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Unite and Fight, also known as Guild Wars (GW) in the English-speaking community, is the only competitive event in the game. During a Unite and Fight event, crews battle against various bosses and attempt to gain more honor than their competitors. Of particular note are the Revenant Weapons, unique weapons that can be upgraded and customized, eventually unlocking special SSR characters.

Disclaimer: This page discusses standard Unite and Fight. Collab Unite and Fight (such as Slayers) might feature different battles and point/token rewards.

Event Features[edit]

  • Soul Balm square.jpg Soul Balm can be used to grant a crew-wide 1% ATK or HP buff that stacks up to 30%. This buff lasts until 05:00 JST. In other words, a crew can spend 60 Soul Balms per day to maintain the maximum buff. This is an important bonus to have when aiming to qualify for the finals.
  • Accessing the event each day earns you the following rewards:

Event Bosses[edit]

Just like Scenario events, the general progression for GW begins with farming weaker raid bosses for items (bait) in order to summon stronger bosses. Each GW features a different element and the bosses share the same general skins but have different names and colors.

  • Eyeball
The weakest boss. Comes in Normal (10 AP, solo), Hard (15 AP, raid), and Very Hard (25 AP, raid). The Very Hard eyeballs are roughly as difficult as a Hard primal beast raid.
  • Behemoth
There are 2 difficulties: Very Hard (30 AP) and Extreme (40 AP). Extreme Behemoths are roughly as durable as lower-end Magna raids while Very Hard is somewhere between Hard primal beast and Magna raids. They enrage at 25% HP (Attack UP, one less Charge Diamond) and share the same general Charge Attacks:
  • Beam: Non-Overdrive Charge Attack, AoE damage and debuffs based on element, gains a permanent Attack UP buff.
  • Horn Attack: Regular Charge Attack, single-target damage and inflicts Attack DOWN, gains a permanent Double Attack Rate UP buff.
  • Explosion: Overdrive Charge Attack, heavy AoE damage, inflicts Defense DOWN, and Dispels himself.
  • Bizarre Beast
There's 1 difficulty: Extreme+ (50 AP). It has 15 million HP and is much more powerful than Behemoth. It becomes especially devastating at 25% when it gains a high Triple Attack rate, become much harder to debuff, and drop down a Charge Diamond. Charge Attacks are as follows:
  • Element Storm: AoE damage and inflicts debuffs.
  • Roar: AoE damage and Double Attack Rate UP (5 minutes).
  • PUNCHY: Overdrive Charge Attack, 10 random, individual hits, inflicts a debuff on the final hit, self Defense DOWN and Attack UP. Also used as a 50% trigger, albeit with less damage.
  • Nightmare Behemoth
Available in 3 difficulties: Nightmare 90 (20 AP + 5× Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunk), Nightmare 95 (30 AP + 10× Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunk) and Nightmare 100 (50 AP + 20× Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunk).
Nightmare 95 is available from the 2nd final and Nightmare 100 from the 4th final. Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunk can be farmed from lower difficulties or created by combining 3× Beast Bait Slice square.jpg Beast Bait Slice which also drop from lower difficulties. The large amount of Honor gained from defeating this the Nightmare bosses (up to 2.2 million honor) is key to winning the head-to-head battles.
Just like Nightmare bosses for some other events, Nightmare Behemoths can drop Gold Brick square.jpg Gold Brick, Steel Brick square.jpg Steel Brick and other rare items.

Event Progression[edit]

Unite and Fight consist of six rounds: the Preliminary round, then the Finals, a series of five head-to-head rounds. Unite and Fight is closed from 12 AM-7 AM JST.

Preliminary Round[edit]

During this round, raid bosses up to Nightmare 95 are available. All crews participate in a free-for-all for one day, after which the top ~3000 crews earn entry to the finals.

After this round, all crews are given a ranking based on their performance, with higher ranks getting better discounts for guild buffs.


After the prelims are over, there is a short 7-hour break where the event is inactive, then there is 1 day of interlude, where the event is active but honor gain doesn't count towards the crew.


For each of the next five days, qualified crews will compete against each other in one-on-one matches to see who can obtain more Honor. Nightmare 95 becomes available from the 2nd round and Nightmare 100 from the 4th round. As mentioned before, Bait Chunks are required to summon Nightmare bosses, with the most lucrative Nightmare requiring 20× Bait Chunk square.jpg Bait Chunk.

Tournament Credits[edit]

Crews ranked between 3001 and 8000 will earn Tournament Credits after the preliminaries have been calculated. These credits will carry over to the next event. Crews that have 10 or more credits will automatically advance to the finals for the current GW event, but they will not be added to the betting groups. After the finals are over, crews with 10 credits that did not qualify for finals but participated due to tournament credits will have 10 credits subtracted from their total; any remaining credits will carry over to the next event.

  • Rank 3001-4000: 5 credits
  • Rank 4001-5000: 4 credits
  • Rank 5001-6000: 3 credits
  • Rank 6001-7000: 2 credit
  • Rank 7001-8000: 2 credit

Crews with rankings that qualify for credits but are added to the finals due to empty seed slots will not receive any credits from the current event.

Tournament credits are lost when a crew disbands.


Banner bookmaker.png

Once the finals start, betting opens up, which is a potential source of Crystal square.jpg Crystals for players.


  • Each qualifying team is split into one of four groups: Northland, Southland, Eastland, or Westland.
  • Players can bet on a single group to obtain the most honor, or bet on a "trifecta" option to guess the ranking order of each group. You can bet as many times as you have betting cards, in blocks of up to 15 cards.
  • Betting begins at the start of the round until 18:00 JST (02:00 PDT) when payouts and betting locks. Because of this, it's recommended to wait as late as possible to bet.

Betting Cards[edit]

In order to place a bet, you need Betting Card square.jpg Betting Cards. There are a few ways to get these:

  • You obtain one daily, and another one can be claimed during the finals if your crew earns 3M honor or you personally earn 100k honor.
  • Betting Card square.jpg Betting Card ×1 can be drawn from the first three GW token draw boxes.
  • The Premium Draw will include five Betting Cards for 10-Part Draws with MobaCoins or Crystals.

Event Rewards[edit]

Boss Drops[edit]

Token Draw Box[edit]

Collect event tokens by completing quests and defeating raid bosses. Spend 2 tokens to draw from the fixed-content reward box. When you first visit the Token Draw page, you will choose a Revenant Weapon. Once picked, this weapon becomes the reset prize for your draw box for the rest of the event. Once the Revenant Weapon is drawn, you may immediately move to the next box, abandoning the remainder of your current box. Starting with the 4th drawbox, you can only reset the box once it is completely empty.

NOTE: Support Potion square.jpg Support Potions, Clarity Herb square.jpg Clarity Herbs, and Revival Potion square.jpg Revival Potions do not carry over between events, so use them liberally.

Battle Badge[edit]

Badge rewards are simply earned when the requisite number of badges is collected. You do not spend badges for these rewards.

Badge Rewards
Bronze Silver Gold
1 10 Tokens 10 Tokens 10 Tokens
3 200 Rupies 300 Rupies 500 Rupies
6 10 Tokens 10 Tokens 10 Tokens
9 200 Rupies 300 Rupies 500 Rupies
12 10 Tokens 10 Tokens 10 Tokens
18 200 Rupies 3 Angel Wpns Soul Berry
24 10 Tokens Soul Berry 3 Angel Wpns
30 200 Rupies 10 Tokens 30 Tokens
40 10 Tokens 500 Rupies 1000 Rupies
50 SR Weapon 1 20 CP 30 CP
60 10 Tokens 10 Tokens 30 Tokens
70 500 Rupies 3 Angel Wpns 3 Angel Wpns
80 10 Tokens - -
85 - 10 Tokens Soul Berry x3
90 10 CP - -
100 3 Angel Wpns SR Weapon 1 SSR Summon
110 500 Rupies - -
120 10 Tokens 10 Tokens 50 Tokens
130 500 Rupies - -
140 10 CP 3000 Rupies 5000 Rupies
150 SR Weapon 2 - -
160 - 3 Angel Wpns 50 Tokens
180 - 30 Tokens 3 Angel Wpns
200 - 3000 Rupies Champion Merit
225 - 30 Tokens 10k Rupies
250 - 3000 Rupies Soul Berry x3
275 - 20 CP Archangel Queen
300 - Champion Merit Supreme Merit
325 - - 50 Tokens
350 - - 10k Rupies
375 - - 30 CP
400 - - Behemoth Summon

Honor Collection[edit]

Collect honor by defeating raid bosses. When specific amounts of honor is accumulated, earn rewards. Harder raid bosses have higher honor multipliers as well as more HP, allowing honor to be accumulated more quickly.

Valor Badges[edit]

Valor Badge square.jpg Valor Badges are a currency that can only be obtained through Guild Wars, and are the main reward for qualifying for Finals and winning Finals matches. You earn them in the following ways:

  • 550k honor across the crew and 30k personal honor during the prelims: 5 Badges
  • 300k personal honor during the prelims: 5 Badges
  • Crew places in the top 2400 during prelims: 25 Badges
  • Seeded crew: 25 Badges
  • Gain 20k personal honor and win a Finals match: 50 Badges (up to 5 times)
  • Crew gets 1 million total honor, you gain 50k personal honor, but lose a Finals match: 15 Badges (up to 5 times)
  • Finish in the top 3000 in the individual rankings: 25 Badges

Here are the purchasable badge packs from the event 25px Shop.

Event History[edit]

# Dates Element
1 June 2014 Dark
2 July 2014 Wind
3 August 2014 Fire
4 September 2014 Earth
5 October 2014 Dark (Halloween)
6 November 2014 Water
7 December 2014 Light
8 January 2015 Dark
9 March 2015 Fire
10 May 2015 Wind
11 June 2015 Water
12 July 2015 Earth
13 August 2015 Light (Cinderella Fantasy)
14 September 2015 Wind
15 October 2015 Dark (Halloween)
16 November 2015 Light
17 December 2015 Water (Christmas)
18 January 2016 Dark (Slayers)
19 March 2016 Fire
20 April 2016 Earth
21 May 2016 Water
22 July 23-30, 2016 Wind
23 August 23-30, 2016 Light
24 September 22-29, 2016 Fire
25 October 24-31, 2016 Dark (Halloween)
26 December 18-25, 2016 Water (Christmas)
27 January 23-30, 2017 Earth
28 March 2017 Wind