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Auto-expeditions allow you to dispatch squads and explore various areas of Sephira and the duplicate world.

About Auto-Expeditions

Auto-expeditions allow you to dispatch squads to explore Sephira Island and the replicated world on their own. The squads will gain EXP and bring back treasure based on the length of the expedition.

Only the following zones are currently eligible for Auto-Expeditions:

  • Zone Aquila
  • Zone Bellator
  • Zone Celsus
  • Zone Eletio
  • Zone Faym
  • Zone Goliath
  • Zone Harbinger

Unlocking Auto-Expeditions

Auto-expeditions are playable once all four zones in the Here Be Staves section of Replicard Sandbox have been cleared.


Squads of up to four characters can be dispatched in auto-expeditions. One squad is available by default.

A second squad can be unlocked by defeating each zone boss in Here Be Swords (Replicard Sandbox).


  • Characters on auto-expeditions can still participate in normal quests.
  • Multiple squads cannot explore the same area.
  • Characters with multiple versions can only join one squad at a time.

Characters that cannot join squads

  • Lyria (Event)
    • As the main character's life force is linked with Lyria's, they cannot be separated.
  • Young Cat (Event)
    • As Young Cat is still inexperienced, it is too dangerous for him to participate in auto-expeditions.

Earning Rewards

After starting an auto-expedition, the following rewards will accumulate after a certain amount of time has passed. Recall a squad to collect its rewards. The time required to earn each reward will vary.


  • EXP can be earned by characters in squads. The cap for earnable EXP in a single auto-expedition is 999,999,999.
  • Boosts to EXP from support effects like shop skills have no effect on the EXP obtained in auto-expeditions.


  • Various weapons and treasure can be obtained on auto-expeditions. Which items are earnable will differ according to each character's element, and the reward cap will depend on the characters in the squad.
  • Once the limit for items has been reached, additional rewards will be sent to the Time Limit tab of the crate and available for 7 days before disappearing.


  • Arcapoints rewards are always sent to the Time Limit tab of the crate and available for 7 days before disappearing.
  • The cap for Arcapoints is 50,000, and they cannot be claimed from the crate if they would go over the limit.

Possible General Rewards


Uncap Materials

Arcarum Materials



Progress Carryover

When a squad is recalled, progress made toward obtaining the next reward carries over to the next expedition.

When progress is carried over, the time taken to obtain a reward in the next expedition will be shorter.


  • EXP, items, and arcapoints will not carry over.
  • At most, 1 hour and 59 minutes of progress can be saved.

Special Bonuses

Special effects activate from the bonuses earned by putting certain characters into a squad.

  • Even if multiple characters in the squad possess the same bonus, the effects from their bonuses will not stack.

When forming a squad, a special icon will appear next to characters that have bonuses.

You can sort characters by which bonuses they have by tapping Filter and then Bonus when making a squad.


  • Multiples of the same bonus type do not stack
    • For example, if two Foragers are included, the first will provide World Treasure, +10% EXP, and +9 Reward Cap but the second will only provide Uncap Treasure
  • Bonuses of different bonus type do stack, even if both types provide the same type of treasure.
    • For example, if one Forager and one Craftsman are in the party, a total of +20% EXP and +18 Reward Cap will be added
  • Astra, Idean, Veritas and Zone Boss Treasure are random and not guaranteed to correspond to the Zone or bonus character chosen
  • Earnable Treasure is considered "Bonus Loot" in the Expedition progress dialog and marked with when retrieving expedition loot
  • Max Yield is defined as the maximum number of Earnable Treasure obtainable
    • For example, Evokers will only ever return with up to 1 bonus Idean
  • Base Reward Cap is defined as the total number of items from an expedition. The base reward is 24 random items
    • For example, including a Naturalist in your team will increase the total reward to 33 random items
Bonus Type Earnable Treasure Required Time Max Yield EXP Earned Base Reward Cap
No Bonus Uncap TreasureTreasure element corresponds to the character's element 4h 12 - -
Treasure Hunter 24h 2 - -
Evokers 48h 1 - -
Detective 24h 2 - -
Bloodhound 8h 6 +5% +3
Phantom Thief 24h 2 +5% +3
Scholar 24h 2 +5% +3
Soothsayer 8h 6 +10% +9
Mercenary/Skyfarer Anima

8h 6 +10% +9
Phantagrande World Treasure 8h 6 +10% +9
Nalhegrande World Treasure 8h 6 +10% +9
Naturalist World Treasure 8h 6 +10% +9
Forager World Treasure 8h 6 +10% +9
Craftsman World Treasure 8h 6 +10% +9

Possible World Treasure