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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height 165 cm
Race Human(?)
(as Rosetta)
Unknown (looks like human)
(as Rosetta (Holiday/Grand))
Primal Beast (looks like human)
(as of Rosetta (Summer))
Hobbies Gardening
Likes Attractive people (regardless of gender)
Dislikes Machines
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A mysterious beauty who suddenly appears before you during your travels, Rosetta seems to know the truth about many mysteries pertinent to your quest. Despite that, she often speaks in generalities and largely acts as a mere bystander. Under her exterior, Rosetta is the incarnation of the primal beast Rose Queen, and is in contact with both you and the Black Knight. Aware but not accepting of the Black Knight's intentions, she acts according to her own beliefs to guide you.
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 不明
Height 165cm
Race ヒューマン?
(as Rosetta)
(as Rosetta (Holiday/Grand))
(as of Rosetta (Summer))
Hobbies 植物の手入れ
Likes 魅力を感じられる人間(男女は問わない)
Dislikes 機械
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Character Release
Character Release
Character Release
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]



Main Quest

Rosetta makes her first appearance in Chapter 13: An Ancient Forest.

She becomes a constant member of your party after the events of Chapter 14: Rose-Petal Glint.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Many happy returns. It is your birthday, isn't it?
You're one step closer to adulthood.
My birthday? Hehe, well that's a secret.


When flowers bloom gloriously in spring, it's because they've survived the frigid chill of winter.
Covered by layers of cold snow, flowers are unable to know what's ahead, leaving them only in darkness.
But without worry and hardship, a beautiful flower will never bloom.
Hehe. When you bloom into the beautiful person you're meant to be, it will have been a long time coming.
But I know that you will be the most beautiful flower of all.


Hehe. What's wrong? Why the face?
Yes... It'll be a while until we get where we need to go.
But come on... Laugh a little.
Yes, like that. The flower inside you has yet to blossom.
But don't worry. You've overcome so many hardships that your flowering is soon to come.
Brave yourself for Estalucia. (Captain), the road ahead will require time to navigate, but we're steadily moving along.
Not just me, but Lyria, Vyrn, Katalina, Rackam, Io, Eugen... We're all here for you.
With all of these friends supporting you, there's nothing to fear.
We'll always be there for you.
A birthday is an important milestone. Once you've composed yourself, let's celebrate.
Look. Everyone's prepared a party, and they're waiting just for you.


Today marks a great point in your life, (Captain).
This day celebrates when you came into the world. Only a handful of years have passed since that time.
What have you learned, who have you met, what have you done?
(Captain), this day is one to honor the growth you've made. That is the meaning of a birthday.
So happy birthday, (Captain).
Even if you don't know how much you've changed, I do. After all, I've been by your side all this time.
And I will continue to do so for as long as I live.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Today's a special day—not only for you, but for me as well.
To live is an accumulation of moments. To have an infinite collection of single moments, and letting it grow bigger and bigger like the rings of a tree...
The time you spend with me becomes a part of you. That makes me very glad.
There must be meaning to our encounters in life.
Let's treasure these encounters. I'm looking forward to spending more time with you, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

So another year has begun.
I wonder what kind of year this one will be.


(Captain), happy New Year! Have you already decided what your resolution will be?
If you just keep your goal in mind, then you can easily strive to attain it.
I suppose you could think of it like putting a support on a plant.
Even without one it will still grow. But with one it will grow majestically.
Hehe. Since it's the beginning of a new year, I thought I'd give you something interesting to think about.


Hehe. Look at that face. (Captain), you're like a fine wine that gets better with time. I really believe that.
You know... The road ahead will only grow more perilous.
But you'll get through it. I'll make sure of that.
What? Is that a hard pill for you to swallow?
Hehe. I suppose it would be... No one can blame you.
Yet, I... No... We're sure.
(Captain), no matter where life tries to take you, I know you'll make your own path.


(Captain), happy New Year.
Oh, you look tired. Hehe. Did you stay up late yesterday?
You know what they say about starting the new year in poor form; the remainder will follow suit.
No matter what you do, no matter how well you prepare for the days to come, time will just pass you by...
And then it will be the next year before you know it.
It's all right to indulge yourself every now and again, but I don't think you'll be able to be productive if you get sleepy by midday.
Let's make sure we bring out the best in one another this year, okay, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the start of a new one make you feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to?
Well, it's not just a feeling. Not in your case at least.
You've got so much hidden potential within you.
So don't be afraid to try whatever you like. It'll be good to expand your horizons.
I'll be watching over you every step of the way, just as I do every year.
Hehe, I’m looking forward to seeing you grow stronger and wiser as we enjoy another round of new adventures.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day.
What, are you expecting chocolate from me? Hehe. Whatever will I do now?
Maybe instead of chocolate, I could give you something even better.


Hehe. You want chocolate that badly, do you? Or maybe you want something else...
Maybe there's something out there that's better than chocolate...
No, Captain. You shouldn't long after such things. You'll leave your heart exposed!
And you certainly won't get anything good if you can't ask nicely for it.
So until then, here. Have some tasty little chocolates.


(Captain), I finally found you! You've been so busy with all the girls stealing you away.
Which means... you probably won't be able to appreciate the chocolate I want to give you.
Really? You sure you want it from me? What to do... Maybe I'll give it to someone else.
Hehe. Just kidding. This chocolate belongs to you.
Happy Valentine's Day! Eat it all up.


(Captain), here are your chocolates. Happy Valentine's Day.
Hmm... I guess just giving you your chocolates wouldn't be very fun, would it?
I mean, you've already got so many from other girls, right?
I know what I can do to stand out! I'll watch you eat! Right here, right now! Take a bite. Let me know what you think of these.
Hehe. I'll even do something else. I'll feed them to you.
Okay... Open up.
Hehehe. You like that?


What's this? Shouldn't you be somewhere else, basking in your own popularity?
Or have you had enough chocolate from the other crew members?
That's quite the pile you've got. I'm feeling a bit jealous just from looking at it.
Hehe, but of course I don't plan on giving up without a fight.
Here you are. Happy Valentine's Day.
Now open wide and have a taste of my love-filled chocolate.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh my... A White Day present for me? Thank you, (Captain). How darling of you.
But don't you know? You're supposed to give something three times bigger than what you got for Valentine's.
Hehehe... So what are you going to do now? Are you going to make up the rest to me somehow? Perhaps some type of payment could suffice...
Hehe. I'm kidding, of course. No need to fret. Oh, have I gotten you all excited now?


Oh... For me? Why, thank you, (Captain).
Hehe. You look so happy, even though I'm the one getting the present.
You truly are adorable.
With a face like that, you're sure to make others happy too. But then they'll want to look at you more!
Well, I suppose this means you can look forward to Valentine's Day again next year.
Hehe. Learning to enjoy the wait is something adults do, you know.


Hehe. Thank you, (Captain). Getting a gift from you warms me right up.
It's true. It's like you've stolen my heart with your small token of appreciation.
You really have a knack for putting people at ease, (Captain).
That's a quality that can't be learned. It's innate. You shine as the sun does...
Will you continue to light our way on this journey?
Hehe. Pinky swear, okay?


Oh my, looks like I've been found.
Hehe. That's right. I was hiding this whole time.
I knew you would find me no matter how long it took you, (Captain).
Why would I hide? You mean you don't know? Some things never change...
I wanted you to come look for me! I needed you to put in the work.
Hehe. You still have much to learn about me and our relationship.
But thank you for looking. I'm glad you found me, and I'm happy to receive a present from you.


Thank you, (Captain). This is my White Day gift, isn't it? I'm happy to receive it.
I have to say you're a bit late though. Did you give everyone else their presents first?
I see... I suppose I wasn't as high of a priority then.
Hehe, I'm sorry. I couldn't help but play a little joke on you.
You were more panicked than I expected you to be. Are you that concerned with being in my good graces?
Hehe, what a wonderfully rare sight it was. I almost feel like boasting a bit to my fellow crew members.
Or maybe I won't. Relax. It'll be a secret between only the two of us.
I'm not that fond of sharing, after all.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
So which do you prefer? Tricks or treats?
Now, now, there's no way you'll be able to play a trick on me! You're still far too young!


Oh? What are you doing, (Captain)?
Hee hee, it's a shame, really. You're a little young for some of my Halloween pranks...
Although... Yes, that's right.
I suppose it should be all right if I play a little prank on you.
What kind of mischief strikes your fancy? Something scary? Or perhaps...


Everyone's having such a good time running from place to place. Even if you're an adult, it's okay to have a little fun on Halloween, right?
I can't be expected to just give my goodies away, can I? I want to really enjoy this day.
Hehe. It'd be a shame to let this day go to waste, so maybe I'll put on a costume of my own.
I'll even let you pick what I wear.
So... are you ready to lay something on me?


(Captain), would you lend me an ear?
The children in town threatened me. They said if I don't give them candy, they'll play a trick on me.
Of course, I didn't have anything to give them and I didn't want them to do anything to me, so I just stood there frozen...
Then I decided to scare them myself and they ran away like little spiders.
Hehehe. I must say they were cute though.
Now I'm in the mood to scare any little child who threatens me with trick-or-treat.
Hehe... So captain, to what do I owe the honor of your presence?
That outfit and that little bucket...
There wouldn't be something you'd like to ask me, is there?
Come on... Let me have it.


Trick or treat! Now, (Captain), take your pick. Would you like a trick or a treat from me?
But I'll let you in on a little secret... Actually, I've already decided that I'll be playing a trick on you this year.
In other words, I didn't plan to let you pick in the first place. It's trick or trick.
Haha, you're not getting away from me...
I've been preparing for this so I can see your distraught expression, (Captain).
Well then... Wouldn't you like to know what sort of trick I've reserved just for you?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays, Captain.
This is a special time of year, so let's make tonight a night we'll never forget!


Well now, you seem to be in good spirits, (Captain). Are you looking forward to seeing Santa?
Perhaps you think you're not a child anymore. But I think Santa will be the judge of that.
To Santa, anyone could still be a child.
Hehe. Just keep an ear out for him. His jolly laugh echoes through the snowy skies.
If you hear him, then he must be coming soon. Happy holidays!


(Captain), for you, what's the significance of this holiday? Is it a time to spend with a loved one? Or perhaps...
Hehe... For me, it's a day to spend with friends. Hmm... The cookies will be a while...
Would you like to take a walk with me?
Let's stroll down these dazzling streets together. I bet it'll be something you won't forget.


Io and the others went out. Apparently there was some event in town.
Wait... That means you and I are all alone, doesn't it?
Hehe... The holiest of nights is upon us, and it seems that my present has arrived a little early.
There's still time until the party, how about we have a nice cup of tea together?


Oh dear. I see you can't sleep either, (Captain).
Hehe, just remembering the wonderful party we had is enough to give me another boost of energy.
Io certainly got a little too excited, didn't she?
It didn't take long for the exhaustion to catch up to her, of course, but she looked absolutely adorable while drifting off.
I'm sure you're tired as well, but knowing you, you're forcing yourself to stay awake.
Perhaps Santa's taking a bit too long to stop by, so you decided to go seek him out instead?
Hehe, I'm only kidding. I know all too well how a festive night can keep you awake for hours.
Since we're both awake anyway, why don't we keep each other company for the rest of this short night?

Fate Episodes

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A Mischievous Monster

On Rosetta's request, the crew drops by an island which Rosetta once visited with (Captain)'s father. During their conversation with the village chief, (Captain) and company hear a cry and run outside to find a monster cornering a little girl. However, to everyone's surprise, the monster leaves without inflicting any harm.

On the day of Halloween, (Captain) and crew are on the deck of the Grandcypher as they sail past a nearby island.
Rosetta: Hehe. The night breeze feels wonderful.
Rosetta: Hm? That island...
Lyria: It looks so bright and lively! Did that catch your attention too, Rosetta?
Rosetta: It does look fun, but that's not all I'm curious about.
Rosetta: I've been to this island before, a long time ago... Seeing it again made me feel a little nostalgic.
Rosetta: (Captain), do you think it'd be all right if we dropped by it?
Rosetta: This must be fate. Of course, if we have some urgent requests to take care of, we can come back another time...
Vyrn: Why not? I don't think anyone's in a hurry to get this cargo.
  1. Of course, let's go.
  2. Anything for you, Rosetta.

Choose: Of course, let's go.
Rosetta: I'm sorry. I hope I'm not being too selfish and setting you back on your journey.

Choose: Anything for you, Rosetta.
Rosetta: Oh my, what a lovely thing to say. I suppose I'll have to repay you in some way after this.
Continue 1
Rosetta smiles happily at (Captain).
Rosetta: I appreciate it. Thank you for understanding.
Rosetta: It's been a long time since I visited the little ones on this island...
Rosetta: And what better opportunity to dress up for the occasion than this?
After docking at the port, (Captain) and company head toward the only town on the island. As they draw closer, they are delighted to find it brimming with the spirit of Halloween.
Lyria: Wow! It's even more festive than it looked when we were flying past it!
Rosetta: Apparently it's tradition in this village to make Halloween the grandest holiday of the year.
Vyrn: Figures... This is pretty crazy stuff for a village this size.
Rosetta: It's just as it was before. Hehe, this certainly brings back memories.
Rosetta: I wonder if the village chief and the others are doing well.
Lyria: So the village chief lives just down this road?
Rosetta: Yes, we should be able to see his house soon if we keep walking.
???: Hm? If my eyes aren't deceiving me... is that you, Rosetta?
Hearing her name from among the crowd, Rosetta turns to find an elderly man walking toward the crew.
???: Ah, it is you! Well, this is a pleasant surprise.
Rosetta: Chief! I was just looking for you. How many years has it been?
Village Chief: Over ten years, I believe. Time flies at incredible speeds.
Village Chief: As you can see, I've aged quite a bit. And you're as lovely as always.
Rosetta: Hehe, you flatter me. I'm glad to see that you're doing well.
Village Chief: So what brings you here? Did you receive a request from someone in the village?
Rosetta: Oh, no. We just happened to pass by the island, so I wanted to drop by to say hello.
Rosetta: We were just about to pay you a visit at your house.
Village Chief: Goodness, then we're lucky to have found each other on the way.
Village Chief: How would you like to stop by for a meal before you head off again? Everyone in your crew is welcome too, of course.
Village Chief: Hm? If I'm not wrong, could this be...
Rosetta: Yes. This is his child.
Village Chief: Ah, yes! You do resemble him.
Vyrn: You know (Captain)'s dad, Gramps?
Village Chief: Indeed. He's the hero who saved this very village, after all.
Village Chief: Now, I wouldn't want to keep all of you standing. Let's head to my house and we'll talk there.
At the village chief's house, the crew is treated to a luxurious feast.
Lyria: The food looks amazing... Are you sure it's all right for us to have all of this?
Village Chief: Please, help yourselves. There's no need to hold back.
Village Chief: Compared to what the young captain's father did for us back then, this is hardly anything.
Vyrn: You said somethin' about him saving the village, didn'tcha?
Village Chief: Yes. Many years ago, when this village was having some trouble with a monster...
Village Chief: The captain's father stopped in the middle of his journey and exterminated the monster for us out of good will.
Village Chief: That was when we first met Rosetta as well.
Vyrn: So you were here with (Captain)'s dad last time, Rosetta?
Rosetta: Yes... Hehe, quite a long time has passed since then.
As Rosetta fondly thinks back to her first visit, the village chief looks hesitant before speaking up again.
Village Chief: Rosetta, um... I wasn't sure earlier if it would be all right to inquire about this, but...
Village Chief: Seeing that you're not with your friend this time, could it be that he...
Rosetta: Oh, don't worry. We're merely traveling separately due to some circumstances.
Rosetta: It seems he's in Estalucia now. Our young captain here received a letter from him saying that he's waiting there.
Village Chief: Well, I'll be! Estalucia... Imagine that. I suppose I wouldn't put it past him.
Rosetta: Hehe, indeed. He's still as daring as you remember him to be.
Village Chief: I certainly hope I'll have a chance to see him again someday.
Village Chief: And then we'll sit around this table again... Oh yes, he sat exactly where (Captain) is seated now.
Vyrn: Whoa, seriously? Talk about coincidence!
Village Chief: Back then, we invited all the children in the village, and everyone had a great time.
Village Chief: I remember Rosetta being especially popular with the boys. They followed her around the whole time, hoping to get her attention.
Lyria: Rosetta's always welcome wherever she goes! Lots of people come to talk to her at the beach or in town.
Vyrn: Ya mean you've always been like this, Rosetta?
Vyrn: You haven't changed since over a decade ago, huh?
Rosetta: That's a secret. You shouldn't pry into a lady's past, you know.
Rosetta: Now, let's get started on this food before it gets cold, shall we?
Lyria: Yes, let's! It looks delicious!
Vyrn: Dodged the question, huh...
Vyrn: Oh well. I'm starvin' too, so let's...
Girl's Scream: Ahhh!
Vyrn: Cough, cough! Wh-what was that?
Rosetta: It came from outside! Shouldn't be too far from here!
Monster: ...
Little Girl: Hngh... Sniff...
The crew runs out of the house to see a monster swooping in on a frightened little girl.
Lyria: Watch out! Run!
Vyrn: Darn it! We won't make it in time!
Monster: ...
Before the crew can make a move, the monster turns around and runs, leaving the girl shaking but unscratched.
Vyrn: Huh? Did it just run away all of a sudden?
Lyria: Maybe we surprised it...
Vyrn: But it didn't seem like it was scared or anythin'...
Rosetta: ...
(Captain) and company look at each other in confusion.
All except Rosetta, who seems to be reminded of something as she looks into the distance, a thoughtful expression on her face.

The Warmth of Someone Close

The chief tells the crew about how a strange monster has been playing tricks on the village during the Halloween season in recent years. In return for the delicious meal they received, the crew decide to look into this mysterious monster.

The crew accompanies the little girl back to her house.
After safely seeing her home, they return to the village chief's house and resume their meal.
Village Chief: Dear me. I apologize for the interruption during your meal...
Lyria: It's not your fault at all! I'm just glad that the girl's safe and sound.
Village Chief: Thank you. But still, I...
Rosetta: Chief, could there be something going on that you haven't told us about?
Rosetta: You've been rather on edge since the incident just now.
Rosetta: If there's anything troubling you, we'd like to help. Only if you're all right with talking about it, of course...
Village Chief: Very well... Then allow me to explain.
The village chief pauses for a moment before continuing.
Village Chief: In recent years during Halloween, the monster you saw just now has been coming to our village from the forest to play tricks.
Village Chief: But the most it does are harmless tricks, and it's never attacked anyone...
Village Chief: Due to our financial circumstances, I'm afraid we haven't been able to request an investigation into the monster's behavior just yet.
Lyria: Harmless... tricks?
Vyrn: I guess it didn't run away 'cause we scared it.
Vyrn: But just because it hasn't hurt anyone yet, doesn't mean it can just do whatever it wants in the village, right?
Rosetta: Yes, it could turn savage at any given moment... and then it'd be too late.
Rosetta: (Captain), what do you think about taking up this investigation?
Rosetta: It can be in return for this delicious meal they prepared for us.
Lyria: That's a great idea! Then it wouldn't cost the village anything!
Vyrn: It'd put a dent in our crew's reputation if we just left without doin' anything in return! Right, (Captain)?
Village Chief: Oh, goodness... How could I ever thank you?
Village Chief: Then, if you wouldn't mind... I'd like to take you up on your offer.
  1. Leave it to us!

Choose: Leave it to us!
The crew accepts the village chief's request and begins looking into the mystery of the mischievous monster.

The Warmth of Someone Close: Scene 2

The monster leaps out at Rosetta, but soon disappears back into the forest without leaving a scratch. Rosetta seems to be reminded of something and asks the others not to harm the monster. Together, the crew make their way into the forest where the monster awaits. To their surprise, Rosetta greets the monster like an old friend.

Lyria: Mister Mooonster! Where are you!
Vyrn: Heeey! Hurry up and come out!
(Captain) and company wander around the forest area in search of the monster in question.
Lyria: Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Vyrn: Lyria, we're not playin' hide-and-seek...
Lyria: Oh yeah... Ahaha.
Lyria: But are you sure it's okay for us to just exterminate it?
Lyria: I know it's a monster, but it hasn't done anything bad other than a few tricks...
Rosetta: Hehe. Kind as always, Lyria. I understand where you're coming from.
Rosetta: At the same time, it's a fact that it could be dangerous if nothing is done about it.
Rosetta: If only we knew what the monster was thinking...
Lyria: Then let's talk to it! Maybe if we communicate with it properly, we won't have to exterminate it!
Vyrn: Talk to it, huh... That's so you, Lyria.
Monster: ...
Lyria: Oh! There it is!
Rosetta: Seems like our talking got its attention. Now, what should we do from here...
Monster: ...
Vyrn: Hey, is it just me or does the monster keep staring at Rosetta?
Lyria: I wonder what it is about Rosetta that's attracting it?
Rosetta: ...!
The monster jumps at Rosetta without warning. However, it lands beside her and slides past without touching her.
Rosetta: ...?
Monster: ...
The monster glances at Rosetta one last time before disappearing into the forest again.
Lyria: Rosetta! Are you all right?
Rosetta: Yes... No need to worry about me.
Vyrn: What a weirdo! You can't tell me that monster's not dangerous. We gotta chase after it!
Rosetta: ...
Lyria: Rosetta? What's the matter?
Rosetta: Yes, let's head into the forest. But there's no need to be on guard.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean? Come on, that thing just tried to attack ya!
Vyrn: It just happened to miss back there, but you coulda gotten real hurt...
Rosetta: Please, I want you to trust me. Don't do anything to the little one just yet.
Vyrn: Hm...
Lyria: Well, if you say so...
Rosetta: Would that be all right with you, (Captain)?
  1. I trust you.
  2. I'll protect you.

Choose: I trust you.
Rosetta: Thank you for putting your faith in me. I promise I won't put any of you in danger.

Choose: I'll protect you.
Rosetta: Hehe, thank you, (Captain). I'm sure you will when the time comes.
Continue 1
(Captain) and the others nod at Rosetta and follow her into the forest.
The crew slowly make their way down a dark path until they reach where the monster is lying in wait for them.
Monster: ...
Lyria: Over there!
Rosetta: I'll go. All of you wait here.
Vyrn: B-be careful, okay?
Rosetta takes a few steps toward the monster and stops just in front of it. She breaks into an affectionate smile.
Monster: ...
Rosetta: I knew it... It's been a long time, little prankster.

The Warmth of Someone Close: Scene 3

The identity of the monster is revealed to be the ghost of a little boy whom Rosetta and (Captain)'s father once chased from the village but let go. Rosetta apologizes to the ghost for having made him live through so many lonely years as a result. The ghost glows and disappears into the sky when Rosetta puts her arms around him, and she is reminded once again of the warmth of having someone close.

The crew is surprised by Rosetta's words.
Lyria: A long time?
Vyrn: Um, what's goin' on here?
Rosetta: Remember how the chief told you we once helped the village exterminate a monster?
Rosetta: This is who that monster was.
Lyria: Huh? Um, does that mean that...
Rosetta: This little one here has always loved playing tricks. The tricks were only for fun, but a few too many of them were played, which ended up causing trouble for the village.
Rosetta: When we found this out, we decided to allow a second chance. We let the little one go and pretended to have completed the extermination.
Rosetta: After having him promise not to cause any more trouble, of course.
Vyrn: Wait, you're sayin' you can make promises with monsters?
Rosetta: Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't told you yet, have I?
Rosetta: This little one isn't a monster. He's just a boy still at his rebellious stage.
Rosetta: Only... he isn't from this world.
Lyria: U-um, does that mean he's a... gh-ghost?
Vyrn: Hey, are you okay, Lyria? You're gettin' really pale!
Rosetta: That's just a costume, isn't it? Hehe, an endearing choice. Perfect for Halloween.
Rosetta: I know you kept our promise for a while, but you must have gotten lonely... That's why you went back to your tricks, didn't you?
Rosetta: You jumped out back there to scare us for fun. There was no malicious intent.
Rosetta: Isn't that right?
Monster: ...
Vyrn: Wh-whoa! Uh, did it just keel over?
Rosetta: He only took off the costume. We can't see him, but he's still close by.
Rosetta: Hehe. Are you trying to play hide-and-seek? You really are a mischievous one, aren't you?
Rosetta: All right, I'll play with you. Just for one game.
Rosetta: Roses...
Rosetta focuses her power as she sends rose petals fluttering around the area.
Rosetta: Hehe. Ah, there you are.
Rosetta uses her petals to locate the boy and walks over to his hiding spot, a playful smile on her lips.
Rosetta: Too bad. You couldn't quite trick me.
Rosetta: Now, won't you show me your true form? It's our long-awaited reunion, after all. It'd be a shame if we couldn't see each other.
At Rosetta's request, the little boy finally shows himself, his ghost form glowing faintly in the dark.
Lyria: Oh!
Vyrn: Whaddya know... Rosetta was right.
Rosetta: I'm so glad you finally showed yourself to me.
Mischievous Ghost: ...
Rosetta: Yes... There's something I have to apologize to you about.
Rosetta: Years ago, we thought it was the right decision to let you go... but now I know that was a cruel thing to do.
Rosetta: In the end, we made you live through all these years by yourself... You must have been so lonely.
Rosetta: I think I can understand how you feel, now that I've experienced something similar myself.
Rosetta: I'm very sorry...
Rosetta leans toward the little boy and gently wraps her arms around him, as if to dispel his solitude.
Mischievous Ghost: ...
Suddenly, the light shifts. The boy slips through Rosetta, floating past her before fading into the sky, like a petal carried away by the wind.
Vyrn: He disappeared...
Rosetta: ...
Rosetta: I don't sense him anywhere... I suppose this time, he really...
Lyria: Rosetta...
Rosetta: Oh dear. I'm sorry, it seems I got a little emotional. Perhaps it's the Halloween atmosphere.
Rosetta: Well then, let's report back to the chief, shall we? I'll need to apologize for what we did in the past as well.
Lyria: Y-you know—
Lyria calls out to Rosetta, whose steps are quick yet somewhat heavy with guilt. Rosetta turns to look behind her.
Rosetta: What's the matter, Lyria?
Lyria: Um, it might just be my imagination, but...
Lyria: I saw the little boy smiling when you hugged him.
Lyria: I'm sure he was playing all those tricks because he wanted someone to notice him.
Lyria: And he might have been hoping that if people notice... you'll hear about it from somewhere too.
Lyria: I think he was really happy that he could spend time with you at the end.
Lyria: So, um...
Lyria: Please don't feel bad about it!
Rosetta: ...
Rosetta: Hehe... You're right. He'd be sad to see me like this, wouldn't he?
Rosetta: (Was I able to save the little one from his loneliness?)
Rosetta: ((Captain) and the others came for me when I stayed behind on the island to protect Yggdrasil...)
Rosetta: (The tender feeling of having someone you love come close to you... I wonder if the little one was able to experience that same warmth from me?)
Rosetta: Thank you, Lyria. You too, (Captain), Vyrn.
Lyria: Not at all!
Vyrn: Hm? I don't really remember us doin' anything...
Rosetta: Oh, don't worry too much about it. I just felt like saying it, that's all.
Vyrn: ...?
Rosetta: Hehe...
Rosetta smiles as (Captain) and Vyrn exchange quizzical looks.
Thinking back on her invaluable experiences with the crew, Rosetta promises herself to always hold these precious feelings close to her heart.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふふ、見惚れちゃったかしら? Hehe. Was I that charming?
笑えない冗談ね That hardly deserved a laugh.
幻想的な風景ね What a dreamy view.
痛い目に>遭いたいのかしら? Don't tell me you didn't ask for it.
よそ見は駄目よ Eyes on me.
ねえ(主人公)さんエスコートをお願いするわ Keep me company, will you, Captain?
(主人公)さんには特別に刺激的な悪戯を、ね I have a special trick saved just for you, Captain.
あら、落とし物かしら? Oh, did you drop something?
甘い匂いに誘われてきたみたい It seems something sweet drew their attention.
大人の魅力を教えてあげる I'll show you what a real lady looks like.


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