrance, we'll have words from our Majesty, and then the tournament... And finally the Sealing of Dragons...
Lancelot: This looks like a good plan. I wonder if we have enough men doing detail...
Lancelot: At the session today, I can confirm the number of guards we'll have.
Lancelot is monotonously tackling each of the documents before him when he peers outside.
Lancelot: Right... Time for the next meeting.
Lancelot: Sigh... I don't even have time to eat at the local shop...
Lancelot: I guess I'll just power through this one...
Lancelot: Hm? What's this bag?
Lancelot suddenly realizes there is a bag on his desk.
Lancelot: Oh! A bento box!
Inside the bag is food and a small note.
Vane: Lancey, I made too much of this new dish I'm working on. How about you try some?
Lancelot smiles upon reading Vane's note.
Lancelot: Thank you, Vane.
Lancelot: Well then... Don't mind if I do.
With thankfulness in his heart, Lancelot partakes of Vane's delicious meal.
This is how Vane and Lancelot's day passes.
Although they have no time to see one another, they work dutifully until the sun sets.
Late in the night, Vane frantically works alone in his own office.
Vane: Urgh... It's already so dark...
Vane: Okay... Just a little more!
Someone knocks on his office door.
Lancelot: Vane, do you have a minute?
Vane: Lancey! Of course!
Lancelot appears with a box of sorts in hand.
Vane: Uh... What's that?
Lancelot: Some nobles had an audience with the king today. They brought a great deal of snacks with them.
Vane: Ooh! Th-those... are from that booming shop!
Lancelot: You know your sweets well. Then you don't need the details.
Vane: That place always has a huge line of people wanting to get a piece of their cake! I've always wanted some too!
Lancelot: Is that right? Then you wouldn't mind helping me taste test these, right?
Vane: Gimme gimme!
I was just thinking about taking a break too! Nice timing!
Vane darts across the room to get tea ready.
Not moments later, Vane is prepared with tea in hand.
Vane: Let's get this party started!
Lancelot: Let's.
Lancelot looks at Vane with a tinge of guilt.
Lancelot: I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the sparring match today.
Vane: Huh? Oh! Don't worry about it. Went smooth.
Lancelot: But because it was only you, now you're backed up with all this late-night work.
Vane: Well... I mean, if I don't do any physical exercise, I can't really concentrate on paperwork anyways.
Lancelot: All right... If you need help with any of this, you let me know.
Vane: Will do! I'm almost done here anyways.
Vane: That reminds me. Arthur's bunch was asking about you.
Lancelot: Were they? Then I'd better go out to see them tomorrow.
Vane: Really? Great!
Vane: They all are getting better so fast. I really enjoy teaching them.
Lancelot: Good to hear! I'm glad you've found something you're passionate about.
Vane: I never thought I'd be in a position to teach anyone anything. I'm glad I can give a little back.
Vane: Becoming vice-captain and getting my own office... It's like a dream come true.
This time it's Lancelot who becomes serious. He looks Vane straight in the eyes.
Lancelot: Vane, this isn't a dream. This is your hard work paying off.
Lancelot: Be confident in the skill you have.
Vane: You... You think so? Lancey, you've given me a big boost of confidence!
Vane: Just don't go praising me too much or it'll go to my head!
Lancelot: Heh heh... Got it...
Vane: I bet you had a tough day with paperwork too, am I right?
Lancelot: But thanks to you, I got it all done.
Lancelot: Vane, there's something I want to tell you.
Vane: What is it?
Lancelot: I really appreciated the lunch you made! It gave me all the strength I needed to push through in the afternoon!
Vane: That's great to hear! I didn't think you'd have time to eat out anyhow.
Lancelot: Hahaha! You were right. You know me so well.
Vane: Do I? I mean... that was nothing.
Vane then checks the tea.
Vane: Look at that. The tea's almost ready to drink!
Lancelot: Good. Then let's start eating.
Vane: Yay!
Lancelot and Vane sip their tea while enjoying fantastic treats together.
Lancelot: Nom... This is great!
Vane: Right? I wonder how they made something like this. It's so tasty.
Vane: I mean, how do they get this texture? It feels like I'm eating many different foods at once.
Vane: If I have time, I need to go there and learn their ways!
Lancelot: Haha! Bringing these to you was the right decision after all.
Something occurs to Vane at that moment.
Vane: I thought that if I went up the ladder, I'd be able to spend more time with you.
Vane: But as I move up, I also move farther and farther from you.
Lancelot: Right... You act in my stead on many occasions.
Lancelot: Is that a problem?
Vane: No, not at all. I'm happy to have lots of work and to be depended on!
Vane: But I guess there are a lot of us who want to spend time with you.
Vane: What I want to say is... if you could pop in every once and a while, that would be good.
Lancelot: I think you're absolutely right.
Lancelot: No matter how busy I get, I should make time to shoot the hay with all of you.
Vane: Hahaha! Hay? Okay!
They both smile as they exchange pleasantries.
Lancelot: I have to get back to work now.
Vane: No worries. Leave the tidying to me!
Lancelot: Let me at least help a little.
Vane: Really? If you say so.
After the cleanup Lancelot prepares to return to his room.
Vane: Lancey, don't stay up too late.
Lancelot: Don't be a pot, Vane.
Vane: Night, Kettle.
Lancelot: Night, Pot.
And so ends the casual encounter.
With that, the preparations for the founding ceremony next month are finally coming to their climax.

The Foundation Ceremony

(Captain) and crew are invited to the annual foundation ceremony in Feendrache. It begins with words from the king and is followed by a tournament between knights. The first round includes Lancelot.

The royal capital of Feendrache is buzzing with excitement.
Every year on this day, the founding ceremony is held and spectators gather in the castle to watch.
Special seats are prepared for (Captain) and the crew in the sparring area. They await with anticipation.
King Carl: Hahaha! Thank you for coming.
Lyria: Thank you for inviting us!
Vyrn: Isn't this an important event for the kingdom? You sure it's okay if we're here?
King Carl: But of course! We owe so much to you.
King Carl: Please enjoy yourselves to the fullest extent.
Vyrn: Okay! That we will!
Lyria: By the way, where are Lancelot and Vane?
King Carl: Today they have very big roles to play.
King Carl: I don't think you'll be able to speak to them before the ceremony.
Lyria: Oh, if they're busy, then that's okay... We'll go see them some other time.
Vyrn: Hey! This thing is almost starting!
The crowd is cloaked in a swift silence. Then the marching band comes in with glorious sound.
With everyone's spirits raised, Captain Lancelot makes his entrance followed by the rest of the Order of the White Dragons.
Lancelot: ...
White Dragon: ...
Lyria: Wow! Lancelot looks so cool!
Vyrn: You said it! He really gives off the captain-vibe now!
  1. Captain Lancelot!
  2. Lancey! Looking good!

Choose: Captain Lancelot!
Lancelot: (Captain)! Thanks for coming!
Lancelot notices the crew and begins waving enthusiastically in their direction with a big smile across his face.

Choose: Lancey! Looking good!
Lancelot: Hahaha!
Lancelot: ((Captain), I appreciate the sentiment, but don't call me Lancey in front of this big crowd...)
Lancelot notices the crew and begins waving timidly in their direction with a forced smile across his face.
Continue 1
Lyria: Um, King Carl? Where is Vane?
King Carl: Vane is leading the rear if I'm not mistaken.
The crew looks at the rear and finds Vane.
Vane: Hey, everybody!
Lyria: Look! Vane looks wonderful!
Vyrn: Yeah! He's not looking too shabby either!
  1. Vice-Captain Vane!
  2. Lookie here!

Choose: Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Hey! It's (Captain)! And Vyrn! And Lyria!
Vane: Thanks for coming!

Choose: Lookie here!
Vane: Hey! (Captain)! Thanks for—
Vane: Aagh!
As Vane tries to wave at (Captain), he stumbles over something.
Vane: Ahahaha! That was a close one!
Continue 2
While the crowd goes wild, the order line up in a perfect single file.
The crowd falls quiet again as the king begins his greeting.
King Carl: We are blessed today with beautiful weather as we celebrate.
King Carl: I am thankful we have made it to this day with the White Dragons and with all of you.
King Carl: I will not go on a long-winded speech. I will end on this final note...
King Carl: Glory be upon the Order of the White Dragons... and upon Feendrache!
The crowd roars with cheers for King Carl.
And that energy carries over into the next event.
Commentator: Now let's get to the part that everyone has been waiting for!
Commentator: The order is about to host it's own tournament where only the bravest will do battle!
Commentator: Everyone's eyes are on the captain of the order, Lancelot!
Lancelot: I am the captain of the Order of the White Dragons, Lancelot.
Lancelot: I hope to live up to all your expectations.
Commentator: Next up is the man you've all heard rumors about—the little skyfarer that could, Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Hey, there! I'm Vane!
Vane: Ahaha! I'll put my all into this!
Lancelot and Vane stand upon a large podium and greet their people.
From afar, knights-in-training who were not allowed to participate in the tournament watch with mixed emotions.
Arthur: Wow! The captains are a big hit with the crowd!
Mordred: Sigh... I bet I could place in that tournament!
Cruz: You've got some confidence there, don't ya?
Mordred: And what about you, Cruz?
Cruz: I'm not interested.
Tornelio: I'm glad I can't participate.
Henry: Seriously? You're wimpy as always!
Henry: If I were in that tournament, I'd go after third!
Arthur: Wait? Not first? Why only third?
Mordred: Lame-o.
Henry: S-shut your mouth! There's no way in Phantagrande I could beat either of the captains!
Arthur: You sure? You never know until you try.
Mordred: Yeah. There's nothing set in stone when it comes to taking gambles.
At that moment loud cries come from the crowd.
Lancelot: ...
Woman 1: Aahh! My precious Lancelot!
Woman 2: Lancelot! Baby! Give this mama a little look!
Woman 3: Gasp! He made eye contact with me! Did you see that!
Lancelot: ...
Vane: Lancey! Get 'em good!
Lancelot: Thanks, Vane!
Vane leaves the stage after giving Lancelot a roar of encouragement.
Commentator: Now for the first round of battle!
Lancelot: Good luck.
Confident Knight: Captain Lancelot... You may have bested me in crowd-pleasing, but I will best you with the blade.
Lancelot: All that matters on this stage is power.
Lancelot: Show me the extent of yours!

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 2

Lancelot bests his foe, and the crowd cheers for his victory. Arthur and the others analyze Lancelot's moves and praise his strength. The second round is followed up by Vane's appearance.

Commentator: The winner is Captain Lancelot!
Confident Knight: Sigh... I guess I'm no match for the captain.
Lancelot: That was a good match. Thank you.
Lancelot wins his battle with effortless skill and the crowd gets ready for more.
Arthur: Man! The captain really is on a whole other level.
Mordred: Yeah! He looked like he could go a few more rounds!
Cruz: And he got off his signature technique three—wait, if you count those two fake outs—then five times.
Tornelio: Th-that's incredible. I never even noticed those.
Henry: Don't worry. You'll probably never be able to see them anyways.
Mordred: You've been riding our butts all day! This isn't even your station! Get back over there!
Henry: Pffft! If you're talking security, I got someone to cover for me!
Arthur: Hey! Look, look! Vane is going to battle!
Arthur points to the stage where Vane is waiting for his cue.
Elder 1: Vane! Good luck!
Elder 2: Vane! I left the hospital just to come see you!
Elder 3: Vane! Don't overwork yourself!
Vane: Hey, everyone! Thank you for coming!
Lancelot: Vane, I'll be waiting for you in the finals.
Vane: Yup! I'll be there in no time!
Commentator: Here's the other man of the hour! Now on stage is Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: All right. I'm all ready!
Calm Knight: Vane, good luck.
Vane: You too!
Calm Knight: Once I beat you, I'll be taking your title!
Vane: Ooh! That's the spirit!
Vane: But I won't be losing this match to anyone! Here I come!

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 3

Like Lancelot, Vane also wins his match and the ones that follow. The final round is Vane versus Lancelot, but when they perform a ritual customary to the event, a statue of Fafnir goes on the rampage.

Commentator: The winner is Vice-Captain Vane!
Calm Knight: Damn it... Is this as far as I go...
Vane: You've improved.
Calm Knight: I won't lose next time!
Vane: Good! I'm looking forward to it!
The battles afterward go just as smoothly, and both Lancelot and Vane make it into the finals.
Arthur: I'm finally going to get to see the captains fight!
Mordred: I wonder who will win!
Tornelio: I-it's obvious... Captain Lancelot is way stronger, right?
Cruz: Nothing's guaranteed.
Henry: Who the hell am I supposed to root for!
Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen, this is it—the finals! Let's get ready to rumble!
Commentator: We have two strong contenders before us!
Commentator: On the left, we have Captain Lancelot!
Commentator: On the right, we have Vice-Captain Vane!
As the commentator gives his announcement, Lancelot and Vane make their way onto the stage.
Lancelot: When was the last time we fought for real?
Vane: Uh... I don't remember.
Lancelot: Show me how much you've improved.
Vane: Heh, heh! I'll show you everything I've got!
Lancelot: That's what I want.
Commentator: Before the final battle, the two of you shall perform the dragon rites.
The commentator proceeds to explain what that entails.
Commentator: This ritual is performed to calm the soul of True Dragon Fafnir!
Commentator: Only the knights most worthy may perform the dragon-sealing sword dance and ask for the safety of our great kingdom.
A gigantic statue crafted after the dragon Fafnir is brought before the two warriors.
Fafnir Statue: ...
Vane: Whoa! That looks just like the real thing.
Lancelot: It looks like a real professional was put in charge of making the statue this year.
Commentator: Preparations are ready! Please begin the rites!
Lancelot: Vane, are you good to go?
Vane: Yup! Anytime!
The marching band begins to play appropriate music to match the dance.
The audience's eyes are transfixed on the beautifully executed movements when a black cloud covers the sky out of nowhere.
Lancelot: Hm... That was a sudden change for the worse.
Vane: It might even rain.
The black cloud begins to descend and then is sucked into the mouth of the Fafnir statue.
The statue's eyes glow with a malevolent light.
Lancelot: Vane! Something's wrong!
Vane: Sure is! That's not a normal statue!
Fafnir Statue: Rrrrh...
Lancelot: What's happening! This energy is just like the real Fafnir!
Vane: Don't look at me! All I know is we gotta take it down!
The statue begins to move slowly with eerie light emanating from its eyes.
It levitates lazily and then rushes at them with unprecedented speed.
Wrapped in a cloud of dust, Lancelot checks whether Vane is injured.
Lancelot: Vane! Are you okay?
Vane: Whoa! That was close! Good thing I dodged it, but hot damn!
Arthur: Vice-Captain Vane! Let us help you!
Vane: Thank you, but we've got this!
Lancelot: You and the others need to make sure the crowd is not in harm's way! Understood?
All Five: Yes, sir!
The crew, sitting next to the king, signals to Lancelot.
Lyria: Lancelot, are you okay?
Vyrn: We'll fight too!
Lancelot: Thank you, but I'll need you to protect the king!
  1. On it!

Choose: On it!
Vane: Thanks! We won't let this thing leave the stage!
Lancelot: Vane, you up for this?
Vane: You bet your bottom!
Fafnir Statue: Grroooar!
Lancelot & Vane: Haaa!
Lancelot and Vane prepare to coordinate their attack on the Fafnir statue.

The Foundation Ceremony: Scene 4

After defeating the statue, the ceremony is called to an abrupt end. The two investigate why a statue of Fafnir attacked and find that the possession was caused by what remained of the dragon's hatred. Afterwards Lancelot admits that without a proper battle with Vane, no one will ever know who is stronger.

Lancelot: Too slow!
Fafnir Statue: Grroooar!
Lancelot's never-ending onslaught makes large cracks in the statue.
Lancelot: Vane, now! Do it!
Vane: Leave it to me!
Vane: Take this!
Vane: And this!
Fafnir Statue: Rrraaooo...
Vane's all-or-nothing attack breaks the statue to pieces.
Vane: Huff... Huff... Was that it?
Lancelot: Yes... It's not moving anymore. We did it.
While Lancelot and Vane fought the statue, the spectators were taken to safety.
Upon hearing of Lancelot and Vane's victory, they once again roar with cheers.
Lancelot: Good grief... At least everyone is safe.
Vane: Phew... Should we call it quits on the ceremony?
Lancelot: Good idea. Let's split up and get that in motion.
Sadly, the ceremony comes to an end without Lancelot and Vane's battle.
Afterward they investigate the reason why the statue became possessed.
They deduce from common lore that Fafnir's deep-seated grudge had not fully been resolved, and the possession was caused by what remained of the dragon's hatred.
That hatred fed off the grievances of the fallen, riled by the emotions of the masses, to take control the statue.
Back in the sparring area, Lancelot and Vane discuss what else they have found.
Lancelot: It looks as though there are reports of similar events of malice spawned from other true dragons.
Lancelot: I suppose this means the power of true dragons has yet to be understood.
Vane: But at least we do know that we can't let too much negative energy store up in the country for these curses to feed on.
Lancelot: That would probably be best.
The knights-in-training watch Lancelot and Vane in utter admiration.
Arthur: The captains really do look cool together!
Mordred: I'm a little jealous, but with those two together, there's nothing to fear.
Lancelot and Vane approach them.
Lancelot: All right, enough rest. Let's go back to training.
Vane: Yeah! Just a little more!
Arthur suddenly asks something he can't stop thinking about.
Arthur: Of the two of you, who is stronger?
Vane: Ahahaha! That's obvious! The captain.
While Vane laughs, Lancelot tilts his head in pensive thought.
Lancelot: I don't know...
Lancelot: I've never fought Vane with all my strength before.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: And he's recently become much stronger. Without a proper match, we won't know.
Lancelot: I can't really imagine ever needing to fight Vane with all my might though.
Lancelot speaks frankly, which clearly surprises Vane.
Vane: Hahaha. That's true!
Vane: Why, Lancey! I had no idea you thought of me that way.
Lancelot: Vane, I already told you: have more confidence in yourself.
Vane: Oh, right! Thanks, Lancey!
Lancelot: Now then! Back to training!
All Four: Yes, sir!
Vane: (Haha... Time to give it my all!)
Vane feels proud that Lancelot has acknowledged how much he has grown.
While their relationship as best friends remains unchanged, their relationship as captain and second-in-command is still in beautiful bloom.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
腕を上げたな、ヴェイン! You've gotten better, Vane!
今のどうだった?ランちゃん How was that, Lancey?
俺ももっと鍛錬を積むぞ! Watch me train harder!
もっと強くなってやるぜ! I'll get tougher and tougher!
頼れる存在であり続けないとな I have to be dependable at all times.
ランちゃんのことは俺が支える! Lancey, you've always got a friend in me!
ヴェインの料理は本当に美味いよな~! Vane's food is really good!
ウマいって笑顔に癒されるんだよな~! That satisfied face he makes when he eats my food...
(主人公)、ヴェインをよろしく頼む (Captain), take care of Vane.
ランちゃんも(主人公)も俺が守る! I'll protect (Captain) and Lancey!


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