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Cosmos Weapons are obtainable from the Shop and from Grand Order (Raid) share chests.

All Cosmos weapons are 3★-uncapped when obtained, and reduce for Azure Feather square.jpg Azure Feather ×2 and Weapon Stone ×4 (matching the weapon type).

List of Cosmos Weapons[edit]

Weapon m 1040008000.jpg
Cosmic Sword
Weapon m 1040107300.jpg
Cosmic Dagger
Weapon m 1040206000.jpg
Cosmic Lance
Weapon m 1040304900.jpg
Cosmic Scythe
Weapon m 1040407600.jpg
Cosmic Rod
Weapon m 1040505100.jpg
Cosmic Rifle
Weapon m 1040605000.jpg
Cosmic Gauntlet
Weapon m 1040704300.jpg
Cosmic Bow
Weapon m 1040804400.jpg
Cosmic Harp
Weapon m 1040905000.jpg
Cosmic Blade

Cosmos Weapon Skills[edit]

Cosmos weapons have two skills, depending on their weapon type. They have no skill levels to raise and multiple Cosmos weapons' effects do not stack.[1]

  • The first skill boosts the stats of all weapons of the same type by 30%. This stacks additively with the 20% bonus for weapon specialty. At level 120, this is upgraded to a 50% boost.
  • The second skill increases the damage cap based on the number of weapons equipped of its type.