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This character has multiple versions.
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Zooey (Event)Zooey (Promo)Zooey (Grand)Zooey
Label Rarity SR.png
[Substitute Priestess]This title is an unofficial, amateur translation.

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MAX HP 870
MAX ATK 5150
Element Label Element Fire.png
RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Primal.png
Style Label Type Special.png
SpecialtyThis character gains 20% more ATK from weapons of this type in your grid. Label Weapon Spear.png
Exp. BonusExpedition Bonus Type in Auto-Expeditions None
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
How to Recruit
Auld Lanxiety

ID 3030233000
Char ID 3055
Uncap Limit Icon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.pngIcon Yellow Star.png
NameJP ゾーイ
TitleJP 代理巫女
Voice ActorJP 小清水亜美
Release Date 2018-01-31
Other Sites Icon gbf-wiki.pnggbf-wiki
(Japanese wiki)
Icon Gamewith.pngGamewith Icon Kamigame.pngKamigame

When negative emotions threatened to disturb the balance of the world, Zooey returned. Entrusted with the Divine Generals' power to act as a priestess, she now fights to protect the world and her friends who live there.

Charge Attack

Charge Attack
Icon Name Effect
Skill charge attack.png Gamma Ray Big Fire damage to a foe.
All allies gain Status CriticalUp.png80% / 20% Critical Hit Rate UpAttacks made with elemental superiority have a chance to deal boosted DMG
Strength: 80% chance of dealing 20% more damage.Duration: 2.5 turnsApplied during the attack phase.
On the next turn, it'll have 2 turns remaining.


Icon Name Cooldown Duration Obtained Effect
Ability Rage.png Bringer of Blessings 6 turns
Lvl 45:
5 turns
3 turns Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 45This skill is enhanced at level 45.
All allies gain Status DefenseUp.png15% DEF UpDEF is boosted
Strength: 15%Duration: 3 turns
and Status FireAtkUp.png15% Fire ATK UpFire ATK is boosted
Strength: 15%Duration: 3 turns
Ability Miserable.png Force Novus 9 turns
Lvl 65:
8 turns
180 sec Lvl 1
⇧ Lvl 65This skill is enhanced at level 65.
Inflict Status WindAtkDown.png10% Wind ATK DownWind ATK is lowered
Strength: 10%Duration: 180 seconds
and Status FireResDown.png10% Fire DEF DownDEF is lowered for fire DMG
Strength: 10%Duration: 180 seconds
on all foes.[1]
Ability Thunder.png Thunder 8 turns 180 sec Lvl 35
Fire damage to all foes (Damage cap: ~480,000).[1]
Randomly inflict one of three debuffs:
Status AttackDownStack.png10% ATK Down (Stackable / Max: 30%)ATK is lowered (Stackable)
Strength: 10% (Max: 30%)Duration: 180 seconds
Status DefenseDownStack.png10% DEF Down (Stackable / Max: 30%)DEF is lowered (Stackable)
Strength: 10% (Max: 30%)Duration: 180 seconds
, or
Status DebuffResDown.png10% Debuff Res. Down (Stackable / Max: 30%)Debuff resistance is lowered (Stackable)
Strength: 10% (Max: 30%)Duration: 180 seconds

Support Skills

Support SkillsDoes not work from the backline unless explicitly stated.
Icon Name Obtained Effect
Icon Support Skill.png Peacemaker's Holy Garbs Lvl 1
10% boost to charge bar gain.[1]
Icon Extended Mastery Support Skill.png Extended Mastery Support Skill EMP Chance to end Thunder's cooldown upon one-foe attacks

Extended Mastery Perks

Extended Mastery Perks
  • ZenithAtk.pngATK
  • ZenithDef.pngDEF
  • ZenithDebuffRes.pngDebuff Resistance
  • ZenithODA.pngOverdrive Attack
  • ZenithModeBar.pngOverdrive Curbed
RaceCalled "Type" in-game.
  • ZenithAtk.pngATK
  • ZenithDef.pngDEF
  • ZenithHP.pngHP
  • ZenithFireAtk.pngFire ATK Up
  • ZenithCADmg.pngCharge Attack Damage
  • ZenithDef.pngDEF
  • ZenithHP.pngHP
  • ZenithDebuffAcc.pngDebuff Success Rate Up
  • ZenithWindDmgDown.pngWind Damage Down
  • ZenithSupportSkill.pngChance to end Thunder's cooldown upon one-foe attacks


Gameplay Notes

Extended Mastery Support Skill

  • Chance to end Thunder's cooldown upon one-foe attacks
Rank Probability
1★ ?%
2★ ?%
3★ ~10%

Icon Level Uncap.png Uncap Materials

Uncap 1★ Uncap 2★ Uncap 3★Uncap 4★

Ruby Awakening Orb square.jpg Awakening Materials

Status Sketching.pngFacsimile Compatibility

Icon Skill Copyable? Notes
Ability Rage.png Bringer of Blessings Yes
Ability Miserable.png Force Novus Yes
Ability Thunder.png Thunder Yes Effect can be different from original cast.


Duel Cosmos

Npc skin 3710048000 01.png

Npc zoom 3710048000 01.png

Npc sd 3710048000 01.png

Sometimes a good offense is the best defense. Armed with an unshakable will and both hands clasped on her azure sword, she has come to believe in the path of the two-handed blade. As she journeys on with her dearest friends, she vows to bring peace to the world by guiding enemies to their annihilation.
Outfit Name Duel Cosmos
How to Get Zooey Outfit Set
(In-game purchase)
Release Date 2017-04-30
Charge Attack Gamma Ray
ID 3710048000

Keeper of Balance, Envoy of the Blue

Npc skin 3710136000 01.png

Npc zoom 3710136000 01.png

Npc sd 3710136000 01.png

The Keeper of Balance finds her daily life filled with the company of friends and reliable allies. Now that she understands the precious kindness of mortals firsthand, she cannot remain indifferent to the endless foes the world faces.
Outfit Name Keeper of Balance, Envoy of the Blue
How to Get GBVS DLC Purchase Bonus
Release Date 2020-04-28
Charge Attack Gamma Ray
ID 3710136000

Keeper on a Mission

Npc skin 3710096000 01.png

Npc zoom 3710096000 01.png

Npc sd 3710096000 01.png

The peacemaker senses a being that threatens the balance of the world. Tasked with defeating this foe, she awaits the day to descend upon the skies once more.
Outfit Name Keeper on a Mission
How to Get Primal Resonance
Release Date 2019-04-30
Charge Attack Gamma Ray
ID 3710096000