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Status Blind.png
Blind is a debuff usable both by friends and foes.
While blinded there's a percentage chance the inflicted will miss their attack.
Charge Attacks ignore the Blinded status.

Status Blind.pngBlindedAttacks have a slight chance to miss
does not stack regardless of source, the strongest effect always takes priority.

Rank Main Character Characters Summons

Unpredictable (Chaos Ruler)


Dark Haze (Wizard line)
Seal - Curse Bind (Ninja)
Sword Master [1]
Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla 4★

Feower - Gammadion Cross

Summon s 2040001000.jpg Satan 0-3★


Tien - Charge Attack


Evasive Maneuvers (Nighthound)
Weapon s 1040700000.jpg Eurytos Bow 0-3★
Weapon s 1040200700.jpg Gisla 0-3★
Gigante Fist square.jpg Gigante Fist
Weapon s 1040902600.jpg Fudo-Kuniyuki
Weapon s 1030204100.jpg Squidpiercer

Cerberus - Triad Deception
Tweyen - Depravity
Lucius - Demon-Slay
Lucius (Fire) - Nightbloom Flurry
Mishra - Dusk Trail
Goblin Mage - Space Out
Mika Jougasaki - Secret Heart++
Sutera - Aimed Shot
Sutera (Event) - Aimed Shot II
Zehek - Dark Mist
Walder - Black Down
Walder (Summer) - Lights Out!
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro - Caped Cutoff
Ezecrain (Event) - Leuchten

Summon s 2040046000.jpg Celeste Omega 4★
Summon s 2040014000.jpg Vohu Manah 0-4★
Summon s 2040219000.jpg Forest Ranger
Summon s 2040095000.jpg Deirdre
Summon s 2040044000.jpg Corow
Summon s 2040041000.jpg Jack-o'-Lantern
Summon s 2030003000.jpg Griffin


Anna (SR) - Black Fire
Azazel - Merciless Doom+
Syr (Event) - Blind Trap


Wicked Sick Blaster square.jpg Wicked Sick Blaster

Krugne - Weakness Dice
Levi - Keine Gnade
Mika Jougasaki - Secret Heart
Miku Maekawa - Cuddles!
Miria Akagi - Charge Attack
Rin Shibuya - Étoile Prism
Walder (Event) - Black Down Unbound (Super Ranger mode)
Zehek (Event) - Connotation Magica


Teena - Charge Attack++


Sophie - Double Moon
Walder (Event) - Black Down (Normal mode)


Weapon s 1040700000.jpg Eurytos Bow 4★
Jewel Modele square.jpg Jewel Modele
Weapon s 1030203900.jpg Electro Fork
Weapon s 1030004700.jpg Electro Sword
Weapon s 1030601300.jpg Squid Hand

Charlotta (Halloween) - Trick-and-Treat
Shao - Love Has No Cure
Vermeil (SR) - Charge Attack
Magisa - Walpurgis

Summon s 2040060000.jpg Branwen


  • Debuffs are listed from strongest (Rank 1) to weakest (Rank 8).
  • Base resist rates vary between different skills.
  • If a blind is missing, please add it to the Unknown row so we know to look out for it.


  • Confirmed for SR: Tilvung, The Piercer, Lantern Blade