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Official Profile

Age 28
Height 171 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Shopping, sampling deserts and pastries
Likes Talk of romance, determined people
Dislikes Vulgar and crude people, people in a hurry to die

Character Release
もちろん、イベント「Right Behind You」にも登場し、物語では重要な役割を担います。

Character Release

Character Release

フェイトエピソードでは、現在開催中のイベント「Spaghetti Syndrome」を経たイルザの、その後の状況が語られます。

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 28歳
Height 171cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 買い物、スイーツ巡り
Likes 恋バナ、覚悟のある者
Dislikes 下品なもの、死に急ぐ者

Character Release
もちろん、イベント「Right Behind You」にも登場し、物語では重要な役割を担います。

Character Release

Character Release

フェイトエピソードでは、現在開催中のイベント「Spaghetti Syndrome」を経たイルザの、その後の状況が語られます。

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]





  • "Neun Kugeln" is German and translates as "nine bullets".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today is your birthday, isn't it, Captain? Congrats.
Unfortunately I only recently found out it's your birthday, so I wasn't able to prepare present for you.
Oh, what if I put you through a drill? Not that you particularly need it...
Well, don't say I didn't warn you...
Don't slack off, Shrimpy! You may have a limp noodle for a spine, but I'll get you whipped into shape!
Hah. It's hard to put on that facade with you.
But if you ever forget your place and start slipping into bad habits, I'll be right there to chew you up and spit you out.
You should feel better about continuing on your journey, knowing that I have your best interests at heart.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Please accept this present from me.
It's a salve that will protect your extremities from the elements.
Please use it on your journey. You will find it beneficial.
Hehe, it has an elegant scent to it as well, doesn't it? I wear it instead of perfume on occasion.
If you like the fragrance, I can take you to the shop I bought it from and recommend some other products.
But we are digressing from the topic at hand. I sincerely wish you the best in the year to come


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I've brought you another present this year, so please accept it.
It's a stained-glass lamp. It produces a warm light, so it's perfectly suited to being used as a reading lamp before you go to bed.
I actually own one just like it. Whenever I use mine, I add a drop of essential oil.
The aroma helps me relax before bed. Proper rest is essential to any form of work, after all. It affects your energy the next day.
Heh. You seem pleased with the gift. I'm glad our tastes overlap.
If I spot something else I think you'd like, I'll give it to you as a present. I hope you look forward to it.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I have another present for you this year.
Inside are some tea leaves. They're a favorite of mine for when I want to relax with a cup of flavored tea, so I can vouch for their quality.
There's one more thing I've prepared. A store I like happened to be nearby...
So I bought some cream puffs for us to eat together. They should go well with the tea.
They come in different shapes, so I bought them all. There's a swan, a rabbit, a teddy bear, a puppy, a kitten...
No need to hold back. Take all the ones you like.


Party logistics team, fall in! Call out when you're in position! Okay, move out!
Careful now! The fancy cake inside that huge box you're carrying is more fragile than all your sorry asses combined!
I'd better not see any slackers! I don't care if it starts raining sludge, heads will roll if I find a single blemish on that cake!
Ngh! (Captain)... You weren't supposed to know about this yet.
When I mentioned to my unit that your birthday was coming up, they said they wanted to do something special for you.
And as you can see, we've been setting up a makeshift party tent. It'll just be a little longer. I'll call you over when it's good to go.
Why are you giving me those puppy-dog eyes? Huh? You want me to berate you like I did on one of your past birthdays?
Sigh. Why do you have to take after the weirdos who want their stones busted?
Sorry, but that's not happening within earshot of my subordinates. They might get the wrong idea. You're just going to have to wait until later, all right?
It'll be hard to keep our timetable with all the distractions. Until then, you'd better be ready for what's coming to you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
A good number of the Society's recruits will be taking the day off today, so I was ordered to take the day off as well.
However the body becomes weak if it's not exercised. I'm planning on running all the way down a street and back.
If I am not strict with myself, then I won't be able to reflect the necessary attitude to the recruits during training.
Mm? You say you want to come along too? I don't mind.
But you should know my course is going to be tough. There's no giving up halfway through.
Hehe. Prepare yourself.


Happy New Year, (Captain). Quite the early bird, you are.
Is that right? So you have a full day ahead and decided to finish your training before everyone else woke up.
That is, without a doubt, the very quality a crew captain should command.
What am I doing? My usual training regiment of course.
Bumping into me was no coincidence. Didn't this happen last year too? There's no need to lecture you on overtraining.
Haha, but I see how it is! You've taken a shine to my routine.
Then prepare to sweat like you've never sweat before!


Happy New Year.
Thank you for inviting me to the banquet yesterday. I really enjoyed myself—I haven't laughed that hard in a while.
I have a feeling that traveling with such pleasant companions will make this another enriching year.
Now that I've had plenty of rest, it's time to begin my first training session of the new year.
Care to join me, (Captain)? I'd be happy to train you relentlessly again this year.
Haha... That's what I like to hear.
Then I'll be waiting in the plaza over yonder whenever you're ready!


Hm... I came here thinking it would be better in the morning, but it's still pretty crowded here at the shrine.
Well, I have today off so there's no need to rush. I guess I'll just take it slow and enjoy the holiday.
Hm? Are they giving out sweet sake to the people standing in line? What a great idea. Let's have some ourselves.
Foo, foo... Gulp.
Aah... It's perfect for warming up the body.
By the way, (Captain). Have you decided what you're going to wish for?
It's going to be a while until our turn. Why don't we take this time to share our wishes for this year with each other?


Happy New Year. It's always a blessing to make it to this point safely.
My plans? With the Foe thwarted—at least for now—I'd love to finally visit my parents again... But that's not happening.
I've got my troops to look after. It's hard to announce my plans when some of them don't have homes to go back to.
I'll probably have to wait until something big happens in the family. Maybe to break the news if I get engaged. That'd be nice.
Where am I from? Just a regular town like anywhere else. Nothing really interesting to see.
Still, I'll give you a tour if you stop by. Plus, you have to try my Mom's cooking.
I've told my parents about you in the letters I send them, you know. I'm sure they'd love to meet you.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), do you have some free time?
As you know, today is Valentine's Day. So I've made you some chocolate.
Do these chocolates represent my feelings? That's a bold question to ask someone who is known to her recruits as a demon.
I suppose by asking this question that means you're interested in older people? I personally wouldn't care if my partner were younger.
Hehe. Have I teased you a little too much?
This is just my way of thanking you for all of the small things. I made them with devotion.
So savor them when you eat them.


Today is Valentine's Day, and once again I hope you accept these chocolates I made.
Hm-hm. Well, aren't you the happy one? Did you want my homemade goodies that badly?
Had I known you would react this way, I would have included a sensible message with it...
Something along the lines of... LOVE for instance?
Hehehe... Did that get your motor running?
Phew, excuse me. I believe there are others who grow tired of waiting to give you chocolates.
I got caught up in the fun of teasing you. I hope you'll let me off the hook.
I'm no chocolatier, but I guarantee these are delicious. Just the right pick-me-up when you're tired.


Today's Valentine's Day, correct? I've brought you the usual again this year.
Heh. You always accept my chocolates with a bright smile on your face.
I've also prepared a love letter especially for you.
Haha. You look nervous all of a sudden.
I actually just found a charming greeting card and thought this might be a good opportunity to use it.
I apologize for teasing you. But it's true that I wanted to show my gratitude for everything you do on a daily basis.
As long as you're happy, I'm satisfied.


Ilsa scowls at a group of recruits who look like they're fighting the urge to turn tail and run.
You're asking me for chocolates? Hunh... A bold order coming from a bunch of maggots.
I'll humor you, but on one condition. Go out in the field and bring me back some badges. Oh, and don't expect any rank promotions to come out of this little game.
As for how many... I know. One badge for every piece of chocolate in that sack.
You bottom-feeding maggots! You should be competing for distinctions in battle, not chocolates!
(Captain)! Were you here the whole time I was putting the recruits through extra training?
Yeah, about what you just saw... The recruits ask me for chocolates every year—as a sort of dare. But I hate it when people use gifts to measure how much someone cares.
Speaking of, you're here for chocolates too, aren't you? Let me ask you something first.
How many do you already have? If this isn't your first and only...
Hah. I'm just kidding. Here—as thanks for everything.


I'm not surprised that you sought me out, (Captain). Yes, I made you chocolates again. Take them.
Haha, you could say I'm nervous. I was racked with indecision over what would make the perfect gift.
I spent an inordinate amount of time making these. That's because I made several types of chocolate for comparison, but the problem is they all came out pretty well.
And if you wanted me to give them all to you, then tough luck. Eating nothing but sweets will cause breakouts. Take it from personal experiences.
Choose: Then give me the rest next year.
Hahaha! Well, I can't go against the captain's orders, can I?
Roger that. Looks like I'm going to be making more tough chocolate decisions next year.
The ones I gave you today are the best of the batch in my opinion, but it was still hard to pick.
I poured my heart into making these taste good. You should feel honored.
Hehe... You're shaking.
Joking aside, this gift of chocolate is just a small token of my gratitude.
By accepting my gift, that just shows me you'll indulge my need to pamper you. Just wait until next year...

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

You're giving me this candy to thank me for the Valentine's Day chocolate?
I, um, see... Sorry, it's just I'm not accustomed to receiving gifts, so I was debating whether I should thank you or not.
This might call your intentions into question, but did you put your feelings into this present?
Hah. You can't make eye contact with me. I never knew you to be the nervous type, (Captain).
Sorry, I was just having a little bit of fun with you.
Thank you for the present. I'll eat them with glee.


This wrapping... Well, I'm certain it can only be a White Day gift.
Just in time to soothe my craving for sweetness. Can I open it?
Oh, what's written on these cookies?
Good Work. Thank You Always. Do Your Best.
Yes, these would be your standard words of appreciation. I hear them loud and clear.
But is that all you want to say? It is White Day, so... Are you sure you have no... other words you'd like to share with me?
Heh, I can see your eyes darting around wildly again.
All jokes aside, these treats will go happily into my mouth.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift, (Captain).


Greetings, (Captain). Considering you've chosen this day to visit, am I allowed to get my hopes up?
What? You don't know what I mean? I see. Very well then.
(Captain)? What's so funny?
And what's this box for? Heh, I see. It seems I've been tricked.
I must say, you have a lot of guts to play a joke on the woman they call a demon.
I'm pleased with your resolve, (Captain). If you have time, shall we go for an outing? I'll treat you to something sweet as thanks.


This my White Day gift? Thanks, I appreciate it.
I'm surprised you've only got the one box. Don't you have a bunch of other people waiting for deliveries?
Don't tell me you took what I said on Valentine's seriously—and rejected everyone else's chocolates...
You did, huh? Well, aren't you devoted... I'd better respond in equal measure.
Haha... I'm kidding. Sorry, your reactions are just too cute.
Hah... But you actually rejected all those chocolates... just for me...
I was the one who put the idea in your head, but I didn't think, in my wildest dreams... You really are gunning for my heart. Hehe.


Thank you for the gift, (Captain).
I did remember today is White Day. That's why I've been on edge all day.
You'd think I'd have learned by now not to make such a big deal out of nothing...
Actually, there's another reason for my excitement today.
Do you remember the tea I got you for your birthday last time?
The shop I got it from introduced a few new flavors, so this is the perfect chance to try them with the sweets you gave me.
Would you like to have tea with me? I bought more than I can finish by myself.
Hahaha, did that sound like me asking you out? Well, let's get this tea party started. Fall in behind me.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

That outfit... Seems you're thoroughly enjoying Halloween.
Hm. Looks like your tail is off-center. Go ahead and turn around.
There. How's that?
(This tail is so soft and fluffy. I love how nice it feels.)
So comfy...
Ah, sorry. It just felt so good, I couldn't help but touch it.
Here. I'll give you some candy to make it up to you.
You're still going to play a prank on me? Haha. I accept the challenge.
Nothing affects me. I've had training to keep calm in emergency situations.
If you play one, you'd better do it with everything you've got. Understood?


A mysterious figure in a wolf costume taps Ilsa on the shoulder and quickly scampers away. Sensing something off, she reaches for her back.
(What kind of third-rate prank is this, sticking a note on my back? Well, let's see what it says...)
(Sgt. Tough Love? What!)
(I swear I saw that wolf at the costume party for the recruits. I'm being disrespected...)
Who wants to die!
Hold it right there, you huff-puff-bluffing fleabag!
I'll shove this "tough love" so far down your throat, you'll be admiring it every time you take a crap! That'll knock the sense back in your senseless brain!
Huh? That was you, (Captain)? I'm sorry. From behind, I was so sure it was one of the recruits in costume...
However, you have big cojones to mess with the woman they call a demon.
If you think I'll leave it at that, think again. It's my turn to break you!
Heh-heh-heh... You're mine.


Line up, maggots!
The target is in costume and has escaped into the Halloween crowds.
Locate the target and lure them to the designated point! But make sure not to cause any trouble the festivalgoers!
Any fleabags who can't follow instructions will be treated to a very special training regimen! So watch your step!
Oh, (Captain)... We're conducting a little exercise on the Halloween festival grounds.
With all the festivities going on, it's the perfect time for a drill on spotting a target in disguise.
Now I'm going to slip into my own costume to keep an eye on those fools and make sure they don't do anything silly.
You just ignore those maggots and enjoy your Halloween, (Captain).


What's this? You're looking pretty smart in your costume this year.
Me? There's something I'm investigating right now, so I'm not in costume.
I can't give you the details, but there's been a rumor going around town that I'm currently looking into.
No need to worry. I'll have the scoundrel biting the dust before he can do a thing.
You want to help? Hm... I don't want to keep you from enjoying the Halloween festivities, but...
Here, why don't you take this paint ball? If you spot anyone suspicious, throw this to mark them and let me know.
You're a veteran at pulling pranks, aren't you? I'm sure you'll be fine.


Hey, (Captain). Looking good in that costume. Here, have a piece of candy.
You probably couldn't tell, but I'm actually on duty right now. It's my job to ensure the townspeople have a fun and safe Halloween tonight.
This town was a casualty of our fight with the Foe. The scars it left behind, both physically and mentally, can't be healed overnight.
I have my unit out in force too. Their watchful eyes won't miss a thing. Well... they'd better not.
So here I am, passing out candy to kids with a big smile on my face while commanding my soldiers at the same time.
I just finished refilling my candy basket, so it's back into the field for me.
Hm? You're offering to lend me a hand, (Captain)?
Thanks. Everyone's having a blast tonight, especially the kids. I'll take all the help I can get.
Okay, this basket is yours now. I think I stocked up on too much candy, but I'm sure you'll find a way to give it all out.
I'm counting on you to set an example for my subordinates, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Today I got off of work early, so I headed into town and bought a cake.
I saw a lot of couples and families walking about. Everyone looked very happy.
What am I doing tonight? I thought I would go back to my room and eat my cake.
With who? I'm afraid I don't have anyone to eat it with.
It's just... I wasn't sure if it was all right to go to the crew party.
Oh, looks like I've gone and worried you. But I'm happy you thought of me.
Thanks, (Captain). Allow me to treat you and the others to some cake.


Impressive... Not only is this year's tree imposing in size, but it's been beautifully decorated.
I'm glad I decided to stop by the plaza on my way home from work.
You don't have to stay with me, (Captain). I didn't expect to run into you while you were out shopping for party supplies like this.
Wouldn't you rather be out creating fond memories with others closer to your age?
This special night only comes once a year, and surely you'd have a more enjoyable experience with them.
You... really don't mind being here with me? Ah, I see. You wanted to invite me to the party too.
Thank you. Then allow me the pleasure of bringing another cake this year.
Shall we walk for a bit? I can help you carry some of those bags if you'd like.


It took so long to finish the work the brass threw at me that it's already late. What an awful holiday present.
(I expected as much, but it's a little disappointing I wasn't able to attend the crew's party...)
As Ilsa reaches out to open the door to her room, she notices a card attached to it.
A season's greeting card... from (Captain).
Heh... Hope you'll be able to join us next time. This level of consideration deserves a medal, (Captain).
Now then, I wonder if I have any candles?
It would be dull to eat this cake in ordinary lighting. I think I'll get into the holiday spirit with some warm candlelight.
Having made her decision, Ilsa sets the card from (Captain) on the table and smiles at it fondly.


Happy holidays, (Captain). Sorry I'm late to the party.
Yeah, it was a long day at work. Anything even mildly irritating seems to come during the holidays.
Just seeing the tower of paperwork waiting for me on my desk was enough to give me a headache...
Well, but seeing that grin on your face makes plowing through all that work worth it.
As an apology for my tardiness, I bought some desserts on my way here.
Cream puffs—the swan ones, of course. There's also strawberry shortcake, some tarts, crepes, and boba...
Whew... Since it's my favorite place, I got a little carried away and ended up getting almost everything. Let's enjoy tonight's party together.


Happy holidays. Sorry I'm late to the party.
I was planning to arrive before the event kicked off, but I had to put out some minor fires first.
The top brass and their backstabbing politics may be gone, but now my subordinates are running around like headless chickens. I wish they'd grow a pair and start thinking for themselves.
Sigh. Sorry, didn't mean to rant. Tonight is all about fun, and I intend to have it.
I bought a lot of dessert to share with everyone.
Oh, and remember that cake you were eyeing last year?
I grabbed the only two left—one for you, and one for me. Let's keep this between us, okay?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Day Before the Storm

Ilsa is delivering a report to the high commander, when she overhears the word "Foe" come through his transceiver. However, she doesn't waste much time dwelling on the oddity. Instead the drill sergeant returns to her main duty—putting fresh cadets through her grueling brand of conditioning.

Somewhere within the Society headquarters, Ilsa is delivering a progress report about her platoon of cadets.
Ilsa: These are the ones who've passed yesterday's firearm exercises.
High Commander: I see that very well.
A curtain obscures the man addressing Ilsa.
High Commander: Concerning the potential contractors you mentioned earlier, do you have anything else to report?
Ilsa: I've compiled them into a list. Here.
Ilsa slides the document underneath the curtain.
High Commander: Hm. Just three.
Ilsa: They've all passed my test; they wouldn't pose any problems of particular note.
Ilsa: The cadet at the top of the list is quite ambitious and conspicuously powerful. I feel that he has the necessary qualities to be a contractor.
Ilsa: It is my opinion that we should begin live-fire exercises to give him sufficient experience. Afterwards we can test how he responds to the weapon.
High Commander: Well, you're the one with boots on the ground. I'll leave it to your discretion.
Ilsa: Understood, Commander.
The transceiver sitting next to the high commander begins to vibrate.
High Commander: It's me. Yes, that's not a problem. Continue the operation.
Ilsa: ...
(The last time weapons were involved, the brass were in a panic.)
Ilsa: (But now it seems they're only concerned about the coddling of the new units. My, how times have changed.)
Ilsa: Mm?
The words "the Foe" escape the transceiver and float into Ilsa's ear like an electric whisper.
But the sound quality of the device distorts the voice on the other end, and Ilsa is able to pick up on only a few more details.
High Commander: Mmm... So it has come to that after all...
Ilsa: (It's rare for the commander to brood this much.)
Ilsa: (And this informant spoke about a gun or something. Do the Foe's weapons pose a problem?)
Ilsa: (We're caught in something...)
High Commander: Got it. Continue the investigation. But do it in total secrecy.
Ilsa: Commander, is an emergency dispatch required?
High Commander: No. And this doesn't involve you.
Ilsa: Understood, sir.
High Commander: If that's it for your report, get back to the drills.
Ilsa: Sir, yes, sir!
Ilsa: (I should have known he wouldn't talk to me.)
After saluting her superior, Ilsa turns and heads for the office door.
The high commander raises an eyebrow when he catches a glimpse of Ilsa's gun, Nybeth, holstered on her hip.
High Commander: No... Wait, Sergeant.
Ilsa: ...?
Ilsa: Yes, Commander.
She briskly returns to the curtain.
High Commander: You mentioned something about starting live-fire exercises with one of the potential contractors, correct?
High Commander: Then I have the perfect assignment. Tomorrow you'll go with that cadet to complete it.
Ilsa: Understood. What does this assignment entail?
High Commander: Take care of the Foe, who's been causing grief in the city. Catch up with Zeta and Vaseraga. They'll have the details.
Ilsa: Those two can't handle it on their own?
High Commander: I don't recall giving you permission to ask questions.
Ilsa: Apologies, Commander.
High Commander: I admire your zeal as a sergeant, but don't patronize me.
High Commander: I know that potential contractors are precious. I wouldn't send them on risky assignments.
High Commander: It would help them grow faster to see qualified contractors in the field. That's all I was thinking.
Ilsa: ...
Ilsa regards the high commander's actions as too kind.
Even if the Society has been growing softer on newer units for quite some time, it seems unnatural to her that mere cadets would be given assignments normally reserved for full-fledged contractors.
Ilsa: (The contractors are the Society's secret weapon. If something were to happen to them, it would be a grave loss for us.)
Ilsa: (Hmm... I'm overthinking things.)
Ilsa: Understood. Thank you for the opportunity, sir.
High Commander: Now, back to the drills.
Ilsa: Yes, sir.
After leaving the office, Ilsa heads to an empty dressing room. She sits in front of a mirror and begins rebraiding her hair.
Ilsa: ...
Staring intently at her reflection, she begins to mutter under her breath as if reciting an incantation.
Ilsa: Don't be afraid of being hated. You're a drill sergeant.
Ilsa: If they hate you, if they fear you, then they're learning. You're teaching them the mindset they need to survive.
Educating recently recruited cadets is not a task for the faint of heart.
Faltering on the battlefield leads to death. Expressing this sentiment through words is simple enough, but training inexperienced bodies to appropriately react in a dire situation is a monumental task.
Ilsa: Root out incompetence by any means necessary. That is my mission, and I must do it without exception.
Ilsa: There is no shame in forging weak iron into strong steel. And to do that, you need to put a barrier between you and them.
These words are always her first step in putting up that barrier. She needs this ceremony to perform her duties.
As a drill sergeant of merit, she continues to repeat this secret ritual every day so that she never forgets what she must do for the new recruits.
Ilsa: Never accept those that aren't prepared. Never give up until they're ready.
Ilsa: Don't let those that are ready slack off. Never be afraid to straighten out an arrogant cadet.
Ilsa: ...
Having completed reciting her mantra, Ilsa gives her cheeks a quick smack.
Ilsa: Now. Time to go whip those weak-willed worms into shape.
She gathers the equipment she needs for training, raises her chin high, and exits the dressing room.
Ilsa: Line up, maggots!
Trainee 1: Yes, Drill Sergeant!
Ilsa: You did well on the test.
Ilsa: Especially the three that passed—most impressive. It looks like some of you may have graduated from maggot to fruit fly.
Trainee 1: ...!
Ilsa: But only three passed. Make no mistake—the rest of you are maggots through and through.
Ilsa: You're the kind of insects that crawl out of their holes only to die under the foot of some clumsy kid.
Ilsa: I didn't ask for this unit. You're all crap piled on crap, a cesspool so vile not even flies would want to buzz around you worthless lot.
Ilsa: Somebody want to explain how this happened? If any of you are happy wallowing in your filth and disgrace, then go home! Go back to the countryside and live life like the pigs you are!
Thoroughly berated by their drill instructor, the recruits stand lip-locked and tight-faced.
Ilsa walks patiently down the line, stopping in front of each cadet and peering directly into their face.
Ilsa: Today we're doing fundamentals! Drop and give me three hundred!
Ilsa: You're worthless dung now, but you'll work until you're at least worth fertilizer! Begin!
Trainee 1: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: You! Kid Clueless!
Trainee 1: Yes, Drill Sergeant, ma'am!
Ilsa: You've got a special assignment. Be glad! We leave tomorrow at sun up.
Trainee 1: R-really?
Ilsa: Yes. And depending on your performance, we'll determine whether or not you're ready to become a contractor.
Ilsa: You'd better come with everything you've got! Understood?
Trainee 1: Yes, Drill Sergeant!
Ilsa: Good. Get back to training.
Trainee 1: Drill Sergeant, permission to ask a question!
Ilsa: I told you to get back to your training. I have no time for crap, or I'll make you eat dirt!
Trainee 1: Sergeant, please allow me to speak. I have to say something.
Trainee 1: Please!
Ilsa: Oh? Spit it out.
Trainee 1: You've been an incredible instructor, ma'am...
Trainee 1: Permission to express my gratitude!
Ilsa: Perhaps I should reconsider whether you're actually fit for the privilege of an assignment! Do you mistakenly think you've already been selected to be a contractor?
Trainee 1: No, ma'am! I just wanted to do something to show you my thanks!
Ilsa: Humph! Is this supposed to be flattery? I won't go any easier on you.
Ilsa: But fine. I'll let you do a job for me. This way.
Trainee 1: Yes, ma'am!
The two pass by cadets struggling to finish their pushups, as they make their way to the corner of the field.
Ilsa: After training has concluded for the day, run into town and get my cream puffs.
Trainee 1: Ma'am? Cream... puffs?
Ilsa: I don't have time to buy them myself. After I'm finished working with all the crapdets out here, the shop will have already closed.
Ilsa: You'll go in my place. If I don't have my cream puffs soon, I'll die.
Trainee 1: Yes... ma'am...
Ilsa: Cream-filled and berry. Two of each. And I want them in the shapes of swans. Got it?
Trainee 1: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Consider this a part of your training. If you don't make it before the store closes, you'll have slop for dinner, Kid Clueless!
Trainee 1: Understood, Sergeant!
Ilsa: Dismissed!
Trainee 1: Ma'am!
The trainee turns away from Ilsa and begins to smile broadly before heading back to do pushups with the others.
Ilsa: (Don't you dare let this chance escape.)
Trainee 2: Groan... Fifty-one, fifty-two...
Ilsa: Mm? You! What's the problem!
Ilsa: Maggot, have you injured your elbow? Who told you to destroy your arm! That's one lap around the warehouse!
Trainee 2: Yes, ma'am! Right away, Sergeant!
Ilsa: (This job would be easier if it weren't for these fresh idiots who don't know the difference between persistence and foolishness.)
The sun begins to set on the training field, but Ilsa continues pushing the cadets until the last golden ray disappears over the horizon.

The Most Important Day

Ilsa is taking a break from heading post-conflict operations in a city devastated by the Foe when she bumps into (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn. She invites them to a local joint to try parfaits. While enjoying the sweet treat, they hear the sound of wedding bells ringing in the air.

The members from the Society are successful in routing the Foe's assault at the border.
Even cities still scarred by the ravages of the assault are beginning to return to normal thanks to followup operations helmed by Ilsa.
Ilsa: This is Ilsa.
Ilsa: Yes, it's time to change the guard.
Ilsa: Roger that. Then I'll take my break now.
Ilsa: (Where can I relax... Wasn't there a nice-looking place in this vicinity that just re-opened?)
Ilsa: Mm? It's that crew...
Ilsa spots (Captain) and the others shopping.
Ilsa: (They're the ones that helped out during the assaults.)
Ilsa: (I should say something to them.)
Lyria: Whoa, look at this vegetable. It's such a cool shape.
Vyrn: No kidding! Wonder what it tastes like?
Ilsa: That vegetable is the specialty of this island. It has a soft sweetness, and if you stew it in milk, the flavor is absolutely sublime.
Vyrn: Really? Makes me wanna try it.
Vyrn: W-wait a minute!
Ilsa: You've just been rubber-stamped by this sorry excuse of a drill sergeant! Now grow up and act like professionals!
Ilsa: You're not even fit to be scum between a beggar's toes! Manure has more uses than you! I'd have been better off with a single drop of dark essence!
Ilsa: Consider this your reeducation! I'm the experience you hot-shot garbage fire rejects have been wishing for!
Vyrn: You're that scary lady from before!
Ilsa: I am. Have you come to get supplies for your next departure?
Lyria: Yes... That's right.
Vyrn: You want somethin'?
Ilsa: Your crew helped us during the assaults. I thought I would thank you somehow.
Lyria: Thank us?
Ilsa: Do you like sweets?
Ilsa: There's a store I've had my eye on. If you'd like, I'll treat you to something.
  1. We're in!
  2. Sorry, we're a bit busy...

Choose: We're in!
Ilsa: Glad to hear it. I'm not particularly interested in spending my break time alone.
Ilsa: The shop's this way. Follow me.
Lyria: Ilsa's, um, a pretty scary person. Should we really be going with her?
Vyrn: I hear ya, but it seems like she just wants to thank us.
Lyria: I guess so. Let's see what she wants, (Captain)!

Choose: Sorry, we're a bit busy...
Ilsa: Ah. I see. You are in the middle of shopping.
Ilsa: I apologize for inconveniencing you. Please forget the invitation.
Ilsa: I'm accustomed to spending my breaks alone anyway.
Vyrn: I kinda feel bad for rejectin' her. Just look at how sad she looks with her back turned like that...
Lyria: Mmm... She really does. Maybe she really just wanted to have some sweets with us.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), we're setting out tomorrow, right? We've got time for a little break, don't we?
Lyria: Vyrn's right! I'll go get Ilsa!
Continue 1
(Captain) and the others follow Ilsa to a confectionary.
Upon entering the shop, everyone orders a parfait according to Ilsa's recommendation.
Ilsa: ...
Lyria: ...
Ilsa: What's wrong? Your ice cream's going to melt.
Lyria: Ah, nothing, nothing! I'll try it now!
Lyria: Nom...
Lyria: Wow, it tastes amazing!
Ilsa: Indeed. I passed by this place while on assignment. Thought I should try it. Glad it doesn't disappoint.
Ilsa: The cookies and cream ice cream is especially divine. I prefer things on the sweeter side, myself.
Vyrn: Cookies and cream? I bet that's delicious!
Lyria: Aww... That flavor wasn't in my parfait...
Ilsa: Care for a bite of mine?
Lyria: Oh, are you sure?
Ilsa: Indeed. (Captain), you should have a taste as well.
(Captain) and the others each take a spoonful of Ilsa's cookies and cream ice cream.
As the succulent, sweet flavor spreads across their palates, smiles spring across their faces.
Lyria: Thanks, Ilsa! You should try a bite of ours too!
Ilsa: Hehe. I won't refuse.
Vyrn: I gotta say I'm surprised. For somebody so scary, you can be awfully normal too.
Ilsa: Ah, none of you are my inexperienced cadets. There's no reason to shout at you.
Ilsa: I don't get angry because I like it.
Lyria: Sigh, that's a relief. Ilsa, you're actually a really calm person.
Ilsa: Well, no more than average.
Ilsa: By the way, it seems that you're acquaintances with Zeta and Vaseraga. How did you come to know two of our members?
Ilsa: I've read the files on you, so I know the gist, but I've never heard the story directly from them.
Vyrn: Ah, that makes sense. You must be a lot higher rank than those two, after all.
(Captain) and the others explain that they once joined Zeta and Vaseraga in taking down a primal beast.
They also explain that they're headed for Estalucia, and that they've already fought a number of other primals on their journey through the skydoms.
Ilsa: Intriguing. I've heard you were strong, but now I see that information is fact.
Any version of Zeta is a crew member

Ilsa: I agree with Zeta's decision to invite you to join us...
Vyrn: Hey... Maybe I need my ears cleaned, but I could swear the way you said that sounded like you want us to join the Society...

No version of Zeta in crew

Ilsa: After seeing your work in the field, I've put in a good word for you to the brass in the Society...
Vyrn: Hey... Maybe I need my dragon senses checked, but this kinda feels like you dragged us here just to get us to join the Society.
Continue 2
Ilsa: Don't worry. I have no intention of forcing a crew of skyfarers to do something against their will.
Ilsa: But if it's possible, I would like to ask for your cooperation with a certain matter.
Vyrn: Hehe. We'll solve whatever problem you're facin', right, (Captain)?
Ilsa: Good. I'm glad to have made such reliable comrades.
Ilsa: Actually I'm interested in you, Vyrn.
Ilsa: A few days, during all the commotion, you were kidnapped by that group. Do you know why they were after you?
Vyrn: Nope. That's what I wanna ask myself.
Ilsa: Hmm... I was hoping you would have information on them, but if you don't know anything, I suppose that's that.
Lyria: Huh? What's that noise?
Lyria takes a look around to see several villagers stand up from their seats in jubilation.
Village Girl 1: Well, would ya listen to that! Somebody's getting married today!
Village Girl 2: It's been so long since we've heard those bells. How long ago was it, do ya think?
Village Girl 1: Ooo, let's go outside when the carriage passes by. It should go right past this store.
Village Girl 2: Yeah, we don't want to miss our chance to throw flower petals at them!
Excited for the coming ceremony, the villagers leave the shop.
Vyrn: They sure are pumped for this wedding. You think it's a famous person getting married?
Ilsa: That's certainly a possibility; but they're excited for a different reason.
Lyria: What reason could that be?
Ilsa: Well, until recently this city was a victim of the civil war.
Ilsa: A wedding is proof that things are starting to return to normal. It's a simple pleasure, to be sure, but a deep one nonetheless.
Vyrn: I get it. When you explain it that way, it makes a lotta sense.
Ilsa: I've gathered that it is the custom in this city for the bride and groom to be paraded around in a carriage before the ceremony.
Ilsa: Which is perfect timing for us. We should celebrate the ceremony too.
Lyria: Yay! That's a great idea! I can't wait to see it!
Ilsa: I love days like this...
Ilsa spoons another bite of parfait into her mouth and cracks a tiny, soft grin.

The Most Important Day: Scene 2

Ilsa is describing her perfect wedding to Lyria, when the carriage of the newly hitched couple passes in front of the cafe. However the scene is spoiled when monsters appear and attack the crowds.

With the sound of the wedding bells still ringing in the air, Ilsa narrows her eyes and peers out the window.
Ilsa: Sigh... I love magnificent ceremonies like this.
Vyrn: Scary lady like you loving weddings? Can't say I saw that coming.
Ilsa: That hurts. Hasn't everyone contemplated their own wedding at one point or another?
Lyria: I know I have! I would love to try on a really pretty dress.
Ilsa: Really now? What kind of wedding would you like, Lyria?
Lyria: Umm... I don't know how to answer that...
Lyria: A wedding seems more like a dream than something that could really happen to me...
Lyria: How about you, Ilsa?
Ilsa: Me? Good question.
Ilsa composes herself and begins to describe her perfect nuptial rite.
Ilsa: First the dress needs to be white. And it must include an elegant train.
Ilsa: The veil would be shoulder length. And I would wear an adorable silver tiara on my head.
Lyria: That sounds beautiful! I bet it would look perfect on you!
Ilsa: The venue would be decorated in white. And the pews would be adorned with pink flowers.
Ilsa: You would be able to see well-manicured trees outside the windows and a wide, blue sky above them.
Lyria: Just thinking about it makes me excited!
Ilsa: At the ceremony's start, I would enter the room through large doors, accompanied by a dulcet organ.
Ilsa: With all of my friends and family watching, I would exchange vows, then rings, and finally a kiss.
Lyria: Hehe. That kinda makes me blush.
Ilsa: After that, I would go outside while being showered in petals.
Ilsa: Then I would climb the stairs and toss my bouquet to see who's going to get married next. And finally I'll get whisked away while being celebrated by everyone.
Ilsa: That is my perfect wedding.
Vyrn: Y-you've thought about it a lot, huh? Crazy...
Village Girl 1: Ah! The carriage is coming!
Village Girl 2: Hurry, let's go!
Ilsa: Let's go outside too. We must wish them well.
Vyrn: Yeah! Come on, (Captain), Lyria!
They exit the shop to see a man in a suit passing out flower petals in a basket. They each take a handful.
As the carriage approaches, they throw the flower petals at the couple and raise their voices in glee.
Lyria: Yay, yay! Congratulations!
Vyrn: Congratulations, you two!
Ilsa: Congrats! We wish you the best!
Groom: Thank you! Thank you, everyone!
Ilsa: (Mm? That groom. I've seen him somewhere before.)
Ilsa: (I don't recall where. But I've definitely met him.)
Bride: ...!
The couple happily wave to the crowds as they continue down the street, but the carriage comes to an abrupt halt.
Bride: Eek!
Ilsa: Something's happened!
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Hey! Those are monsters! There's a bunch of 'em coming from that way!
What was a beautiful scene of celebration immediately turns into a confusing rampage as the panic-stricken crowds disperse in every direction.
Ilsa: Vyrn, Lyria, you two guide the people into the buildings.
Ilsa: (Captain), you and I are going to take care of these monsters.
(Captain) gives her a strong nod in response. The pair dash toward the rapidly approaching monster swarm.

The Most Important Day: Scene 3

Ilsa and the groom act together to save the bride from the clutches of a man who's been brainwashed by the Foe. Before they can reach him, however, he calls more monsters for backup.

Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: (Monsters don't naturally swarm in numbers like this. It's clear someone has provoked them.)
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Groom: Aaah!
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: Are you injured?
Groom: N-no...
Groom: I'm all... Sergeant Ilsa?
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa: (Now I remember. This man was a cadet who didn't have what it took to get through my training.)
Groom: It's been so long. I can't believe you're here in this city...
Ilsa: This isn't the time for pleasant chit-chat, Wet Noodle!
Groom: M-ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Why are you over here whimpering like a damn puppy! Have you made sure your bride's safely evacuated?
Groom: She... She got taken in the chaos...
Ilsa: What! And you just looked on enviously as a monster stole her away—are you happy about that, maggot?
Groom: I was trying to hide from them...
Groom: Sergeant, please... Forget about me... Just save my wife!
Ilsa: What utter nonsense! This is why I started calling you Wet Noodle—because I swear your damn brains are made out of overcooked pasta!
Groom: Eeek!
Ilsa: Why did you decide to get married?
Ilsa: Did you or did you not vow to love each other through sickness and health? Until death do you part?
Groom: I... We did...
Ilsa: Then don't you dare go back on your word now.
Ilsa: You might be made from stupid flour, stretched by weak hands, and boiled too long in over-salted water—but even you promised to protect the woman you love, Noodle!
Ilsa: So don't you dare make the life of someone so important to you anybody else's responsibility!
Groom: B-but, we just had the ceremony, so I'm unarmed...
Ilsa: You've got fists! You've got teeth!
Ilsa: Buck up, Wet Noodle! Looks like we need to finish your training the old fashioned way! We're going in!
Groom: M-ma'am, yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: Get ready!
Ilsa takes the groom through a swarm of monsters, kicking them aside as they run.
(Captain) senses Ilsa's intention and calls for Lyria and Vyrn to follow her.
Bride: Let me go! I hate you!
Kidnapper: There, there... Just get in the carriage...
Kidnapper: Huh?
Ilsa: That was a warning shot. The next one won't be. Free the woman now.
Groom: Th-that's right! Just let her go!
Bride: Hubby!
Bride: Aaah!
Kidnapper: It's useless to stop me now.
Kidnapper: She and I are going to run away together... It's what she wants, so we're going to go to a faraway island together.
Vyrn: What! You had another boyfriend?
Bride: No! I've never seen this man in my life!
Kidnapper: What're you saying? We've known each other for so long...
Bride: That's not true! You believe me, don't you, dear?
Groom: Huh? I...
Ilsa: Maggot! Do you remember anything I've taught you!
Ilsa: That expression! That tone! Eyes fluttering around like two stupid birds! Those are telltale signs of a lie!
Ilsa: And to top it all off, you don't believe what your wife is saying!
Groom: Y-you're right.
Groom: Hey, stop telling lies! You don't even like her! Let her go!
Kidnapper: It's not a lie... If it were, then why do I have this feeling...
Lyria: That person seems strange. He's talking kind of weird, but he seems sincere...
Ilsa: Hm. I think I know what's happened.
Ilsa: You. What's the girl's name?
Kidnapper: Her name? It was, uh...
Kidnapper: Well what's a name mean when you have love?
Ilsa: Humph. Seems like I was right.
Lyria: Did you figure something out?
Ilsa: Indeed. This man is a victim of the Foe's brainwashing.
Ilsa: Perhaps they did it to him to make a mess of the wedding.
Ilsa: It would lower the morale of the people and delay the city's revival by slipping things back into chaos.
Lyria: That's terrible!
Kidnapper: Umm... Are you people planning something?
Kidnapper: If you're going to try to stop me, I'll have to have you killed...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Monster: Grrr...
Groom: Eeep!
Ilsa: The one who summoned those monsters was this man.
Ilsa: We'll finish talking later. Restrain that man and get him back to the Society.
Ilsa: (Captain), I'm going to need your assistance one more time.

    Lyria: We won't forgive you for ruining a happy wedding!
    Vyrn: First we gotta do somethin' about these monsters! Hop to it, (Captain)!
    Groom: Sergeant Ilsa, what should I do?
    Ilsa: I believe we were in the middle of your wedding celebration, weren't we?
    Ilsa: Here's your orders. You find an opening and save your wife.
    Groom: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
    Ilsa: Understand? You don't let her suffer so much as a scratch. And don't you dare let her dress get dirty.
    Ilsa: Even if you have to crawl through filth and mud to save her, you better rescue her in all her beauty!
    Groom: Yes, ma'am!
    Ilsa gives the man the thumbs up to start the operation, then kneels down, unholsters her gun, and sets her aim on the ferocious monsters.

    The Most Important Day: Scene 4

    The groom punches the brainwashed man in the face and saves his bride. Ilsa turns to Lyria and reveals that she wants nothing more than to be saved by a man she loves someday.

    Monster: Gwaaar...
    Kidnapper: ...
    Vyrn: Looks like you're the only one left, pal! Hope you're ready to face the music!
    1. Because here comes the pain!

    Choose: Because here comes the pain!
    Ilsa: Wait!
    Lyria: What's the matter?
    Groom: Hiiiyaaa!
    Kidnapper: Ugh...
    Bride: Pant... I was so afraid...
    Groom: You did well. Everything's okay now.
    Bride: I don't want to leave your side ever again... I want to stay like this forever...
    Groom: I promise I'll never let you go.
    The pair meet eyes for a moment before intertwining in a loving embrace.
    Vyrn: Heh-heh. Glad we were able to save the bride...
    Kidnapper: No... Don't... take her...
    The fallen man struggles to rise but manages to draw a knife from his pocket.
    Bride: Aah!
    Lyria: Oh no! Help her, (Captain)!
    Kidnapper: Huh?
    Ilsa: Haah!
    Shooting the man's knife out of his hand with surgical precision, Ilsa rushes over and twists him onto the ground.
    Ilsa: ...!
    She then grips his neck, causing him to pass out in seconds.
    Vyrn: Th-that's scary... You've got hand-to-hand combat down too, huh?
    Ilsa: I'm charged with drilling the new recruits. This much is a cake walk.
    Ilsa: This is Ilsa. Target apprehended. Requesting backup immediately.
    Soon enough several members from the Society appear and take the man into custody.
    Bride: Thank you for saving me. I'm not sure how I can ever repay you...
    Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Saving people is kinda what we do! Right, (Captain)?
    Groom: Sergeant Ilsa, thank you for your advice. I'll never forget it.
    Ilsa: Humph. Looks like you've finally grown a spine, Noodle.
    Ilsa: Don't ever forget what that feels like. And make your wife happy.
    Ilsa: If you ever go back to being a damn worm, I'll make sure your job is a post located six feet underground. Do you understand me?
    Groom: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
    Bride: Um... Six feet underground?
    Ilsa: Ah. It's a remark we make to our recruits.
    Bride: I-I see. Heh-heh-heh...
    Groom: I think that's it for us. We'll be going now.
    Ilsa: Right. I wish you both the best.
    Ilsa: Sigh...
    Ilsa: I want to get married too...
    Vyrn: You datin' anybody special right now?
    Ilsa: Mm... I'm too busy with work. I don't have the time to find a boyfriend.
    Vyrn: I mean, you are going around and tellin' people you'll put 'em in the dirt...
    Ilsa: I don't say those things because I like to. I have to say them for training purposes.
    Ilsa: But I have to admit there is a conflict between what I feel and what I have to do...
    Lyria: I think you'll find a great guy some day, Ilsa.
    Lyria: You're such a kind soul after all. Even the bride knew she was safe when you arrived.
    Ilsa: No, that's not quite it.
    Lyria: Huh? How do you figure?
    Ilsa: If I were in her shoes, I would rather be saved by the love of my life over some stranger.
    Ilsa: That would make the best day of my life all the better...
    Vyrn: Ah... Now I get why you acted the way you did...
    Ilsa: That bride managed to live out my dream...
    Ilsa: But it's fine. I was able to watch it happen.
    Ilsa: Ah. It's almost time to change the guard.
    Ilsa: Thank you for coming to get ice cream with me. You helped me in more ways than you know. Thanks.
    Vyrn: Our pleasure! Thanks for the parfait!
    After a soft grin and a calm wave goodbye, Ilsa turns and begins briskly walking away.
    A sigh escapes her lips, her thoughts consumed with visions of the happy couple's embrace.

    Side-scrolling Quotes

    JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
    私についてこい、ウジ虫ども! Follow me, maggot!
    覚悟はできているな? You feeling up to this?
    効くだろう。これが調停の銃ニバスの力だ。 It'll be effective—it's Nybeth, the Gun of Arbitration, after all.
    我々の『敵』の正体とは…? Who are the Foe really?
    ゼタの勢い任せな所も強みといえば強みだ。 Zeta's greatest strength is her ability to get everyone fired up.
    ベアトリクスの行動力は大したものだ。 Beatrix has guts. I like that about her.
    バザラガ、頼むから自分の命は大事にしろ。 Vaseraga, please. Don't give up on life.
    ユーステスは口が堅くて信頼できる。 Eustace is tight-lipped, so you can trust him.
    甘い物が食べたい… Need to get something sweet after this...
    (主人公)の団員達は皆いい目をしている。 Everyone in your crew has fire in their eyes, (Captain).