News:WhatsNew 2018-09-25

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  • [Wiki] We are still in the process of updating pages and verifying new content related to today's update.
  • Sunlight Stone square.jpg Sunlight Stone ×1 has been added to the Arcarum Trader stock.

Icon Blue Star Full.png New Uncap[edit]

Npc m 3040052000 03.jpgWeapon m 1040703300.jpg
Weapon m 1040006100.jpg

Character Balance Updates[edit]

Icon Bonus Debuff Resist.png Updated Characters[edit]
Rarity SSR.png Npc s 3040017000 01.jpgAgielbaNpc s 3040070000 01.jpgBeatrixNpc s 3040134000 01.jpgDorothy and ClaudiaNpc s 3040061000 01.jpgFeenaNpc s 3040091000 01.jpgHeles (Summer)Npc s 3040054000 01.jpgKatalina (Grand)Npc s 3040011000 01.jpgMagisaNpc s 3040107000 01.jpgMahiraNpc s 3040089000 01.jpgNarmaya (Summer)Npc s 3040111000 01.jpgOrchidNpc s 3040041000 01.jpgSaraNpc s 3040039000 01.jpgTienNpc s 3040105000 01.jpgYuisisNpc s 3040028000 01.jpgZetaNpc s 3040056000 01.jpgZeta (Summer)Npc s 3040150000 01.jpgZooey
Rarity SR.png Npc s 3030231000 01.jpgZeta (Event)

ZenithAtk.png Updated Extended Mastery Skills[edit]

Bishop gran square.pngBishopHawkeye gran square.pngHawkeyeBandit Tycoon gran square.pngBandit TycoonSuperstar gran square.pngSuperstarValkyrie gran square.pngValkyrie
Bishop djeeta square.pngBishopHawkeye djeeta square.pngHawkeyeBandit Tycoon djeeta square.pngBandit TycoonSuperstar djeeta square.pngSuperstarValkyrie djeeta square.pngValkyrie