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Official Profile

Npc f 3040107000 01.jpg Mahira
Age 16 years old
Height 85 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Tinkering with machines, illustrated books
Likes Early mornings, mathematics, indoor activities
Dislikes All-nighters, memorizing, sports
Mahira is the girl in charge of the miraculous "Rooster Temple". She was born with the mysterious ability to make objects levitate. The small hand drums that always float around her are held up by that power. If she puts her mind to it, she can make even big rocks fly. However, she cannot make herself fly. This causes others to laugh at her while asking "Even though you're a bird?". This shortcoming turned into a big complex for her, and she dreams of being able to fly through the sky with her powers before long.
Final Uncap


* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040107000 01.jpg Mahira
Age 16歳
Height 85 cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 機械いじり、絵物語
Likes 早朝、数学、インドア
Dislikes 徹夜、暗記、スポーツ
霊験あらたかな神社「鳥神宮」を司る少女。生まれつき、物体を宙に飛ばせる不思議な力を持っている。 いつもまわりに浮かせている小鼓もその力によるもので、本気になれば大きな岩なども飛ばすことが出来る。 ただ、自分自身を飛ばすことは出来ないのだが、そのことについて「鳥なのに?」と周囲に失笑されてしまうことも。
Final Uncap



Npc f 3030229000 01.jpg Mahira (Event)
Age 16 years old
Height 85 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Tinkering with machines, illustrated books
Likes Early mornings, mathematics, indoor activities
Dislikes All-nighters, memorizing, sports
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030229000 01.jpg Mahira (Event)
Age 16歳
Height 85 cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 機械いじり、絵物語
Likes 早朝、数学、インドア
Dislikes 徹夜、暗記、スポーツ

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Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm? What is it? I'm kinda busy right now, so if you could come back later...
Hehehe. Just kidding! Of course I remembered your birthday, (Captain).
My memory might be lousy, but I'd never forget an important day for an important person. And I got you something good...
Oh no. I left it at the store...
Ahaha... Happy birthday!


Derp-da-derp. I've been waiting for you, (Captain)!
I've got an awful memory, but I know what today is and I have something for you.
Okay! Here you go! You may not have any idea what this is but when you find out, you won't be able to live without it...
Um... Forgot how to use it though... The clerk told me it was a really great invention... So like... Hahaha... H-happy birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I came up with a plan that would help me remember to pick up a birthday present.
Actually it's more like I came up with a device that makes sponge cake. It's 100 percent self-automated.
That cake will be my present to you this year.
It should be all ready if we go to the kitchen right now.
I forgot to flick on the power switch.
Ahaha... If you'll just give me a bit of time...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Look, this year, I brought you a finished cake. I made it with my automated baking machine. Come on, dig in.
I have a present for you too. Andie and the others helped me choose.
And Vyrn reminded me to do things. Like turn on the cake-baker and pick up your present.
I can't remember anything on my own, so I had to ask for help...
But I've done it. I've given you a perfect birthday celebration. My efforts finally paid off.
I really hope you like everything.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ugh... So sleepy... Oh, good morning, (Captain).
Last night, for the first time in my life, I stayed up all the way through New Year's.
I sure have grown a lot... Hehehe. I can't wait to brag to my family about it!


Happy New Year! Did you see the rise of the first dawn?
I stayed up all night long this year! This is the second year I've been able to do that! I'm such an adult.
Or... was that all a dream? Oh well, maybe next year I'll be able to see the sun rise.


Happy New Year. I look forward to another fun year together.
You're wondering if I was able to wake up yesterday?
Teehee. I actually made a device to help me with that. I call it the Wakey-Clucky.
I set it to sound off and peck me on the chin at a specific hour.
But we entered the new year as I was building the device.
Though I was technically awake the entire time, I felt no sense of accomplishment...
I guess I'll have to wait till the next New Year's to actually use the Wakey-Clucky.


Mm... (Captain)? Good morning...
Wait... Why are you the one waking me up?
What about the Wakey-Clucky? Hmm? Seems like it went off on time.
Oh, I see. It was too quiet, and I didn't hear it.
Thanks for waking me up instead, (Captain).
But this is no good. Before we go watch the sunrise, could you wait a second? I just need to tweak the Wakey-Clucky.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain). I made some chocolate shortbread. Here, have some.
I really poured my heart into these, you know. I built a brick oven, put in the charcoal, and even set up an automated cooking device...
Hmm? That's right. I made a baking machine. I'm just the teensiest bit proud of it.
And the shortbread came out all right, I guess. Here, take some.


(Captain), this is my chocolate shortbread maker, Mark 2.
I put my soul into this and even changed the gauges. I carefully tuned it and even added decorations.
Hm? Of course I'm talking about my machine. This shortbread is the same as last year's.
Eat up. I'll get the tea.


(Captain). Happy Valentine's.
I created a wrapping device this year. It's meant specifically for chocolate sable cookies.
I fine-tuned it so that it can effectively wrap around the finest of curves that sable cookies might have.
That's why this wrapping conforms to their shape so well.
But I'll need to tweak the device some more to accommodate for ribbons and lace.
And don't worry—the cookies themselves taste just as good as they did last year.


This is for you, (Captain). They're chocolates for Valentines.
Actually, I invented a machine that knows all your favorite foods.
It's memorized your favorite fruits and snacks...
And it can replicate their flavors then mix them together, creating the best flavor of them all.
What? Your face looks kinda funny.
Oh... So mixing a bunch of yummy flavors together won't work? Seems like there's still room to improve, huh?
But you'll always be here to lend a helping hand, won't you, (Captain)?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Huh? You have something for me? But it's not even my birthday!
Oh, it's White Day? I completely forgot. Well, thanks for getting this gift for me.
What's White Day, again?
Ah, never mind. I'll go get the tea. Let's have ourselves a little snack.


For me? Because it's White Day? Thank you so much.
To be honest, last year was a bit odd. I just didn't understand what White Day was. It just didn't make sense.
I'm sorry for being so ignorant. Don't worry though, this year I've prepared my costume.
Why does that sound off... Oh well. See ya later.


Thank you for the gift. Yes, I'm aware that today's White Day.
I looked up the origins of this special day. Reciprocation of a gift apparently has special implications depending on the type.
Candy for love, cookies for good health, and marshmallows for monetary fortune.
Hm? Did I get something wrong again?


Thank you, (Captain). I got your present.
So I've gotten curious about what White Day presents mean. And I asked some people...
But it seems that they mean different things to different people. So I'm still kind of confused...
And in the end, I still don't know why you give me gifts on White Day.
You don't think I should worry about it?
That's true... You gave me a present, and nothing will change that.
That's a weight off my chest. Thank you again, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Vyrn and Lyria are wearing these crazy outfits today! What's going on with that?
They're supposed to be ghosts? Oh, right... It's Halloween.
If I start thinking of them as monsters, it makes me kinda terrified... I should've just left it a mystery....


Reaping, reaping, reaping...
Agh! Who's there?
Oh, it's just you, (Captain). I wasn't scared at all!
I've heard that Halloween was originally a day of reaping.
How about we think long and hard about that until our heads get really big with thoughts. Reaping, reaping, reaping...


There's meaning in dressing up like a monster for Halloween.
The idea seems to be that the more people you scare, the more candy you get.
The candy is the primary objective. In other words, the costume is nothing more than a means to an end.
So there's really no need to be so fearful... At least that's what I'd like to think.
Don't you think so, (Captain)? Please tell me I'm right.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm... Oh, (Captain). You came to eat cake too?
Okay, wait just a minute. I'm currently calculating the number of cuts required to give all members of the crew equal pieces.
I came pretty close just now, but I forgot to account for a 0.5 unit margin of error.
Hmm... First I'll have to recalculate some of the variables...


Can I talk to you about something that I think about every year?
You know that a turkey lays an egg, right?
Well, how was the first turkey born to lay the first egg?
I guess the bigger question is... did the turkey come first or did the egg?


Let's see.. If the weight of the third tier on the right side's... Then the symmetry of the star on top would have to be...
Ah, (Captain). Isn't this such a beautiful night?
I was measuring decorations for the holiday tree.
In order to make the tree as fancy as possible while keeping it balanced, we'd have to...
But wait, I really want to use a big, flashy star on top too...

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Winging It

The crew arrives at the Rooster Temple only to find the temple guardian, Mahira, is nowhere in sight. They run into her on the way back to the ship, and she joins the crew to learn more about airships.

No version of Anila in crew, No version of Andira in crew

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Any version of Anila is a crew member, Any version of Andira is a crew member

During their travels (Captain) and the crew visit one of the temples of the Twelve Divine Generals. With this year as the year of the Rooster, they head to the West.
But they notice something strange when they arrive at the temple.

Continue 1
No version of Anila in crew, No version of Andira in crew

During their travels (Captain) and the crew visit one of the temples of the Twelve Divine Generals. With this year as the year of the Rooster, they head to the West.
Upon arriving at the Rooster Temple, the crew learn they can receive a blessing to protect them from any ailment. But then they notice something strange.
Continue 2
Lyria: The guardian...
Vyrn: She's gone?
Visitor 1: Yes. And we don't know where she went. That's what's causing all this commotion.
Visitor 2: She's always been one to disappear without a word, but this time no one can figure out where she went.
Visitor 1: Well, she is the Queen of the Roosters... Maybe she's out flying around the sky.
Visitor 2: She does indeed have strange and mysterious powers. But that's what I came here hoping to see.
Visitor 2: We'll just have to come back another day. Be careful on your way home!
Lyria: Oh... What do we do now?
Vyrn: More importantly, why is that girl always gone? Sounds like we came all this way for nothin'.
Lyria: Ahaha... But they said she was here early this morning.
Vyrn: Oh well. We'll just have to stop by again some other time. Let's head back to the ship!
Lyria: Can we go through that forest on the way back? I really want to walk through there!
Vyrn: That one with the temple path? That did look nice! Come on, (Captain). Let's head that way!
Lyria: Doodley-dooo!
Vyrn: You're really gettin' into this walk, Lyria. You're practically makin' circles around us!
Lyria: Hehe! I just like crunching all the leaves. Crunch, crunch, crunch.
Vyrn: Haha. I always thought it was more of a crinch sound.
Lyria: It's a crunch! Okay, listen closely now...
Lyria: One, two, thr—
Lyria: Ah! See? That was a crunch!
Vyrn: That wasn't a leaf! That sounded like an explosion on the other side of the forest!
Smoke begins to billow up in the distance. At its source is a heap of broken machinery with a girl stuck underneath.
???: Not again...
???: How am I supposed to stabilize this thing? Is something wrong with the wing-to-power ratio?
???: Sigh. The sky looks so far away now.
Lyria: Oh no! Is there a girl caught under that machine?
Vyrn: Yikes! We gotta get her outta there before she gets crushed!
???: Hmm. I'd better run my equations again. I guess I could draw them up on the ground...
???: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly.
Upon reciting these words, the machine begins to levitate in the air. The equations inscribed on the ground soon float off like clouds dissipating in the sky.
In the spot where the equations once were, a massive formula begins to emerge.
Lyria: Huh? It's up and running again!
Vyrn: What the... I've never seen magic like that before! Hey! Are you all right over there?
???: Yes, yes. My calculations were right on target.
Lyria: Umm... We're a crew of skyfarers on an adventure. If you're having some trouble, we could...
???: So that was the problem. I just had to eliminate some of the static variables from earlier.
The girl proceeds to sit down and draw up some new equations.
Vyrn: She sure is in her own little world. I can't believe she's the one that caused that explosion...
???: Oh, sorry about that. I was just tweaking one of my machines. It's a little hobby I have.
Lyria: Is that right? What about that mysterious power we saw you use?
???: We call it floatification. It lets us make otherwise inanimate objects take flight.
Vyrn: You can make stuff fly? Are you from the Rooster Temple?
???: You could say I'm the Queen of the Roosters.
Vyrn: Oh, okay...
Hey, wait a sec!
Vyrn: You're the queen?
Mahira: Uh, yeah. I'm Mahira. Pleasure to greet you.
Lyria: Greet? Umm, the pleasure's all ours!
Vyrn: So what's the deal with that machine? There's been trouble up at the temple, ya know.
Mahira: Trouble?
Lyria: Since you haven't been around, the visitors have been getting really backed up.
Mahira: Visitors?
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Ah, right. I guess it is the start of the new year.
Vyrn: What! You mean you forgot?
Mahira: A rookie mistake, I know. I guess I'd better hurry back...
Lyria: Wait, Mahira! We'll go with you!
Vyrn: All right, (Captain)! Put the pedal to the metal!
Vyrn: Huh? Wait, why are we running? We should just have Mahira float us there.
Mahira and the crew soon arrive back at the Rooster Temple. Seeing that the queen has returned, the visitors breathe a sigh of relief, alleviating the tension that had filled the air.
Mahira: Thank you. With your help I was able to return here and fulfill my role as guardian.
Mahira: You'll have to come by and see me again sometime. Who... are you again?
Lyria: Ahahah... We're a skyfaring crew!
Mahira: Oh, right. You mentioned that earlier, didn't you? Sorry, my memory's just so fuzzy, I—
Mahira: Wait, you're a crew?
Vyrn: Yeah, that's what we've been tryin' to tell ya! Why? You got something for us?
Mahira: Uh, yeah. There is a matter I would like to discuss with you...
Mahira: I'll explain more later. Wait by the docks and I'll meet with you after I see to these visitors.
Night falls, and Mahira finally stops by the Grandcypher.
No version of Anila in crew, No version of Andira in crew

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Any version of Anila is a crew member, Any version of Andira is a crew member

With a curious look on her face, she explains her request and asks for a tour of the ship.
Any version of Anila is a crew member, Any version of Andira is a crew member

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Continue 3
No version of Anila in crew, No version of Andira in crew

After she comes aboard, Mahira explains about herself and her role in the sky.
People come to the temples to pray for health, peace, and prosperity over the coming year.
However, the temples were actually built after the War to watch over both the Sky Realm and the Astral Realm.
The temples at the twelve cardinal points are governed by the Twelve Divine Generals, each taking turns as guardian from year to year.
This year is the year of the Rooster Temple, making Mahira the guardian.
After finishing her explanation, she makes her request to the crew and asks for a tour of the ship.
Continue 4
Vyrn: Haha! This is the part of the ship that cuts through the wind! And look! You can see your temple from here!
Mahira: ...
Vyrn: Hey, why are you starin' at the wings like that?
Mahira: The ratio of main wing to rear wing size... It's beautiful.
Lyria: Y-you think so? You really love machines, don't you?
Mahira: I've studied all kinds of airships, but this one has particularly exquisite form and balance.
Mahira: That must be nice. I wish I could fly through the sky too...
Vyrn: Huh? You can, can't you, Bird Girl?
Mahira: Uh...
Mahira: Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you?
Mahira: I'm from the Rooster Temple after all... And I've got all kinds of powers...
Lyria: Um... Is something wrong, Mahira?
Mahira: But I can't do it. I can't make myself fly.
The crew gives Mahira a strange look, and she goes on to bashfully explain the real problem.
Mahira: When most people hear my backstory, they tend to assume I can fly.
Mahira: But it's simply not possible. And when I tell people that, they can hardly believe it.
Mahira: I feel like I've had this conversation a million times...
Vyrn: Oh... Sounds like it's been a sore spot for you your whole life. Sorry for bringin' it up.
Mahira: That's okay. Most people wouldn't give it a second thought.
Lyria: So then that thing you were building in the woods... Was that a ship?
Mahira: That's right. I was building a miniature airship just for me.
Vyrn: Whoa! A miniature airship?
Lyria: That's amazing! You really are one of the Twelve Divine Generals!
Mahira: No, it's only amounted to a series of failures. I'm still too much of an amateur.
Mahira: But maybe I could use this ship as a reference...
Mahira: You're all trying to go to the island of the Astrals, right?
Vyrn: Yeah! But we're goin' to all kinds of other places too!
Mahira: Is that so? Well, then... if I might make another request...
Mahira: Could I... disassemble the Grandcypher?
  1. You're very welcome to!
  2. Are you nuts?

Choose: You're very welcome to!
Mahira: Really? Oh, thank you!
Lyria: Yay! Mahira's coming with us and—
Vyrn: Wait, wait, wait! Did you even hear what she said? She wants to take apart the ship!
Mahira: So is that a no?

Choose: Are you nuts?
Mahira: Well... I would only disassemble it a little bit...
Continue 5
Lyria: Ah... Hahaha... Sorry, Mahira. That's, uh...
Vyrn: That's not something you just up and ask someone...
Vyrn: If you want to know more about our ship, then maybe you should come along with us!
Mahira: Why didn't I think of that? That's a much better idea. Let's do that.
Lyria: You can ask Rackam and the rest of the crew everything you want to know!
Mahira: Hehe. Splendid. I haven't been able to talk with anyone about flight technology or aerodynamics before.
Vyrn: Whew. Bird Girl is definitely smart, but she's definitely also... kinda weird.
Having overcome her worries about never being able to fly, Mahira takes her dream of building a miniature airship and boards the Grandcypher.
She joins the crew on their journey forward. Though she might perplex them at times, her passion will surely push them farther than ever into the deep blue sky.

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight

After learning about airships from Rackam and the others, Mahira is able to draw up plans for her own miniature ship. She and the crew head to Golonzo to see if it can actually be built but get stopped by monsters on the way.

A short while has passed since Mahira joined the crew on their journey.
Lyria: You really did it, Mahira! Even Rackam says it's great!
Vyrn: Haha! Nice work! I'm lookin' forward to seein' the real thing!
Mahira: Ah. Thank you.
After learning a number of things from Rackam and the others, Mahira is able to draw up plans for her miniature airship.
To see if it can actually be built, she and the crew head to Golonzo, where they plan to have a test model created.
Lyria: Eugen was pretty surprised. He said it was a really elaborate design, and he'd never seen anything like it!
Vyrn: A design fit for a Divine General! Another way to show off your genius!
Mahira: Well now... This design is much simpler than a real airship. We even came up with a number of problems it might have.
Mahira: And then there's the difference between imagination and reality. You've got to make all kinds of adjustments as you go along.
Mahira: Which means I can't relax just yet. There's still lots of work left to do.
Lyria: Wow. I should have guessed you'd say that!
Vyrn: Seconded. But have you already figured out how you're gonna pay for this thing?
Mahira: Oh, right. I forgot about that.
Lyria: Great! So you're all ready to—
Vyrn: Wait a sec! You seriously forgot? After contacting all those shipwrights?
Mahira: Yes. I just sent out some letters. Now I've just got to figure out the money part...
Lyria: Ahahaha... Well, I'm sure you'll be fine! Rackam vouched for you and all.
Vyrn: I dunno. It might not be that much, but this is an airship we're talkin' about! You can't exactly just figure it out.
Vyrn: Oh well! You've made it this far, right? You can probably just take care of the money later.
Lyria: Yeah! She'll figure it out!
Mahira: Sorry to interrupt, but it looks like we have to do something about these monsters in our way first.

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 2

Mahira speaks with shipwrights in Golonzo and learns that her final design will never fly. After hearing a rumor that the elusive mineral vimanacite might solve the problem, she bolts off to go find some.

The crew arrives in Golonzo. There Mahira goes to speak with the shipwrights.
Mahira: The center of mass for the main wing and rear wing here should be...
Shipwright: Ah, I see. So we would have to change their angles here...
Mahira: Yes. But I'm concerned about the wingspan.
Shipwright: Right. Wait, hold on. When it actually gets into motion...
Vyrn: Is Mahira gonna be all right? That conversation sounds pretty rough.
Lyria: I'm nervous too. But I'm sure she'll be fine!
Mahira: That's all the supplementary information I can provide. So, umm... can you take on my order?
Shipwright: Of course! It seemed like a big ol' mess at first, but now I understand your reasoning! Sounds like it'll be a pretty interesting rig!
The shipwright accepts Mahira's blueprints and tells her crew to begin building. The crew cheers in celebration and runs up to Mahira.
Vyrn: You did it, Mahira!
Lyria: How wonderful! It's a dream come true!
Mahira: Ah hah hah... Thank you. I'm sort of relieved, to be honest.
Mahira: Now then, let's head back to the ship. I ought to give Rackam my regards.
Shipwright: Ah, hold on a second. Before you go, can you show me your finished design drawing?
Mahira: My finished design drawing? Umm, it should be on the last page...
Shipwright: Haha. Quit jokin' around! You've got a finalized image of how you want this thing to look, right?
Vyrn: What? Hey, yeah! We haven't seen it yet either!
Lyria: Well... It's right here in the back...
Unlike the elaborate blueprints that came before it, Mahira's final drawing looks like something a child had put together.
And in a way... it vaguely resembles a chicken.
Vyrn: Haha! Why does this thing look like a chicken?
Lyria: It sure is cute! I want to see it fly someday!
Shipwright: Hah hah hah! Now that is not happening. It looks like a child's plaything!
Mahira: ...
Vyrn: Ahaha... Ha?
Lyria: M-Mahira?
Shipwright: I'm sorry! Were you actually being serious? I mean, those blueprints were completely professional, but this...
Mahira: No, uh... This was just a rough sketch...
Shipwright: I see. Well, I'll give it to you straight.
Shipwright: This design is suicide. The air resistance is far too high, and there's no way a small girl could possibly have the physical strength required to steer it.
Mahira: B-but theoretically speaking...
Shipwright: You surely know what I'm talking about. That's why you put the design on the very last page.
Mahira: T-that's just because I...
Vyrn: Forget it, Mahira. You said it yourself. There's a difference between imagination and reality. You oughta just change the design to make it safer.
Mahira: But... But... It has to be a chicken, otherwise...
Lyria: This is a first. I've never seen Mahira get so flustered before...
Shipwright: Hm... You're really set on this design, huh?
Shipwright: Oh, but wait. I remember something from the Sky Race last year...
Vyrn: Huh? Like... something that might make it work?
Shipwright: Yeah. We have trade association meetings sometimes. At the last one, they announced the discovery of this special material called vimanacite.
Lyria: Vimanacite? Would you be able to use that to make the chicken design work?
Shipwright: It is theoretically possible. You could even dig some up here in Golonzo. But it does come with... certain danger.
Mahira: I see. In that case...
Vyrn: Hey, wait! You're gonna go lookin' for that stuff all by yourself?
Mahira: Huh? Well, I couldn't very well get the rest of you caught up in something like that.
Lyria: But, Mahira! (Captain), we—
With a nod from (Captain), the crew runs off to catch up with Mahira.

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 3

The crew catches up with Mahira at a local mining site, where she explains why she's determined to keep the chicken shape of her airship design. But before she can say any more, the crew is surrounded by angry monsters.

Vyrn: Rrr-rrr-rrr! Isn't that how it goes?
Lyria: Cackey-cooka-coo! That's what it sounds like.
Mahira: Then what about cock-a-doodle-doo? That's how we say it where I come from.
After catching up with Mahira, the crew arrives at a local mining site.
While eyeing the walls of the mine, Mahira goes on to explain why her airship has to be shaped like a chicken.
Mahira: Bird sounds aside, it has to be a chicken.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: I wanted a flightless bird to experience flight. That's why I drew that picture.
Mahira: It sounds ridiculous, I know. But no one else thinks about the chickens.
Mahira: That's why I came up with that seemingly asinine design.
Vyrn: Oh, okay. It was all pretty confusing at first, but I think I get it now.
Lyria: Me too. Now let us help you!
Mahira: Vyrn... Lyria...
Mahira: Can I ask you something this time, (Captain)?
Mahira: That whole chicken thing is usually enough to turn people away. So why did you follow me all the way here?
  1. That's just what friends do.
  2. Because I knew it was important to you.

Choose: That's just what friends do.
Mahira: Friends... Is that so?

Choose: Because I knew it was important to you.
Mahira: So you think so too, then...
Continue 1
Mahira: Haha...
Vyrn: Hey, there it is! Some of that whatchamacite!
Lyria: Hurray! All we have to do is bring it back and—
Monster: Groaar!
Mahira: So you're going to try and stop us, huh?
Mahira: Then I'll just have to show you the power of floatification...
Cock-a-doodle-dum! Wing-a-doodle-fly!

Chicken Light, Chicken Flight: Scene 4

With all the vimanacite they need, Mahira and the crew head back to see the shipwright. The airship is completed in no time, and Mahira climbs aboard for her exciting first flight.

After collecting all the vimanacite they need, Mahira and the crew head back to see the shipwright.
When she sees all the vimanacite, the shipwright is impressed by Mahira's dedication and quickly assembles her crew to make Mahira's dream a reality.
And before long the airship is complete. Mahira's day has finally come as she climbs aboard for her first flight.
Mahira: Ba-bam!
And its name shall be... Clucky!
Lyria: What a cute name!
Vyrn: Seriously? I mean it's a bird, but it's also an airship, for cryin' out loud! You should come up with a cooler name than that!
Mahira: Maybe so. Anyway, if this is the accelerator, that makes this the brake, right?
Vyrn: Still figurin' it out as you go along, I see...
Lyria: Be careful, okay? Just take it nice and easy...
Mahira: Right. Uh-oh...
Vyrn: Whoa! She flew away!
Lyria: Oh no! We'd better go catch her!
Mahira: I'm... flying?
Mahira: I'm flying. I'm really flying!
Mahira: The sky seems so close now...
Wait, I'm actually in the sky now.
Mahira: This flightless bird really can fly!
Mahira: Ah hah hah hah! Mr. Blue Sky, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you!
Her eyes filled with the azure of the never-ending sky, Mahira has overcome the limitations of rationality and made her dream come true.
Her heart flutters now like never before as she spreads her wings and takes flight into the blue.

Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess

Mahira is conducting experiments with a view to reaching the cosmos. On her way into town to buy parts, she meets an old woman and helps her carry a heavy basket of berries. After they part ways in town, Mahira is approached by a young girl who begs for "pa-rum-pum-pum" lessons.

Mahira: Mmm... Phew...
Mahira: I love the smell of pine cones and machine oil in the morning. Today is a perfect day for some experimentation...
Mahira takes a bracing lungful of the cool morning air and smiles.
She stands in a small forest, not far from the grassy field where the Grandcypher has landed.
Mahira turns back to her current mechanical project.
Mahira: Ah... Another explosion.
Mahira: As I suspected, the problem does seem to be the instability of the propulsion system. Should I lower output? But then I'll have the same problem as before with altitude...
Mahira: Sigh...
The cosmos is so far away.
The cosmos... A distant place that waits above the skies.
The Joya, during one of its rampages, once flew to those lofty, inky black heights.
Mahira built the Clucky-Doodle, a midsize airship, in order to catch up to the Joya, but in the end her invention wasn't quite up to the job.
Even with the problem of the Joya resolved, Mahira has never been able to shed her desire to reach that realm as yet unexplored by any skydweller.
Mahira: Maybe if I change the conditions as well as the materials used for the shaft...
Mahira: Hm? Oh, that's right. I'm out of flanges. That was my last one.
Mahira: I'll have to go buy more. I need some other things too...
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum... Wing-a-doodle-fly...
Mahira tidies up the shrapnel from the explosion using her floatification powers and hops aboard Clucky to head to the nearest town.
Birds: Cheep, cheep! Che-cheep!
Mahira: Oh, excuse me. I'll fly closer to the ground so as not to disturb you.
Mahira: Hm? That doesn't look good...
Old Woman: Ouch, ouch, ouch... Dearie me. Upsy-daisy.
Mahira spots an old woman carrying a large basket on her back. Mahira touches down beside her.
Mahira: Are you all right, ma'am?
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum! Wing-a-doodle-fly!
Old Woman: Oh, my! All of a sudden, my basket feels so light...
Old Woman: Did you do that, young lady? That was amazing. Thank you so much.
Mahira: Oh no, I still have a lot to learn. But I'm pleased to be of service all the same.
Mahira: Are those berries in your basket? They're so colorful. They look delicious...
Old Woman: Yes, they're in season now. I was just in the woods picking them.
Old Woman: Haha, today is a big day for my granddaughter. I'm planning to bake her a pie, but I picked far more berries than I needed.
Mahira: I see. Seasonal berries...
Mahira: If berries grew in the cosmos, food storage wouldn't be an issue...
Old Woman: What's that?
Mahira: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just talking to myself.
Mahira: Do you live in the town up ahead, ma'am?
Old Woman: Yes, that's right. Do you have business there?
Mahira: Just a few errands to run. That works out well. Why don't we go together?
Mahira hops off Clucky to walk down the quiet country road beside the old woman.
Clucky follows the two of them sedately on autopilot.
Old Woman: Thank you for walking me all the way home. What a considerate young lady you are.
Mahira: Not at all. It was on my way anyhow, and you taught me a great deal about preserving fruit too.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Um... I'm sure your granddaughter will enjoy that pie.
Old Woman: Hee hee. Thank you. I'll bake it with love.
Mahira: Phew... I remember when approaching people like that was quite the challenge.
Mahira: Hehe, (Captain) must be rubbing off on me.
Mahira: Now, time for some shop—
Girl: E-excuse me!
Mahira: Hm? Are you talking to me?
The girl nods and fixes Mahira with a determined gaze.
Girl: ...
Girl: Goddess, please, teach me to pa-rum-pum-pum!
Mahira: Pa-rum-pum-pum?
The girl bows deeply to Mahira, who blinks at her, dumbfounded.

Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess: Scene 2

The girl, Nadia, saw Mahira's floating drums and mistook her for the Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess, a deity of drumming. Nadia has a drum recital coming up and lacks confidence. Mahira relates her own longing for the skies, and explains how her lack of confidence drives her daily efforts to reach her goal. She agrees to watch the girl rehearse.

A girl appears before Mahira, begging to be taught to "pa-rum-pum-pum."
Her name is Nadia, and she leads the Divine General to a nearby empty lot to explain.
Nadia: There's a pa-rum-pum-pum recital today. I've been practicing forever, but I just can't do it right...
Nadia: So please teach me, Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess!
Mahira: I think you have me confused with someone else. I'm the Guardian of the West.
Mahira: I specialize in being early to bed, early to rise, and I like to tinker with machines... Whatever "pa-rum-pum-pum" is, I think it may be outside my jurisdiction.
Nadia: But you've got those pa-rum-pum-pums floating all around you.
Nadia points to the little drums drifting idly through the air around Mahira.
Mahira: Ohh. You mean my drums.
Nadia: Please, hear my prayer! I desperately need some pointers!
Nadia pulls out her own drum and begins to play.
Mahira listens attentively to the girl's performance. When it comes to a close, Mahira applauds.
Mahira: That was some lovely drumming.
Mahira: Impressive. Your use of the cord to modulate the drum's tone was particularly skillful.
Nadia: Really?
Nadia: But it's just not good enough! Granny's pa-rum-pum-pumming was much cooler...
Nadia: Sigh... Granny's even coming to watch me play... I just don't feel confident about it.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: No confidence, hm? I understand. I lack confidence too.
Nadia: You?
Mahira: You see, I've always wanted to fly.
Mahira hesitates, then decides to be frank.
Mahira: It was my dream. No matter what people thought of me, I couldn't give up on it.
Mahira: I lost myself in study, and performed endless experiments. In the end, I was able to get airborne, but I still have so much more to learn...
Mahira: Embarrassing as it is to admit, just this morning, I had another failure.
Nadia: Even though you're a goddess?
Mahira: Ahaha... Yes, even so.
Mahira: So I don't have any confidence... Which is why I just try to be diligent in my studies every day.
Mahira: I'm sure you're the same way. Practicing day in and day out, till your hands are bruised and aching...
Nadia: ...!
Nadia: That's right. My chest gets all tight with anxiety...
I didn't know even goddesses felt that way.
Nadia gazes at her hands. They are scattered with scrapes and calluses.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: You're going to practice right up until your recital, aren't you?
Nadia: Yeah, that's the plan. I'm going to give it my all!
Mahira: I may be overstepping here, but... would you mind if I watched?
Mahira: I'd like to know how things turn out.
Nadia: Really? Yay! I'll feel much better with a goddess watching over me!
Mahira: Ahaha... I'll only be watching, unfortunately. There's really nothing I can teach you.
Nadia: Why not?
Mahira: Mm... How should I put this? Because my drums can't be played by hand.
Mahira's divine power flows outward, and the drums floating around her begin to play.
Nadia: Wooowww! You really are the Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess!
Mahira: Erm... Actually...
Mahira: Yes. You're right. My name is Mahira, Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess.
Nadia: Ehehe, I'm totally going to brag about this to Granny, once the recital's over.
Mahira: Haha, I'm glad to see you smiling. You remind me of Andie.
Nadia: Andie?
Mahira: Oh, um... Andie is my... goddess friend. A happy, cheeky little monkey...
As the two of them chat, Nadia's anxiety begins to fade.
Once it does, Mahira looks on kindly as the young musician throws herself into rehearsal.

Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess: Scene 3

At the recital venue, Mahira is reunited with the old woman from that morning who has come to watch her granddaughter perform. The old woman has baked a berry pie for the occasion, but is worried that her granddaughter is torturing herself over her drumming practice. Mahira assures the old woman her granddaughter looks quite happy today, just as Nadia takes the stage.

As Nadia's turn onstage approaches, she and Mahira head for the concert hall.
Nadia: Agh... I don't know if I'm ready for this...
Mahira: I'm sure you are. I'll be watching from the audience.
Nadia: Okay... But...
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum! Wing-a-doodle-fly!
Nadia: Cock-a-what now?
Mahira: It's a spell. More or less.
Mahira: Your performance will go swimmingly. You have the Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess's seal of approval!
Nadia: Your seal... Yeah, you're right! A goddess watched me rehearse, after all!
Nadia: I'm gonna go knock 'em dead!
Nadia smiles, then hurries backstage.
Mahira heads into the crowded audience to find an empty seat.
Mahira: Excuse me. Is this seat taken?
Old Woman: Well, if it isn't the young lady from this morning!
Mahira: Oh, hello again, ma'am. Fancy meeting you here.
Mahira: Sniff, sniff...
I smell the forest, and a very sweet aroma. I'm guessing there's a berry pie in that box?
Old Woman: There is indeed. I thought my granddaughter and I could eat it together after her performance.
Old Woman: She's up soon.
The old woman's sunny expression clouds over.
Old Woman: When she first started playing the drum, you should have seen the way her eyes shone with every beat.
Old Woman: Now, though, she always seems to be practicing alone, with such a brooding look on her face... I'm a bit worried.
Mahira: I see... Well, perhaps she was brooding before.
Mahira: But she has a brilliant smile on her face today.
Old Woman: Eh? What do you—
Their conversation is interrupted by the MC calling Nadia's name.
Nadia: ...
Nadia steps onstage, but her eyes are downcast, and her expression invisible to her supporters in the audience.
Nadia: It'll be okay...
Nadia: Wing-a-doodle-fly!
She raises her eyes, and her smile blossoms like a flower on the first day of spring.
An elegant, sprightly beat flows off the skin of her drum and resounds throughout the concert hall.

Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess: Scene 4

Nadia gives a great performance with a smile on her face. Afterward, she tells her grandmother she owes her success to practicing together with the Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess. That evening, Mahira shares leftover berry pie with the crew as she recounts the day's events, then falls into a contented slumber.

Nadia: Granny!
The curtain falls, and Nadia comes running to throw her arms around her grandmother.
Nadia: Did you see me? Did you?
Old Woman: Of course I did! You were wonderful, dear!
Old Woman: Such a lively pa-rum-pum-pum, I wanted to get up and dance!
Nadia: Yesss! The truth is, the Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess—
Nadia: Wait... Granny, you know the goddess?
Nadia stares at her grandmother and Mahira, baffled at finding them together.
Old Woman: Haha, I see. So that's who you are.
Old Woman: Thank you so much, Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess.
Mahira: Oh, this was far beyond my power. That performance was purely the result of your granddaughter's hard work.
Nadia: No way! It's because we rehearsed together, goddess! That's why my drumming sounded so much better than it usually does when I practice!
Mahira: Together...
Old Woman: Well now. I made you a berry pie. I hope you're hungry.
Nadia: Yaaay! You have to join us, Pa-rum-pum-pum Goddess!
Mahira: Are you sure? Well then, I accept your kind invitation. Thank you.
Mahira: And then we had pie.
Vyrn: So that's where you'd gotten to.
As the sun sinks below the horizon, Mahira returns to the Grandcypher and relates the day's adventures to her friends.
Vyrn: I never figured you for such a mother hen, Mahira. Or are (Captain)'s busybody ways rubbing off on ya?
Mahira: Ahaha. Perhaps.
Lyria: Munch, munch. This berry pie is delicious!
Mahira: There's plenty more. They gave it to me as a souvenir. Don't be shy, (Captain). Dig in.
Mahira: Yaaawn...
Vyrn: Hey, wait a sec. What happened to your shopping trip? I thought new parts were the whole reason you went into town today.
Mahira: Cluck... Cluck?
  1. Someone's about to fall off her perch.
  2. You look tired, Mahira.

Choose: Someone's about to fall off her perch.
Choose: You look tired, Mahira.
Vyrn: Hehe. (Captain)'s right, Mahira. But if you're gonna hit the twigs, you should get back to your own nest.
Mahira: That's true... The floor's so warm though...
Mahira: Cluck... Cluck...
Vyrn: Hey, Mahira. Mahira? Are you asleep already?
Lyria: Sounds like she had a really full day... (Captain), will you help me carry her back to her room?
(Captain) nods, looking at Mahira's sleeping face.
Mahira: Zzz...
(Captain) can't help but smile at her cherubic expression.

Clucket Science

Mahira dreams of flying to the cosmos with (Captain) and the others. She begins to think that by working together, they really could reach her goal, but feels bad to drag them into her personal endeavor. The crew proposes accompanying her into town to get the supplies she forgot to purchase yesterday, and Mahira, still conflicted, agrees.

A pall of smoke hangs over one corner of the forest. It rises from a mountain of broken machines. Buried in that pile is Mahira.
Mahira: ...
From between bits of scrap metal, she gazes up at the interlaced tree branches which reach toward the sky.
Lyria: Mahiraaa!
Vyrn: Yooo! Mahiraaa!
Mahira: Oh, you're all here...
(Captain) pulls away bits of wreckage and offers Mahira a smile and a hand up.
  1. Let's get going!

Choose: Let's get going!
Mahira: Going? I'm sorry... Did we make plans? It seems to have slipped my mind.
Confused, Mahira takes (Captain)'s hand.
But before (Captain) can pull, Mahira bobs into the air like a bubble rising to the surface of a glass of champagne.
Mahira: Whoa! Is this... floatification?
Mahira rapidly rises above the treetops, and before she can say cock-a-doodle-dum, she finds herself afloat amid a sea of clouds.
Mahira: I don't believe it... Am I... flying?
Lyria: Yes, you're flying! But your goal is a lot higher up than this.
Mahira: Whoa! This is... the cosmos!
Mahira: Amazing! But... how?
Mahira: Because it was a dream, of course.
Mahira awakes in her room aboard the Grandcypher just after dawn.
Mahira: Ah... I remember. I was nodding off in the common area. (Captain) and the others must have brought me back here and tucked me in.
Mahira: What a nice dream, though. I wish we could all visit the cosmos together.
Mahira: Hm? Together?
Mahira: That's a strange thought... I'm the only one obsessed with reaching the cosmos, after all...
Mahira: Getting your friends mixed up in your personal problems is an amateur move.
Nadia: No way! It's because we rehearsed together, goddess! That's why my drumming sounded so much better than it usually does when I practice!
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Together...
Maybe if (Captain) and the others lent me their strength, or...
Mahira: But how can I ask a favor like that...
Vyrn: Yaaawn...
What's up with all the rat-a-tat-tatting this early in the morning?
Mahira: Vyrn, (Captain), Lyria. What brings you here?
Lyria: We heard drumming from in here and got a little worried.
Mahira: Hmm?
Mahira: Oh. I didn't even realize I was doing it. I'm sorry.
Vyrn: You didn't? Well, if nothing's up, I'm gonna go back to bed.
Mahira: Well... Actually, there is something.
Mahira: Ah, that is... I haven't reached a conclusion yet, but...
  1. Wanna do some drumming together?
  2. Do you need supplies?

Choose: Wanna do some drumming together?
Lyria: Yeah! I've been wanting to try beating a drum! Pa-rum-pum-pum!
Mahira: That might be fun. But that's not what I had in mind...
Vyrn: Wanna make a supply run? You never got to buy what you needed yesterday, did you?

Choose: Do you need supplies?
Vyrn: Oh, yeah. You completely forgot to buy what you needed yesterday, didn't you?
Continue 1
Mahira: ...?
Mahira: Oh, that's right.
Vyrn: You seriously forgot?
Lyria: Ahaha... Well then, let's go together! We can help out!
Lyria: We needed to go into town for food and supplies anyhow, didn't we, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and proposes that they all go together.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Yes, that does sound logical. Please allow me to accompany you. I can bring along Clucky-Doodle.
Vyrn: Oh, nice! Having a ride'll make things easier. But, uh... why so formal all of a sudden?
Mahira, (Captain), and the others climb aboard the Clucky-Doodle, Mahira's midsize airship, and head into town.

Clucket Science: Scene 2

Mahira uses her floatification to carry the ever-growing number of packages she has acquired on their shopping trip. She tries to refuse when her friends offer to share her burden, but when they explain how much they want to help her, Mahira is touched and accepts their assistance.

Mahira, Lyria, Vyrn, and (Captain) arrive in town aboard the Clucky-Doodle.
Mahira's expression turns serious when they cross the threshold of the first store. Her brow furrows as she scans the merchandise.
Mahira: Oh... Up on top of that shelf...
Vyrn: You wanna see those bananas? Put 'em up pretty high, didn't they?
Vyrn: Lemme grab 'em for—
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly.
Lyria: Wow, you got them down with your floatification! That was so cool!
Vyrn: That's a pretty handy trick!
Mahira: Hmm. Dried and flash-frozen, these should retain their sweet flavor, and remain edible for an extended period of time.
Lyria: Ahaha... She's in material-gathering mode.
Vyrn: They're bananas, not rare ores. What are we doing at a greengrocer, anyhow?
Mahira: I have my reasons. Naturally, I also want to stop at the hardware store, and the little factory in town.
Mahira: Would vegetables be better, though? Mm... A difficult decision, but I think this is the right choice...
Lyria: Hm? You put carrots in the basket a minute ago.
Mahira: Oh, right. I forgot.
Vyrn: Man, your memory's as full of holes as ever. Just when I thought it was improving.
Lyria: Between the greengrocer and the butcher, you really shopped up a storm, Mahira!
Mahira: Yes. Next up is the factory.
Floatifying her packages to hover around her, Mahira proceeds to the next destination on her list.
  1. Let me carry those for you.

Choose: Let me carry those for you.
Mahira: You mean these packages?
Vyrn: Yeah. That stuff looks like it could drop at any moment. It's makin' me nervous.
Mahira: I still have a lot to learn, but I can manage this much. None of these packages are very heavy, even though there are quite a few.
  1. You'll be able to focus better that way.
  2. It might have a bad effect on the food.

Choose: You'll be able to focus better that way.
Mahira: I will?
Vyrn: Yeah, you still gotta buy parts, right? How're you gonna focus on choosing the right ones if you've gotta split your attention between that and floatification?
Mahira: You do have a point. But...

Choose: It might have a bad effect on the food.
Mahira: You mean floatification might cause it to spoil?
Mahira: Don't worry, floatification has no effect whatsoever on the composition of food.
Vyrn: What a weird thing to say, (Captain). That's not the issue here anyway, is it?
Continue 1
Lyria: We just want to help you, Mahira. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods, embarrassed.
Mahira: You guys...
Mahira: ...
Mahira: In that case... I accept! Thank you!
With a smile, Mahira floats her packages right into her friends' arms.

Clucket Science: Scene 3

Back on the ship, Mahira enlists the crew's help to develop rations to take into the cosmos. Following her instructions, they try to create lightweight, nutritious meals with long shelf lives. Mahira debuts a new kitchen invention, and the group enjoys a pleasant afternoon of cooking.

The crew returns to the Grandcypher laden down with groceries, machine parts, and all manner of other things.
As they catch their breath and Mahira puts her purchases in order, the Divine General hesitantly begins to speak.
Mahira: Um... (Captain). Vyrn. Lyria.
Mahira: Forgive my presumption, but I have a request...
Vyrn: Yooo, this meat over here is dry as a bone! Will this work?
Mahira: Yes, thank you. Now about the bananas...
Vyrn: Yeah, I asked Io and she froze 'em up for ya!
Lyria: Hehe... I never would've guessed you were developing food to eat in the cosmos.
Mahira: I'm sorry to be so demanding.
Mahira: It's only a theory at this point, but I hypothesize that the cosmos is quite a peculiar environment.
Mahira: I think it's best to prepare for an extended stay, just in case, but it may not be possible to grow vegetables and things like that there...
Mahira: So I decided to develop rations I could take with me. Lightweight, nutritious, easy-to-preserve foodstuff.
Vyrn: That's our Mahira. Practical and logical.
Mahira: Not really. I've done all sorts of preparation, but there's not much point if I can never actually reach the cosmos.
Mahira: To be honest, part of my reason for developing these rations was for a change of pace.
Lyria: I don't really understand the details, but it's fun getting the chance to cook with you, Mahira!
Vyrn: Yeah, it is! Especially since you rarely give us the chance to help you out.
Mahira: Thank you. Cooking isn't really my strong suit...
Mahira: Oh, (Captain), there are five different curry recipes there. I want to compare curries with different ingredients.
Lyria: Hehe, this is more of a science experiment than cooking, isn't it? It's fun to do something new!
Mahira: That's true. Which is why I was thinking of trying out an invention still in development.
Vyrn: A new invention, huh?
Mahira pulls out a device that looks like a transparent box and sets it over a carrot.
Mahira: First we put the carrot in place. Make sure there's enough space between them, and...
Mahira presses a button and a blade descends from the top of the box.
Mahira: Ker-chop!
Lyria: Wow! It sliced the carrot right in half!
Mahira: I call it the Cherp-and-Chop. With this, you can slice vegetables without a knife.
Vyrn: Uh, it's impressive an' all, but it's not very efficient. It just cuts the thing in half once.
Mahira: Mrgh...
Mahira: There may be room for improvement, but this is what I'll be using today.
Mahira: Ker-chop!
The crew spends a pleasant day immersed in making "cosmic food."

Clucket Science: Scene 4

As thanks for their help, Mahira invites the crew to her Eggetarium—a tent on whose ceiling she has reproduced the night sky using artificial light. As they discuss their hopes for the journey ahead, Mahira has a flash of inspiration for the Clucket—a multistage cosmoship—and begins to scrawl designs on the tent floor.

Before the cosmo-cooks know it, the sun is setting, and their stomachs are beginning to rumble.
The dinner table aboard the Grandcypher is laden with experimental "cosmic cuisine."
Mahira: Thanks to you, we finished everything!
Lyria: Drool... Aaagh, I can't wait any longer! Let's eat, Mahira!
Mahira: Yes. I've already saved portions for later to observe how well it keeps.
Mahira: And so, it's time to perform the first taste test!
  1. Let's eat!

Choose: Let's eat!
Vyrn: All right! We should start with the king of all our cosmic rations—curry!
Brimming with enthusiasm to try the curry they've worked so hard to make, the experimental chefs lift their spoons.
Lyria: Nnh... The lukewarm roux and the dried out rice just... don't... combine very well...
Vyrn: Huh? I mean, it's curry all right, but somehow, it's just... sorta...
With a bemused expression, (Captain) doggedly continues to eat the curry, but one person seems significantly more pleased with their creation.
Mahira: This is an incredible accomplishment! The flavor is even better than I expected!
Mahira: Food may need to be warmed with heat from the engines, so I served it at a temperature approximating those conditions. And this method of drying cooked rice and restoring it with water is revolutionary!
Mahira: Lightweight, nutritious meals with a long shelf life... I never imagined something as complex as curry would lend itself to those restrictions!
Vyrn: Oh... I guess if you put it that way.
Vyrn: Well, let's try the banana chips next!
Lyria: Munch, munch...
Oh, these are good! Just a little bit sweet!
Mahira: Sweetness that can survive extended storage... I'm sure they'd taste especially sweet when eaten in the cosmos!
Vyrn: Yeah, maybe. We're just on an airship right now though.
Lyria: Ahaha. The important thing is that it's useful to you, Mahira!
Mahira: It is! Thanks to these innovations, it should be possible to carry plenty of food onboard. Of course, there are still a lot more problems to be sorted out...
Mahira: Munch, munch...
Ahhh, I never thought they'd be so delicious!
With gusto Mahira tucks into the Cosmos Curry they all made together.
Seeing Mahira enjoy it so much, the others start to find the concoction inexplicably tasty.
After dinner, Mahira takes the others off the ship, saying she wants to thank them for their help.
Mahira: I'm going to show you the cosmos.
Vyrn: The cosmos? You mean that place above the skies?
Mahira's friends direct their gazes upward.
Lyria: Whoa! Look, (Captain)! The stars are so beautiful!
The dark dome of the heavens is filled with stars, their radiance gently illuminating the field where the crew stands.
Vyrn: Wow! What a view! So this's what you meant by showing us the cosmos?
Mahira: No, but you're close. Come this way.
Mahira leads them to what looks like a large, hemispherical tent set up close by.
She urges them all inside.
Lyria: Huh? Even though we're inside, I can still see the stars!
Stars are projected onto the tent's domed ceiling so the night sky appears close enough to touch.
Mahira: This is another facet of my inquiries into the cosmos. I used artificial light to accurately recreate the starry sky outside.
Mahira: I call it the Eggetarium, because we still know as little about the cosmos as a chick knows about the world before it hatches from its egg.
Lyria: It's wonderful! It looks just like the night sky...
Vyrn: I mean... yeah, it's amazing an' all, but... why can't we just look up at the actual sky?
Mahira: It's like a cosmos in a bottle, Vyrn. That's the appeal.
Mahira: We should lie down to get the best view. Come on—I brought banana chips for the full experience.
The bottom of the tent is made of soft cloth, and the crew members stretch out to gaze up at the ceiling.
  1. This ain't half bad.
  2. I'm getting sleepy...

Choose: This ain't half bad.
Mahira: Hehe, I'm glad you like it, (Captain).

Choose: I'm getting sleepy...
Mahira: Hehe. I'm glad you find it relaxing, (Captain).
Continue 1
Mahira: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, I really appreciate what you did for me today.
Lyria: Hehe, we had fun helping out with your experiments too!
Mahira: ...
Mahira: This might be the first time I've asked someone else for help.
Mahira: As a Divine General, I'm familiar with people depending on me, and when I built Clucky, I did receive assistance from the people around me.
Mahira: But depending on someone else in a purely personal pursuit felt to me like admitting how green I was.
Mahira: But now, I think I was mistaken.
Mahira: It's all right to depend on others because I still have so much to learn.
Almost unwittingly, Mahira stretches out a hand toward the star-scattered ceiling.
Mahira: With all of you beside me, I might be able to get to the cosmos. Not in a dream. Not in a bottle. The actual cosmos.
Mahira: That's how I see it now.
  1. I'm sure we can get there.
  2. Let's go together.

Choose: I'm sure we can get there.
Choose: Let's go together.
Lyria: Yes! With you, Mahira, I think we could go even farther than the cosmos!
Mahira: Hehe, that's the dream.
Mahira: But first we have a rendezvous on Estalucia, don't we?
Mahira: I'm eager to get there too. I hope you'll let me help you.
Vyrn: Haha! You slip it in so casual-like, it sounds like it'll be a piece of cake to get there!
Lyria: Any time you want our help, just say the word! With cooking, or experiments—anything!
Vyrn: Yeah, no need to hold back!
Vyrn: Although... The next time you get the urge to beat your drums at dawn, you could hold back a little.
Mahira: Hm? Beat my drums, you say... Multiple drum beats...
Lyria: Oh, that's right. Could I have some banana chips? I'm feeling a little peckish.
Mahira: I could make use of the reaction force...
Mahira flips onto her stomach and whips out a marker. She begins writing furiously on the floor.
Vyrn: Whoops. She's gone into inventor mode.
Mahira: I see, I see. If I split the propulsion up into multiple bursts...
Mahira: I'll call it... the multistage cosmoship—Clucket!
Mahira: I can reuse some of my original calculations... Ah, but I'll need to review the preconditions for this part...
Once she enters inventor mode, Mahira takes a while to wind down.
She disappears into her own world beneath the stars she herself created.
Bathed in their light, (Captain) and the others watch fondly as their resident genius's calculations sprawl across the tent floor.

Girls of a Feather

Andira visits the Rooster Temple to bequeath her responsibilities to Mahira, who reveals that she's built a tiny airship to make her dreams of flight a reality. Before taking over the burden of year spirit, Mahira enjoys a fun day of carefree flying with Andira.

Andira pays a visit to the Rooster Temple. Her reason for being here is to pass on the role of year spirit to Mahira, her successor.
Andira: Oh, there you are, Mahi!
Mahira: It's been a while, Andie. Grown a little taller since last time?
Andira: Hee hee... I've done quite a bit of growing on my end! What about you, Mahi?
Mahira: Mm. About a millimeter this year.
Andira: Whoa, nice! Just a little bit more to your goal!
Mahira: Just a little bit more. So what brings you here? Oh! Are you here to pass on your responsibilities?
Andira: Yeah! But first...
Andira: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Andira: Quiz time! Which one's the real me?
Mahira: Another one of your monkey quizzes? You can't fool me!
Andira: Hee hee... We'll see about that!
Mahira: You haven't fooled me yet, so... Hm?
Andira: Mahi's sweating bullets! Will she be able to pull it together?
Mahira: ...
Mahira: The one on the right? Made you look! Left!
Andira: Woah!
Andira: You got me! But how could you tell?
Mahira: Tough to say. The one on the left just seemed extra Andira-ful.
Andira: Huh? Just a hunch? And after I spent all that time training too...
Mahira: It was definitely tougher than last time though! You've improved a lot during your time as year spirit!
Mahira: You deserve an extra round of applause for all your efforts this past year.
Andira: Oh, Mahi... You don't have to give me any extra applause.
Mahira: Anyway. This is the year of the West. My turn, right?
Andira: Yup! I'm rooting for you! Ready to get your head in the game?
Mahira: Hm... More or less?
Andira: Haha! A very Mahi reaction. Anila's been worried about you too, you know!
Andira: Your lack of enthusiasm isn't very reassuring.
Mahira: I guess. I'll do my job, okay? I'm not about to let everyone at the Rooster Temple down.
Andira: How's Grandma Rooster been doing? She seemed to be in high spirits when she paid me a visit!
Andira: Oh, that's right! This is like a dream come true for you, right, Mahi?
Mahira: My dream? Oh right. We talked about this before, didn't we?
Andira: You want to soar across the skies, right? I bet you'll be able to ride my cloud this time!
Mahira: Hm... I wonder. Don't you need to be part of a special bloodline for that?
Andira: It should be able to give you a freebie! Go ahead. Hop on!
Mahira: Thanks, but... I'm okay. Really.
Mahira: I've got plenty of growing ahead of me this year, Andie.
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly!
Mahira: Ba-bam.
Andira: Wow, that was amazing! You made your own personal airship?
Mahira: Yep. It's named Clucky.
Andira: Haha! Nice to meet you, Clucky!
Andira: Oh, I know! How about we go flying around a bit? Before you take over for me, I mean.
Mahira: Okay. I'm gonna leave you in the dust!
Andira: Hee hee! Not if I can help it!
The two girls soar off into the sky with smiles on their faces.
A rare privilege afforded only to the Twelve Divine Generals.
Unburdened by their usual responsibilities, Andira and Mahira enjoy a rare chance to act their age... For the time being anyway.

A Friendly Competition

Vajra and Garjana drop in on Mahira as the new year approaches. Mahira challenges the pair to a race in order to test her
newly-completed mini-airship, Clucky.

A cold winter day at the tail end of the year.
Mahira: Brr... It's so cold. Good thing your wings are mechanical, Clucky.
Mahira: Otherwise this weather would freeze your feathers and leave you grounded!
???: Heeeey, Mahi!
Mahira: Hm?
Vajra: Mahi! It's been forever!
Garjana: ...
Mahira: Well, hello there, Vajra, Gar.
Mahira tilts her head quizzically as Vajra rushes up to her.
Mahira: What brings you to the Rooster Temple, Vajra?
Vajra: I'm on year spirit duty next, so I came for the handoff!
Mahira: Excuse me, but... isn't it up to me to come see you for that?
Vajra: What's the difference? We were in the neighborhood, so why not drop in and save you the trip?
Mahira: I see... You never were one to sweat the details, Vajra.
Mahira: Speaking of which, isn't it a little early for the handover?
Vajra: Yeeeahh, but... Well, I missed you!
Mahira: Hahaha, thank you.
Vajra: Mahi, you seem... happier than usual.
Mahira: You think so?
Vajra: Yeah! Did something good happen?
Mahira: Astute as always. How did you know? Something about my scent, I'll bet.
Vajra: I didn't need my nose this time—I could read you like a book!
Vajra: We Divine Generals go back a long way after all!
Mahira: I don't think I'm the type to wear my heart on my wing...
Vajra: Hm? What's that?
Mahira: Never mind.
Mahira: Actually, if the two of you have some time, I have a favor to ask.
Vajra: Wow, that's rare!
Vajra: Whatever you need, I'm ready!
Mahira: Well, if you say so...
Vajra: Lay it on me!
Mahira: Would you be game for a little competition?
Vajra: Competition?
Mahira: Yes, a competition. A footrace, to be precise.
Mahira: Ah, I won't be running though.
Mahira: And I want you to race me on Gar's back.
Vajra: That won't make for much of a race!
Mahira: Hehe... I think you'll be surprised.
Mahira: Ta-da!
Vajra: Ahh! Is that—
Mahira: That's right! I've perfected my mini-airship.
Vajra: It's amazing! You're something else, Mahi! You really pulled it off.
Mahira: Hehehe. But of course!
Vajra: All your hard work finally paid off. Congratulations!
Mahira: Thanks! I call it Clucky.
Vajra: I see! So you wanna race with you riding Clucky and me riding Gar, right?
Mahira: Exactly. So are you in?
Vajra: You bet we are!
Vajra: I'm really happy I can finally do something for you, Mahi!
Mahira: Great. Let's get started, then.
The trio head off in high spirits to find an open space where they can really put their speed to the test.
Vajra: Ahahaha! That was great! Let's go around again, Mahi!
Mahira: Hm...
Vajra: Hello? Mahi?
Mahira: As I suspected, Gar's strength is his sudden bursts of speed. If I want to boost Clucky's performance on tight turns...
Mahira: Should I tweak the propulsion? Or maybe the tail controls need to be...
Muttering to herself, Mahira plunks down on the ground and begins her calculations.
Vajra: Here we go again.
Vajra: She looks like she's having fun though, doesn't she, Gar?
Garjana: ...
Vajra: Let's give her some space to work.
Vajra: I've still got energy to burn, so let's take a quick tour of the island!
Vajra: We can meet up with Mahi for dinner. A nice, hot stew would really hit the spot!
Vajra quietly slips away, leaving Mahira wrapped up in her mechanical meditations.
After so long apart, Vajra still has a lot she wants to talk to Mahira about.
But the two generals are such close friends that respecting each other's quirks has always been second nature.