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Fate Episodes
List of Fate Episodes | The Eternals | Arcarum Evokers | Cross-Fate

Character Encounter I Encounter II Encounter III Encounter IV Encounter V Encounter VI Intro
Alanaan Looks Can Be Deceiving Menacing Memories The Cusp of a New Age Teachings of the Church In Good Faith Righteous Sins An Unsevered Bond
Caim The Small Client Cusp of a New Dawn Once Upon a Time A Kind, Foolish World Happy Family Extending Hope Awakening and Departure
Estarriola Bookworm in the Woods Unwaking Nightmare The Results of Temperance Forbidden Experiment Introspection in the Dark Overflow Broken Chalice Restored
Fraux Invitation to Battle Ambition Revealed Red Stone and Smile Silhouette Lost in the Light Reversal Devilish Claws The Coming Light
Geisenborger Invitation from a Berserker The Chariot's Motives Battlefield Soliloquy Death Eluded Sensation of War The Truth of Battle Dignity of Warrior & Star
Haaselia The Small Gentlewoman Haase's Secret Haase's Daily Grind Protecting What Matters Truth and Deceit Vengeance Is Everything Truth in Lies
Katzelia A Peasant's King His Majesty's Petition The Augmented Fifth Stormy Premonition Time of Judgment Orthodox Succession Any Way the Wind Blows
Lobelia Greatest Genius of a Magician A Virtuoso's Motives Glorious Calamity Fateful Encounter Natural Genius & Disaster Un-Malicious Intentions The Tower Reversed
Maria Theresa Charming Curio Collector Altruistic Collaborators Dear Mother... Oh Dear... The Many Forms of Justice In the Name of Justice Newfound Justice
Nier Into the Abyss Saving the World Beginning of the Descent Accept Me... Girl Cradled by Death My Wish Death and Rebirth