Granblue Treasure Rush

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Event duration:
20:00 UTC, July 31, 202005:00 JST, August 1, 2020
19:59 UTC, August 12, 202004:59 JST, August 13, 2020

During the period, after drawing from Granblue Summer Giveaway's free daily 10-part draw, you can try your hand at Granblue Treasure Rush!


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  • 9 treasure chests will be appear on the screen.
  • There are chests that contain prizes and chests that are empty. The chests' contents are random.
  • Granblue Treasure Rush will end when an empty chest is opened or all 9 chests are completely opened.
  • Granblue Treasure Rush will not end even if you move to a different screen. To continue, access the page again from a dialog box that will appear on the Draw screen or the Home screen.
  • The Premium draw and Premium 10-part draw can't be drawn until Granblue Treasure Rush has ended.
  • You can't get prizes from Granblue Treasure Rush after 4:59 p.m., Aug 24 (JST).

Special Chances

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  • A special chance may occur during Granblue Treasure Rush.
  • Special treasure chests that contain rarer prizes will appear among the treasure chests.
  • Granblue Treasure Rush will end once a special treasure chest is opened.
  • If a special chance hasn't occurred during the period, it will occur on the last day.

Get 30,000 crystals!

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  • During the period, a total of 30,000 crystals will appear in treasure chests.
  • You can get 10,000 crystals from a single treasure chest during each Granblue Treasure Rush. To get 30,000 crystals, you'll need to try your luck at least 3 times.
  • You can only get 10,000 crystals from a treasure chest 3 times during the period.

10,000 Crystal Treasure Chests

  • If a 10,000 crystal treasure chest hasn't appeared yet, it will always appear in Granblue Treasure Rush started after 5 a.m., Aug 10 (JST).
  • If one 10,000 crystal treasure chest has appeared, it will always appear after 5 a.m., Aug 11 (JST).
  • If two 10,000 crystal treasure chests have appeared, another will appear after 5 a.m., Aug 12 (JST).

Available Prizes

The following prizes have a chance of appearing in treasure chests.

Item Amount
Weapon s 1040004600.jpg Murgleis 1
Weapon s 1040502500.jpg Benedia 1
Weapon s 1040404300.jpg Gambanteinn 1
Weapon s 1040105400.jpg Love Eternal 1
Weapon s 1040504300.jpg AK-4A 1
Weapon s 1040108200.jpg Reunion 1
Weapon s 1040910000.jpg Ichigo Hitofuri 1
Weapon s 1040708700.jpg Taisai Spirit Bow 1
Weapon s 1040809100.jpg Unheil 1
Weapon s 1040911500.jpg Sky Ace 1
Weapon s 1040112500.jpg Ivory Ark 1
Weapon s 1040811800.jpg Sunya 1
Weapon s 1040612700.jpg Fist of Destruction 1
Weapon s 1040312900.jpg Yahata's Naginata 1
Weapon s 1040008700.jpg Blutgang 1
Weapon s 1040207000.jpg Eden 1
Weapon s 1040108700.jpg Parazonium 1
Weapon s 1040906400.jpg Ixaba 1
Weapon s 1040410000.jpg Blue Sphere 1
Weapon s 1040309000.jpg Certificus 1
Weapon s 1040014300.jpg Fallen Sword 1
Weapon s 1040110600.jpg Mirror-Blade Shard 1
Weapon s 1040211600.jpg Galilei's Insight 1
Weapon s 1040709000.jpg Purifying Thunderbolt 1
Weapon s 1040212700.jpg Vortex of the Void 1
Weapon s 1040213400.jpg Sacred Standard 1
Weapon s 1040311600.jpg Bab-el-Mandeb 1
Weapon s 1040812000.jpg Kerak 1
Weapon s 1040605900.jpg Cute Ribbon 1
Weapon s 1040508800.jpg Ruler of Fate 1
Weapon s 1040605700.jpg Ancient Bandages 1
Weapon s 1040016000.jpg Gottfried 1
Weapon s 1040512500.jpg Acid Bolt Shooter 1
Weapon s 1040513200.jpg Mystic Spray Gun 1
Weapon s 1040911300.jpg Metal Destroyer 1
Weapon s 1040112600.jpg Gangsta Knife 1
Weapon s 1040212900.jpg Vagabond 1
Weapon s 1040709900.jpg Heavenly Fawn Bow 1
Weapon s 1040809300.jpg Another Sky 1
Summon s 2040094000.jpg Agni 1
Summon s 2040100000.jpg Varuna 1
Summon s 2040084000.jpg Titan 1
Summon s 2040098000.jpg Zephyrus 1
Summon s 2040080000.jpg Zeus 1
Summon s 2040090000.jpg Hades 1
Summon s 2040185000.jpg Shiva (Summon) 1
Summon s 2040225000.jpg Europa (Summon) 1
Summon s 2040205000.jpg Godsworn Alexiel (Summon) 1
Summon s 2040261000.jpg Grimnir (Summon) 1
Summon s 2040056000.jpg Lucifer 1
Summon s 2040003000.jpg Bahamut 1
Summon s 2040306000.jpg Michael 1
Summon s 2040311000.jpg Gabriel 1
Summon s 2040203000.jpg Uriel 1
Summon s 2040202000.jpg Raphael 1
Summon s 2040330000.jpg Metatron 1
Summon s 2040327000.jpg Sariel 1
Summon s 2040347000.jpg Belial 1
Crystal square.jpg Crystal 10,000
Crystal square.jpg Crystal 3,000
Damascus Crystal.jpg Damascus Crystal 3
Intricacy Ring square.jpg Intricacy Ring 3
Intricacy Ring square.jpg Intricacy Ring 1
Lineage Ring square.jpg Lineage Ring 2
Coronation Ring square.jpg Coronation Ring 3
Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon 5
Gold Moon square.jpg Gold Moon 1
Silver Moon square.jpg Silver Moon 5
Bronze Moon square.jpg Bronze Moon 10
Premium 10-Part Ticket square.jpg Premium 10-Part Ticket 1
Premium Draw Ticket square.jpg Premium Draw Ticket 3
Gold Spellbook square.jpg Gold Spellbook 3
Half Elixir square.jpg Half Elixir 10
Soul Berry square.jpg Soul Berry 10
Satin Feather square.jpg Satin Feather 10
Zephyr Feather square.jpg Zephyr Feather 10
Untamed Flame square.jpg Untamed Flame 10
Rough Stone square.jpg Rough Stone 10
Fresh Water Jug square.jpg Fresh Water Jug 10
Swirling Amber square.jpg Swirling Amber 10
Falcon Feather square.jpg Falcon Feather 10
Vermilion Stone square.jpg Vermilion Stone 10
Hollow Soul square.jpg Hollow Soul 10
Lacrimosa square.jpg Lacrimosa 10
Foreboding Clover square.jpg Foreboding Clover 10
Blood Amber square.jpg Blood Amber 10
Antique Cloth square.jpg Antique Cloth 10
White Dragon Scale square.jpg White Dragon Scale 10
Champion Merit square.jpg Champion Merit 10
Supreme Merit square.jpg Supreme Merit 10
Blue Sky Crystal square.jpg Blue Sky Crystal 10
Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism 10
Rubeus Centrum square.jpg Rubeus Centrum 10
Indicus Centrum square.jpg Indicus Centrum 10
Luteus Centrum square.jpg Luteus Centrum 10
Galbinus Centrum square.jpg Galbinus Centrum 10
Niveus Centrum square.jpg Niveus Centrum 10
Ater Centrum square.jpg Ater Centrum 10
Fire Urn square.jpg Fire Urn 10
Water Urn square.jpg Water Urn 10
Earth Urn square.jpg Earth Urn 10
Wind Urn square.jpg Wind Urn 10
Light Urn square.jpg Light Urn 10
Dark Urn square.jpg Dark Urn 10
Horn of Bahamut square.jpg Horn of Bahamut 5
Primeval Horn square.jpg Primeval Horn 10
Legendary Merit square.jpg Legendary Merit 10
Sword Stone square.jpg Sword Stone 50
Dagger Stone square.jpg Dagger Stone 50
Spear Stone square.jpg Spear Stone 50
Axe Stone square.jpg Axe Stone 50
Staff Stone square.jpg Staff Stone 50
Pistol Stone square.jpg Pistol Stone 50
Melee Stone square.jpg Melee Stone 50
Bow Stone square.jpg Bow Stone 50
Harp Stone square.jpg Harp Stone 50
Katana Stone square.jpg Katana Stone 50
Silver Centrum square.jpg Silver Centrum 5
Ultima Unit square.jpg Ultima Unit 3
Fire Quartz square.jpg Fire Quartz 50
Water Quartz square.jpg Water Quartz 50
Earth Quartz square.jpg Earth Quartz 50
Wind Quartz square.jpg Wind Quartz 50
Light Quartz square.jpg Light Quartz 50
Dark Quartz square.jpg Dark Quartz 50
Shiva Omega Anima square.jpg Shiva Omega Anima 3
Europa Omega Anima square.jpg Europa Omega Anima 3
Alexiel Omega Anima square.jpg Alexiel Omega Anima 3
Grimnir Omega Anima square.jpg Grimnir Omega Anima 3
Metatron Omega Anima square.jpg Metatron Omega Anima 3
Avatar Omega Anima square.jpg Avatar Omega Anima 3

Weapon Prizes

  • Weapons will be at lvl 1 and skill lvl 1, and will not be uncapped.
  • If you get a character weapon you haven't obtained before, it will unlock a character.
  • Even if you get a character weapon you have obtained before, you will not get a moon.

Summon Prizes

  • Summons will be at lvl 1, and will not be uncapped.
The chance of winning a prize differs with each item.
The animations might not play depending on the device or the network connection. Try reaccessing the page from the dialog box that will appear on the Draw screen or the Home screen.