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Official Profile

Age 13 (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
14 (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Height 158 cm (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
160 cm (he's in growth period) (as of Npc s 3030255000 01.jpg Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Race Human
Hobbies Sunbaths, naps, sprints
Likes Animals, fish, insects, plants
Dislikes Getting ready to get up

Character Release

Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 13歳 (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
14歳 (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Height 158cm (as of Npc s 3030226000 01.jpg Arthur (Event))
160cm(成長期)(as of Npc s 3030255000 01.jpg Arthur and Mordred)
165 cm (as of Npc s 3040358000 01.jpg Arthur)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 日向ぼっこ、昼寝、かけっこ
Likes 動物、魚、虫、植物
Dislikes 寝起きの支度

Character Release

Character Release
ランスロットとヴェインのように息ぴったり、というまでには至っていない彼らですが、その連携には誇り高き騎士の片鱗が見え始めています。 団長・副団長ほど立派には戦えなくとも、粗削りだからこそできること……そんな彼らの模索の末には、どんなバトルスタイルが生まれたのでしょうか。

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




  • Arthur wields the Superlative Weapon Excalibur square.jpg Excalibur, and his unit properties copies multiple things from that weapon.
    • Skill charge attack.png Koenigsschwert450%Massive Light damage to a foe.
      Gain Status 1383.png50% Bonus Superior Elemental DMGDeals bonus superior element DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks
      Strength: 50%Duration: 5.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
      On the next turn, it'll have 5 turns remaining.
      Restore Arthur's HP (Healing cap: 5000).
      has the same effect as Excalibur square.jpg Excalibur's "King's Sword" CA, along with a very similar animation involving a rainbow of crystals
    • Ability m 1560 1.png Dunkelheit Zerschneiden500% Light damage to a foe (Damage cap: ~580,000).
      Raise foe's Status 7129.pngThunderstruckMultiattack rate is lowered based on lvl (Max: 10 / Can't be removed)
      Base Accuracy: Guaranteed to land if the foe does not have 100% debuff resistance (10,000% base accuracy)Duration: 180 seconds
      lvl by 1 (Max: 10).
      Restore all allies' HP (Healing cap: 2000).
      (When caster's HP is above 75%:
      All allies also gain Status Strength.pngStrengthATK is greatly boosted based on how high HP is
      Strength: 15%-5%Duration: 3 turns
      heals and grant Status Strength.pngStrengthATK is greatly boosted based on how high HP is
      , similarly to the Class 230301 sw square.jpg Glorybringer effects of Excalibur square.jpg Excalibur
    • Icon Support Skill.png Crowning BladeBased on how high HP is: Supplement C.A. damage (Damage cap: 300,000), boost to C.A. damage (Max: 60%), and boost to C.A. damage cap (Max: 30%).
      (When HP is 75% or above at end of turn: 1-turn cut to Arthur's damage skill cooldowns.)
      has a very similar effect to Excalibur square.jpg Excalibur's unique weapon skill "Rightway Pathfinder"


  • Arthur's skill and charge attack names are in German.
    • "Dunkelheit Zerschneiden" means "to cut through darkness".
    • "Lichtwand" means "wall of light"
    • "Auswahl" means "selection", though in the context it could also be meant to mean "culling"
    • "Koenigsschwert", or Königsschwert, translates as "King's Sword", a direct reference to the weapon mentioned above.
      • This also serves as a direct reference to the mythological King Arthur, who is also associated with the weapon, Exalibur.
      • Another possible translation of the term would be "Crowning Blade", which happens to be the name of his first support skill.
  • Arthur's name is based on King Arthur of Arthurian Myth. His close friend Mordred is also named after a character from that mythos, as do many of the other characters associated with the Dragon Knights.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Have you grown any taller in the past year? I sure have!
Maybe that's why I keep getting caught off guard when I swing my sword and the blade reaches farther than I thought it would.
Heh. If I keep growing like this, do you think I'll be a big, strong knight like Vice-Captain Vane someday?
Whoops, I've just been blabbering about myself! Sorry about that!
You're the star of the show today, so you should be the one doing the talking!


Happy birthday!
Your present is this invitation! Let's go have cake at the cafe near the knights' station!
I originally wanted to have a party in our room back at the dorms...
But Vice-Captain Vane said we shouldn't, since there are other knights-in-training there.
So he recommended a restaurant for us to go to instead!
The old lady who owns the place is really nice! And she has the cutest smile!
Mordred, Cruz, and Tornelio will be there, and probably Henry too. It's gonna be a great, big celebration!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
I was just talking with Mordred and the guys about our resolutions for the coming year.
Mordred got the top spot in last year's general evaluation, so I'm thinking of gunning for first in the swordfighting exam!
I sent the sister a letter about Mordred being first in the class, and she was so happy...
That made me want to work even harder so I can give her some good news too!
Oh, but I'm not aiming to become captain just for her or anything. It's because I'm a proud knight of Feendrache!
Heh! In fact, I'm gonna go train now so I can be one step closer to achieving my goal!
Wanna join me, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Huh? You seem kinda off today. Are you sleepy or something?
Ooh, you were up late partying last night? So that's why you look a little bleary-eyed!
Oh! In that case, I'll do the thing Mordred always does to me! Can you turn around?
I just take a mint leaf like this, and then...
Yeaaah! Wakey-wakeeey!
Heh! The smell of mint reminded me of that little trick, and I just had to!
But it worked, didn't it? I'll do it for you again if you ever have trouble waking up in the morning!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ooh, chocolates! Thanks for thinking of me every year, (Captain)!
You know, there's something I'm kinda curious about...
You gave chocolates to Vice-Captain Vane, Captain Lancelot, Percival, and Siegfried...
And you also sent some to Aglovale of the House of Wales and Gawain of Dalmore, right?
Could those chocolates be the same as the ones you gave me?
I knew it! Wow, that's amazing! I'm eating the exact same thing as all those legends!
Actually, what's really amazing is that you're friends with people like them.
But something like this never would've happened at the orphanage, so I couldn't hold back my excitement!
I'm gonna work even harder so I can be as strong as the other people eating these!
I'll make sure to eat them while I'm training for inspiration!


Wow! Thanks for the chocolates!
Ehehe... The same chocolates you gave Vice-Captain Vane, Captain Lancelot, and the others...
I'm working hard so I can catch up with them someday... and eventually pass them up!
Check out my bicep—it's harder than before! Go ahead, touch it and see!
But my muscles are still nothing compared to Vice-Captain Vane's, so I've got to keep working out.
All right! I'm gonna eat these chocolates and then dive into some more training!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! I'm glad I found you!
Here, this is for you! It's a little thank-you gift for the Valentine's chocolates.
Heh, pretty cute wrapping, huh? It's the same thing as always, but I tried to jazz it up a little this time.
Whenever I gave gifts back at the orphanage, I used to glue colored paper scraps together in place of wrapping paper...
I've been feeling a little embarrassed about that lately, so I wanted to do it right for once.
I think it's important to make a gift look nice. Vice-Captain Vane pays close attention to that kinda stuff too.
So I went through the shelves of wrapping paper at the store and picked out one I thought would suit you.
I hope you like it!


Arthur's Voice: (Captain)!
Arthur: Huff... Puff...
I-I ran all the way here... but I managed to make it in time!
Um, since today's White Day and all, here's a present for you!
I really wanted to finish up my training early so I could make a proper entrance...
But of course I went and overslept this morning and ended up on cleaning duty...
I didn't end up making the greatest impression, huh? Ugh, I'm so lame...
Next time, I'll do my best to give you your gift in such a cool way it'll make your heart skip a beat!

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

The White Dragons are having a Halloween party today, and it's turned into a pretty big deal!
Even the adults are ignoring stuff like rank and class. They're all dressed up, giving out candy and playing tricks.
Since we've got new rookie knights this year, I wanna find a costume that'll impress everyone.
But Mordred told me using a sheet for a ghost costume is kid stuff, so I'm still trying to figure out what to wear...
Think you could help me brainstorm a little, (Captain)?


This year I decided on my outfit ahead of time and made it myself.
Ta-da! It's a vampire costume!
The other day, I was giving the dorms a deep clean and ended up swapping out some curtains for a pair of new ones.
I thought it'd be a waste to throw out the old curtains, so I sewed them into a cape.
It's all heavy and cool, don'tcha think? I even dyed it black!
Combined with these fangs and wings, I'll be a perfect vampire!
Oh, but if my face is too scary, I'll make the little kids cry, so I can't forget to smile.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Holidays, (Captain)!
After taking on jobs as a knight-in-training, I've been able to save up some money little by little.
So this year, I bought warm blankets for not only the kids at the orphanage, but for the sister too!
She always gives us kids her warm clothes when winter rolls around, so I wanted to make sure she was nice and toasty this year.
I'm still a long way from becoming a knight captain, but I wanted to do what I could in the meantime.
I'm not gonna be a kid forever, you know!
I'll keep getting stronger, become a captain, and then I'll be able to make everyone happy, just like Santa!


Guess what, (Captain)! I'm gonna be Santa tonight!
That being said, I'm just gonna be sneaking presents under the pillows of the younger White Dragons.
I told Vice-Captain Vane that I wanted to do something to make the night a little more festive, and he agreed to let me handle it!
Hehe. After all, I couldn't be a role model to the others if I kept getting presents from him forever.
You're surprised he gave me the job? Now that you mention it, this is basically like him giving away the secret...
Until now, Vice-Captain Vane was always acting as our Santa behind the scenes...
You don't think he found out that I know the truth, do you?
But if I ask him to make sure, I'll be giving it away... Then again, if I don't ask, I'll just keep wondering...
Arghhh! (Captain), what do I do!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

I Can't Run Away

A few days after the joint training expedition, Arthur and company stop by the infirmary to visit Mordred. Upon learning he is being called a hero for pulling the sword from the stone, Arthur wishes he could see it again to find out why it chose him. Meanwhile Lamorak, who had been listening in, begins making preparations elsewhere.

A year has gone by since Arthur passed the exam to became a full-fledged member of the Order of the White Dragons.
One day, he and the new rookie knights visit the mountain of Camlann for a joint training expedition.
But they find themselves in a tight spot when a swarm of monsters attacks, the result of a plot by Rowley, one of the knights-in-training.
Arthur: Ah!
Arthur: There's... a sword. Look.
Tornelio: Is... that...
Suddenly the legendary sword Excalibur appears in their midst, and Arthur succeeds in pulling it from the stone.
Henry: What... just happened? Did the light wipe all the hybrids out?
Tornelio: Arthur?
The sword eliminates the monsters with ease, but Arthur is engulfed by its mighty power and winds up going berserk.
???: Ahhh... Aaahhh!
Vane: Rgh... Whatever it is...
Vane: We won't be able to get near Arthur and Mordred if we don't take care of it!
Fortunately, his rampage is brought to an end thanks to the combined efforts of Vane and (Captain)'s crew.
A few days later, Arthur, Cruz, and Tornelio stop by the infirmary to visit Mordred, who had been wounded during the events.
Arthur: Knock knock, Mordred! We're here to see you! How's your injury looking?
Mordred: The wound's healing up nicely, but it still hurts to move.
Tornelio: Looks like you don't have a fever at least. Thank goodness it didn't get infected.
Mordred: It's all thanks to that first aid of yours. Even the doctor said it was amazingly well done.
Tornelio: R-really? I'm glad my training with the White Dragons came in handy.
Cruz: Attaboy, Tornelio.
And here, Mordred—a little get well present from the three of us.
Mordred: Whoa, that's one big fruit basket. Thanks a bunch, guys. You didn't have to go to all this trouble.
Arthur: No problem! Eat this, and you'll have all the nutrition you need to heal up fast!
Mordred: You sound like the sister back at the orphanage. Don't worry, I'm eating just fine.
Henry: I was wondering why this room was so noisy. Great minds think alike, it seems.
Arthur: Hey, it's Henry!
Mordred: What are you doing here?
Henry: Wow, so much for a warm welcome. You said you were counting on me back on Camlann, remember?
Arthur: Huh? Did he really say that?
Mordred: I meant we needed to work together. I couldn't have handled that situation by myself.
Henry: Heh. Well, it's a leader's duty to take care of his loyal followers!
Henry: That's why I, captain of the Henry Brigade, have taken it upon myself to prepare you a gift. I hope you appreciate it!
Arthur: Thanks!
Wait, is this a fruit basket?
Tornelio: It's almost as big as the one we brought...
Mordred: Seriously?
Henry: Oh? What's wrong? Are you too overwhelmed with gratitude to speak?
Henry: Well, can't say I blame you! I did choose the extra large option, after all! Have you ever known such a generous soul?
Mordred: ...
Arthur: Better work up an appetite, Mordred! If you eat twice as much, I bet you'll heal twice as fast!
Mordred: Pretty sure that's not how it works.
Anyway, thanks for the gift. It looks great.
Henry: On an unrelated note...
Henry marches over to Arthur and pats him heartily on the shoulder.
Henry: Don't think I forgot about your mighty deeds! I saw everything, mister legendary hero who pulled the sword from the stone!
Arthur: Huh? Did you say hero?
Tornelio: Oh, right. You've been with Mordred this whole time, so you wouldn't know.
Tornelio: You pulling Excalibur from the stone is all anyone can talk about. They're calling you the hero from the legends.
Arthur: Me? A... hero?
Henry: I'd expect no less from the first member of the Henry Brigade! In fact, I'm promoting you to vice-captain, effective immediately!
Arthur: Wait, really? Sweet!
Mordred: How long are you gonna keep saying things unironically like that? If the rookies heard you, they'd die laughing.
Henry: Oh, don't give me that. The truth is, you're actually jealous he got the position, aren't you?
Mordred: Yeah, sure, why not. Let's just say I'm jealous and leave it at that.
Arthur: But you know, I'm not sure I deserve to be called a hero.
Arthur: Granted I don't remember much, but it sounds like I gave Vice-Captain Vane and (Captain)'s crew a pretty tough time...
Tornelio: That wasn't your fault. You were dealing with a legendary power, after all.
Henry: The sword didn't even budge when Vice-Captain Vane pulled on it, but you were able to draw it the second you were in danger, right?
Henry: Isn't that, like... fate? You're basically a hero chosen by the sword itself!
Mordred: Fate, huh? Could be.
Mordred: (Rowley mentioned something about qualifications, so maybe there's a reason Arthur was able to draw the sword.)
Mordred: Wait, I just thought of something. What happened to Rowley after everything went down?
Cruz: He's no longer with the White Dragons.
Tornelio: We thought we had him captured, but he disappeared when we were about to escort him down the mountain.
Henry: I had my father use his connections to look into it, and apparently Rowley never went home. Either way, it's pretty obvious he's rotten to the core.
Arthur: Yeah? Man, I had so many questions for him...
Cruz: Questions?
Arthur: Remember what he said when I tried to pull out the sword?
Rowley: Of course it won't come out, Arthur. You don't bear the right to free it!
Arthur: It's been bugging me this whole time. Why was he so sure I couldn't draw the sword?
Arthur: And why was I able to in the end?
Arthur: I'm thinking maybe Rowley knew the conditions for pulling the sword from the stone.
Tornelio: I wouldn't be surprised. He definitely seemed to be an expert on the legend of Excalibur.
Tornelio: He even knew about the sheath, something the rest of us weren't aware of, right?
Henry: Sheath? I've never heard of that.
Arthur: Guess we're not the only ones. Apparently, it's not just a sword that appears in the legend—there's a sheath too.
Henry: Why a sheath? What good would that do you? I'd rather just have the sword!
Arthur: Well, it's important to have some kind of protector. Carrying a sword without one is dangerous.
Mordred: Sword safety's not really the point here. Don't change the subject.
Cruz: ...
Cruz: (A sheath, huh?)
Arthur: Hmm... Excalibur...
Why was I able to pull it out?
Arms crossed, Arthur furrows his brow in thought.
Arthur: I wish I could see it again. Maybe that would help me get closer to the truth.
Cruz: Not sure that'd be possible. Excalibur was recovered by the White Dragons and placed in the royal treasury.
Tornelio: Well, it is a precious sword. I can see why it'd be treated as a national treasure.
Arthur: The treasury, huh... Think I could ask Captain Lancelot to let me see it?
Mordred: No way. You went berserk just from pulling it out of the stone, remember?
Mordred: There's no way he'd let us touch something that dangerous.
Arthur: Yeah, guess not...
Arthur: Hmm... So what should I do?
Scratching his head, Arthur continues muttering to himself.
Mordred: Do you really want to see Excalibur that badly?
Arthur: Well, yeah! I can't help being curious!
Mordred: It's powerful enough to wipe out a horde of monsters though. Doesn't that scare you?
Arthur: Sure it does. But I can't keep running away forever.
During the joint training expedition, Arthur had come close to accidentally injuring Mordred—an extremely harrowing experience.
Arthur ended up asking the crew if they'd ever been afraid of getting stronger, and Lyria tried her best to answer.
Lyria: I wanted to lend whatever strength I could.
Lyria: Having great power is a great responsibility.
Lyria: It's scary, knowing you can hurt others...
Lyria: But there are people that I treasure... Friends I don't want to lose.
Lyria: I don't want to feel regret for the rest of my life because I was powerless to help them.
Arthur: My body's getting stronger so fast my brain can't keep up. Sometimes it honestly scares me...
Arthur: Things could've definitely turned out better with the sword, but the fact is I was able to draw out its power. I can't pretend that didn't happen.
Arthur: I feel like I need to understand myself better so I don't get swept away by my own strength.
Arthur: And why was I able to pull the sword from the stone? I want to know who I am.
Mordred: (Who I am...)
Mordred: Well, I can't say I'm not curious too.
Arthur: Huh? Listen to you being all honest. What's gotten into you?
Mordred: I just meant your line of thought makes sense. After all, I don't know much about my parents either.
Arthur: Huh... Is that really all?
Mordred: Yeah, that's all.
Mordred: The sword's in Feendrache, so I'm sure you'll get to see it eventually, even if it's not right away.
Arthur: Good point.
Bird: ...
Arthur: Oh! Look, a bird!
Arthur notices a small bird perched on the windowsill and rushes over toward it.
Bird: Tweet!
Arthur: Aw, it flew away...
Mordred: What's the big fuss? It's just a bird.
Mordred: Anyway, isn't it almost time for training? You're gonna get an earful if you're late again.
Arthur: Oh yeah! Okay, we'd better take off.
Waving a cheerful goodbye, Arthur heads off toward the training grounds with the others.
Lamorak: Mnh... Man, I'm pooped. I wound up staying linked for longer than I expected.
Elsewhere, a man stretches his arms into the air and lets out a deep sigh.
His name is Lamorak—the second son of the House of Wales, and a sorcerer secretly in league with the mysterious magician known as Merlin.
Lamorak: Hmm, so the sword was sent to the royal treasury.
Lamorak: No doubt it's heavily guarded. Guess I'll just have to make a personal visit.
And with that, Lamorak picks up his trusty staff and sets to work making preparations.

Some Things Never Change

A couple of weeks following the joint training expedition, Arthur, Mordred, Cruz, and Tornelio are tasked with cleaning the area outside the royal treasury. Suddenly they encounter a Harvin man who claims to be lost in the castle, and Cruz confronts him. Revealed to be the infamous cabal member Lusor, the man responds by summoning a swarm of hybrid dragons.

A dozen or so days after the joint training expedition, Mordred has recovered enough to return to his duties.
Although he still needs to avoid any serious training, he's been cleared to assist with less strenuous tasks.
Arthur: Sigh... Why does it have to be cleaning...
Mordred: Oh, quit your bellyaching. Being assigned to the area outside the royal treasury means we've earned a lot of trust, right?
Tornelio: Come to think of it, I usually don't come this far into the castle. Feels good to be entrusted with such an important place.
Cruz: You said it.
Arthur: The treasury's that back room, right? Past the door with the knights guarding it.
Arthur: (That's where Excalibur is...)
Mordred: Hey, Arthur. Less daydreaming—more sweeping.
Arthur: Oh... Right.
At Mordred's urging, Arthur resumes clearing dust from a corner of the room.
Arthur: By the way, did they not want us to clean inside the treasury?
Mordred: Are you really that desperate to see the sword?
Arthur: I mean, that's part of it, but I was just wondering how they usually keep it tidy.
Having overheard the conversation, the two knights guarding the treasury stroll over.
Knight 1: Don't worry. We clean the inside regularly, so you four are off the hook.
Knight 2: The items in the royal treasury are strictly off-limits. You need permission from King Carl himself to enter.
Arthur: Oh, okay. Guess they don't need us then.
Tornelio: Huh? Someone's coming.
Harvin Man: Well, that's weird. Is this really the way to the throne room?
The knights turn to see an oddly dressed Harvin man walking toward them, seemingly confused.
Arthur: He doesn't look like a member of the White Dragons. Maybe he's here as a guest?
Harvin Man: Oh! You there, with the blond hair! Could you tell me what area of the castle this is?
Arthur: Sure. We're right outside the treasury.
Mordred: You idiot! Don't give away the location to a total stranger!
Arthur: Oh, good call. Sorry...
Mordred: We should focus on cleaning and let the guards handle this.
As Arthur and company step aside, one of the knights guarding the door approaches the Harvin man.
Knight 1: Excuse me, but who might you be? If you're lost, I'd be happy to show you the way.
Harvin Man: Why, that would be wonderful! How kind of you to offer!
Harvin Man: This castle's so huge and complicated, I felt like I was wandering in a labyrinth. Before I knew it, I was completely turned around!
Knight 1: I see... So where were you trying to go?
Harvin Man: The throne room, actually. I'm here to see King Carl!
Knight 1: Hm, that's strange. The throne room is directly up the grand staircase when you enter the castle.
Knight 1: I find it hard to believe that you'd somehow end up so deep underground...
Harvin Man: What! Could it be that you find me suspicious, good sir?
Harvin Man: I'm here as an envoy of Dalmore, in fact. Do I not fit the bill?
Knight 1: An envoy of Dalmore? You?
Harvin Man: Aww, I really don't look the part, huh? Ol' Gawain comes off as a proper delegate, but I guess I've got a long way to go.
Mordred: Ol' Gawain?
Arthur: Gawain's that knight from Dalmore, right? The one who's supposed to be really strong?
Mordred: Yeah. Word has it he's a hero who single-handedly fended off an attack by Wales a few years ago.
Harvin Man: Oho, what's that I hear? Are you two bosom buddies interested in ol' Gawain?
Harvin Man: I'd be delighted to tell you all about him! After all, we've even hunted high and low for a cat together before!
Arthur: What! You searched for a cat with the hero of Dalmore?
Harvin Man: That's right! Gawain really put in the effort too. You should've heard him calling out "Here, kitty, kitty!" in the cutest voice!
Harvin Man: Considering he's usually so up on his high horse, he ended up attracting a crowd of curious citizens!
Mordred: Doesn't sound very hero-ish...
Harvin Man: I know what you mean. You'd never expect it from some hardhead who refused to admit defeat during our little monster-hunting contest.
Mordred: You and Gawain competed over hunting monsters?
Harvin Man: Whoops... I might've said too much.
Cruz: ...
Cruz's eyes narrow as he dashes to stand between Mordred and the Harvin man.
Mordred: Cruz? What's up?
Knight 2: Hey, rookies! You're supposed to be cleaning!
Arthur: Oh... Sorry.
Arthur and company hurry back to their positions and resume tidying up.
Harvin Man: What's this? Was I perhaps interrupting? Sorry, I had no idea!
Knight 2: You too—if this man's a guest of His Majesty, you should hurry and escort him to the throne room.
Knight 1: That's true, but... doesn't he seem a little suspicious?
Knight 2: If you're that worried, I'll confirm his identity.
Knight 2: Excuse me, but would you mind showing proof that you're indeed an envoy of Dalmore, just for the sake of protocol?
Harvin Man: Oh, silly me—I almost forgot! I have a sealed letter here from Archduke Hyland... Huh?
Harvin Man: That's odd... I was sure I put it in this pocket...
Cruz: ...!
Seeming to have sensed something, Cruz places a hand on the sword at his hip.
Arthur: Cruz?
Cruz: You're certainly using an interesting power, aren't you?
Tornelio: Huh? Power?
Cruz: Who are you?
Harvin Man: ...
Harvin Man: I should've known you'd sniff me out. But I did manage to fool the head sorceress of Dalmore, so that's something.
Knight 2: ...!
Stand back, you four!
The knight draws his sword and steps forward, but the Harvin man nimbly jumps back to maintain his distance.
Harvin Man: Well, it's not like I didn't account for this outcome.
Harvin Man: But I'm afraid I can't reveal my true form yet. And I can't afford to get caught either!
Cruz: (This power!)
As the man places his hand on the floor, a glowing magic circle appears, summoning strange-looking dragons one after another.
Dragon Swarm: Grrrrr...
Mordred: Are these the same hybrids that showed up during our training expedition?
Knight 1: Hybrids? Don't tell me this is the aberrant dragon species that attacked Dalmore!
Knight 1: Then this Harvin must be that notorious member of the cabal... Lusor!
Lusor: ...
Arthur: Huh?
With a meaningful smile, Lusor looks back and forth between Arthur and Mordred as though weighing them against each other.

Some Things Never Change: Scene 2

The hybrids attempt to keep Arthur and company at bay while Lusor enters the treasury to steal Excalibur, but the rookie knights work together to fight the dragons and reclaim the sword. Unfortunately, Lusor sends the hybrids into a frenzy and manages to escape. With Cruz's encouragement, Arthur releases the blade's power to wipe out the dragon swarm.

Hybrid: Grrr...
Hybrid: Groooooar!
Arthur: It's no use... Our attacks are landing, but the dragons just won't go down! We defeated the ones during the training expedition though!
Lusor: Pretty strong, aren't they? They're a species of hybrid that specializes in defense, you see.
Lusor: Well, I'll let you all play with them for a bit. Meanwhile, I have other business to attend to.
So saying, Lusor strolls over to stand before the royal treasury.
Lusor: Hyah!
With a wave of his hands, a gust of wind sweeps through the corridor and smashes the treasury door to pieces.
Mordred: He destroyed that sturdy-looking door in the blink of an eye!
Lusor: Ah, I almost forgot to mention. As long as you keep your distance, the hybrids won't attack, so don't worry!
Lusor: Honestly, you're no match for them even as a group. You'd be wise to run while you can.
Arthur: Not a chance! I became a knight in order to protect everyone!
Lusor: Ooh, well said! Is that what you call chivalry? I've got to say, I'm a big fan! If only you actually had the power to back up that conviction.
Lusor waves his hands once more and steps lightly into the treasury.
Tornelio: Is he trying to steal something?
Cruz: Maybe he's after Excalibur!
Arthur: No way! We've got to stop him!
Hybrid: Groooooar!
Arthur: Whoa!
Mordred: Careful, Arthur!
Mordred: Argh! They won't let us take a single step toward the treasury!
Hybrid: Grrr...
Knight 2: All that, and we only managed to take down one of them...
Knight 1: We'll just have to alert Captain Lancelot and Vice-Captain Vane! These hybrids are too much for us!
Tornelio: What should we do? Looks like the guards are struggling too.
Cruz: ...
Cruz: As long as we don't get close, they won't attack. That's what Lusor said, right?
Tornelio: Yeah, I think so...
Cruz: In that case, do you think you could go tell Captain Lancelot, Tornelio?
Tornelio: Huh? Are you telling me you believe that guy?
Cruz: His magic ability is no joke. If he really wanted to attack us, we'd already be goners.
Cruz: If anything happens, we'll cover you. Think you can handle it?
Tornelio: A-all right! Stay safe, you guys!
Tornelio takes off in the direction of the knights' station, and sure enough the hybrid dragons completely disregard him.
Mordred: So it's true—they actually ignore anyone running away. That Lusor's totally making fools of us.
Arthur: But once the captain and vice-captain are here, we should be able to take these things out in no time flat!
Arthur: Until then, we've got to hold that guy off!
Mordred: Yeah! In the meantime, let's try to get as close to the treasury as we can!
Lusor: Well, well. So this is the sword of legends. Just looks like a fancy weapon to me though.
Lusor: Hmm... Yep, nothing happens if I touch it. Well, having the qualifications would just be bad news for me.
Lusor: What I really want to know is...
All Three: Haaaaah!
Hybrid: Grrr...
Lusor: Whaaat! Those three managed to take down that rock-hard hybrid?
Lusor: Boy, kids sure grow up fast. Percy was making huge strides with his swordplay at that age too.
Mordred: All right... If we target the head and attack in turns, we can bring them down.
Arthur: Yeah! There may be a lot of them, but we just need to defeat them one at a time!
Cruz: ...
Cruz: ...!
Look over there!
They turn to see Lusor emerging from the treasury holding Excalibur.
Arthur: He's trying to take the sword!
Lusor: And here I went to all that trouble to let you escape. Especially you, my Erune friend—you're still recovering, aren't you?
Mordred: How does he know so much about us?
Smiling eerily, Lusor calls over one of the hybrids and climbs onto its back.
Lusor: Well, I'll be leaving now—
All Three: Not happening!
Hybrid: Graaah!
Lusor: Huuuh?
The young knights unleash a series of attacks at the dragon's head, sending Lusor tumbling to the ground along with Excalibur.
Mordred: All right, we got the sword back!
Mordred snatches up the sword as it slides across the floor, while the two guards quickly seize Lusor.
Knight 1: To the dungeons with you!
Lusor: Oww, that hurts! Let go of me, you big, dumb oaf!
Lusor: Juuust kidding.
Hybrids: ...!
Suddenly, the hybrid dragons' eyes gleam with a murderous intent.
Hybrids: Groooooar!
Knight 1: Gyah!
Knight 2: Hey, are you all right?
Dammit, he got away!
Lusor: Phew, that was too close for comfort. It's a shame I dropped the sword, but getting captured would've been game over.
Lusor: It's been fun, but I must be on my way. Try your best to avoid an early death!
Lusor leaps onto the hybrid's back once again, and it takes off down the corridor, disappearing from sight.
Knight 2: Ngh... Get back here!
Hybrids: Groooooar!
Knight 2: These things are totally different from before!
Cruz: They've turned bloodthirsty. There's no rhyme or reason to their attacks anymore.
Arthur: What do we do now? We can't bring down this many...
There are only seven dragons remaining, but it's clear they have no chance of taking them all on at once.
The hybrids surround them to cut off their retreat, the intense bloodlust almost suffocating.
Excalibur: ...
Arthur: Huh?
Sensing the sword calling out to him, Arthur looks over to see white, sparkling light emanating from its blade.
Arthur: (That light!)
Mordred: Urrrgh!
Mordred: What's... this pain? Feels like someone's rummaging through my head...
Mordred: Ngh... An illusion?
Arthur: Mordred!
Hybrid: Groooooar!
Arthur: ...!
Knights: Haah!
Hybrid: Graaah!
Knight 1: Are you all right?
Mordred: Y-yeah, thanks for that. Don't worry, I can still... fight...
Arthur: What're you talking about? You're wobbling all over the place!
The hybrids set their sights on Mordred, determining him to be their next target.
Cruz: ...!
Cruz: (We can't let it end like this!)
Cruz: Arthur, use the power of the sword.
Arthur: Huh? But if I do that...
Cruz: Even if the power makes you go berserk again, Captain Lancelot will stop you!
Cruz: There's no other way. Go on, Arthur... Please!
Arthur: ...
Arthur: (I... I guess I don't have a choice. Hesitating will just get us all killed! I can't keep running away!)
Arthur: Okay! Look after Mordred for me!
Steeling himself, Arthur reaches out to pick up the fallen Excalibur.
The moment his hand touches it, the sword overflows with a dazzling light, as though recognizing its rightful owner.
Arthur: Ngh... This power really is something else!
Arthur: But I won't let it beat me! This time around, I'm going to protect Mordred and the rest of my friends!
Arthur: Haaaaah!
Hybrid: Graaah!
As Arthur raises the blade high, the light grows ever stronger, expanding into a glowing orb that swallows the hybrid swarm.
Between the deafening roar and violent vibration, the shock is so powerful that he almost loses consciousness.
Arthur: I'm not done yet!
Arthur: Take this! Loewenbein: Glanz!
Despite the overwhelming force, Arthur's strong will to protect his comrades narrowly holds his consciousness together.
The light from the sword fills the halls, painting everything white until not even the faintest shadow remains.
Arthur: Huff... Huff...
Mordred: Is that... all of them?
Arthur: Yep, looks like it...
As the light fades, Arthur and the others glance around the corridor.
There they see the two guards standing dumbfounded, surrounded by fallen hybrids.

Some Things Never Change: Scene 3

While Arthur and company are celebrating the fact that they all made it out unscathed, Mordred finds himself brooding over the name "Ywain" he heard in a dream. Noticing that Mordred is acting strangely, Arthur tells him he needs him by his side, which pulls Mordred from his despair. Elsewhere, Lamorak speaks to himself, his true motives unknown.

Tornelio: And then you took out all of Lusor's hybrids in one go, right, Arthur?
Henry: You were a true hero this time, mastering the power of the sword! As captain of the Henry Brigade, I couldn't be prouder!
Arthur: I'm not a hero! I just got caught up in the moment, that's all.
Arthur: But I'm really glad nobody got hurt. Plus nothing was stolen in the end!
With the royal treasury secured, Arthur has returned to the knights' station.
The tale of the hybrids' defeat has spread like wildfire among the knights-in-training, earning him a great deal of praise.
Cruz: Sorry for pressuring you to use Excalibur's power back there.
Arthur: You didn't do anything wrong. I only had the courage to act because you gave me the push I needed.
Arthur: Besides, I should be the one apologizing for dragging you along to the debriefing.
Cruz: Well, we were both there. I had as much responsibility to explain as you did.
Lancelot and Vane had rushed to the scene, only to be shocked to find the hybrids already vanquished.
Arthur and Cruz were questioned about what had happened when Arthur used the sword, as well as details about Lusor.
After confirming that there was no threat to Arthur's health, they were finally let go.
Tornelio: We heard about what happened. Sounds like that Lusor was a really tough opponent.
Tornelio: It's a good thing he didn't summon an endless stream of hybrids like during the joint training expedition.
Cruz: To use powerful magic, you have to secure a position and whatnot beforehand. Guess that was the best he could do in the castle.
Henry: But how did someone that dangerous get in so easily anyway? Weren't there guards on duty?
Arthur: Good question. According to Captain Lancelot, there weren't any Harvin visitors today.
Henry: Maybe he broke in through a window somewhere? But if he'd flown near the castle on a dragon, someone would've noticed...
Cruz: ...
Tornelio: The more I hear, the scarier he sounds. I'm glad everyone made it out safely.
The young knights nod vigorously in agreement.
Arthur: Sigh... Man, I'm beat...
Cruz: You're probably worn out from using the sword's power. You ought to head back and rest for the day.
Arthur: Yeah, I think I will.
Arthur: Wait—where's Mordred, by the way?
Henry: He went back to the barracks already. I teased him about being out of it, but he just gave a half-hearted reply and left.
Arthur: Guess he's still feeling crummy, huh? I'll check on him when I head back.
Cruz: We'll swing by later.
Arthur: Okay. See you in a bit then!
Mordred: ...
Back in the barracks, Mordred sits on his bed, staring blankly at the floor.
Mordred: (What in the skies was that?)
Mordred: What's... this pain? Feels like someone's rummaging through my head...
Mordred: Ngh... An illusion?
Mordred: (Those same people appeared in my dream before too. I wonder why I saw them again?)
Merlin: It's okay... Everything will be okay... I swear I will protect you and Ywain...
Merlin: Arthur, Ywain... I swear Feendrache will pay for what they've done!
Mordred: (Ywain... What's the significance of that name?)
Mordred: (Who... am I?)
Mordred: Argh...
Clasping his slightly trembling hands together in his lap, Mordred shakes his head helplessly.
Arthur: Mordred? You feeling okay?
Mordred: ...!
Arthur! You're back early.
Arthur: Yeah. Still feeling under the weather? Do you have a fever? Take some medicine already?
Mordred: I don't have a cold, dummy. It's no big deal—I was just a little dizzy.
Mordred: Well... truth is, they told me to take it easy today just in case, so I came back here.
Arthur: Hmm...
Mordred: What?
Arthur: I was just thinking about how you used to hide it when you got a cold so you wouldn't upset the sister.
Mordred: That was a long time ago. Now I know complicating things just causes more problems, so when I'm sick, I say so.
Arthur: I know... but are you sure you're really okay?
Mordred: I'm telling you, it's nothing. Sheesh, you're like a broken record.
Arthur: You're lying.
Mordred: Huh? Why do you think that?
Arthur: You haven't been acting like yourself lately! Like, you've been weirdly honest and stuff!
Mordred: Is that supposed to be an explanation? Seriously, what's with you today? You're being really pushy.
Arthur: You're definitely hiding something! Even I can see that!
Arthur: I can't understand unless you tell me, right? And I don't want you to suffer all alone. So just spit it out!
Mordred: I... can't.
Arthur: Why not!
Mordred: If talking about it would fix things, I'd have told you by now! I'm not some dumb kid anymore!
Mordred: But this is different. I don't even understand it! None of it makes any sense...
Arthur: Mordred?
Teeth gritted out of frustration, Mordred hangs his head.
Mordred: So please, just lay off a bit, okay? I'll tell you the truth when I've figured it out myself.
Arthur: Okay...
Arthur: Sorry, I got a little carried away there...
Mordred: It's okay. I'm sorry for shouting.
Arthur: ...
Arthur sits down quietly on his own bed, still casting worried glances in his friend's direction.
Mordred: You were incredible earlier, you know. This time around, you were able to use the legendary sword's power properly.
Arthur: Yeah. I'm not sure what the difference was though...
Mordred: It really is a mystery. When I touched the sword, nothing happened.
Mordred: Was it because it was Arthur? Does he have something special the rest of us don't?
Arthur: Mordred?
Mordred: It's nothing.
Refusing to elaborate, Mordred instead asks Arthur a question in a slightly strained voice.
Mordred: Say, Arthur... You're the real Arthur, right?
Arthur: Huh? I'm me, yeah. Why?
Mordred: No reason. Just asking.
Mordred: (That's right. His name was Arthur, even in my dream...)
Arthur: ...
Arthur: (What is this feeling? Mordred's right in front of me, but he seems so far away...)
The pair has grown up together for basically their entire lives, but Mordred now wears an expression Arthur has never seen before.
An indescribable feeling of unease writhes in Arthur's chest. Sensing that he can't miss this chance, he abruptly stands.
Mordred: Hm?
Arthur: Mordred. I don't want to do this without you!
Arthur: I don't know what's bothering you, but what I do know is you're the only one who can back me up when I need it.
Arthur: You're my biggest competition in the White Dragons! You've always been my number one rival!
Mordred: Arthur?
Arthur: Back at the orphanage, you're the one who asked me to come to the capital with you so we could become knights together!
Arthur: I don't care what you think—I want you with me through it all! I need you, Mordred!
Mordred: ...
Mordred: (You really are amazing... You can say things so easily that I'd be too embarrassed to ever put into words.)
Arthur: I trust you when you say you'll tell me everything someday! So until then, let's keep working hard as knights—together!
Mordred: Sounds good to me.
Mordred: If you start talking nonsense again like you did during the entrance exam interview, someone needs to be there to save you.
Arthur: Hey! Don't bring up the ancient past!
Mordred: It was last year.
Arthur: That's plenty of time to grow! Just look how much taller we've gotten!
Mordred: Sure our bodies grew, but what about our minds?
Arthur: They grew too! That's why you got first in the class, duh!
Mordred: Actually, the reason I got first is because I studied hard.
Arthur: Oh. Yeah, that checks out. You were always up late hitting the books, after all.
Mordred: (No matter how much time passes, this sort of back-and-forth never changes.)
Arthur and Mordred continue to bicker playfully, as though nothing had happened.
Lusor: Aww. After all that, the sword's going right back into the treasury. I really dropped the ball on this one.
Lamorak: That said, there didn't seem to be a direct connection between the sword and scabbard, so I guess there was no point in taking it.
Lamorak: I can't clean up Rowley's mess anymore, but I did gain some new info on the sword. That should put him in a better mood.
Lamorak's expression changes from one of disappointment to intrepid glee, though the true meaning behind his smile is unclear.
Lamorak: At any rate, I can't wait to see how those two progress from here on out!
Lamorak: After all, this is merely the beginning. Their destiny has only just begun to unfold.
Speaking to no one in particular, he strides off elsewhere.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
この程度の相手なら余裕です! An opponent like this is no match for me!
クルスもトネリロも後輩達に大人気なんです! Cruz and Tornelio are a big hit with the rookies!
最近、めっきめき強くなってる気がします! Feels like I'm getting stronger by the minute these days!
モルドレッドの首席は悔しいけど嬉しいんだ! Can't say I'm not jealous of Mordred's scores, but I'm happy for him!
もうひよことは呼ばせないぞ! I've graduated from being a chickadee!
フェードラッヘに一体何が迫ってるんだろう…… I get this weird feeling Feendrache's not in the clear yet...
もう泣かない……そう決めたから I made a promise to myself not to cry anymore.
(主人公)さん、俺と手合わせしてください! (Captain), let's have a sparring match!
なんでエクスカリバーを引き抜けたんだろう? I wonder why I was able to pull Excalibur from the stone...
(主人公)さんも前より強くなってますよね! You've gotten a lot stronger too, (Captain)!